Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Test of Love (part 3)

By Lihung

Once inside John desperately wanted to just pick Amber up, throw her over his shoulder and carry her to the bedroom. But he figured that it was better to let things progress as Amber saw fit so that she wouldn't become uncomfortable and change her mind about sex.

"So what do you what to do now baby?” John asked, desperately hoping Amber was ready to fuck.

"Well honey, I'm still not quite ready to make love yet. Do you think we could have a little foreplay?” Amber responded.

"Sure baby," John replied as he grabbed Amber around the waist and gave her a hug.

Amber smiled and said, "Awesome! You know I noticed you staring at my feet all night. Would you like a footjob? I think it would really turn me on to feel your cock on my feet."

"Sounds good to me,” John responded as his cock instantly became rock-hard again. John had indeed been staring at Amber's feet all night and he was turned on by how perfect they were.

She had very small feet; John guessed she was about a size 4 or 5. Her toes were not too long or too short, nor were they to fat or to skinny. They were absolutely perfect and her toe-nails were perfectly pedicured with pink nail polish. She also had a very feminine arch in her foot.

Amber led John over to the couch, stripped off his jeans and underwear, and had him sit length-wise with one leg on the floor and one on the couch. She then slid off her sandals and sat on the opposite side of the couch.

As she placed her feet on his balls like she did at the restaurant, she noticed an uncomfortable look on John's face. She realized that the blue-balls must have started to settle in. Even though she knew her feet were hurting him, she made no effort to move them as she figured it was all a part of the test.

John tried to ignore the pain Amber's feet were causing his balls by trying to focus on how good her feet looked. Although it helped a little, he didn't understand why she was just lightly smacking his dick around with her toes while she mashed her tiny heels deeper into his aching balls.

As Amber adjusted herself on the couch, she lifted one of her feet in the air and brought it down with considerable force on John's balls and said, "Sorry about that honey, I was just trying to get myself comfortable. So are you ready?"

"Yes baby," John managed to grunt as he tilted his head back in obvious pain.

"Oh honey, I hurt you didn't I? I'm so sorry, let me make you feel better," Amber said sweetly as she began rubbing her sexy feet up and down John's shaft.

"Finally," John thought as he hoped Amber's soft feet on his dick would help him forget about how much his balls were hurting. John moaned with pleasure as Amber continued softly and slowly moving her feet up and down the length of his shaft.

There was only one problem, however. Each time her feet got close to the bottom of John's dick, she made sure she jammed her heels deep into his balls. She could tell it was causing him considerable pain too, because each time she did it John's face would grimace. She was enjoying it though and actually felt herself getting very aroused at the thought of the pleasure and pain she was giving John.

John couldn't figure out if he was in heaven or hell. It was all good when Amber moved her soft feet smoothly up his cock all the way to the tip of it. But each time she started moving her feet down, he began to dread the feeling of her heels stabbing into his already sore blue-balls. Even though the pain was increasing with each stab of her heels, John tried to maintain his composure because her feet felt so good on the way up.

A couple of times though, when Amber mashed his balls really hard, John wondered if she was doing it on purpose. But with one look at her sweet, innocent looking face, he assured himself that she was just inexperienced and couldn't possibly be doing it on purpose.

But Amber knew exactly what she was doing, and she was enjoying it. She loved how hard and warm John's throbbing erection felt in her feet. But what she loved most was the feeling of his soft, hairy ballsacks caving in each time she jammed her heel into them. After a few minutes Amber sensed her footjob was becoming too painful for John to endure. Before he could stop her, however, she decided to speed up her feet and then once more "accidentally" jam her heels violently into his scrotum.

"OUCH!!” John screamed as he lifted Amber's feet out of his balls and pushed her away. He then grabbed his balls and rolled off the couch and began softly sobbing.

"W-Why did you do that?” John asked as his eyes became moist.

"Oh honey I'm so sorry!” Amber exclaimed as she leapt off the couch and kneeled down beside him. "I was just trying to make it feel really good for you sweetie. I also figured that my feet were too small to hurt those huge balls of yours. I'm really sorry I'm so stupid".

As John struggled to catch his breath, he again rationalized Amber's behavior as evidence of her inexperience. Looking at her tiny feet he could almost understand how she didn't think she could hurt him. "I'll be alright baby, just give me a minute," John groaned as he rose to his knees.

Amber stood up beside him, hugged his head to her belly and said, "If you lay back I'll try and make it up to you honey".

As John's head was resting on Amber’s belly, his eyes couldn't help but stare down once more at those tiny, sexy feet that had just caused him so much pain, yet looked so delicate. He actually wished that his balls weren't so sore because he really would like another footjob from Amber. But since his balls were so sensitive from the blue-balls, he knew he wouldn't be able to stand Amber's inexperienced feet slamming hard into his balls again. So he laid back.

"John, before we make love, I would like to give you a little oral sex," Amber said while slowly licking her lips.

Ordinarily, John would have been all about it, but with the current state his balls were in, he really wanted to get to the fucking so he could finally explode all the painful cum out of his balls. But since he didn't want to do anything that would make Amber change her mind about sex, he just laid his head back and said, "Okay baby."

While this was all part of the test, Amber had been really looking forward to this. Ever since she first felt John's enormous cock in her bare hand, she wondered what it would feel like in her mouth, and now she would get to find out.

"Mmmm,” John softly moaned as Amber's soft, warm tongue slithered around his throbbing cock. For someone that's a virgin, she certainly seemed to know what she doing. She went up and down with her mouth and both hands wrapped tightly around his enormous member and moaned like she was getting immense pleasure herself by sucking John off.

Because the blue-balls were causing him so much pain, he no longer cared how he came, he just wanted to come. So he allowed himself to fully enjoy Amber's mouth and believed it would not be long before he shot a load of semen deep into her throat. Amber began to feel John cock grow a little harder and she knew that he was getting close. The night was coming to an end and she knew the time was just about right for her let John know that he wouldn't be getting any relief tonight. As she felt his cock grow extremely hard, Amber decided to push the envelope a little and bring John to the absolute last moment before climax. She made sure each and every stroke of her hand and mouth were as soft and pleasing as they could be, and she sensed John was about to explode. When she tasted a hint of precum on her tongue, she knew the time was right.

Just as John began saying, "Baby I'm so close" Amber gave his cock one last stroke and then stopped.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?! WHY DID YOU STOP!?!?” John screamed at the top of his lungs at Amber.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I mean, I really thought I was ready for this. But as I was sucking you off a few doubts crept into my mind, and now I don't think I'll be able to have sex with you tonight".

John, desperate to rectify the situation asked, "Was it something I said or did?"

Amber, eager to find a good excuse replied, "Well when you grabbed my head as I was sucking your cock, you kind of made me feel like a slut."

Upon hearing this, John could no longer control himself.


Amber was caught off guard by the veracity of John's tone as she had never seen him behave like this before.

"John, please stop yelling at me, you're scaring me,” Amber pleaded.


"Please John. I'm really sorry. If you could just give me a little more time..."


"John please stop calling me a bitch. Honey, please just calm down."


Amber began feeling really bad for what she had done. She felt like this was all her fault, and she didn't blame John for being as angry as he was. She felt like he had already proved that he loved her by his patience, and she no longer cared about the stupid test the girls made her do. It wasn't fair to John to put him through all of that misery. After all, she figured that if she had a cock and balls that need some relief, she would probably be screaming too.

After those thoughts she then made up her mind that if she could get him to calm down she would take him to his bedroom and let him fuck the shit out of her. She knew it would probably hurt since John's cock was so big and her pussy was so tight, but she felt like she deserved some pain for her poor behavior.

"John, please. I'm begging you. I love you so much..."


Amber's heart sank into the pit of her stomach.

"Wh-what did you s-say," Amber struggled to say as her eyes began welling up with tears.


"B-but you said you loved me."


Amber was crushed. She stood there facing John, unable to move an inch. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Here she was feeling horribly bad about what she had done, only to find out that John was in fact only using her for sex. He was trying to steal her virginity. That thought repeated over and over again in Amber's mind as she felt her heart begin to turn cold.

Suddenly Amber no longer felt sad. The only thing she felt was an almost uncontrollable rage rapidly creeping into her very soul. While she wanted to lash out immediately at John, she knew that he was much too large for her and she would only get herself hurt if she tried to attack him. But there are other ways to skin a cat, or fix a dog, and her mind worked at a feverish pace as she decided what she was going to do.

As John was reaching into his pants pocket for his cell phone, presumably to call another woman, Amber sprang into action.

"John,” she began in a soft voice, "I don't want to leave."

"Well, I already told you can either take off that skirt and get fucked, or you can leave it on and get the fuck out. I could care less at this point."

"Well I don't want to leave sweetie, so I guess I better take this off,” Amber said as she began taking off her skirt.

John's bottom jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Amber standing there in her pink thong, and still wearing her sandals.

"Go ahead and take those off too,” John said pointing at her thong. John began stroking his massive schlong back to life.

Amber obeyed his every command, and kept a smile on her face while she did it. "Like what you see?” Amber asked as she began slowly turning around to give John a look at her entire body.

John nearly choked on his own saliva as he stared wantonly at Amber's nude body. He was absolutely positive that there couldn't possibly exist another woman that was as hot as Amber. As he stared at her body from her head to her lovely toes, he could not find one flaw on her. He then decided he had to have her.

When he took a step towards her, Amber put up her hand, took a step back and said, "John I'm so sorry for making you wait so long, but I am going to make it up to you and then some tonight. I am going to give myself to you fully, but I have only one request."

"What?” John said while still rubbing his cock.

"I need you to be tied up,” she responded.

"Why the fuck do you need me to be tied up?” John asked.

"Well as you know, your cock is humongous, and to be honest I'm a little afraid of it."

"Aw come on baby, I'll be gentle with you."

"I believe you, but I would feel better if I felt in control of the situation. If you let me tie you up I'll be able to determine the pace and how far you go inside of me. I promise you I won't quit until you cum, no matter how much it hurts me. Just please let me tie you up honey, please,” Amber pleaded.

Amber didn't know it, but her request was turning John on even more. He actually loved being tied up by girls, and to see how Amber was begging him to let her do it was making him even hornier. Even though there was a little voice inside his head telling him it may be a bad idea, he couldn't resist.

"Alright you can tie me up. But let's hurry up though; my balls need some fucking relief."

"Thanks honey,” Amber said as she ran and jumped into John's eager arms. "I promise you this is going to be a night you will never forget."

A Test of Love (part 2)

By Lihung

"That's my bitch,” John told his buddies as he hung up the phone.

"Which one....Amber?” asked John's friend Nick.

"That's right,” John replied.

"Well shit dude, you ever gonna bang that fucking broad or what?” asked Dave with a snicker.

It was a fair question, John thought. He and Amber had been seeing each other for about three months now and he hadn't gotten so much as a hand job from her.

For a guy like John, waiting three months was like waiting three years. Women usually pursued him, and once they got him they could hardly wait to service, and be serviced by his massive cock. And who could blame was a full 13 inches when erect, and had the width of a large cucumber.

He was also a very good-looking man. He stood 6’4" and weighed in at 250 pounds of solid muscle. He had a strong, rugged, yet handsome face....a lot of girls said he looked like Paul Walker on steroids. He was captain of the football team and was a lock to be picked in the first round of the draft once he turned pro. He talked a smooth game to the ladies and had all of the necessary tools to back it up.

Usually, if a girl took longer than three hours to spread her legs for him, he would be on to the next. But Amber was different. Not because he loved her or anything, far from it. She was just quite simply the hottest chick he had ever seen. And to top it all off she was a virgin.

John always took pleasure in taking a chick’s it gave him a total alpha-male, marking his territory, type of feeling. But to take the virginity of a woman as hot as Amber....that would be well worth any wait. Besides, he was still banging a couple of chicks on the side, so it wasn't like he was starving for sex.

He was very careful in his activities though. John learned a long time ago that while girls were quick to pleasure a huge cock and balls, they were also just as quick to attack them when they were upset. He never understood why that was, but he knew that he had to tread carefully when dealing with an angry woman.

Like that time Julie confronted him about his cheating ways. While he tried to keep the situation calm, his typical male ego eventually got the better of him and he couldn't help himself when he called Julie a bitch and told her to get the fuck out of his face.

WHAM!! He didn't even see it coming. One minute he was standing tall, proud and defiant, and the next he was a sniveling baby, rolling around on the ground holding his smashed jewels. She had taken him by surprise so her knee caught him square. To make matters worse, he had just taken a shower so his balls were hanging really low, and he was not wearing any underwear in his sweats.

Julie was very sly about it too.....she smoothly inched closer to him with a twinkle in her eye, as if trying to assure him that everything was cool. She then placed her hands on his shoulders and in an instant, drove her knee straight up into his dangling ballsacks. The impact of Julie's knee sent shockwaves of pain throughout his body and he felt like he was going to vomit.

John remembered she was looking really good that night too.

One thing Julie was blessed with was long, lean, pantyhose model legs, and she always showed them off no matter what kind of clothes she was wearing. That night was no different. She had just gotten back from dinner with her parents and was wearing a short, form-fitting black dress, with silky black panty hose that accentuated her long, yet curvy legs.

He even remembered that the last thing he saw, before his eyes blurred with tears, was Julie's shapely legs towering over him as he curled up in a ball.

She had smashed his massive gonads up and into his pelvis with such a tremendous force, that John could not hold back the tears rapidly streaming from his eyes.

He was so afraid that she had ruined him that all he could say when he wasn't dry heaving was, "My balls, my balls!!”

Julie must have felt bad when she saw how much pain he was in, because she immediately kneeled down beside him and apologized. She rested his head on her lap and rubbed his hair and kept saying things like, 'Poor baby, I'm so sorry I hurt your balls' and 'Oh sweetie are you going to be okay?'. She even helped him up and walked him to his bed and then proceeded to give him what was easily the best blow-job he ever had.

There were other instances as well. Like the time he convinced his old girlfriend Cheryl to allow another woman into their bedroom. Everything was going along fine until Cheryl decided John was paying a little too much attention to the other woman.

He was standing up and fucking the other chick doggy style when Cheryl suddenly reached down and grabbed hold of his balls. She was behind him and had both of her hands wrapped tightly around them and was pulling them up with all her might towards his ass. Despite his size and strength, he was truly helpless as Cheryl had him in an extremely vulnerable position. It was the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. She just kept squeezing and pulling his enormous balls upwards with no regard for his tremendous pain.

He and the other girl begged Cheryl to let go of his balls, but she was quite upset and would not oblige. Finally, after many "I'm sorrys" and "I love yous" John managed to talk her into releasing him. But his balls hurt so badly after that he couldn't get a hard-on for a week. He even had to make up a story to tell his football coach as to why he couldn't practice.

After that incident, John made sure any future threesomes, or foursomes, would no longer contain any women who had romantic feelings for him. It was just too dangerous!

After enduring a little more ribbing from his buddies about his lack of progress with Amber, John said his good-byes and headed over to pick her up. When he got close to Kim's apartment, he could see Amber in the distance. It was late evening but the sun was still out, so as he got closer he was able to get a good look at her and what she was wearing.

There she stood looking as stunning as ever. Her golden blond hair was flowing with the light breeze and was actually glistening in the setting sun. She was wearing a tight blue jean mini-skirt, with tan colored, high-heeled, open toe sandals. She had on a tight, open-back, light-pink halter top and was wearing no bra. She had pink lipstick on her lips, and pink nail polish on her fingers and toes.

"Oh my god,” John thought to himself. He had never seen her looking so good. As he pulled into the parking lot with his eyes glued to Amber, he couldn't help but feel like he was looking at Stacy Kiebler....only with bigger tits and a nicer ass!

"God-damn,” he thought to himself, "I've got to tap into that tonight!” He then leaned over and opened up the door.

Amber was a little nervous and felt kind of bad about what she was going to do. She understood where the girls were coming from, but just couldn't stop thinking about how cruel this was. She knew how hard things must have been for John the last three months, and she was very grateful to him for his patience.

Unlike most guys she's dated, he never put any pressure on her for sex. In fact, that was one of the main reasons she fell in love with him so quickly. And now here she was, about to inflict some tremendous pain on this wonderful man that she was deeply in love with.

"But it has to be done,” Amber thought to herself resolutely. The girls were right, if a man truly loves a woman, he should definitely be able to endure one night of pain for her. After all, if they do get married and have kids, she's the one that will have to endure the pain of childbirth. So a night of blue-balls is the least he can do to prove his love.

Inside Kim's apartment, the girls were stirring. "Oh my god, he's here," Katie said excitedly.

"Boy is he in for a rough night," Kim added, "that girl is dressed to kill!"

Julie, still processing what was going, turned to Kim and said, "Kim you are a she-devil, and a brilliant one at that! Do you think she'll really do it?”

Kim smiled and said, "From what I've heard about her, once provoked and with good reason, she has no problem what-so-ever at causing a guy some serious testicular pain.”

"Really? But she seems to sweet and innocent to hurt a man's balls,” said Julie.

"Well, from what I've heard, for the most part she is. But people that knew her in high school say that once a guy upsets her to the point that she attacks his genitals, it would take a bolt of lightning to get her to stop before she is satisfied,” Kim replied.

Kim then proceeded to tell the girls a few of the stories she had heard about Amber. The one that caused the most commotion with the girls was the story of some guy named Brad that apparently tried to date-rape Amber in high school.

Fittingly, that same story was rambling around earlier in Amber's head as she was standing outside waiting for John to come pick her up. Amber really hated thinking about the story, because it brought back some bad memories for her. With a little therapy and medication, she was able to get the memory completely out of her mind, but with what was going to occur with John tonight, she couldn't stop the memory from creeping back into her head.

It was after her 18th birthday and also after the time she had to teach poor Jimmy a lesson. She and her boyfriend Brad had been dating for about two years and she finally felt like she was ready to give him her virginity. She wasn't certain she would do it, but she really wanted to. On the night of the big senior party that was a custom in her town, Amber decided that if everything went well at the party, she would have sex with Brad. She even dressed herself up extra sexy for the occasion.

She wore a tight black leather mini-skirt, with black platform open-toed shoes with 6-inch stiletto heels. She had on a candy-apple red mid-riff baring tank top, and her lips and nails all matched her shirt. Amber knew she looked good because Brad could barely speak when he first laid eyes on her that night. She quickly learned that she may have looked too good, however.

At the party, Brad got really drunk and lost control of his sexual desire for her. After two years of sexual frustration, and a few rum and cokes, Brad decided he couldn't wait any longer to penetrate Amber's virgin skins. He pulled her upstairs into his buddy's bedroom, threw her on the bed, and got on top of her.

She begged him to stop, but he wouldn't listen. Amber didn't understand why he was behaving like this, and was beginning to get frightened at the situation. He was much bigger and stronger than her and she was having a hard time fighting him off. She quickly realized that he was determined to force himself on her, and there was no stopping him. So she calmed herself, took note of the situation and tried to find any opening that could get her out of this mess.

Sure enough, in his sex-crazed state, Brad had left himself vulnerable. Amber noticed that one of her legs was in between Brad's so she had a direct route to his nuts. She didn't take it immediately, however. She knew she would probably only get one shot at this, so she had to make it count. She decided to wait until Brad got his pants down, so that way she would clearly be able to see her target. She also knew it would probably hurt him more if she kneed his naked balls, because there would be no layer of protection to absorb any of the impact of her knee.

When Brad noticed that Amber was not struggling anymore, he released her and focused his attention on getting his pants off. He stayed on top of her, though, just in case she tried to run.

When he finally got his pants off, Amber got a perfect glimpse of his balls. Although Brad wasn't huge, his balls did hang fairly low, and they were also plump and juicy looking. As Brad began slipping his hands down Amber's pants, Amber decided to give him one last chance to stop. Even though her patience had word thin, she did still love him.

"Brad," Amber said softly, "I don't want this. Please stop. I'm begging you.”

"Shut up Amber, this is happening whether you want it to or not. Don't worry though, you'll feel better after I'm done,” Brad said as his fingers began probing Amber's tight pussy lips.

WHAM!!!! Amber raised her knee and slammed it hard into Brad's naked balls. Brad yelped and rolled off of Amber and onto the floor. "You fucking bitch, you kneed me in the nuts,” John groaned.

"Bitch?” Amber replied as she slowly got up off the bed. "You have no idea how much of a bitch I can be, but you are about to find out you fucking asshole," Amber said in a cold, yet soft voice.

"AHHHHH!" Brad yelled as Amber spiked her 6-inch stiletto heels into his back. She then began stomping her heels all over Brad's back in an attempt to get him to let go of his balls so she could get another crack at them.

When she realized he was determined to hold on to his aching balls, she switched up her tactics. Instead of stomping her heel into his back, she slid the heel of her shoe up into his asshole. That caused Brad to scream out and turn over to his back in an attempt to get the heel out of his ass. But he had to release his balls in order to do so.

"Now I got you,” Amber thought as she immediately slammed the heel of her shoe into Brad's newly exposed testicles. Brad screamed in a high-pitch voice as he frantically grabbed at Amber's small foot and tried to get it off of his balls.

Amber was dismayed because he was still a little too strong, so it didn't take him long to pry her foot out of his balls. Once he did, he immediately rolled back over onto his stomach, cradling his aching balls. Amber calmly took off her shoe, sat on his back facing his ass, and once again shoved the heel deep into it. Brad now had a decision to make. While the pain in his ass was horrendous, he knew that if he tried to pry Amber's heel out, he would be leaving his balls vulnerable to attack. Although he tried to hold out, eventually the discomfort became too much for him and he decided he had to get the heel out of his ass.

Amber wasted no time. As soon as Brad let go of his balls, she reached down and grabbed a handful.

"AHHHH,” Brad yelled as he grabbed Amber's hand in an attempt to get his balls back from her.

But Amber was determined. "Let go of my hand Brad or I'll pop your nuts. I swear I will,” she said as she squeezed as hard as she possibly could. Brad tried to fight her but he eventually succumbed to the immense pressure Amber was applying to his balls.

"Okay, okay I'm letting go of your hand. Just please stop squeezing,” Brad yelled frantically as he let go of Amber's hand. But it was too late. Amber's mind was made up. Instead of releasing Brad, she wrapped both of her hands around his balls in a vice-like grip and squeezed like her life depended on it.

"Sorry, but I'm not going to let go Brad,” Amber said in an almost apologetic voice as Brad squirmed helplessly beneath her. "You tried to rape me and now I'm going to make sure you never try to do that to anyone again.”

Upon hearing that, Brad began to panic. Summoning what little strength he had left, Brad made a desperate attempt to get Amber off of him and save his balls. But it was to no avail. Amber had already squeezed all the power out of his body with her tiny hands, and he simply had nothing left with which to fight her off with.

Sensing the impending doom for his balls, Brad drew in a deep breath and screamed out with all his might, "HELP!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!"

No one could hear his screams though. He and Amber were upstairs in a big house and in a bedroom with the door closed. There was also loud music and loud talking going on downstairs as the party kept hopping along.

It was ironic that the very seclusion Brad had counted on so that nobody could hear Amber if she screamed, was now making it so that nobody could hear his screams.

Amber could hear Brad's pitiful moaning in the background, but she was focused solely on popping his nuts. She was afraid, however, that she didn't have enough strength in her hands to pop them with her current grip, so she began thinking of what else she could do. She immediately got the idea of placing her hands around his balls the same way she would place her hands around a dish towel she was trying to wring water out of.

That plan worked to perfection.

As soon as she started doing this she could immediately tell that Brad's seeds were beginning to cave in to the pressure. Amber's grip was so tight and damaging that his doomed orbs had no place to escape. Sooner or later they would have no choice but to explode if she did not stop wringing them like she was. Sensing that it would not be long, Amber increased her pressure eagerly anticipating the sensation of crushing this man's balls with her bare hands.

Brad began sensing the same thing and tried one more desperate plea to Amber. He could tell she was aiming to forever ruin his sex life and the thought of living life with no balls was began to scare the shit out of him.

"Please Amber, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please don't do this. PLEASE,” Brad pleaded. He could not believe what was happening to him. He could feel his nuts beginning to crumble in the soft, yet vicious hands of this petite, angelic looking female who was squeezing the very life out of them.

After hearing Brad's pitiful plea, Amber eased up her grip a little, cocked her head back towards Brad and softly said with sarcasm, "Shut up Brad, this is happening whether you want it to or not. Don't worry though, you'll feel better after I'm done.” With that Amber resumed her vicious wringing of Brad's balls, and made up her mind that she was not going to stop until she heard or felt his balls pop in her hand.

Brad began weeping hysterically and was fervently crying out to Amber for mercy. "PLEASE AMBER, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME. I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!”

His pleas fell on deaf ears though. Unfortunately for Brad, and most other guys that dared to cross her for that matter, there was something about Amber that he didn't know......she had a serious problem with anger. It could even be said that she was a borderline psychopath whenever she lost her temper.

She was able to keep her temper under control for the most part, but whenever she was seriously provoked, it became unleashed and was usually a terrifying sight to behold. Her older brothers learned a long time ago that she was a girl that could only be pushed so far before she totally lost control and became extremely violent. Based on her looks, most people would never even believe it even if you told them. But it was something she struggled with on a daily basis, particularly when she dealt with men. Her shrink believes that her anger problems are a direct result of her father leaving the family when she was very young.

The weird thing about her anger problem was how she always seemed so calm while she was in a rage. She never really screamed or flailed violently about as if she had lost her mind. Instead she was always calm, calculated and under complete control. She was always keenly aware of exactly what she was doing, and she could never stop herself until she truly felt vindicated.

This time was no different. As she squeezed Brad's balls into oblivion, she was very aware of the major pain she was causing him. With her tiny manicured hands, she was going to emasculate this man who tried to rape her and she wanted it to be as painful for him as possible. She was also aware that Brad's life would never be the same. While she would go on to one day have lots of sex with the right man and maybe start a family, he would be forever trapped in shame by what she was going to do to him.

Only after it was much too late, did Brad realize he may have made the biggest mistake in his life in underestimating the fight and uncontrollable rage trapped inside of this tiny woman.......

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Brad screamed loudly before he passed out.

It was done. It didn't make a loud sound when it happened, but it did make a sound. Amber likened it to the sound of a muscle tearing.....more like a snap, than a pop. But there was no doubt that Brad's balls had burst, as they suddenly felt like spaghetti in her hands and no longer had their usual shape or feel.

As Amber sat on Brad, still squeezing his balls with all her might, she began wondering why she wasn't hearing him yell anymore. "He must have passed out,” she thought to herself. She turned her head and saw that his eyes were closed and he was not moving. She then let go of his balls, and turned him over on his back so that she could inspect her work. Both of his balls were severely swollen, and she could even see that her tiny hand prints were still imprinted on them.

As she stood over him, probing his mushy sacks with her bare foot, she could see that they were both extremely discolored. She marveled at how his balls felt like warm oatmeal in her toes as she mashed his ruined sack into the floor one more time to make sure they were completely destroyed.

"What happened next?” Julie asked as she and all the other girls listened wide-eyed and intently to Kim.

"Well I guess when it happened he screamed so loud that someone heard it. It was all a big mess after that....he was rushed to the hospital and they, of course, had to remove his nuts. His parents tried to press charges but the D.A., who happened to be a female, believed Amber's story and wouldn't take the case to court."

"Did Amber press charges on him for attempted rape?” asked Julie. "No. I heard that the D.A. wanted to, but Amber convinced her that Brad probably was stuck with an even worse sentence than jail, since he was now forced to live out the remainder of his life with no balls."

"Damn, that girl is rough,” Julie thought. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought Amber was capable of such a thing as castration. She remembered what Amber said she would do if a man lied to her to take her virginity, but she thought Amber was only kidding.

While Julie certainly understood kicking a sexually aggressive male in the balls to calm him down, she thought of it more as way to escape the situation and call the police, not as a way to permanently destroy his manhood. A man could always change his ways later in life, so she just couldn't see herself doing something so permanent like that unless her life depended on it.

"John had better be careful about how he handles this situation tonight,” Julie said to the girls.

"Hell yeah he better,” Katie added. "I'm starting to feel kind of bad for setting him up like this.”

"How can you say that?” Kim screamed. "That jerk lied to Julie and broke her heart! Who knows how many other girls’ hearts he has broken? That creep needs to learn that just because he has been blessed with good looks and a huge cock, doesn't mean he has the right to go around breaking women's hearts. He deserves any and everything that may or may not happen to him tonight, end of story.”

While Julie agreed with Kim for the most part, she still couldn't help but feel a little bad for the situation the girls had put John in.

Meanwhile, as Amber got into the car, she wasted little time going to work on John. "Hi honey,” she said with a broad smile across her face. She then leaned over, put her hand on his lap, and gave him a kiss. She then slid her hand into his crotch and gently grabbed his balls and began massaging them.

John wasn't quite sure what to make of Amber's unexpected sexual aggression, but he certainly was not going to question anything.

Amber was a little taken aback by what she felt in her hand, as she had no prior knowledge about how big John's nuts really were. He always wore baggy jeans or sweat pants, and although she had always noticed a bulge, there was no way she could have known how huge John was.

"Honey,” Amber said as she continued massaging his balls, "I've been doing some thinking and I think it's time we 'solidified' our relationship tonight and made love."

"Well it's about god-damn time,” John thought to himself as his huge cock began filling with blood. But he kept his cool and calmly said, "That's great baby. Are you sure you're ready?”

Amber, noticing that John's crotch was beginning to inflate, moved her hand from his balls and began gently stroking his enormous cock through his jeans. She then leaned over and whispered seductively in his ear, "I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life. I love you and I'm going to show you tonight. So why don't we go get some dinner and then go back to your place and have a little fun.”

John's cock began throbbing rapidly in his jeans.

Amber, still rubbing it, began to marvel at how full his erection was feeling in her hands. This was one well-hung man she was dealing with, and she couldn't help but get a little aroused herself as she imagined impaling herself on that thing one day. She became so enamored with it that she just had to feel that gigantic mound of flesh in her bare hand. She slowly slid her hand into his jeans and grabbed hold of his enormous cock.

"It feels like a snake,” Amber thought as she felt herself becoming moist.

John still didn't know what had gotten into her, but he was loving every second of this. When they got to the restaurant, John had to take a moment and "calm" himself down before they got out of the car. Amber had continued stroking his cock and massaging his balls the whole ride and he had a very noticeable bulge in his jeans that had to subside a little before they could go in.

When they finally got into the restaurant, John quickly learned that dinner was going to be much the same as the car ride. Only instead of using her hands, Amber simply slipped off her sandals and began using her feet. Her feet were so small that she could comfortably rest them on top of John's huge ballsacks with out causing him much discomfort. All through dinner, she gently ran her toes along as much of John's cock as she could.

John came awfully close to creaming himself a few times, and each time Amber felt it she would stop, look into his eyes, flash him a smile, and then continue on with her teasing.

The car ride home was again much more of the same. Only this time Amber had to see it so she unzipped John's jeans and squeezed his huge cock out through the hole. She was immediately mesmerized by how long and thick it was, and said a silent 'thank you' for whatever twist of fate allowed her to have a man so wonderfully endowed. As her eyes remained fixated on John's throbbing erection, she grabbed hold of it and immediately noticed that her hand was too small to fully wrap around it.

"My goodness John,” Amber said with a look of amazement on her face, "your cock is bigger than my forearm!” She then grabbed hold of it with both of her soft, smooth hands, and began rubbing up and down, paying most attention to the tip of his huge cock-head.

It took all of John's effort to concentrate on the road as Amber relentlessly jerked his cock up and down. He had never felt such a soft and smooth hand on his cock, and he did not know if he could take much more without blowing his load.

But Amber was very keen at knowing how far to go before stopping. She wasn't very experienced at this kind of thing, but she deduced that whenever she felt his already huge member grow even harder and larger, she needed to slow things down. She would usually take that opportunity to grab hold of his balls and do a little massaging on them, before moving back to his cock.

When they finally got back to John's apartment, he was beginning to notice a dull ache in his nuts. He had been rock hard for over two hours, and the constant build-up with no release was beginning to take effect. He knew he had to cum soon and hoped Amber would go immediately to the bedroom with him so that he could use her virgin pussy to stave off the blue-balls that were rapidly setting in.

Amber was very pleased with herself so far. She felt like she had done an amazing job of keeping John rock-hard, and she had a feeling that it would not be long before John's enormous balls were on fire from her teasing.

"Time to step it up just a little bit more,” she thought to herself as John opened the door to his apartment and led her inside.

To be concluded.............

A Test of Love (part 1)

By Lihung

The words still stabbed at her heart, "It's over Julie, I'm not in love with you anymore.” They were the perfect couple....he was the star linebacker at the state university, and she was the head cheerleader. They were supposed to get married, and then he would go pro, and she would stay home with the kids. Now all that was gone. He lied to her and broke her heart. With his cruel words, all of Julie's hope and dreams have been destroyed. If she could rewind time, she would have smiled at him and kicked him square in the balls, instead of breaking down and crying like she did.

"That just can't stand," said Julie's best friend Kim, "I know you aren't going to let him get away with that.”

"Well what can I do? He's hurt me tremendously, and I would want nothing more than to cause him the pain that he has caused me, but there's no way he'll let me get close enough to him to do anything."

"Well,” Kim said, "what if you didn't have to get close to him to hurt him?"

"What do you mean?” asked Julie.

"Well, as you know, he's been seeing that 18-year-old freshman that is joining the cheerleading squad and from what I've heard she's a virgin. So maybe you can use that to your advantage and use her to hurt him,” said Kim.

"I still don't get it" said Julie.

"You don't need to because I've already got a plan. Amber is one of the most gullible and naive girls I've ever met, so we'll use that to our advantage. All you need to do is get her to come over to my apartment tonight for that get together we are having, and I'll do the rest. Just remember to follow my lead tonight and back up everything I say, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. Alright?" Kim said.

Still puzzled, Julie simply replied, "Alright.”

Just thinking about that little bitch made Julie's stomach turn in knots. She had heard that Amber was a virgin, but she also knew that it was only a matter of time before she was introduced to John's monster cock. Briefly Julie's mind slipped into reminiscing about that wonderful package that John carries between his legs.

John was a very blessed man when it came to genitalia. His cock was a remarkable 13 inches long, and he possessed the heaviest, juiciest, and meaty ballsacks Julie had ever laid eyes on. Her loins still ached from time to time thinking of the massive pounding John would give her after his football games. She had never been fucked the way John fucked her and now, sooner or later, Amber would be the next lucky girl to receive John's monstrous meat.

Amber. While Julie wished she could call Amber ugly, she really couldn't. In fact Amber was everything looks-wise that Julie wanted to be herself. 5'5,” 105 pounds, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, pouty lips, perfect ass, and perfect C-cup breasts. While Julie was a beauty in her own right, a nine to be sure, Amber was a perfect 10. She was flawless, truly a worthy recipient of John's mega-cock. It hurt Julie to no end to think of the pleasure she was now being denied because John's got a hard-on for this hot young Barbie doll.

"So Amber, Kim is having a little get together for the girls at her apartment tonight, wanna come?” asked Julie.

"Gee, I don't know Julie. John and I were planning to go to a movie or something,” Amber replied.

"Well you could come over beforehand, and John could pick you up from there. I really want you to come so you can meet some of the other cheerleaders,” said Julie.

"Well, okay. I really want to meet them too. I'll give John a call and let him know."

"Awesome," Julie replied. "Throw on something sexy for John, and we'll head over to Kim's together.”

When the girls arrived, Kim and the other cheerleaders were all sitting in the living room sharing some girl talk. Julie was a little nervous because she still didn't know what Kim had planned. "Just go along with whatever,” she kept telling herself. After some food and drinks the girls started chatting about their boyfriends.

"Todd comes up a little short, if you know what I mean," said Katie with a giggle.

"What about you Amber?

Have you and John had sex yet?" asked Kim.

"Uh, no. I haven't even seen his dick yet. It's a little embarrassing but I'm still a virgin,” Amber said shyly.

"Oh honey, that's nothing to be embarrassed about, you should be proud,” Kim replied.

"Gee thanks," Amber replied. "I've really held on to my virginity because I want sex to be with someone that I love and someone that loves me. And tonight I think it is going to be the night. I haven't told John yet, but I really want to give him my virginity tonight,” said Amber.

Julie's heart sank. "The nerve of this little bitch,” Julie thought to herself. Julie wished John was here right now so she could kick him in those huge balls of his. She actually did knee him in the balls once before when she had found out he cheated on her. She got him good to....he was wearing sweat pants with no underwear, so she clearly felt both of his balls on her stocking-clad knee when she smashed them into his pelvis. He fell to the ground in a heap clutching his battered ballsacks and began dry heaving and screaming out, "My balls, my balls.” She remembers how pitiful he looked, big strong football player, rolling around on the ground from her powerful knee to his balls. She actually felt sorry for causing him so much pain and made it up to him by nursing him back to health with one hellacious blowjob.

"Well have you blue-balled him yet?” asked Kim.

"What? Uh, no. Why the heck would I do that?” Amber replied startled.

"To know if he truly loves you. Listen Amber, every woman knows that you never truly know if a man's loves you until he endures a night of severe blue-balls,” said Kim.

"Yeah Amber. And we're not talking about accidental blue-balls. We're talking about the unbearable kind of blue-balls that come from a full night of relentless teasing,” Katie interjected. "Heck the night I did it to Todd I thought the poor guy was going to go into shock from the pain. I even 'accidentally' kneed him in bed while he was trying to sleep. I tell ya, I didn't know a guy's voice could go so high!” Katie said giggling.

"Yeah and when I did it to Sam, he cried like a baby the whole night,” added Jill. "I was pretty sadistic though. I basically kept him hard from sunrise to sunset with some vicious teasing. Then later that night when he complained, I tricked him into thinking he'd get a footjob if he laid down on the floor. Instead I picked up both of his legs and slammed my foot so hard on his balls that I thought they were going to burst. I made sure my toes were nice and pretty too so he could see a petite, sexy foot smashing his balls and causing him so much pain. Then when I was done squishing his balls with my toes, I dropped my knee between his legs right on his balls and told him that if he ever raised his voice at me again I would squeeze his balls with my hands until they burst and tell the cops he tried to rape me. I felt really bad about it the next day; he was in SO much pain. I mean think about it, the man already had blue-balls, so when I stepped on his balls he must have felt like dying. That's what he said the next day anyway. Of course I made it up to him, but I have to admit it was kind of fun causing him so much pain. Needless to say, he has been the perfect gentleman ever since,” Jill said with a giggle. All the other ladies giggled and shared similar stories.

Amber was shocked to hear how vicious the girls had been with their boyfriends. She had kicked guys in the balls before but it was usually because they were being assholes. She remembered one guy in particular that had bothered her constantly until one day after school she decided to get even. It was her senior year in high school, on her 18th birthday. Jimmy had been teasing her all year long about the fact she was a virgin. She knew he just wanted to get in her pants, but she grew tired of the constant hazing. So she had her two older brothers, who were both home from college, pick her up from school.

Jimmy, not knowing her brothers were there, started his usual harassment. "There goes Amber, she's allergic to dick,” or "Hey Amber, I jerked of thinking about you last night....who did you masturbate to?” He was really stupid but Amber felt he needed to be taught a lesson.

So she walked right up to him and asked if he would be willing to talk to her in private. He, thinking he had finally gotten her attention, gladly agreed. She led him into the park where her brothers were waiting. He saw them at the last minute but it was too late. They grabbed him and threw him on the ground.

"Pick him up,” Amber commanded. Jimmy was a little surprised by her tone of voice. Amber always came across as just a sweet innocent girl, and for the most part she was. But when she got angry she was a different person.

"Jimmy, do you think that's anyway to talk to a lady? Look at me when I'm talking to you!” she screamed as she lifted her knee into his balls.

"AW FUCK!!” Jimmy exclaimed as his legs began to wobble. He wanted to fall, but her brothers kept him up.

"Well do you?” Amber repeated.

"N-no Amber. I'm really sorry.”

"You should be you creep,” Amber said as she rammed her knee into his balls again.

"AWWWW SHIT!! P-please Amber, I-I'm s-so sorry. Please don't knee me again,” Jimmy pleaded.

"Please? How many times did I ask you to please stop teasing me? Answer me!” Amber exclaimed as she again rammed her knee hard into his balls for a third time.

The last knee must have knocked the wind out of Jimmy because he barely made a sound this time. Tears welled up in his eyes as he struggled to apologize.

"Oh now you're sorry. Let him fall,” Amber said. Her brothers obeyed her orders and let him fall. Jimmy fell down in a heap coughing and clutching at his aching balls. She really kneed him hard that third time and he was afraid that she may have ruptured him. Amber bent down right near his face, so close he could feel her sweet breath on his ear, and said, "It's a little too late for sorry Jimmy. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to hurt you just a little bit more so you never forget how not to talk to a lady.

With that she instructed her brothers to hold his arms and legs apart. She stared Jimmy straight in the eyes as she slowly reached her hand down his pants. She was straddling his legs, facing him, making sure she kept eye-contact as she prepared to punish him. "God she's beautiful,” Jimmy thought to himself. Even as she's potentially about to turn him into a eunuch, he couldn't help but marvel at her beauty.

Jimmy couldn't help but become a little aroused when Amber's arm brushed against his penis. Here was this beautiful girl, who had just racked the shit out of his balls, looking him dead in the eye as her hands clutched his genitals.

"What a pathetic dick and balls you have Jimmy,” Amber said as she wrapped her small hands around his tiny scrotum. "Now Jimmy, I'm going to say a few statements and I suggest you repeat after me. I'm going to really hurt your balls, but I want you to know that it's for your own good. Now repeat after me....I will never bother Amber again,” Amber said as she increased the pressure on his balls.

"I w-will n-never bother Amber again,” Jimmy repeated.

“I will never even look in Amber's direction,” Amber said as she squeezed Jimmy's balls even harder. Jimmy yelped out in pain, but repeated Amber's statement. As Amber continued squeezing the shit out of Jimmy's balls the pain was becoming unbearable for him and he began to shake violently and panic.

"Jimmy,” Amber said softly while she increased the pressure of her grip, "I suggest you calm down so that we can finish this and we can all go home.”

Jimmy came to his senses and forced himself to focus. "This fucking girl is killing me," Jimmy thought to himself as tears streamed down his face. How could such a beautiful, petite female be so harsh and vicious at the same time?

"Alright, that's better Jimmy,” Amber said in her soft voice. She increased the pressure on his throbbing scrotum and said, "The last thing I want you to say is I will treat each and every lady I meet in the future with the utmost respect.” The pain in Jimmy's balls was really beginning to be more than he could handle. He was feeling himself go in and out of consciousness, and he really did not know if he could repeat the statement.

Amber's grip was brutal. She could feel his testicles flattening out in her hand and she had the feeling that if she wanted to, she could pop both of his nuts and turn them into jelly. She was well aware of the tremendous pain she was causing him but her mind was in a different place. She was truly fed up with the harassment of this male, and she figured she was performing a service for all females out there who are disrespected by men.

Her brothers, on the other hand, were beginning to feel a little sorry for Jimmy. Her brother Buck even began pleading with her to ease up a little, sensing Jimmy's balls couldn't take much more abuse. But Amber did not waver one bit. She was hell bent on teaching this guy a lesson and there was no negotiating with her. If this male wanted her to release his balls, he had to tell her what she wanted to hear.

When Jimmy failed to repeat right away, she decided to "encourage" him by digging her nails into his already pulverized scrotum. "Come on Jimmy, I'm waiting,” she said in her soft voice. It took every ounce of Jimmy's will to ignore this soft-feminine hand that was crushing his very manhood, but he knew he had to if he wanted to escape this situation with his balls intact.

"I-I w-w-w-ill t-treat....e-ea...e-each a-and e-e-e-every l-la-lady I m-m-meet w-with the u-ut-utmost re-res-respect. Now pp-please let me go, you're killing me!!” Jimmy screamed with all his might.

Amber smiled and said in a soft, feminine voice, "Okay. Thanks Jimmy." She knew she was killing him, but she felt justified in the horror she was causing Jimmy. But now that he had done what she requested, she felt compelled to release him from her grip. And with that she released him. She then leaned real close to his face, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Now don't forget what we talked about Jimmy. Okay sweetie?”

"Okay, just please leave me alone. Please,” Jimmy pleaded as he laid in agony wondering if he would ever be a normal man again.

"Okay. Have a good night,” Amber replied.

"Have a good night?” Jimmy thought to himself. The nerve of this girl! As Amber turned and walked away, Jimmy still, even in his tremendous agony, he still could not help but notice Amber's beauty. "Damn that girl has a nice ass,” Jimmy thought to himself as he probed his balls for any sign of life.

As Amber's mind returned to the moment, she still could not picture herself causing a man testicular pain for no good reason. "Gee I just don't know if I could do that to John. I mean I really love him. I really feel like he could be the one. I want to please him, not cause him pain,” Amber pleaded.

"Amber, listen to me,” Katie replied, "I know you love him, but how sad would you be if you made love to him and then you found out that he didn't really love you?” Katie asked.

"It would feel like he stole something from me and I would be devastated. I would probably want to castrate him so he would know what it's like to have something stolen from him,” Amber replied.

Suddenly Julie began to understand what kind of revenge Kim had in mind. "Brilliant,” she thought to herself. Why hadn't she thought of that? Katie was planning to use Amber's innocence and John's natural aggression against him. Julie knew all to well that John was not the kind of guy that could handle being teased. There's no telling what he would do were he put in a situation where this sex kitten of a female was teasing that massive manhood of his. This was a dangerous plot, but it was absolutely brilliant. She just hoped that things would not get too out of control that John physically hurt Amber in any way. From what Julie knew of John, the worst thing he would probably do is call Amber a cock-teasing bitch and break up with her. But he still would have to deal with a horrible case of blue-balls for the night.

Julie even thought of maybe going over to John's later in the night, after he's kicked Amber out, and exacerbating his problem by doing a little cock-teasing of her own. He would probably be so desperate for relief that he wouldn't even think twice about trying to fuck Julie. Maybe she would turn him on a little and get him to strip naked and then just plant one of her feet squarely into his nuts. Maybe she would take a nut in each hand and squeeze like she was trying to make orange juice. Or maybe she would have him lie on his back and then stomp down on his huge testicles with her feet, repeatedly, over and over again, until he passed out from the pain. This time there would be no nursing him back to health though. She would just look him in his pain-filled eyes and let him know how much he hurt her and that kicking him in his balls is her way of evening the score.

"Who am I kidding,” Julie thought to herself. As much as she hated to admit it, although she was still very angry at John, she would take him back in a minute. She would very much like to inflict some serious pain to his manhood, but she knows that once she saw him squirming helplessly on the ground trying to ease his tremendous pain, she probably would get down on her knees, take hold of his massive cock and nurse him back to health with an awesome blowjob.

"Right on girl, any man that tries to take your virginity by lying to you does deserve to be castrated! Right Julie?” said Kim.

Julie snapped back to reality and quickly responded, "Hell yeah! A woman's virginity is a sacred thing and men should know that it's not something to be taken lightly.”

"So what do you think Amber? Do you think you are ready to test John's love?” asked Katie.

Amber paused for a moment and then replied, "I think you girls are right. If John really loves me he should be able to endure one night of pain for me."

"I think you're making the right decision Amber. Just make sure that he has no clue what you are doing. In order for the test to be accurate, he has to truly believe he is going to get sex until the very last minute. Then you pull back, say you have a headache or something, and say you need to go to sleep,” Kim said.

"Yeah and make you sure keep constant pressure on him. Make contact with his cock and balls any chance you get all night long. I mean your mission is to keep him hard all night long, until he is practically begging for some release, and then you go to bed,” added Katie.

"Alright girls, I think I'm ready. I'm going to call John and have him pick me up, and then I'll give him the test. I so hope he passes because I really love him. And if he does I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to him,” Amber said with a smile.

To be continued................

Lisa Gets Fed Up

By lemonhead

Fuck! I dropped the papers from my desk for the third time today and was feeling frustrated. It was Thursday, nearing the end of the week, which for most people was relieving to think about, but not me, it just meant more work, Fridays were always the worst. If I could only get through today and tomorrow everything would be fine. I could relax, take some time for myself and just enjoy the day, the complete opposite of working in this shit hole. If I wasn’t getting paid what I am, I would quit in a second. I’m a secretary, not the kind that sits in front of a CEO that makes phone calls, and makes sure there’s two creams in my boss’s coffee. No, I work in the corner of a room basically doing annoying tasks for whatever jerk slaps something on my desk. These guys are complete assholes sometimes. They could care less about how busy I was; they thought that just because I’m a woman I shouldn’t ask questions, just do whatever they told me. Some were worse than others, some I hated so much I felt I could kill them some days, but I knew I never could, I could do nothing about their sexist remarks, or male power trips.

Bryan was the worst; he would try flirting with me five times a day. Saying stuff like “nice skirt, you should try putting on an even shorter one tomorrow” and then giving me his typical smirk after clearly staring down my blouse. He actually thought he was being nice, but what he didn’t know was that I could hear nearly everything he and his other bastard friends were saying from the cubical two to the left of mine. “I have to work late tonight, so I’m going to make sure that slut Lisa’s here ‘till I’m done, I’ll just tell her to retype some shit I don’t even need. God, I love seeing her bending over at the water cooler, I’d do anything to stick my hand up that tight black skirt and slide my fingers over those cotton panties.” He and his friends laughed agreeably. He was a complete asshole, and made my job hell. I couldn’t help but fantasize ramming my knee or kicking my high-heeled shoe right into his fucking nuts.

It was almost 6:30 and I was still typing away at some useless shit Bryan had told me he absolutely needed for tomorrow’s meeting. I knew what he was doing, but what could I do, tell him to go fuck himself? I wish, but that was impossible, I’d be fired in a second by some other ass who knew he could hire another attractive 25 year old to do his work.

I had finally finished, brought the report to Bryan and waited for his approval. He glanced at his watch and then gave me a coy smile. “Lisa,” he said, “Most of this is good, but I’m going to have to ask you to redo pages 5 to 7, they’re a bit weak.”

“What the h.” I stopped myself, I’d quickly change whatever the bastard wanted and be out of here in 20 minutes.

As I was walking out, I heard him say, “Oh, actually, come here for one more second, there’s something else, that document on the side of desk needs proofreading, can you grab that too?”

As I leaned over to pick it up I was furious that he was getting pleasure from getting a good look at my ass. Just then, I felt his hand grab the back of my left thigh. I stood there in shock. His hand started to slide up under my skirt from behind. Finally he started to rub his thumb on one of my lips, this guy was a creep.

“You know, we could maybe forget about this project. Would you like that? I tell you what, if you follow me to the bathroom and give me a simple five minute blow job, you can go home right after, how’s that sound, seriously?”

I immediately pulled away and walked to my cubical without saying a word, I was fucking pissed off. I finished what he told me to do, slammed it on his desk and left. As I was walking down the stairs I almost lost it, 'how could this pecker get away with this,' I thought. When I realized I couldn’t do anything about it, it enraged me even more. Then I thought, fuck it! This piece of shit’s going to get it. In the hall way downstairs, I waited; I knew he would be strutting out of here with in minutes now that I was gone. Sure enough I heard the asshole come down.

I heard him come up from behind me. “So”, he said “You decided to stick around.”

I turned around and walked up to him not knowing what I was going to do to him. I got with in a foot of him and just stared.

He continued, “The same offer applies for tomorrow Lisa, you do favors for me, I’ll do fav…”

Just then I reached between his legs, and slapped the palm of my hand on his package. After feeling for a second, I found what I was looking for. I grabbed his balls in the palm of my hands and gave them a firm squeeze. “Look, you asshole! I’m sick of taking this shit from you…”

He quickly pushed me against the wall. That was it. I looked at him in the eyes, took a step forward, and planted my right foot into his balls, hard. I knew I hit them good, I knew exactly where they were hanging from my grab. I can’t tell you how good that felt, seeing him there not knowing what hit him, just knowing that the pain he was feeling was so intense. I think he tried to say something, but all I heard was a few pathetic high pitched moans that made me feel even better. I couldn’t tell if he was about to fall over.

Either way, I knew I had to this right. I walked right up to him again, and grabbed one of his shaking hands that was trying to protect his aching nuts. I quickly moved both our hands under my skirt and firmly rubbed his over my crotch. “Is that what you fucking wanted? To feel me between my legs? Well it’s time to concentrate on what’s between yours!”

With that said, I rammed my right knee into his half covered crotch just enough to see the reaction on his face. Not impressed, I grabbed his other hand, pinned him against the wall, and let him have it with a full forced knee to the balls, twice! The piece of shit couldn’t even make noises now. I let go and he fell to the floor.

“Every time you play with my crotch, I’ll play with yours.” After saying that I turned around and walked out the glass door of the building. I felt so good. I lit a cigarette, and just watched him squirm on the ground through the door. About 4 minutes later I saw him getting up, dazed. He got to his feet, his ass facing me, and started walking to the stairs again. He had one hand in front of him, and one balancing his self on the wall.

Fuck this I thought, I opened the door and walked in. He didn’t even hear me he was so out of it. With his legs slightly spread, I calmly walked up to him, almost feeling cruel at this point. I took a couple of fast steps and quickly flew the tip of my high heels into the underside of his aching fruit from behind. He fell to the ground so fast he may have fainted, but I doubt it, I still heard noises coming from him. I turned around satisfied and left. I walked to the bus feeling so much better, I had actually done it. It’s time guys realize they’re not always in charge. I starting thinking that my boyfriend has always been a bit controlling of me too. Maybe I should I go home and give him a couple of cheap shots to the balls when he’s ignoring me, that’ll wake him up. Ooh, I could have some fun with this new found method I thought. It’s about time his pride tones down a bit. I was excited, even a bit turned on; my panties were becoming a bit damp. I felt like a new person. With that I got in my car and started heading home…

What a Night! (another true story)

by kysub

This is more of a documentary of a real experience from last night than a story.

Last night after work I went out and had a few drinks and somehow ended up in a local strip bar called Trixies. I didn't stay long but I watched a few of the girls dance and finally got up enough nerve to ask one of the girls for a lap dance. The girl I chose was your basic "Pamela Anderson/Barbie" type, long blond hair, blue eyes and nicely tanned etc. but what caught my attention was her beautiful feet and perfect toes that I could see in her strappy high heel platforms. When she came over to dance for me the first thing she did was place her foot in the chair, directly between my legs and I could feel her toes in my crotch directly under my balls. Immediate erection. It was great! She did it a couple of times during my four minutes of heaven but then the song was over and she was gone to the next guy with $20. But the night didn’t end there.

I went home after a while with the thoughts of that totally erotic blond in my mind and since I don't have a girlfriend I decided to call an escort service. I’ve called and used their services a few times before. Since I live in a not so desirable part of town they only have one girl that will come to my neighborhood to see me. A sexy, muscular legged, brunette, who is very open minded and will do just about ANYTHING. For privacy reasons I’ll just call her K. She arrived wearing jeans and a jacket and flats and went into the bathroom and changed into her lingerie and five inch heels. We sat and talked for a little while. I usually start by giving her a foot massage so I did and I told K that I am moving soon to North Carolina. She said she considered me to be one of her "regulars" and hated to see me go.

Anyway, after giving her feet a good massage with baby oil she started teasing my already stiff cock (which hadn’t gone down since the strip club) and balls with her toes. She has rather large (probably at least a size 10) feet but they are very pretty and very soft. After teasing the hell out of me with the footjob, she proceeded to give me a handjob for a little while. She'd done this before and knew that I liked having my balls smacked occasionally while she squeezed and pulled on my cock.

After about a half hour, after the usual spankings and the anal plugs and the candle wax, etc... I said, "Well since this will probably be our last session together how about we do something a little different?"

K said, “Sure, why not?”

I then asked her to stand up and I got on my hands and knees in front of her. My right hand kept me steady and my left hand was jerking the head of my cock. I then asked her to kick me in the balls from behind. She said, "You want me to kick you in the balls?"

Hearing her ask me that turned me on even more. I was breathing very heavily but managed to say yes. She said, "ok" and lightly kicked them. A perfect kick, right on target! But not hard enough. She said, “Like that?”

I said, “Yes, but a little harder.” I was still jerking my cock as she continued to kick them about a dozen more times. I was extremely turned on and getting close to cumming. I was looking between my legs with my head down so I could see her foot come up from behind me and connect with my nuts each time, but I wanted to see her face while she kicked me.

I then said, “This isn’t working very well.”

She said, "Now what?" She then told me that kicking me in the balls was making her a little wet. This was music to my ears. I told her my arms were getting tired from that position and told her I wanted to kneel in front of her with my legs spread so that she could kick me some more. I also asked her to put her five inch pointy heels back on and she did.

First K teased my nuts a little bit with the pointy toe of her shoe. Then she said, "You know this is really gonna hurt don't you? I told her yes, but I was so turned on that I didn't care. K then said ok. I looked up into her eyes; she was smiling as if she knew she was going to enjoy busting me. She then drew her foot back and...WHAM! She was dead on target. The top of her foot connected with my balls with quite a bit of force, luckily it wasn't exactly the pointy part of the toe of her shoe or I surely would have been in major pain. But this hurt bad enough. She looked at my reaction and without saying or asking anything else she kicked me again, only seconds after her last kick.

At that point, still with cock in hand, I came PROFUSELY! I came for at least 30 seconds or longer, it was about 15 good hard squirts about 2 seconds between each one. It shot all over her legs, feet, all the way up to her chest and on the wall behind her. It was by far THE best orgasm I ever had. I slept like a baby last night and as of this morning at the time of posting this, my balls are still aching and very sore, not sure if it's from the kicks or the super explosive orgasm, or both, but I love it!