Sunday, November 25, 2007

When I Was Young

By unknown

With all the games I've played with girls as a kid, and how easy it was to get them to lift their skirts or touch you, I wonder how things have gone so wrong. My only encounters with girls during sexual maturity involved (believe it or not) getting my balls hammered. It started when I was 14...

All the boys in my class would tease girls, sometimes (and frequently) grabbing their breasts. This seemed crass and I never joined in. But once my friend was teasing this one girl and one poignant sexual remark about females turned her anger to me. I had gathered, from hearing her talk with friends, that she wanted to kick a guy in the balls, just to see if she could do it. Well she did. She drove her clogged foot straight up into my balls, crushing them between my body and her foot. It was the perfect kick, and I heard a snapping sound. I wasn't floored. I just walked into the bathroom for a rest, trying to walk normal while all the girls laughed. I don't know why, but I ENJOYED it. Later that day I pretended to accidentally touch her rear. I was scared so it barely touched her. But it did get me another kick in the balls, which is what I wanted!

For the girls (and I guess guys too) if you want to hear another description of what it's like, this what it felt like when that girl kicked me: it was a sharp pain initially. My nuts felt like they were trying to squeeze through a small hole. These are ORGANS and it HURTS! They move around the whole time, all by themselves. But the killer is the duller pain that is felt in the testes and intestines as well. Having a stomach ache from the flu is nothing like the dull pain of a landed groin strike.

Her friend got into the act a few weeks later. I had my legs spread really wide while playing a sport. I was leaning forward and I never expected it. She walked up behind me and BANG my balls were mashed with a hard kick. This is a lesson I think all guys learn the hard way: NEVER SPREAD YOUR LEGS, for any reason, ever, unless you want your balls smashed.

Luckily, I could walk away from both kicks. My luck ran out when I was 15. My sister’s friend decided hitting guys in the balls was funny. Well she was laughing hard after a day at our house! At first, she kicked me in the balls quite by accident. A few months later, I goaded her into a slap, and then a punch, and then a hammer strike. Whenever I could, I tried to get alone with her. She kicked me three times in the balls, and I tried to teach her how to hold a pair of balls tight but I think she was too scared to touch me "down there" for too long. When daddy came to pick her up, she gave me a "good-bye kick"!

That was eight years ago. Now, I'm not sure I really want to get my balls mashed by women. I am definitely not as fervent after actually going through the experience. The reason I wrote this is to share my real life experiences, hopefully to get some sort of response from girls, or guys who might have a better control over their sex-drives than most men and can actually help me out because this "fetish" has got me really confused.

Knocked Out

by unknown

This story is true and it happened to me. I think by writing this posting I can better deal with what happened.

About ten months ago I started kickboxing and I had done quite well at it. I had been sparring for about seven months and have taken on many other men at my gym. Most of them have more experience than I do. I used to spar a lot with one man that I was pretty well matched with. We are about the same height and weight, 5’10” and 190 lbs. and we had similar skills. We would usually end in a draw after three rounds.

About four months ago, two pretty twins, Tina and Julie joined our gym. I had seen them before at the Gold’s gym that I also work out at. They are both blonde and have very athletic builds. They are about 5’8” and weigh around 145 lbs. They are both pretty solid but not too muscular. They have good sized breasts and very nice asses. Most of us guys loved to watch them work out as it was a great turn-on.

They started sparring about two weeks after they joined. They caught on fast and our instructor could not stop talking about how coordinated they were. I thought that they were good kick-boxers but they were girls and they were smaller and less experienced than I so I never worried about them beating me at sparring.

One night after class our instructor called anyone who wanted to spar to the ring. One of the twins, Julie, wanted to spar. It was her first time. I had just sparred with my partner one round and had the head gear on and was ready to go.

The girl nervously stepped into the ring with her head gear and body protection on and said, “Don’t hurt me!” The bell rang and we went at it. Well, I went at it. She did not like the feeling of hitting someone. I stood in the middle of the ring and let her hit me a few times. She wasn’t putting anything into her punches and her kicks were light. I finished the round by giving her combinations of light jabs, crosses and hooks. She got a little dizzy and we stopped the round early. At that point any deep-rooted fears of any girl beating me were gone. I had just chased a very athletic and talented kick-boxing woman around the ring and beat her easily. That was then!

Fast forward to last week. The twins had been working hard and sparring a lot with men and women. One of them, Tina, was much more talented than the other. I can’t tell them apart. I had not been sparring as much as I liked to, and I had grown a little rusty. One night I walked into the gym with my girlfriend and some people were sparring. I did not bother to look at who it was but I could tell one person was getting the crap beaten out of him. I assumed it was two guys. I could hear some of the girls laughing and screeching with excitement. I looked up and what I saw made my heart sink. My sparring partner was getting the shit beaten out of him by Tina! I felt sick for a moment. He and I are matched in the ring and this girl was beating him. My girlfriend and I watched as he took crosses, jabs and roundhouses one after the other. Finally the bell rang and the round was over followed by a round of applause by the 3 other women watching at ringside.

After the round I pulled my sparring partner aside and asked him if he was going all out. He replied, “Dude, she’s mean, but I was really tired. I want to try her again.” That made me feel uneasy. I went home that night and couldn’t sleep. I thought about how I wanted to get in the ring with Tina. I thought about how I needed to prove myself and how I would overcome her. I knew I could do it and I was not going to be beaten by woman. She was smaller than me, she was younger than me and I had been kickboxing longer than her.

Eight days ago I got the chance to prove myself. I got into the ring with Tina. Not the same one I beat before, but the one that embarrassed my partner. As I prepared to enter the ring, my girlfriend asked me to be careful. She said that she didn’t think that

I should spar with her if I didn’t feel right. She worries about me getting hurt. I got pissed that she thought that a girl was going to hurt me. She said that she thought the girl was going to break my nose or something. I got really pissed at that!

Tina put on her head gear, gloves, body shield and mouth piece and stepped into the ring. I did not like to wear body shields but I ALWAYS wore a cup. The bell rang and I went after her right away. I replayed my strategies on my head and performed them in the ring. I started with a pushing kick to her midsection followed by three left jabs and a right cross. The first two jabs caught her, but the third missed as she bobbed to avoid it. I also missed with the cross but the jabs had dazed her, or so I thought. I relaxed a little and thought that she wasn’t so bad!

I thought too soon. She came back with a quick roundhouse to my unprotected ribs, followed by a jab and a solid cross. They all hit me hard. How could she hit so hard. My ribs stung and my nose was numb. It took me a second to gather my wits. It didn’t help with her sister and another woman clapping and screeching next to the ring. Her blows hurt me and made me mad. We are taught not to react in anger, but fuck that, I went for blood. I chased her throwing jab, cross and hook. I missed most of the time and she always came back with at least a good jab or cross. I was getting tired chasing her and missing. I stopped kicking and used only punches.

I could hear my instructor saying, “Keep your hands up! Don’t get so wild with your punches!” She seemed to be in control and I got more angry and flustered. She took her time and took advantage of my distress. It almost seemed like she was playing with me. Her hands were down, she was bobbing and weaving, and she was throwing roundhouses, pushing kicks and side kicks only. Every time I would advance, she would throw a quick side kick followed by a roundhouse right into my sore ribs.

I was tired and my will was growing weaker. I couldn’t let this girl beat me. I needed to knock her out and erase everything that happened in that round. The thirty second bell rang and I went after her with everything I had. I missed her as she bobbed and weaved out of the way of my wild, off-balance punches. Seconds before the bell rang, she caught me with a hard right hook to the jaw. I saw stars and my legs got wobbly. I was saved by the bell, but my pride was hurt. She beat me. I took a few seconds to gather my senses. I was hurt, pissed and embarrassed. I couldn’t look at my girlfriend. I knew she would be feeling sorry for me. The girl asked if I was alright.

I said “Yes, I want another round.” She liked that idea and so did my instructor. He wanted to see a girl knock a guy out. He was so proud of those damned twins.

My girlfriend protested, “I don’t want you to spar anymore! You’re going to get hurt!” How dare she say that! This is a fucking girl! I need to beat her. The bell sounded to start the second round. I was tired but determined to put an end to this nightmare. All of my life I have worried about losing a fight to a girl. It was happening. She was smaller than me, and she was only 21. What kind of man am I?

She came at me before I could get to her. Thinking only about offense, I forgot to keep my gloves up. She caught me with a jab, jab, cross combo that I shook off. I reached out to jab and came up short. She caught me by accident in the groin but my cup fended off all but a sting. I did stop to make sure my balls were OK and she took advantage of that. A roundhouse followed by a jab, jab, cross. I bobbed out of a hook and came up with a cross to her body. It hurt her I could tell. I went after her again with a hook and caught her. I thought that I had shaken her a little so I stepped back to catch my wind. I thought that I was back in the game. I was wrong.

She came at me and surprised me with a spinning back kick that knocked the wind out of me. I tried to bob and weave out of the way of the series of punches that she landed. One after the other I was being beaten with hooks. I felt my legs getting weak and I began to see stars. I reached out with weak slaps trying to defend myself. She kept pounding me. I could hear the other girls screeching and clapping. I heard my girlfriend asking the instructor to stop the round. After I received about ten hard blows to the head, the instructor yelled for Tina to stop. But it was too late. One final hook caught my jaw. My mouthpiece flew across the ring and a fell to my knees and flat on my face.

This young, attractive, big-breasted girl had just knocked me out. I was out for about thirty seconds and it took me fifteen minutes to regain most of my wits. My girlfriend was crying and wanted me to go to the hospital. I was ruined, but not as bad as I am right now.

After I could walk without help I wanted to be alone. My girlfriend, being the sensitive type, got angry at me wanting to be alone and went home. She was worried that I had a head injury. I was bleeding. I thought that everyone left the gym because my instructor told me to take my time and let myself out when I’m ready to go. I sat on the mats with my head between my knees for about a half hour. It was ten thirty at night, and I decided to take my bruised and beaten body to the locker room to shower off.

I started down the hallway toward the locker room and I heard women’s voices coming from the girls’ locker room. I went into the men’s room and took off my sweaty clothes. I grabbed my balls and made sure Tina didn’t hurt them when she kicked them. They stung but not as bad as my head. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a bloody nose and a fat lip. Fuck, I thought. People are going to find out a chick did this to me. I grew angry. Next door in the ladies room I could hear laughing and thought that they were talking about me. I should have just left with my tail between my legs but my anger took control. I put on my boxer shorts, ran out and banged on the girl’s room door and yelled, “You fucking bitch! You got lucky! If we were fighting for real I would kill you!” There was silence, my anger went away.

The twins came rushing out wearing only towels. Tina yelled, “I kicked your ass and you can’t handle it. Go home and cry to your girlfriend.”

“Fuck you!” I screamed at her, “I could kill you in street fighting!”

Her sister yelled at her, “Just ignore him, you beat him, he’ll get over it.” The two sisters were standing with the locker room door open holding only towels in front of them. I could see other girls standing holding towels in front of them. The other women just stood with their jaws dropped.

“Fuck you!” I yelled. I lost control thinking about how she beat me. A girl had beaten me. What happened next I could not control. I kicked her with a fast pushing kick that knocked her back into the girls’ room. She must have fallen down because it took her a second to come screaming out of the locker room charging me. She had left her towel in the locker room and she was naked. As she charged after me her big breasts bounced and jiggled. She was on me within seconds hitting me with wild punches. I felt my nose crack as she landed a solid haymaker to my face. I fell down backward and she was right on top of me. She had me pinned down with her knees on my arms. I was dizzy and on the verge of being knocked out by the blow to the nose. I could see her blonde pussy hairs on my chest as I struggled to get up. Her big breasts were bouncing as I tried to escape. I was still stronger than her and I managed to get her off me.

I stood up quickly and got dizzy. Blood was gushing down my face. The other girls were watching us fight. They were calling out to Tina, “Kick his ass!”

Tina said, “I’m not going to kick his ass, I’m going to kick his balls!”

The other girls egged her on. “We’ll say he tried to rape you! Break his balls Tina!” With that, Tina caught me square in the testicles with a front kick. I dropped my head and she got me with a knee to the face. My nose was already broken, the pain made me pass out.

I was out for only a few seconds when I heard Tina say, “This is a battle of the sexes, get up and fight.” She pulled my boxers off and my big shaved sack bobbled around. I stood up while the other girls hooted and applauded.

“Smash his sack Tina!” one yelled.

I couldn’t fight, I was finished. I begged her to stop and let me go home. I told her that I was sorry. She looked at me and said, “You tried to rape me, now you will pay!” She hit me with a side kick and I fell down to avoid further pain. My legs were spread and she took advantage of it. She kicked me twice in the balls so hard I thought they would break. I closed my knees and curled into a ball. She began to kick my ribs. I saw her breasts bouncing and flopping around wildly. I also saw her pink pussy as I looked up. I guess I still couldn’t believe a chick could do this to me.

By now the other girls had dropped their towels and were standing naked above me, their breasts bouncing as they motioned for Tina to continue. They cheered Tina on and one told her that she wanted to see her break my balls. I begged for her to stop. I think it turned her on. She kept stomping on my groin trying to smash my balls. I had them well protected. As I was on the ground, face up, she jumped on top of me and sat right on my face with her ass facing me in a 69 position and her knees pinning my arms. Her wet, swollen pussy lips wiggled against my mouth as she pushed my legs apart with her hands. I tried to keep my legs closed, knowing that my heavy ball sack was her intended target. She wriggled her pussy and ass so that I could hardly breathe. Her hard ass was against my broken nose.

I lost my will to fight and she was able to spread my legs. I knew that I was not going to make it out of the gym with my balls. I started to cry and whimper. I should have left well enough alone. She raised her ass and pussy off my face about three inches as she grabbed my sweaty sack with her left hand. She squeezed my testicles to the bottom of my scrotum. It felt like my balls were going to pop out of my scrotum. I could smell her sweet pussy and I could see that it was wet and swollen. She was getting off on this.

Once in a while she would set her pussy back on my face and yell, “Lick it or I’ll break your balls now!” I didn’t lick her pussy and she slammed her right fist into my balls that were forced to the bottom of my sack. The pain shot through my body. I licked her pussy and she did not punch my balls again. Not until one of the women told her to crush my testicles. I was hoping that Tina was finished, but she wasn’t. She raised her pussy off my face so that it was in perfect view. She reminded me that this was a “battle of the sexes” and that I was going to lose bad. She told me that she was now going to crush my testicles and that she wanted me to see her pussy as she did it.

“Whenever you think of how you lost your balls, you will see my pussy!” With that she started to squeeze my balls with her left hand, and punch them with her right.

The other girls were chanting, “Break his balls, break his balls!” I could hear the sickening smack each time her fist hit my testicles. I made sounds that I have never made before. I screamed and moaned and cried as she beat my testicles into liquid. With each blow I felt my life leaving me. I felt as if I were going to die. I was being beaten to death by my testicles by a young pretty girl. She would say that I tried to rape her after our fight and she killed me in self defense. The other women were going to back her up. This girl would be portrayed as a hero. What a disgrace to my family and friends.

As she continued beating my sack, the pain in my balls grew. I felt a sharp pain on my scrotum as she beat my balls over and over, each time with a smack. I began to twitch and convulse uncontrollably. My body was going into shock.

Suddenly I heard all of the women yell in unison, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I didn’t know what happened, but Tina stopped beating my balls. I couldn’t feel anything; my body tingled. Tina jumped up off from me and held her hands away from her like they were wet. All I could see was Tina’s ass and pussy. The other girls screamed and screeched a little. I was ready to pass out. Tina turned around and I saw the horror that the other girls had witnessed. My scrotum had exploded!

Tina’s hands, face and breasts were covered in what was left of my scrotum and its contents. The diamond ring on her finger had punctured my sack. She had crushed my testicles into a mushy substance and they were splattered all over her breasts. She was covered in blood, clear fluid and pieces of my testicles. She bent over me and held her breasts to my face.

Just before I passed out she said to me, “I am a girl and I broke your fucking balls, you will remember this for the rest of your life, if I let you live.” With that she smeared the liquid that was once my balls onto my face as she rubbed her large breasts over my face.

I passed out and woke up in the hospital. I no longer have testicles. She almost killed me and she told me that she could have and she claims that I tried to rape her but she stopped me. The other girls agree. My girlfriend, of course, left me.

The Karatiest

By unknown

Jim had a burning desire to stomp Kim into a grease spot because he was jealous of her. Kim was a 5’11" 135 pound Karate expert, built like a Greek Goddess with a 35D-24-34 body and a deep golden tan, powerful thighs, tight gut and trim ass, long blond hair, and easy going life style. Jim was almost exact opposite: 6'3' and 230 pounds, strong like a bull but with a pot belly that was larger than his chest, bald, and except for his arms was as pale as Casper the Ghost. He was trying to live a "Champagne Lifestyle" on a cheap beer diet. Jim had some imagined goal of being "King of the Hill" and had to physically prove it to everyone that he is biggest mother fucker in the valley and will squash anyone just to prove it. Jim actually had the largest inferiority complex of anyone a normal person would care to meet in real life.

Jim, dressed in cheap "Levi’s", T-shirt and cowboy boots, had cornered Kim in a small local bar and challenged Kim to "step outside" so that they can settle their differences, like real men. At first Kim, dressed only in tight Lycra short shorts and tank top and sandals, refused, saying that she had no desire to fight, but Jim being drunk and the biggest asshole in the bar continued to harass Kim with comments about her courage and her lousy choice of friends. Kim, her muscles bulging with tension and hate, gave in and they both stepped outside.

As they stepped outside Jim hammered his powerful fist into the middle of Kim's muscular back driving Kim forward into a parked car. As Kim regained her senses she turned to face Jim but was met with a solid right cross in gut, staggering her again. Kim threw a right jab but Jim blocked it and countered with a left jab of his own that landed on Kim's shoulder. Kim now regained her fighting stance and let out a kai yell and front-kicked Jim in the gut missing Jim's groin only by inches but knocking the some of the wind out of the fat slob. Kim moved in rapidly and followed the kick with a flurry of punches, several landed in Jim's face bloodying his nose, and knocking out two teeth, Jim blocked the other punches. Jim next kicked Kim in the shins to distract her into lowering her guard so that he could go to work on Kim's face to soften her up, before really putting the boots to Kim.

Kim barely moved her leg in time but still caught part of force in the shin. Kim stepped back slightly, lifted her left leg and kicked Jim squarely in the crotch with her instep, racking up Jim's balls with her ankle. Jim screamed about "DIRTY FIGHTING" and attempted to drive is right fist in to Kim's groin. Kim blocked the punch and drove her right knee into Jim's gut, causing Jim to retreat a short distance. The two combatants began to circle each other to try and find a weakness in the other's defences as neither fighter wanted to make a fatal mistake and loose this fight, because the "winner" would totally demolish the loser.

Suddenly Jim lunged at Kim, slammed his thigh into Kim's twat, grabbed Kim in a bear hug and picked her up with the hope cracking some ribs and throwing Kim to the ground to knock the fight out her and where she would be an easy target for Jim's boots. Kim now countered by grabbing Jim's nuts with her left hand and massaged them brutally, while working her right hand free. Kim with her right hand now free began to claw and rip at Jim's face, nose and eyes. Kim continued to hammer blows into Jim's face and the top of his bald head until Jim released her. Jim immediately attempted to throw Kim to the ground using a hip throw, but Kim moved too quickly and got away from Jim in order to catch her breath and plan her next moves.

Kim moved in and attempted a spinning back kick to Jim's head but Jim ducked to avoid the kick and threw a punch at Kim's cunt that was fully exposed to such a counterattack. The punch only grazed Kim's twat and she was only temporally distracted, not dazed or knocked out like Jim had hoped for. After finishing the kick Kim spun around and again kicked Jim with an instep kick to the package that did not miss its target and slammed Jim's nuts into his bony crotch. Jim grabbed his aching nuts and screamed in pain. Kim then started to rain fore fist punches into Jim's face and tiger mouth strikes into his throat while her knees pumped a tattoo into his cock and balls. Kim knocked Jim to the ground with one mighty combination upper cut to the jaw and nut cracking knee lift between the legs. Jim fell flat on his back and cracked the back of his head on the hard ground. Kim knee dropped into Jim's solar plexus while she gouged Jim's cock and balls with her toes. Kim then grabbed Jim's nuts with her right hand and clamped her powerful nut claw around them while she hammered Jim's gut and face with her bare knuckled left hand. Whenever her punches drove Jim too far away, Kim simply dragged him back into range by pulling and stretching his nuts.

After all signs of resistance stopped, Kim dragged Jim's limp body over to the chain link fence that closed off the back of the bar from the neighbour’s property. Kim found some short pieces of rope and proceeded to bind Jim's wrists together. Then she looped a longer piece between them and threw it over the pipe that ran along the top of the fence and hoisted Jim up until he was “standing”. She tied off the rope so that Jim remained suspended with his feet dragging on the ground before she spread Jim's legs and tied them to the fence. Then Kim stuffed a rag into Jim's mouth to muffle his yells. She tied a rope around his head to hold the makeshift gag in place.

With Jim immobilized, Kim slipped her hands into Jim's open shirt and ripped it apart. Kim felt the crotch of Jim's Levis and when she found a weak spot she jammed a finger into the hole. Then she shredded the heavy denim covering and protecting Jim's nuts. Kim undid Jim's leather belt and pulled it free from his waistband, then with one hand on each side of the fly of Jim's Levis, she ripped Jim's pants off and pulled the tattered remains down over his thighs. Kim plunged her hand deep into Jim's briefs and clutched his nuts with in a powerful nut claw, and massaged and crushed his balls without mercy. Kim yanked her hand free and ripped Jim's sac at the same time. Then she hooked her fingers into the crotch of Jim's briefs, with one mighty pull Kim shredded the thin white fabric, and Jim's cock and balls dropped free, hanging impotently between his legs. Kim's clit, although not fully stiff was threatening to burst through her tight shorts, and her pulsing cunt expanding even more as Kim anticipated the final destruction of this asshole's most treasured possessions.

Jim was starting to regain consciousness, although he was still very groggy after being beaten by Kim. He tried to clear his head and his vision slowly returned. As the cobwebs cleared from Jim's mind, he finally realized what a predicament his big mouth had gotten him into. Jim struggled with his bonds, he yanked, twisted and turned trying to loosen his bonds and break free. Jim's face went ash white when Kim, who had been sitting in the shadows resting, suddenly stood up and moved into the dim light. Kim laughed at Jim's attempts to free himself and began to taunt and tease him. Jim's face grew beet red as Kim told him about his friends and what cheap sluts and whores he ran around with. How they were the sleaziest broads in town and that he thought with his brainless cock. Kim told Jim that his taste was divided between his toes and his asshole, and their aroma was strong enough to choke a horse. Kim was working Jim into a rage; the blood vessels were standing out on Jim's forehead and arms as he fruitlessly strained at the ropes holding him. Kim was beginning to tire of this game and wanted to get to finish what Jim started.

Kim slowly swaggered up to her captive until they were nose to nose, then Kim spat in Jim's face. Jim was furious but helpless to prevent Kim from doing what she pleased. Kim slid her left hand over Jim's thigh, her fingers just barely touching his skin until she reached Jim's crotch. Jim was seething with rage and embarrassment as Kim slipped her fingers under Jim's sac and fondled his twin fruits. Jim was turned on with Kim's gentle touch. But Kim had other ideas and clamped her fist shut around Jim balls and stretched his scrotum towards his knees. Jim sank his dentures deep into the gag in his mouth as he tried to scream in agony. Kim released Jim's balls and they snapped back to slam into his hairy crotch with a dull thud. Kim looked Jim square in the eye and grabbed his nuts again, this time with her thumb separating them as she started to squeeze and crush them with her powerful nut cracker grip. Jim's eyes were watering and the tears were starting to run down his face as Kim increased the pressure and worked Jim's balls between her fingers.

Kim told Jim, "You ain't seen or felt NOTHING yet! I'm goin' to make you wish you were dead before I'm finished with you." Kim let her hand drop from Jim's balls. When her hand was by her side, Kim suddenly swung it up between Jim's legs and slapped Jim's crotch with all her strength flattening Jim's balls against his pubes. Jim thought that he would vomit as the sharp pain raced through his groin and reached his brain as his balls were slammed against his crotch. Kim stepped back as Jim convulsed in agony, a raging fire had been kindled between his legs, and Kim was not about to let it die out until all of Jim's fuel had been consumed. Kim had an evil sneer on her face as she watched Jim contort in agony.

As the initial shock was wearing off, Kim started her methodical assault in earnest. She dug her fists into Jim's soft gut, alternating lefts and rights between his navel and groin, softening him up for what was to follow. Kim suddenly grabbed Jim's tits and yanked on them, twisting them in different directions while she pumped her knees into Jim's crotch. Kim dug her hard bony knee cap between Jim's outstretched legs and slammed his nuts with the top of her muscular thighs. Kim let go of Jim's tits and slammed her right elbow into Jim's jaw, on the reverse stroke she drove the back of her elbow into the side of Jim's neck. Kim drew both of her hands back and shot them into Jim's armpits, digging in her fingers, searching for the nerve centres there. After gouging Jim's pits she grabbed a hold of Jim's hair and ripped out two handfuls, denuding him. Then Kim shot two open hand claws to Jim's pecs and clawed them unmercifully and again pumped her knees into Jim's balls bouncing and battering them further.

Jim was on the verge of passing out when Kim stopped her initial attacks to rest. Kim stepped back to admire the damage she had inflicted on Jim's worthless body. Large dark red marks and bruises were already forming were Kim's finger tips and knuckles had ruptured the underlying blood vessels. Jim was in a world of hurt, but this was only a foretaste of what was to follow.

After a short break Kim concentrated her fists on Jim's already battered face, alternately punching her large knuckles into the remains of Jim's features, breaking his nose, cheek bones and jaw. When Kim had finished pounding Jim's face to a shapeless bloody pulp, she began to methodically work over every square inch of Jim's body. She slammed her fists and elbows into Jim's ribs, liver, solar plexus and groin. She used five finger claw hands to gouge and rip Jim's biceps, gut and throat before stepping back so that she could start using her powerful muscular legs and calloused feet. Kim knew that Jim's knees were bad from playing football in school and she was determined to make them permanently useless. She drew back, turned slightly to one side and drove a vicious side kick into Jim's left knee breaking it like a match stick, then she stomped the right knee. Jim would have collapsed but his hands were tied over his head and as he fell both of his shoulders were dislocated. Kim liked to use high spinning kicks and now she unleashed them on the helpless Jim, landing them in his face, ribs and softened gut. She dug toe kicks and front kicks into Jim's gut, striking every inch of Jim's beer belly. She alternately kicked Jim's ribs and groin, her toes sinking deeply into the soft flesh and damaging Jim's internal organs. With most of Jim's ribs either cracked or broken, his gut quaking like a big bowl of Jell-O, Kim again relented.
Jim was in sad shape, he was begging for Kim to stop.

But Kim knew better, she wasn't going to stop until Jim was totally demolished, just like Jim had demolished so many others in previous fights. Kim wanted to crack Jim's nuts with her bare hands and feet, to see this "big man" cry and beg - to suffer the ultimate defeat. Jim's balls had been an inviting target all along but Kim had purposefully avoided them. She stepped closer and ran her hands over Jim's battered and broken body, whispering soft, comforting words to ease Jim's fears. She caressed Jim's stiff dick and low hanging balls, stroking them gently. When Jim was relaxed and thought that maybe Kim would cut him loose, Kim intertwined her fingers into hair in Jim's groin, seized his bush and denuded Jim with one tremendous yank. Then Kim hammered a vicious uppercut into Jim's nuts. She ground her knuckles into Jim's sac, twisting and grinding Jim's nuts. Jim was caught by surprise, now he knew that Kim was going to finish him off. Again and again Kim's fist slammed into Jim's nuts, her bare knuckles grinding them with each twisting punch. Kim switched tactics and began pumping solid knee lifts into Jim's crotch and groin. Kim was enjoying herself, and the bulge and wet spot in her shorts proved it as it grew even larger. Kim's favourite way of ending a fight was to crack her opponent's nuts. Kim had done it many times before, and gotten a real charge out it each time, but those fights had been “fair”. Kim had never completely demolished a looser of a fight the way that Jim often did, but now she was going to destroy Jim's sex life. Kim stepped back to gain kicking room. She measured the distance and zeroed in on her target.

The first kick she used on Jim's balls was a toe kick. Kim dug her toes into Jim's sac and felt her toes squish Jim's twin orbs. Then she drove her instep between Jim's legs, her ankle trapped them against his pubic bone with a sickening thud. Kim timed her kicks so that both she and Jim could savour the ultimate destruction of a man and his family jewels. Jim's balls were swelling from Kim's punishing attacks, his sac was discoloured and bruised black and blue. Kim continued to slam her bare feet in to Jim's gonads, her toes crushing and pulverizing them a little more with each violent impact. After twenty kicks Jim's nuts were swollen to the size a tennis balls and stretching his sac to the bursting point.

But Kim didn't stop; she was determined to bust Jim's nuts. Kim took a half step backwards, and using her powerful leg muscles drove her instep into Jim's nuts while yelling, "SCRAMBLED HUEVOS!" at the top of her lungs, She continued to slam her foot between Jim's legs until his family jewels were pulverized into diamond dust. After turning Jim into a bloody capon, Kim stripped off her wet sticky shorts, and began to stoke her steaming snatch. It took only two or three full strokes of Kim's left hand to unleash her greatest orgasm ever as she groped Jim's demolished nut sac and felt the remains of her squashed nuts. Kim squeezed the mush of Jim's manhood between the fingers of her right hand, savouring the total destruction she had wrought.

Julie Holland

By unknown

Julie was an assassin, trained to fighting perfection. A supreme martial artist, she was also possibly the most beautiful, sexy, sassy and absolutely gorgeous women on the planet. She was 26 years old, about 5’ 8” with long straight brown hair that shined in the sun. Her eyes were deep blue and sensual. Her ass was perfectly round and plump and smooth. She had luscious softball size breasts that were perfectly round and silky. She was female perfection.

As an assassin, she worked for a secret government operated organization known as THE FANG. She was one of their best operatives, completing dozens of missions with trained perfection. But despite her marvelous track record, one slip-up was all it took. She had accidentally let a target escape on her last mission. A mistake that would cost her her life.

But THE FANG was much sneakier than that. Rather than simply kill her, they decided to knock her off by surprise when she would least expect it. Several days after telling her that she would get another chance to prove her self, they assigned her another mission. She was deployed out into the city to kill an ambassador in his hotel room at night.

She dressed up in her standard mission suit: A skin tight black body suit that covered her whole body in spandex. Only her angel face was visible. She armed herself with a set of ninja throwing stars (much more silent than guns) and headed out. She arrived at the hotel on the roof and entered the building through a vent in to the hall way. Withdrawing one of her stars she walked down the hall silently like a black cat. She could feel the usual adrenalin rush now as she neared the door to the ambassador’s room. She began to sweat, her heart pounded beneath her breasts. Her pubic hair, hidden and tufted away beneath her spandex frizzed with excitement.

There was a guard standing at the door. No problem. A flick of the wrist was all it took to drop him to the floor with a throwing star in his throat. She crouched down next to the body on the floor and removed a set of keys from his jacket pocket and unlocked the door slowly. With it opened only a crack, she peered in to see the ambassador sitting in a chair watching TV with a guard on each side of him and another standing at the window.

She burst in quickly, taking them by surprise. The abrupt entrance startled them enough to slow their reaction time. Before they could draw their guns, Julie sent out three stars in one shot. Each landed with perfect precision in the throat of each guard. Now it was only her and the ambassador.

Still in the doorway, Julie looked him in the eye real sassy-like and said, "Death calling." She slammed the door behind her and walked toward him. He was old and too flustered to even stand up. It was over before he knew what him. The only body in the room that still had life in it, Julie started to leave when suddenly the window flew open and a man jumped in.

Julie knew who he was. He was someone from her past. When she was a teenager, she used to train with him in a kung fu class. In the four years that she knew him, they became very close friends. Very close but they never admitted to one another that they had feelings beyond friendship. When they grew up, Julie joined THE FANG and Tim became a freelance mercenary, using his ninja and kung fu skills to make a living just like Julie. He had recently been hired to find and kill the assassin that had been plaguing the city for several weeks. And now, he had found her.

"Julie!" he said in surprise. "Julie Holland!" She looked at him with surprise and fear that her cover had been blown. But there was something more in her eyes. Though she tried to fight it, she still had feelings for him.

"Tim…" was all she could get out.

"Julie, I've been tracking the assassin for weeks and now I've finally found him... well her... and it's you?" They sort of subconsciously walked in close to each other out of long lost longing for one another.

"Tim, I can't believe this..." she looked him in the eyes. "THE FANG orders us to kill any witnesses." She swallowed solemnly. "That means…" she paused. "That I have to KILL YOU!" At that she swung a kick up to his head, knocking him back.

"Julie, wait!!!" Tim cried. But she attacked again with punch aimed at his face. He swiftly blocked the attack. With his arm up to block her punch, she took her female advantage from below. With a jerk of her sexy thigh, she shoved her knee up into his crotch. Even in the old days when the two studied kung fu together, Tim was never as good her for two reasons. One, Julie was just a little better. Two, Julie had no specific weak spot while Tim, being a male, did. As her knee crunched into his balls, he bent over, leaving his face wide open for anther punch. This punch connected with a THWACK.

"Pleas Julie, stop this..." he called, but her mind was set. All those who discover a member of THE FANG must die. She kept attacking and he kept backing up, blocking as good as he could.

As Julie swiftly attacked, Tim was knocked back. A quick punch to the nose sent him stepping back far enough for Julie to fully extend her small female foot in the form of a snap kick to the crotch. He started to bend forward but before his hands could reach his balls, she came in close with a low swinging back hind that sank into this lose scrotum, pounding his nuts. Now her body was pressed in tight to his and she faced him sideways. Too close to actually punch or kick him, she jerked her wide feminine hips forward into his balls. He backed away holding his balls in excruciating pain.

Julie was in the zone now. Her assassin-trained mind blanked out all past feelings for him and focused solely on taking him out. Her cover had been blown and he had to pay for it. She punched and kicked, hitting him in the face, stomach and, of course, the place where she knew it counted most, his balls. Finally she backed him into the wall. Holding him by his shoulders, she pressed her smooth sexy body into his and thrust her black-clad knee into his crotch with crushing force, holding it up there for a second or two to highlight both his pain and the sexual pleasure that it gave her. Julie loved the feeling of dominance of men.

She looked him in the eye and grinned. "Ohhhhhh, poor little boy. What's the matter? Getting your ass kicked by a girl?"

I'll continue this another time.