Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tanya’s Introduction To Busting

By Casey Roberts

It has always bewildered me about how many women I get to know and to find out how they never think about busting a guy. Either in self-defense or simply for the fun of it. It really is (for me at least) one of the joys of being a woman. I’m always thinking about doing it. When I’m on the subway going to school I have two ways to pass the time…read, or picking out men I see and think about what it would be like to suddenly give an under hand shot to their nuts and watch in fun at their devastated reaction. I love thinking about how they would express their pain too… would they fall down? Or simply double over and grab their groin while groaning and moaning? I never seem to be able to look at a man and not think about busting him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger or friend; younger or older…in my mind they are all vulnerable. You’re probably thinking I’m some horrid looking woman with a man-hating and vengeful personality. Actually, I’m just a traditional 21-year-old girl next-door type. And I really don’t have anything against men. I’m certainly not one of these ultra feminists. I just find it fun and satisfying to inflict serious trauma to a man’s organs. Call it a fetish if you want, but sure feels fulfilling in some peculiar way.

A good example of girl who never busted a guy was my friend Tanya. We became friends after we sat next to each other in one of my classes. Tanya was a business major like me, and really smart, but pretty too. She came from a wealthy family and was brought up in quite a conservative environment so we were kind of opposites. I guess our different backgrounds helped our friendship because we learned a lot from each other. I was always having fun showing her my wild side and getting her to try knew things. I was determined to get her into ball busting but was too timid to bring it up in fear that she might think that I was a real weirdo. One time when we went to a movie (I forgotten which one it was) there was an excellent bust scene. I think it was Christian Slater that challenged this guy to a fight. Before the guy knew it...Christian just hauled off and kicked the man in the nuts. It was shown very well and I loved it. I burst out laughing and looked at Tanya to see what her reaction was. She was just kind a chuckling with her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. After the movie when we were going home and talking about our favorite parts of the film I brought up this scene and expressed to Tanya how cool I though it was. But even then she didn’t get the hint I was trying to deliver about ball busting itself as a fetish. I didn’t bring up the subject again until we went to an outdoor rock concert together later on in the week.

It was a Grateful Dead concert and we were having a blast. I came armed with five joints that another girlfriend supplied me with. Yes I do get high on occasion… and this Grateful Dead concert was certainly a good occasion. Well, needless to say, Tanya was hesitant about trying pot when I offered it to her but ultimately she accepted. She liked it more and more as she was smoking it. It was great to see this prissy chick (as I affectingly called her) getting high and really letting herself go.

Well we were both feeling quite relaxed when I just blurted out “I’m really feeling good right now…so good, I would like to rack a guy.”

She said, “What… rack a guy? You mean… like… kick him in his nuts?”

“Yep! That’s it exactly!” I said. “Have you ever tried it?” I asked her.

“No!” she answered without hesitation.

“You really should do it sometime Tanya…it really feels great. Even better than getting high.”

“What do you mean?” she asked me.

“Well there is just something empowering about kicking a man in the center of his sexuality. It’s such an insult to him to strike those vital sexual organs that have so many nerve endings with an uncaring kick or punch.”

“But that’s so sadistic!” she protested.

“I don’t care, it’s a woman’s prerogative. They have the nuts between their legs for one reason; to be kneed, kicked, or punched by us.” I answered. She laughed at my attitude and how I trivialized such a brutal act. She actually thought it was funny that somebody could take pleasure out of watching a man’s reaction after he has just been racked. The more we talked about it the more she became curious about trying it. Tanya admitted as much she has thought about doing it. I asked her why she never has?

She answered, “Well, I just haven’t ever been presented with the right opportunity.”

“You don’t need an ‘opportunity’!” I exclaimed. “You just do it.”

“You mean you just walk up to a guy and kick him in the groin …for no reason?” she asked me unbelievingly

“That’s right. I have done it this way… several times in fact.”

“But what if they come after you?”

“Oh I’m prepared for that.” I then nudged open my purse so she could peek inside and get a glimpse of the small gun I always carry with me. My father was a Marine and taught me how to use a gun at an early age to protect myself.

“Actually I have never even had to use it to ward off a guy after I busted him,” I reassured her. My kicks are dead on target and so hard that the man has always ended up on the ground too deep in pain to think about doing anything in retaliation.”

“Oh my gosh…you’re really crazy,” was her only response.

“Well Tanya…have you ever seen a man get busted by a girl?” I knew she hadn’t, but I asked anyway to further explore my favorite topic.

“No…except in the movies,” was her timid response.

“That doesn’t count. That’s all fake. I mean have you ever witnessed in really life a girl actually kicking a man in his nuts as hard as she could?”

“Definitely not!” The more I interrogated her the more she was becoming aroused by the subject.

“Well would you like to see it today?”

“You mean here?! Now?!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, why not? It’s a beautiful day for a man to get racked.”

“Oh my God Casey… you’re going to get us in trouble.” She was really starting to get embarrassed as if the whole concert audience could hear our conversation.

“Don’t worry about anything just follow me.” I took her by the hand as if she was a little 3-year-old and led her away from the crowd.

“Where are we going?” Tanya was brimming with curiosity about what was going to happen.

I just said, “Today you are going to see something you won’t forget for a long time.”

After a little walk away from the concert we came to the men’s restroom. It was away from the crowd and there weren’t very many people around this area except for the occasional guys coming and going from the toilets. The music was so loud we could still hear it clearly only now it was merely background music, accompanying my devious plans. We were both still pretty high from the pot but not so much so that we couldn’t think straight. Well, after watching the men’s bathroom for a while and keeping track of who went in and out I took Tanya by the hand again and led her inside. She was like a little girl going into a spook house both frightened and excited at the same time.

“Where the fuck are we going?” She was really getting nervous.

I simply responded, “Where better to find a pair of nuts to damage than a male restroom?” After walking thru a long corridor we came upon a wall full of urinals. They were all empty except for one lone man standing up at the middle one about to have a pee. The wall was opposite so the guy had his back to us so he didn’t see Tanya and I enter. We soon realized that it was only the three of us in the restroom. The guy who was peeing was about 30ish, not very tall and with a bit of a potbelly. He was wearing the traditional Grateful Dead garb of a tie-dyed t-shirt and loose fitting shorts.

He still hadn’t noticed Tanya and I come in until I cleared my throat with a loud “Eh-Hem!” as if he were interrupting us from something. He turned his head around and couldn’t believe that two college girls came in and were just standing there watching him piss.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” he asked.

I ignored his question and just said “Its not your lucky day, is it?” I was very calm and matter-of-fact.

“It’s not? Why?” He continued to pee.

“Because you’re going to get kicked in the balls,” was my response. Tanya couldn’t believe how confident I was, and how calmly I was confronting this guy. She just stood there in amazement at the proceedings.

The man seemed somewhat confused and then asked me, “Kicked in the balls… by whom?”

I simply said, “By me.”

In spite of my matter-of-fact tone the man thought I was joking and then asked me “Why?”

“Well…” I answered “Just because I want to…and also to show my friend Tanya how much fun it is.” My demeanor was dead serious and Tanya knew it. And then, before the man could utter another word, I let go with a powerful kick from behind the guy directly under his crotch. I kicked him so hard I would have hurt my foot if it weren’t for his soft nut-sack I could feel through his shorts, cushioning the blow.

My victim’s reaction was almost as good as the kick itself. At the moment of impact from my trauma the guy doubled over so quick that he banged his head on top the urinal and then proceeded to fall back onto the ground pissing all over himself. It was great.

Tanya couldn’t believe what had just happened. She just looked at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. The guy was lying there on his back with his legs bent and his hands cupped around his nuts. He was drenched in his own pee and his shriveled little dick was still hanging out of his shorts. He was really hurting and continued to moan as if the air was knocked out of him. And to add insult to real injury…a big welt was developing on his forehead where he banged his head on the urinal.

I stood there looking at him with satisfaction. Tanya was trying to hold down her laughter but not doing a very good job of it.

“Wasn’t that fucking awesome!?” I exclaimed. She didn’t say anything but continued to laugh. I told her that we better get out of there before somebody else comes in. She agreed and we both made our way back to my car.

As we were driving home the effects of the pot were slowly fading but the rush of my successful bust was still there. It really felt good. Tanya was equally amazed and agreed that she wouldn’t forget my introduction to ball busting for a long time.

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