Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tina and Kim

By Pseudonym

Our relationship started off normal enough (Tina's her name). We dated a few times, saw a few movies, you know... just had a good time.

After about a month, she invited me to stay the night. Needless to say, it was lovely. This went on for about a year. We learned what each other like, where to touch and when.

It was about that time when she seemed to want me to get "rougher." She wanted me to spank her, squeeze her tits, stick my finger in her ass during sex, etc. I also remember that was when Kim started hanging around a lot. I began to wonder if they were seeing each other on the side. Perhaps they wanted a threesome? I had never done anything like that and wasn't real sure about it.

So, one night the three of us were getting drunk and playing scrabble, (yes, I know… geek!), and Kim says out of the blue "I hear you're getting real good."

After asking what that means, she says "Tina tells me her orgasms with you have reached all time peak."

Then she winks at Tina and says, "Told you so." This led into a discussion about why it should feel good to get spanked and have your tits squished while fucking?

Then Tina surprised me. "If you get really horny, don't your balls hurt? It’s kinda like that for us too."

OK, she had sort of a point. I ask, "So, by making your tits and ass hurt, you get hornier and climax?"

In unison, they both say, "Exactly!"

Tina says, "Let us show you. I can see that you're interested." I had two thoughts at once there. "Us?" and yup, the evidence is apparent. I ask what they had in mind.

Tina says, "I'll suck your dick while Kim is behind you squeezing your balls." My worried look at Kim get the response "Don't worry, I've done this before."

What the hell, I think. (Remember, we're all pretty drunk.)

So now imagine the scene a few moments later. I've stripped nude in front of two gals. I also have to admit, I was flattered when Kim said to Tina "You're right, it’s perfect!"

Made my day there.

Now Tina grabs me and pulls me towards her. She starts the normal sucking and licking she knows I like, and (behind me) Kim says "Ready?" Sure, go ahead. Then I feel her hands grip around my balls. Now, that was an interesting sensation. Then she started squeezing a little harder and the pressure was definitely noticeable. I look down and notice Tina is fingering herself and taking more of me into her mouth than she normally does.

Kim is now doing something like one of those stress release toy things… squeeze, release, squeeze, release.

She whispers over my shoulder into my ear, "Feels just like blue balls, like you just have to come soon doesn't it?"

“Yeah,” says I. I'm not going to last long like this. "Kiss me." So, I turn my head left and she leans in, still doing the stress ball thing.

"No, I mean tongue too." So, we start an over-the-shoulder French kiss frenzy.

Meanwhile, Tina's fingering is doing its job and she starts moaning....well, humming.

Kim and I seem to be getting into the rhythm of Tina's motions and when she starts her orgasm, Kim grabs my head with her other hand and pulls our faces together kissing like we are trying to swallow one another. Then her grip on my balls stops cycling and just gets harder and harder and harder. There is a definite aspect of pain involved in this, but I just couldn't help myself. I came so hard I thought I might hurt Tina! Talk about "mother load!"

Well now, once we all calmed down a bit, Tina says "you never came that much before!”

“That was great!" Kim says "Told you so."

Then Tina asks Kim "What about you?"

Kim says, "I'm fine, I masturbated this morning… next time." (She smiles at me.)

Kim asks me "So, what do you think?" GREAT is about all that come to mind.

We spent the rest of the evening joking with each other, getting drunker and trying to make explicit words out of scrabble blocks.

Non-fiction! ... and that was only the first time with all three of us together!

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