Monday, August 13, 2007

Sister Busts Balls

by Caligula

Jenny woke that morning to a horrible surprise...she was bleeding. It was her first period and she was terrified. Her mother had explained the whole "period" experience to her but it didn't seem to help much right now. She went to Mom immediately, crying about her predicament. Mother tried to console her as much as she could.

"But it HURTS, Mom!!! Why don't boys have to hurt like this? Why not George? (George was her 15-year-old older stepbrother. George's father had died long ago.) It's not fair! George doesn't have to hurt down here!" Jenny said, pointing down between her legs.

Jenny's mom smiled to herself at this thought. She was remembering the time she accidentally kneed her son in the nads while he had been tickling her. He cried for a LONG time after that. If only Jenny knew... That gave her an idea. George had been acting like an asshole recently and was turning into a real chauvinistic pig. It would definitely teach him a lesson and make Jenny feel better at the same time. Besides, she herself would get a laugh out of it. It was about time men started to suffer on a regular monthly basis just like women. There was no reason why George should be spared some monthly anguish of his own.

"Jenny, George can hurt down there. He can hurt much worse than you and I."

"You mean like in the movies when a guy gets it where it counts?"

"Exactly dear. It can be very funny when a boy gets it where it counts."

"I always like that part of a funny movie." Jenny was feeling a little better now.

"So do I, dear. Have you ever hurt a boy down there, Jenny?"

Jenny seemed shocked by this. "No, Mom! I would never hit anyone. Have you?"

"Of course, sweetheart. It's part of being a girl...part of being a woman."

"I wish someone would get George where it counts, he's always hurting me. He punches me and slaps me and pulls my hair!"

"Would YOU like to get George where it counts?"

It took Jenny only a moment to come to her decision. "YES!!! He should hurt like I hurt! It's not fair Mom!!!"

"I know dear. And you and I are going to change this right now." Jenny's mom went to retrieve her son George. George looked very frightened when he came into the room. Obviously his mother had said something VERY powerful to him.

"Take ALL of your clothes off NOW George!"

"In front of HER?" He said pointing to his snickering sister.

"Yes George, and don't make your punishment worse." As he removed his clothes his mother talked to him. "You see George, women have a pain they get once a month called her period. (George had joked with his schoolmates about a woman's period saying he was glad he didn't have to endure that kind of torture) It's a pain between the legs, George. Do you remember the time you tickled me and I kicked you here?" She made a point to touch his now naked testicles.

"Yeah, Mom. It was an accident you said (and it had been an accident)." George was embarrassed that she had brought this up.

"I only said that at the time, George. Actually, I thought it was funny to see you rolling around on the ground crying about how I hurt you. It reminded me how my period hurts. Don't you think a man should hurt as much as a woman, if not more during her period time?" She made it clear it was a statement, not a question, and George was afraid to answer her incorrectly.

"I guess so, Mom." George was really scared now. He could sense he was in some serious trouble.

"Well, George, Jenny has her period for the first time, and you are going to show her that you can hurt more than she can. Come here George and stand in front of me and your sister." George shuffled nervously forward while his mother reached out to gently cup his testicles in her hand. George started to get hard at his mother's touch. Jenny laughed at this.

"Jenny, dear, these are Georgie's balls, and this is his dick. Right now his dick is pointing up because he likes the way I am holding his balls. It feels good. Would you like to make George's dick point up and make him feel good, Jenny?"

"Now Mom! I want to make it soft like before!" Jenny was laughing now, completely forgetting her own discomfort. George however, had tears streaming down his cheeks from the humiliation and the fear at what was about to happen. Jenny took her mother's place cupping her brother's testicles.

"Do you like it when your little sister holds your balls, Georgie?" Jenny teased. "You won't like it much longer."

"Now Jenny, gently roll his two balls around in your hand and decide which one you would like to hurt."

Jenny did so and got a tight grip on his left nut, making her brother wince in pain. "This one Mommie!"

"That's a good one dear. I'll hold his hands behind his back, and then you start to squeeze his little ball." George started to protest vehemently at this so his mother grabbed his other nut roughly. "George, didn't I warn you! If you don't behave, I'll cut your balls off like I did to the dog!" George stopped struggling immediately.

Jenny's mother held his hands and Jenny started to squeeze. She didn't apply much pressure at first, but got braver and started to really lay it on. She started laughing as her brother's penis got flaccid and he started howling in agony.

"Does it hurt Georgie? Should I squeeze harder? Should I squish your ball? Come on Georgie let me squish your ball. You'd still have one left. Listen to the funny noises he makes, Mom."

Jenny's mom was also chuckling at her son's distress. "It is funny, dear. But don't squish his ball, honey, then he'd pass out and we couldn't have any more fun." The only thing keeping George from falling to the ground was his mother's strong grip holding him upright, and he was in no condition to struggle with his sister's devastating crushing hold on his nut. He could hardly hear the two women laughing through the thunderous pounding in his head.

"Could I try something else Mom? Can I kick him like they do in the movies?"

"That would be very funny, Jenny. Yes but let me make his dick point up again so it's not in the way when you kick him." With that she started to stroke her son's penis, which began to respond by getting mildly hard. George was nearly delirious from the pain. His mother forced him onto his knees and spread his legs apart. His balls dangled freely beneath him, vulnerable targets. His sister brushed the top of her bare foot against his testicles and smiled sweetly at him.

"This is going to be fun Georgie!!!"

"Get him good, Jenny!"

"I will Mom!" Jenny took a couple of steps back.

"Beg me Georgie, not to bust your balls. Ask me nicely not to kick you where it counts." George could only whimper softly. His mother was enjoying the dominant role her daughter was adopting.

"Can you imagine how much it will hurt you, Georgie, when my pretty soft girlie foot slams into your soft balls as hard as it can? In the movies the guys always talk with a high-pitched voice after the girl crushes his balls. Will you talk like that f or me Georgie after I crush YOUR balls?" With that she took a few steps forward and then with all her might, kicked her brother hard in the nuts with the top of her foot. George let out a high-pitched keening whine and his mother finally let him slip to the floor. George curled up into the fetal position and grabbed his scrotum, crying. Jenny hugged her mom; both were laughing.

"That was great, Mom! Can we do it again next month?"

"Sure, sweetness! But our periods aren't over so Georgie still has more suffering ahead of him. Let's go get my high-heeled shoes. Wait till you see Georgie's face when Mom kicks him in the balls wearing THOSE!" Jenny and her mother walked off to the shoe closet to fetch her mother's pointiest high-heels, leaving George to cry alone... but not for long.

Paying My Sister

By Caligula

Jeff was 18 and a rather good-looking guy. He had always been a hard worker and saved every penny he earned thus accumulating quite a nice, if small, nestegg. But he was about to start spending loads of cash and might even have to get a second job. Jeff seemed normal except for one thing, his secret desire to be kicked in the balls...and by one person in particular...his twin sister Melissa. Where Jeff was attractive, Melissa was a knockout. She was the same height as Jeff, with lovely long legs. The difference between the twins was where Jeff was hardworking and spent his money wisely, Melissa was lazy, spoiled and was always short on cash. She always wanted to buy the most expensive clothes, the most expensive shoes and generally throw cash around like it was water. Yet Melissa didn't have a job, didn't WANT a job, and therefore had to fight with her parents for every penny she got. This was the crux of Jeff's plan. He was counting on his sister's greed to sway her to fulfill his dark fantasies.

Jeff looked across the kitchen table to where his sister leaned back in her chair and rested her bare feet, legs crossed at the ankles, atop the table. He had a painful erection watching her soft feet; the feet he soon hoped would crush his manhood. Melissa's toes were just oh so perfectly round, with the rest of her soles being incredibly soft looking and wrinkling with each and every twitch of her peds. Their father was away for the summer on business, and so the teenagers were left with their mother. Mom looked a lot like her children and appeared to be an older version of Melissa. Jeff wondered how long it would be before his fantasy took a deeper turn and he began longing for his mother's feet and kicks. As their mother was about to leave for work, Melissa took the opportunity to beg for more money.

"Come on Mom...Mommy. Just $'s for this pair of shoes that I just HAVE to have." Melissa pouted her lips hoping to receive some sympathy from mom. Jeff was more interested in observing his sister's soles, as she seemed to be able to make them pout along with her lips. Damn her feet must be talented, he thought.

"No and that is final! Why can't you be more like Jeff and get a job and save your money! GET A JOB!!!" Jeff watched in fascination as his mother slammed her feet into her high-heeled shoes. Their mother ended her conversation by storming out of the house on her way to work and slamming the door behind her. Both teenagers listened to her heels recede into the distance as she got into her car and drove off.

"Bitch!" shouted Melissa, and gave Jeff a dirty look over her madly wiggling toes as if daring him to say anything. But wait, maybe her kiss-ass brother, with the big stash hidden in his room, would be willing to give her the cash if she were nice enough. "Hey little brother (Melissa had been born a few minutes before Jeff), how about giving me that $100? I'll ah...clean your room." She figured cleaning his room would be easy since he was so neat and tidy. Jeff wouldn't take the bait though.

"Nope...I don't think so." Jeff was extremely nervous, as he was about to make his counteroffer. After all, this could go real bad for him. His sister was definitely going to think him a pervert, and might very easily refuse his offer, but might also tell their mom and embarrass him. "But.......... I will give you the $100 if you do something else for me."

Melissa could see Jeff blushing furiously and wondered what he could be wanting. Probably a blowjob from his hot sister, she thought. Well, for those new shoes...I'll GIVE the kiss-ass a blowjob if that's what he wants.

Jeff looked at his sister's face. She was grinning at him as if she knew what he would ask for. But how could she? goes nothing. "I'll give you the $100 if you kick me in the balls." He waited breathlessly for his sister's response. The blood was pounding in his ears so loudly that he didn't even hear what Melissa had to say and had to ask her to repeat herself.

"You want me to kick you in the balls?!!? Damn but you're a sick fuck!" Melissa laughed. Jeff just blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Forget I mentioned it," he mumbled.

"Okay I'll do it! But why me? I mean your own sister. Why would you want your sister, of all people, to be the one to kick you in the balls? Don't get me wrong...kicking guys in the nuts is fun, and I wanted to kick you gonads up into your throat just a few minutes ago when mom compared me to you."

"Well...I don't know why I want to be kicked in the balls, let alone why I want YOU to kick them. I think you're really hot though, and I'm in love with your feet. So maybe that's got something to do with it. Also, you're kind of bitchy and seem like you'd really be into it and it turns me on to think of you humiliating me and laughing at me once you've just kicked me. I imagine you standing there as I'm on the ground holding my privates. While I'm crying and making funny noises, you're standing over me with your hands on your hips laughing about the fact that you might have just made it impossible for me to have kids." Jeff was almost in a trance as he said aloud and shared his most intimate secret with the one person who could make it a reality.

"Wow," laughed Melissa, "You are seriously fucked up!" Melissa was enjoying embarrassing her brother, and knew he was enjoying it as well. "Well I'll kick you for the $100, but I'll have to think up some sort of payment plan for future kicks. Should I charge you by the kick? $100 a kick? How about a weekly rate? $1,000 a week? Hmm....." She wiggled her feet, much to Jeff's delight. "And since you LOVE my feet, I'll expect daily pedicures and footrubs as an extra."

"Okay!" squealed Jeff in delight.

"Hmmm....maybe a FOOTJOB for say $500?" Melissa smiled and wrinkled her soles for her perverted brother. He was leaning forward in his chair, and it looked to Melissa as if he was rubbing himself through his sweatpants.

"Can we do it right now? Will you give me the footjob and then rack my balls?"

"First, get me my money. That's $600, $500 for the footjob and $100 for the kick. The kick I'll give you now. The footjob you'll get when you least expect it today."

Jeff ran off to his bedroom and pulled his moneybox out of his secret hiding place. He got the $600 and ran to the living room to await his sister. He sat around for over an hour, waiting for her to finish showering and get herself ready to go to the mall. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard a clunky pair of shoes coming down the hallway. His sister looked beautiful. She was wearing a one-piece sundress and on her feet was a pair of lethal looking Candies. She stopped a few feet in front of Jeff, giving him a chance to see how hot she was.

"Got the money?"

"Right here," replied Jeff, extending his hand to give her the money.

Melissa decided to have some fun with him. "No... I want you to place the money down here." Jeff's eyes followed her downward pointing finger and noticed she had lifted her right bare heel up away from her shoe, creating a tiny gap for him to insert the money. He nervously got on his hands and knees and gently cupped her foot in his hands. He had never been this close to his sister's lovely feet before and was almost dizzy with passion. Next he gingerly inserted the rolled up money between her bare foot and the Candie. It was like slipping it into the g-string of an erotic dancer. Melissa realized he had inserted his finger along with the money and slammed her heel onto his digit, mashing it cruelly. Jeff yelped like a dog and pulled his finger out of his sister's nasty trap. Melissa laughed at him.

"Stupid dork. Now get on your knees and spread your legs wide so I can hurry up and kick your balls. I gotta get to the mall." She reached down and retrieved the money, sticking it in her purse. Jeff shifted his position to give his beloved sister's Candie clad foot entrance to his irreplaceable baby-makers. Melissa smiled sweetly and lined up her shot.

"This is gonna be fun! Hope you enjoy it since it's costing you $100." Melissa then pulled her long sexy leg back as far as it would go and let it swing forward. "CRUNCH!!!" she yelled at the moment of impact. Her foot and the toe of her shoe buried deeply into his balls. She took up Jeff's requested stance with her hands on her hips and waited for her brother's reaction. What an easy way to make a fucking buck! I'll kick his nuts into nonexistence if he wants me too and he doesn't realize that I don't even care! So what if I scramble his eggs permanently as long as I get my money. Oh, I can't wait to get to the mall, thought Melissa.

It took a moment for the pain to register in Jeff's brain, but when it did it was like nothing he had ever experienced before in his short life. He groaned loudly, like a wounded animal and scrunched his eyes closed against the pain. His face grew red, not with embarrassment, but with unbearable agony. He closed his legs together and slowly fell over onto his side. The tears were flowing freely down his cheeks and his low groans became higher pitched as the pain intensified.

"That was so cool, you sound like a girl!" Melissa was looking at her brother but almost talking to herself. "I could actually feel your balls with my toes when I kicked them. I made them go SPLAT! Well, I'm going out to the mall crybaby. Make sure you change into something that has an easy access flap in front so I can give you your surprise footjob later. Bye!" With that Melissa turned on her heels and walked out the front door, laughing.

Jeff eventually recovered and got into his boxer shorts, figuring that was easy access enough and it wouldn't arouse suspicion around his mother as he wore them all the time because they were 'comfortable'. But to his surprise and anger, his sister hadn't given him the agreed upon footjob before his mother arrived home from work. And now here they all sat around the kitchen table eating dinner, his sister sitting across from him.

"Well what did you kids do today?" asked their mother.

Before Jeff could respond, Melissa spoke up. "We played some football! Right Jeff?"

Jeff just blushed and kept quiet.

"Oh really, how did it go?"

"Well, I kicked Jeff's ball into the end zone and then scored a touchdown. I won, of course. Oh... and I kicked Jeff in the nuts."

Jeff choked on his mashed potatoes. Is she going to tell how I paid her to kick me? Damn this is what I was afraid of! But she didn't tell. Melissa only intended to humiliate him in front of their mother.

"What do you mean you kicked your brother in the nuts?" said his mother. She was trying to act cross but couldn't help but let loose a small smile.

"Well it was an accident. I went to kick the football and he got in the way and so I kicked HIS balls instead," snickered Melissa.

"Well that would explain why you've been walking around rather gingerly all day," laughed their mom. Jeff found himself getting hard in his boxers with the two most influential women in his life talking and laughing about him getting kicked in the nuts. Suddenly he felt a nudge between his legs and looked down to see his sister's foot snaking its way into his boxers. He looked up at her but she was engaged in conversation with mom about his balls. His dick finally popped free of his shorts and his sister's talented feet went to work in earnest on his swollen member...RIGHT THERE WHILE SITTING AT THE TABLE WITH THEIR MOM!!! Son-of-a-bitch this feels incredible!!! Her feet and toes are as nimble as hands and this is as good as a blowjob! Oh I love her feet!

"So then up went my foot...and down went little brother."

"It was football in more ways than one is what you're telling me," said their mother. "What's the matter, Jeff, no comment? Or did your sister kick your balls up into your throat so far you CAN'T talk!" Both women were laughing. Jeff was speechless due to his sister's foot bringing him to new levels of pleasure. Her delicate soles and toes were like smooth soft velvet bringing him closer and closer to the ultimate orgasm. Her left foot finally managed to expose his balls and they landed on the chair with a loud plop. Melissa took her brother's low-hanging balls in her feet and pulled them so that they hung freely over the side of the chair, his twin orbs dangling well below the lip of the wooden seat. She then proceeded to 'smack' his nuts with the balls of her feet. His big plums swung back and forth like a pendulum as Melissa alternated her kicks from left foot to right foot and back again. It kept Jeff in constant pain. He couldn't believe this was happening to him...that he actually paid $600 to nearly lose his ability to father children and have his sister almost bring him to orgasm with her feet before switching back to pain.

She's using my ballsack like a punching bag! Oh I love this! She is so hot I can't take it!

"JEFF!!!" yelled his mom.

Jeff jumped in his seat when his mother's voice brought him out of his reverie. He suddenly found that his sister's foot was now firmly pressing the cords attaching his balls to his body against the side of the chair, and she was increasing her pressure. "Yes mom?" Jeff squeaked out.

"Pay attention when I'm talking to you or maybe I'LL have to kick you in the balls as well," she teased. "I was saying that maybe I should check your nuts for damage after dinner...make sure they're both alright."

" mom, I think I'm okay. I kinda checked 'em out myself."

"Did you roll them around between your fingers to make sure they weren't ruptured?"

"Yeah...uh...they were kinda sore but they were still there."

Melissa finally released his balls and went back to working his cock with her talented toes.

"Were they swollen bad?" continued their mother.


"Did you put an icepack on your nutsack?" Jeff's mother and sister laughed at her rhyme.

"No... Melissa didn't think I'd need one."

"Need one? I thought she kneed two?" Again both women laughed.

Jeff's breathing became more labored as he was approaching climax. Melissa's feet toyed with his peehole, circling it with her big toe and then pumping his shaft. And then right before he exploded, Melissa placed the ball of her foot onto the eye at the end of his prick, which caused him to finally orgasm. His seed was splattered all over the ball of her foot and oozed down her bare sole.

For the rest of the evening he kept thinking back to his sister's footjob, and earlier than that, her devastating kick to his gonads. He realized he needed another kick. He was too horny right now and needed a 'cold shower' so to speak to get rid of his raging erection. He went into his sister's room through the connecting bathroom and found her trying on the new shoes she bought with the money he paid her. They were a deadly looking pair of 5-inch black patent leather heels with the pointiest fucking toes he had ever seen. He was so busy admiring her feet in the shoes that he didn't even notice she was in her nightie, a nightie so short that it exposed the bottom of her firm ass cheeks. Melissa turned around with a gasp when she noticed him standing there with his mouth hanging open.

"What do you want asshole!"

"How much?"


"How much? To kick me right now." Melissa saw the pleading look in his eyes and knew she could get whatever she wanted right now.

"You really need a kick bad...don't you?" she teased.


"How would you like me to kick you with my new know, the ones YOU paid for? Don't they look painful?"

"Uh-huh," Jeff said dreamily.

"Aren't my feet beautiful in these shoes? I bet you could cum in your pants just looking at them."


"Well let's much, how much. I think $250 should just about cover it," she said with a smile.

"$250?!? To kick me in the balls? Please, Melissa, can't we do it for $100 like last time?" Jeff pleaded.

"My rates went up. I don't think you realize what an inconvenience it is for me to have to kick you in the balls. It's not just a want me to stand there and humiliate you after the bust, and you're going to be making all those stupid noises while I'm trying to sleep. It's also very tiring for me. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to lift my foot up to your nuts? It isn't as if I can just lightly tap them...I have to kick with CRUSHING force to get the desired effect! I'm sorry, but if you want me to scramble your eggs, it's gonna cost ya."

"Alright...anything, but I want you to kick me with your new shoes." Jeff handed Melissa the money, and this time she took it without any fanfare.

"Oh...and something else. Something to make this more entertaining for me. When I kick you, I expect you to remain standing till I tell you that you can fall down. If you fall down before that...I'll never kick you again. Understand?" Melissa flashed a dazzling smile at her brother. Jeff looked from her angelic face, to her nut-crushing shoes. Can I do it? Can I stay standing? It's gonna hurt like a motherfucker and I don't know if I can take that kind of pain. But if I don't try, I'll never get kicked by her again.

"Alright, Melissa...I agree."

"Good, now stand there and spread your legs for me." Jeff did so and watched while Melissa took a slow practice swing. The toe of her shoe lightly grazed his plums. "Ready, brother?"

"Ready, sister."

Melissa then kicked him as hard as she could with the pointy toe of her new high heels. "CRUNCH!" she shouted.

Their mother called from downstairs, "What's that Melissa dear?"

"Nothing mom!" she replied. She watched her brother in fascination. He was bent slightly at the waist and his mouth hung open. From it came a hoarse whisper and a trickle of drool. His hands clutched feebly at his groin and his legs were shaking; yet he remained standing. Melissa smiled and admired her handiwork. She bent down slightly to look into her brother's eyes and giggled at his look of shock and agony.

"That looks like it hurt. I got you right with the toe! I wonder if I got the right ball or left ball? Did I pop it?" The only response was a high-pitched soft wail, which began to emanate from her brother's mouth.

"I kicked MUCH harder this time, too. Man you guys are so easy to hurt down there." Jeff was still standing, much to Melissa's amazement. "You must really love getting kicked by me to still be standing. I'm very flattered, Jeffie! I have to say though, that this is like highway robbery!" Jeff was openly crying now and his legs were shaking uncontrollably. "Well... I guess you can curl up into the fetal position now you little crybaby."

Jeff immediately fell to the floor and adopted the position his sister suggested. Melissa grinned and slipped her shoe from her foot. She sat on the edge of her bed and probed his lips with her toes. "Open your mouth and you can suck my toes." Jeff's lips parted slightly and Melissa fit her round cuddly toes into her brother's warm mouth. He lapped at them eagerly. "Feel better, Jeff? Taste good, brother?"

Jeff could only manage a "Mmmpphhh-mmmpphhh" with all those toes jammed deeply into his mouth. After letting Jeff suckle her toes for a few minutes she withdrew her foot.

"Time for you to leave, I'm going to bed now." Melissa dismissed Jeff with a wave of her hand.

"But my balls hurt..."

"Your balls SHOULD hurt! I just kicked them! Now get out. I don't care about your stupid balls, only your money." She watched with a snicker as her brother slowly...very slowly crawled out of her room. She noticed his legs remained locked together at the knees as he weakly exited the room. She smiled in self-satisfaction and went to sleep dreaming about what she'd buy with the money she earned from her new job.

Mommy's Nutcrackers

by Caligula

George lived a peculiar life, to say the least. George was 16, and his mother (or Mommy as he was forced to call her) was the source of his unusual life. She was a hard-core femi-nazi who believed in the total subjugation of the male populace, and believed the training of the male should start at home. She had never been married but had used George's father to get her pregnant, then never called him again. Apparently George's father didn't care since he never tried to contact his son. George's mother was 41 and a member of something she referred to as her "Woman's Association". George knew from contact with his mother's friends that they were very cruel women who enjoyed inflicting pain on men. His mother was one of the cruelest of all. She was a self-proclaimed "ball-breaking bitch" and proved it over and over again on her lowly male son.

His training began at a very early age, and had never stopped. He was made to walk around the house in tight bikini underwear, so his cock and balls were easily found when punishment was needed to be delivered. His mother believed that nothing put a man in his place like a good swift kick to the balls, and even though he was young George was still male.

George awaited his mother's arrival home from work in his usual position. He was on his knees on the floor with his legs spread as wide apart as possible, so that his balls were easily accessible to his mother. This was a ritual she had started with George a few years back, to attempt to train a male to fear the arrival of a woman. It had worked very well, as just the sound of her high-heels clacking on the sidewalk on her approach to the door was enough to cause him to sweat and his lips to tremble. He could hear her heels now, as well as the sound of her key in the door. She came in scowling; something had pissed her off at work. She threw down her keys and stood in front of her son's spread legs.

"I can't believe that they promoted that fucking MAN over ME!!! FUCK do I need to work out some frustration!!!" George gulped for he knew he was in trouble. He leaned forward and kissed the toe of each of her high-heel shoes.

"Welcome home, Mommy." She could hear his voice trembling and it made her smile. She spoke the words she had spoken to him every day on her arrival home from work for the past few years.

"Thank you, Georgie. Now this is for you and all fucking men!" She then drew her leg back and kicked forward, nailing her son in the balls.

He toppled over onto his side and muttered a "Thank you, Mommy." She placed her feet on either side of his head and removed one bare foot from a high-heel. She placed her stinky foot on his face and commanded him to breathe deeply. She then stuck her foot into his open mouth as far as she could. George knew to lick as well as he could, given his hurt state.

"Do Mommy's feet taste good Georgie? And do your little balls hurt from Mommy's kick? Mommy wanted to cut the nuts off a man today for getting promoted over me. I would have liked to crush the bastards nutsack with my bare hands!" She withdrew her toes from his mouth, placed her foot back in the shoe, and went to sit on the sofa.

"Georgie! Quit whining like a baby! I only kicked you in the balls! Now go get Mommy's nutcrackers!" OH NO!!! Not her nutcrackers, thought George! It had been quite a long time since she had used her nutcrackers. They were her favorite pair of shoes. They were red shiny patent leather slingback high-heels. The reason for them being slingbacks was so she could insert his nuts between her heel and the shoe and step on his balls. He crawled away to her closet where she kept her nutcrackers. When he returned she was impatiently dangling her shoe from her pretty foot.

"Remove my shoes, Georgie, and clean my feet with your tongue before you put the nutcrackers on me! And hurry!" George scrambled over to her and gingerly removed her heels. The smell trapped within them was horrible. He set the heels aside and went to work licking up and down her soft soles. They had a very salty taste, that George had become used to, and even liked. He nibbled each of his mother's toes and ran his tongue between each of them. When he was finally done he nervously placed the nutcrackers on his mother's feet. She had him then lay down on his back after removing his underwear, spreading his legs wide. He was already crying as his mother walked up between his legs.

"This is going to be so good for you Georgie. One day you'll thank Mommy for busting your balls with her nutcrackers. Maybe you should call me Mommy Ball-breaker from now on Georgie.” She backed up till the back of her shoe touched his balls. He flinched. She smiled.

"Relax Georgie, Mommy hasn't popped a nut... yet." She reached down and neatly tucked his nutsack in between her bare heel and the soft leather inside of the shoe.

"You know, Georgie, it's like I've made a sandwich. My soft tasty foot and my shoe is the bread, and your nuts are the filling. But you know Mommy likes peanut butter sandwiches. Do you know how peanut butter is made, Georgie?" George only whimpered.

"They crush nuts. You DO want Mommy to have her peanut butter sandwich, don't you Georgie? Of course you do, so let's make peanut butter!" With that she stepped down onto his balls, twisting and grinding her foot mercilessly.

"Mommy's going to make real good peanut butter after crushing your nuts, Georgie." George flailed helplessly on the ground, screaming in agony, unable to remove his balls from the prison of his mother's foot/shoe sandwich. She had never been this rough before and he feared for his very manhood.

"I tell you what, Georgie, Mommy is going to give you a fifty-fifty chance of keeping your balls. We'll flip a coin. If you call it correctly, you get to keep your precious little nuts, if not… Mommy gets her peanut butter sandwich!" She pulled a quarter from her pocket and tossed it into the air. It landed with a thud on the floor between George's spread legs and her shoe.

"Now Georgie, let's see if you can guess correctly or if Mommy's nutcrackers get to live up to their name. GUESS!!!"

George was in so much pain he could hardly speak but managed to utter out a "Heads".

"Are you SURE you want heads, Georgie? VERY sure?" She ground her foot a bit more for fun. He squealed like a pig. He didn't know what to do. Was it a trick to try and get him to take tails? Was his mother giving him a chance for redemption? He changed his mind.

"NO... Tails!!!! His mother looked down at the coin again and smiled.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Georgie, you shouldn't have changed your mind, it's heads. That means mommy gets her peanut-butter sandwich!" George cried openly from his position on the floor. "But mommy’s not CRUEL, Georgie. I tell you what; I'll let you keep one ball so that mommy can continue to instruct you on how to be a good man. This way you can still be punished. Tell me, Georgie, which one should I crush? The left nut or the right nut?" She moved her foot around a bit, gently rolling the trapped gonads within her shoe. George only pleaded with his mother not to smash his balls.

"Please, mommy..."

"Now Georgie, take it like a man. Fair is fair, after all. Now which one or I'll do both!" George answered quickly.

"The right one, mommy. Crush my right nut!"

"Beg me Georgie. Beg me to bust your nut!"

"Please, mommy, please bust my little nut with your pretty foot. Squish my ball with your nutcracker, please mommy!"

"Well since you asked so nicely, Georgie..." She deftly pushed his left nut out of the way, and then stomped down with all her might on her son's soft little plum. George yelled like a wild animal. Finally her foot felt something give, and she could feel cartilage go "SQUICK", and then she orgasmed violently as her son passed out from the pain. She knew she had to call her femi-nazi doctor friend quickly to fix up her son, but she had never experienced such a tremendous orgasm before, and all from crushing her son's ball. She smushed around the remains of the testicle with her heel and looked down longingly at the remaining nut. Oh how she wanted to orgasm like that again! She reached down and grabbed the ball, squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger.

Georgie spasmed a bit, even unconscious. She applied more and more pressure, and she started to feel another orgasm build. At the last possible moment she released her death grip on his nut, saving that orgasm for another day.

Married Without Children

by Caligula

Bud stood facing Kelly as she had placed herself between him and the front door. He was dangling the keys to his father's Dodge in front of her face. (Al had finally gotten up the nerve to leave the family.) Kelly was dressed in her shortest red mini-skirt dress with her black 4-inch pumps. Her long blonde hair cascaded down around her face. Peggy, their mother, watched from the sofa with an amused look on her face as the siblings argued.

"Look, eunuch boy," stated Kelly calmly, "I want the car keys and I want them NOW!"

"Why," retorted Bud, "so you can go out on that date with what's his name? Let me think... Neuter, was it?"

"That's right testoid, and unless you want to BE neutered, you'll give me those keys." Kelly planted her hands on her hips and thrust out her ample chest for emphasis.

"Hold on there, Kel, the car is mine. I'm going out on a date tonight myself."

"You don't need a car to take your right hand out, Bud. Now give me those keys!"

"Make me."

"Remember that you asked for it!" Kelly drew her leg back and with all the force she could muster thrust her knee upward into Bud's nutsack. Bud let out an “OOOFFF!” and doubled up slightly, still holding up the keys. Kelly smiled sweetly at him and snatched the keys from his trembling hand. She then turned and walked out the door. Bud slowly slumped to the ground and moaned softly, when he suddenly remembered his mother had just seen Kelly nail him in the groin. Surely his own mother would be sympathetic. He slowly crawled around to the front of the sofa. He could see his mother's feet dangling one of her open-toed pumps and crawled over to it.

"Mom," he croaked, "did you see where Kelly kneed me?"

"Yes, Bud, in your balls."

Bud couldn't understand why his mother was sounding out of breath. She was panting and breathing funny. He managed to twist his head up and saw that his mother had her hand in her spandex pants and was rubbing away. What the fuck was going on here?!?

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Oh Bud, I can't help myself. I haven't been turned on like that since your father left."

"You mean by me getting kneed in the balls?"

"Yes, I used to bust your father's balls all the time. Why do you think he left?" Bud had managed to finally get back on his feet and stood in front of his mother, watching her hand rub away in her pants.

"Oh no! The feeling is wearing off! I'm not going to be able to orgasm unless I see some more ball-busting!" she thought for only a brief moment before deciding her orgasm was more important than her son's manhood. She took careful aim and swung her open-toed pump up into Bud's balls.

Bud watched, helpless to move as he saw too late his mother's intention. Her leg came up too quickly to stop and her shoe nailed him dead on. He could feel his mother's big toe wriggle up against his right nut as she held her foot planted in his groin. Peggy loved the way her leg looked as her son was suspended on the end of it momentarily, her foot nestled under his ballbag. She wiggled her toe to see if she could feel a ball beneath it, but then Bud's eyes rolled up into his head and he passed out. Peg orgasmed violently.

Bud awoke later that evening to the site of four shoes dangling above him. He instantly recognized his mother's open-toed pumps that had smashed his berries and Kelly's shiny black pumps. Damn his sister had gorgeous legs! Even through the pain in his groin he knew his sister was hot.

"Hey Mom, I think the testoid is awake," said Kelly with a hint of amusement in her voice. "How they hangin’, Bud?"

Bud only moaned in response.

"Now Kelly, your brother has done a wonderful thing. And he's about to do more wonderful things...for both of us." Bud realized what she was talking about and started to crawl away on all fours...big mistake. He heard someone get off the sofa and run at him from behind. He heard Kelly's voice behind him yell, "she goes for the punt!!!" Suddenly Bud's world erupted in pain as Kelly's pointy-toed shoe smashed into his testicles from behind.

"Wow Mom, you were right! Kicking the testoid in his testicles IS a turn-on!"

"That's my girl!" laughed Peggy.

"You know Bud, I've noticed you staring at my legs quite a bit. How would you like to get better acquainted with them?" She posed seductively in front of him, shaking her body to turn him on. It worked. He was getting an erection. "Hold the eunuch boy up Mom, so I can get in some good knees to his nuts with my curvy legs."

Peggy went and grabbed Bud under the arms, lifting him to his unsteady feet. "Go ahead Kelly."

Kelly walked around to stand in front of her brother. She grabbed him by the shoulders and swung her knee into his balls. Bud yelped and whimpered slightly.

"Mom, I'm getting wet!" yelled Kelly.

"Knee those puny suckers again, honey!!!" Kelly did...and did and did and did. Finally Peg interrupted, "My turn Kelly!"

Peg went around to the front as Kelly held the nearly unconscious Bud. Peggy tested the fit between her knee and Bud's crotch. Her legs were a little thicker than Kelly's, and made a nice snug fit in between his legs. There wouldn't be any room for his little eggs to slip out of the way with a perfect fit like that. "Mommy's gonna crush your nuts, honey!" With that, Peggy proceeded to knee Bud repeatedly in the balls, making her son green in the face. When she had broken out into a slight sweat, she backed up and lifted her a leg like a dancer into her son's groin, her shoe once again causing him to pass out.

Bud came around in front of the couch again and was immediately aware of Kelly's stiletto heel twisting painfully into his balls from her position on the sofa. He groaned with the pain. Her other foot had been slipped out of her heel and her stocking clad toes cupped his nose.

"Hey ballless brother, did the smell of my stinky foot wake you up. Better than smelling salts, huh?" She removed her foot from Bud's face and slipped it back into her shoe.

"Where's Mom?" mumbled Bud weakly.

"Right here son. I know; you want to smell my feet too. Here you go..." Peggy came around to sit next to Kelly and tossed off her shoe, placing her foot over Bud's face. Kelly meanwhile kept grinding her foot on her brother's nutsack, keeping him whimpering. Peg and Kel took turns having Bud sniff their feet and crushing his balls under their heels. After they both tired of this, Peggy walked up onto her son's chest in her heels, facing his groin. Bud groaned at her weight.

"Kelly, take my hands...I think you know what to do." Kelly grabbed her mother's hands and proceeded to step onto Bud's balls with the sole of one shoe, and balancing on that one leg. Bud howled in agony.

"Whoa! This is a bit wobbly!" laughed Kelly. "I bet I've really burst your bubble tonight, huh Bud?"

Peggy switched positions with Kelly but removed her shoes and balanced her nylon-covered heel onto his nuts.

"Oh this is what being a woman is all about!!!" shouted Peggy as her son screamed for mercy underneath her merciless heel. Peggy kept bouncing up and down on that one heel, her whole weight concentrated onto Bud's testicles. The three were screaming, two with ecstasy, one with agony, when suddenly Bud's eyes grew wide and his screaming stopped. Peggy's eyes also grew wide as she realized what she had just done, and this caused her to orgasm again. Kelly looked back to see her brother passed out and realized her mother had just cum.

"Just like a boy, one shot to the groin and they act like the world is coming to an end!" fumed Kelly.

"Do you know what I just did, Kelly?" gasped Peggy with delight. "I just popped one of your brother's tiny nuts with my feet!" Kelly reached inside her brother's pants to confirm this and did indeed discover only one testicle remained. Peggy got up with the excuse of going to shower and clean up, but Kelly suspected that she was off to masturbate in her room. Once her and Bud were alone, she decided it wasn't fair that she didn't get to orgasm, and she owed him for all the insults he had given her over the years about being stupid. She made sure Bud's legs were spread a little, backed up, and ran at him. As she swung her foot forward she gave a loud grunt and kicked him full force in his one remaining testicle with the closed toe of her shoe. She bent down and checked inside his shorts again. Damn, still there!!! She tried again and again, and finally with her most powerful kick yet, she heard a quiet 'POP' and she orgasmed.

"Now you really ARE a eunuch boy!"

Joe and Sarah

by Caligula

Joe and Sarah were both 16 and were boyfriend/girlfriend. Joe was your average guy, interested in sports and girls. Sarah was a breathtaking beauty with blonde hair and great legs and chest. They had recently had an argument about who was tougher, men or women. Joe clearly pointed out that men had the body strength and women were just physically weaker. Sarah pointed out that men were inherently the protectors of women and would be very reluctant to cause injury to a female, thus giving women a definite advantage. Joe decided it wasn't worth arguing about and in a very condescending tone, told Sarah that she was right. This pissed Sarah off no end, and she very quickly threw a challenge at Joe.

"Alright smartass, how about we duke it out to see who's the tougher sex!" she fumed.

"No way, babe, I'll hurt you." Joe laughed at Sarah, as her faced turned red with rage.

"Chicken sweetie?" No one called Joe chicken!

"You're on! When and where do you want to do it?"

"Right here, right now!"

"Okay babe, let's go!" Joe and Sarah both stepped into the middle of Joe's living room and cleared away the furniture. They both then stripped down. Joe ended up in his briefs, while Sarah was in panties and bra. Sarah wanted it this way so her breasts could distract Joe, and also so she could see Joe's vulnerable areas... mainly his groin!

"Alright Joe, we fight until the other person submits. No rules, all blows are legal. And Joe... if the other person doesn't believe the submission is genuine and that the other person is in real pain, then the fight continues until the submission IS genuine... or until one of us passes out. Agreed?" Sarah smiled at this last part. Joe was irritated, as surrendering quickly was just what he was planning to do to save his girlfriend the embarrassment of losing to him. But now she had closed off that avenue to him and he wasn't sure what he was going to do now. He definitely didn't want to hurt her. But was she right? Did his natural instinct prevent him from hurting her too badly?

"Agreed." That was it. The match started and the two faced off. Joe got into a crouch as he had seen wrestlers do on the television. Sarah laughed at his stupid show of skill and simply walked straight up to him and slapped him hard across the face. Joe was completely taken aback by this bold move.

"Men are always trying to skulk around, never thinking of going for the straightforward option," laughed Sarah.

"That hurt!" fumed Joe as he rubbed his stinging cheek.

"Well we ARE fighting, you know." Then Sarah unexpectedly slapped him again and now Joe had both hands up to his face. Sarah smiled at him and punched him in the gut. Joe let out an ‘Oooommpphhh’ and clutched his stomach, doubling up slightly. It was at this point that Sarah grabbed his hair and swiftly brought her knee up and his face down, causing a nice crunching sound and leaving a trickle of blood running from Joe's nose. He reflexively moved his hands from his stomach to his nose and whined about how he thought his nose was broken. Now was the time for Sarah to really get to work.

"Stand up straight and spread your legs a little to relieve the pressure in your nose, stupid," helped Sarah. She couldn't believe it; the idiot was actually doing it!

"You deserve this, you moron!" Sarah took a slight step back and looked between Joe's legs. She could see his balls outlined clearly in his tight briefs.

"This is the REAL reason why women are tougher than men. I don't think you'll ever forget it." Joe looked from between his fingers as they clutched his nose to see his girlfriend draw her leg back and then swing forward. The top of her bare foot connected solidly with his balls and lifted him an inch off the ground. Before he could fall, however; Sarah pushed him hard against the wall and while holding his hands above his head she proceeded to knee him in the groin as she spoke.

"Do..." WHAM!!! "you..." CRUNCH!!! "admit..." SQUASH!!! "defeat?" PHOOM!!! Sarah finally let Joe slump to the ground. She decided to gloat.

"I TOLD you women were stronger than men. Those balls of your are a big liability, aren't they." She made it a statement, not a question. Joe moaned in agony but wasn't about to let his girlfriend bust his balls and get away with it. He slowly... very slowly, struggled to his feet and faced his girlfriend. He made sure he covered his balls since that seemed to be her preferred target. He was ready for her this time as she charged him. He stepped out of the way and pushed her head first into the wall. She fell to the ground and clutched her head as Joe smiled, satisfied with himself.

He was about to take his turn at gloating when he heard soft sobbing coming from Sarah and immediately felt sorry for what he had done. He ran over and knelt down beside her, cradling her head in his arms.

"There, there now, I'm sorry. Don't cry honey. I didn't mean to hurt you but you had to be taught a less... AAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Joe let out a bloodcurdling scream and his hands went reflexively to his nuts. Sarah had reached under him while he was babbling on about teaching HER a lesson, and had gripped his balls through his underwear. She was squeezing unmercifully hard and had a cruel smile on her face. With one hand she squeezed and pulled him to his feet, and with the other she slapped him hard in the mouth.

"Didn't I tell you that you'd want to protect me more than hurt me? NOW who's being taught the lesson!!! Huh?" She continued slapping him and squashing his nuts. As he whimpered and dangled at the end of her hand, she twisted his balls all the way around and then pulled up sharply. Joe barked out a few high-pitched squeals as Sarah pulled hard on his twisted nutsack. She made sure his nuts were trapped down at the end of his scrotum, and then pulled her free hand back.

"Guess what happens now, Joe!!!" Her open palm rammed into his trapped balls and Joe screamed again. He couldn't fall unless he wanted his girlfriend to rip his nuts off in the process so he had to do his best to keep standing. She slapped his balls three more times before deciding that it wasn't good enough. Sarah switched to a closed fist, took careful aim, and punched her boyfriend's nuts till he was unconscious.

Joe awoke to find he was flat on his back with his girlfriend sitting between his spread legs. He tried to move but found his hands and legs had been tied spread-eagle to various points in the room. He noticed he was still in his underwear but Sarah had changed back into her clothes and was wearing her black boots.

"Alright, it's over, I passed out and you win."

"No Joe, if you remember, you have to submit first."

"Okay, I submit! Now let me go, damn it!" Joe was getting very nervous.

"But I don't believe you're serious. You don't sound genuine, Joe. So I guess you have to sound genuine or I make you pass out again, then it's over and not before." Sarah wanted to enjoy herself and so stuffed one of her smelly socks into Joe's mouth, making sure he COULDN'T submit. Sarah stood up and walked around Joe's prone and easily accessible body. She kicked him hard several times in the ribs, which made Joe wince in pain. She then stepped up onto Joe's nearly naked body, using his balls as a stepping stool. She laughed as she thought his eyes were nearly going to pop out of their sockets when she transferred her full weight onto his nuts. But then the pressure was gone and she was standing on Joe's bare chest in her boots.

"Do you like my boots Joe? You're going to know them VERY well before the night is over." She stomped hard on his chest and even began to jump up and down on him.

"Don't cry Joe, all you have to do is submit and it will be over." She scraped her boot heels on his chest and then dropped to her knees, hitting his ribs hard. As her bony knees dug into his chest, the toes of her boots were painfully crushing his balls. She made sure to twist her feet slightly to increase his discomfort.

"Tell me you love me Joe and I'll stop." She twisted her boots some more.

"Tell me women are stronger and I'll stop." She lifted her right foot and then kicked it down into his balls.

"I guess you don't want me to stop, Joe." BAM!!! Again she kicked with the toe of her hard boots and began twisting them into his nuts once more.

"Let's finish this, lover." Sarah slapped Joe in the face and gave him an open hand palm strike right in his broken nose. She stood up and walked off Joe's body, once again using his balls as a stairway. She sat down between his spread legs, resuming the position he had first seen her in when he had woken up. She flexed her legs, stretching them and pointing her boots at Joe's face. Then quite abruptly she slammed her right heel into Joe's balls, lifted her right foot and followed up by slamming her left heel into his nuts.

"Ever wonder how many kicks to the balls it takes to make a man pass out? Let's find out." She kept using her hard heels and alternating between left and right kicks, increasing the force with each blow to his nuts. Joe was wailing behind the sock gag and crying openly. Finally, with about the 57th kick, Joe's body bucked, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he passed into blissful unconsciousness.

"Ah shit! I guess the fun is over, and I don't think you'll be arguing with me as to who's the superior gender anymore, Joe honey." Sarah then kicked Joe in the balls one last time before cutting him loose and removing his gag.

Jim’s Ball Busting Twin Sisters

By Caligula

Jim's twin sisters, Eva and Ava, were breathtakingly gorgeous. They were both 18 years old, while Jim was only 16, so they could easily overpower him whenever they wanted to (which was quite often). Jim was terrified of his older twin sisters, due to the fact that they didn't have a very 'normal' sibling relationship. Eva and Ava got on great together. It wasn't just the fact that they were twins, but that the girls shared a great love of kicking boys in the balls that gave them their close ties. Yet the girls both attended an all-girl catholic high school, so where were they to find some nice nuts to crush? Enter, Jim, the pain in the butt younger brother.

It had all started out innocently enough 3 years before. The girls used to overpower their brother then fake him out with pretend kicks to his groin. One time Eva kicked her foot out and Ava accidentally pushed their brother forward at the same time. Result...instant nut-crunch for brother. He rolled about on the floor writhing and crying. The girls laughed for several minutes before telling Jim what they would do to his tender nuts if he ever told their parents. Jim was too frightened and humiliated, and never did tell his folks. What followed was 3 years of torture for Jim.

The twin sisters enjoyed forcing their brother to sit and watch a movie with them, knowing there would be a ball-busting scene in it. After viewing the scene, the girls would take turns acting out the scene on Jim. And if he didn't do his best to act just like the guy did in the movie, he'd get 10 times worse. They also like to have him role-play a made-up scenario with them. Either the abusive boyfriend or rude construction worker. Then one or both girls would kick him where it counts. Their favorite game with Jim was to have him guess which sister was which. Since they were twins, he almost never guessed correctly (of course the sisters would lie about their identities whenever they wanted to). If he guessed wrong, then one sister would pick a style for the other sister to use to hurt his balls, and vice versa. It's one of these sessions where the story picks up...

"Now Jimmy, who am I?" asked Eva. Jimmy didn't even try to tell the two apart. He knew it was pointless.

"Ummm... Ava."

"Wrong!!! How should I do it, Ava?"

"Give him a good swift knee to his little nuts for not being able to tell us apart!" shouted Ava gleefully.

Jimmy braced himself for the inevitable. Eva walked up to him in her cheerleader outfit (Ava was dressed the same, except instead of gym shoes both girls wore shiny black 4-inch heels). She gripped his shoulders, smiled at her brother, and let her knee fly into his nutsack. Jimmy groaned softly and slid to the ground. Eva and Ava high-fived each other.

They watched their brother for a few minutes before ordering him back to his feet for round 2. The girls left the room and came back in, so he couldn't remember which was which.

Again Eva asked, "Who am I?" This time he got it right. So the girls left and reentered again. Eva asked yet again, and Jimmy answered wrong. Ava pondered for a moment his fate before deciding.

"Hold on, I'll be right back!" She ran off and came back a moment later with one of their mother's well-used high-heel shoes.

"Make him smell and lick the inside of Mom's shoe, and then use the heel of the shoe and ram it into his balls." Eva eagerly took their mother's shoe and placed it to her brother's nose.

"Smell it, shithead!" Jim did, and almost gagged at the heavy aroma of his own mother's foot. "Now lick it!" If Jim thought the smell was bad, the taste was even worse as he licked the salty inside of the pump. So this is what Mom's feet taste like, he couldn't help but think.

Eva removed the shoe from his face, turned it upside down and jabbed the spike heel into his left nut, all the while watching the expression on his face. Ava held him in place and could hear him whimpering softly as Eva applied the pressure.

"Do you know what Mom would do to you if she caught you, little pervert that you are, licking and smelling her shoes? She'd probably kick you in the nuts herself!" said Eva.

"Can you imagine what it would feel like if Mom kicked you in the balls? How much it would hurt? She might even get carried away and crush a nut if she kicked too hard. Would you like Mommy to bust a nut?" whispered Ava seductively as Jim squeaked in pain.

Finally they released him and got ready for round 4. Again he guessed wrong and now Eva picked the punishment.

"Have him lie on his back and spread his legs. Then you place the sole of your shoe on his balls and step on them. Don't forget to twist your foot around. I want to hear nuts crunching!" Jimmy adopted the position on the floor with a little help from Eva. Ava the walked up between his spread legs and raised her foot menacingly above her brother's unprotected scrotum.

"Do I get bonus points for popping a ball?" giggled Ava.

"Do you even think you could tell if you crushed one through your shoe?" inquired Eva.

"We could always tell by the look on his face. Pop a nut, and I'm sure his facial expression would be priceless."

"One good hard stomp and there'd be nothing left but a squishy goopy mess! I'm getting moist just thinking about it! Just one kick, two little pops, and then no babies for brother!"

"Can I turn you into a soprano, Jimmy?" asked Ava as she slammed her shoe down onto his balls. Jimmy screamed loudly as Ava twisted her foot cruelly. Eva held him down, laughing at his tears.

"Feel good, Jimmy? Come on, let Ava make you into a eunuch! It'll be a release for you! No more pain between the legs."

"Just a pulpy mess in your scrotum!" laughed Ava. "Hey! I've got one trapped between my shoe and his body! What should I do?" Eva had an almost fanatic look on her face.

"Pop it! Pop it! Go on, crush his nut!" Ava placed her full weight on the ball, still twisting. Jimmy could do nothing but cry and make funny noises.

"Damn! It slipped away!" grumbled Ava. She kicked his balls once to show her anger at having been robbed of her castration of her brother. The girls let him recover for a bit longer this time, coaxing him back up by telling him it would be the last round of the day, considering Mom and Dad would be home soon. Finally Jim lumbered unsteadily to his feet. He guessed correctly this time, but his sisters lied to him and said he was wrong.

Eva picked the punishment.

"This time we'll both participate, since it's the last one. You know Jimmy," she said to her brother, "since Ava and I are cheerleaders, to be kicked by us is extremely painful. And yet it's an honor to be kicked by two of the most sought after girls. Guys just love cheerleaders!" She then addressed her sister.

"Let's both kick him at the same time with our high heels! You take the left nut, and I'll take the right."

"That sounds great!" yelled Ava.

The girls positioned themselves in front of their trembling brother.

"On three," said Eva. Both girls winked at each other. They had no intention of waiting to get to three. Two was the pre-agreed upon number, although they didn't want Jimmy to know and spoil the fun by covering up involuntarily on three.

The girls counted together. "One... Two!" The two cheerleaders raised their legs in a powerful, well-practiced forward kick. Jim thought how graceful his sisters looked as their legs swung forward in an arc. And that was the last thought he had as the closed pointy toe of each shoe smashed into their respective ball at the exact same moment. Jimmy lay on the ground making strange mewling noises, and his sisters hugged each other. They both rubbed themselves under their skirts as Jim watched, although whether he was seeing anything at this point was questionable. It was even more of a turn-on for the sisters for them to know that Jimmy knew they were getting off on having nearly burst his plums. Eva and Ava then walked casually out of the room after blowing kisses to their brother.

Eva turned to Ava, saying, "I rented this movie... it's got this great scene in it where this woman kicks..." Their voices trailed off into the distance.