Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kathy Gets Cory Good

By boyballkiller

Cory was in big trouble, really big trouble. His sister, Jennifer, was going to have a sleepover. Jennifer was 13 and was his older sister. Being that, she tortured him as much as possible. Cory was an eight-year-old, scrawny boy and he made an excellent target. The last time Jennifer had a sleepover she and the rest of the friends made him dress up in girl’s clothes and put make-up on him. Tonight would be much worse though.

All of Jennifer’s friends showed up by eight:00 and everything was uneventful until it was time to go to bed. Around 9:00, Jennifer and Cory’s bedtime, Cory began to get nervous. He knew that his bedroom was only a few steps from his sister’s and he would be humiliated by the girls again soon. He went to bed a few minutes before all the girls did. As he walked by all them sitting in the living room, they all said “Hi Cory!!!!” in a mischievous way. He paused a moment and then ran upstairs. He recognized all the girls from the last time, except one.

He lay in bed preparing himself for what was to come. He knew that they could do whatever they wanted. His parents slept downstairs at the opposite end of the house and would never hear all the girls doing their mischief in the night. He began to think about what they might do to him. In the past they had tickled, pinched and even kissed him. He expected this and all they had done the last time. No amount of preparation could prepare him for what was to come.

Around 10 minutes after he went to bed, he heard the group of girls scramble upstairs. He braced himself. Out of nowhere four of them charged in and grabbed him. They had little trouble carrying the 70-pound boy to Jennifer’s room. They threw him on the bed. He didn’t dare move. There were eight girls holding him there. They started right away. All of them began tickling him. He was laughing hysterically. Through all the arms and hands and giggles he saw his sister talking with the girl he didn’t recognize from before.

“Heh everyone, stop, stop right now!” Jennifer yelled. Cory took the moment to catch his breath. “Kathy here says there is something else we can do to him.” Kathy had moved to their town two weeks earlier and became friends with Jennifer.

“She says that she tortures her little brother in a different way,” said Jennifer.

“Yeah. My little brother is also eight. He is a little piece if garbage just like Cory here. Whenever I want to get him good I do this to him.” Kathy ran up and grabbed little Cory by the balls and squeezed and pulled him forward a bit. He began to seize and squirm.

“Please let me go, let go of my balls!!!” He had been hit in the balls a few times in little league but that was nothing. All the girls were astonished at the power she had. She continued to squeeze until the agonized little boy passed out.

Cory awoke to find himself tied to the bedposts with tube socks. He was spread apart very tightly and was covered with a blanket. He was naked. His little balls still hurt. He turned his head slightly and saw that it was now 11:00. The movement caught the attention of his sister who was sleeping in the chair next to the bed.

“Everyone wake up!!!” she yelled. They all woke and Kathy made her way to bed. She didn’t hesitate. She pulled the blanket away to show Cory tied up naked on the bed. All the girls giggled and Cory felt very embarrassed. His little balls rested under his even smaller penis. It was apparent none of them had ever scene a boy’s genitals before.

“I used to just pinch and hit my brother in the arm or leg to bother him,” Kathy said. “Then one day I was beating him up and I rolled on top of him. His arm went limp and he began to cry. I didn’t know why until I noticed my knee was between his legs. I got up and he rolled over and coughed. I rolled him back over and punched him between the legs and asked if that hurt him. He nodded and began crying more. He said ‘you hit me in my nuts, you stupid bitch.’ That is how I found out how to control boys; now I do it to all of them”

She went up and grabbed his dick and said, “This is called a penis. This is what boys use to go to the bathroom.” She then cupped his balls and said, “These are called testicles. Boys call them balls or nuts. If you hit a boy’s testicles he will hurt real bad” As she said this she punched Cory’s balls and started grinding her hands together.

“Ahhahhah, STOP!!!” Cory cried.

“You see,” Kathy said. “I think we all should see what we can do to Cory’s balls”

“Whwhwhat? Don’t do that. Not my balls,” pleaded Cory. They didn’t even hear him.

Since it was her little brother Jennifer went first. She sat down on the bed between Cory’s legs and kicked back and forth. Cory arched his back. The pain was more than a grown man could handle, let alone an eight year old. She kicked his balls about twenty times. She stopped and watched Cory cry and cough.

“Wow, I guess I hurt him pretty bad.” Jennifer felt bad for a moment.

Kathy interjected, “No, don’t worry. You have to hit them really hard to damage them forever. They can take a lot of hits, my brother’s have.” She giggled hysterically as she said this. Jennifer felt better and started to kick him again. She kicked Cory about twenty more times and quit.

“How’s that feel you little twerp? I bet it hurts real bad.”

“Okay somebody else go,” said Kathy. The other six girls took turns punching and squeezing little Cory’s balls. The one girl even dug her fingernails into his balls causing him to pass out again.

When he woke for the second time everyone was asleep except Kathy. She was just standing over him. He was still tied to the bed and his balls were in tremendous pain.

“What are you going to do know?” Cory whimpered.

“I hate boys. I love hurting them. I had to move because I almost broke a boy’s balls at my last school. He was only seven. I squeezed them until a teacher came and pulled me off of him. If I had my way I would have broken them!” Kathy grinned in a horrible way. “I tried once to break my brother’s. I had him tied up like you are now and I hit his with a hammer about fifteen times until my mother walked in and stopped me. I put a book under them so they would squash easily. He threw up twice and I almost crushed them. I hope to destroy yours tonight.”

Cory began to cry violently. “No, no, please don’t! I can’t lose my balls!” She stuck a loose sock in his mouth and went to work.

She stuck a book under them as Cory watched in horror. She then stood over him and started stomping on his balls only stopping to adjust the book. Cory huffed over the sock in his mouth as he tried to remove it. Kathy then put her heel on his balls and balanced on it, putting her full weight on his already battered balls. Cory was beginning to loosen the sock in his mouth.

“Break, break, break,” Kathy said simultaneously as she shifted her weight between each ball. She stopped and knelt down and grabbed each of Cory’s balls with her hands. She had them between the thumb and index finger in each of hands and began to squeeze and pull violently. Cory was in more pain than he could imagine. He knew though, that if he passed out, he would lose his balls forever, so he withstood the pain. He was close to dislodging the sock as Kathy concentrated her efforts on his left ball. She squeezed with all her energy and the ball was just at the popping point.

“SSSTTTOOOPPP!!!!” Cory cried as he finally worked the sock out of his mouth. The cry stunned Kathy and she stopped. She laughed at him and was about to start again, but Cory’s mother came in and dragged her away from him. She heard the tortured little boys scream too and came running. Kathy ran downstairs, scared and embarrassed herself, and Cory’s mother untied him and wrapped him in a blanket. All the girls watched in shock.

It took three doctor’s visits and nine weeks for him to recover to the point where he no longer had to limp, but he did recover. Unfortunately his sister had learned the secret every younger brother fears and, despite the experience with Kathy, she busted his balls all the time until he was old enough to defend himself. As for Kathy, she moved to another city, where she probably tortured other little boys and her little brother too.


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Dam she should have got to pop them

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An 8 yr old!!!!!!! You are such a fucking asshole! The kid isn't even in puberty!

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You need an asylum bad.

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Wtf dude he is just 8!!!like what the hell man?

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pop his damn balls!