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Burglars Knocked Out By A Pretty Woman

(translated from Italian) by Ivan

Daniel and I were two professional petty thieves. Our ‘job’ included robbing the stores and houses. In addition, we often committed the so-called ‘sexual robbery’. That is: we deliberately chose female victims so that after we forced them to give us all their valuable belongings, we could relieve our sexual instinct on them.

In a cold evening of November we decided to ‘visit’ a ladies wear store located in the suburb area of our town. We planned to clean out the safety box of the store, which was supposed to be always full of money, as the owner of the store did not deposit the money in the bank daily. As we came closer to our target, we noticed that the store’s rolling door was partially closed. Inside of the store we could see the light. Daniel came closer to the store to check.

He said, "Hey Robby! There is a lady in there.” I took a look. Daniel was right. The store’s owner was standing in front of the desk counter to keep a record of the income of the day! No living soul was seen on street at that moment.

I looked at Daniel and said, "What do you think of robbery plus fucking?"

He replied, "Great idea! You know, I have always been dreaming of fucking that bitch. I think tonight is just the right time!" Julia (that was the name of the lady) was a beautiful blond woman. She was around 38 years old. She let her hair grow long. She had blue eyes and a marvelous body although she was pretty petite. Actually, she only measured about 160 cm. However, like Daniel said, "She’s a surely a gorgeous bitch to fuck together”.

We then decided to get in the store. Taken by surprise, the lady let out a weak yell. Somehow, being confronted unexpectedly with two men wearing black leather jackets and black hoods covering their face was obviously not a pleasant surprise.

"Hey bitch!" said Daniel. "How about a little fun together? You’re scared of two guys like us, eh? But, if you’re nice to us, we won’t hurt you. I bet you’ll enjoy it too!" The lady did not seem to be too worried or scared. But we were not really aware of it. Daniel went behind the counter desk and then pulled the lady to the center of the store. At that moment we could see her full appearance. In reality, she was a very modest lady. She wore a gray suit made of flannel and a skirt above her knees, a pair of gray leather high-heeled shoes and superb black stockings. She also wore a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck. In short, she was indeed an attractive babe.

Daniel took her by the shoulders from behind and held her tight with his strong arms while I was coming near her.

I said, "Okay, now let me show you my huge dick, baby!” I then unzipped my blue jeans and pulled out my hard dick.

"Daniel, hold her tight!" I guess Daniel was horny too as I could tell from the big bulge in his pants.

At this point, the lady whispered, "You guys are assholes!" At the same time she raised her sexy leg. The toe of her shoe landed on the base of my fully erect dick. I had not expected the attack, which caused me so much pain though it failed to hit my balls. I bent forward in agony. Then the lady, without even setting her foot back on the floor, used the same leg to crash my mouth with the toe of her shoe. At that moment, I felt the hard leather of her shoe hitting my gums. At the same time I rolled over on the floor. The blow was awful. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. As I was rolling over, I could see the lady give some blows in a row to Daniel’s solar plexus. And when he loosened his grip she turned around and immediately pulled his head by the hair and then merciless smashed his face to her raising knee. The impact was dreadful; I heard a horrible ‘craaakk’. I realized right away that the bitch had broken Daniel’s nose. In less than ten seconds I was in a horrible condition with aching dick and bloody mouth while my friend Daniel was leaning on the counter desk holding his broken nose with both his hands.

At this point Julia shouted, "Hey bastards! What’s going on? You’ve lost your guts, or what? Are you scared of a helpless and weak woman?"

Daniel, feeling very annoyed and not wanting to lose his pride as a representative of the ‘stronger sex’ said, "Okay bitch! I’ll show you who we are!" and then he tried to deliver a punch to her face with his fist. But, the lady skillfully blocked his fist with her left forearm and attacked back instantly with a front kick that struck Daniel’s chin with her sharp toe. Daniel screamed and covered his face with his hands. And again, she gave Daniel another accurate front kick. This time her shoe landed exactly between his legs. The blow was overwhelming. I heard Daniel scream in unbearable pain, "Ooouuubbbhhh!" He fell on his knees with his hands grabbing his painful balls. Julia walked up to him and again pulled his hair to give him another knee strike on his face – sblammm! Daniel fell down and was half-conscious on the counter desk.

I got up and staggered a little bit and there she was! The lady who seemed to be happy with the ‘job’ she had just done to Daniel turned around and looked at me with a teasing smile.

“Well macho man! See what happened to your friend? He was knocked out by a woman. What a shame, eh?” Filled with rage, I pulled out my knife. I moved ahead while cutting the air.

“Now you’ll see if you still can laugh bitch!" When I was about 2 meters from her I said, "Come on! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

"Okay asshole! But watch this first!" she said while slowly pulling her skirt up till her black stockings were clearly seen. For a moment, I was distracted. I could not help not glancing at her sexy thigh. And this turned out to be a very big mistake because she then quickly kicked my wrist. My knife flew and hit the ceiling. So, I tried to punch her with my fist but the movement made me lose my balance and I became totally uncovered. As a result, I received a hard circular kick on my face that made me jerk. The kick was immediately followed by another, hitting my cheekbone. Her sharp shoe heel tore the skin under my eye. I covered my face with my hands. But, then she stroke again with a front kick on my mouth. I could feel how the cold leather of her shoe destroyed my mouth. My head is spinning. I could not see clearly. However, I remembered seeing and hearing her say these words with a big smile.

"Okay big macho man! How about testing these Golden Lady stockings? You know, the quality is the best and they are made of very resistant material. I guess nobody is better than a thug like you to test them!" Then she took one of her shoes off. I could see her foot covered with black stocking. I also noticed that there was sort of strengthening padding that partially covered her beautiful toes. At that moment I felt an excruciating pain on my testicles. I almost immediately knew that the new stocking had hit my nads. I fell on my knees grabbing myself with both my hands in an attempt to protect my balls, though I realized that it was definitely too late. I was half-conscious. But I could still see that the punishment was not over yet. I was terrified and desperate. And Julia, without setting her foot back to the floor, continued the torture. She kicked my face. I saw the stocking covered foot coming to my face at full speed. For a moment I felt the strengthening padding smash my face. Soon I felt a terrible pain when my temples broke due to the impact. My nose was also broken! All because of a female deadly weapon… the stockings!!

Julia put her shoe on. She looked so happy. But, at that moment Daniel got up and quickly grabbed Julia again from behind in a bear hug to make sure she couldn’t use her arms for any possible attack. Daniel didn’t want to repeat the mistake he’d made before. But, since he focused too much on avoiding the elbow strikes, he did not notice that the lady had another weapon! In fact, she stepped hard using her sharp shoe heel on Daniel’s foot, who screamed in agony. As he moved slightly, Julia, without even turning around, used the same leg to kick Daniel exactly between his two large balls with her sharp shoe. Daniel squealed like hell and bent forward grabbing his manhood.

At this point Julia said, "Hey macho, I don’t think it is a bad idea for you to also test my Golden Lady stockings!” With a light movement she took her shoe off and repeated the same action. This time the target was Daniel’s face that was still doubled over in pain. The impact was awful! Julia’s foot struck his mouth breaking his lower lip. The blood came out from his mouth. Daniel finally fell down on the floor.

The sexy woman put her shoe on and went behind the counter desk. She took 2 brand new packs of Golden Lady stockings. She opened both packs. She then came to me still lying helplessly on the floor. She tied both my hands and ankles. Next, she did the same thing to Daniel who was also totally knocked out. I could hear him moan in agony. Two large muscular guys weighing each 90 kg like us could be beaten by a small lady who only weighed 50 kg!. What a humiliation! My pride as a man was totally destroyed. I guess Daniel felt the same way.

Soon after, Julia called the police with her cellular phone. And while she was waiting for the police, I witnessed the most embarrassing scene that made me really ashamed to be born as a man. The lady walked to Danny who was completely helpless on the floor. She took her shoe off and stepped her foot on Daniel’s face. Then she slowly fixed her stocking gently smoothing the ankle and the calf.

"Wow!! These new stockings are really lovely and very tough. I knocked out these two criminals, but I don’t see even one single ladder!”


Women In The Military

By intoit

There has always been resistance to women in the armed forces. And although women are allowed to enlist, they are restricted from combat positions. My name is Cathy and six months ago I enlisted in the army. I don't know what the official reason is for excluding women from combat, but I do know the guys in my unit thought women were not physically strong enough and in a hand to hand combat situation could not possibly defend themselves against a stronger male opponent. As I say, these guys thought that, but during basic training another girl and I changed their minds and in the process destroyed more than a few male egos.

When I was growing up, I always played with boys; mainly because where we lived, there were not many girls my age. Besides, I was somewhat of a tomboy and enjoyed the more physical activities. I have always been rather small; 5'5" and 110 pounds now; and so the boys usually were able to push me around. As I got older, though, I learned how to take care of myself, learning how to take advantage of the natural weakness of the male body. I have always been intrigued by the fact that Mother Nature gave men more powerful, muscular bodies but also gave them something as vulnerable as testicles. A mans balls are the great equalizer in a fight between men and women. I first learned about the sensitivity of a boy's nuts by accident; no guy is going to tell you because he knows how vulnerable he is.

I was about 14 at the time and a few of us were horsing around. One of the boys was pushing me around and threw me down. He got on top of me, using his knees to pin my arms. As I was struggling to get him off, I raised my knee up between his legs, in an attempt to push him off. To my surprise, as my knee hit him in the crotch, he let out a sharp cry and rolled off of me, curled up with his hands pushed tightly to his groin. He laid there for what seemed several minutes before he was able to move. It really scared me at first, but then I felt this surge of exciting power go through me as I realized what it meant. In Sex Ed, we had learned about the differences between boys and girls and about the sensitivity of the male testicles, but I never appreciated what that could mean to me in a fight. After that day it seemed the guys I hung around with treated me more as their equal. Only a couple times after that did I have need to use my newly acquired knowledge; that is until I got in the army.

The first day I arrived at basic, the guys gave me and the other girl, Debbie, a lot of hassles; making comments like, “What are a couple of nice girls like you doing in the army?” or, “Looks like another empty kitchen.” Or, “Don't worry, we will take it easy on you.” Basically, they were a bunch of jerks. I could tell that Debbie wasn't as streetwise as I and all of this was bothering her.

Over the next week the guys left us pretty much alone, except for the constant snide remarks. There were two guys that kept hassling us. This one guy, Doug was his name, was pretty well built and he thought he was hot stuff. He kept making passes at Debbie and generally making a nuisance of himself. During that first week it became obvious that they were being patronizing toward us, assuming that when things got tough we'd drop out. Both Debbie and I kept in good physical shape, so in our tight army fatigues we looked pretty hot; at least the guys were always commenting on our looks. I think we were surprising the guys as to how well we were keeping up during the physical endurance and testing. In fact, there were a couple guys who couldn't keep up with us. Some of the guys commented that we were doing okay now, but when we got into the unarmed combat training, we wouldn't stand a chance. Doug made an especially strong point of how he was going to enjoy mixing it up with a couple good looking chicks. I told him he better watch himself and he just laughed. A couple other guys also had a rather low opinion of our ability to defend ourselves.

Well, the day arrived for hand-to-hand combat training. The first day was to be devoted to wrestling style moves, takedowns escapes etc. After the instructor had finished some demonstrations, he had Debbie and Doug come up and show everyone what they had learned. Debbie looked foxy as hell with her tight fatigue shorts and all the guys whistled and clapped as she came up. Doug had taken his shirt off and he looked rather awesome, with his well-muscled torso. Everyone started to snicker when the instructor told them to start. It didn't look like a very even match-up. And it wasn't. Doug just walked over to her, knocked her hands away and reached out, grabbing her shoulder with one hand and her crotch with the other. Debbie had a surprised and pained look on her face as his hand dug into her pussy. He threw her to the ground. She hit pretty hard and just lay there for a minute. I didn't like that at all. Everyone was laughing, their suspicions confirmed; a girl is just no match.

I was next. I was up against another boy who was a little bigger than I was. I figured I could take him easily. We locked arms and I dropped down grabbed his legs and tripped him onto his back. As I fell on top of him, he made a grab for my tits, and gave them a good feel. He gave me a big smile like, “Lets go for it, girls shouldn't be fighting; they should be fucking.” I rolled off of him and got up. He suddenly circled around behind me and grabbed me in a bear hug. He had his arms wrapped around me and his hands were both on my tits again. Everyone was laughing as this guy was coping a feel. Well that did it. I reached back into his crotch and grabbed his balls. As my hand tightened around the tight sac, he screamed and let go of me. I turned around, still holding his nuts with my left hand and hit him in the mouth as hard as I could with my right. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. Everyone stood there silent, not knowing what to say. The instructor said that it was enough for the day and dismissed us.

As we left, Debbie was all over me, saying how well I handled that, asking excitedly if I could show her some of my moves. We spent the whole evening practicing different moves I had learned. It was a good thing, because the next evening after chow, we were walking back to our barracks, when a couple guys came from around a corner and blocked our path. We were in a secluded part of the camp and realized we might be in trouble. The guys turned out to be Doug and another of his muscle-bound buddies. Doug said he didn't like what I had done yesterday and that he and the other guy were going to teach us a lesson. He said we were a couple uptight bitches and maybe a good fuck would straighten us out. Both guys were only wearing shorts and no shirts. Under different circumstances these guys might have been appealing to me. But when they were threatening to rape me, it was a little different.

Doug apparently figured that Debbie would be easy after his experience with her the day before. He grabbed her and pulled her toward him, pressing his body against hers. She could feel the hard bulge of his cock against her body. He backed off a little and grabbed Debbie's shirt and started to rip it off. It tore in front and her large, firm tits were exposed. He had a rather cocky smile on his face as he reached out to feel one of those delicious looking boobs. But, before his hand could touch Debbie's tit, she stepped toward Doug and as hard as she could she drove her knee up between his muscular thighs. He was standing with his legs slightly apart and her knee caught him squarely in the balls. He stood there trying to take a breath but his body was paralyzed with pain. He looked disbelieving at Debbie as his knees gave way and he sank to the ground.

About that time the other guy came at me. He had seen what I did the day before and was protecting his groin. It didn't matter. I first faked a kick to his groin and then when his hands dropped to block my kick, I smashed him in the mouth with a hard right hand. Well, that snapped his head back and as his hands came up to his face, that left his crotch open. I could see the firm bulge in his tight shorts as I dropped to my right knee. Looking level with his crotch, I drove my right fist into the twin bulges of his testicles. As the pain exploded in his groin, his hands fell weakly to cover himself. He slid to the ground and curled up, holding his aching balls. We both looked down at the to hulking studs, laying helplessly at our feet and said that maybe they might think twice before attacking to defenseless females again. We both laughed and walked off.

The next day nothing was said and the two guys couldn't have been nicer. They helped us and encouraged us for the rest of the training course. In fact, the four of us have been good friends and have had some great sex together. The two guys have been perfect gentlemen ever since they discovered who was really the stronger sex. Maybe the saying, "We are looking for a few good men” should, instead, read, "We are looking for a few good women".

Dentist Visit

By Hooham

A patient, suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth, went to her dentist.

"That tooth has got to be pulled immediately," the dentist said as he reached for a wicked-looking set of forceps. The patient reached out and got a tight grip on the dentist's balls.

"We're not going to hurt each other, are we doctor? My pain tolerance is low so my nutcracker grip will keep you informed of my status." A high-pitched voice came from the dentist suggesting he put her to sleep.

"You try putting me to sleep and I'll put you to sleep," she said, squeezing instantly. After feeling the gut-wrenching pain the dentist began cautiously and nervously.

When the assistant was fully aware of what was going on, she figured she could have a little fun. This doctor had always been a real asshole to his employees and now it was payback time. The assistant began to scratch inside the patient’s mouth with the suction tube and put the mouth gauze in kind of roughly without the dentist knowing. The patient realized what the assistant was doing; she was giving the patient signals to hurt the doctor further. She watched in anticipation each time as the patient's hand squeezed, the dentists abdomen curled and a couple of tears came from his face. Oh, she was having a ball in her own special way.

When the procedure was through, the dentist gave a big sigh of relief that he had made it through with just minor pain. But as he raised the chair he felt a twist on his scrotum and immediately stopped. The patient was well aware of his mistreatment towards his staff.

She said, "With my powerful position I'm going to make a few demands. First, your assistant here gets to drive your Ferrari for the rest of the month." Applying a forceful pinch to his left nut he had no choice but to agree. "Second, you give each of your assistants a pay raise of 5% and the rest of the week off with overtime pay, even if it is Tuesday." The dentist was enraged at this demand. He tried to get loose of the girl before she made him submit to this one. At this point some of the other assistants came to see what the commotion was about.

They all got to hear the patient say, "I guess that is a tough choice to make. Here, I'll let you sleep on it." She put full squeezing force on his balls and pulled. He screamed in a Mickey Mouse-like voice and then passed out.

The assistants stood for a second and then cheered. One said, "That was amazing. We've always wished to do something like that to the doctor for a long time." With a big smile, the patient went to the front desk to schedule her next appointment. The receptionist asked if Monday would be all right?

"Definitely, I've got nuttin’ else to do, plus I'll need to find out what his final answer is for the pay raise. I'm confident you girls can at least get that."

All goodbyes were exchanged, and before exiting the patient said, "Alright ladies, next ball game Monday; we'll have 2 balls, many strikes and one man out." They all laughed and waved goodbye.

Based on feedback, to be or not to be continued...

Parking Lot Madness

By Highkick

There was a summer carnival at a beach just north of San Diego. I drove my convertible through the parking lot looking for a place. Nothing opened up. Then I saw a minivan backing out of a place. There was a car patiently waiting for the place. Just after the minivan backed up, I snaked the place and quickly wheeled my car into the place. The minivan drove off, and the other car positioned itself just behind me so I couldn't move. Two girls got out of the car and came up next to me. They were two cute oriental girls, maybe 19 or 20 years old.

Wendy, the taller girl in a stern voice said, "I give you one chance to drive away and let us have this place." I just laughed and got out of my car. The two girls got on either side of me and grabbed my arms. I couldn't move them. Slowly they walked me toward their car. Wendy told Lynn (the other girl) to go around to the other side. Lynn got in the back seat and Wendy pushed me into the car. I struggled, but she had better balance and was able to keep me into the car. Lynn grabbed my right arm again and pulled me back against the seat. Wendy quickly got in and told the driver (Michele) to drive away. Wendy and Lynn had control of my arms again, so I couldn't move. Michelle drove to a private beach house a few miles away.

Wendy said "You should have listened to me in the parking lot. You will be very sorry you didn't." They had an automatic garage door opener and drove us right into the garage. The garage door closed and the girls pulled me out of the car. They dragged me into a large room with a large open area and one couch.

Wendy pushed me onto the couch and said, "Let me tell you the rules. We are pissed off at guys that think they are hot stuff behind the wheel of their car, but are really weaklings. So here's the deal. You can pick which one of us you want to fight. If you win, you can leave right away. But if you lose, you have to fight the other two girls. The girl you choose gets to pick the kind of fight."

I looked at the three girls. They were all around 20, all slender and looked Chinese. Wendy was about my height (5'10"). Lynn was 5'7", and Michele was about 5'5". So I chose Michele.

She giggled and said, “See you in a minute.” Then she danced out of the room. I got up trying to leave, but Wendy stood between me and the door. So I waited for Michele to return. She soon came back dressed in a sports bra and running shorts, with boxing gloves on.

She said, "I choose boxing." I was happy. One punch to her face and I can leave this strange place. I got up to face her. I took off my sandals and was wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't have any boxing gloves, but Michele said I could box just like I was. Michele was in a fighter’s stance, that I tried to mimic that. I had never boxed before, but didn't think Michele posed much of a threat. We circled for a minute, then she jabbed at me. I dodged it and punched at her. She moved her gloves to block me. I tried to punch at her stomach and she moved out of the way. She was a lot quicker than I thought. I tried to punch her in the face, and she side stepped me and caught me with a short jab to my left temple. I was dazed a little and she knew it. Quickly she jabbed my head three more times before I was able to bring my arms up to defend. My head was ringing from these hits. Then she punched me with a hard uppercut to my stomach. I pitched forward and fell on her. My arms were on her shoulders. She started laughing at me and punched my stomach again. Before I knew it, I was on the ground.

"Give up yet, macho man?” she taunted. I was so mad. I got up quickly and started at her. "Oh my, so you still want to fight," she exclaimed. My head and stomach hurt a lot, so I decided to try to stall. She circled around a couple times and faked a couple of punches. I just watched cautiously trying to get my strength back. She jabbed me a few times. I blocked easily. But she was backing me up into the wall with each jab. Finally I was against the wall with no escape path. She laughed and punched me in the face. I blocked it, but the force of her blow pushed my hand against my head. Then she punched me in the stomach again. It knocked the air out of my lungs. She started punching my ribs. I was protecting my face, so she kept punching my body. I was getting weak and she knew it. Finally I tried to block her body punches and she punched my head so hard I fell back against the wall. My defenses were down, and she kept punching me
as I started sinking down against the wall. I tried to get up one last time, and she gave me a fierce uppercut to my forehead. I was out. Next thing I remember is waking up on the couch. The girls were laughing at me.

"Well, looks like you have to fight us now big boy. Who do you want next?" I knew I didn't want Wendy, since she looked so big, so I chose Lynn. Lynn went away and returned in a red bikini. She told me to take off my t-shirt because we were going to wrestle. I thought this might be a better chance for me. I didn't have the skills to box, but my greater strength may help out in the wrestling match. Lynn said I could leave without fighting Wendy if I could out-wrestle her.

I felt good enough after my rest, so I was ready for our match. Lynn motioned to the middle of the room. She offered her hands to me. I took them and we locked hands and tried to use our strength to make the other person kneel back. It was even for a while, but she slowly started pushing my hands back. Before I knew it, I was on my knees with my wrists locked by her powerful hands. She kept the pressure on, and I couldn't get out. She laughed and kicked me in the stomach. She kicked me again and laughed at me.

"You can start any time, big boy", she yelled at me. I couldn't break away from her hold, and she kept kicking me in the stomach. Finally she let go of my hands and kicked me in the chest. Down I went. She let me get up and was smiling at me. I charged at her and she stepped away, and tripped me. I fell on my face. I turned around just in time to see her do a knee drop on my stomach. I was in trouble again. I tried to get up, but she knee dropped me again. She straddled my face, and pulled me by the hair in between her thighs. She started to squeeze me. I couldn't hear, because my ears were trapped between her legs. I tried to pull her legs apart. No luck. She squeezed harder. My strength was leaving me. I weakly tried to free my poor neck from her legs. I was getting light headed and finally blacked out.

When I awoke, Wendy was in front of me, stark naked. She said, "It's my turn now. I choose street fighting, no rules, no clothes." I looked down and found that they had stripped me down. I slowly got up to face Wendy. She spun around and kicked me in my right side. Then she hit the ball of her foot on my thigh. It hurt so much.

She said "My girlfriends went easy on you. They wanted me to finish you off. I hope you like pain, because that's what you are gonna get." With that she slapped my face so hard my ears started ringing. I wanted to run, but knew I had to fight her. So I tried to punch her face. She grabbed my arm and threw me against the wall. She hit the ball of her foot on that same leg. I bent over in pain. Then she elbowed my back and I fell down.

"Get up, wimp, I'm not done with you yet. I want to show you how weak you really are." I got up on one knee, and she immediately kicked me in the face. I went down again.

"Is the little boy hurt?" she asked. I was so mad at her. She let me get up this time. She slapped my face lightly and kicked that bad leg again. I stayed up, but was limping badly. She grabbed my hand and twisted it behind my back and forced me against the
wall. With her free hand she grabbed my balls and started squeezing. I yelled in pain. I wanted to go down but she was holding me up. She kept squeezing and I could do nothing to stop her. Tears were streaming down my face as she squeezed my balls, and slammed me against the wall again and again. I thought it would never end. Finally, she let go and started punching me in the back. It hurt so bad. I fell to the floor.

"Had enough, big boy?" she asked. I was sobbing so hard I couldn't answer her. She pulled me up and said, "It's time to go to sleep." She turned away from me like she was going to walk away. Suddenly, she spun around and kicked me in the face. I was out of it, but still on my feet. She snap kicked me in the balls and I started to go down. She grabbed my hair and smashed my head into her knee. It was the last thing I saw.

I woke up hours later, in the back of my car, which was still in the same parking place. They had brought me back there and threw me in the back of the car. Every time I see a young Chinese woman, I still remember that parking place...

Dear Diary

By high voice

Dear Diary,

The church was having their annual spring picnic. Of course I had to work behind the drink stand. I had to show everyone I was the sweet gentle preacher's daughter they all thought I was. I knew he would be there, with that little black haired tramp on his arm. I swallowed the disgust in my mouth. I was "too angelic" he said. He wanted a bad girl. I could never be bad or so I thought...

We had just run out of lemonade and mother sent me to the church basement to get the other jug from the cooler. I was thrilled to be away from there, at least for a little while. The basement was an ugly place. Cement and rats all over the place spiders too. It gave me the chills being down there alone. A creepy feeling of being watched over came me and I ran for the stairs.

A strong arm reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I gave a startled cry. I soon recognized who it was. I freed myself from his arms.

"Hey I thought you said we could be friends." I moved away, picking up the jug of lemonade. I started walking to the stairs. "She is really nice once you get to know her. You two could be friends. I know your jealous and everything..."

"Jealous!!!" I dropped the jug and marched back towards him. "I am not...not jealous…of that...that...whore!!!" I was so embarrassed. He had hurt me for the last time. My body must have known what it was doing before I did. I felt my sandal fly up to meet his groin. It took me a moment afterwards to recognize what I had done. What I had felt? I watched him crumple to the floor. I liked the sudden rush of power. I liked it a lot. Then I had an idea.

I could still hear him groaning when I reached down and grabbed his sack. I could feel his balls throbbing with pain. I saw the surprise then pain on his face when I pulled. He was forced to stand. I squeezed harder. I loved the feeling of those pitiful throbbing balls on my palm. (To be honest, it was getting me hot.) I pulled upwards until he had to stand on his toes. Then when

I thought surely they couldn't go higher without breaking off; I released him. He crumpled onto the cement floor. I laughed. I was enjoying this. Like I had said he had made me hurt for the last time. He was groaning and cupping his crotch at the same time. I laughed.

I moved closer to him. I grabbed his hair and lifted him closer to me. "So I am a good girl, am I?" I kicked off my sandal and moved my foot up his short pants so my foot was against his bare skin. I felt him trying to push my foot away. But I pushed my weight forward so the pressure to his sack would distract him. He lay there on the floor, his hands on his head, pressing his eyes into his head. I laughed again. I twisted my foot. I heard him groan again.

My mother would come looking for me soon enough. I had to make him feel sorry for what he did to me fast. I pushed him so he was on his back. His hands were still covering his balls. I put each of my hands on of his knees. Then I bent my knees and balanced there for a second. I could see the fear in his eyes. He knew what was coming, and had to except it. I let my arms go falling with both knees onto his sack. I heard him lose his breath.

I stood and walked out laughing. In surprised I heard him call after me.

"What took you so long to do that? It was great..."

After The Match

By high voice

This story was written for me by a female friend.

I had to be on the varsity wrestling team. Every night I would work out in the school gym. Tonight I had a match against one of my future teammates. I had won and I knew the coach would find me a place on the team. The smell of me was strong and I couldn't wait to get to the locker room. I wasn't a girlish acting guy, no way. But I did hate smelling like something that crawled out of a shit hole.

I turned the water on, letting it rain down around me. I like the way it smelled. I loved being clean after a match. It was great. The locker room was empty I knew everyone was already gone. I took real long getting clean. I didn't bother to wrap a towel around my hips since no one was around anyway. Padding to my locker, I pulled on a pair of boxers.

"You looked really strong tonight." I gave an unmanly squeak to the person standing behind me. I looked. I didn't know her name, but I had seen her around. Her arm shirt was unusually low, showing off her beautiful, full, rounded breasts. I could see where her nipples began then disappeared under satin fabric. Her nicely curved hips were covered by black leather pants. I felt something starting to tingle.

"Thanks." My voice betrayed me. She started moving towards me. A step at a time, swinging her hips from side to side. A tigress. Her long red hair was trapped by a braid. I wanted it loose. I suddenly wished I were wearing pants. I didn't want to make a fool of myself.

"Can I ask you something?" I nodded. "You seemed to know what he would do before he did." She smiled showing off her perfect teeth. "I was wondering something." She stepped closer. I could smell her perfume. God she smelled good. "What would you have done if he did this?" As fast as lightning, her hand reached out and wrapped around my sack. Before I could tense she tightened her grip, making my balls ache. Sending tremors through my body. I felt my palm starting to hurt and the back of my ears feel like they were going to explode. I tried to back away but her grip only tightened. She pulled forward I had to step with her.

"Now what are you going to do?" She smiled sweetly and tugged again. It wasn't so much the pain, but the thought of her hands around me that were driving me crazy, in not a bad way.

I felt her other hand pulling on my boxers until they were down around my ankles. She untied her hair and took the string that was holding it back and slipped it around my nuts. She let go, and walked away. My hands instantly fell and cupped myself but she pulled on the string. Instant pain thundered through my nuts.

"Did I say you could do that?" She pouted her luscious full lips. She pulled on the string and motioned for me to follow her. She would tug every now and then to make me remember exactly that she was the boss.

She stopped and dug in a locker and pulled out a long leather strap.

"No way..." I started, but she jerked on the strap until I thought they would surely break off. She bent in front of me and removed the string that had been around my nut. If I wanted to leave I could have right then but I was too curious. I let her tie the leather strap around me. She pulled the other end between my legs and made me walk backwards to a bench.

"Lay down," she commanded with another sweet smile. I lay down. She pulled the strap up through my ass crack and up to my neck. She pulled my head back and tied the leather strap around it. Then with the other string she tied my arms under me. I watched curiously as she came around and sat down on my chest. I felt my cock twitch as she started to lift her arm shirt. She moved slowly. My cock kept getting harder and harder until I was fully aroused. She tossed the shirt aside. She put her hands on my shoulders and put one of her nipples to my lips. I sucked it into my mouth and sucked hard. I heard her panting loudly. I loved the way her hard nipple felt in my mouth. Then unexpectedly she pulled away from me. I wanted her in my mouth again. It was just above my face. I lifted my head, and felt the strap tighten around my balls. Pain spread through me. I laid my head back down giving my balls some relief. I started moving slowly upwards. I felt the strap tightening around me again. I pulled more and more. My heart was thundering, and I thought the vein in my neck was going to burst. She did that again and again. Letting me suck then pulling away, letting me suck then pull away. Until I thought I would die. My cock was aching.

I pulled on the strap that had my arms behind me. It came loose. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her breasts into my face again. I grabbed her and pushed her against my cock. I heard her moan loudly. I tried to undo her pants but I couldn't think, all the blood I had felt like it was in my crotch. She began undoing it herself. I watched in amazement as her pants slid down. To my pleasure, she wasn't wearing panties. Her pussy was shaved; only a light covering of auburn hair was hard to miss.

I moved my hand up her leg but suddenly she reached around and grabbed my sack again and pulled. She didn't want me to do that yet. I was a fast learner. She turned, so her pussy was in my face. I cupped her bottom and pulled her closer. She was wet, and I wanted to ram my cock into her wetness. Her hands slipped around my nuts.

"Lick it, you little bitch. Lick it." Her voice was raw with desire. I slowly licked her cheeks first but she squeezed and I knew where she wanted me. I moved my tongue across her making sure to hit her clit. She moaned and squeezed again. My cock was aching so much; I wished she would touch me. I licked again and again. Moving my tongue around her clit and then capturing it between my teeth. She squeezed hard but I kept moving my teeth back and forward. She kept squeezing harder and harder. My nuts felt sweaty and raw with her little hands around them.

I felt her tongue start to tease my cock. I thought I would shoot my load right there. I held back and licked her harder, making her clit throb against my tongue. Her tongue licked down the length of my cock then back up. Her rich lips gracing my cock, I felt her tongue lick around my head in slow luscious circles, driving me mad. I laid back and tried not to think about those beautiful lips around my cock. She moved me inside her mouth, taking me deep. I could feel her mouth bobbing up and down on my hardness with her hands squeezing my nuts harder and harder with every inch she took in. I felt the back of her throat against me. I was about to cum and she bit down on my cock. Pain surged through me making my ears ring. She brought me close to coming again then squeezed my nuts hard. My cock was throbbing and I heard myself begging her to untie me.

She slid the leather strap off of my nuts. I didn't have the desire to hold them. I wanted revenge and I guess that's what she was counting on. She stood and walked backwards from me. I followed, keeping my eyes on that little nut-lover. She looked so innocent, so sweet. I grabbed her and with gentle roughness laid her on the locker room floor. I heard her cry out in surprise. I held her arms high above her head, and sucked and bit on her nipples making her moan and beg at the same time. I held her tight as I licked down her perfect little body. I sucked on the small ring on the navel, enjoying the feeling it left on my tongue. Slowly I moved down to her cunt. The smell of her was making me light headed. I held her down as I licked her wet pussy over and over again. Making her scream, I moved my tongue in and out of her, again and again. The taste of her on my mouth was amazing. I loved it. I moved forward to suck on her clit again. Holding her arms with one hand I moved the other between her legs. I started moving my fingers with my tongue, in and out in and out. God she was tight. I could barely manage to guide my fingers inside her. I thrust them forward. I felt her pussy walls tighten against my hands, like a glove. Her wetness was driving me wild. I felt her wiggling against me, making my hand rub against her clit. I moved my fingers inside her while my thumb rubbed her warm throbbing clit.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed her arms and lead her back to the bench. I wrapped the leather straps around her hands then under the bench. So she was down on all fours. She knew what I wanted and I knew she wanted it too. I dropped to my knees behind her. I traced her ass with my cock, making her squeal with delight. Slowly I moved down her ass crack. I teased her ass crack with the tip of my cock. Teasing her, and myself, with the tip. Her ass was tight around me. I felt my heart thundering and I could hear her moaning.

"Fuck me, my little bitch. Fuck me!!!" I nudged her thighs apart. Then I pressed against her clit with my cock again and again. Making her moan. She was begging. I wondered if she was in as much pain as me.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I rammed my cock into her wet tight pussy, making her moan out loud. I felt like I was going to cum right then but I wanted to make her pay. I had to punish her. I rammed my cock all the way to the hilt then pulled almost all the way out. Then, I rammed against her again, this time a little harder. I bent my left arm under her to pull her towards me as I rammed my cock into her again and again. She was so tight and moaning. She was trying to rock her hips against me but the leather strap stopped that from happening. I reached under her and grabbed her tits, squeezing as hard, maybe even harder then she had squeezed my balls.

I wondered if I was hurting her too much, but she moaned, "Is that all you have bitch?" I increased my thrusts, driving long and hard, making her scream louder and louder. I pulled down on her nipples making her whimper. I was going to cum. I could feel the blood rushing faster and faster to my cock, making goose bumps appear on my flesh. My feet and arms ached.

I felt like I was going to cum just as she screamed, "I am cumming, I am cumming!" I felt the rush of wetness against my cock as I pulled out. I shot my load across her beautiful bare back. She moaned louder, as I collapsed on top of her.

Our breath and smell of our fucking was still steaming around us when she turned her head and whispered, "My name is...”

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Killer Nurse

By Hardie

Linda destroys three tough marines.

This story contains sexually explicit material and should be read by adults only.

Nurse Linda Colville crouched beside the dying pilot of the seaplane. The body of his navigator lolled in its harness. The bullets from the Zero, the main Japanese fighting aircraft of the Second World War, had flayed the front of the defenseless seaplane, hitting both airmen. Fortunately for the passengers, the pilot had lived long enough to land on the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean

“Where are we?” screamed the girl, trying to shake life into the glazed eyes of the wounded man. The aircraft had been on a routine flight from Cairns in Australia to the newly captured island of Guadalcanal, taking the three passengers as replacement personnel as well as carrying mail for the troops. All was well until a freak storm had tossed the small craft all over the sky for what seemed like an eternity, before the weather cleared and the Zero struck.

“Damn!” she cursed as the nurse recognized the death rattle in the pilot’s throat and a trickle of blood ran down the corner of his mouth. “Useless prick!” Angrily she let the dead man’s head drop as she looked in vain for a map. But the only one she could find was soaked in blood, and totally useless.

The smell of smoke alerted her to a new danger. Snatching up her medical satchel, the girl inched her way out of the cockpit of the aircraft into the small hold. The three marines, Berry, a Lieutenant, Taylor and Campbell had the door open and were launching a rubber life raft.

“Quick!” said Berry. “This thing’s going to blow any minute. What about them?” He indicated the cockpit.

“Dead,” said Linda. “C’mon, let’s get outta here.” They paddled towards a silhouette of land on the western horizon, leaving the burning aircraft to sink into the sea, carrying its dead crew with it.


They had been on land for eight weeks or so. The emergency rations from the life raft were gone, and all they had to live on were coconuts and any other fruit they could find. Although the three marines had saved their personal weapons from the wrecked aircraft, Lt. Berry forbade hunting in case there were Japanese soldiers nearby. For the same reason, they did not light fires. The men had built a large lean-to shelter for themselves, and a smaller one for Linda, further along the shoreline. Campbell and Taylor were suffering from attacks of malaria, and were becoming quite weak from the disease.

One evening, as the nurse made her way quietly towards the marines’ hut, she heard her name mentioned, so she stopped and listened.

“How come we’re sick,” said Taylor, “and she’s not? I reckon she’s holding out on us. She says all the quinine’s gone, but I bet she’s kept enough for herself!”

“Well, you searched her hut yourself, while she was swimming yesterday, and you didn’t find any. So what do you want to do, torture her?” said Lieutenant Berry, amusedly. “She’s a nurse, for Chrissake. She’s doing her best to help us.”

“I don’t trust her,” said Taylor. “I know she’s holding out on us, and sooner or later I’ll find out where she’s hiding the quinine…………..” Linda thoughtfully retraced her steps to her own hut and made a few decisions.

The following morning, Linda asked Taylor to go with her to check out a pool she’d found on the river which fed into the sea nearby and which supplied them with fresh water. She wore her army nurse’s skirt and her shirt, with the top three buttons undone to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of the firm, tanned breasts of a nineteen year-old athletic girl. She well knew the effect her dress had on the sex-starved males, and, by adding a hint of promise to her voice as she spoke to Taylor, she seduced him into accompanying her into the jungle.

“OK,” said Taylor, “but go slow, huh. This bug’s gettin’ to me.” For over an hour, the girl led her victim up the river valley, watching the young marine closely as she saw the steep climb drain his energy. When they reached a small clearing on top of a gorge, the girl struck.

“Here, let me...” she said reaching for the man’s hand as he struggled onto the level ground. “Put the gun down and hold me,” she said invitingly. Then, as the unsuspecting male obliged, the girl wrenched down on his arm, spun him round, forced his arm up behind his back and drove his body forward to smack into the trunk of a palm tree. Stunned, bewildered and exhausted, the muscular marine had no chance to resist the girl’s savage attack.

Pinning his body against the tree with one hand, she grasped his hair with the other and smashed his face into the trunk again and again, grinning triumphantly as the terrified marine alternately cried out in pain and tried to plead with her to stop. Twice more the unrelenting girl smashed his face into wood, until she felt her male victim’s legs buckle. The marine’s body slumped to the ground as she let him go. Casually, the girl turned him over, hitched up her skirt and straddled his broad back.

“C’mon soldier boy,” she murmured into the groaning man’s ear. “Let me just get my arm under your throat, like…there’s a good boy. What does it feel like being beaten up by a woman, soldier boy? Have you got a hard-on like the bastard marines who raped me when I was fourteen? Guess you’re done rapin’!” She settled her arms into a classic sleeper hold across the front and back of the semi-conscious man’s neck. Then she slowly tightened her arms.

The girl experienced a great sense of exhilaration as she choked the young marine to death, taking her revenge on the male gender in a frenzy of female savagery. Her insides melted as she felt the once powerful man feebly struggle to escape her hold, then she burst into one huge orgasm as she finished him off.

Gasping with passion, she threw back her head and rubbed her demanding clit over the dead marine’s back. Orgasm after orgasm flooded her nubile young body, until the girl’s lust was sated. Slowly she climbed to her feet, stood over the vanquished male warrior and exultantly raised her arms in triumph, then she dragged the body of her victim to the edge of the gorge and disdainfully pushed it over to plunge down into the valley below.

Thinking it might come in useful one day, the deadly young girl took the dead man’s rifle to hide in the undergrowth near the camp, then made a few alterations to her appearance.


Berry and Campbell heard Linda’s commotion long before she burst into sight. Screaming hysterically, her clothes torn, her face and legs splattered with mud and blood, the girl collapsed in tears.

“Thank God, thank God,” she sobbed. “Rape. He tried ……rape me. He……rape. Help me….” Getting the ‘distraught’ girl into their hut, Lieutenant Berry and Campbell were totally taken in as the nurse skillfully played the part of a victim of attempted rape.

“Where is he now?” asked Berry, grimly.

“I..I..don’t know,” stammered Linda. “I heard him yell…I think he fell somewhere. He must have ……He’d have caught me ……He must have tripped over……I couldn’t think. I just had to get here……..”

“Right,” said Berry. “Look after Linda, Campbell, and I’ll go upstream and see if I can find Taylor.” He turned to Linda.

“Did he have his carbine?”

“I don’t know…oh yes. At least he had it……..He put it down when he…….”Convincingly, she collapsed into tears once more.

“Right, then I’ll have to be a bit careful. I’m off then,” said Berry. “Don’t worry. It’ll be O.K.!” Once the Lieutenant had gone, Linda began her ‘recovery’. Things were working well for her. Now that she had Campbell on his own, she decided it was as good a time as any to finish him off as well. ‘They’re all rapist bastards,’ she thought illogically, ‘and now’s my chance to even up the score!’

Campbell was the biggest of the marines. At 6’2”, and 220lb, he towered over the slender frame of the 5’4” girl. Yet Linda was confident she could take on this powerful male and beat him. Ever since her recovery from the trauma of her rape, the girl had worked ceaselessly on a path of vengeance. She had taken every martial arts course she could find. The smooth skin of her beautifully shaped young body concealed a wiry strength born of a demanding exercise regime; a regime she’d kept up through daily swimming and hard expeditions into the surrounding jungle. She also had her quinine, a supply she had no intention of sharing with the marines.

During her martial arts course, the girl had learnt that size was relatively unimportant in combat. The advantage of surprise, speed of thought and action and a cool head were the most important attributes. And she had them all! Not only the unfortunate Taylor, but three other marines in San Diego had found this out the hard way as Linda first beat them up, then killed them.

“I need to get into the sea, Don,” she said to Campbell, “to wash off this mess. Will you come with me?” she said sexily. “I’ll feel safe if you’re there.” The big marine was putty in the girl’s hands as she led him down to the beach. There she calmly stripped off her torn, filthy clothes and, except for her brief, cotton underpants, stood boldly naked before the embarrassed young man.

“C’mon, Don,” she said, swaying invitingly in front of him, her whole lithe body tanned an even, golden brown . “Don’t be so shy. Take off your pants and come in with me. That’s good,” she encouraged as he stripped down. “Now your shorts, Don. I would so like to see you totally naked. You have such a lovely body. Will you do that for me?”

Hesitantly the marine took off his clothes, exposing his beautifully muscled body to the girl’s gaze. “My,” she said admiringly, “what big muscles you have.” She stood in front of him, hands on hips, legs apart, pert young breasts thrusting above her smoothly tanned stomach. “Let me feel!” She smiled up into the red-faced marine’s eyes as she stroked his biceps with her silky fingers. She felt his cock harden as it pressed upwards into her tanned stomach. Then, holding his muscle-laden arms with her hands, the girl drove her knee into the unsuspecting man’s dangling balls!

Campbell’s mouth shot open in shock as pain scorched his pelvis. His legs buckled as his hands tried to clutch the point of agony, and his body dropped towards the beach even as the forlorn cry of the injured male escaped his lips. Quick as a flash, the girl adjusted her feet and lashed her knee up in another devastating strike. This time it smashed into the marine’s descending face, breaking his nose, knocking his huge body sideways to sprawl on the firm sand.

Linda threw herself triumphantly on top of him. Straddling his drum-like chest, the girl held him by the throat and smashed her tiny fist into the man’s battered face, putting all her wiry strength into each devastating blow.

But Campbell was tough. Though badly hurt by Linda’s surprise attack, and seriously weakened by his illness, the highly trained, muscular young marine was still a formidable opponent for a slender, teenage girl. Ignoring the pain in his balls and face, Campbell brought his power-laden arms into action, grunting with effort as he tossed the girl from his aching body.

Linda landed a couple of yards away in a tangle of arms and legs. She had underestimated the man’s ability to take punishment, but felt no fear. Instead, she felt a surge of excitement flow through her body as she sprang to her feet in one fluid motion. From now on she had to fight a battle-trained marine; a hugely muscled male who was almost a foot taller than she was and about eighty pounds heavier. And the girl relished the prospect of destroying him!

Campbell had also regained his feet and stood facing her. Wiping blood from his face with one hairy arm, the marine was uncertain what to do. He had been brought up in the belief that fighting girls was wrong, so, while he was prepared to defend himself against her, he was reluctant to attack the near naked young nurse.

She faced him confidently, legs astride, breasts thrusting provocatively, one hand on a shapely hip. Her other hand brushed her jet-black hair from her tanned forehead then beckoned him on. “C’mon Campbell,” she sneered. “Are you scared of a girl? Are you scared I’ll beat you, Campbell; a big, tough marine scared of a little girl? You should be scared, Campbell, ‘cause I’m going to beat you up, then kill you, just like I did to your buddy. I smashed his face in, then strangled him to death. You wouldn’t believe a girl could do that to a real tough marine, would you Campbell, but I sure as hell did it to your buddy! ” Her hand shot out and tweaked his thick cock, making him flinch, “And I’m going to kill you too!”

Swiftly she closed, drove her fist into the big man’s corded stomach, dancing away before he could retaliate. Totally bemused by events, the hulking young marine was slow to react. The girl’s punch hadn’t hurt him much, but her speed made him feel clumsy. Thoroughly riled, he swung a haymaking right hook at her lovely, smiling face, hoping to knock her out and end the farce right there, but he was nowhere near.

Ducking under the blow, the nimble young nurse, smashed the heel of her hand into her husky opponent’s jaw, snapping his head back, and stomped down with her heel onto the marine’s instep. Shards of pain stabbed into the hulking young man’s brain as tender bones snapped under the girl’s assault. Mad with rage, ignoring the pain and with murder in his heart, he charged after her as she danced away.

With the agility of a trained gymnast, Linda turned away from him, folded her body over so that her hands dug into the hard sand, then lashed backwards with one foot in a classic back kick. And the man charged right into it.

Campbell felt he’d been cut in half as the girl’s stabbing heel speared into the soft area under his sternum, impaling him on her deadly limb. The world momentarily went black as his air supply was cut off. His legs buckled as he dropped to his knees on the sand, clutching his body, trying to force air into his massive, heaving chest.

Linda buckled her arms, swooped into a forward roll and rose fluidly to her feet once more. With one agile movement, the graceful girl spun round to face the kneeling man, sprang towards him, hair flying as she spun once more and swept her foot round in a wide arc to smack into the side of his head.

Campbell keeled over. Stunned, breathless and totally confused by events, the muscular marine had no time to recover before the nimble young girl was on him. Savagely she drove her foot into the man’s ribs, then stomped down on his corded neck as he desperately tried to scramble away from this terrible girl who was giving him the hiding of his life.

As each devastating blow thudded into Campbell’s torso Linda felt the adrenaline surge through her nubile young body. Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she saw how to wear the man down. She didn’t want to get caught by his massive arms again, so she stood off him and powered her kicks into the marine’s muscular frame every time he tried to get up.

With every blow the lissome, raven-haired beauty landed, Campbell could feel the strength being drained from his mighty body. He couldn’t think straight. How could a little girl do this to him, a huge, powerful male! If he could only get to his feet, he’d kill her! He had to get to his feet. He couldn’t let a girl beat him. He had to get up!

Making one monumental effort, the powerful young man pushed his battered body erect. Linda’s feet smashed into him, but he ignored the pain and just kept coming.

Linda couldn’t believe it. She kicked him in the ribs as he got to his knees. He kept coming. She kicked him in the head as he struggled to his feet. He kept coming. She tried to nail his balls as he staggered to an upright position, but she missed and hit his thigh, and he kept coming.

Linda almost panicked as the massive hulk of the young marine advanced towards her. Sweat poured from every pore of his bruised body. Feverish eyes stared fixedly at her from his blood-streaked face as he ponderously trundled forward on stiff legs, like a zombie, arms scything the air in front of him in slow motion.

She carefully kept her distance, waiting her chance, then slid in to rap a punch or two into the man’s body before skipping out of reach again, driven back by the marine’s manic, remorseless advance. Linda was beginning to despair. Her darting attacks seemed to have little effect on the lumbering marine. She had no trouble avoiding his clumsy swings, and was smashing her own punches into him with all her might. Yet he still came on.

Campbell was fighting on sheer willpowerr as his body took a terrible hammering from the cruelly efficient young female fighter. Fever raged within him, weakening him, drawing his strength from him from within as the girl smashed him from without.

At last, Linda sensed that the massively built male was succumbing to her blows. She became bolder, more aggressive, ripping combinations of two and three punches into the desperate man’s weary body, smashing her feet into his kidneys, doubling him over, then straightening him up with blows to the face. It was all too much for the young man to bear. With deadly efficiency, the girl hammered into the weakening male’s wilting body.

His advance slowly ground to a halt. He stood swaying on trembling legs in front of the gorgeous teenage girl. His head drooped and his arms dropped. The tough young marine was out on his feet, his strength and fighting spirit drawn out of him by the deadly savagery of the shapely girl fighter.

With a cry of triumph, Linda swept in for the kill. This time her kick to the man’s balls struck home with devastating accuracy. He screamed once, sank to his knees, then keeled over to sprawl unconscious at the feet of the exultant girl.

Linda stood over him, caressing her pert young breasts, bringing herself to a shuddering climax as she gazed hungrily at the beautifully sculpted male she’d destroyed. This huge, naked, male warrior was hers, sprawled at her feet in abject defeat. Beaten by a chit of a girl half his size.

She pulled him up by the hair as he struggled back to consciousness, forcing him to crawl across the beach on hands and knees until they reached the sea. Weakly he tried to grab the girl’s shapely legs in an attempt to bring her down.

“Oh, dear,” she chided, “You are a naughty boy!” She twisted his hair, forcing him to look up into the dark pools of her eyes, then calmly back-handed him across the face again and again until her hand grew sore from hitting him. Then she moved behind him and pulled back on his hair until his body was bent backwards, his buttocks resting on his calves. She stared in astonishment. Even though she’d beaten him into a semi-conscious hulk, the man had a towering erection!

The girl thought of the huge cocks which had penetrated her virginal body when she was raped, and she shook his head with rage. This one wouldn’t get relief. This one would die with his hard on!

“You scum,” she hissed into the marine’s battered face. “All you can think of is sticking your cock into me, to rape me like you men rape all women.”

“No, I…… Please don’t hurt me anymore. I’m sick, I …….,” pleaded the innocent young man, looking for mercy in the beautiful girl’s eyes and finding none. Linda moved in front of him again, holding his head up as she backed into the sea so that he could look into the mocking eyes of the slender young girl who had beaten him. She dragged the defeated hulk of a man after her into ever deepening water, making him shuffle along on his knees. When the waves lapped gently round her waist, the girl smiled into the terrified man’s pleading eyes.

“Now you die!” she said, and plunged his head under the water, moving in to sandwich it between her silken thighs. Exultantly the girl stood there, braced against the broken marine’s feeble struggles, climaxing with melting moans as she felt the once mighty male warrior drown between her female legs.

After a blissful pause to savor the moments of post coital tranquillity, Linda opened her thighs and disdainfully pushed the body of the dead marine away from her to float out on the tide. It was then that she became aware of the figure on the shore.

“I saw you finish off Campbell,” yelled Berry. “Come on in. Careful now. This gun’s loaded!” He couldn’t quite believe what he’d just done. He could have saved Campbell when he came back from his expedition. Instead he’d stood in the cover of the jungle and watched with growing excitement as the lithe, naked girl savagely beat up the towering, muscular marine. He’d shared Linda’s climax as he watched her drown the beaten man between her legs, spurting his sperm into the jungle as his body spasmed with jolts of unbelievable intensity.

Now he nervously licked his lips as the naked beauty reached the shoreline. She stumbled as she reached the beach, going down but getting quickly up again until she stood calmly before him, drops of water clinging to her legs and the cotton of her service issue PT briefs.

“I found Taylor just upstream. The river brought him down. You made a mess of his face all right. You’re some number, killing two men in one day! I expect you were going to get me next when I got back to the camp, huh?”

Linda shrugged, gazing boldly into the young man’s eyes. She could see his uncertainty, the tremble in the hand that held the automatic pistol, and thought to herself that if she could just get a bit closer…….

“What are you going to do, Lieutenant, shoot me - an unarmed girl?” She stretched her nubile young body, thrusting out her firm breasts and spreading her arms, fists clenched, to give the man a clear view of her smoothly muscled, curvaceous, feminine form. She stepped slowly towards him, undulating her hips provocatively, a confident smile on her lips. Lieutenant Berry was mesmerized by the girl. He knew he couldn’t shoot her in cold blood. Yet she’d killed both Taylor and Campbell.

“Either use your gun or put it down, Lieutenant,” said Linda sweetly. “Let’s settle this with our bare fists, or are you scared to fight a little girl?” Berry shivered with tension. He felt acutely uncomfortable at being challenged to a fight by an almost naked young girl. It was preposterous. How could she possibly beat him? He wasn’t as big as Campbell, but he wasn’t far off, and he was just as muscular. And, of course, he hadn’t been sick.

‘That’s it,’ he thought. ‘She’s beaten my men because they were sick. I’ll just overpower her and keep her prisoner until she can stand trial for murder!’ He put down the gun, then, put up his fists like a gentleman.

Linda was running on adrenaline. Even though she’d trekked through the jungle and fought and killed two men, she couldn’t wait to feel her knuckles smashing into the body of yet another powerful male adversary. She closed her arms, then flung the sand she had gathered from the beach when she stumbled into the young man’s eyes.

Momentarily blinded, Berry staggered back, clutching at his eyes. And Linda was on him, her clinical fists driving into the confused young man’s body and head, forcing him to retreat until he backed into a tree trunk. Smoothly, the deadly beauty closed with her victim and drove her knee into his balls with stunning precision.

Berry’s scream was cut off as the girl slashed the edge of her hand across his throat, driving the marine’s Adam’s apple into his windpipe, choking his cry as his legs buckled and his body slumped. Linda jammed her knee in his crotch and her forearm across the floundering man’s throat to keep him upright against the tree, then callously began to smash her fist into his face, making his head crack into the tree trunk with every deadly blow.

Senses reeling, the husky lieutenant was in desperate trouble. He couldn’t think straight. His powerfully muscled arms hung helplessly as his brain refused to function. He was out on his feet, but the girl kept hitting him. Linda felt the marine’s legs go as she drove her fist ferociously into his abdomen again and again. She removed her knee from his crotch and let the man’s mighty body sink slowly to the ground. When the young man’s jaw was opposite her tanned, slender waist, the girl jerked up her knee. There were two cracks; one when Linda’s knee smashed into the Lieutenant’s chin, the other when the marine’s head smacked into the trunk of the tree.

The girl stepped back as the man’s huge frame slumped to the ground and sprawled unconscious at her feet. Elated beyond her wildest dreams, Linda moved in for the kill. Then she had another thought. There was something about Berry…… She turned the unconscious male warrior onto his broad back and, with the easy skill of a trained nurse, stripped the man naked.

When he came round, Berry found himself lying naked at the feet of the gorgeous young girl fighter. She stood over him, legs astride, hands on hips, looking disdainfully into the puzzled eyes of the defeated male. Hurt and humiliated though he was, the lieutenant found his blood boiling at the sight of the girl who had beaten him. His cock strained to a monstrous erection as the girl smiled in satisfaction.

“Get up!” she commanded.

The young man struggled to his feet and stood on trembling legs, head lowered, towering over the girl awaiting her command. He felt strangely excited. This was what he had subconsciously always wanted - to be beaten up by a beautiful girl and subjugated to her will. And the girl knew!

“You enjoy being beaten by a girl, don’t you Lieutenant!” she purred, walking round him, flicking his cock with her hand. “I’ve heard of men like you, getting off through pain and humiliation. Well, that’s just fine, because I enjoy hurting men! I didn’t kill you, because I’ve decided to make you my own personal slave. So you just go and fetch me that little gun of yours. Go!”

Senses reeling, the soldier retrieved his gun. For a moment he considered defying her, but his will power was gone. Shamefacedly, the massively built marine handed over his weapon to the slender young girl.

“Stand to attention, soldier,” commanded Linda imperiously, feeling a surge of elation as the large young man straightened up before her, his naked, muscular body the epitome of masculinity. But, for all his mighty muscles and enormous strength, she was the better fighter. It was the sinuous, female who had smashed the massively muscled male to defeat, and now the girl was in command, which was the natural order of things. She ran her nails down the hairs on the man’s chest, looking up into his face. There was a trickle of sweat running down his cheek, or was it a tear?

“From now on, soldier boy,” she purred, “you just look on me as your commanding officer. You will obey my every command. Any hesitancy or disobedience and I will beat you up again. You know I can. You know that however big and strong a man you are, I, a girl, am a better fighter and I’ll always beat you. WON’T I?” She grasped his balls and squeezed viciously.

The young man gasped in pain, knowing that he mustn’t move. Knowing that he mustn’t give the girl any excuse to hammer him with her terrible little fists.

“WON’T I?” she repeated.

“Yes ma’am,” he sobbed. She let go and stepped back with a gleam of triumph in her deep, round eyes. She had him.

“Stand at ease!” she barked, smiling as he parted his legs to assume the correct stance, feet twelve inches apart, hands clasped behind his back. Berry’s body trembled with a mixture of fear and excitement. Here he was, a powerful male warrior, standing naked and cowed before a chit of a girl, letting her dominate him with both her fighting ability and her devastating sexuality. His heart pounded. His cock throbbed. He wanted to grasp it and make it spurt with relief. But he was too scared of the girl who had defeated him. He stood stock-still and waited.

She glided up to him, every undulating movement a statement of gender. She looked up into his face, smiled and smashed her knee into the defenseless young man’s tautened balls, dropping him with one devastating strike. As the magnificent body of the muscular young marine slumped to the sand, Linda’s breasts swelled with triumph. In one day she had killed two hated marines and enslaved a third.

The girl made her defeated male opponent crawl painfully in front of her as she set off along the beach to her makeshift hut. Every so often she encouraged his progress with a well-placed kick. It was so good having a big, strong, male slave to cater to her every whim. She was going to enjoy her stay here …wherever she was.

Husband Tamed

By Hardie

A loveless marriage ends in total domination - of the husband!

This story contains explicit material and should be read by adults only.

It was about to happen! All that she'd been training for during the past year or so, all the work in the gym, was coming to fruition, and it was Mark, her husband, who had suggested it.

Mary had married at the age of seventeen and it had all started to go wrong soon after the wedding. But, being Roman Catholic, a divorce was out of the question. However, the girl had thought of a different solution. If she seized control of the situation, then she could mold the relationship to her needs. All she had to do was gain complete mastery of her large, powerfully muscled, twenty-five year-old husband! That night, she felt she was ready.

"I don't want you to go out drinking with your friends again tonight," she'd said calmly, as Mark was getting ready to go.

"Don't start that again," he'd snarled. "I go out when I want to. Unless, of course, you think you can stop me!" Mary eyed her husband critically. He was almost naked, standing in his brief underpants, holding a pair of chinos, which he intended to put on. At six foot two inches, he was a head taller than the girl. His broad shoulders supported a thick neck, and she was made fully aware of his muscle packed arms as he placed them on his hips and thrust out his barrel like chest in a posture of intimidation. A once rock hard stomach now sagged slightly due to a constant intake of alcohol, but the man's massive thighs confirmed the fact that he was still in good shape and was very strong.

`Could a girl beat up such a powerful man?' she asked herself. Her instructor at the gym said she could. She said a woman could be just as good a fighter as any man provided she was fast, skilful and kept cool enough to apply her skills. Mary was fast and skilful enough. The instructor said she's never had a better pupil. Now she was about to find out if she was cool under `fire'!

"I can stop you, if that's what I have to do," said Mary. "If you want a fight, let's have one! We can move the furniture back in the lounge and settle this once and for all. Agreed?" Mark didn't know what to say. That his slim little child bride was accepting his challenge seemed unbelievable. Still, if it would stop her nagging...

"Ok," he said, smiling, "if that's what you want. Don't blame me if you get hurt though." When the furniture had been moved, Mary took off her dress, slowly peeling it up over her curvaceous body, knowing the effect this would have on her male opponent, using her sex to her advantage. Underneath she wore a pair of navy blue cotton gym briefs which clung to her pelvis and buttocks, flowing over her skin with every movement of her lithe young body, emphasizing her femininity. Her pert little breasts were covered by a white crop top, and she wore a pair of white boots which reached almost to her knees. Apart from that she stood naked, her slender young body barely concealing the hard female muscles which rippled just below the surface of her smoothly tanned skin. The girl knew that this was an outfit that Mark found especially exciting, and she was gratified to see a bulge growing in the crotch of the man's cotton briefs.

"No holds barred," said Mary, "and only total submission by the loser ends the fight, right?"

"Right," agreed Mark, not really listening, too busy drinking in the spectacle of his sexy young wife preparing to fight him in her knickers and top and those boots which helped to focus attention on the girl's sturdy, curvaceous thighs. He resolved to grab her, overpower her, strip her and screw her until she...

She kicked him in the balls.

Mark doubled up, clutching himself, a cry of pain cut off as a female fist crashed into his mouth. More pain shot through the man's huge frame as the girl drovee her foot into his knee cap. Then she stepped back.

Mary knew she could have finished off her husband there and then, but she also knew that the matter would not have been resolved. He would always be able to claim that she'd attacked him before he was ready, while he was still drooling over her body; and she'd kicked him in the balls. He'd shout `Foul!' even though he'd agreed to a `no holds barred' contest.

"Have you had enough, husband?" she asked mockingly. "Why don't you just give in now and save yourself a beating. I don't really want to hurt you unless I have to, but if I have to, I'll give you the hiding of your life!"

Mark couldn't believe what was happening. He was hurting, but the pain was going away. She'd caught him cold, but she wouldn't get away with that again. He was indignant, angry. How dare his wife, a chit of a girl, attack him, threaten him, mock him, kick him in the balls. He wanted to get hold of her and hurt her, hurt her badly.

He charged into the attack.

The girl was expecting nothing less, and met his charge with a beautifully executed stomach throw, rolling onto her back, thrusting one foot into Mark's stomach as his momentum carried him over her, and helping him on his way with a thrust from her shapely leg. Mark crashed upside down into an armchair, the soft upholstery saving him from serious injury. Half winded and wholly bemused, the man was still untangling himself when the female fury struck again.

Rolling agilely to her feet, Mary felt the laughter bubble inside her as she saw her massive husband spread-eagled over the chair in an upside down position. She picked her spot and launched herself into a running drop kick, thrusting her foot at the man's vulnerable balls.

More by luck than judgment, Mark's muscular thigh got in the way as he rolled off the chair. The girl was thrown off balance, stumbled sideways and spun into the wall, slightly winding herself in the process. This allowed Mark to get to his feet and he advanced on the girl with murder in his heart.

Mary let him come. She was sure he only knew one way to fight, and that was to throw punches. Well, she could throw punches too, but she could throw them faster! And she knew other ways to fight as well! Mark dropped into a boxer's crouch, hiding behind forearms as thick as Mary's calves. His fist shot out, aimed at the girl's smiling face.

She swayed aside. Her own fist shot out, flicking under the man's guard and hitting his stomach. He hardly felt it and threw another punch at his beautiful young wife. It missed. The girl hit him again, then closed, trapping his arms with her chest, and hit him with a couple of full-strength blows to the stomach before he could push her away.

He felt those all right. Mary could punch her weight, and Mark's stomach muscles were pickled in beer. She thrilled with satisfaction as she heard him gasp as her little fists smacked into his male body.

A roundhouse right from the huge man almost took the girl's head off as she just managed to duck under it. As his body spun towards her with the force of his blow, the girl braced her foot against the wall behind her, ducked her head as low as she could, pushed off with her foot and launched herself like a human missile into her husband's mighty frame. Her head caught him flush in the lower abdomen, stopping him dead, driving the air from his lungs as his mouth dropped open, his arms dropped down. He doubled up on trembling legs, his mouth open, trying desperately to gulp in air. The girl, totally calm, totally focused on the destruction of her massive mate, spun him round and pushed him back against the wall.

Holding the winded man by the hair, the young girl fighter smashed her fist into his face, breaking his nose with one vicious punch, splitting his eyebrow with another before he could get his oxygen starved arms to begin defending himself. As his arms came up, the girl stomped with her boot into the unfortunate man's shin. His body began to fold again to ease the pain, and she once more smashed her fist into her husband's unprotected face. Dazed, bewildered, and in pain from the savage attacks of his lovely, young wife, Mark was panic stricken as he slumped against the wall, realizing he was being badly beaten by the girl. Mustering all his courage and considerable strength, he tried to fight his way out. His arms came up. His mighty, ham-like fists flew, but to no avail.

Mary stood her ground. Toe-to-toe the lithe young girl fought it out with the hulking man. To the towering, muscle laden male it seemed inconceivable that a girl could stand up to him in a fistfight, but Mary's adrenaline was flowing. She had never felt so alive. She was taking on a bigger, heavier, stronger male opponent and she was determined to beat him, to show that girls everywhere that men could be beaten by tough, skilful female fighters.

Mary was able to avoid her husband's punches without too much effort. Winded and weakened, his heavily muscled arms were ponderous in the extreme. The girl ducked and weaved as his blows flailed empty air. Then she laced into the floundering man, cutting him to pieces with her tiny, flashing female fists. The lightning fast little girl tore through the huge, cumbersome man's defense, boring into his hard, male body, smacking into his bloodied face, sucking the strength from him until he could barely raise his once formidable arms in his defense.

Remorselessly, the pitiless young girl slashed her fists into her stricken husband. She pinned him against the wall by the throat with one hand and drove punch after punch into his exposed stomach with the other. Ignoring the man's sobbing moans, the girl moved in closer. Carefully she lined up her target, then, with calm deliberation the merciless girl fighter drove her knee into the man's dangling balls with sickening force. A howl of male anguish escaped the man's throat as the pain surged though his massive frame.

The curvaceous, slender girl, who looked so soft and feminine but whose fighting instincts were feral, let go his throat. Then, as his body slumped, she thundered her tiny fist into the collapsing man's jaw. Mark's massive, muscular, male body slid down the wall, bloodied eyes staring reproachfully, like a wounded deer, at the girl who was smashing him to defeat.

Disdainfully, Mary watched the man slump to the floor. She turned him onto his face, used all her strength to pull his mightily muscled arms up behind his back, then heaved. She smiled as her husband screamed in agony as she removed any threat from his arms by rendering them useless. But she wasn't quite finished with him.

As his body writhed in agony, the girl kicked him onto his back and lowered herself none too gently onto his deep, manly chest. Reaching behind her, the agile young girl grasped the man's aching balls and squeezed.

"Now you can give in to me," she purred, as her husband screamed in agony. She applied more pressure as huge sobs wracked his once powerful body.

"!!" the suffering man pleaded, but he saw no mercy in the girl's deep eyes. She let go his balls, held him by the hair and raised her fist. She smashed a punch into the helpless man's face.

"Give in," she suggested softly, raising her fist again. She hit him in the mouth, hurting, breaking teeth, as her stricken mate tried to salve his male ego by resisting her. Once more she raised her fist. She looked hard into her terror stricken husband's eyes, giving him no hope of succor. The man's will collapsed. The girl had destroyed his fighting spirit. He could resist no more. He had to accept defeat at the hands of his svelte young wife.

"I g..give in!" he mumbled, sobbing with pain and the shame of being so savagely beaten by a little girl.

"Good boy," smiled his wife. She was thrilled at the way she'd beaten up a big, strong man so easily. She felt the power she had over him as he lay cringing and crying under her heel as she stood up and put her foot on his heaving chest and raised her arms in victory. She had beaten him in combat. Now he had to be completely broken and made to do her will.

This would be fun. This was the dark side of her she'd always known was there but which she'd suppressed until now. She knew she would thoroughly enjoy destroying the willpower of a man and making him into her plaything. First, she removed his underpants, leaving him lying naked at her feet.

Mark was looking up at the girl standing over him. A girl who wore the clothes which excited him more than anything. A girl flushed with the success of conquest of the male. A sight which sent his libido into overdrive. Despite his shame, his pain and his dread of what was to come, Mark's cock strained upwards into the biggest erection he'd ever had. Mary watched in wonder. She smiled mysteriously, then drove her foot into the man's tautened balls.

"From now on, husband," she chided, as he writhed in agony one the floor, "you will only get a hard-on with my permission. Now I am going to give you a good beating to remind of this rule. Say `thank you'!"

And the mighty, but totally subjugated male, said `thank you' to the feisty young female who had smashed him to defeat and destroyed his will to fight. The girl had won, and they both knew it! Mary made the sobbing man stand up straight, the palms of his hands against the wall, his legs astride so that his cock and balls dangled down between his buttocks. She reached under the cushions of the sofa and brought out a three-foot long cane she'd purchased specially for the occasion, in anticipation of her victory, and swished it through the air. She smiled sadistically as she saw her victim's body tense with anticipation. Then she struck.

Coolly and systematically, the girl slashed her husband's naked body with her instrument of chastisement, totally ignoring the pleas for mercy which gradually deteriorated into whimpers of despair. Eventually, as her arm grew tired from the thrashing she was giving him, Mary stopped.

"Get on your knees!" she ordered her pain-ravaged spouse. "Now crawl over to me." The girl watched with elation as the massive male did as he was ordered.

"Now beg like a dog," she told him. Then, when she was satisfied with his posture of servility, she put her hands on her hips, and stood with feet astride in front of his cowering frame.

"Look at me," she said, pinning her husband's pathetic gaze with her steadfast stare. His lip was quivering as he fought back tears of shame at the state of total humiliation this young girl had enforced on him. His will was broken. He was hers to command, and a strange feeling of relief spread through his once proud male body. He burst into tears.

The girl looked scornfully at the large, muscular, superbly built male she'd reduced to a shivering, spineless wreck and she glowed with pride. She, the woman, the female, was the better fighter. She didn't need massive muscles, strength, balls or testosterone. All she needed was the speed, the skill and the willpower of a girl! She had smashed the man to defeat, destroyed his fighting spirit, drained his will and his strength and thrashed the mighty male into total subjugation.

The girl looked deep into the man's terrified, tearful eyes and disdainfully kicked him in the balls. The man's huge body crashed to the floor as he cried in anguish, clutching his balls as he thrashed in agony.

Mary looked down at him. "Put the furniture back," she ordered as she went off to have a shower, "and don't bleed on the carpet!"