Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Night of Love

by dbud

I wasn’t usually much for going clubbing but I was really glad I had decided to go out that night. I had met her for the first time about an hour ago and here we were making out on the couch of the club. She was even more gorgeous than in her movies. All she had to do was flash that perfect girly smile and I was in heaven.

I had recognized her immediately. I had always been a big fan of hers since her first appearance on a show called ‘Party of Five’. My sister had liked it and always wanted me to watch with her. I always complained about it and made fun of it, but the reality was I wanted to watch just to see Jennifer. She was only sixteen on that show (a few years younger than I was) but had the body of a twenty-year old. Curvy and womanly even back then.

I had been shot down by a few women and was about to leave the club, when I turned around and there she was just standing there, swaying her perfect body to the music. She was dancing by herself completely into the music. She was holding her arms over her head, wrists crossed, like some slow motion sexy bondage scene set to a techno beat. She was wearing low black hip-hugging hot pants and a thin see through shirt. Her lace bra could be seen underneath. She had on cum-fuck-me-pumps and a choker around her neck.

As she spun slowly, feeling the beat, her back turned towards me. I got a great view of her rear. She was rounder than many of the other actresses her age. Not waifish or anorexic at all. She had plenty to hold on to, and I thought that in the best way possible. The leather pants were so tight they rode up into the space between her cheeks, separating and cupping them each.

As she kept turning, I noticed how petite she was; no more than five and a half feet and that was with at least three-inch heels. She was still lost in the music, her head thrown back, working her arms up and down to the rhythm. Her long thick brown hair hung back and looked like it was weighing her head down, pulling it back and pointing her face towards the ceiling. It was long and brushed the top of her butt, like she was polishing her leather pants.

The top she was wearing shocked me. My impression of her had been that she was kind a sweet girl and not inclined to be out in public in a sheer lace see-through top. She stopped turning right in front of me, as if posing. Still unaware that I was molesting her with my eyes, lost in the music. I was immediately drawn to her breasts. They were large, at least a C-cup. She was wearing a push up bra that held them together and lifted them up. Her flesh spilled over the top of the bra as if they wanted to burst free. As she started moving more violently to the music, her tits began shaking back and forth with more force as well. I couldn’t stop staring at them. They were magnificent.

All of a sudden, she stopped moving and it took me a minute to realize that she was looking right at me (I had been staring about 12 inches below her eyes.) I was so embarrassed. I waited for her to yell at me or slap me or at least stomp off, but instead she smiled. She smiled the most perfect smile with the most perfect teeth. She cocked her head to the side and spoke, “Like what you see?” I just nodded like a drunken fool.

Next thing I knew she was wrapped around me. Her arms were around my neck and her leg around my waist. She was grinding her body into me, riding my thigh, pushing it into her groin, with the beat of the music. “You’ll do.” I heard her say in little more that a whisper, “You’ll do just fine.” She threw her head back and giggled. I didn’t get the joke but I didn’t care. I just grabbed her small body, pulled her to me and tried to keep up.

We half danced half humped for over half an hour before she led me to the back of the club. Normally I couldn’t have gotten anywhere near the VIP area, but the bouncer stepped aside for Jennifer. We went towards a large plush couch in the back. She pushed me onto it and climbed into my lap, her legs spread on either side on my hips. We had hardly spoken since we met; no more than enough for me to tell her my name on the dance floor.

She forced her tongue into my mouth as she ground her crotch into mine. Only the leather and denim between us keep this from being more than a dry hump. Figuring what the hell, I let one of my hands slide up her stomach and, from underneath, cup her left breast. I half expected her to throw the glass of champagne she had poured for me and that I had been sipping from in my face as I fondled her tit. Instead, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it with her own, causing my hand to dig into her soft flesh. She shoved her tongue into my mouth another inch as well. We were both sweating profusely, with the effort and the heat.

My other hand was pulling at her long thick brown hair as her tongue played with mine. Her left hand was on the back on my neck pulling me to her, “Oh yes!’ I thought, ‘She wants it!’ We both moved back slightly. I was shocked again by how pretty she was. Her face was perfect. She looked right into my eyes with her big brown ones. They glistened and reflected the dim light. Her lips were full and bright red. She licked them seductively and there was a thin string of saliva between her mouth and mine. The rest of her face was perfect. Her cheekbones, nose, chin, and neck looked like they had been sculpted. They were delicate and smooth, like porcelain.

I had always thought of myself as a good-looking guy but even so, girls this hot rarely went for me and never in a million years did I imagine I’d be making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt when I left the house that night. I wasn’t complaining as we started kissing again. She kept pressing her body up against mine, grinding herself into me even harder, working her leather covered cunt into my thigh and rubbing her famous breasts against my chest as we made out.

After a few more minutes, she got up to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. I waited, willing my cock to unharden and trying to cover my groin every time the waitress walked by. One time she looked down and giggled at my situation. I felt my face get hot as I blushed.

Taking a few more sips of my drink, I started becoming lightheaded and accidentally dropped the glass. ‘Must have had more that I thought,’ I thought to myself. ‘Need to cut back, don’t want to pass out tonight of all nights.’

When she returned, I couldn’t help watch her walk towards me. Her perfect hourglass shaped body moving across the room, her ample hips swaying side to side. Her Victoria’s Secret bra holding two breasts so perfect they were living proof that God hates the blind. I also noticed her high heels, open toed and showing off her delicate toes.

Jennifer sat down, “How you doing?” she asked me, running her finger down my chest and glancing at the broken glass on the floor.

“Fine, now that you’re back. Just a little light headed.”

“Yeah, that happens once the drug kicks in.” she said.

“Drug? What drug?”

“The one I slipped you. The roofie.” Her words were beginning to slur, but I was pretty sure that was the way I was hearing them, not how she was saying them. She took a sip of her drink. “Let’s give it a few more seconds to take effect before we head out. Shall we?”

“Where we going?” I asked, my head swimming and becoming heavy.

“My place.”

“Great. We gonna have some fun baby?” I asked, a drunken smile across my face.

She climbed up on her knees and leaned into me, “Oh yeah, we’re gonna have all kinds of fun baby,” licking my face with her tongue. She then stood up, took me by the arm, grabbed her purse and led me out of the club. I was so out of it, I didn’t even try to stop her or put up a fight (not that I would have even if I could have.) Out the front door and into the backseat of a waiting limo we went.

When the car came to a stop, she helped me out and into a high-rise apartment building. Getting off the elevator, she unlocked one of the doors and in we went. Even in my inebriated state, I could tell the home was opulent, very plush and rich. Jennifer led me into the bedroom, dropped me on the bed and as darkness took over and I faded to unconsciousness, I saw her smiling face looking down on me, “Nighty night.”

When I woke up, I tried to move but found my hands were bound behind me. I looked up and realized I was lying on a large bed and I was naked. Only a small lamp and candles dimly lit the room. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out and I shook my head trying to break the cobwebs free.

“Oh good, you’re awake. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wait too long.” The girl who I had met a few hours earlier and made out with was walking towards me. Her reaction to me had been so slutty, I had been in heaven and I hadn’t even questioned what was going on until it was too late. Now though, I was rethinking all that and beginning to get scared.

“What’s going on here? I’m not into this kinky stuff,” I told her as I sat up on the bed and slid towards the edge. It felt like I had duct tape wrapped around my wrists. I was trying to work my hands free but they were held snug and I didn’t think I had a chance of getting out that way. Now I was standing at the edge of the bed. Standing up tall, I tried to intimidate her,

“Look! You may be able to get what you want from most people because you’re famous and all, but if you think you can just bring me here, tie me up and expect me to be your sex slave, you’re crazy (I know I can’t believe I was saying it either)! I want you to let me go now, okay?”

“Sure,” she responded, “Just as soon as you take these.” In her hand, she had two small blue pills.

“Are those Viagra?” I asked. She nodded.

“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to take those. What kind of a psycho are you?” Before I knew it, the beautiful girl was stepping towards me. I suddenly realized her right leg was flying towards my crotch.

“Nooo!” I yelled just instants before her foot hit home between my legs. The cry I made was more instinct than anything else, like being in a car wreck and helpless to stop it. You yell out because something bad is happening and all you can do is watch.

I felt her foot slam into me. Or more precisely, slam into my balls. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, on my knees, hunched over and gasping for breath. The pain was incredible. I tried to speak but couldn’t form any words. My mouth was wide open and I was making slight “Puh, puh, puh” noises that I couldn’t control.

I had been hit in the balls only once before in my life. During a baseball game, a line drive caught me. But I had seen that one coming and managed to move somewhat and avoid getting hit square. I had no such chance here. Even so, back then, I thought that was the worst pain in the world, but this was ten times worse.

Still on my knees, I couldn’t straighten up. I was as close to a ball as I could make my body. If my hands had of been free, I’d have been cupping my nuts to protect them from what happened next. Jen grabbed me by the hair.

Lifting my head, she looked down into my eyes while standing in front of me, “You wanted to know what kind of a psycho I am. This kind!” As she said the last two words, she drew her foot back again. I tried to call out but still couldn’t make any sounds. She swung her foot forward and up into my balls again. My already tender balls exploded with pain for the second time. This kick was even harder than the first and more on target since I had been a sitting duck for it.

I would have collapsed forward for a second time but she was still holding me by the hair. With her free hand, she picked up the two small pills and dropped them into my open, gaping mouth. She then lifted a glass of water from the table and poured half of it down my throat as well. I had no choice but to swallow the water and the pills went with it.

“Good!” she said pushing my head back. I was so focused on the pain between my legs that I didn’t realize I was kneeling still. Leaning back, my legs spread wide. I also didn’t even see the third kick that rammed into my testicles. I just felt the fire run through my body as I curled up into a fetal position on the floor at the base of the king-sized bed.

From this position, I got a great view of her feet as she walked out of the bedroom, “Yep, you’ll do just fine,” She laughed to herself as she left me there, shaking and grunting.

She returned about fifteen minutes later. I was still lying in the same spot. I had briefly tried to get free of my bonds but realized after only a few seconds it was no use. I was securely held and had no strength from the three hard kicks I had just received. A few minutes after the woman had left me there, the pills she had given me started to take effect. Quickly, within a few more, my cock was completely hard and erect. If anything, it was harder than usual and looked slightly larger than usual as well. The drugs had caused it to swell beyond its normal size, in spite of the throbbing coming from my balls.

By the time she returned, my balls were extremely sore and aching horribly. My stomach was nauseous and churning from the pain as well. I was lying with my legs spread wide, since even touching them with my thighs caused more pain. As Jennifer walked back into the room, though, I closed my legs in spite of the discomfort it created. I tried to roll onto my side in an attempt to get up. Jennifer knelt down next to me and pushed me onto my back.

“How are we doing?” she asked, reaching for my genitals. Instead of grabbing my balls though, she grabbed my organ. Yanking on it a few times, she held it by the base and pulled, lifting my hips off the floor by it. Moving it side to side, she examined it, as if inspecting a piece of meat in a butcher’s shop. “Not bad. I like ‘em a little longer but you’ve got good girth there m’boy. C’mon, let’s get you onto the bed.”

Placing her hands under my arms, she helped me to my feet. Not feeling as though I was putting out enough effort, “Get up!” she ordered, “Unless you want another kick in the balls!” I complied and she pushed me onto the bed on my back.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, trying not to sound scared but my voice cracking in spite of myself. She just smiled at me. Less than an hour ago, I though that was the most perfect smile but now it seemed kind of scary. Jennifer walked over to a large cupboard and returned with several long white silk scarves.

I watched as she tied one of them around my right ankle and secured it to the bottom post of the four-poster bed I was lying on. She then did the same with another scarf, my left ankle and the opposite post. She moved to the foot of the bed, standing on the floor. She was looking right between my legs, which were now spread about two feet and held open there for her.

Jennifer licked her lips as she looked at my genitals. After a few seconds, she peeled her thin top off, leaving her standing in just her leather low-slung pants and bra. I wasn’t as impressed by her body now though.

Jumping up onto the bed, she kneeled between my legs. Taking the last scarf, she wrapped it around the base of my cock several times. She then wrapped it around the base of my scrotum. She then repeated both motions, securing both my organ and balls securely. Tying it off, she rubbed her palms together a few times as if finishing a lengthy task, “Good. Let’s get started.” Started with what, I wondered.

She climbed up onto my body. Her legs were straddling my right thigh and she put her left hand on my chest. With her right hand, she reached between my legs and I felt her grab my testicles. She seemed to loosen her hand several times and re-apply it, as if she was trying to get a good grip on them.

Smiling down at me, “Tell me when this starts to hurt!” With that, she started squeezing my nuts with her hand. They were still sore from the beating she had given them and very tender. I probably would have had trouble walking if I had been able, so this pressure was almost unbearable.

She was closing her hand around them, squeezing my balls into her palm with her fingers. The pain this created was intense. I could feel my balls shape being altered by her digits as she compressed them.

Every few seconds, she would release her grip slightly and re-apply. I couldn’t tell if this was because she wanted to torment me by starting and stopping or if she was just trying to get more leverage on my aching nuts. She would glance down between my legs every now and then to see what she was doing to my manhood, but for the most part, she was staring at my face.

She had a large grin on her and her eyes followed my head as I moved it back and forth, as I was unsure of how to react to the pain she was causing me. She seemed very interested in how I reacted to her squeezing.

After a few minutes of constant pressure, causing my balls to ache horribly, she said, “I meant what I said. Tell me when this hurts.” She emphasized her words by increasing her grip and digging the tips of her fingers into my nuts. “Unnngggghhh!” I grunted and tried to roll on my side to move away from her. Her palm in my chest though kept me lying on my back.

My legs were struggling against their bindings in an attempt to protect my tender areas, but I was forced to hold my legs open for her while she ground my nuts again. “Look at me!” she ordered and I did so, lifting my head and staring at her face. She wasn’t smiling, but rather had pulled her top lip back, like a snarl. She was staring into my eyes, her face less than a foot from mine.

Her constant pressure was broken again with a sharp intense squeeze of my balls. “C’mon. Let me hear you,” she told me. “Give it to me.” She seemed to be wanting me to respond. I was writhing back and forth on the bed in intense pain, my balls on fire, but I had made very little noise. This seemed disappointing to her.

I didn’t think it possible but she increased the pain by increasing the pressure yet again. “C’mon, God dammit! Why aren’t you screaming yet? Beg me to stop or I’ll rip your nuts off!” Her voice had an air of desperation.

“Scream for me!” she squeezed and my legs shook with the agony.

“Scream!” she dug her fingers into my left ball.

“SCREAM, I told you, you bitch!” and she yanked straight down from my torso, jerking my nuts what felt like a foot from me, but in reality, it probably wasn’t more than a few inches. The pain that motion created was different than the pressure of her squeezing. It was less on my balls and more on the testicular cords than held them attached and in place. The pain I felt was deeper inside me, up in my abdomen, where the cords ultimately were secured.

“Oh god, please, Unnnggghhh!” I grunted under my breath.

As I looked at Jennifer, she got a big smile on her face. “Not exactly a scream but I’ll take it. I have a feeling there’s more to follow. I think I found your weakness.” She moved off me, not letting go of my nuts. She knelt, still straddling one of my legs and positioned herself between my thighs. “Maybe I was going about this all wrong. That’s the fun of doing this, learning what works and what doesn’t on a new guy.”

“Ready?” she asked, smiling sweetly again. I looked down my body at her kneeling there between my legs, still held wide by the bedposts. Gripping my nutsack securely, she jerked them hard towards her and away from my body. My body tensed and I lifted my torso off the bed, held up only by the balls of my feet and shoulders, arching my back. The pain was deeper and fuller than before. It seemed to be coming out of my stomach.

She yanked again. The pain was also sharper. When she was simply squeezing, it was a dull constant throbbing between my legs that seemed to flow through my body. But now, with every tug, she caused sharp pains to shoot through me as the tender cords were stretched and jerked unnaturally. Of course, the dull thudding pain was still there as well.

She was right about one thing; she had found my weakness (although the argument could be made that any woman that had a man by the balls had found his weakness.) She had yanked on my testicles a half a dozen more times since those initial few. She would pull sharply, letting the pain flood my mind and body and watching me react to it while she kept squeezing my manhood. After a half-minute or so, so would give me another sharp yank. She seemed to also be increasing the power of each pull as well, although with the tenderness and pain in my groin, it was impossible to tell for sure.

It was as if she was an invading army. She had realized that she couldn’t just batter through my defenses in one attack. So she was laying siege to me. Surrounding her target, she used small attacks to test my defenses and look for weaknesses. Once she found one, she exploited it. Concentrating on that chink in my armor, until all the defenses broke and she got what she wanted.

It had been almost twenty minutes of constant pressure and now pulling and she was quickly beating back those defenses. She seemed to sense this and she increased her attacks on my manhood. She gave my balls several hard yanks in quick succession and gripped them harder as well, digging her fingers into my nuts again. “Ahhhhhhh!” escaped my lips even though I was trying not to give her what she wanted.

“I got you now,” she told me. We both sensed I was nearing the end of my resolve. She grabbed my balls with both hands, set herself, and pulled as hard as she could. The floodgates opened and my will broke.

“Unnngggghhhh! Please stop! It hurts so bad!” I screamed at her, begging her to stop. I considered myself a pretty tough guy, but there was only so much pain I could take. She was purposefully going after my most sensitive areas and she got what she wanted.

Laughing loudly at this new turn in her favor, she grabbed my balls with both hands, wrapping her right around my nuts and her left around her right. She moved forward, placing my balls between her legs, holding them there, only a few inches from her pussy. Setting herself again, she squeezed with both hands as hard as she could. I tried to arch my back again as the pain shot through me, but she held me down by the nuts, not letting my hips up off the bed.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed as loud as I could. Any semblance of pride was gone. I didn’t care that a petite little girl was doing this. I didn’t care that I was giving that petite little girl exactly what she wanted. I just didn’t care anymore. It just hurt. It hurt worse than anything I have ever imagined. Once, while riding my motorcycle, I had almost wiped out. I had spent several days after thinking about what that would have been like, to crash at 70 miles per hour. How badly it would have hurt. The road rash, the broken bones. The pain I imagined then in my mind was far less than what she was doing to me for real right now.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I continued screaming as I looked up at her. She wasn’t looking at my face anymore. Instead, she was staring straight down between her legs, where my balls were located. She had perspiration on her forehead and she had her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth. As if the pain in my balls wasn’t enough to tell me she was putting real effort into what she was doing, her face showed just how much effort.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!” Jennifer continued her assault, so I felt it only polite to continue my screams. She was keeping up her end after all. My body started shaking. My eyes were watering, tears running down my cheeks. I was holding my breath as I screamed, unable to breathe even. It hurt so bad. My balls felt like they were going to explode.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!!” I was becoming unable to control my muscles. My legs began shaking and my feet were twitching violently. I was rolling my upper body side-to-side, begging for mercy from the sadistic young women. “Please Jennifer. Please stop. You’re killing me. Please. I’ll do anything. Just let go.”

“No way baby. We’re just getting started!” she told me as she pinched down on my balls with her thumb and forefinger. I sat straight up as the new type of pain washed over me. Unlike the yanking, this sensation was concentrated in my nuts but it was sharper than the squeezing. She was applying pressure directly to each ball with her tiny fingers.

I sat straight up, my face muscles tensed and my lips pulled back, showing my teeth in a broad, wide twisted smile. “Unnnggghhh…unghh…uuuunngggggghh…ungh!” I was grunting as she applied the pressure right to my balls. I was staring right into her eyes, “PLEASE! STOP! THEY’RE GOING TO POP!”

She seemed unmoved by my pleas though. In fact, she seemed to really enjoy them. She was smiling broadly, apparently quite pleased at how she was breaking me down. “I thought you were a tough guy? Not so tough now are you now?” she said mockingly. Apparently it wasn’t enough what she was doing, she had to make fun of me too.

My eyes started rolling back in their sockets and my vision started to dim. Suddenly I felt a hard slap across the face that caused me to open my eyes again and see her. “Hey! Stay with me for just a few seconds more. I don’t want you to miss…this.”

As she said the second to the last word, she pulled her right fist back in an exaggerated motion. As she said the final word, she punched her right fist downward toward my balls. Not wanting to ease up for even a second, Jennifer let go of my nuts with her left hand at the last possible second before her right one slammed into my scrotum.

My balls were of course incredibly sore from her treatment of them and the pain created when she punched the swollen and tender orbs between my legs was more than I could bear. I fell back into the soft bedspread and for the first time in nearly half an hour, I was no longer in pain as I slipped into unconsciousness.

“Wake up. Hey, wake up!” I was jolted back to my senses by a burning in my nose. I shook my head back and forth to try to get away as Jennifer held the smelling salts under my nose. After a few seconds, the ammonia smell in my nostrils pushed the clouds out of my head. I found myself totally awake and well aware of the aching between my legs. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out; a few minutes or a few hours, I had no idea.

I was still bound, my hands between my back and my legs tied to the bedposts. “How you feeling? She asked me matter of fact. Jennifer was lying next to me on the bed, lounging on one arm and rubbing my chest with the other.

“I think you know how I feel,” I responded.

“Yeah, I do,” she said laughing with a big grin on her face. “You should have seen your face when I punched your nuts. I thought your eyes were going to pop out of your head. It was so funny.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much,” I said dryly.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be that way. It was fun.”

“Fun? You’re fucking crazy.”

“Well, I had fun,” she laughed. “And you better start being nice to me cause we’re not done yet.”

“What do you mean? What else can you do?” As I spoke to her, she rolled towards me, moving her body onto mine. I felt the heat of her warm flesh up against me. Looking down, I realized that she was naked. She had obviously stripped before waking me.

She was now on top of me, straddling my hips, sitting on top of my still erect cock. My organ was lying flat on my belly with Jennifer on top of it. She was rubbing her crotch up and down the shaft my cock, stoking it with the soft folds of her pussy. She started breathing deeply and her strokes became more rapid.

I tried not to look at her magnificent perfectly round breasts hanging just six inches or so from my face. I didn’t want to enjoy the sensation of her rubbing her self against me, but I couldn’t help it. After several minutes of stroking us both with her hips, she swung her leg from over my waist. With one smooth motion, she slid her body up mine and swung one of her legs over my head. Suddenly I found myself staring into her wet cunt.

She held my head in place with her knees and reached back with one hand, taking a clump of hair. Holding my face straight up, she lowered her hips, working her pussy right down onto my mouth. Her juices flowed over my face and into my mouth, tasting sweet and salty at the same time.

“Lick me!” she ordered. I hesitated and I felt a hand wrap around my balls. I tried to get my tongue into her but couldn’t do it fast enough. She dug her nails into my nuts in order to affect my compliance, which she got. I immediately started licking her pussy as hard as I could. She eased off the pressure on my balls, which still ached tremendously.

She was moving her hips back and forth and side to side on my face, trying to maximize her own pleasure. The tip of my tongue found her clit and worked it in a circular motion, “Ooohhhhhhh!” she squealed as the pleasure hit her. “Yeah, that’s it. More like that,” She ordered, wrenching my nuts harshly to emphasize her seriousness.

She worked her hips around for several minutes, enjoying the sensation of my tongue massaging the skin of her cunt. I thought she was going to come a few times from the noises she made, but each time she seemed to approach the of no return, I would hear a ‘dammit, not good enough’ and she would slap or squeeze my balls.

After a few more minutes that included at least half a dozen hard slaps between my legs. Jennifer climbed off my face and slid her body onto my waist. As her cunt juices flowed down my face and dripped from my hair, she reached between my legs grabbed my cock and pointed it up at her pussy as she lowered her self on to it.

Sliding me into her, she started humping me faster and faster. A number of noises and moans came from her as she took me into her cunt. Jennifer threw her head back in obvious ecstasy. I had to admit; under normal, I would have been in heaven. Even with the horrible aching between my legs, her warm wet pussy felt great. I was even mesmerized by her huge full breasts bouncing as she rode me.

After only a minute, her body erupted in an orgasm, letting lose a loud scream as she was filled with the pleasure. She continued riding me as the sensations diminished and she eventually climbed off me.

“Wow, that was great. Don’t worry; I’m not going to leave you like this.” She grabbed my hard cock as she said this. Sitting between my legs, she began stroking my organ with her left hand as her right grabbed my nuts. “Ohhhh, Ahhhh” I was making different noises as I felt myself moving towards release.

Suddenly, I felt a different sensation as my nuts nearly exploded. Looking down, I saw Jennifer pull her fist back and punch me square in the scrotum again as she pumped my cock. “You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?” She smiled at me as she asked the question and punched me again.

The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt. On one hand, I was about to climax but at the same time had my balls being pounded. If anything, the pain was greater as my genitals were even more sensitive due to the fact that I was about to cum. With only a few more strokes, my body tensed as I felt my nuts pumping my semen up through my organ. At that moment, the cruel little girl landed her hardest blow yet. The thick fluid was forced out and shot several feet into the air, spraying the headboard.

Jennifer yelped with surprise at the power of my orgasm. Grabbing my balls, she kept squeezing and saying things like, “Is that all you got? I want it all! C’mon, there’s more in there, I know there is.” My moans of pleasure quickly were replaced my moans of agony as she kept working on my tender balls. Once again, I felt myself slipping unconscious. This time though she let off the pressure so I was only half out of it as she went into the bathroom.

After returning from washing my fluid from her hands, she looked down at me. “We’re almost done,” she told me. Taking my legs, she untied me, turned my body and pulled me to the edge of the bed.

“Please, no more!” I begged as she kept working. Producing a length of thin cord, she removed the scarf around my nuts and tied them off with the cord.

Letting the thin rope run through her hand as she moved towards the door to the bedroom, she opened the door and proceeded to tie the other end to the handle of the now open door. The cord had little slack in it. I was still out of it and didn’t quit realize what was happening. I watched through hazy eyes as she stepped back.

Looking over at me, Jennifer gave me a wink and stepped forward; lifting her leg, she kicked it into the door, forcing it to shut with tremendous force. Unfortunately, the cord connecting my nuts to the door, did not give in any real way and I was yanked me off the edge of the bed by my balls.

Lying on the floor, I didn’t realize at first that the squeals I heard were coming from me, but then reality hit me. The pain between my legs was horrible, the blow had yanked my balls and they were shooting pain through me. I looked up and noticed Jennifer kneeling next to me. Reaching between my legs, she began feeling around.

“STOP! DON’T TOUCH THEM!” I half shrieked half screamed. Ignoring me, she took my balls in her hand and began sticking her fingers up into my scrotum past my nuts. She wasn’t applying any pressure, but the slightest touch sent more pain through my tender balls.

“That’s what I was afraid of,” she told me with a worried look on her face, but I was pretty sure she was faking her concern though. “They’re detached.”

“W-what? What does that m-mean?” I asked through the haze.

“Your nuts. They detached when I kicked the door. These little cords inside our nutsack hold them on. But they’re very fragile and they can break. I’m afraid yours did. It means your nuts aren’t your nuts anymore.” Jennifer was barely able to hide her glee at what she had done to me.

“C’mon, we’d better get you out of here. I’d suggest you get to a doctor fast. Depending on the damage, they might be able to re-attach them. But without blood flowing through your balls, they will quickly become little more than paperweights.”

A few minutes later, Jennifer was pushing me out the back of her limo. “There’s a hospital about three blocks that way,” pointing down the street. “Good luck.” She drove off and left me lying on the sidewalk holding what was left of my manhood. Even though I was only three blocks away from the hospital, it seemed like the longest trek of my life.

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Anonymous said...

Being a sub male and always thinking JLH is sooo hot, I would
enjoy a ballbusting session with her. I hear she really is a
ballbuster and could probably come
up with some really hot CBT games
would you let her bust your balls or even castrate you? I bet if you are a fan ,the thought has crossed your mind......