Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Pun-ishing Story

By Confused Ed

It was a typical day at the Home Depot. Thomas Mann, a handsome man with chiseled features, had just started working there, and today he was working with Lisa Driver.

Lisa was a blonde beauty with large breasts that would give any straight man some wood. Thomas would have loved to lay some carpet with her, but he was too shy to do anything. Let me paint the picture for you, Lisa’s uniform was overalls and a low cut t-shirt which creative wonderful cleavage.

Thomas shoveled up enough courage to flirt a little. Lisa flirted back enjoying awl this attention. That is until Thomas accidentally brushed his hand against Lisa’s firm breasts while they were gently play fighting. In Lisa’s surprise, she kicked out, nailing Thomas right in his balls!

Pain wrenched Thomas stomach as he collapsed to the floor in agony. Thomas’s hands were clamped to his balls as he writhed in the floor in pain that only a man could feel. Lisa gasped as she saw Thomas roll around in pain. She’d never hit anyone below the tool belt before and the sight of Tom in so much pain really turned her on.

“Oh I’m so sorry Tom!” she exclaimed. “I was caulked by surprised, I didn’t mean it!”

Tom’s brain was thinking, “It wasn’t an accident, cement to do it!” but he couldn’t express this thought, due to the excruciating pain he was in. Another thought was that he really wanted to screw Driver.

“Wait a minute,” Lisa drilled. “Did you touch my breasts on purpose?” Tom was still too out of it to answer.

Lisa grinned devilishly as she said, “Then you really should be punished.” She then reached down and took of a hold of his cogs. A bolt of surprise took Tom. Lisa’s grip was like a vice, causing Tom to scream out in agony.

“I believe I ax’ed you a question Tom.” Without waiting for an answer, Lisa leaned down and kissed Tom passionately.

“Don’t worry, come over to my house tonight and I sledge to you that I’ll rake you feel ALL better.”

She let go of Tom’s throbbing nuts and said, “Wait here, oil go get you some ice, you’ll need those babies to be in good shape for tonight.”

I hope you enjoyed this story, I’ve been tooling around with this story for a while… don’t pun-ish me for it.

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