Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Patty and Peggy

By Cyrpent

Okay, so I read Caligula's deal and I happened to be in a mood; here's the result. He was gracious enough to send me three stories the next day, for which I thank him. I don't know if or when I'll get around to finishing it - if I had that kind of time all the time, I'd get a girlfriend!

"Hurry up, I'm going to be late!" Peggy yelled out the kitchen window. She didn't wait to find out whether Matt heard her or whether he listened. It was an important meeting with a new client and she couldn't afford to make a mistake. She fished through her briefcase, making sure she had everything, and snapped the laptop shut. She began to slide her feet into her business pumps, but on second thought reached into the closet for the 4" black patent heels.

Matt sighed and turned on the hose. He wasn't dawdling on purpose. He was thinking about that cute girl he'd seen at the mall. He was thinking about the football game. He was thinking about almost everything except the job at hand - washing the SUV. His mother's shout had startled him into dropping the bucket, and the concrete drive was awash in sudsy water. Fortunately for him he had been almost done; he didn't want to think about what would happen if he didn't finish. As he was coiling the hose, he noticed a dark streak by the rear tire. He heard the kitchen door slam and quickly knelt down to inspect it.

Peggy couldn't see Matt over the load of laptop, briefcase, samples and brochures that filled both arms; and her attention was focused on her soaking-wet truck. She also couldn't see the soapy water on the driveway. Her first step was safe, but as she stepped toward the truck her other pump slipped forward and up. Right between Matt's legs. Right into his balls.

Matt screamed and tried to close his legs, but Peggy was still fighting to keep her balance and not drop anything. As she rocked back and forth on one foot, her other foot twisted and dug into the most stable place it could - Matt's groin. His nuts were mashed left and right by the sharp toe of her pump. Peggy still couldn't see what had happened, but she had a pretty good idea.

Finally she was able to put her foot down and regain her balance. Matt staggered and fought to keep from falling over. Peggy yanked the door open and tossed her load inside, then turned to look down at her son. "Are you all right?" she asked. He moaned, but nodded.

She surveyed the scene. "It's your own fault," she scolded. "What a mess! I nearly turned my ankle! I don't have time right now," she added, sliding into the truck, "but we'll talk more about this when I get home. You'd better have dinner ready!" She fired up the truck and gunned it a couple of times before peeling out into the street. Matt was barely able to get out of the way first, but he still got sprayed by the dripping tires.

Matt was still reeling as the truck rolled past. What had happened? He'd been doing what she asked... he'd - well, he'd been thinking about that cute redhead... and getting just a bit horny - when suddenly he'd been seeing stars. He moved slowly, but every motion sent a twinge through his groin. His clothes were soaked and muddy. And for some reason - despite the burn in his balls - he was still excited. He walked gingerly toward the house to find some clean, or at least dry, clothes.

As Peggy raced up the onramp, she felt a twinge of guilt at having left Matt hanging there, or rather unable to hang. But it was his own fault! she reminded herself. But he did pay for it, she mused, and a smile crept across her face before she could stifle it. How cute he had looked, his face all scrunched up like that! Maybe he'd be more careful next time! Always daydreaming! Peggy was startled to feel a warm feeling creep through her. What was she thinking? Hmmm... Yes, they'd talk when she got home, and she had a feeling he wouldn't enjoy it as much as she would.

But as she got on the freeway and had a bit of time, she worried that she might have damaged him more than he had admitted. She picked up the cell phone. "Patty? It's me. Listen, can you do me a favor? Yes, it's today, in ten minutes. But there was a bit of an accident..." she explained.

Anyone in the car could have heard the laughter at the other end of the line. "Yes... yes... yes, I admit it, it was funny! But he might have been hurt. You know how men are... yes... could you? And stay for dinner, won't you? I'll see you then. Thanks! Bye."

Patty pressed the phone down long enough to hang up, then phoned the hospital to tell them she wouldn't be in. She wasn't going to let a little overtime keep her from what promised to be a most interesting dinner. So Matt had finally been 'broken in' - about time, in her opinion. Always daydreaming about something. A rude awakening was long overdue, and she couldn't think of a ruder one. She considered changing into street clothes, then decided it might work better if she kept her nurse's uniform on. She bounced out to the car, unusually happy for someone called to the side of an injured nephew. Unlike Peg, she was very familiar with the more delicate parts of men's anatomy, and the amount of punishment they could take. Her foot pressed down a bit harder on the accelerator as she thought of the possibilities.

Matthew stripped down in the laundry room and dumped the muddy clothes into the hamper. His brain still wasn't functioning well enough to realize the hamper had clean clothes in it. He was still trying to process the feelings he'd had - and the feeling that lingered in his crotch, as if his mom's foot was still buried in it. Absently he turned on the shower and waited for the first wisps of steam to escape before climbing in. He'd been kicked before, and this didn't feel quite the same. Something was wrong and he couldn't figure it out.

It only took Patty five minutes to arrive, and she heard the shower running as she walked in. She marched to the bathroom and flung the door open. Matt didn't hear anything over the running water, so his first clue was the cold breath of air on his wet skin. His second was the sound of the shower curtain being pulled aside abruptly. His third was a relatively cold hand wrapping itself around his still-aching nuts! He yelled and placed both hands flat against the wall to keep from falling over, almost as if he were being frisked by a policeman. Patty noticed that and cheerfully said, "Spread 'em!" in her gruffest voice. Matt carefully looked over his shoulder to see his Aunt Patty, grinning like a cat. "You should see the look on your face!" she giggled. "Of course, I wish I'd seen the look on it a little earlier. How they hangin'?"

Matt was still in a bit of shock. There was a part of his brain that knew that Aunt Patty was a professional nurse, but that part was almost totally squeezed out by the situation he found himself in. First his balls had been well-kicked by his own mother, and now his aunt was rolling his nuts between her fingers. Okay, it was an accident, and she was just checking for damage. But it was nothing like any exam he'd gotten up to that point.

Patty saw the confusion flit across his face. She also noticed his cock stiffen a bit. Perfect! He'd be easier than she ever thought. A moment of doubt crossed her mind, but she chased it away. She put her 'stern nurse' mask over the smile. "Your mom called me and asked me to see if she'd done any lasting damage. How do you feel?" she asked, keeping a firm grip on his nuts. "A - a - a little sore," Matt stammered. "Perfectly natural, from what Peg said. I guess she nailed you good?" One or two of her nails drifted absently around the base of his cock. Yes, she could feel the twitches as he relived the painful moment.

She grabbed a towel and released his balls to help him out of the tub. He was still a bit too dazed to think that it might be strange in any way. She ran the towel over his back, down to his legs, and as she came back up between them, she rubbed vigorously. Matt gasped as his aching organs were massaged by the rough towel. "Quiet! What a baby," Patty smirked. "It's good for the circulation. You don't want them to ache all night, do you?" "I - I guess not," Matt said. "Then you'll do what I tell you," Patty said.

Matt reached for his jeans, but Patty slapped his hand. "Nope! You need to let them hang," she said. Inside she giggled as she came up with one story after another. "But what do I wear?" Matt protested. "Why do you need to wear anything? I've already seen everything," she replied. "But - " Matt was at a loss for an excuse. Was this right? He was more than a little embarrassed. In addition, as his nuts stopped aching, he was beginning to be very aware of being completely naked with his fully dressed aunt. His cock began to stiffen, to his horror.

"Well!" she smiled. " I guess I hadn't seen everything, after all!" She gave him her best 'how rude!" look and waited, tapping her rubber-soled toe, for him to cease this rude display. Matt turned redder as his dick got harder.

"Am I supposed to be impressed?" she demanded. "You'd better do something about that, if you don't want another kick in the balls!" She watched his face carefully as he struggled futilely to repress his rampant organ by will power alone. It was delicious; he'd be licking the soles of her shoes clean before she left, she was certain. She tapped her foot louder, and began tapping the toe on the ground, as a place kicker does before the kickoff. Matt glanced down at her shoes; without them she was as tall as him, and for some reason, she favored the thick-soled shoes now in fashion. He also remembered she had such large feet that she had to shop at special stores to find shoes to fit.

Matt saw that and became desperate. Suddenly he came up with an idea. "May I put ice on it?" he asked? Patty thought about it a minute, still tapping her toe threateningly. She swung her foot back and forth, as if measuring the distance. "Okay, that would be all right. Let's go in the kitchen."

The kitchen! "Oh, I have to make dinner!" Matt glanced at the clock. Mom would be home any minute! He raced to the kitchen and threw a pot of water on the stove. Patty followed him in and sat for a moment at the table, delighting in the sight of the young man racing around the kitchen, his genitals bobbing up and down. No doubt that had to hurt; she could see him wince now and then.

"Here, dear, put this on." She looped an apron over his neck, a frilly number that barely covered his hanging organs. "I wouldn't want you to hurt anything else!" she smirked. That's my privilege, she added silently. As Matt prepared dinner, Patty remembered the reason they'd come to the kitchen. She opened the freezer. "The very thing!" she exclaimed gaily. She pulled out a package of frozen peas. As Matt turned, she lifted his apron and shoved it into his groin.

"Hold that right there," she counseled, taking no notice of the pain on his face. "They need to thaw and you need to cool down!" It was all she could do not to laugh. There wasn't much room in the kitchen, so she sat on one of the stools by the breakfast counter. Matt awkwardly pressed the peas against his balls with his left hand. Wasn't she worried about hurting him, he wondered. Apparently not, as she crossed one leg over the other, her shoe gently kicked his leg. It was crowded enough with just him, but Patty seemed to take up all the free space. Matt tried to make himself smaller but he kept bumping into her. It wasn't helping him.

And that was the tableau Peg walked into. Patty, sitting on a barstool by the breakfast counter in her starched whites, watching her nearly naked nephew hump around the kitchen like some modern Quasimodo, one hand pressed between his legs.

"He'll be fine. How was the meeting?" Patty asked. "Miserable," growled Peggy. "I really need a drink. What's with him?"

"Oh, just a little therapy and trying to get dinner ready a bit sooner. I think they're ready now," Patty said to Matt, who gratefully removed the peas from his crotch and dumped them into a pot to cook. Peggy stifled a giggle as she saw what had been between his legs. She turned it into a request. "Honey, get me a double bourbon, please." Matt waddled out to the bar.

Peggy turned to Patty, unable to stifle it any longer. "How did you do it?" she giggled. "You know how easy men are," Patty grinned. "Ssh! Just play along, okay?" Peggy nodded as Matt came in with a drink.

They let him cook as they talked about the day, and Patty moved to the table when Matt had finished setting it and put the food down. As Matt went to sit down, Patty said, "Wait, honey, let me check." He came over and stood by her to allow her to flip up his apron. Peg, now well into her second double, couldn't quite stifle the giggle this time as she saw how large and red her son's testicles had become. His cock jumped at the sound and the touch, and Patty made sure to trace her nails along it as she released his sack.

"They're still a bit swollen," Patty said as Matt sat down across from her. "Spread your legs, that will help." Matt blushed once more as he spread his legs. There wasn't much room at the little table in the first place, and his leg brushed his mother's nylonned knee. He tried to close his legs back up a bit but Patty had stretched out her legs, one on each side of his chair, and he was unable to. He gulped but picked up his fork. But Patty wasn't done. She looked beneath the table.

"Slide forward a bit," she told him. When he didn't move, she said, "Would you like your mother to reintroduce your nuts to her high heels?" Peggy gasped a bit at that. The thought warmed her like another shot of bourbon, and her legs danced under the table. In her happy buzz, she didn't realize that she had stepped on her son's bare foot.

Patty, meanwhile, was congratulating herself; she couldn't have planned it better! The warm feelings that were surprising Peggy were familiar to Patty, and she welcomed them as they came. A thrill ran through her as the black patent pump trod on Matt's bare toes, and she shivered as his cock hardened, tenting the frilly apron and exposing his beautiful red balls.

Matt immediately scooted forward on the chair until his nuts slid over the front, and Aunt Patty reappeared, her face a bit red, probably from the awkward position she'd been in. "Now don't slide back," Peggy warned. He couldn't remember when he'd been in such a strange predicament. His mother was tipsily dancing a cha-cha step on his bare toes, while his aunt had him dance naked around the kitchen. Could it get any worse?

It could. As they began to eat, Matt and Peggy finally started to relax. At some point Peggy realized that his foot was under her four-inch heel. She left it there while she wondered that he hadn't moved or protested, forgetting that Patty's leg prevented Matt from rescuing his foot. Meanwhile, Matt had unconsciously started to slide back.

"Matt, I told you! Now sit right," Patty barked, kicking the underside of his chair with one foot. Matt jumped and slid his ass forward. As they slid over the edge of the cushion, Matt felt something cold and hard against his balls. He looked down to see Aunt Patty's white shoe gently pinning his sack to the cushion. He glanced wildly over at his mother - could she see this? "That's better," Patty smiled. Peggy wasn't totally oblivious, but she wasn't sure what was going on. She rubbed her nylonned knee against his bare leg.

Matt slowly began to eat again, but his mind - usually drifting from place to place - was no totally focused on the shoe between his legs. As Aunt Patty ate and talked, she gestured with her hands, and every slight movement was like an earthquake to Matt. At the same time, the feeling of his mom's leg against his was making him unbelievably horny. His cock was rising despite - or because of? - his aunt's foot on his balls. He tried to shift a bit and felt her shoe press down firmly. How could this be helping his nuts? But she was a nurse, and - oh, it was all too confusing.

His cock was as confused as the rest of him. As they ate, Patty gently moved her foot around, carefully watching his face for the effects. She slid her foot up until it was resting above his nutsack, flattening it and separating his cock from his nuts. This also pressed his cock into his stomach. She idly bounced her foot as she changed the topic.

"So, what are we going to do about this?" Patty asked. Peggy was momentarily caught off guard, but recovered with a wink or two from Patty. "Yes," Matt's mom said, and turned to him. "What are we going to do? You could have hurt me out there!" Matt winced, more because of Patty's twisting her foot than any thought of hurting his mother. And didn't she realize that he had been hurt?

"Perhaps a spanking?" Patty suggested innocently.

"That might do," Peggy mused. "What do you think, Matthew?" He hated it when she called him that. He didn't know what to say, so he kept his mouth shut, for fear of moaning. His aunt's toe was stroking him evilly, but she couldn't possibly know what she was doing to him. Could she?

"Well?" his mother demanded. "Cat got your tongue?" She stepped on his toes again. "Or maybe cat got your balls?" The sisters laughed loudly, leaning back in their chairs. Matt blushed even more.

"Answer your mother!" Patty ordered, and pressed her heel down. His balls had nowhere to go and were squished between the chair and her flat sole. Matt yelped and managed to turn it into a "No!" Patty felt a hot rush in her groin. She rocked her foot forward, releasing his balls, and pressing down on his cock. What fun!

"Well, what then?" his mother demanded. "Maybe your aunt is right - maybe a swift kick is what you need." Matt was beyond answering the question as his dear aunt played accelerator-and-brakes with his genitals. He was getting close to an orgasm, and he nodded, not knowing what he was nodding for. The ladies were delighted.

"That's settled, then!" Peggy smiled. "Stand up." She walked over to the sink. Matt moved to stand, but Patty's foot held him in place. He looked at Patty, but Patty just sat there, smiling expectantly, as if unaware that she was pinning him in place. He tugged harder, but there was no release.

His mom said, "Get over here NOW!" and Matt knew she wasn't kidding. From the sink, Peggy could now see what was going on under the table. She admired her sister's cleverness and resolved to ask her how she had learned so much. Finally Matt thought to scoot his chair back, freeing his aching nuts. Patty used the sound of the chair scooting back to hide a laugh or two that she could no longer suppress.

Matt stood up weakly and walked to his mother, who pointed at the tent of his apron. "I guess you REALLY want this, honey!" she smirked. "How should we do this, sis?"

Patty said, "Have him kneel. That way he doesn't fall so far." She was practically salivating. Peggy looked at Matt, who sheepishly knelt in front of her. He looked down at the tapping black pumps, so much more dangerous-looking at this close range. Her feet weren't much smaller than her sister's either.

"Up here, boy!" Mom snapped, and Matt looked up. She gazed into his eyes. "Is this what you want?" As she held his gaze, she brought her foot up. "Yes, mom," he winced. He could feel his aunt's eyes behind him. How had he gotten here?

"At least you're smart enough to keep this out of the way," she laughed as she lightly tapped the protrusion beneath the apron. Matt shivered. She ran the pointed toe along the length, and shivered at the powerful feelings that stirred her. Had she always wanted this, and just repressed it all this time?

"No more!” she yelled, as she swung her four-inch heel forward. The top of her shoe collided with both of Matt's swollen balls and mashed them into his pelvis. "Wow!" she shrieked, "that felt great!! She couldn't help it; she kicked again. This time the point of her shoe nailed his right ball. Matt tottered from pain while Peggy swayed in a powerful orgasm; she grabbed his shoulders to keep them both upright.

"Your turn," she said, and Patty came around to face Matt. He gulped; had he agreed to this as well? But it didn't matter - she looked him in the eye as she plowed her thick-soled nursing shoe into his poor balls one more time. It was the last straw, and Matt shook as the orgasm grabbed him. His cock spurted onto the fringes of the apron as one or two drops landed on his aunt's shoe.

"Now look at that! Clean that up right now," she demanded, and before he could think to grab a towel, she pressed his head down until his lips touched her shoe. He obediently began licking and Patty had her long-anticipated orgasm. Her first step had been achieved.

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