Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorority Fun

by Robin

Hi y'all. Been studying, so haven't filled you in on the Sisters and our slaves in KDK Sorority. Last Saturday, we had a ball – he, he, pardon the pun. Our stable of stud slaves is now ten. We prepared them for a little intersorority competition by getting them nice and hard and then tying their cock to their stomach with duct tape (what else?). This left their balls nice and exposed, front and center. It also gave them incentive to stay hard, cause when their thing shrank, it couldn't go where it wanted because of the tape - so it was stretched where it didn't want to be. (Is that clear?)

We invited the sisters of the DG sorority to join us for some "ball games"; we told the sisters to wear their best cock teasing outfits. To give an example, I wore a mini-mini, no underwear, no bra and a low cut blouse that didn't leave much to the imagination (I have been told that my tits are my best feature--- clearly they registered ten out of ten on the cock meter. Some of the sisters even went topless.

The first competition was pitching. The boys made two lines (five in each—or ten balls in each), one for each sorority. Each sorority designated five girls each would get five pitches with a wiffle ball. You guessed it; the target was right between the balls. The scoring was 1 point for hitting him in the balls, five points for hitting him so badly that he falls over and ten points if he cries. Each guy took five pitches from about ten yards away. Did I mention that we and DG played in the finals of the intramural softball championship? So we each had some good pitchers.

Our first pitcher, Kim, made contact on all five of her pitches. By the end, he was bawling and begging on his knees for her to stop-- twenty points!

The DG pitcher didn't do as well, only connecting on three pitches, though one knocked the boy over -- eight points.

In the end, we won. There were a number of swollen, red ball sacks (ten to be exact).

Since the boys were not yet ready for any further competitions, we untaped their cocks (that also brought some screams) and had them stand at attention while we partook of refreshments.

The DG's took advantage of the time to inspect the merchandise a bit. They were tugging and slapping and comparing sizes -- just good old girl fun.

I don't have time to go into all the competitions, but the last one was the most fun (at least for me). We took bets on which male could shoot his white stuff the farthest. The boys were used to the KDK sisters taking advantage of them, but being exposed and milked in front of this new set of women (especially the way they were dressed) was total humiliation. None of them even looked at us as they were put side by side on their knees and told to beat it. The incentive? Well there would be no winner -- just a loser. Whoever was the shortest shooter would have to clean up the mess (with his tongue). The girls with the winning bets got to pick one of the non-losers and have her way with him. Oh yeah, there was a time-limit of two minutes; if after that time anyone who hadn't shot yet was the loser. If there were more than one loser, they got to give each other blowjobs.

You should have seen those hands move. Some used their fingers, so their fists. It was like a seminar on how males masturbate -- there must be fifty ways to stroke your lover. The longest male sent his seed ten feet! Remarkable. The shortest: for two guys it just dribbled out. We decided to award the guy with the larger cock with the loser designation, since we felt a larger cock should shoot further than a smaller one.

We enjoyed the additional humiliation those two got when we measured them right after coming. I have heard that after coming, their balls are the most sensitive, which is why we gave each a few squeezes to see if it lengthened their shaft -- it didn't. We all enjoyed watching the losing male lick up all the seed -- I think most women love to see a man eat cum.

At the end of the day, the DG's asked if they could borrow one of our slaves. We agreed and another dom house was born.

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