Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Girls Next Door

By luigi77

Bob had his mind on something else, or he would have been more careful. Really! He's not that kind of a guy.

He just didn't notice Deanna using her new make-up case, Deanna's birthday present. He accidentally bumped into her and she dropped the case on the playground asphalt, breaking her new mirror - 7 years bad luck, (for Bob).

He didn't even stop or turn around to see her crying, Bob just mumbled 'cuse me and headed into the apartment building, like every other day after school.

Deanna's older sister Laura came over to comfort her and said, "We'll make him pay for that." Their friends gathered around more than willing to help.

Bob had just finished watching some cartoons and was trying to decide which Playstation game to play when Mom called for him to take down the trash. Two bags of trash, one for each hand down and out to the dumpsters.

As he left his apartment, heading for the elevator, Laura emerged from the apartment next-door heading for the elevators in front of Bob. She was two years older than Bob and Deanna and since she went to High school, Bob didn't get to see her on the bus every day like he had for years.

He wanted to see more of her, much more. She now had C cup titties and being a warm day was wearing a sleeveless cotton top, which exposed most of her beautiful chest. He was lost in a search for a panty line, when the elevator doors opened and he followed Laura into the car. She pushed a button, the elevator began it's decent and he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra! Laura's nipples were rock hard and he could see their perfect outline...

"Do you like what you see?" Laura asked (way too seductively to be serious). She had obviously noticed Bob staring for some time now.

"I...uh...sor...sorry," was all Bob could manage and he wondered if she noticed his raging hard-on pushing through his shorts.

At just about that time, the elevator doors began to open and Bob saw this as a perfect escape from an embarrassing situation. He hurried through the doors, only to stop short. This was the basement; he needed to be on the first floor to get out back to the dumpsters.

With one bag of trash in each hand, he pivoted around towards the elevator and was surprised to see Laura blocking the way with a strange smirk on her face. She took a half of a step forward with her shapely left leg, then her right leg became a blur as it rocketed into his exposed groin, lifting him onto his tip-toes and slightly off the concrete floor.

Laura knew she had connected with both of Bob's testicles even before she felt them squish on the top of her sandaled foot. She felt so proud as he curled into a fetal ball at her feet, desperately clutching his swelling manhood and trying to inhale. This was better than she had planned.

Bob was in shock. Confused and in pain, only two sounds registered; the sound of the elevator doors closing in front of him; and the sound of girls giggling behind him.

Deanna and three of her friends emerged from the old housekeepers office across from the elevators. They used it as a playroom after school; as it had a sofa, desk, a couple of over stuffed chairs and a carpet.

Laura grabbed Bob under his arms and the other girls helped to lift and drag him into the playroom. Laura positioned herself behind Bob's head. She sat on the carpet in front of the sofa and pulled Bob towards her.

With his head on Laura's abdomen, Bob's neck was in her crotch and he could feel Laura's pussy was dripping wet. Despite his pain, her was getting hard again. Laura locked her legs over Bob's arms immobilizing his upper body, while the other girls quickly stripped him from the waist down. His cock was pointing at the ceiling, as the girls grabbed his legs pulling them apart and positioning themselves for the best view possible. Deanna knelt down between his legs and looked first at Bob and then at Laura for encouragement.

"Just like I told you,” said Laura, in a slow authoritative voice, like an instructor at school. “Kathy, you get his underwear and get ready.”

Deanna made eye contact with Bob then dropped her gaze to his groin. With one small hand she grabbed his scrotum, encircling it with her fingers. She pulled his balls to the bottom of the bag, using enough pressure that both testicles were clearly visible through the stretched skin. Bob had never been touched by a girl before. He inhaled involuntarily and was lost in the moment. He almost orgasmed.

Deanna then curled her thin fingers around the trapped nutmeat and used her free hand to cover the bottom part of Bob's balls. Without looking up she squeezed both hands at once very hard. His balls squished out between her fingers like small bits of a water balloon. The contrast between her whitening fingers and his darkening red nuts was remarkable.

Bob exhaled all of the air he had sucked in. He made no sound, but had his mouth and eyes wide open.

Laura looked at Kathy and commanded her to act. "Now, stuff in his underwear. Now." Kathy was ready, she had rolled his briefs into a cylinder and now forced them into his mouth deep enough to make Bob gag.

Deanna rolled her hands left and right to see the trapped nuts from different angles, still squeezing. Bob, now tried to scream, but only muffled cries came out as he was forced to inhale much needed oxygen through his nose. Deanna squeezed until her hands got sore, then she eased her grip.

Laura instructed her little sister to hold his balls in the palm of one hand, and punch them with her fist. "Smack, Smack, Splat...that's what you get, Smack, Splat... for breaking my mirror, Smack, Smack, was my new birthday present, Smack, Smack."

Bob had given up on trying to scream, he was sobbing like a baby as Deanna let go and stood up. She kicked his balls squarely; sending them up onto his stomach and watching them slide back down between his legs for the next kick.

"There, that ought to be enough. Let him go," Laura announced to the girls holding his legs.

"But I want a turn," cried Kathy.

"Me, too," chimed the other girls, almost in unison.

"I know, I know. Now get off," Laura said, again using the slow instructor’s tone she used earlier. As the girls reluctantly got up Laura was able to move Bob's head and move her shapely butt up onto the sofa. She continued, "Something else you'll learn about boys and their balls, when you get into High School, is that they loose all of their strength if you hurt them bad enough. You'll all get a turn."

Bob had resumed his fetal curl, trying to hide his battered balls in the center of the carpet. When Kathy rolled him onto his back and easily forced her hands under Bob's, grabbing both his cock in one hand and his balls in her other hand. Kathy then stood up, lifting Bob's ass off the ground to the height of her knees, before releasing him to thud on the floor.

Bob began to curl back into a ball, when another girl grabbed both of his ankles. She stood up, lifting his legs, as he rolled flat on his face. She saw his balls dangling unprotected down towards the carpet, steadied herself and began to kick him repeatedly. The top of her foot curled neatly along the round part of his lower abdomen. Each rhythmic kick sent a fleshy 'Splat' sounding off of the bare walls, until her arms got tired and she dropped his legs unceremoniously.

He was unable or unwilling to move. His legs spread enough for his balls to be seen protruding out from under his ass. Another girl walked up between his legs slipped off her sandal and stepped firmly on his nuts. She giggled as his balls squeezed between her little toes.

As Deanna made eye contact with her sister Laura said, "Come on, or we'll be late for supper."

Deanna, hesitated, but knew Laura was right as always.

As they stood in the elevator Deanna could see her three friends in the playroom with a softly moaning Bob. Taking turns lifting him off of the basement floor by just his balls, trying to see who could lift him the highest and laughing loudly.

She turned to her big sister and thanked her for her first lesson in punishing boys by their balls; but somehow Deanna knew that this would not be...

...The End

Bar Fight

By luigi77

He was just some drunken asshole, but his unrelenting comments and interruptions got to Kelley. She was here at the Stumble Inn celebrating her friend’s birthday, not looking for companionship. The anonymous drunk was attracted to her large breasts, shown quite clearly through her white sleeveless top. Hey, it was summer and she could wear whatever she wanted.

Now she turned towards him, determined to end the abuse by giving him a little of her own. She stepped one pace to her left to place him directly in front of her, then launched the last inch of beer in her glass directly into his eyes. It worked perfectly; he stood up straight and raised his hands to his face. Kelley stepped forward with her left leg and brought her right foot back for a full swing. She concentrated her aim at the bottom of his zipper as she kicked her right shin up and through his crotch.

Kelley's shin fit snug in between his legs. She caught both balls, leaving them no escape. She connected so hard and fast that I swear I saw his feet leave the ground. He was in shock; mouth agape, no words, no scream, just the hoarse whisper of air escaping his lungs. He tried to fall forward but Kelley caught his shoulders and held him up.

Kelley took his beer mug and placed both his and her glass on the bar. I thought it was all over but she grabbed his shirt and lectured him as he tried to inhale. As she pushed him from side to side, his feet spread to regain his balance and his hands left his bruised balls to hold on to her arms. Big mistake. Kelley was waiting for this and slammed her knee into his balls as hard as I ever have seen anybody get kneed. She again brought her leg behind her, building speed and looking down, she concentrated on her target. He went up on his toes and staggered a few steps but she kept him standing. Then she let go of his shirt and stepped back.

The drunk was hunched over forward, cupping his balls and babbling incoherently. He moved slightly left and right searching for his balance, while his head hung down looking at the floor. Kelley began punching his face, closed-fist uppercuts to his eyes. It worked perfectly.

As he lifted his hands to ward off the blows, she went for his exposed balls. He doubled over holding himself and she would hold his shoulders to help him remain standing. This went on for an eternity. Punches to his face. A foot to his balls. Kelley's foot actually went between his legs as he hunched over and the top of her foot, the bottom of her leg curved nicely to smash his testicles.

I kept wishing him to go down, end the cycle, and he finally did. She tried to catch him, but he was much larger then Kelley and down he went to all fours - like a dog. There was a collective gasp through out the bar and I realized that we were all captivated by the spectacle. Then somebody began clapping their hands and we all applauded shouting "Yeah", "Alright"...

Kelley turned to see everybody cheering and self-consciously blushed but did not disappear into the crowd. As the noise settled down someone said, "Look, he's getting away". And sure enough, he was crawling away between two tables. Kelley took a couple of steps after him, planted her left leg and swung her right foot between his thighs from behind. Both of his knees lifted off of the floor as what remained of his manhood was again flattened against his abdomen. He curled into a fetal ball under one of the tables and rocked slowly to and fro.

Kelley later explained to her friends, next to me at the bar, how she had several brothers both older and younger than her. As she grew up with them and their friends, she learned how to keep up the pressure until she was sure that they couldn't fight back. She said that she preferred to grab balls, rather than to kick them, as she could then increase or decrease the abuse at will, talking to her foe as he submitted... and he always submitted.

Week Of Service

By Logan

NOTE: This is a story I posted on a Yahoo club a while back, but I thought I'd share it here, too.

A number of years ago, back in my college days, I was rooming with my best friend and his girlfriend, Sherry. Sherry was best friends with my girlfriend, Kim. Kim was well aware that she could get as rough as she liked with me, though it wasn't a Domme/sub type relationship - we were all young and experimenting.

My best friend was in the Army Reserve, and to make a long story short, Kim asked me to take my weeks vacation during the time he was gone.

The four of us had been on more double dates then I could count, including skinny-dipping, and we weren't a very modest household - Sherry didn't think anything of walking in while I was in the shower, and vice versa.

Apparently Kim and Sherry had talked about the fact that I let Kim play rough with me (kicking and hitting my balls, slapping and stepping on my cock, etc.) and Sherry was intrigued, but her boyfriend wasn't into it. So Kim suggested she try it out on me. Kim had long wanted to let other girls do some of these things to me, but didn't have any friends that she thought would be OK with it, so she and Sherry came to an arrangement where Sherry would invite a few of her friends that she thought would be OK with it over.

I spent the week naked, waiting on Kim and Sherry and whatever other girls were over at any given time (there were a total of 6 girls involved off and on, including Kim and Sherry) hand and foot. Needless to say, the girls went out of their way to keep me hard both through dressing as skimpy and sexy as they could and through direct manipulation. After a few hours when I started developing blue balls, I tried to hide it, but they caught on and decided to actively try and see how bad they could make it.

By day 3, it hurt just to walk. Kim suggested they call all the girls and set up that night for a party. They took 2 spinners from "Twister" games and made new categories - on one, they listed "stand, kneel, sit, lay face up, lay face down" with 2 for stand, sit and kneel and the other they divided into 8 areas, and alternated "cock" and "balls" on it. The girls then took turns spinning - first they'd spin the "posture" spinner and I'd have to do whatever it pointed to. Then they'd spin the cock and balls spinner to find out what part of me they'd get to use as a target and finally they'd spin the posture spinner to see how they had to be when they did whatever they chose to do.

For instance: Sherry spun and got "stand" so she had me stand with my legs spread. She then spun and got "balls". Then she spun again and got "kneel" so she kneeled in front of me and punched me hard in the balls. Then Amy spun and got "sit" and "cock" and "stand" so she had me sit with my legs spread, stood over me and rubbed her foot on my cock until it was good and hard, then stomped down on it. You can imagine some of the creative things they came up with because of the different "stand, sit kneel and lay" combinations. By the end of the evening (it seemed much longer, but they only played for about 5 hours) my balls were swollen and bruised black and blue and I had numerous bruises on my cock. Kim then had me masturbate so she could prove she wasn't lying when she had told them I could shoot 4 to 6 feet when I cum, and having had such a bad case of blue balls for so long, I easily out did myself.

When it was time for everyone to go home, Sherry had me get on my hands and knees facing the door, and her friends all got one last kick to my balls if they wanted before they left. None of them declined.

Then Kim put a small (1.5 inch) ball stretcher on me so my balls would be pulled out and vulnerable, and had me sleep between Sherry and her in a double bed, tied down on my back, saying that with 4 legs and 4 arms, my balls should end up taking a pounding all night given their exposure (and they did).

I left out a lot, but that's the basic story :)


Christina and Logan (part 1)

By Logan

This is part one of the true story of my introduction to the BB fetish.


Any and all other comments welcome. This is "part one" so let me know if you want to hear the rest of the story.

My introduction to ballbusting came at the hands (and feet!) of a girl named Christina when I was 15. She was my age, just a few months younger, and she had a reputation for liking to go for a guy’s balls pretty much at any opportunity. Since she and I were friends, she never had an excuse to go after mine, a fact that was much regretted by me.

We lived across town from each other, so anytime we got together, it had to be set up in advance. I won’t bore you with the details, but the long story short was we managed to arrange for me to spend a weekend at her house – this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, we were just friends, and had little interest in dating each other. Well – she had no interest in me; I had quite a bit of interest in her.

We went to her house after school, and got changed into more comfortable clothes, me into a t-shirt and athletic shorts, and she into short shorts and a tank top. Christina had been an “early bloomer” and had ample breasts (38DD I later learned) that she loved to tease guys with – not me, to my disappointment, but other guys, leaning over in front of them and the like. That was why it was such a shock to see her come out of her room in the tank top – around me, she always wore a bra and a t-shirt, at very least, so to see her in a tank top and very obviously no bra should have immediately tipped me off that something was up – should have. I was already on the couch, with my legs stretched out, and I expected her to go sit on the loveseat, but instead she flopped down on the other end of the couch, and we started looking for something to watch on TV. She would re-arrange herself on the couch every 2-3 minutes, obstinately trying to get more comfortable, but every time she did, I was treated to the sight of her breasts bouncing and jiggling. I was so enjoying the show that I didn’t think about how obvious my hard on must be through the thin fabric of my shorts until it was too late.

“What’s that?” she asked. I knew immediately what she was referring to, and was so embarrassed that I opted to play dumb.

“What’s what?” I asked, glancing around the room as if I was trying to see whatever it was she was asking about. I thought about trying to rearrange myself, but didn’t want to make my predicament any more apparent by trying to conceal it. Christina, however, did rearrange so that her feet were in front of her, between my legs, with her knees pressed to her chest.

“That,” she said.

“What?” I continued to play dumb.

“This!” She slammed her left heel into my hard-on, while using her right leg to keep my free leg from closing on the other (my right leg had been against the back cushions of the couch, with my left dangling off the couch onto the floor)

“Ooof!” I said, or grunts to that effect.

“Oh, you’re hard! And look at that!” she said, and I looked. Because of the way I was sitting, when her heel had hit my cock, it had pushed the fabric up as she dug her heel in, and my balls had fallen out of the right leg hole of my shorts. “Your balls are hanging out!” she giggled as she slammed the ball of her right foot into my exposed nuts, where she started pressing and grinding with both feet on their respective targets.

“Uh…errrrrgh…mmffffff,” was my pithy reply.

“I can’t believe you. You must have been sneaking looks at my tits. I didn’t know you were such a pervert! Watch TV,” she instructed, leaving her feet where they were, but ending the pushing and grinding.

“OK, ok – I’m sorry. Can you move your feet?”

“No.” And to emphasize it, she started pressing and grinding again for just a few seconds. I shut up, and tried to concentrate on watching TV. It wasn’t easy, because every so often, she’d grind her heel into my cock, or gas-pedal my balls, or grab at them with her toes and pull at them. For over 2 hours, she used her feet to torment my cock and balls in this way, as well as keeping my dick hard.

“What happens if your mom comes home from work and sees us like this?” I asked. Christina’s mom was a single mom – and attractive and built like her daughter.

“Mom’s out of town for the weekend – she’ll be back Monday,” she said with a little grin. “It’s just me...” She jabbed her heel into my cock. “…and you…” With a little kick to my balls for emphasis. “…all weekend.” And with that, she started alternating little kicks into my crotch. First she’d pull her left foot back a bit, then slam her heel into the mid-section of my cock, then she’d pull her right foot back and slam the ball of her foot into my balls. After 3-4 of each, I started hoping she’d get tired of this game soon. After 5 or 6, I started to move my hands to my crotch.

“Move your hands!” she commanded, and with that, she locked her knees so her legs were out straight. With her back braced again the arm of the couch she was leaning on, and my back against the other arm, quite a bit of pressure was being put on my tender parts by her feet. I quickly moved my hands and she went back to alternating kicks. By the time she got to 15 or so of the little double kicks, I was in agony.

“How long are you going to do that? It’s killing me!”

“It can’t be that bad” she said, locking her left knee, so that there was intense pressure on my cock “Your little dick is still all hard,” she said. I blushed. She locked her right knee, crushing my battered balls. Christina was much more experienced sexually then I was, so she was a lot more comfortable using certain words, like dick, in mixed company then I was. Knowing she was more experienced also meant that I believed her when she said it was little.

“Is there anything I can do to get you to stop?” I begged.

“Stop doing what? This?” she asked then launched a flurry of the little kicks, delivering 10 or 12 kicks with each of her feet before locking her knees back out straight.

“Yeah, that,” I groaned

“Hmmmm. Let’s see.” She pretended to think hard for a moment. “Well, I know that if you make a promise, I can trust you to keep it, so if you promise me that you’ll strip naked, and stay that way all weekend here, and that you’ll do everything I say without question, then I’ll stop for now.”

“That doesn’t seem like much of a deal! You might start again later!” I said, secretly loving the idea, but not wanting to seem like it.

“Well, it’s either that or I keep it up from now until I get tired, your choice,” she said with an ‘I’m playing hardball here’ tone in her voice.

“OK, fine, I’ll do it,” I sighed.

“Say you promise.”

“I promise”

“No, say ‘I promise I’ll stay here and naked all weekend, and do whatever Christina says.”

“I promise I’ll stay here and naked all weekend, and do whatever Christina says.”

“Even let me hit your balls if I feel like it.”


“No, say it. Say ‘I promise I’ll even let Christina hit my dick or balls anytime she feels like it,” she insisted.

“I promise I’ll even let Christina hit my dick or balls anytime she feels like it,” I said, not realizing that she’d set me up to make a promise that extended to forever, rather then just the weekend, though I’d have happily made it even if she’d made it clear.

“OK!” she said, unlocking her knees. “Now close your eyes, and I’m going to kick those little nuts as hard as I can!” she said, pulling her right foot as far back as she could, using her left foot to keep my hard-on pinned back out of the way.

I affected a stricken, defeated look, sighed, and closed my eyes. But the kick never came.

“Nah, I’ll do that a lot, but later!” she tittered then moved her left heel off my dick. “I’ve got to go get something, be naked when I get back, or else!” and with that she bounced off to her bedroom. I hurriedly shucked my clothes off.


Sable vs. Val Venis

by Lido

For months, Sable has been the toast of the pro wrestling world, acknowledged by her adoring fans as the sexiest wrestler in the WWF. Her face and figure have appeared in wrestling magazines, posters and even Playboy. But as her fame has grown, so have the petty jealousies of the other wrestlers. Many of the female wrestlers have challenged Sable, hoping to gain the title of sexiest wrestler by defeating the curvaceous blonde in the ring. And now, even the male wrestlers are challenging Sable.

A newcomer from the world of porn has entered the WWF, by the name of Val Venis. He's a well-sculpted stud, weighing 245 pounds, with the type of body that makes most women swoon. With his rugged looks, athletic body and massive genitals, Val claims to be the sexiest wrestler in the WWF.

There's been a war of words for weeks between these two WWF stars, concerning who is the sexiest wrestler. Val challenges Sable to a no-holds-barred submission match, and she accepts.

Sable enters the ring first, wearing sexy white shorts with a matching spandex top that accentuates her ample breasts and exposes her bare midriff. The crowd goes wild, and Sable urges them on, placing her hands on the back of her head and gyrating her hips in a sensuous grind.

Val enters the ring to the boos of the crowd, and counters with several pelvic thrusts in Sable's direction. Sable is not impressed.

The bell rings and the wrestlers approach one another. Val aggressively dominates the match for several minutes, to the dismay of the crowd. He repeatedly whips Sable into the corner, causing her back to crash into the turnbuckle. Then, Val delivers a full suplex, slamming Sable to the mat. It appears that he could easily pin Sable, but instead he rips her spandex top from her body. Sable is reduced to a lacy white bra, which barely holds her womanly chest. Val struts around the ring, his back turned away from Sable, holding the torn top for the raucous crowd to see. Val plans to subject Sable to further humiliations, and is positive that he can force his weaker opponent to submit at any time.

Unknown to Val, an angered Sable manages to rise to her feet and slowly approaches the larger male. Just as Val turns around to face Sable, she delivers a devastating kick to the crotch. Val clutches his wounded balls and doubles over at the waist. Sable clutches Val by the head, and delivers her famous "Sable Bomb". Val's head is driven into the canvas, leaving him unconscious. Sable rolls Val onto his back and could easily pin him. But unfortunately, this is a submission match, which cannot end with a pin. The match only ends if a competitor verbally submits, and Sable's unconscious male opponent cannot speak. While Val slowly regains his senses, Sable works the crowd, doing her trademark grind.

"Well Val, are you ready to submit?" Val shakes his head defiantly, so Sable grabs his ankles to spread Val's legs apart, and grinds her heel into his crotch. A pained look crosses Val's face as he slams his arm against the mat. The ref asks Val if he submits, but he still shakes his head. Sable releases his ankles, then delivers a quick kick to the jewels. Val presses his knees together and rolls around the mat, while Sable prances around the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Val holds his crotch with his left hand, then grabs the ropes with his right arm to help him struggle to his feet. Sable takes advantage of the situation, and hooks Val’s arms into the ropes, rendering her opponent helpless. Val struggles to release his arms from the ropes, but without success. Val is standing with his back against the ropes, and his arms extended, hooked into the ropes. Sable turns her back on Val, and grinds her hips while rubbing her torso and legs. The crowd goes wild, and begins chanting "bust his balls, bust his balls". Sable turns toward Val, rubbing her breasts and body while grinding at Val. Then, she saunters toward Val, eyeing his crotch. Val looks fearful, and pleads with Sable, but to no avail. She delivers a hard knee to the balls. Val's arms become dislodged from the ropes, and he sinks to the mat, holding his aching nuts. Again, Val is rolling around on the mat, trying to alleviate the pain in his balls. Still, he refuses to submit.

Val is holding and protecting his groin, and Sable is unable to continue her assault on his manhood. So, Sable ponders a new course of attack. She stands above Val, hands on hips, with one leg on either side of his head. Val rolls onto his back, and stares upward at Sable's crotch and chest. Then, Sable lowers herself onto Val's face and grinds her pussy against his mouth and nose, cutting off his air supply. After several minutes, Val is left unconscious on his back. Sable rises and circles her opponent, contemplating her next move.

She stops at Val's feet and bends down, grabbing his wrestling shorts with both hands. To the cheers of the crowd, Sable pulls the shorts off of Val's body, exposing his massive cock and swollen balls. Val is still unconscious, so Sable continues to circle his naked body, eyeing his exposed crotch and rubbing her turned-on body. After several minutes, Val begins to regain consciousness and Sable prepares for her finishing move.

Sable removes her bra as the stunned crowd goes wild. Her massive tits and rock-hard nipples bounce uncontrollably as Sable struts around Val's prone body. Then, she stops at Val's head, facing his crotch; standing above him with hands on hips, with one leg on either side of his head. Val regains his senses, and stares upward at Sable's cute little ass while Sable stares at Val's growing cock. Finally, she lowers herself onto Val's prone body, straddling his chest and leaning forward toward his crotch.

Sable reaches out with her right hand and grabs Val by the balls, pulling his sore nuts upward and wrapping her left hand around his scrotum beneath his balls before releasing her right hand. Sable keeps her left hand wrapped tightly around Val's scrotum, thereby holding his tender jewels so they are totally exposed above her left fist. Val responds by slapping Sable's ass cheeks, which are within a foot of his face, but she refuses to release her grip. Instead, Sable positions herself so that her breasts hang down around Val's sore nuts, with his tightly held scrotum resting between her tits. Then, Sable begins shaking her shoulders, causing her ass to wiggle and her breasts to jiggle, slapping against Val's tender testicles. Val spanks Sable's ass frantically, but to no avail. For several minutes, Sable continues to hold Val's balls in this vulnerable position and jiggle her tits, each breast slapping against an exposed testicle with every movement of her shoulders.

Ordinarily, this maneuver would not be enough to cause a well-conditioned, prideful man to submit. But because of the abuse that Sable has already inflicted on his crotch during the match, Val is in no condition to continue. His nuts are so sore and held in such a vulnerable position that any pressure sends shooting pain throughout his balls. After several minutes of tit slapping, Val is ready to submit. The porn stud waves to the ref and frantically submits, giving in to his beautiful female competitor.

The bell rings, Sable releases his balls, and rises to the cheers of the crowd. The ref raises her hand in victory while Val holds his balls in defeat. The crowd goes wild as the topless Sable performs a victory grind. All eyes are fixed on the beautiful blonde ballbuster, who used her feminine attributes as weapons against her well-hung male opponent. Even Val can't help but stare upward at the victorious vixen as he lays on the mat, recovering from the brutal ballbusting that Sable has inflicted upon him. Val can't believe that he has lost to a woman, and been publicly humiliated in the process. Much to his relief, Val's massive cock springs to life and he achieves an erection. He lost the match, but at least he can continue his porn career.

Sable promptly notices his hard cock, and instantly she gets wet. Unable to resist the urgings of her pussy, Sable slowly removes her white wrestling shorts and her white lace panties. The crowd goes wild at the sight of the naked babe, who performs a nude grind for Val. The pain in his balls subsides enough for the porn stud to get to his knees. The aroused Sable approaches the defeated man, whose face is level with her pussy. Then, she spreads her legs apart and pulls his face into her crotch.

"You'd better make me a happy woman. If this isn't the best orgasm of my life, I'll kick your balls again." Val knows that Sable means business, and that he is in no position to argue. So, he obediently begins to lick her pussy and suck her enlarged clit. Moans of approval soon follow, and within seconds, a flood of female juices gushes from Sable's pussy.

After several minutes and a second orgasm, Sable suddenly closes her legs and walks away from Val to a corner of the ring where she leans against the ropes and spreads her legs while standing. Sable points her beautiful butt in Val's direction, as if presenting her pussy for rear entry, and looks over her shoulder at Val, giving him a come-hither look. Confident that Sable is now putty in his hands, a cocky Val begins to rise from the canvas. Suddenly, Sable turns and runs toward Val, breasts jiggling. She plants her left foot in the center of the ring, and delivers a devastating kick to the balls with her right instep. Val doubles over and clutches his aching balls, with a painful look on his face.

As he slowly sinks to the canvas, Val asks "Why?"

Sable smiles and responds, "That was a good orgasm, but it wasn't the best." The crowd cheers wildly. The buxom ballbuster leaves the arena to cheers of "Sable, Sable, Sable", while the humiliated Val is left in the ring, holding his aching balls.

Me and My Girlfriend

By kneemynuts

Everything thing below is true. However, I changed the names to protect the innocent and so my girlfriend doesn't rip my balls off (no more fun if they're gone, right?). This is kinda a long story, so if you have time, go right ahead. Enjoy!

It's my senior year of college, and I'm ready to finish my schooling (school is getting old, ya know?). I'm not really interested in a girlfriend but, according to my friends, some girls are interested in me. Being a 5'11", 165-pound African-American man with a shaved head attending a predominantly white college, I was surprised to hear this from my friends.

One night, I was bored as hell because it was one of those rare nights I didn't have any work to do. My roommates inform me that there is a girl they want me to meet in one of our friend's apartment. I go inside and there she was, a very cute Asian girl. Her name is Sharry (remember I changed the names), a tiny girl, very long black hair, kinda small breasts, but her legs and butt more than made up for that. That night, we had a blast. We were laughing the whole night and shooting the breeze like we knew each other for years. She seemed perfect for me but, at the time, I didn't want a girlfriend.

However, after I fought it long enough, I asked Sharry to be my girlfriend and she accepted. During the time I was trying not to have a girlfriend, I attempted to get her to kick me in the balls but she wouldn't do it. Since I didn't think I could trust her yet, I didn't even consider telling her I liked it. But I kept asking and she kept rejecting the idea.

A few days after I asked to make us official, the fun began. I finally got the balls (no pun intended) to tell her that it really turns me on when females kick me in the balls, especially with heels on. She told me it would take a while for her to do it because she was afraid to hurt me. (I found out later that night that she was on the Maryland state soccer championship team in high school... that was last year.) Much to my surprise, that very night, she experimented with a knee to the balls. And she didn't stop with just one, she kneed me several times and she had the dominant attitude. Holy shit, what a turn-on!

One specific night, she invited me over, telling me she had a surprise. I, being extremely busy with work and just not a huge thinker, didn't even think about what the surprise was. So I went over and she was waiting outside for me. Although it was cold out, she had on the sexiest tight miniskirt, her black heels and I couldn't see her top because she had on a coat. As we went to her dorm room, I had the biggest boner and all the residents in the all-girls dorm she lived in looked at me and chuckled a little. Anyway, we got to her room and she took off her coat to reveal a lacy see-thru top.

"Do you like what you see," Sharry asked.

"I love it!"

"What else do you want me to do?" she winked.

"Anything you want. I'm yours."

Then she walked up to me, shaking those sexy hips of hers, slowly placed her hands on my shoulders and drilled me in the balls with a thunderous knee. I groaned and hung my head a little but I refused to go down after one knee, as much as it hurt. She placed her knee between my legs and right under my balls gently but she nudged my chin up so that my eyes met hers and she gave me a "don't fuck with me" look. I was extremely turned on! Then she smacked me across the face harshly and kneed me again, harder this time, and it was a huge struggle just to stay standing.

She pushed my chin up again and whispered, "On your knees, little man." This was ironic since I'm about 8 or 9 inches taller than she is, but I didn't argue. I got down on my knees in front of her and she continued, "So you like these heels, huh? Are they sexy?" I responded with a nod, and she smacked me again, screaming, "ANSWER ME!"

All I could manage was, "Uh-huh." She then tapped the inside of my thighs to get me to spread my legs a little more and she rubbed the instep of her high-heeled foot on my package. She pulled my chin up again so she could look into my eyes and then, without warning, she snapped a kick into my balls. It wasn't even close to being as hard as she could kick, but it hurt like hell so I went to cover my battered balls.

Before my hands even got there, Sharry yelled, "MOVE YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS, DAVE!!" I immediately did as I was told, and she rewarded me with another kick, a little harder this time. I bent over into fetal position and felt like I was gonna puke. She just walked around me and I could hear her laughing at me and her heels clicking on the floor.

After a couple minutes that felt like seconds, she said, "Ok, that's enough rest. Spread 'em."

"Sharry, baby, I don't think I can. Thank you for--"

Before I could finish, she grabbed the front of my shirt, and said in a stern voice, "I'm not finished with you. Now spread your damn legs before I get angry." I nodded my head and did as I was commanded.

She again rubbed her foot on my cock and balls, and said, "Look at me, Dave." As soon as I looked up, she kicked me, harder than the previous kicks, with the toe of her heels, seemingly hitting both of my balls. I let out a huge groan, and then I fell silent because I didn't have the air to say anything further.

Sharry's attitude suddenly changed from dominance to fear. She said, "Oh my god, sweetie, are you ok?"

I looked up at her with a half smile, and whispered (that was all I could manage) "Never better, babe." After a while, I got up and Sharry and I "finished" the rest of that intense night.

THE END...??

Well, that's all I have now, but tell me how the story was, and if it didn't suck too much, I'll tell you more.

The Punishment Room

by KneeMe2

Jon was 15. He had recently been transferred to the J. Spencer School where they had a novel method of punishment. Jon was about to find out what this was.

The story starts in a science lesson on a Wednesday morning. The teacher was very dry and boring, and some of the pupils’ eyes were glazed over. Jon was surprised though how everyone continued to look at the board and pay attention. At his last school, with a teacher like that, they’d be chatting, passing notes, chewing gum...

After another quarter of an hour of this boring waffle, Jon thought he’d liven things up a bit. He started folding a paper dart under the desk glancing occasionally around to check the teacher wasn’t looking. The boy next to him saw what he was doing and shook his head "no", but Jon thought he was soft, and finished the dart anyway.

Finally it was ready, and choosing his moment, as the teacher had his back to the class writing, Jon threw the dart. It hit the teacher on the back of his head.

"Who was that?" bellowed the teacher. He’d caught the general direction of the dart out of the corner of his eye and looked towards Jon. In his old school Jon would be safe. All the boys would stick together. No one would squeal.

"It was the new boy sir," said the boy who had seen him. He turned to Jon and whispered "sorry." The teacher frowned and stared at Jon for a few moments.

"Get to the punishment room now". He motioned to the prefects sitting at the side of the room and they escorted Jon to the punishment room, telling him to be quiet whenever he asked questions about what was going to happen. After a minute they arrived and walked up to the reception desk.

"You must be Jon. Mr. Brown’s just phoned through." Jon was a little nervous; he was expecting a shouting at, and maybe some extra work, but was totally unprepared for what was to come.

"Strip and get changed into these," said the receptionist as she handed him some shorts. "And you’ll need to take off your underpants as well." Jon was a little shocked, but looking at the burly guard standing next to the desk realized he had little choice. He went to the changing room and did as he was told. The shorts were gray and seem to have some kind of Velcro fly that went all the way underneath.

He came back to the waiting room and sat nervously. That was when he heard the screams from the punishment room. The receptionist continued working on her computer and didn’t even look up. Five minutes later the door opened to the punishment room and a boy limped out being escorted by an assistant. He was sobbing and holding his groin. A woman in a doctor’s outfit followed him. She looked at Jon and walked over to the receptionist and picked up a chart.

"...and the boy’s a first timer. Well that’s a bit harsh. Still, Jack maybe right, it’s better to punish them right the first time so they never do it again." She looked at Jon. "Follow me Jon". Jon got up and followed her into the room. The lighting was subdued. There was a control panel at one side and in a spotlight, a reclined black chair. It reminded Jon of the dentist and he started getting even more nervous than he was already.

"Sit in the chair please," the ‘doctor’ ordered. Jon hesitated. "Go on! I’m sure I don’t have to call the guard do I?" the doctor insisted. Jon slowly lowered himself into the chair.

"Hands on the rests please." He put his hands on the rests, and instantly two metal cuffs locked his hands in to place. At the same time, two cuffs locked his feet in place. Shortly afterwards a larger band slowly came round his chest. He struggled a bit, but realized it was futile.

Covered metal plates now locked around both thighs fixing his legs in place. He was completely secured except for his head, which was free to move.

The doctor pressed another button and Jon felt his knees being pushed apart. He tried to resist but it was hopeless. He looked down as he felt something very strange happening near his groin. Something was opening the Velcro seal to his shorts. Next he could feel something pushing into his shorts. It was probing his genitals, and even though he was scared and embarrassed, it still felt nice, and he felt himself getting a little erect. The machine finally located and separated both testicles, and clamped around them.

"This is your first time to the punishment room, so I’m going to explain what is going to happen," said the doctor. She turned a dial at the control panel, and Jon felt the clamps squash his balls slightly. It was only a subtle movement, but enough for him to feel a dull ache. "I’m sorry if that’s a bit uncomfortable. I find that a little pain helps boys focus on what I’m saying."

"Mr. Brown has sent you down here to learn some respect. The best way for us to teach you the respect is to give you something to fear. Next to death, pain is what we fear most, and that is what you are going to experience now. When we started this program, we wanted to find an easy way of inflicting the most pain with minimal effort, and without causing permanent damage. What better choice than to use boy’s testicles. Easily accessible, and as you will find out in a moment, extremely sensitive. So, we created the chair you are sitting in now. It can squeeze your testicles at a range of settings. What you are feeling now is level 1," she indicated a large display panel. "Each increase in level doubles the pain. Allow me to demonstrate."

Jon was really scared now, anticipating the increase. It came like a bolt of lightning. He felt like he had been punched hard in the balls, but this was continued pressure. Sweat appeared on Jon’s forehead and he grit his teeth. It was extremely painful, but he could still just maintain his composure.

After what seemed like minutes, but seeing the clock on the wall was only a few seconds, the pressure was let up. Instant relief. The dull pain was still there but it was so good to be free of the intense squeeze. He had developed a small erection.

"Normally first timers only go up to level 3, but Mr. Brown must’ve been having a bad day today. He wants me to take you to level 4."

"But I didn’t do anything wrong!" Jon burst out, scared. The doctor turned the dial to three and pushed the button. Jon felt the pain increase as he strained at the chest belt. He let out a short yell, and the button was released.

"Did I ask you if you did?" Jon remained silent, holding back a sob.

"Now this is what will happen. I’m going to program the chair to take you up to level 4... slowly, as it is your first time. It will stay at level 4 for one minute. Do not worry about crying out. All boys cry out." She punched a few buttons and the program times came up on the panel:

Level 1: 20 sec

Level 2: 20 sec

Level 3: 20 sec

Level 4: 60 sec

She pressed a final button and Jon felt the device contract. This was followed by the dull ache. The counter ticked down from 20 to 0 and then he exhaled and tensed as the second level of pressure was applied. Again he could handle it, but the fear was growing of what was coming next. Level 3 hit him just as hard as last time, even though he knew it was coming. The pain was agonizing, but after the initial yell he found he could just maintain composure, although he was sweating profusely, and breathing rapidly through gritted teeth.

Through the tears he saw the counter get closer to level 4. 5... 4... 3...

"Please stop it!" Jon cried out, but the doctor just shook her head as the counter reached zero and the device made its final compression.

Jon screamed out. This time he had no hope of fighting the pain. It took over his whole body. It was so intense he couldn’t think straight. It didn’t even have a focus; it literally felt like his whole body was being crushed. That was the longest minute of Jon’s life. His mind screaming to try anything to stop the pain, but it was futile. He screamed, trying to beg for the machine to be stopped, but what he said was incomprehensible.

After the minute was up, the machine detached itself from Jon’s organs fastening the Velcro before disappearing into the chair. Jon’s head was forward and he was openly sobbing. One by one the restraints retracted and Jon fell crouched over moving his hands to his groin.

The door opened and an assistant came in to help Jon out of the room. He was still in a lot of pain, and it took him a while to dress himself. He had to return straight to class, and everyone watched him as is limped, with a tear-stained face, back into his chair. He was in pain, and embarrassed. He knew that the whole class knew what had happened to him.

That was the last paper dart he threw, but it wasn’t his last visit to the punishment room...

After his first visit to the Punishment Room, Jon had been very careful to follow the rules, and behave in class. Part of his not wanting to make a mistake got him his next visit to the room…

It was a week later, in English. He had got a small assignment back, but missed the instructions the teacher gave about writing out spelling corrections. He started to ask the boy next to him, Josh, what to do, but the teacher had spotted him, and both boys had been sent to the Punishment room.

As before, Jon had to change into the adapted shorts with the Velcro access for the ball-crushing machine. Both boys sat in the waiting area. Josh showed a mixture of fear and hate for Jon for getting him in this situation.

Jon was expecting to be called into the room first, but when the ‘doctor’ came out she called both boys in. Jon hadn’t noticed before, that the ‘doctor’ was quite attractive. She was in her early thirties, and under her lab coat he caught a glimpse of her shear stockings running up very shapely athletic legs. She turned her head back to check the boys were following her, her jet-black hair swinging round like a shampoo commercial. Jon was beginning to think that she was actually quite hot.

Jon snapped out of his fantasy as he got into the room being surprised to see two chairs facing each other. He was very reluctant to sit and put himself in the position to receive agonizing pain, and the ‘doctor’ had to call security into the room. On seeing the two large men, Jon relented and sat, to be instantly secured to the chair by covered-metal straps. Josh was already in position, and his testicle-compressing device already surrounded his genitals. Jon felt the Velcro strip on his shorts being opened, and soon his manhood was held fast by the machine.

The doctor came between he boys with a remote. She activated Level 1 compression and both boys winced feeling the all-familiar pain between the legs; the dull ache that begins to travel into your stomach and make you feel a bit nauseous.

"Both of you have visited me before, so I’m sure you remember that I like inducing a little discomfort while I’m talking, so I know you’ll be focused," said the doctor. She reached behind her and pulled out two more remotes. She carefully placed one under the hand of each boy instructing them not to touch them.

"Now boys, Mrs. Stoke tells me you were both talking during her lesson. One of you must have started it, and I’ll leave you to figure out whom, so you can tell me when I return. The remotes in front of you will activate levels 2 and 3 on each other’s chairs for 30 seconds. In total each level must be activated 3 times on either chair by the time I return, or I will give each of you 2 minutes of Level 4. Now sort it out!" She left the room closing the door.

"You idiot, why did you talk to me?" said Josh sounding a little frightened more than angry.

"I wanted to get my work right," replied Jon.

"Well, you obviously deserve the punishment," stated Josh and pressed the Level 3 button on his remote. Jon yelled, and his body tensed as the initial stabbing pain grew into the sickening pain that sprang from his groin through his whole body. This was much worse than he remembered from last time, and he moaned and took short breaths through his clenched teeth. However strong you feel, and however certain you are that you can take pain, nothing can prepare you for the intensity of pain a ball crush produces. There is nothing you can do to come to terms with the pain, nothing you can think to take your mind off it. It takes over your whole body, your thoughts. Nothing matters but the cessation of the pain. Through his agony, Jon looked to Josh. He seemed to be enjoying watching Jon suffer. Jon summoned all his strength and focused on pressing the Level 3 button on his pad.

A computerized voice spoke: "Compression in progress. Unable to accept additional commands." He pressed a few more times, but from the look on Josh’s face, it wasn’t working.

A few seconds later, the compression stopped. Jon, with the pain lessened, began to relax his muscles. In that split second of relief, Josh made his move and pressed the Level 3 button again.

Jon yelled, half from pain, and half from being so stupid letting Josh press before him. The sickening agony returned and tears welled in his eyes. He was in severe pain, but had just enough free will to begin to hate Josh.

He watched the counter on the display panel count down. Jon felt terrible; the colour had drained from him. He was shaking, sweating. The agonizing, sickening pain was so terrible; he couldn’t imagine anything worse. He desperately wanted it to stop. He would do anything for it to stop. He would almost rather be dead than continue to suffer this torture. Still he clung on to the hatred. Josh would pay for this. This time, Jon would be ready.

Josh was in relative comfort. His heart was racing, as he knew he also had to press the button first. He was enjoying seeing Jon get the punishment, after all it was his fault they were both here.

The counter was almost at zero.

"Compression in progress. Unable to accept additional commands," came the voice.

But Jon hadn’t pressed his button… Josh had pressed early and been locked out. The counter hit zero and Jon pressed Level 3.

Now it was Josh’s turn. He yelled and bent as far forward as his restraints would allow. Jon, still in pain was none-the-less relieved that the compression of his balls had stopped. He was also glad to be getting his own back on Josh. Half of him enjoyed seeing the short, blond-haired boy writhing in testicular pain opposite him, the other half felt sorry, and angry that he’d been put in this position. The end of the thirty seconds was drawing near. Jon saw Josh was crying openly

"I’ll take the next one, if you take the last two," he suggested, "that means we’ll have had three each." The counter reached zero. Josh, still in pain was obviously very angry with Jon and stabbed at Level 3.

"Level 3 compression credits have been used - you have broken the rules. Auto punishment begins." Came the disembodied voice.

"You idiot, we’ve already used Level 3 three times," said Jon.

"Both subjects will receive 30 seconds of Level 4." Came the voice.

"No, wait! That’s not fair, I didn’t press it! Hey doctor…" Jon started calling out, but was cut short as all the air shot out of his lungs. The Level 4 compression of his testicles had begun. This was complete agony. Level 3 was sickeningly painful, but Level 4 even took away every last bit of free will to think, or choose to do anything. You had no choice but to yell out and prey that this testicle torture would stop. Jon was now in such excruciating pain that if he had a free hand, and a gun, he would shoot himself to stop it.

Both boys yelled for the whole 30 seconds. At the end they were shaking and sweating, muscles tensed. Then they slumped down as the pressure was released.

"I’m… sorry…" stuttered Josh through the pain. "Ok, we’ll do what you said."

"Just give me a few moments to recover," replied Jon, also struggling to get the words out. Josh pressed the Level 2 button and Jon tensed up.

"Sorry Jon, but the Doctor will be back soon, and I don’t think I can take Level 4 again. Anyway, after this you can relax. It’s better to get it out of the way now."

"I guess…" said Jon through gritted teeth. After his turn he gave Josh the two bursts of Level 2, and the Doctor came back and released the boys. She wasn’t interested in who was to blame; after looking at the crushing record to see what had occurred she just told the boys to return to class.

The boys agreed never talked about their experience, and through embarrassment ignored each other most of the time from then on, or so Jon thought… But that’s another story…

Jon thought the incident with Josh was in the past, but how wrong he was. Being the new kid, he hadn’t had time to figure out who the power was in the class, what alliances there were between people. Unfortunately Josh’s best friend, Steve was the son of a school governor, and was always treated as special by the teachers. He managed to get away with a lot more in class than most, and as such had only visited the punishment room once, and that was for steeling. He had been known to help others so had a tight circle of friends. Steve didn’t like new people, and he especially didn’t like new people who got his friends sent to the Punishment room. Over the next few days they plotted to set Jon up big time, and then… well guess whose mum worked in the Punishment room?

It went like this, one morning, early, Steve and Josh poured a bottle of ink all over the register in the teacher’s desk. They then planted the bottle in Jon’s desk. To complete the stitch up, they covered a tennis ball in the ink and waited for Jon. As he entered the corridor they threw him the ball, "hey Jon… catch!". Jon of course caught it by reflex, got his hands covered in ink and needless to say, however much he pleaded with the teacher telling him he’d been set up, he ended up being dragged by the prefects to the Punishment room. Josh and Steve had both conveniently got dentist appointment notes and left the class shortly afterwards.

Jon was back in the testicle compression chair in the special shorts, the device had already located, separated and clamped around each testicle. Jon was frightened. He had no idea what level he would be given today, and for how long. The teacher had been furious about the register. He was also aware that the ‘doctor’ was giving him some seriously worrying looks. She didn’t say anything, but just walked around checking the control panel. Suddenly the back door opened and Jon was very surprised to see Steve and Josh walk in.

"Hi honey," the doctor said to Steve.

"Hi mom," replied Steve smirking at Jon.

"So this is the one who’s been bullying you, dear?" Steve’s mum asked.

"Yeah mom, like I said, he’s been taking stuff from my bag, punching me, and he even kneed me, you know, down there mom."

Jon couldn’t believe this pack of lies and had to speak out, "…but it’s not true, I’ve never touched him. Please you have…" but he was cut off as like lightning, pain leapt from his balls. He yelled out; there was nothing he could do; it was agony, unbearable. Through a fog of pain he saw the doctor with her finger on the Level 4 button. She let it go and Jon’s muscles relaxed, tears fell from his eyes.

"Don’t ever talk unless you’re spoken to you horrible boy," her glare was frightening enough without taking account of the ability she had put Jon in agony with the press of a button. Steve had really done a job on her. She totally believed his lies. This was going to be bad. She turned to Steve.

"Now honey, you and your friend have half an hour for you to have a go at being a bully. I’ve locked out the computer so you can go up to Level 3 only… Have fun." She left the room and shut the door. Jon was terrified. He was helpless, strapped to the chair, unable to move.

Steve gave Josh the remote, "You go first. It was you who that bastard got sent down here."

"Please don’t…" pleaded Jon. Josh walked towards Jon, evil in his eyes. He leveled his eyes to Jon’s staring intently. Then without moving his head he brought the remote between their faces, finger poised to press the button.

"And now you pay…" Josh said darkly bringing his finger down in slow motion.

"No…" started Jon, but he knew it is pointless. A second later he felt the device contract around both testicles. It was almost slow motion. There seemed to be a pause, and for the briefest of moments he thought it hadn’t worked, then… bam, excruciating pain cut into his groin.

"Arrrgh!" he yelled and strained on the metal chest clamp holding him in place. A few seconds later he wretched as the sickening after pain sprang up into his stomach. "Uggh!" he groaned and started shaking, spit dribbling between his clenched teeth.

"Do you little ballies hurt?" taunted Josh.

"Is little baby going to cry?" Steve joined in. Jon shook and groaned trying to cope with the sickening agony caused by a few nerve endings in his male organs.

"Now… how long shall I hold this button down?" asked Josh sickeningly.

"Well you could hold it down for the whole half an hour," replied Steve.

"I could, but…" came Josh, who then drew back and whispered to Steve.

"Cool!" yelled Steve and looked at Jon in pain in the chair. The crushing stopped. Josh had released the pad and handed it to Steve. Waves of after-pain pulsed through Jon’s exhausted body, but he was relieved none-the-less that the crushing had stopped.

"What is the capital of France?" Josh asked Jon. Jon didn’t respond…

"Too slow… Five, four, three, two, one, now" said Josh and as he reached "now", Steve pressed the pad. Again a wave of pain surged into Jon’s body and he yelled. After about ten seconds it stopped and he breathed through his clenched teeth, heart racing.

"What’s the capital of France?" asked Josh again.

"Paris," Jon spat through the pain.

"Good, very good!" said Josh.

"What is the square root of 64?" he asked.

"Eight," replied Jon.

"What is my favourite colour?" asked Josh, a smile on his face.

"That’s not fair, I don’t know…" pleaded Jon.

"Five, four, three, two, one, now," said Josh and again, Steve hit the pad causing severe pain to Jon. The pain was as bad after each wrong answer. Jon hoped his body would get used to it, but it didn’t. There was nothing he could do. The pain was as horrific and all consuming each time Steve pressed the button. The countdown only made it worse, knowing what agony was coming, with nothing he could do to stop it.

After quarter of an hour, the boys grew weary of this game.

"If only we could give him level four…" said Josh.

"Wait a minute," replied Steve and went over to the console, "password protected… But if you’re the son of the operator…" he pressed a few keys.

"Ok, what do you want Level 4 or Level 5."

"Level 5? I didn’t know it went to Level 5," said Josh astonished.

"Oh yes," replied Steve, "Mom told me about it. She said they weren’t allowed to use it any more because it’s so painful that usually boys black out after a minute or so. And one even started having a fit. Oh, and one boy actually had one of his nuts crushed and had to be taken to the emergency room to have it removed." Jon was sweating, and incredibly afraid now. He didn’t know if Steve was winding him up, but the thought of Level 4 alone was enough to scare him. If there was a Level 5…

"Are you ready Jonny?" asked Josh who now had the remote. "Set it to Level 4 first so he can feel the difference." Steve turned the dial to Level four. Josh looked at Jon, hovered his finger over the pad, then stabbed the button.

Jon screamed. He hadn’t been able to get used to, or tolerate Level 3, so there was no hope with Level 4. It was the depths of hell. Nothing could be done to cope with this pain. It was excruciating, all consuming. He wanted to die. He just screamed and screamed, tears flowing from his eyes, his body tensed against the restraints. Josh released the button, and Jon’s exhausted body slumped into the seat.

"And now… Level 5…” Jon was too exhausted to do anything. His helpless eyes watched as Josh lowered his finger to the button on the remote.

Body-splitting agony… He wanted to die. It was unbearable. Kill me… kill me… and then he blacked out.

When he woke, he was still in the chair. The boys had gone, and the doctor was standing over him slapping his face.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Jon moaned and focused his eyes on her face.

"The boys shouldn’t’ve done that to you, but you will tell no-one. Do you understand?" She sounded gruff. Jon just moaned.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" she bellowed and hit level 4. Jon sprang to life, tensed again, fully awake and in sickening pain.

"TELL NO-ONE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" the doctor asked again.

"Yes! Yes! Please stop it!" begged Jon, and the pressure stopped.

Jon was given the rest of the day off, but his bruised testicles gave him pain for the next few days. He had been lucky. His still had his balls. But would he keep them?


By KneeMe2

I walked into the tutor room, and was a bit shocked when I noticed the only person in there was Zara. I walked over to my locker trying to ignore her, but I knew she was watching me. I open the door, put my bag in, and locked it. I started to leave.

"I can make you do anything I say." Zara stated. I didn't say anything, just looked at her. "It's so easy really. Normally you wouldn't do anything, because you don't have a reason… but I will give you a reason."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I have a special power. Let me show you." She put her hands down and started starring at me. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I waited. A few seconds passed, and I still was confused. I started feeling something in my groin. My testicles were aching slightly, but I dismissed it.

"Can you feel it?" Zara said suddenly. I said nothing, and a few more seconds passed. The aching in my groin was getting slightly more noticeable. "I know you can feel it. You're just too embarrassed to tell me." My testicles started to hurt, but I tried not to show anything.

"It's your balls. They're hurting aren't they?" she asked. The pain was increasing, and I shifted my position. "Aren't they?" she repeated. I was really confused. My balls were really hurting now. How could she be doing this?

"It's really beginning to hurt now isn't it?" she smiled, "I can crush your balls by just thinking about it. At the moment I am just giving them a little squeeze, but if I wanted to, with a thought, I could drop you to your knees, or have you rolling around on the floor in agony, begging for mercy." The words bit into me. I was really hurting, and had bent forward involuntarily.

"How are you feeling now?" Zara asked, "I expect you are in a lot of pain. You can cry if you like. I know I'm really hurting you." The pain was really increasing, and I had no choice but to double over, hands on thighs. My eyes were misting up.

"Please stop it…" I croaked

"Oh, does it hurt?" she said sarcastically. "Does little Davey want his mummy?" The pain continued to increase, and I moaned. A tear trickled down from my eye.

"Now you see why you will do everything I say." She stated.

"Will you do what I say?" she asked. I found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. The pain was incredible intense, and my attempts to block it, or cope with it in some way were failing. The pain had leapt up from my groin, and was now taking over my whole body.

"Will you do what I say?" she said louder, and I noticed a jump in pain and grunted as I bent forward more.

"Yes…" I croaked. The pain stopped almost instantly with just a residual ache.

"That's a good boy. Although I'm not sure you mean it."

"I do!" I responded quickly. I was frightened. I didn't want to feel that pain again.

"Well I don't know. I don't think you really realize how much is at stake if you disobey me. What you felt just now was just a light squeeze. That was nothing compared to the pain I could inflict on you if I wanted to."

"Please don't," I said nervously, "I will do what you say."

"Well, I don't know." She pondered. "OK. A test. If you do what I ask, I won't hurt you. If you disobey, I will drop you to the floor in agony."

"I'll do what you want," I said.

"OK. Give me your dinner money." She ordered. I paused for a few seconds, but Zara started starring and the pain sprang across my body. Not quite as intense as before, but it was extremely painful. I breathed through clenched teeth, and reached into my pocket, and quickly took out my money and offered it out on my hand.

"Over here," Zara motioned, and still in a lot of pain, I limped over and dropped the money into her hand. One of the coins fell to the floor. "Drop my money will you?" said glared angrily, "well I'll drop you." Suddenly, an incredibly sickening pain shot from my groin. This was far worse than before. I had no hope at trying to cope with the intensity, lost all muscle control, and dropped to my knees in agony. I couldn't think. This really was the worst sensation I had ever felt. I had no idea pain could be this bad. I just wanted to be somewhere else. It was horrific. I fell sideways and curled into the fetal position not caring about anything but this intense horrific pain that was consuming my body. It seemed to continue for an eternity. In the distance I could hear Zara laughing. As suddenly as it had started, it stopped. I was still in significant pain, shaking a little with shock.

"Now you're beginning to get the picture," Zara spoke forcefully, "and remember, I can squash you balls much harder and longer than just then. How long do you think I was squeezing?" I was still a little shocked, wiping tears from my eyes.

"How long was I squeezing?" she asked again angrily.

I got scared, and replied quickly, "two minutes?"

"10 seconds," she stated. I couldn't believe it.

The door opened, and three girls - Zara's friends walked in.

"Watch this…" Zara said to the girls, "Mark. You'll do anything I say won't you?" I was embarrassed, but was terrified of the possibility of more pain.

"Yes." I said reluctantly.

"Then take off your trousers." She ordered. The girls laughed. I went red, and didn't move. "You heard me. Take off your trousers." I didn't want to, but I also didn't think I could stand any more pain, so I moved my hands to my trousers, un-buttoned and un-zipped them, and pulled them down.

"Right off…" she ordered, and I compiled. The girls stared and giggled. I was now at the mercy of two small balls and a girl named Zara...

Hypnosis (Part 1,2,3)

By KneeMe2

I woke up after a strange dream. I kept hearing voices, and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I just dismissed it. It was a dream after all. I got up as usual, washed and dressed. As I came out of my room to go to breakfast, my sister, Faith, beckoned me into her bedroom. I didn't get on with her, and she always tried to get her own way, but I was two years older than her and I usually won any disputes. I entered her room and asked her what she wanted.

"Very soon I will control you, Tom," she said in a very matter-of-fact way.

"What are you going on about? Look, I want my breakfast."

"Last night, I did something to you," she continued.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"After you went to sleep, I crept in, and played a subliminal-hypnosis tape while you were asleep."

"Sub what?" I was confused.

"Subliminal. It means you get hypnotized while you sleep."

"I don't believe you. Anyway, what did you hypnotize me for?"

"To control you."

"You can't control me. I don't feel any different."

"Well I can't control your mind directly, but this is a much better way."

"Stop being so stupid. I'm going for breakfast." I got up and started for the door.

"WALNUT!" said Faith in a loud voice. I couldn't figure out why, but didn't have much time to anyway, because suddenly, for no reason I felt a sharp pain in my groin, let out a little grunt, and stopped. A few seconds later it moved to my stomach and increased. I felt a little nauseous and bent forward. I was totally confused. There was no reason for this pain, it had just come from nowhere, and was pretty bad. The last time I'd felt this kind of pain was when someone accidentally threw a tennis ball and hit me in the nuts last year.

"It hurts doesn't it," sneered Faith. That was an understatement! "Now sit in that chair," I turned to see her indicating her desk chair. My groin was very uncomfortable. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, and I wasn't really able to gather any thoughts of my own, so I obeyed and sat in the chair.

"Now maybe you'll listen," Faith continued sarcastically. "Like I said, I can't control your mind directly. You see, you will only do what I say for two reasons: 1) if you get a reward for doing something, like I give you a sweet, or 2), if you are punished for not doing something. I have opted for the second choice. It is far more effective as you can go without rewards, but if a punishment is severe enough, you will always choose to do the task in preference. Then, I will control you." The pain was easing a little.

"You probably wonder why your balls hurt at the moment don't you? They do hurt, don't they," she said, more as statements than questions. I didn't know how she knew. She could've worked it out from my grunt, but I didn't really know. I just looked at her a little embarrassed.

"Well, last night, the hypnosis tape programmed you to respond to certain keywords. When you hear one of the words, it triggers something in your body. The first word, which you already know, creates the sensation in you that you have been lightly punched in the balls. Painful, but this is only the beginning." I was finding all this a little hard to believe, and maybe Faith saw this in my face.

"You don't believe me do you?" asked Faith, "well perhaps you will believe me when I tell you the second word…” Even though I thought what she was saying was impossible, my heart began to race, and I got a little frightened. I was, after all, still in pain.

"The second word will cause you to experience a kneeing in the balls." She paused for effect. I was sure nothing would happen, but was still scared.

"Quicksilver!" It was true. I felt an impact in my balls, and the onset of the initial intense stabbing pain. I moved my hands to my burning genitals, just as the pain leapt into my stomach. I bent forward in the chair and exhaled with a grunt. This was much more severe than before. I tried to suppress it, but it was too intense and I sighed periodically as the pain took over my whole body. I had never felt anything like this before. I had never been in this much pain before. My mind was cloudy.

Time passed very slowly, but the pain did eventually subside enough for me to steel a tear-stained look up a Faith. She had a sickly smile.

"Now do you believe me?" she asked. I said nothing. I was still in a great deal of pain, trying not to cry in front of her. I feared that if I spoke, my voice would waiver and give this away.

"Do you believe me?" she asked in a stern voice. "Or would you like to hear the word again?"

"I believe you," I spat out almost instantly.

"Good. Now I'm going to breakfast. You wait 'till the pain dies down, then you come as well." She stood up and started across the room. As she drew level with me she stopped, looking down at my head. I looked up, still cradling my balls with my hands. She spoke again, "Oh, and in case you get any ideas about telling anyone about this, the pain you just felt will seem like a pat on the back compared to what you've been programmed to feel the second you start talking about it." She left, closing the door.

Five minutes later, balls still aching, I entered the kitchen.

"Oh there you are," said mum, "come and sit down." I was trying to avoid Faith's gaze, but I knew she was staring at me. We started to eat. I didn't say anything, other than to answer a few of mum's questions. Faith was very talkative though. Too 'Pally' with mum for my liking. I had almost finished my cereal, when Faith started again.

"Mum?" she asked, "what's that loaf we have? Date and something?" I knew what was coming, but could do nothing about it.

"Date and walnut," replied mum. I jerked forward as the word hit me. This wasn't nearly as bad as upstairs and the second word, but it was still very painful. I had to conceal how I was feeling, and just wanted to leave the room.

"I've finished," I said and pushed my chair back.

"There's still some in your bowl!" mum said.

"Yes, you'd better finish it off, Elliot," said Faith.

"I'm full up, " I replied as I walked to the stairs.

"So what was that loaf mum?" Faith asked again. I heard her and started to run up the stairs, but I was still in earshot when mum replied, and I almost tripped as the pain hit again. I ran to my room, locked the door, and huddled up on my bed. What was I going to do? How can I protect myself against words?

Ten minutes later I heard footsteps approaching. I got very nervous again. The door handle turned, and whoever it was pushed a couple of times against the lock.

"You didn't finish it off, Elliot! I told you to finish it off," came Faith's voice from behind the door. "Now let me in. You need to be punished for disobeying me." I crawled further up the bed.

"Elliot, let me in. If you let me in, I'll just say the level 1 word. If you don't, I'll say the level 2 word. The choice is yours." I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to see her. She could inflict terrible pain on me by just speaking. On the other hand, I could just bear level 1, but I don't think I could cope with level 2 again. Suddenly, I had an idea. I leapt across the room and turned on my stereo, loud. I jumped back on the bed and put my fingers in my ears. If I couldn't hear her say the words, I would be ok.

I could hear banging and shouting, but I couldn't make out any words, and was ok. My triumph was very short lived though. How long could I keep this up? I knew I would have to come out eventually. I would see Faith again later, and now she would be mad. There may even be worse words. I realized how futile this was, and hoped that if I let her in now, she would go easy on me. I stopped the stereo, and went to the door to let her in. I stopped as I saw something under the door. A piece of paper. I picked it up and started to read.

'You didn't finish off your breakfast and you didn't let me in. I am very angry. I now owe you two punishments. PTO’ I turned over the paper and 'Wham' the pain leapt from my groin again and I yelled. I was stunned, and didn't realize what had happened. I bent double and heard laughter from outside the door. My eye caught a glimpse of the note again. In large letters, just one word, 'Quicksilver'. There was no hope for me. Just reading the word 'Quicksilver' had the same effect as hearing it. The pain jumped again as I saw the word for a second time. I dropped to my knees and crumpled the note as tears flooded to my eyes. The sickening pain coursed through my body. My stomach was burning and I wretched.

"Punishment number 1," said Faith though the door.

After another ten minutes the pain was bearable, just a dull ache now. I had stopped crying and, drying my eyes, got to my feet. I needed to go to the bathroom, and cautiously unlocked my bedroom door. Faith was gone. I walked down the hall, and turned the corner. "Wham", again the pain struck. Faith had put a large piece of paper on the wall with 'Quicksilver' written on it. I yelled, and fell instantly to my knees. Faith stepped round the corner.

"Punishment number 2." She said with glee. Then after a few seconds just watching me suffer, "you know, there is a keyword to make the pain stop," she stated.

"Please say it!" I begged from my prone position.

"Well I don't know," she replied very slowly. She was enjoying seeing me in pain, "you did disobey me twice!"

"Please…" I begged.

"No, sorry. You will only learn if you suffer. In fact, maybe it's time I said the level 3 keyword."

"No, please don't!" I yelled. I was in so much pain already. I didn't think I could take any more.

"Now with level 3," she continued, as if she hadn't even heard me, "you will experience what a very hard kick to the balls feels like. I sure you think a kneeing is painful enough, and can't really imagine anything worse. In fact, there is no way to describe how much more pain you will feel. It has to be experienced."

"Please don't. I beg you. I'll do anything you say," I said from my position on the floor, biting back the waves of pain."

"The level 3 word is…" she started. I was petrified. Too scared to move. I was already in too much pain to even brace myself for what was to come. "…going to be saved for an hour. I'm going to the shop." She finished. I was so relieved, even more so as she went down the stairs, and out of sight.

I sat slumped against the wall in the hall, trying to think the pain away, but it was too potent. The only thing I could think about anyway was terror at what pain the level three word would cause me. In the space of an hour, more pain had been inflicted on me than ever before in my life, and worse was to come. I decided the only thing for me to do, was to be out of the house when Faith returned.

I got my wallet, packed a bit of food into my backpack and snuck out of the back door. I didn't want mum asking any questions. I got to the back gate with no plan in mind. I didn't know where I was going to go, but I had to get away. I swung the gate open and wham! I yelled. I was totally unprepared for the pain. I had thought I was on the verge of escaping, but now the pain shot from my balls into my stomach with such intensity I lost all body control and collapsed on the floor retching and coughing in agony.

The pain was horrific. In the house I thought I had endured as much pain as a person could, but this was so much worse. My mind was screaming. My senses were numb. I had no hope a formulating a thought, let alone try and combat the pain. It consumed my entire body, and I wanted to be anywhere but here. Minutes passed. Wave after wave of agonizing, sickening pain pulsed through my balls and stomach. Without realizing, I had curled into the fetal position and was violently shaking. I was helpless. Paralyzed.

More time went by. I was almost at the stage of passing out. I wanted to die. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw a figure.

"Relax," said the voice, and instantly the pain stopped. No residual ache, nothing, just my heavy breathing, and shaking from the shock of it. I slowly sat up, and saw Faith.

"So, you were trying to run away were you?" she asked.

"No, I was just…" I started

"Devilfire!" she said and I dropped to the floor as the waves of pain instantly returned. She watched me writhing around for about ten seconds, then said "Relax," and the pain disappeared.

"Would you like to tell me the truth now?" she asked slyly.

"Ok! Ok! I was trying to run away." I spoke out quickly.

"Not from me I hope?" she asked.

"I… er… No"

"Devilfire!" she said and the pain returned. "Liar!" she said, "Tell the truth." I just made out what she was asking me for through the agony.

"Yes. Yes, from you… pleeeeaase stop." I choked.

"Relax!" The pain stopped again.

"Stop it. Stop it. Please! Don't do it again." I begged.

"So you were trying to escape from me. I guess now you realize you can't do that. As you found out, you are programmed to feel a testicle vice grip the instant you try to leave the grounds. The difference with that, and the other programs is that only I can stop the pain once it has started. It was a good job I didn't really go to the shops, or you would have been helpless on the grass in agony for over an hour."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can, because I want to control you. Do I control you now?" she asked. Giving up your freedom to someone is the most degrading thing a person can do, but faced with the alternative, I had no choice.

"Yes." I said reluctantly.

To be continued.... when I get round to it