Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Putting In Place

By charleyhorse

The other night, Sunday to be exact, my fiancée (who turns a lot of heads everywhere she goes) came out of the bedroom into the living room where I was, wearing only the shortest little flared skirt, a midriff top and her dancing shoes...very sexy. I looked up from my book and she said, “You have been very out of line today. You were nasty with me twice today and you yelled at me this morning on our way to church. Who do think you are? Who do you think runs this house? Get up now!”

I stood up and put my book down and she came up to me and started rubbing my crotch and said, “Getting hard are we? Well you should be. Do you think you deserve anything tonight?” I know her very well; when she gets like this she has a certain look in her eyes and I just have to go along with whatever she wants.

“Yes, I think I deserve you tonight,” I said.

Her grip then tightened on my balls and she said, “I think you don’t deserve anything except to have your balls crushed until you scream for mercy. I think that is all you deserve.” She then undid my pants and pumped my cock several times. I was in heaven, then all of the sudden it was broken. While she was stroking my cock she pulled it up then kneed me in the balls with a direct perfect knee. My balls jammed up against my pelvic bone the way it is supposed to happen and I went right to the floor. No Knackers here; my balls are not that tough.

She then stood there looking at me and said, “Look up, you worthless pussy. Look at what you don't deserve. Next time you want to be a jerk think about who is the boss around here and why.” She then kicked at my shoulder and made it clear she wanted me on my back not in the fetal position. She then pulled my pants off and roughly pulled off my shirt so that it ripped. She then sat on my face, smothering me, so the only thing I felt was her satin panties grinding my nose down. She really made an effort to smother me. I could not breath at all. Every once in a while she would shift just a little bit so I could grab some air. Yes guys, I could in reality push her off for air but who wants to? She really did a smother job on me. While she would shift around to either smother me in her pussy or ass she would at the same time reach in back of her and either slap or yank and squeeze my balls all the while telling me what a piece of crap I am. I was in heaven.

She then turned around so that she was facing the other way and it began. She buried my face in her panty-covered ass and started squeezing my balls. I mean really squeezing. At first she was just being sadistic but then it got to the point where I really thought she was going to burst them. One in each hand she was doing this.

While she was doing this, she was also grinding down on my face and cutting off my air supply, almost like an airlock. I started struggling and it merely intensified her assault. I felt myself blacking out very peacefully...what a way to black out... I think... I didn't know exactly what was going on at this point other than I was both really turned on and very frightened at the same time. She completely had me overwhelmed. At this point I could not have even fought back if I wanted to. The death grip on my balls combined with her smothering and the natural helplessness her scent was causing was a lot to overcome.

I came to with her bouncing on my face and saying, “You’re a pussy. Can’t even take a little pain! How about this?” She then completely buried me in her ass and punched me in the balls. Of course you fold up instinctively but no such thing was going to happen. I reflexively folded deeper into her panty-covered ass. She then adjusted herself so that I was buried deep and squeezed my head as well with her thighs. Let me tell you something - whenever she would move the slightest bit I would gasp for air. I had to.

She finally let off for a moment on the smothering and gently ground her rear and pussy all over my face and said, “Do you think you deserve to worship panties, my ass and pussy? Do you deserve to have your nose in my ass? Kiss my panties and ass, you worthless pussy… and if you slobber on my panties I'll rip your balls off and you will be a castrated worthless pussy!” She then ground down and gyrated a bit. I didn't have to slobber, as the area around her pussy was already soaked. As she ground her ass down on my nose now I tried to pull aside her panties to kiss her ass but she all of a sudden grabbed my balls and yanked hard enough that if I had not raised my pelvis while she pulled it seemed like she would have ripped something loose.

She then said, “I didn't tell you to move my panties, did I?” She then tugged and squeezed.

I mumbled ‘no’ and then she slammed her ass down on my face hard, let go of my balls and got up. She was standing over me now. I was holding my balls and feeling very beaten, pussy-whipped and vulnerable... she knew it too. She then made me sit with my legs open while she stood over me, very close to me.

She then said, “Kiss my legs.” I did then she stepped out a little and kicked me in the balls, not hard but still a jab. She put her knee on my chin and shoved my head back so it was against the coffee table. She then ground around with her shoe toe and heels all around my crotch.

I screamed when her heel caught my sack and it seemed like she was going to rip it open.

She just pulled away enough and said, “That’s right, scream. You know with these heels I bet I could stab you in the balls, couldn't I?” She laughed, kicked me lightly and said, “Stay right where you are and don't move till I come back.”

I could hear her in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine.

More later...

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