Friday, November 30, 2007

Yoda's Ex

By yoda

There I was, putting dishes away when I heard keys being inserted into the lock of my front door. I looked over and in walked my x-girlfriend. She was wearing a small tank-top; I could see the undersides of her huge breasts - her large, dark nipples visible through the material. She was also wearing a micro-mini skirt showing off her perfect legs.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded.

“We're overdue for a talk,” she replied.

“I'm not interested in talking to you.”

“Did I ASK if you where interested?”

She gently lifted her skirt displaying her lack of underwear. “My pussy always makes you hard. Doesn't matter if you WANT to be hard. This is just the first example of how I'm in control. You're taking me back and you're going to get a lesson in who's in control around here.”

My cock began to grow hard against my will. She walked over and placed her right hand gently against my crotch and started rubbing my cock.

“You think you can control me just because you can still give me a hard-on?”

“No. I think that I can control you... because,” she moved her left hand onto my left shoulder. “Of…” She moved her right hand to my right shoulder. “THIS!”

On the word ‘this’, I felt an explosion of pain between my legs. I knew she'd thrust her right knee into my balls. Stunned, I couldn't speak. The sudden pain in my balls rendered me temporarily in shock. I couldn't move; I couldn't even fall to the ground. I was completely at her mercy. Just as I began to regain control, and was about to double over, she pistoned her knee again into my balls. Again I was in that ‘stunned’ mode. She seemed to know that the pain caused a stunning effect and if she nailed my balls before I could double over, I'd go BACK into that stunned position and she could repeat this ‘procedure’ as long as she desired. She kneed me three more times - I could feel a little more of my strength vanish with each shot, before finally allowing me to crumple over and fall to the floor, my legs now Jell-o. I passed out from the pain.

As I started to wake, I found that she was kneeling over me. One knee on each side of my head. I was staring straight into her pussy. One of the reasons I kept her so long, even though she cheated on me regularly, was because of her fantastic body. Her unusually large clit now inches above my head. I found myself staring at it. Such a big clit - like a small cock and it was so hard right now. I realized that despite the huge amount of pain in my balls, my cock was throbbing hard. As I looked beyond her pussy, I could see her huge breasts now dangling free - she had removed her top. Those large dark nipples that I missed so much, very hard, very excited. Now I know why my cock was feeling so good - her hand was delicately pumping it.

She looked down at me. “Ah, you finally woke up!” she said as she increased the speed of her hand on my now throbbing member. I was just about to cum when she stopped and, WHAM, punched me hard in the balls. Again I passed out from the pain.

I began to wake again. Still staring straight at her womanhood, I felt a familiar feeling between my legs. No doubt about it, she was using that EXPERT mouth of hers on my unbelievably hard cock. Again I was about to cum and she stopped. POW – Again her little fist robbed me of consciousness with a hard shot in the balls.

I awoke a third time - this time her hard clit was on my mouth. I heard her order me to lick it.

“No! I can't believe you're doing this to me, but I'm certainly not going to pleasure YOU!”

She reached under my balls and searched around until she found that cord that was connected to my balls. She began rolling it in her pinched fingers very softly. Strangely, it caused my cock to get so hard that it almost hurt. Again, the command to lick pussy.

“No, I won't.” With that she started rolling that tube with very hard pressure - the pain was unbelievable. I'd do anything to stop it. So I licked her pussy. While I was doing that, she again began using that skilled mouth to work my cock. She was very excited now, grinding her pussy on my face.

“AAAHHHH - I'm going to CUM!” I screamed.

She dismounted my face and sat between my legs. No longer using her mouth, she was pumping my cock with her hand. She's not only great at blowjobs; she knows exactly how to use her hand. One hand pumping my cock, the other gently massaging my balls.

Finally, I started cumming. As I did, she got up on her knees and started ramming her right knee into my balls! Each knee caused a spurt of cum. I've never cum this much. Never felt such pain and pleasure at the same time.

Once I finished cumming, she once again reached under my balls and found that cord that gives her such power. Pinching it she said, “Now - you're going to take me back and I'm going to be in charge. Is that understood?”

She had complete control over me, I couldn't refuse. “Yes. I'll take you back.”

“Good,” she said. “Now, after we both cleanup and get dressed, I have to explain to you how you've been ‘conditioned’ since I know you don't realize it yet.”

“Conditioned?” I asked.

“Shower and get dressed. Then I'll explain.”

She cleaned up first and put that sexy outfit back on. After I came out of the shower, she was sitting on the bed.

“Now then,” she said. “What you don't realize is that when a man is unconscious from ball pain, he becomes rather susceptible to suggestion. Kind of like hypnosis. I made a few suggestions to you each time that I put you out.”

“Suggestions?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “You're probably wondering why I had you staring at my pussy each time you awoke. It was so you'd realize the power that a WOMAN has over you men. Your conditioning will last about a week according to my experiences. What it is, is that when you get sexually aroused, you'll feel the pain in your balls that I was giving you today. The only way you'll be able to stop the pain will be to jerk off. You will be powerless and HAVE to jerk off anytime you get aroused. You're my 'jerk-off' boy now and once the conditioning wears off, I'm going to re-condition you.”

“I don't believe you,” I said.

“I didn't think you would,” she responded. She gently uncrossed her legs, showing me her sexy pussy. My balls suddenly felt on fire, like she'd kneed me HARD again. Without thinking, my hand went straight to my cock and I pumped it until I shot another load.

“Now,” she said. “You'd better be nice to me or I'll flash you in public and you'll have to beat off right then and there!”

She now ‘conditions’ me about once a week. My sex life is much better even though I'm her sex slave against my will. She's made it clear that she can make me cum or cause great pain whenever she wants. I never knew that I could be forced to cum against my will! I now even offer my balls willingly when she is in the mood to knee them. I'm always pleasuring her - She is in control.

Evolution (part 1-3)

by Yoda!

Who could have suspected that our lives were about to be so drastically changed by something so natural that SHOULD be a good thing?

It came in the mail with an official government stamp. I couldn’t understand why our President would send a DVD video. I put the DVD into the player and began to watch. The usual Government fanfare followed by the typical introduction of “Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States”.

He began his speech, “My fellow Americans, life as we know it, is about to change. As you know, we in the Government are continually using science and technology to better our lives and learn more about ourselves, our environment, and pretty much everything.

During one of our scientific studies, we’ve learned something rather shocking about the near future of the human race.

I’m sure you’re wondering why we’ve chosen to send this message via video disk, rather then simply transmitting this speech via television. The answer is that the material on this video is of an adult nature. It is imperative that you know this information, but please watch this video without the presence of your children. It contains shocking information, and nudity.”

The picture faded and went to a menu with a button labeled “For adults only - please click continue.”

.....I clicked the button.....

A scientist appeared on the screen wearing a lab coat with a government seal over his right pocket. He began to speak, “Good evening everyone. I am a government scientist. My name is unimportant. The following information is shocking, and some of our subjects are nude. This material is for adults only, but it is important that you view it.”

“I’m the head of a research project on a secluded island. Our task was to accelerate normal human evolution to discover what our genetic future holds. I will now disclose our findings.”

The camera panned over to a stage-like area, similar to a high-school auditorium, but the stage and backdrops were all painted white. A man walked in, scantily clad in attire that looked almost like a loin cloth.

The scientist spoke, “This is one of our male test subjects. Here is the ‘before’ photograph.” We see a photo of a rather average looking brown-haired man, slightly overweight but looked in overall good health.

“As you can see, our gene therapy has caused his body to ‘evolve’. His face shows less signs of aging, there is a great deal more muscle definition, and he is lean and trim. Please note that this is NOT the result of any extra exercising or diet control. It is merely the result of our gene therapy designed to speed-up natural evolution. We have discovered that the ‘evolved man’ will be pretty much a stronger and smarter version of the way we currently are.”

“Here is a ‘before’ photograph of one of our female subjects. She will be out momentarily.” We see a photo of a rather average looking blonde woman. She is rather cute but has a very normal looking body. Again, slightly overweight, her breasts are nice but on the small side and she doesn’t have much of an ‘hourglass figure’.

“And here she is after our gene therapy…” An absolutely drop-dead gorgeous blonde woman walked out. We could tell by her cute face that it was the same woman, but her body was incredible. She was wearing a tank top and an ultra-mini skirt that revealed her fantastic legs.

“As you can see, our female subject has also gained physical benefit from the therapy. Her face shows less ageing; her body has become noticeably more feminine. Her weight is perfect for her size. Her breasts are much larger, more firm, and even the nipples have gotten darker and increased greatly in size.” The woman removed her top so we could see her totally perfect breasts. She puts it back on after we’ve gotten a good look.

“Now I have to inform you of the most shocking thing that we’ve learned from our study. Evolution of humans seems to improve things about us that we already have. We’ve now discovered that all women have dormant ‘abilities’ which become ‘active’ as we evolve. These abilities are going to drastically change all of our lives.” Three more males came out, all in great physical condition, totally nude. The original male that came out removed what little clothing he had on. We notice that all of them have large cocks (roughly 9” each) and slightly larger than normal balls.

“Our female subject will now demonstrate these ‘abilities’ that we’ve discovered. The “evolved” woman seems to have a ‘beam’ that can be used for pleasure or pain on the male human. There are four types of ‘beams’. Not all of the evolved women have all of the abilities. We will demonstrate the breakdown. Our attractive subject here does have them all and will demonstrate on each of the male subjects.”

“The first ‘beam’ we will demonstrate is very common. About 90% of our “evolved” subjects have this ability. The beam is always blue. (He turned to the blonde on stage) - My dear...”

The woman lifted her short skirt. She opened her legs in the manner of a soldier going to ‘at ease’ position. We got a quick close-up of her ‘enhanced’ pussy. Her clit was noticeably larger than normal and her entire pussy was erotically attractive for some reason. Back to normal view. She bent her knees slightly and a blue ‘beam’ which looked like a laser beam, only slightly thicker, shot out of her pussy and hit (target perfect) the first male in the balls. We saw his cock begin to get hard.

“Our male subject is now experiencing both physical AND mental effects of the beam that has just hit his balls. As you can see, his cock has now gotten fully erect. The beam has also triggered neurons in his brain that are forcing him to think about sex. Soon, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it, due to the continued mental and physical build-up (yes, his cock is getting even harder than it should be able to), he will be forced to masturbate until he has an orgasm. We have nick-named this the ‘forced jack-off’ beam. Used repeatedly, she could not only drive him crazy, but could drain him to exhaustion.”

The male jacked off, shot an abnormally large amount of cum and then left the stage.

“We will next demonstrate a somewhat less common ability. Only about 50% of the women have this ability. This beam is always orange. My dear...”

The woman again lifted her skirt. She, again, gently spread her incredible legs and an orange beam came out, hitting the second male subject squarely in the balls. His cock JUMPED to full erection and he immediately shot a much larger than normal amount of cum. Fully spent, he hobbled off the stage.

“As you can see, the male subject has been forced to an immediate orgasm via the physical and mental effects of this beam. It has completely “spent” him and it will take him a minimum of five minutes to regain his strength. We have nick-named this the ‘forced cum beam’. Our women CAN fire this beam multiple times in a row and absolutely exhaust the poor male.”

“The third ability is very uncommon. Only about 5% of the women have this ability, but it is a most frightening ability. The beam is always red. My dear...”

The sexy blonde again lifts her skirt and gently opened her legs. A red beam fired out and hit the third male right in the balls. His cock jumped to attention, we saw his balls redden and he immediately fell to the ground in agony and screamed in pain, curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts.

We call this the “torture beam”. Our male will be in great pain for at least the next five minutes. He is completely incapacitated during this time. Again, our lovely lady COULD, if she wanted, use this beam repeatedly for devastating effects.”

“We will now show you the most common ability. We’ve saved this for last, because although it appears to be the most ‘docile’ ability, we will demonstrate how it can be the greatest ‘power’ that an evolved woman will have over men. First off, since they can ALL do it, that in itself makes it the most potent. The beam is always green. My dear...”

Once again, the sexy blonde lifted her skirt; gently spread her legs and a green beam fired out and hit the last male squarely in his balls. His cock became hard, but he seemed to be just standing in a ‘frozen’ position.

“We call this the ‘stun beam’. Due to the physical and mental effects of this beam, our male subject is merely unable to move. He will only remain this way for about 90 seconds. This may seem to be a very ‘docile’ ability, but our attractive model will now demonstrate how incredibly useful, er, to women, it can be. My dear...”

We saw that the man has regained his ability to move. His cock was softening back to normal. The blond again lifted her skirt. Once again, the green beam fired out and nailed the male square in his balls. His cock hardened again and he was motionless. She walked over to him, placed her hands on his shoulders and rocketed her knee into his balls five times. As he finally STARTED to move again, she lifted her skirt and ‘stun beamed’ him again. More devastating shots to the balls with her sexy knee. They were starting to swell and were quite red from the beating they are taking. As he started to regain movement, she stun-beamed him a third time. This time she walked back to her original position and watched with a smirk on her face. After the normal 90 seconds or so from the last stun-beam, he started to move. He dropped right do the floor and was rolling in pure agony. We saw the blonde sneak her fingers between her legs and rub her clit momentarily.

“As you can see, this is not such a ‘docile’ ability. Our male subject will be incapacitated for much longer than the one who was simply hit by the ‘torture beam’. She chose to knee him. This seems to be the preference of most of our ladies, but had she wanted to, she could have done anything she wanted to create pleasure OR pain and the effects of the stun-beam will prevent him from stopping her.

“It should be noted that our male subjects are nude ONLY so that you may better see the effects of these beams. The beams work through male clothing and will not protect the men. You may have noticed that our female subject always displays her pussy when using these abilities. For reasons we do not yet understand, clothing that is VERY close, as in about two inches, of the source of the beam, her pussy, DOES seem to reduce the effectiveness of the beams. So the women seem to instinctively display themselves when they fire.”

My fellow Americans. Nothing can protect us from normal evolution. The women of the planet will clearly be the “stronger sex”. And here’s the worst of the news. The ‘stun beam’ that you’ve just seen - We believe that most of the women of the world will develop this ability naturally within the next six months. Shortly after that, we’ll see some of them gain the “forced jack-off beam”. About a year after that, some of those with the forced jack-off beam will develop the ‘forced cum beam’. And within two years we’ll see a very small percentage of those with the ‘forced cum beam’ develop the ‘torture beam’. Also, as you may have noticed with our female subject, the use of these abilities seems to ALWAYS be sexually stimulating for the women. They’re going to WANT to use these new abilities.”

“Treat your women well. They will shortly have full control of you.”

PART 2: First Reports

It’s been four months since the public had been notified via Government DVD about the startling changes scheduled to occur in human evolution.

Immediately after the video had been released, changes had already begun. Clothing stores seem to have virtually eliminated all forms of pants for women. There’s simply no market for them. Mini skirts and ‘easy to open from the front’ dresses are now the rage. Many teenage girls have started wearing tops with sayings like ‘pussy power’ on them.

Domestic violence has decreased dramatically as many men are worried about what awaits them in the near future. Deadbeat dads are suddenly making great efforts to pay back child support. All in all, society is improving!

Dr. Johnson no longer keeps his name secret. He has been permanently assigned to the study of the evolutionary changes and is no longer working on secret Government projects. He gives regular reports. Some of the reports are via normal TV news, but most are release only on subscription channels available to adults.

Although our head scientist predicted the first signs of these changes to appear in six months (that would be two months from now), it would seem that some women have begun to exhibit certain changes.

Dr. Johnson reports some interesting differences between women who are naturally obtaining these abilities, and the original test subjects. “Hello everyone. Well, it’s been only four months, and already we have discovered a small percentage of women exhibiting the beginnings of the evolutionary changes. The first women that we’ve found, however, don’t even have the ability to make the ‘stun’ beam. As you may recall, when our subject originally displayed these abilities, the first effect of any of the ‘beams’ was male erection. Naturally occurring, this seems to be the only effect that our women can produce so far. The beam is green, indicating a form of the ‘stun beam’, but it only produces a forced hard-on; there are no reports of men experiencing the paralyzing effect that we’ve seen from the full green beam. We’ve also discovered that these abilities are NOT based solely on the women. It would seem that the beams are functioning by stimulating EXISTING neurons in the male brain. By this, we mean that the ‘targeted’ male must be, er, interested in the female for the beam to work. We will demonstrate-”

A male subject walked out - clearly a normal test subject, not a man who had been enhanced via the original experiments. From the other side of the stage, the original blonde from the government DVD comes out. The woman lifted her skirt and we see the green beam fire from her pussy. It hit the man squarely in his nude balls, but there is no visible effect.

“As you can see, our female subject is able to produce the green beam, but it has no effect on the male. This particular male is simply not interested in this woman. Our volunteer male subject is a gay man who has (obviously) proven his disinterest in women. Further studies have shown that it requires only a tiny amount of attraction for the abilities to work, and it has no basis in ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. We’ve had female test subjects prove that they can use their abilities on ex-spouses who are known to despise them. Also, immediate family negates the ability. Sisters can’t use it on brothers, for example. It’s pretty clear, to this scientist anyway, that there is a reason that natural evolution improves the females’ sexual attractiveness. Clearly, an unattractive woman will not have the advantages of an attractive one once these ‘abilities’ manifest.”

Back in normal news – “Reports have shown that military and police forces around the world are now actively recruiting attractive women. There have been some reports of 18 to 19 year old girls playing ‘make him hard’ games. Men are worried about what will be next as these abilities progress. In other reports - there are SOME hookers in the Las Vegas area that have acquired the ability and are using it to their advantage. They simply beam any passing guy to make him hard. Many of these guys will pay the hooker to ‘finish the job’.”

“Further scientific studies show that the abilities are based on maturity. A pre-pubescent girl, for example, will never have any of the abilities. More information will be reported as it becomes available.”

PART 3: The Talk Show

Hello everyone. Welcome to ‘Evolution Talk’. I am your host, Dr. Johnson.”

The camera pans back giving us a view of that same white stage. But now there’s a coffee table, a couch and a couple of armchairs. There are several women seated on ‘the set’.

“We’ve created this ‘talk show’ in order to help us in our studies of the current evolutionary changes that are starting to occur. We believe that discussing it with ‘real life people’ in this fashion will help us to gain greater insight into all that is going on with it. Let me first introduce you to Kimmie. (The camera pans to show a cute little petite brunette sitting on the end of the couch). Kimmie is one of the youngest women with whom we’ve seen these abilities beginning to manifest. She is 19 years old and has managed to be able to occasionally demonstrate the ‘stun beam’. Unlike our original test subjects, her naturally occurring ability is capable of creating the stun for only up to approximately ten seconds. We’ve learned that, unlike our original subjects, she can fully control how strong the beam is, from simply forcing a hard-on, to a maximum of a ten second stun. Kimmie, can you please tell our audience about your new-found evolutionary abilities?”

“Hi everyone! Like wow - I’m like totally nervous to be on TV. Well, let me say that when I first discovered my ability to force a guy to get a hard-on, it was quite a turn on. It’s fun, but it really isn’t any big deal. I mean, I could give a guy a hard-on before I was able to ‘beam’ him. But it’s really great fun to use it. The only problem is that it wears me out if I use it too much. The more power that I use in the ‘beam’, the more of my energy it takes.”

“I’ve always had fun driving guys wild. Back in high-school I got a reputation as a real ball-breaker. I love to lead guys on and then use their advances as an excuse to knee them in the balls. Now it’s not even dangerous! Since I’ve gotten the ability to use the green beam, I can stun a guy and then give him the knee! Seeing a guy rolling on the ground after a knee-job by me makes me get so hot! I like totally hope that I’m one of those rare women that develops the ‘torture beam’. If I do, a lot of guys had better watch out for their balls!”

“Er, Thank you, Kimmie, for that enlightening description. Next, we have Marge. (The camera pans to show a slightly graying, mildly overweight woman of about 45 years seated next to a gentleman about 50 years old.) Marge and her husband Jim have been married for twenty years. Marge, why don’t you tell us your story?”

“Thank you, Dr. Johnson. Well, I don’t know where to start. Jim is a wonderful man and I’ve loved him all my life, but over the past three years or so, he’s had a little ‘problem’. We’ve only been able to have sex when he takes that damn pill, Viagra. I was beginning to wonder if he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. I mean, I’m not the best looking woman in the world and my body hasn’t improved over the years. When that video came from the government, I couldn’t wait to ‘try’ and see if I had any such abilities. That night, when Jim came to bed, I was awaiting him fully nude. When he began to explain that we were out of Viagra - it’s expensive - I imagined, in my head, the beam that we’d seen in the video. Imagine my surprise when a light green beam actually came out of me and struck Jim in his testicles! His cock grew hard. I was thrilled. No more Viagra! I’ve heard that the company that makes it has gone out of business. I couldn’t be happier.”

Jim said, “Yes, imagine my shock at being ‘beamed hard’ by my wife. It’s quite an interesting sensation for your cock to get hard forcibly. And Marge has been relentless. Our sex life couldn’t be better. Only problem now is she seems to think it’s great fun to do it to me at embarrassing times. Once I came into the living room and her and two of her girlfriends were sitting on the couch giggling. I asked what was so funny and my bride stood up, gently lifted her skirt and fired that green beam. One of her friends yelled, “It works!!” I can’t tell you how embarrassed and aroused I was. I couldn’t believe it when Marge gave both her friends permission to try it after my cock softened. The three of them love to harden me every chance they get! I’m wondering what’ll happen if any of them develop any further ‘powers’.”

Marge continued, “Yes. It’s true. My friends and I have found it to be stimulating and fun to make Jim hard. Like this…” Marge stood up, opened the ‘front-split’ long dress she was wearing, and out came the green beam. Jim’s pants swelled and his face got red with embarrassment.

Dr. Johnson said, “Wow, thank you very much. And lastly, we have Jewel. Jewel is a hooker in Las Vegas. Jewel, can you tell us about your abilities and how you’ve used them?”

The camera showed a very sexy redheaded woman, dressed as you’d expect a Las Vegas hooker to be dressed. She was wearing an ultra-short black shiny skirt, fish-net stalking (no crotch), and a short halter top that didn’t hide her large dark nipples.

“Well what could be better in my profession? Except that I need to get into better shape. Using my abilities really wears me out. Dr. Johnson neglected to mention that I am the first case known to be able to use the forced jack-off beam. You’d be amazed at how excited it makes a man. They’ll actually pay good money to be forced to jack-off! It’s great for me, aside from wearing me out, because I don’t have to fuck them and it’s a rush to have that kind of ‘power’ over a man. I’ve had a few try to force themselves on me after I beam them, but when that’s not part of the deal - they get a stun beam and their balls kicked for their trouble.”

“Believe it or not, I’ve also actually had a FEW guys who pay to be stunned and kicked! It’s interesting that some guys LIKE to have their nuts brutalized. I really enjoy that. I’m surprised you’ve gotten George to join us. George comes to me regularly. He likes to be stunned, really kneed and then hit with the forced jack-off beam. It tires me out, but that much beaming also gets me hot. I’ll often masturbate my pussy while he’s jacking off from the final beam. Talk about enjoying your work!”

George replied, “Yes. It’s true. I know that not many of you guys out there have experienced the ‘stun beam’. It’s really kind of interesting. Dr. Johnson originally thought that this beam acts on the nervous system. That’s not true. The effect is more like a daydream. Let me explain. Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in a daydream that you where oblivious to things going on around you? That’s what the stun beam does; only it also forces a sex-based daydream. And you’re so enthralled in it that you can even be kicked in the balls without breaking out of the daydream. You can see what’s happening to you, and know what’s going on, but your mind is so locked on ‘the dream’ that you are effectively paralyzed! It’s actually kind of fun!”

Dr. Johnson asked, “Wow, do you think you and Jewel could come back for my science show and demonstrate some of that? Perhaps we can run some tests, seeing as how you, Jewel, are (so far) the only woman that we know of who can force a man to masturbate.”

“Sure, Jewel answered.

“We’d love to,” George concurred.

Dr. Johnson ended the show. “Thank you all for joining us. We’re sorry that we had such limited time for our first show. We hope to get a regular timeslot soon.”

More to cum…

Not a Good Night

By y_n0t_g0_4_1t

Tri-Delt was their little sister sorority, so they mixed with them all the time. It didn’t happen every time, but certainly often enough that there was a greater chance for a Teke to get his balls kicked by a Tri-Delt than by anyone else on the planet.

The last time Tim got his was on Hell night, just about a year ago. Many of his brothers had not fared so well. In the course of the school year, he had learned a lot about the way his fraternity interacted with the sorority. The Tri-Delts weren’t bitches or anything, just kicking balls was the norm between them, and as bad as it hurt the guys that got nailed, it made for a fun game of tag. If a sister even gave the guy the eye he’d start running, and sometimes that was all the entertainment she needed and let him off the hook at that. Other times a sister would knee a guy as a silly way of saying hello, or more likely saying good bye after a less than thrilling night.

If a brother knew it was coming, he could beg and plead or apologize or try his hand at flattery – and most of the times this worked. There were four or five sisters that kicked balls all the time and never missed, and others that never kicked at all. Of course, the girls that loved exercising their privilege would gladly volunteer to nail a guy for one of the girls who didn’t and sometimes would without being asked if she felt that a brother needed it.

You’d think that the whole thing would instill a sort of fear for the Tri-Delts amongst the Tekes and that they’d either stop mixing with them or treat them with such respect and deference that there would never be an excuse to kick balls. To the contrary. Many of the Tekes looked forward to the mixers. Tim suspected some of them liked the danger and others were just twisted. Guys in Tim’s own pledge class would antagonize the girls almost to see how far they could push it.

All in all, it made for a very flirty game and the girls were great about it. After one of the sisters kicked a Teke, they wouldn't be an asshole to him or anything - they’d just get whatever enjoyment out of it the shot was worth. After the guy was walking, whatever misdeed had gotten him kicked was usually forgotten and most of the time the girl that kicked him would offer him a drink in reconciliation.

Besides the girls that seemed to love nailing guys and the guys that pushed it, there were some general rules Tim had discerned. First, the more alcohol that was flowing the greater the likelihood that somebody was getting kicked in the balls. Second, guys that were popular with all the girls would get kicked at a lot in the beginning of the night, and almost not at all towards the end when a girl had settled in on hooking up with him. Less popular guys could sneak in the background all night if they wanted to, but those guys that insisted on trying with the sisters often became the victims of their flying feet by the end of the night. At the beginning of the semester the new sisters were squeamish, but by the end of the school year most of the girls were comfortable with it, if not kicking guys themselves at least with it happening in front of them. When girls kicked a guy for pressing too hard for some action, they usually put on the air that he ought to be thankful he got at least that action.

Finally, there was one brother – Jeff – that was the fraternity dork. Anytime he’d open his mouth, something stupid would come out and even an attempt at making a comment justified a kick. Jeff was generally the only brother that had the benefit of a warning: the girls would tell him to open his legs whenever they felt like nailing him. Jeff was the barometer for the night. He’d get kicked if anyone did, and an early kick in the balls for him was a sure sign that the girls would get into a ball kicking mood if they started drinking. Thus, while there were many “good nights” (the term used to refer to a night where nobody got their balls kicked), there were also quite a few nights were more guys got kicked than laid.

Tim was a guy that hung out in the background. He was not a guy the girls lusted after, but if he chilled he might get lucky and have a girl want to be with him that night rather than party alone. It was late November, and Teke was having a mixer with the Tri-Delts. This was the last mixer where TKE could count on pledge labor to do the clean up, but the first mixer where sisters allowed their pledges to come. Just as he wasn’t allowed to go to any mixers as a pledge, neither was their new batch of recruits.

All night April had been giving him eyes, and Tim finally worked up the courage to walk over and say hi. So strange, because he talked to April so often, but now with the some liquor in the veins and the specter of romance in the air, Tim felt a little shy. April wasn’t a real ball buster, but he had seen her kick Jeff a few times and knew of a time she kicked one of the popular guys as a way of flirting. Tim knew he had to be cautious.

“Hey,” Tim said to April, “you having fun?”

“Of course! Can I talk to you for a second?”

Tim and April backed into the hallway where there was less partying.

“What’s up?” he asked her.

“I just wanted to ask you about last year…”


“I mean on hell night,” April clarified.

“Oh…” Tim uttered and paused. “What about it?”

“What was it like?” April asked.

“It hurt.”

April tilted her head as if to say tsk, tsk and put Tim on notice. “I know that. I mean, what was the whole thing like?”

“Hmmmmm,” Tim said, “well first, we were kind of prepared without being told.”

“What do you mean?” April asked.

“Well, the entire time were pledging, the brothers would take shots at our nuts but never hit them. If we flinched we had to do push ups or sit in the Teke chair, or something. So we got real used to not flinching. In a sense, it became our instinct not to flinch or cover up.”

April laughed. “You guys are very easy to kick because of that. Especially the new guys” Then she gave him a playful but menacing look. “Plus, we get a lot of practice.”

Tim gulped and continued with his story.

“On hell night itself we had no idea what was happening. We were all blindfolded, but what was unusual was that we were told not to stand in the bond. Instead, we were all spaced out, and Mike told us to stand feet should length apart or more. Then were heard all the brothers go upstairs.

“Then we heard footsteps come down, but we knew they weren’t the brothers. As soon as we heard female voices, we figured it was Delta Delta Delta. Your pledge mistress asked us if we remembered the picnic, which we of course had, and then she said it was our turn to be embarrassed.

“The only thing I was uncomfortable with was the fact that it was you and not the brothers, and that the pledge master wasn’t there to stop it from getting excessive. But ultimately, I didn’t expect anything bad – especially that – and figured fair was fair after our fraternity had made you fake those orgasms and do those dances in the public park.”

April laughed as she remembered the picnic and also the irony.

“So then I heard a thud and a round of laughter. A few second later I heard another thud, then another, and then all you girls go ‘aw, it’s alright’. Then I heard a louder crack and all of you go ‘Ooooooooooooooh,’ followed by applause.”

April cracked up. “I remember that!”

“What happened?”

April looked at Tim sternly, “You know we’re not allowed to tell you any of the details. What was it like when it happened to you?”

“Surprising. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. A thud, some laughing, and an occasional coughing or a yelp. I couldn’t imagine what it was, but we had already been through so much I figured I could handle it. I didn’t even know it was my turn. I just felt the foot smash in my crotch and I felt straight to the floor.”

“Well, what did it feel like?” April pressed on.

“Pain! I mean, it was the worst. The sick part was, I felt the toe. Like, I know whoever did it had somewhat pointed but rounded shoes because I felt the toe of it go in my nuts. I had never been kicked in the balls before and didn’t know what had happened until I was on the ground for a little while. It hurt so bad I blotted out all sound. I heard you all laughing, but it had to be at Jon because it was at least a few minuets after.”

April grinned from ear to ear hearing the story. “Don’t worry Tim, we got a good laugh out of you too” she said as she patted his shoulder. Your reaction was soooooo cute.”

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Tim asked

“Oh no, no, no,” April replied, “but if you wanted me to do it all you had to do was ask.”

At that April slammed her knee into Tim’s groin. Tim clutched his package and slumped to the floor. It wasn’t his first time this time, but it hurt just as bad. This time he knew what was happening as it happened and didn’t feel any shoe shape – just the flat and wide knee that smashed both of his balls into underside of his crotch. As Tim rolled onto his back, April called out to her little, and in doing so called to her the attention of the rest of the sisters.

“Oh look, April got Tim,” he heard followed by a raucous of giggling. A moment later he heard the distinctive yelp of Jeff getting his balls kicked. Directly above him, April began to explain to her little the tradition she was about to take part in next Friday at Tekes hell night.

It was not going to be a good night.

Laugh and Laugh Some More

By y_n0t_g0_4_1t

It’s not surprising that Katie and her mother Kim thought it was hilarious whenever they got to see a guy get nailed in the balls. They had none of their own, so they had no idea. For them, it was about funny looks on guys’ faces, and big deserving dudes being sent to the floor by girls half their size. Besides, it was just that it was funny – it was empowering to laugh. The Wyoming winter was often cold enough that the family would spend time in front of the tube together, and in the inevitability that a guy would get it, the two would laugh uproariously while the men of the house just sat there and sulked. It was like a secret message – from Kim to her husband Dave and from Katie to her older brother Dave (and maybe even some cross over) – that “we have something over you – and we’d enjoy it, so watch it”.

What was surprising was the youngest sibling’s reaction. Doug would laugh right along with the ladies. In fact, he’d laugh as if he was one of them. Katie and Kim thought this was strange, but cute, and grew to think this in and of itself was hilarious. What’s worse, the women began to exploit it. If they were all stuck in the house, Katie and Kim would use Doug to be able to watch whatever they wanted by coaxing him with the promise of a potential hit in the groin, and Doug would cast the deciding vote that way in hopes of more hilarity shared with mom and sis. Of course, for the trick to work, there would have to be a groin hit often enough, so in addition to the chick flick’s – the girls made sure to watch plenty of America’s Funniest, slap stick comedy, and female empowerment thrillers.

One day in July, Doug was tagging along with his sister when Katie’s best friend Anita ran up to them.

“Oh my god Kate, you had to see it. My sister kicked her boyfriend right where it counts in the middle of my living room!”

“Oh my god! Why?!” Katie demanded to know.

“He called her a fat bitch right in front of her family,” Anita replied.

“He totally deserved it,” Katie said. “Did she get him good?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah…” and at that the girls started laughing. Doug started laughing too. “Did he fall to the ground and cry?” he asked between giggles.

Anita was almost shocked. “Of course,” she replied, and then quickly turned to Katie and asked, “Why does he think it’s so funny?”

Katie replied “Always has. Guess he’s never been kicked.”

Anita laughed. She turned to Doug and asked him very nicely “Dougie, have you ever been kicked between the legs?”

“By a girl?” Doug asked.

“By anyone…” Anita clarified.

“Well, yeah. Yes,” Doug stammered.

The girls looked at each other. They knew he was talking trash. Anita continued by asking him, “Did you cry?”

“No way,” Doug staunchly assured them. “I don’t cry over stuff like that any more.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh K.” Katie said sarcastically, knowing that he was full of it. And at that she sent her foot flying into her brother’s crotch. Poor Doug didn’t know what was happening. He had always heard threats by girls, and had even seen it done. It was always just a funny routine. He never imagined why the guys fell to the floor.

Now he knew. The first thing he felt was the foot go into his dick and then right into his balls. It was a shocking sensation – especially because it felt like the force of the kick sent his nuts into his stomach and mad did they hurt. But they also hurt in his nuts. Instinct took over too, and he covered up as fast as he could in a reflex. His body responded by making it its life mission to protect those balls, and sent him to the floor curled in a ball.

The girls, of course, thought it was hilarious. The look on his face, half-surprise to have a foot up in there, half-surprise over how much of an explosion of pain it caused, was hysterical. It was like his eyes were bulging out of his head, his eyebrows arched inquisitively, his mouth puckered like he was sucking the sourest lemon. And of course he was going down like a felled evergreen throughout the entire process.

“That’s harsh Katie,” Anita said

“Yeah but he needed it,” Katie replied

“For what?” Anita said while she was laughing

“Lying,” Katie responded, and at that they both laughed.

Then Anita said, “Oh yeah, you could definitely tell that was fist time,” and the both of them laughed some more.

Funny thing was, Doug wasn’t laughing.

That winter, in front of the tube, it wasn’t long before a poor dude got one in the balls. Nobody every talked about what happened that summer, but at that moment it became evident. Kim and Katie laughed, but when they looked over, Doug was sulking with his brother and dad. It just wasn’t funny anymore, and he hated that his mom and sister thought it was. It reminded him of how bad it hurt, and how they could never understand that. It reminded him of his sister and Anita laughing, and hearing his mom laugh like that made him mad.

They didn’t care. “Wow,” Kim said “I though you loved that like we did. You must have gotten kicked.”

Doug didn’t say anything.

Katie said, “Hmmmmmm, he must have.”

“Katie!” Kim burst out – “You didn’t…”

Katie just smiled, raised her hand, and said, “Guilty.”

Mom had to laugh at that, and said, “Well, it was about time, anyway.”

And at that they both laughed some more

He Said, She Said

By y_n0t_g0_4_1t

I'd like to see some other stories like this. Realistic scenario. Two perspectives. It’s sloppy. I wrote it fast. It might also be a little inconsistent: I wrote he said yesterday and she said today. Enjoy it for what its worth

He said:

I think everybody knows from age too young to recall that boys have something girls don’t. When I was really little, its apparent utility was to allow me to pee standing up. I think I learned about its more proper function sometime between third and fourth grade, although I didn’t have a complete understanding of even the mechanics until a bit later. However, I learned I think I must have been in first grade when I learned getting hit in the crotch was uniquely painful. I saw it on TV, asked about it, and my parents told me. I didn’t put much thought into it – it was like it wasn’t a reality at all.

The first time I got hit in the balls was on my bike. I was speeding down a hilled road, hit some broken pavement, and came down on the bar. Remembering the incident is like watching a movie without sound – almost an abstract or out of body experience. I think I blacked out. The next thing I remember was crying the whole way home, and I remember it being very sore for the rest of that day. I also remember that I made it a point to never ride on that side of the street again! I also remember saying to myself that I would never do that to a guy in a fight.

I think by fourth grade, girls had finally figured out the dragon had a weak spot, and by the end of middle school, just about every guy I knew had been kicked in the balls by a girl. I think in the beginning a lot of girls were experimenting with it, and nailing guys for all kinds of offenses, many relatively minor. Thus, if you wanted to include girls in your group and not be absolutely prim and proper all the time, you took a chance. For the most part it wasn’t on our minds, but you could kind of tell sometimes if the girls were in a ball kicking mood – either because they were pissy or because they were hyper. Some guys would antagonize them even more, perhaps enjoying the danger. Not I. There were also one or two girls that did it a lot, and those that encouraged other girls to. But in those times, the only thing I think I could speculate compares to the threat is fearing that you’re going to get your period for the first time in front of everyone.

Seeing a guy get kicked in the balls by a girl was a very unsettling experience. Whenever it happened, the guy would fake a reaction if for nothing else to avoid being accused of having nothing there – and the girls would play along too. But you knew when she scored a real one. When that happened, the girls either felt bad (if it was an accident) or vindicated (if they did it to right a wrong), but it was always a giggle fest. Sometimes it would be straight up laughing out loud, and if it was on purpose it was a high fives.

The first time for me happened when I was in 6th grade. Now I had been kicked at, and missed, and gone through the fake routine often enough. But I’m talking about for real. There was a girl named Kristy, and she was talking to her friend Amber at the bus stop. I was friends with them both, and fooled around with them a lot. I walked up behind Kristy, made a motion for Amber to be quiet, and gave Kristy a nice firm two handed ass grab. She was more offended that I thought, and just as I was about to say “I’m sor…” Her knee was in my crotch.

Direct hit. Beans and the frank – but believe me, it’s the beans that count. This time I didn’t black out, so I recall what it was like. It wasn’t pain that put me on the floor, but an animal instinct. The pain isn’t like what you’d think: it’s not like getting hit in the arm multiplied by 100. In fact, I think its most like getting hit in the funny bone and getting wind knocked out of you simultaneously, times ten, and at the same spot. There are three things that make it horrible. First, nature gives man instinct to cover his valuables, and you can’t help your reaction. I grabbed mine immediately, and went oooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh, oooooh, as I sank to my knees and then to my side. I’d like to have said excuse – walked into the bathroom – and gotten it out in there. But I had no choice.

Second, it in the balls and a girl did it. The balls aren’t just the cause of the pain; they’re the location of it. It’s symbolic. Plus, it’s a little scary. And as bad as it is, it can’t be done back to her. She might think you deserved it, but how can she know if what you did deserved that? She might feel bad, but what does she know. Worst of all, she gets to walk away when she chooses while I get to get up when I can.

Third, they enjoy it and you can tell. When I went down, I heard Amber go, “Awwwwwwww,” in pity but it was mixed in with a chuckle. She then said, “You didn’t have to do that.”

Kristy said, “Yes I did. Now he knows not to mess with me.”

Amber said, “Yeah, especially when your in a mood,” and they both laughed their asses off.

So there I was on the ground. I don’t want to get up – the more I moved, the more my nuts hit my legs, and I just don’t care to. The two of them just carried on chit-chatting like nothing had happened and when Amber said, “Aaron, what do you think?” and the both of them laughed out loud once more.

Now I’m starting to get up and Amber said, “Know who I think ought to get kicked in the balls?”

Kristy said, “Who?”

Amber said, “Joe So and So” (I forget who now).

Kristy laughed and said, “That’d be awesome. He totally deserves it.” I wondered what in the world he could have done.

The bus pulled up. I walked on like I just got done motorcycle riding over rugged terrain.

Amber blurted out, “Kristy kicked Aaron in the balls!!!!!!!” and there was an uproar of laughter, perhaps because it was obviously true and obviously a real hit. Jackie asked why. Kristy explained. Amber, Melissa and their friend Chris all agreed that she was perfectly entitled. Two guys on the bus said that’s fucked up.

She said:

The first time I saw a guy get hit in the balls was on TV. It was the very first episode of Americas Funniest Home videos. A guy swung a golf club and the ball ricocheted and hit him in the crotch. Mom laughed like it was one of the funnier videos and almost seemed to laugh on purpose. Dad and my two brothers groaned. I didn’t get it. Nevertheless, it created an odd and even enjoyable tension in the room, because they were uncomfortable with mom’s particular enjoyment. Then, it got replayed because it was nominated to be a money winner. That’s when I got it: it hit him in the dick. I never thought about it, but getting hit in the dick must not be very fun, but it is kind of funny, so I laughed to. And it was like me and mom were on the same page. It was cool.

I didn’t really think about it as something I could do to a person, but when it happened on TV or by accident I thought it was funny. Then, one day I was sitting on my friend Annie’s front step. Annie’s brother was in the backyard with his friend and the girl from across the street that hung out with them. The boys were throwing pine cones over the house so that they would come closer and closer to hitting us. Annie finally had enough of it, jumped up and stormed to the back yard. I meekishly followed.

When she got there, she said, “Tim, do you want me to kick you in the balls again?” At that Nicky, the girl they hung out with, busted up laughing. There was a tension between Annie and her brother and even her friend. The boys said nothing. Annie said, “That’s what I thought.”

What stood out in my mind was first the idea of actually hitting someone there, second that she said “the balls”, and third that she said “again” as if she had already done such a thing. More subtle was the fact that she threatened to kick, and not hit. When I though about that, it seemed obvious since it was on the lower half. Also, not that I sadistically wanted to do it, but I certainly tucked the idea in my head into the compartment labeled ‘might be useful’. I was really impressed, again, by the tension it created and the effect the threat alone had on the boys. It was kind of like being on the winning team, knowing it, and loving it.

Hanging out with Annie I got to see her kick Tim multiple times, and even though I think he was faking it, it was hilarious every time. I started having fun saying, “I’ll kick you in the balls”. I just liked stressing the word ‘balls’ because it was fun and threatening and almost a curse.

The first time I saw Annie connect one was not her brother, but her brother’s friend Jeff. He mouthed off to her when Annie and Tim were arguing, and she unloaded on him. Everything stopped while we watched this boy fall to the floor, roll on his back and squirm like he was getting his braces tightened. I was speechless.

Annie, half laughing and half sincere, said, “Oh my god, I didn’t mean to do that. It just happened.” I started laughing too, mostly because of the situation. I mean, he sure seemed to be in a lot of pain for such a little accident.

Annie said, “Tell Jeff I’m really sorry,” and we both skipped away. Argument was over, with Jeff and Aaron’s jaw on the floor.

The first time I took a shot at it was completely instinctive. My own brother was getting in my face and I raised a knee at him. I didn’t even think about it, but we both noticed where the knee would have landed. In fact, Aaron more than noticed, he flinched. So for the next six months or so I made fake groin shots and lots of boys just to laugh at them flinching. It was actually pretty good training, because in fifth grade, the boys rally started trying their best to get on our nerves.

There was on girl named Jess who threatened to kick boys there all the time but never did. I guess I was kind of like that too. Jamie was crazy though, because she had actually kicked boys at school. Two in fact. The boys knew it, and they treated her differently for sure, although not always for the better. Some just like to push it. A lot of us would kick at guys – I did this a lot – and not really do it hard but not stop short either. If the guy said we missed, we’d just say it was because they didn’t have anything. Once in a while you’d here about a girl really kicking a guy in the balls, either on purpose or by accident, but I had never seen it happen.

The first time I connected was outside during recess. This stupid dork kid was running around, roaring at me and my friends, throwing grass at us and acting like he had powers to use against us. It just wasn’t very impressive and was making us feel stupid for him. Then he set himself up – except he didn’t know it. He was there, legs spread just right, paying attention to my friend Amber and not me – I just felt like the target was there. I don’t know why I did it, but something took over and I did.

He grabbed at his nuts like they always do, but I could tell by his face I scored. He went down with sort of a “bwah, wah, wah, wah” like a baby. He laid, rocking back and forth in a fetal position, going ‘owwwwwwwwwwww’. As he went down, my friend went, “Whoooooooooo!” And right there and then, I knew I did something good. First, we got to walk away and not be bothered. Second, it was obvious we didn’t have to worry. In fact, I liked looking down at him the way you like looking at a puzzle you just put together. Third, talk about feeling like being on the winning team: and it’s so deserved too. Boys always get to feel that way, and if this is what it takes to get a piece of it, so be it.

People ask why it’s so funny. Some of my friends like the reaction. Guys get the Three Stooges; we get to see guys get hit in the balls. The look on their face, the falling over. And that’s all good. But for me, it’s that it happened. It’s that it was in the balls. And all that stuff is just funny because it’s proof.

So, it really not that big a deal that I kneed Aaron. My mom was bitching at me all morning, my brother took my lunch instead of his, and I looked like shit. Just was I was venting to Amber, I feel that jokers hands grab my ass. And it wasn’t’ just a little grab. Don’t get me wrong, I like Aaron, but there some things you don’t do. And I had had enough. I didn’t decide to do it. As always, I just did it.

And boy did I ever. The look on his face said it all: surprise, but not the good kind! Amber felt bad for him, but I think he deserved it. He got up, and the bus showed up, and of course Amber had to spill the beans. I got my obligatory congrats, but these two guys kept bugging me about it. I mean get over it! I didn’t knee them. And I’m not the one who put them there. Besides, I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened, so it’s not really my fault. Aaron shouldn’t have grabbed my ass. One of them asked me what its like to kick a guy there, expecting me to say great or something so he can attack me. So I said, “Squishy.” All the guys groaned, the girls said ewww, and that ended it.

Later that day I saw Aaron walking to class. He was still walking funny. And it was like looking at that puzzle. I did that.

Bobbi’s Heels Fade Away

By y_n0t_g0_4_1t

“That’s it” Bobbi concluded, “Poor Cliffy’s gonna get it tonight.”

Carla laughed as she raised her drink to cheer her, “I will if you will.” The clink of the glass sealed the deal.

“I can’t believe it?!” interjected a mid height chubby but youngish man. “Are you really going to… to…”

“To…? To…?” Carla mocked him.

“Were you eavesdropping?” Bobbi jumped in, feigning shock.

“I couldn’t help but overhear…”

The women laughed.

“My name is Tom, and you are?”

“I’m Carla and this is Bobbi.” Carla said as Bobbi offered her hand for a dainty shake. “And to answer your question, we were just playing with the idea, but we’re thinking about it.”

“My goodness,” Tom sighed.

Carla looked over to Bobbi, “You think this guy’s ever gotten it?”

Bobbi snickered as Carla looked over at him with inquisition. The look on his face gave him away and the women grinned at him mischievously.

“How ‘bout you? Have you ever?” Tom asked

“Please…” Bobbi said. “I thought you were eavesdropping.”

“Not since much younger days,” Carla responded. “Either of us.”

“Both of you are evil,” Tom said, shaking his head.

Bobbi leaned past her friend to stare down Tom. “You never know, but we might just be. Besides, I bet it did you more good than you think.”

“It always does” interjected another stranger, this time a tall and thin woman in her early forties. Carla and Bobby turned to her to see what she had to offer. “I remember having a dance with my brother-in-law last New Years, and the beer was making him frisky. I didn’t stop dancing, but gave him little a tiny tap that was just enough to change his tune.”

The women chuckled.

“I felt the attitude adjustment in my arms”

“Oh boy,” Bobbi said. “It’s been so long. You get to forgetting what a punch it packs.”

The forty-something’s forty-something friend leaned over and said, “You want to hear a funny one?” The women nodded. “When I had first gotten married, I used twist my fingers in the air just so to remind my husband of an unpleasant night we had when we were dating. It was just to tease him or get a last word in. One day I had my girlfriend over and I accidentally did it in front of her. He was so shocked he went upstairs and my girlfriend was shocked too cause she’d never imagine me rulin’ any roost. When he came back downstairs he was all actin’ like a man but it just wasn’t workin’. I just looked over at Pam and we giggled one and he just walked away.”

“Oh my God,” Bobbi gasped, “what did he say when she left?”

“Nothing,” the woman flatly replied. “He’s never brought it up and neither did I. Just as well. Whenever he'd piss me off, I’d make the sign behind him and if Pam was there we’d have a little laugh.”

At that Tom jumped up, “You women are a bunch of…”

Carla pivoted her barstool, got on her feet and, before poor Tom could put two and two together, planted a solid but mercifully restrained knee between his legs.

Turning away from the mess she made and back to the women she said, “My goodness, those men must think with those guys, hearin’ how they talk.”

“He had it comin’,” the tall woman remarked.

“We better get out of here” Bobbi said. She smiled to Carla. “Now I really want to give Cliffy his surprise.”

The women laughed and got up for the door.

Tom leaned on the barstool. It was the only thing keeping him even partially erect on one knee. The last he ever heard of them was the click of Bobbi’s heels fade away.


Bobbi made as much noise as she inconspicuously could as she walked in the house.

“Bobbi?” a man’s voice called from upstairs, “is that you?”

“Yeah, Cliff,” she replied with a slur, “It’s me.”

“I’m glad you’re finally home. You’re not real drunk are you?” her husband asked as he stepped down the stairway into the kitchen.

“What if I am?” Bobbi snapped back.

“Oooh. Didn’t know you were in a feisty mood. How was your night out with Carla?”

“Fine…” she tapered off as she put her head down on the table and started to breathe heavy.

“I hate it when you come home drunk like this.”

Bobbi replied by lifting her head just long enough to give her husband a scowl.

“C’mon, you better come to bed,” Cliff said as he grabbed her arm.

Bobbi jumped up and stepped backwards half stumbling. “Don’t you grab me,” she said as she began to nod her head.

“Bobbi,” Cliff said in a stronger tone, “you’re gonna wake up with a hangover, and it’s me you’re going to take it out on.” He stepped toward her, with his arm out and said, “Let’s go.”

Bobbi stepped forward and swung the pointy toe of one of the high heels that were hurting her all night into the front and center of the crotch of Cliff’s pants. She took a breath and stepped around the man and slowly made her way up the stairs. She sat on her bed and peeled the shoes off her tired feet and she reached into her purse for her phone.

She brought the phone to her ear and said, “Carla,” to command the phone to dial the number of her best friend.

Carla picked up the phone.

Mission accomplished, babe.”

Carla cackled so loud on the other end that Bobbi feared her recovering husband would hear it all the way downstairs. “How’d he take it?”

“Like a man.”

Carle chuckled. “Mine’s on the floor too.” And at that they laughed together. Bobbi hung up the phone and slipped into something more comfortable, jumped into bed, and waited for her husband to crawl in with an apology for her.


By wolfie

He stretched open his eyes and felt perfectly comfortable. He was bent over at the waist, staring at the black stone floor, but his head was lying on a soft pillow. His legs were drawn up at the knees and resting in soft rubber greaves of a sort from his knees to his ankles; his feet were free to hang. His arms were bent likewise at the elbows and rested pointing down in soft rubber braces wrapped cool around them from elbow to wrist. His back was not arched toward the ground, but supported by a thick pillow just below his ribs, and his torso lay in a broad pillowed basin from his belly to his collar. The basin was so soft and deep that it did not compress his ribcage as lying flat on the floor will, and his back did not sag and ache as lying on one’s stomach in bed will do. He lay in as relaxed a position as possible, and he was neither cold nor hot, but perfectly warm, and thirsty.

He started to reach his right hand to his eyes to clean them, but his hands were held at the wrists each between two steel plates that constrained his hands out flat, but did not press them unto discomfort. He could not bend his fingers in the slightest, nor turn his hands. His arms were bound at the elbows in the rubber braces each with a wide, soft rubber strap; and his legs were bound likewise at the knees and ankles. His only clothing was a pair of tight boxer briefs, but he never wore briefs; his penis followed flaccid along his right thigh and the underwear was much too tight for his balls to sag.

But his head was free to move, so he lifted it and looked around at the black walls hanging with sticks and whips, bats of various shapes, shackles and chains, myriad melee weapons, no firearms or bows, and three black tables pushed up to the wall each with two or three black chairs and scattered paper. His head had lain on a thickly pillowed doughnut headrest. He shook himself back and forth but the apparatus was so sturdy that it made almost no noise as he shook it; no part of it was loose enough to move.

“Oh, good! You’re awake,” said a woman behind him.

“Who the hell is that?” he said. “Where am I?”

Bare feet padded the floor over to him by his left and he turned to see. She looked very much by face and shape like Sandra Bullock, that actress from a little over a century ago.

“I am Captain Alessandra Parkes, with an ‘e,’ of the Marine Fourth Lambda Division, two-twelfth regiment, in charge of reconnaissance and intelligence. We’re in an interrogation dungeon, three stories underground.” She passed him and brought a cushioned stool from a table next to the wall and sat before him with an amiable smile. “And you’re one hell of a warrior,” she said. He stared at her eyes for a moment, breathing slow and deep with his nose, but said nothing.

“Good,” she said, “you aren’t panicking. I believed you wouldn’t but that’s still very impressive. You know, if you keep holding your head up like that, your neck and shoulders will get very tired. Just rest it on the pillow and let me talk to you. I promise you aren’t in for as horrible a fate as you think.”

He was not afraid, not in the slightest, but positively livid, and beginning to pant with his nose; he licked his lips, and then sighed and laid his head in the pillow, staring at the floor.

“Thank you!” she said. Her voice resonated soft in the dungeon, like electric feathers. “You’re not the only prisoner I’ve ever seen wake up unafraid in such a predicament, but you’re the only one I’ve ever seen so furiously brave. And something tells me you know precisely what’s in store for you. You’re a sergeant, but what’s your name?”

“Sergeant Alexander Gabriel Hoffmann, two-one-five-oh-eight dash thirteen-arr. What do you want from me?”

“Intelligence, but never mind that for now. You know, I’ve never seen anyone fight as--irate as you? At all times you possessed marvelous courage, valor and fury; or so I’m told. I didn’t arrive until near the end of the firefight, right when they finally brought you down. You took three tasers in the chest and back and swung on for another five seconds or so before you collapsed. That’s astounding. You killed twenty-three women. And that’s about half the total your twelve-man squad took out. I don’t have to tell you every woman, both civil and military, that’s heard about it is screaming for your torture session to be televised.”

“Go ahead and torture me, you motherfucker! Bring it! Son of a bitch!”

“Hey, calm yourself! You didn’t let me finish. I guess you’ve never been captured before. That makes sense. You’re resting in a massage chair. Modified to restrain its occupant. Not protocol. As I was saying, you’re the finest soldier I’ve ever seen, even if you are a man. I thank God I never had to meet you in a skirmish. But therein is what distinguishes me from the average woman. I consider your military attributes respectable. Most women hate everything about men, and that’s a blind disgust; not a quality of intellect. You’re a hero to men. I have no doubt. No matter what happens to you. You’re either a hero, or a martyr and a hero. Benefits of a classical education. I’ve read The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid, so you’re prowess, you’re technique and bravery are not lost on me. But the point remains that you’re certain to know useful information that will help the Women’s Marine Corps quell this revolution for good and all. So interrogation is necessary, but while I’m a sadistic person, just like all women, you also charm me; your physique, your personality. In spite of our progress for the last hundred and fifty years, women have not altered their genetic programming. We are all born heterosexual, and though I’d say ninety-eight percent of us are trained to be lesbian, I fall into that two percent that lucked out. I’m bisexual. Best of both worlds. And so you’ve lucked out. I’m not just going to ruin such an attractive specimen, not until I’ve gotten my heart’s desire out of you, all I can enjoy.”

“Then what are you going to do to me?”

“Oh, I’m going to rape you!” She ran her hand through his hair, down his neck, and scratched his scalp, and he shivered. He chuckled. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Think about that before you worry; what I said. When a man rapes a woman, he tortures her; but if a woman rapes a man, she can’t really hurt him unless she uses some deviant sexual implement, like a whip or a knife or something. I won’t do that to you. You’re delectable to look at. And I don’t want to ruin the view.”

His breathing deepened and hastened but he did not open his mouth. He turned over and laid on the floor beneath his face and spoke, “You knew that if you were ever captured, you’d be castrated for resisting even in the slightest, and I’m sorry to say that that is so. I’m sure you knew it would happen, because you fought with the rage that only a man averse to ghastly torture can summon in himself. But I’m willing to make you a deal.”

She waited for a moment, until he spoke, “I’m listening.” His eyes never left hers, and he seldom blinked.

“You answer my questions about your troop movements, strength, attack plans, things like that; answer them as I need them answered, with smooth cooperation, and I promise I won’t hurt you while I rape you.” She smiled. “I’ll get you to enjoy it. In fact, the only reason it’s rape is because you don’t consent. But we’ll love every second of it, I assure you. You have the most massive genitalia I’ve ever seen. Eleven and a half inches; three point two wide! God! And your balls are as large as plums! Gargantuan! Only testicles I’ve ever seen that are larger are horse testicles. I’ll draw it out as slow and delicious as I can! And then after, since I have no choice, I promise your castration will not hurt at all. Protocol is to torture them until they’re crushed and tape the whole session, but I’ll only bring myself to be so sadistic if you refuse to answer my questions. And I honestly don’t want to; not to you. You’re gorgeous. So when it’s all over, I’ll anesthetize your groin and just a quick slash with a knife. Nothing compared to what you thought would happen.”

“I’ll bleed to death.”

“No, no,” she brushed her palm across his cheek, “I’ll stop the blood supply first. It won’t look like much of anything when it happens.” She smiled and slid her hand over his chin and massaged his throat. “What do you say?”

After a moment, he said, “What happens to me after I’m castrated?”

“Oh, you’ll be required to work for us, according to your education. Sort of a new life. And if you don’t think you have a suitable education, you’re welcome to enroll in a university. Major in whatever you like. That isn’t so bad.”

He didn’t answer for a moment, but his breathing had quieted.

“Please don’t say, ‘No',” she said at last. “I’m an expert torturer and I’ll savor every second of it. I’ll make it last as long as I can, but I honestly don’t want to have to start on you!” She spoke with an amazingly, bizarrely indifferent tone, with an air of simplicity.

And after a long moment, he spoke, “What did you expect from such an invincible fighter? Did you expect me to cower from the dread of agony? I’m a fighter to the end! You had to have known I’d say that. So fuck off!”

She stared at him blankly, without a smile, and at long last sighed.