Monday, November 12, 2007

Suzy The Lap Dancer vs. Mark The Horny Male

by Suzy

When I was in college, I worked at a local strip joint to put myself through school. We did lap dances, or friction dances, for $20 a song and we didn't take off our bottoms. Talk about the perfect job- I get to tease and play with so many guys cock and balls and they paid me big bucks. I made a minimum of $2000 every weekend night. I always denied them a release unless I liked them and they paid me at least $200. I made a good living at this place and I got to tease lots of guys. In this type of environment guys always get out of hand and we had to kick balls all the time. I have some great stories from this time in my life which I will share at a later date. But right now, I'm going to tell you about one story and change it a little to make my victim be Mark, that asshole that likes to beat women. Here goes…

It was a typical Saturday night at my club with the regulars and a couple of bachelor parties. One of the bachelors was Mark. Everyone at the club knew Mark because he had come in over the years. I never danced for him before his bachelor party but I heard he was a real asshole who thought that he could force a girl to get him off during the first or second song. Whenever he would get out of hand with the other girls, they would scream for the bouncer, John, who always picked up Mark and threw him out after giving him a few good punches. John must have beaten up Mark a zillion times, so I heard. But on this Saturday night John got sick and left early, and we couldn't get another bouncer on such short notice. We girls would have to defend ourselves that night.

The house gave us the typical self defense lesson for lap dancers, which consisted mostly of punches and kicks to a guy's exposed balls. For those of you who have never had a lap dance, during a lap dance the guy will open up his legs while sitting on a chair or couch. I'd get between a guy’s legs and rub my legs and ass and feet all over a guy’s cock and balls. Needless to say, I often gave a little nudge of my knee into a guys balls just to watch with amusement how is eyes bugged out and he stooped breathing, gasping for air as I gently squished his balls with my sexy knee. And if a guy got out of line I always knew that I could squeeze his balls without any difficulty.

Well, Mark wanted me to dance for him. I agreed and went to a private booth with him. As soon as we were out of view, he grabbed my boobs and said, "Hey sexy, I want you to suck my cock since I am getting married tomorrow and you are the last girl except for my wife who will ever suck my cock again." I smiled and pulled his hands off of my chest. I was tempted to just knee him right then and there but I wanted to get his money first.

When he finally sat down, I reached down and grabbed his balls and told him to adjust his cock so that it was resting against his body and pointed towards his stomach. While he did this, I rolled his balls down so that they were resting on the couch between his legs. Then I took my knee and rested it on the tip of his cock while I bent over and whispered in his ear that I loved his real big hard cock. Mark then reached up and squeezed my left breast really hard.

I was shocked and asked why he did that and he looked at me with a mean face and said, "Because I felt like it. Now suck my cock bitch."

I'll suck it all right, I thought to myself. I started rubbing my leg over his cock and then proceeded to move my leg down his cock towards his balls that were resting on the couch. I held my leg in place and started to give Mark a little shit about being so mean to girls when he comes in. This time he bit my nipple which was right in his face.

I let my knee fall hard to the couch, catching his exposed balls and crushing them. Mark screamed, fell off the chair and on to the grounds and grabbed his balls while crying "You fucking bitch, you fucking bitch, you kneed my balls.

Jessica came running over to see what happened and heard Mark calling me a bitch. She then grabbed his hands off of his balls leaving those sensitive balls exposed and unprotected. I reared back and kicked him as hard as I could with my sexy and powerful right leg and he screamed, jerked about and passed out holding his balls.

Then every other girl that Mark had ever abused before lined up to kick his nuts. We tied him up in the back room and every time he came to a different girl would look at him and remind him of the terrible things he did to her and then kick his exposed nuts as hard as she could. With 18 dancers dying to kick his nuts, Mark took a severe beating that night.

Mark ended up in the hospital for three days and almost lost both of his balls. On the 4th day while he was in the hospital, me and my friend Jill, who worked at the club, waited outside his room until he fell asleep. Once he fell asleep, we went into his room, closed the door, tied him up and gagged him and then woke him up. He watched with such horror as we sat between his legs and told him how we were about to crush his balls so that he would have to have them removed to save his life. And that's exactly what we did. We crushed them so hard that we heard that he lost a ball.

Hey Mark, how do your nuts feel? Happy jerking, jerk off boy.

High School Revenge

by Suzy

Hi guys! Hope you are ready for another true story. But promise me you will do one thing for me- that while you read this true story; you will jerk off for me. Promise?

OK. but before I tell you about this true story from my past, I want to know whether you guys are only interested in ballbusting stories or whether some of my hot sex adventures will be of interest to you. I mean, it will involve a lot of foot sex, hand jobs, oral sex with an emphasis on sucking nuts, very mild ball torture, and dirty talk on the dominant side.

I have a lot of stories from my past to tell you guys but it may be a few days, weeks or even possibly months (although I doubt it) until the next time that I bust a guys balls and can give you guys these stories as they occur in my life. As I told everyone, I am not into going for the balls for the sake of going for the balls. ALL OF MY EXPERIENCES WITH GROIN ATTACKS ARE SELF DEFENSE AGAINST HORNY AGRESSIVE MALES THAT CANNOT HANDLE MY TEASING.

Today, for example, I was with a guy for our second "date" and I went to his house on Biscayne Bay to hang by the pool for the day. I wore a sexy green mini, high heels and my sexiest black thong and proceeded to cocktease Bill for 6.5 hours. We never made it out to his pool. I knew he was horny from our night together last night at the club. I teased him during the slow dances but I was pretty mellow on our fist date. So when I saw his expression as he greeted me at the door, as he looked me over very slowly and adjusted his growing cock in his Speedos, I knew we would never make it to the pool. We went straight to his room. I had him hard, aching and leaking pre cum within 30 minutes by slowly jerking his cock off with my hand and tickling his balls with my fingernails while I talked to him about such things as, "Why do your balls feel so big and bloated?" As I tickled his nuts I asked, "Does this tickle your balls? Do you like when I tickle your balls?"

I tickled his nuts without mercy and then without warning from time to time I would squeeze his balls softly but firmly- just enough to cause minor pain if he already has blue balls. While squeezing his balls I would look into his eyes with a sweet smile and say, "I hope I'm not hurting your balls big guy." Then I would ask him, "What are blue balls?" with an innocent look while I continued jerking him off and tickling his balls and looking into his eyes for his reaction to the slowly developing pain in his balls. The combination of my soft hand rubbing up and down Bill's cock and my perfect fingernails tickling his balls was too much for him to handle. I felt his balls tighten up and knew I had to stop tickling those sensitive nuts or he would cum and ruin my fun- so I stopped, grabbed him hard by the base of his cock and looked him right in the eye and told him that if he came I would rip his balls off, all the while squeezing his bloated nuts and causing some real pain. This stopped him- at least 30 times today within those 6.5 hours. Needless to say, when I left he limped to the door to let me out because his balls ached that bad.

I did not allow Bill the relief of an orgasm. He was able to handle my promise of even greater pleasures tomorrow as long as he does not jerk off and allowed "the load to build". It was not necessary for me to go for Bill's balls because he is smart enough to know he's better off with what I am willing to do for his cock and balls than he would be if he had to play with it himself without erotic visions of me!

Now, do you guys want to hear about me teasing guys like Bill even if I do not go for his balls? I mean, he still is receiving pain from my efforts because I gave him a great case of Blue Balls - my favorite kind of balls. So guys, let me know what gets you going and what you need to jerk off for me.

OK, back to my true story, my high school revenge. This is absolutely true and one of my favorite experiences. In my junior year of high school, I was totally aware of my power over boys. I knew I could tease a guy and make him so horny that his balls would hurt. I knew that I could bring a guy to the brink of orgasm and stop and deny him the relief he needs and make his balls ache with pain. And I knew that when we eventually had sex, my guy would have the experience of a lifetime with me. Guys always told me that after all of my teasing, when they finally came their orgasms were more intense than any other they had experienced. Just as I can make a guy pass out from the pain I can inflict on his balls, I have on occasion made a guy pass out by giving him the most incredible orgasm of his life, which usually meant that he endured plenty of cockteasing, blue balls and pain over several days before he got his much needed relief.

So in September of my junior year in high school I was dating Steven, a guy from around the block. Steven was 18 years old, a senior in high school and the toughest guy in the neighborhood. He was also the best looking - 6'0", lots of muscle, jet black hair and the cutest blue eyes I ever saw. Every girl wanted him - but Steve was mesmerized by my beauty and I really liked Steve.

We went out for about two weeks. During the first week of our relationship, Steve endured a lot of my teasing. I taught him a valuable lesson all boys have to learn: the true meaning of blue balls. But he was a gentleman and he respected my wish to remain a virgin until my wedding day. He also knew that I could satisfy him sexually better than anyone he was with before without letting him put that big cock in me. After enduring a week of just teasing with no relief and the resulting blue balls that had him crying in pain the night I finally gave in. I realized I needed to help Steve before I hurt him too much. I gave him the best blow job he ever had.

Actually, it was a hand job with Vaseline and I sucked and played with his nuts while I jerked him off. I was playfully licking his balls when he came. His cum shot everywhere and was all over the wall behind the bed. His balls went straight up into his stomach when he came. Right before he came I was playfully licking his balls up and down, up and down that sensitive line up a guy's scrotum. He was shaking from the intense pleasure. But when he came, I couldn't find his balls anymore with my tongue - so I used both hands on his big cock to make sure I drained every last drop from those balls that were burning from the pain resulting from such a big load. Steve knew I was the best.

Then, after I allowed him the time to recover, I asked him to take care of me. He refused. I was shocked - I thought he was kidding at first. I didn't know what to do. I thought about going for his balls but I really liked Steve. I thought he was just being a jerk and was trying to get back at me for all of the teasing I gave him. I realized that if this was his intention, I would have to accept it. After all, I could hardly complain about receiving the same tease that I have given to guys countless times.

Steve drove me home and promised that the following weekend he would "lick" me and play with me until I had several orgasms as long as I gave him his needed relief- and he wanted this relief first. I agreed and got out of his car, but not before playing with his cock and balls for 15 minutes and getting him horny for the following week. We made plans to get a hotel room for the next weekend and party and have lots of sex all weekend.

Two days later my best friend Sara pulled me aside at school to tell me the rumor she heard- that Steve was telling all of his buddies that he "popped" my cherry. Sara swore that she heard the rumor the day before but did not tell me until she had confirmation of the rumor- she told me about her proof and I knew the rumor was true. Sara's words caught me completely off guard - I was thinking all day about the wonderful weekend of sex I would have with Steve and I was very horny.

But now I did not know what to do or think. Sara was a real ball buster- she was Leslie's sister, and Leslie was the "queen" of the neighborhood who busted every guy's balls in the neighborhood and taught us invaluable lessons we would need if we were going to be true hardcore blue ball giving cockteasers. Sara knew exactly what I had to do and she told me by taking her open left hand, closing her fingers partially as if she was holding a tennis ball, and using her right hand to make like a scissor cutting off the scrotum above the balls she was holding in her left hand- and then throwing her left hand over her shoulder as if throwing away the testicles.

To be continued… Don't cum until I post the conclusion. HAPPY BLUE BALLS!!!! BUILD THE LOAD FOR PRETTY ME!!

Terrible Ball Kicking Experience

By superball_king

Two weeks ago, two beautiful ladies, Patricia and Christina placed a bet with me. They wore high heeled shoes to kick my balls four times in my house. If I could still stand up after the ball kicking, I could do anything including making love with them. As they were not very tall and strong, about 5'3" and around 100 lbs but I was very strong, about 6' and around 190 lbs. My balls had been kicked by many women; usually bare feet and the ball kickings only caused me a little pain. Therefore, I accepted their bet.

I didn't have any pants or cup protection to protect my balls. They spread my legs in V-shape and tied my feet to two tables, therefore; my feet could not move. They also used pantyhose to tie my hands on the back and the end of the pantyhose to tie my penis. My balls were exposed for kicking. Then they got their high heeled shoes from the shoe boxes. The tips of the high heeled shoes were very hard and very pointed. My balls had not kicked by these types of pointed tip high heeled shoes before. I was afraid that it might cause extreme pain or serious damages if my balls were kicked by these shoes. I told them I wouldn’t play this bet, however; they said it was too late.

Christina kicked my balls first. She stood in front of me and used the pointed tip to touch my balls for measuring the distance and then kicked the pointed tip on the floor. Suddenly, her pointed tip shoes kicked my balls and my both feet jumped a few inches. The very pointed tip kicked in the middle of my balls. The pain was unbearable and I shouted very loudly. I could not stand and my whole body did shake.

Patricia told me she’d give me five minute to recover and then kicked my balls again. I could not move and breathe. After five minutes Christina grasped my hairs to hold me up. Patricia shot her leg up with full force. Her pointed tip high heeled shoes kicked my balls. Both my feet jumped a few inches from the floor. I could not use any words to describe the pain. I only had the feeling let me die. Christina told me I had five more minutes to rest. I shouted and cried very loudly and begged them stopping to kick my balls. They put their pantyhose into my mouth to stop my crying.

They continued to kick my balls using the very pointed tip shoes every five minutes. After the ball kickings, I passed out. I did not know how many hours I lost feeling. After I woke up, I laid on the floor. My hands and feet were untied. The floor had a lot of blood. When I touched my genitals, my hand had blood and I felt very painful. I could not find my balls. The two cruel ladies had ruptured my balls.

After two weeks medical treatment, my balls were still very painful. I wanted to spread my legs very wide to walk to reduce the pain. I could not sleep at night due to the pain. The doctor told me that my balls had serious damages. They needed several months medical treatment and they cannot function properly in the future. My terrible ball kicking experience should give all of you a warning. Do not believe the ball busting movies in Velvet, Spikeystep websites - men can’t accept many, many kicks by the ladies who wear pointed tip shoes. If you let women use their pointed tips of high heeled shoes to kick your balls full force, I’m sure your balls will be ruptured after the ball kicking.

First Times

By Sturgeon

The following scenarios deal with violence of a sexual nature. If reading this sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, I don't think you should.


The first time I crushed a guy's balls was when I was playing with my older brother. He was thirteen at the time and two years older than me. We were sort of rolling around wrestling...and he used to kill me because he was bigger and stronger. And I was trying to squirm out from under him and I accidentally kneed him in the balls. He rolled onto his side, clutching himself and thrashing, sobbing in a weird way that made him sound like an animal. I was frightened, to tell you the truth. I thought I might have really injured him. He was moaning and gasping so long I asked him if he wanted me to call Mom at work, and he shouted, "No!" So I said, fine, and just walked out of the room. I was still a little worried, but if he didn't want me to call anyone it couldn't be too bad.

I was surprised at how brave he was, though, 'cause the next day he got into another wrestling match with me. The problem was I was worried that I'd do the same thing again, so I played kind of light. And he didn't - AT ALL. He was meaner than ever, and I guessed that he was being so rough ‘cause he wanted to get back at me, or 'cause he thought he showed too much weakness the day before. Anyway, when I say "rough" I mean he was really being a vicious little bastard. He was giving me Charlie horses, yanking my hair, all that bullshit. Finally he slapped my face, and that was just too much. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I was starting to cry, and I thought, fuck this, you know. So again I rammed him with my knee (I grunted as I did it, I remember that). I RAMMED my knee into his balls. He wound up in the same position, making the same damn animal wails, but this time even louder and more desperate. I dunno, either he hadn't fully gotten over the pain from the day before, or maybe I just hit him harder. I think I probably just hit him harder: I was really pissed and wanted him to hurt.

I admit I wasn't so concerned about him this time. I mean, I had welts on my body - I was going to get bruises from him - so when he was collapsed on the floor, clutching at his groin and everything, I walked up behind him and started yanking his hair and pinching his face. He tried to brush my hands away but he was pretty defenseless. I screamed at him that if he EVER laid a hand on me again, I'd kill him. After I let go of him I kicked him in the butt then walked away.

And he was pretty decent to me from then on. I mean, I used to see other girls - friends of mine - getting beat up and shit by their brothers all the time. I tried to tell them what was up, you know, how to deal with it, but they almost never listened.

The only other time that my brother messed with me enough to piss me off - enough to make me unveil the secret weapon again - it was like four years later. I was fifteen, he was seventeen. We were both dating people and all that - he was into the cool, tough, teenage boy thing. Very typical southern boy, you know. I was with a friend of mine who he liked, and whenever he was around her he would pretend to be super witty, and usually make lots of dumb verbal jabs at me, trying to impress her with his wit or whatever. And I don't know exactly what set me off. My brother made some dumb remark - I don't even remember exactly what it was - and then he turned away. Even my friend she was surprised by the cruelty of whatever it was he said. She didn't laugh at all, and I think it might've been seeing her reaction that confirmed for me that what he said really was out of line. Anyway, I lashed out and punched my brother in the back of the head. My fist sort of went thump, and he turned around real slowly. And he just stared at me for a second. Then he said in this quiet, quivering voice, "You... stupid... cunt." And my response was really, really smooth - I kicked out, and the top of my foot nested perfectly into his groin. He fell to his knees, gasping, gasping, his hands cupped over his balls and cock. I stepped over, put my hand on his head, and told him he ought to start being more of a gentleman. Then I slapped him good.


The first time I ever nailed a guy there it was because he was trying to rape me. Not like some stranger hurling me to the ground in a dark alley, though. It was my boyfriend. I had been dating him for about a year and a half, and we really liked each other. It was a pretty good relationship on the whole; it's just that on this occasion he woke me up to have sex with him - he had come home late from work - and was overly persistent. I shook my head; told him I didn't want to. I said, "No," loud and clear. Nothing dissuaded him though - he kept on nuzzling me, kissing me, caressing me, on and on. He was really being a pest. I was trying to seal myself up like a fortress, but he just kept hounding me. Finally I felt his hard cock rubbing against my pubic hair - he was sort of on his hands and knees above me - and as soon as I felt that, I'd had enough.

I hadn't ever snapped like that before, but I was glad I did. He deserved it.

He denied it later, but - quite simply - he was trying to rape me. What I did was I put my right hand behind his head, slipped my left fist under his groin, and simultaneously tugged real hard on his hair and began hammering at his crotch with my left fist. I don't know how exactly many times I hit him there. He couldn't really break free, you know? I had a really strong grip on his hair, and he was pretty exposed. I think I hit him in the groin, I'd say, fifteen times before he managed to slip off the bed onto the floor, but only a few of the blows were good, solid knuckle-blows to his testicles. It was enough, though - he lay there crying for a while, then got up limping and went to a friend's house. I still don't know what he told that friend.

Anyway, in case you're wondering, we stopped seeing each other. He didn't seem to like the idea of a woman who wouldn't back down. I learned a lot about men from that experience.


I don't remember the first time I did it. It must have been when I was a little kid. I mean, it's something I've always known about. It's their weakness - you use it to even things out. They've got stronger arms and shoulders, so unless you like being pushed around you have to exploit their weakness, too.

I used to do it a lot during junior high school. I was so bad: I'd totally do it in public. In co-ed soccer games, if a guy stole the ball from me, next time I got close enough to him and could make it look like an accident, I'd kick him in the balls. I loved doing it - watching the guy reduced to a crumpled up little thing lying there on the grass. I could barely keep myself from smiling, and laughing, and cheering at his pain! Finally the coach dropped me from the team.

That didn't stop me: I took karate, and used to spar with guys. It was really a joke: they'd always dance around like boxers, trying to look very slick. I think even if I didn't keep crushing their jewels I still would've won most often. But there were at least eight times I sparred with guys (before I was permanently banished from the dojo) and each time, within a minute or so, I kicked their balls hard, and had them lying on the mat groaning or crying.

There was one guy I sparred with three times, and each time I smashed his testicles. Finally his parents made him quit; they were worried they'd never have grandkids. I used to jokingly go up at that guy at school, right in front of everyone, and try to get him to go on dates with me. He used to get incredibly embarrassed. One time I reached over and cupped my hand over his groin, shook his penis and his balls briskly, and asked, "What are you AFRAID of?" He complained to the principal, and I thought about ambushing him after school, but I figured he'd had enough abuse.

I was more discreet in high school, since I actually wanted dates and stuff. Eventually I met a guy who could take it. I think he liked being ruled by me, so he was willing to deal with the pain and humiliation. I was out of control with him, though: I totally abused him. One time he was in the kitchen doing the dishes, standing at the sink in his boxers, and totally on a whim - just because I felt like it - I hugged him from behind. Then I reached around his waist and slammed my fist into his jewels. I held him there, not letting him go, and hit him a few more times. He started crying, and wanted to know what he'd done wrong. What could I say? He didn't do anything wrong, I just felt like bashing his nuts.

There wasn't really anything he could do about it. I liked hurting his male organs. I don't know why. I didn't feel threatened by him - men are too easy to manipulate to be threatening - so maybe I'm just a sadist. Yeah, maybe that's it.

I remember a couple of times I had him lie naked on his bed. I made him spread his legs then told him to make a fist, and – holding his wrist - I used his limb like a hammer, banging his fist into his own balls.

Sometimes I used weapons. Like once I used his shoes: whapped his nuts really hard a few times with the sole of his size-nine Rockports. Once I actually used a rolling pin, because I thought it would be really funny - you know it's such a cliché and everything, the woman bashing the man with the rolling pin or the frying pan. I think that hurt him probably more than any other object I hit him with; it was a good, solid blow and he was on the kitchen floor for more than an hour, weeping (although I admit every fifteen minutes or so I'd get impatient with his whining and go in to abuse him some more - but just like to kick him in the ass, punch his face a few times, kick him in the gut - I didn't hit his testicles anymore that day).

I think a few times I probably really hurt guys. It's hard to say, though, what sort of impact ball-breaking has. It injures their ego more than anything. That's really therapeutic, when you think about it. Men slap women all the time in the home - they CONSTANTLY bully their wives and lovers. There is no reason why women have to take it. They should take advantage of men's frailties.