Wednesday, August 8, 2007


By Erwin Rommel


Sally just loved to wear high heels, the higher and thinner, the better. Black stiletto pumps with 4 to 6 inch heels were her favorites. Her love affair with stilettos had started very early in life - while she was still in school, in 10th grade.

Her mother, Pam, had made her father give her a pair of sexy black pumps with 3-inch heels. Pam thought that that was just the right height for Sally to start off with stilettos - neither so high that they would discourage Sally from taking to high heels, nor so low that she would get too comfortable with low heels and not want to venture to higher ones.

What neither Sally nor her father knew at the time (though her mother could foresee it) was that Sally's father would have to pay a heavy price for his gift to Sally of those deadly stilettos. However, that's another story - to be told later.

Sally had been born a bitch - totally selfish, she always derived great pleasure from other people's pain and misfortune. When Pam had made Dave (Sally's father) give her those sexy pumps, she'd known that she wouldn't have to teach Sally how to use them (at least not the basics - maybe the finer points) Sally would instinctively put them to good use. And so it proved.

Sally was very beautiful and even at the age of 14; she had beautifully shaped, full breasts, standing proud on her young chest. Because of her beauty and her body, she was lusted after by almost all the guys in her neighborhood, even those in college.

One such boy, Sam, two years older than her, had come to her home to "just chat" with her and to help her with her school project. Sam fooled himself into thinking that he had a chance with Sally. She, on her part, strung him along and gave him just a little encouragement. After all, that school project HAD to be done and she definitely wasn't going to do it herself - who better than Sam, class topper AND on the school football team, to do the job?

She knew Sam would come that day, so she was wearing her new pair of high heels with a short sexy skirt. She was out to impress Sam and get his dick to do his thinking for him rather than his brain. As soon as Sam came, she steered the conversation around to her school project. She was trying to explain to Sam what she wanted done but it was proving to be very difficult. Her younger brother Victor and his friend Jack were playing in the lawn and making a lot of noise.

Leaving Sam in mid-sentence, she stalked out of her room towards the garden, scowling. Mid-way to the lawn, her scowl changed into a smile - a very cold, vicious, cruel smile. Victor was on his knees in the garden, playing, his right side to Sally. She came up to him and, before he even realized she was there, Sally pulled him up painfully by his hair, stepped around him slightly and swung her sexy bare right leg. At the end of her leg were her beautiful, new, stiletto-heeled pumps - their pointy end nailed Victor dead-on in his nuts.

Victor let out a howl of agony. Giving him no time to recover, Sally swung her stiletto pumps again and again into Victor's balls, pounding them, pummeling them. Every time with a deadly accuracy born of sheer instinct. Every kick brought a scream of agony from Victor and ever-greater sexual arousal for the young Sally. Oh God! She was enjoying this so much! The louder Victor screamed, the greater her arousal. This meant that every kick she loosed on Victor's balls was harder than the previous one. All this time, Victor had been suspended from Sally's hand by his hair.

Jack had been left paralyzed by Sally's ultra-quick beating of Victor and its sheer ferocity. He subconsciously thought, "If this is what she's doing to him, what will she do to me?" and felt weak at the knees. By the tenth or twelfth kick, he had recovered enough composure to hesitatingly move towards Sally in a well-meaning attempt to save his friend. Sally saw him coming and sent Victor sprawling with a vicious yank on his hair, tearing out a few hair from their roots.

Even as Victor lay screaming from the pain in his nuts and his scalp and Jack froze in sheer horror, Sally rounded on Jack and let loose a tremendous kick aimed at HIS groin this time. Jack saw it coming but couldn't do anything, her leg traveled so swiftly. Sally's kick was so hard (she was really in the mood now and enjoying herself tremendously) that Jack bent almost double around her sexy right leg. His eyes bulged out of their sockets and he thought he would pass out. Alas, no such luck.

As Jack bent double around her gorgeous leg, Sally couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of her beautiful legs and high heels causing Jack so much pain. Being the absolute sadist she was, she grabbed Jack by his hair too and used them to pull him towards her. As he moved into her, she pulled back and brought up her knee and... WHAM! a very hard kick to Jack's nuts. Jack's screams were beginning to become shriller. Sally seemed to like this. She transferred her hands to hold his buttocks in place. Then she loosed off a series of knee-kicks at Jack's precious family jewels, managing to lift him off the ground with every kick.

"That should teach you vermin never again to make so much noise when I have company," said Sally. This was the first inkling the poor boys had gotten of why they were being beaten up so horribly and mercilessly!

As Jack's eyes began to roll up into his head, Sally stopped hammering at his balls with her knees - she didn't want the fun to end too soon! She tried to make him stand erect but when that didn't work, she grasped his hair with one hand and with the other started delivering very hard slaps to his face. Jack's face was a very deep red in no time at all. He was very close to unconsciousness - Sally's vice-like, painful hold on his air was all that was holding him up. She finally let him go and he fell down like a heap of clothes.

However, this was certainly not the end of his suffering - Sally had other plans. As soon as Jack hit the ground, Sally started kicking him in his solar plexus with all she had. The very first kick drove almost all the air out of Jack. Every kick thereafter was sheer agony. Every kick from Sally would drive out more air from him than he'd managed to inhale in the meantime. While earlier he'd been red in the face, it now started turning blue.

Sally noticed this and let off kicking his solar plexus. Instead, she roughly pulled out Jack's right arm (any damage to the right arm would be remembered longer by the right handed Jack) and started crushing the stretched out fingers of his hand with the toe of her sexy, 3-inch stiletto high heels (left foot). This caused Jack to utter a painful moan, which of course only served to egg Sally on. With Jack's arm stretched out like this, Sally used her more powerful right leg to stomp on his forearm. She used her thin - 1/4 inch across – stiletto heels to stomp on his arm. Any spot on Jack's arm that received her attention would turn an angry red by the third or fourth stomp.

"Hmm... Jack's screams are not loud enough. Maybe this isn't hurting him enough.", thought Sally. Actually, Jack was too far gone to be able to scream much. But Sally didn't know this and didn't care. She started stomping on the inner, soft part of Jack's arm. This did elicit a louder groan of pain from Jack, but not enough to satisfy Sally. She then switched to stomping his groin with her thin, painful heels. A few moments of continued stomping by Sally made Jack pass out with terrible scream, which brought Sally to the first, wonderful, draining orgasm of her young life.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she saw Victor trying to crawl away from her. "Not so fast, dear little brother!" Sally said with a cruel, vicious smile. "I haven't finished with you yet. You can do a little bit more for your dear sister I think - by way of giving her some more pleasure." Victor couldn't help looking back at Sally and the cruelty of her smile froze him.

Victor had been trying to crawl away on all fours (he still couldn't get up). Sally now strode up to him and kicked him from behind between his legs. She kicked so hard, the bottom part of Victor's body lifted up in the air. He screamed. She smiled. She repeated the treatment. And again. And again - WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! She kept this up till Victor was in extreme pain and she'd gotten bored of it. Victor was screaming and moaning in pain almost continuously now. Victor's voice too had become slightly shriller like that of his friend Jack.

"Just so you remember never to mess with me and never to disobey me in the future," said the cruel, beautiful Sally as she turned him over with her sexy foot clad in those thin, killer (almost literally!) 3-inch heels. She started grinding her right heel into her brother's balls.

"Oh, Victor, you have no idea how great this feels," said Sally as she fingered herself. "You know, you're a nice brother to give me so much pleasure," she continued as his pitiful screams aroused her more and more.

"I know now why these heels are so thin and sharp - they are MEANT to be used to spear the balls of SCUM like you!" As Sally came closer to her orgasm, she started pumping her heels into her poor, suffering brother's groin in rhythm with her fingers. Sally moans of pleasure mixed with her brother's screams of agony as she climaxed for the second time that day and unconsciousness brought welcoming relief to Victor.

Sally walked back to her room, a very satisfied, sexy, superior smile on her beautiful face. "A good day's work," she thought.

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