Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Shoplifters Will Be Persecuted

By Burst

It had been a pretty crappy day at work, and I was anxious to get home. However, there was one obstacle in my way: I needed bread, and that meant a trip to the grocery store. So I stopped at the local food mart and began fighting my way through the crowds, just to get a lousy loaf of bread, and wouldn't you know it, the only loaf they had was crushed. I was desperate though, so I took it. Now, there was just the little matter of getting through the checkout. I got into the express line, only two people ahead of me. Behind the register was Samantha, a 6'1", 250 lb., 35-year-old cashier with long brown hair. She was ringing up items pretty fast, but when she pushed "Total" everything crashed. I looked around for another line, but each one had a minimum of eight people. Surely, she'd be able to fix the register faster than that. Twenty minutes later, things started working again. The two people ahead of me were checked out and now it was my turn.

"I'm sorry about the wait," she said. "We've had a few problems here lately."

"Yes," I muttered under my breath. "I suppose incompetent cashiers would be considered a problem." She gave me a nasty look and I knew I had said that too loud. I should have apologized, but frankly, I just wasn't in the mood.

"Have a nice day," she said coldly, as she handed me my receipt.

"Too late for that," I said, as I walked away from the register. Now I could go home. Or so I thought. As I walked out the door, an alarm went off. I froze, and seconds later, the manager, a 5'7" 140lb. 28 year old blonde woman named Amy, ran up to me and asked me to come back into the store. She went through my bag, then looked at me.

"I'm gonna need you to come with me," she said. "Sam, close your register and help me please."

"My pleasure," said Samantha, as she closed her cash register. Amy and Samantha escorted me to a stockroom in the back of the store, where two stock-girls were unpacking crates. One of them was a short chubby 16-year-old with short brown hair, named Katie. The other was a tall slender 18-year-old black girl named Tara.

"I'm afraid we're gonna have to strip-search you," said Amy.

"What?!" I shrieked. "No way!"

"Well, would you rather us call the police?" asked Amy. "You can always be searched downtown."

"No," I sighed. "Let's just get it over with." By this point, Katie and Tara had stopped unpacking the crates, and were watching me with anticipatory glee. I quickly removed my clothes and stood naked in front of the four women.

"Alright," said Amy. "Just one more thing we have to check."

"What?" I asked. Samantha grabbed me from behind, and forced me to bend over an unopened crate. Suddenly, I felt her finger being shoved up my ass.

"Oooooooo..." I groaned.

"It's just a cavity search," said Samantha. "Don't be such a pussy." A few minutes later, Samantha finally removed her finger from my ass.

"He's clean," she said.

"Hold on, look at this!" said Katie.
Everyone looked at Katie, who was holding my jacket. She reached into the pocket and pulled out a candy bar.

"Ah-ha!" said Amy. "Shoplifting! Sam, hold him while I call the police!"

"Awwww, do we really have to call the cops?" asked Katie. "I mean, think what they'd do to this fine-lookin' man in prison."

"Yeah," laughed Samantha. "He didn't even like my finger up his ass. Imagine how he's gonna feel when it's some big black guy's dick!"

"Hmmmm," said Amy. "I suppose we could just handle your punishment here. What do you say?"

"Yes," I stammered, my mind filled with horrible images of prison-life. "Whatever you want."

"Ok," said Amy. "Sam, hold him." Samantha grabbed me, pinning my arms behind me. Amy walked up then kneed me in the balls.

"AAKK!" I shouted in surprise. Amy quickly kneed me again, then followed that through with a punch.

"Wow!" said Katie. "That looks fun. Can I try?"

"Sure," said Amy. "Everyone gets a turn."

"Cool," said Katie as she approached me.

"Every guy I've ever met thinks I'm a geek," she said. "They think I'm fat, so they either ignore me or make fun of me. Well, lets see you ignore or make fun of this!" Katie slammed her knee into my balls full force, and barely caught her breath before she did it again.

"Let him go, Samantha," she said. "I got an idea." Samantha released me and, weak from the hits I'd received, I fell to the floor. Katie stomped on my back, forcing me to lie down flat on my face, then stepped between my legs and placed her foot on my nutsack.
"Kiss ‘em goodbye," she said, as she began crushing them into the floor. "I'm gonna pop your cherries!"

"Wait!" shouted Amy, causing Katie to remove her foot, seconds before my testicles ruptured. "You do that, and nobody else gets their turn. Don't want to be unfair do you?"

"I guess not," said Katie.

"Oh, she can have the nuts," said Tara. "I only want the dilly-whacker." Tara rolled me over, then began stroking my flaccid penis with her left hand. I'd never been touched by a black girl, but it felt pretty good. Before long, I was fully erect.

"Not bad," said Tara. "Never had a vanilla pudding pop before." Tara began squeezing tightly, and before I knew what was happening, she had shoved a toothpick into my pee-hole.

"AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!" I screamed. The women began laughing, as Tara continued to push the toothpick down my urethra. Seconds later, it was completely submerged in my penis. Tara released my cock and stepped back to laugh with the others.
My dick felt like it was on fire! I was writhing on the floor, trying to pull the toothpick out, but it was no use... it was just too deep inside. Five minutes later though, my cock went limp and I could see the end of the pick poking out, I grabbed it and yanked it out. A few drops of blood dripped out of my pee-hole, but I was so relieved to have it out.
That didn't last long though. Samantha scooped me off the floor, then forced me to bend over the crate again.

"You thought I hurt your little asshole last time," she said. "Wait'll you see what I'm gonna do now! I wish I'd brought my dildo, but I guess I'm just going to have to improvise." Samantha took a carrot from a nearby crate of fresh vegetables and began ramming it in my ass. I screamed as she twisted it deeper and deeper... this was a lot worse than her finger, but still not as bad as prison... I don't think.

Ten minutes later, Samantha finally pulled the carrot out of my ass, then pulled me to my feet. Amy walked over and began stroking my cock. After so much agony, this actually felt good. I began to get erect.

"Just as I thought!" said Amy, angrily. "This little perv has been enjoying himself! He's hard as a rock! He'll probably go home and whack off thinking about this! Well, I won't have it! Fifty cent raise to whoever breaks him!" Samantha threw me to the floor, then the three girls began kicking at my crotch mercilessly, trying to collect the fifty-cent bounty Amy had placed on my manhood. Fortunately, they kept blocking each other's kicks and no one could land a solid blow. Unfortunately, Amy quickly noticed this and proposed a solution.

"Ok, girls, work together and I'll give you all a quarter raise!" Samantha pulled me to my feet, and Tara began stroking my cock. Like before, I got hard. When I was fully erect, she grabbed it and began forcing it down toward the floor.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" I screamed, as I felt something in my cock snap. A large bruise was forming on my cock, but they weren't done yet. Samantha forced me to the floor and Katie stepped on my nutsack as she had done before.

"Now!" said Katie wickedly. "I'm gonna smush your grapes!"

"Wait," said Samantha.

"No way!" said Katie as she put her full weight down on my balls causing them both to pop.


"NO!" shouted Samantha. "I wanted one of them, you little..."

"Hold on," said Amy. "No reason to get mad. I'm sure we can work out something... after all, I know what you REALLY like Samantha." About that time, I passed out. When I awoke, I was lying on a bed, feet and hands tied behind me. My crotch was in agony and I began crying. Seconds later, Samantha, clad only in a bathrobe, walked into the room.

"Ah, you're awake," she said. "I thought I heard whimpering."

"What's going on?" I asked weakly.

"Well, when Katie thoughtlessly busted both your balls, I was left with nothing to do," she explained. "So Amy let me take you home... so I can do what I really enjoy." Samantha dropped her bathrobe, revealing a huge dildo strapped over her pussy.

As she rolled me over, I began wondering, "Is this really better than prison?" It was a question I continued to ponder as she repeatedly raped my ass with her plastic penis.

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