Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Shoes Bust

By charleyhorse

Ball Busting is something my fiancé and I do but not every day, it’s just a sometimes icing on the cake to our sex life.... well, she does bust me a lot and squeeze but not always having anything to do with sex.

Anyway, on Monday night we had just come home from a church meeting. I went to fetch my e-mail and when I came into the living room there she was, dressed in a very short, slit-up-the-side skirt, (the slit went so far you could see the side of her panties) a midriff top and a new pair of sexy shoes. She was leaning against the hutch like a prostitute on a lamppost.

She then said, "I want your balls to be the first to meet my new shoes. Spread your legs; you have been very bad." Now keep in mind this was a complete surprise. I was not aroused fully at all and I am not one that usually likes being kicked in the balls unless I am aroused. We had just come back from an informal Stewardship meeting at the Rector’s house so jeans were in order here.

I whimpered a bit and stammered but she made it clear that if I did not submit to her whims I would not be getting much of anything beyond getting my balls brutalized. I spread and started to tense up but didn't quite get there before she delivered a monster, dead-on accurate kick. In tight jeans my nutsack had nowhere to go except get smashed between her shoe and me. Her kick put me in the fetal position in no time at all.

"Get up!" She then jabbed at me with her heel. In case you guys are not aware, stiletto heels are now back in style. So her jabbing me really hurt. When she saw I was down and not moving yet, she went into the bedroom and produced a pair of women's panties, threw them on me, kicked at me a couple of more times and said, "Put these on you pussy. Panties are what pussyboys wear. Now!" I was feeling a little sick but I complied. She then produced a leash and collar.

Once she had clipped on the leash she then stepped on my balls, kicked and spiked me mercilessly while I was on the floor at her feet, all the while moving how she wanted me positioned with the leash. She then made me get on all fours then kicked me in the balls from behind, not real hard but hard enough, especially with those pointy-toe shoes. Many of her kicks would smash into only one ball. These are the most painful and she seemed to be aiming for one ball at a time. All the while she was telling me how bad I was and that she thinks that she will keep me in panties until further notice. At this point I was pleading with her to stop, even though I was totally turned on by her. She knew it too.

She then stopped for a moment, made me get on just my knees facing her and said, "Do you think panty pussy boys deserve to get laid? Do you think you are man enough? Or are you just a panty-sniffing pervert who deserves nothing more than to have his balls kicked?"

I replied that I thought I should get laid. She then planted the toe of her shoe on my balls and dug around, trapping one ball or the other, until I winced. She did this a bunch of times, then grabbed my face and made me look at her. She then asked the same question again.

"Do you think panty pussy boys deserve to get laid? Do you think you are man enough? Or are you just a panty-sniffing pervert who deserves nothing more than to have his balls kicked?" I knew it was coming but I still did not really prepare for it. While she was making me look at her she hauled off and delivered another monster kick. My right ball took the brunt of this kick. I went right down to fetal again. I looked up and saw her hands had moved up her skirt and she was playing with herself. I could see her panties were pretty wet and she had dropped the leash on the floor. My right ball was on fire. It hurt so much I thought it may have been ruptured and yet I had a major hard-on and seeing her so turned on too just heightened things.

She then came over to me and kicked at my legs telling me to open them. I begged her that my right ball could not take anymore. She laughed and put her toe right on it and said, "This one? Oh poor baby." She then dug deep into it and kicked it lightly.

She then said, "Maybe we need a matched set." She then trapped my left nut and crushed down hard, jabbed it with her heel and kicked it with her pointy toe a few times. I was totally losing it. She then squatted down, stroked my right ball gently and said, "I like the way your balls and cock look and feel in panties. I think you should wear girl panties more often, don't you?

I started to answer and she then clamped down on my right ball hard and said, "Shut up." She squeezed until I started to almost choke and I felt like I was on the way to passing out. She then let off and said, "Ummm, this one is so big now."

She rubbed my balls lightly and said, "Now get on your knees and kiss my ass, pervert, and don't you dare slobber on my panties either or I'll crush your other testicle even harder than the first."

Now on total overload, I totally went at it.... she was sooooo hot! I then pretty much dragged her to the floor then it turned into two teenagers pretty much groping and dry humping. Every time I tried to get her panties down she wouldn't let me though. This went on until she sat on my face, ground down till I couldn't breath. My nose was deep into her ass then she grabbed my balls, squeezed, pulled hard and made me go onto my back where she then buried my face in her twat. She rode me like this while holding my nuts till it seemed like I was going to be smothered. She then pulled her panties aside then I knew I had her........ Wow...the most incredible sex. Three years and still unbelievable....

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