Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Auntie's Houseboy

by Burst

This story is dedicated to Caligula... the man who taught us all about family values

"Mom, I'm home!" I shouted as I walked through the door that early June afternoon. "For the next three months! Nothin' but layin’ on my butt and watching TV!"

"I'm glad you're home," said my mother as she walked into the living room. "We need to have a little talk. Your father and I have decided to take a little trip this summer."

"Great," I said. "Where we going?"

"Your father and I are going to Europe... alone," she said. "You'll be staying with your aunt Lucrecia."

"Ok," I said. "I can lay on my butt just as good there."

A few days later, we arrived at Aunt Lucrecia's. Aunt Lucrecia was 35 years old, 6'1", 250 lbs, with curly black hair, milky white skin, and bright red lips. She had a very commanding voice and had never been married.

"Thank you for taking care of him this summer," my mom said to Aunt Lucrecia.

"No problem," she said. "We're gonna have lots of fun this summer!"

A few minutes later, my mother left and Aunt Lucrecia turned to me.

"Why don't you go get washed up?" she said. "You've had a long trip. Nice hot shower will be just the thing." I went upstairs and took my shower. However, when I got out I found that my clothes were missing along with my towel. Cautiously, I slipped into the guest bedroom, where I saw Aunt Lucrecia lying on the bed completely naked. Even though overweight, she looked pretty good. There was no cellulite... it was all muscle.

"Where... where are my clothes," I asked nervously.

"Don't worry about it," she said. "You're not gonna need um! I walk around naked all the time... it's just too hot down here for anything else! Now come sit with your Aunt Lucrecia." I nervously walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Lucrecia sat up next to me pressing uncomfortably close.

"So whatcha got planned for the summer?" she asked.

"I... um, I was just gonna watch TV, hang out at the mall... stuff like that," I said nervously.

"Thought it'd be something like that," she said with a hint of anger. "Well, you're gonna earn your keep in this house! You're going to be my houseboy this summer! You're gonna do everything for me, and I mean EVERYTHING! It's my summer to relax! And I know what I want first." Aunt Lucrecia put her hand on my cock and began stroking it.

"Aunt Lucrecia, no!" I gasped in horror. Without warning, Lucrecia slapped my balls with all her might. I fell off the bed, holding my nuts.

"Never say no to me," she barked. "Or you'll get more of the same!"

"Please no, Aunt Lucrecia..." I said, pained.

"There's that word again," she sighed. Her foot suddenly smashed down on my ballsack, and I almost saw red from the pain.

"Now get up here and get to work," she said. "Your old aunt hasn't had a man in quite sometime."

"But... but I'm your nephew," I cried.

"You're going to be my niece if you don't shut up," she growled. "Now get up here!" I slowly climbed back onto the bed and Aunt Lucrecia pulled me to her. She began kissing me, probing my mouth with her tongue. After a moment of that, she fell back on the bed pulling me on top of her. As my cock slid into her pussy, I couldn't believe I was about to lose my virginity to my own aunt!

We fucked all night then fell asleep. The next morning, when we awoke, she began giving me my orders.

"First, you're going to cook breakfast, then you're going to clean the house," she said. "Now get to it! I'm hungry!" I went to the kitchen and began trying to prepare food. I'd never cooked before so I carefully read every instruction then got to work. Twenty minutes later, Aunt Lucrecia walked in.

"It's not ready yet?!" she asked.

"I've never cooked before," I said. "I..." Aunt Lucrecia grabbed a knife from the counter and held it to my cock.

"If it's not ready in five minutes, I'll eat YOUR sausage and eggs!" she laughed. Four minutes later, I brought Aunt Lucrecia her breakfast. She began eating, and appeared pleased until she reached the sausage. She took a bite, then grabbed my balls and yanked!

"AAAGGH!" I screamed. She spit the piece of sausage into my mouth.

"It's not done!" she growled. "Let me show you how to cook a sausage!" She grabbed my balls and dragged me into the kitchen, then turned on one of the stove's burners and held my dick over it.

"A sausage has to be cooked very thoroughly," she explained. "Want me to demonstrate?"

"No, Aunt Lucrecia."

"There's that word again," she sighed. Lucrecia pushed my cock down on the burner for just a few seconds, then pulled it back. Still, the pain was intense and I began crying.

"Ever going to give me a raw sausage again?" she asked.

"No Aunt Lucrecia," I cried.

"Good boy," she said. "But you just used the N word again." WHACK! Her knee slammed into my balls.

"Now let's get to the housework." A few minutes later, I was dressed in a French maid outfit.

"You're so cute," smiled Lucrecia. "I want you to dust, vacuum, and do the laundry. I'll be out to inspect your progress around 11:00." I spent the next two hours cleaning vigorously. I'd never worked so hard in my life, but I didn't dare skimp. At 11:00, Aunt Lucrecia came into the living room wearing a robe. She inspected everything very carefully then turned to me and smiled.

"You've done a wonderful job," she smiled. "But now I'm going to show you what a maid is really good for." Aunt Lucrecia dropped her robe to reveal a huge strap-on dildo. I gasped in horror. She laughed, then bent me over the coffee table and began ramming my ass with her plastic penis. I couldn't believe how much it hurt, almost as bad as the ball kicking.

After nearly thirty minutes, she finally got off me. My ass felt like it had been torn apart!

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"NO," I cried. Aunt Lucrecia just sighed, then bent me over again and resumed fucking me with the dildo. Twenty minutes later, she got off again.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Ummm," I stammered. "yes."

"Good," she said. "I'll be sure to do it often! Now go fix my lunch!"

That night, I was exhausted. Fortunately, Aunt Lucrecia had decided to go out for the evening, so I was allowed to relax. Around 11:30, she returned with a woman around 30, 5'10", 180 lbs, with a buzzcut. I knew then why Aunt Lucrecia had never been married.

"This is the houseboy I was telling you about," she said. "Houseboy, this is my "friend" Beth. You're going to show her every courtesy you've shown me." Lucrecia, Beth, and I went to the bedroom and had a wild threesome. Afterwards, we were all lying on the bed, VERY tired.

"I can't move," moaned Beth. "But I need to go to the bathroom."

"No need," said Lucrecia. "We have a good toilet right here." A shudder went through my body.

"Get on your knees and open your mouth," she said. I paused for a second.

"DO IT!" snapped Lucrecia. "Or she's taking your balls home as a souvenir!" Slowly, I knelt down and Beth slid her pussy over my mouth. I gagged as urine began filling my mouth. I nearly choked, but managed to swallow every drop.

That was how the summer went. Doing the chores, having sex with my aunt and her various "friends", being used as a toilet, and most of all having my cock and balls tortured beyond belief.

Then, one day I was cleaning the living room in my maid's outfit when my mom burst in through the front door.

"Surprise!" she shouted. "I'm home early... OH MY GOD!" Lucrecia ran into the room completely naked, gasping when she saw my mother.

"I... I can explain," said Lucrecia, nervous for the first time in her life.

"You'd better," said my mother. "How did you ever get him to clean?" Aunt Lucrecia laughed, then told my mother the whole story. I couldn't believe my mom's reaction. She was actually enjoying this.

"And to think, I've been trying to bribe him with allowance all these years," she laughed. "Your house is spotless, Lucrecia. I think I'm going to have to take a tip from you. Now if you'll excuse me for a sec, it's been a long flight and I have to use the bathroom."

"Why walk all that way?" asked Lucrecia. "Houseboy!" Oh my God, I couldn't believe this. Slowly, I slinked over to my aunt and mother, then knelt before them. Hesitantly, my mother slipped off her panties then squatted over my face. My mother was pissing in my mouth!

"Oh, this is convenient," laughed my mom. "It's going to be great having a houseboy!"

I shuddered, knowing my life would never be the same again.

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