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Neal and Company (sequel to "Neal's Attempt at Revenge")

By boozook

Neal was furious and embarrassed that he had been defeated at the hands of a little runt such as Sara. Meagan had already beaten him as well so he didn’t want to fight the girls alone this time. He convinced two of his friends, Ryan and Corey, to help him. Megan had already given Corey a brutal beating earlier in the year so he was frightened about the thoughts of facing her again. However, he wanted to retaliate badly, and having the help of Neal and Ryan made this the best opportunity for him to fight Meagan again.

It had been a while since the last battle with Neal so Meagan and Sara had had time to train with each other to improve their fighting skills. Sara, who was once out of shape, was now in the best shape of her life while Meagan retained her strength and stamina. They would practice on each other with various moves including, of course, ball crushes in which the “victim” would act out the part of a guy who had just been busted, and they would both laugh hysterically. Both girls hadn’t expected Neal to give up so quickly so they wanted to be ready when he returned. They figured that he would bring along a friend for the next battle, but they hadn’t counted on him brining along two friends.

Meagan was now 14 years old, which made Neal 15 and Sara 17 years old. Ryan was the oldest at 18 years old, and Corey was Neal’s age. To recap, Sara stood at 5’2’’ tall, Meagan at 5’5’’, and Neal at 6’1’’. Corey had a lean and lanky build, but he was in good shape and quick on his feet. He stood at 5’10’’ tall. Ryan was by far the most physically impressive of the group. He stood at 6’5’’ tall and had a well-defined body with strong muscles all over his body. He looked indestructible, and he was known to be one tough guy to handle. Neal and Corey truly had their minds set on revenge, but Ryan had decided to come along just for a bit of fun. Ryan had figured that he would have no problem thrashing the girls, and he also looked forward to seeing these pretty girls in action.

This time, Neal didn’t use a sneak attack. He simply confronted both girls and challenged them to a fight that was to be held in an obscure location. However, he didn’t reveal to them that he would be bringing along two of his friends. Upon arriving at the designated location, Meagan and Sara were shocked to see three guys. The girls weren’t really worried about Corey because Meagan had handled him well before, and Neal had been beaten by both girls. The girls were most concerned about Ryan. Neither of them had seen him before, and he was intimidating just by looking at him. So, the plan for the girls was to take out Neal and Corey as fast as possible so that they could double-team Ryan. The guys were all shirtless with blue jean shorts, and the girls were each wearing bikini tops, red for Meagan and blue for Sara, along with short cotton shorts. Meagan decided to fight Corey because she figured that she could demolish him quickly. That left Sara to fight either Neal or Ryan.

Sara immediately advanced towards Neal. The girls’ only worry was that Ryan would get involved and create a three on two advantage for the boys. The girls need not worry because Ryan was busy enjoying the bodies of the young females. He actually got sexually excited watching the girls fight the other two boys. So much so that he got a raging erection.

Meagan was taunting Corey. “Come on wimp! I don’t think you have the balls to fight me.”

Corey assumed a fighting stance, but he was internally scared. “She seems so intent on destroying me,” he thought.

The rage in her eyes was unmistakable. “I’m going to play around with this guy for a bit,” thought Meagan. She approached him and delivered a punch to his mid-section. He let out an “oomph” as he hunched over slightly. Her next punch connected with his jaw and caused him to stumble backwards. He recovered fairly quickly and came back with a kick that hit Meagan in the stomach. She wasn’t expecting this and it knocked her to the ground. This caused Meagan to realize that he actually could hurt her if she continued to toy with him.

“Time to end this,” she thought. She quickly rose to her feet as Corey advanced towards her. She struck out her right foot and smashed it into his balls. He immediately stopped his advance and grabbed his injured privates. He crashed to the ground and lay there moaning and thinking of nothing but the horrible pain in his nuts and stomach.

“I didn’t know she could kick that hard,” he thought. Ryan was enjoying this sight, but he snapped out of it because he didn’t want Meagan to mercilessly beat Corey while Corey was lying on the ground in great pain. So, Ryan rushed over and shoved Meagan hard enough to knock her backwards five feet and she fell hard to the ground.

Lying on the ground, Meagan pondered, “Is it even possible to beat this guy? He is so huge that both Sara and I together would have a tough time taking him. I had best stay away from him as much as possible until I can get Sara’s help.” Ryan was checking on Corey.

Ryan said to Corey, “Ouch, she got you real good. I bet that has to hurt. Don’t worry. I’ll beat her senseless.”

“Oh man, protect your nuts. Her vicious kicks hurt like hell,” replied Corey.

“She can’t hurt me, Corey. I’m twice her size and 3 times stronger.”

“It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are if she strikes you in the balls hard enough, Ryan. Please, be careful.” Ryan turned to face Meagan and discovered that she had fled the scene. She had scaled a nearby tree while Ryan was talking with Corey and she was hidden from view so that no one would know where she was hiding.

Throughout all of these events, Neal and Sara were having a knockdown drag out. “If I could just land a blow to his jewels, I could end this tussle.”

“There is no way this bitch is going to defeat me again.” Neal had Sara’s arms wrapped around behind her back so that she was facing away from him. He then pushed her towards the ground and he fell on top of her back.

“There is no escape, Sara. I’m in control and you will surrender to me. I’m a male, the stronger sex. You don’t stand a chance so you might as well give up.” For the first time in this battle, Sara began to feel fearful. She was hoping for Meagan to come and rescue her, but Meagan was still in the tree hiding from Ryan. Meagan could see what was happening to Sara and she was worried. She had to do something, but the only way to help Sara was to go through Ryan first.

“I’ve got to face my fears and come out fighting like I’ve never fought before. After all, he is only a boy, and I can beat boys with my superior fighting skills.” Her plan was to outsmart Ryan instead of fighting him toe-to-toe.

“Where are you, Meagan? I thought you were supposed to be so tough, but you don’t have the guts to fight me. You’d rather beat up on wimpy boys, but you’ve never fought a real man like me,” yelled Ryan.

“I’m up here, you big idiot. Climb up here and get me if you can.” replied Meagan. She knew that she would be faster than Ryan and she could maneuver better than he could up in the tree. Ryan raced up the tree, but Meagan quickly jumped to another branch. He lunged out at her to grab her, but he missed and lost his balanced. Megan was certain that he would take a hard fall to the ground, but as he stumbled, he grabbed the branch that she was standing on, which caused the branch to shake violently. Megan tumbled towards the ground, but she had enough composure to grab a branch and quickly make her way down to the ground to escape Ryan’s grasp. His hand slipped from the branch from which he was hanging, and he fell to the ground, but he didn’t have that far to fall due to his height.

Meagan saw him fall, and she took advantage of the opportunity while the fall temporarily stunned Ryan. She delivered a punch to his ribs, but it barely penetrated his muscular frame. All it did was infuriate him. He recovered from his stunned state very fast, and he grabbed Meagan and body slammed her to the ground. Neal still had Sara under control, and Corey was watching with excitement, as Ryan seemed to be in control of Meagan. That is until Meagan, while lying flat on her back, kicked upward with both feet and struck both of Ryan’s balls dead on. Ryan grimaced in pain, but he somehow stayed on his feet. Meagan couldn’t believe it.

“That kind of strike to the nuts would have wiped out most guys,” she thought. The kick did do enough damage to allow her to scramble out from underneath Ryan. “It must be hard having those weak testicles hanging in such a low, vulnerable spot, Ryan!” He didn’t want to give in so he mustered up the strength to swing his massive fist at her face.

“This one punch will crush her,” mumbled Corey, as he watched with both fear and excitement. Just before the powerful punch connected, she ducked and swayed to one side to avoid being hit. His momentum from the force he had put behind his punch caused him to lose his balance momentarily. She took advantage and delivered a devastating knee to his exposed balls.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Ryan. Before he could cover up, Megan was using his balls as a punching bag! Left, right, left, right, left, as she continued to bombard his nuts with a fury of punches.

After about ten punches, she said, “It sucks to be you!” Then, she brought her arm back and commenced with an uppercut that could have shoved his nuts up in his throat. His whole body tensed and his face expressed incredible pain.

“Ooooooo, my precious baaaalllllls!” he exclaimed, as he crashed with a mighty thud on the ground. It was clear that he wouldn’t be recovering for a long time. Meagan turned to go help Sara, but she need not worry. While Neal and Corey were too busy watching the fight between Meagan and Ryan, Sara had broken free of Neal’s hold. Sara now had both boys by the balls and she yanked and pulled as they both screamed in agony.

“That’s sweet music to my ears, Sara,” said Meagan.

“Let’s finish them!” said Sara. With that, she released their balls. She turned to face Corey while Meagan faced Neal. At the same, they both kicked each boy in the nuts. The two boys crumpled to the ground.

“I love being a girl,” proclaimed Sara.

Megan replied, “Yeah, it must be hard having those weak thingies dangling between their legs. They are so hard to protect.” Each of them grabbed their crotches, pretended to hold their pain stricken fake nuts, and made bizarre facial expressions.

Sara laughed, “Ha, ha, that’s almost as funny as the way that Ryan looked when you used his balls to train for boxing.” They both laughed hysterically as they walked off, leaving their victims in severe agony.

Neal's Attempt at Revenge (sequel to "Kid Fight")

By boozook

I got positive feedback on my first story “Kid Fight,” which told the story of a guy with a bad attitude named Neal and a feisty girl named Meagan. Those two fought it out in front of a group of onlookers. At the time, Meagan was 12 years old and Neal was 13 years old. One of my positive responses to the story came from Knave, whom thought that it would be a good idea to continue an ongoing series featuring Meagan. So, I give you the sequel to “Kid Fight.” It also features a return appearance by Neal, which was Meagan’s adversary in “Kid Fight.” The title of the sequel is “Neal’s Attempt at Revenge.”

It had been a year since Meagan’s thrashing of Neal. Neal was embarrassed about what had happened to him, but he didn’t want to tie into Meagan again for fear of being defeated again. By now, Meagan is 13 year’s old, and Neal is 14 year’s old. No one had said much to Neal about the defeat he had suffered at the hands of Meagan for quite some time, but Neal still had his mind on revenge. He just couldn’t let this young female have the last laugh. Neal had been working out and exercising more as of late because he wanted to be in great physical condition for his next encounter with Meagan. At times, he felt silly for preparing so much for a possible fight with a girl. After all, he is a guy. He is taller, heavier, stronger, and faster than Meagan, but he still has doubt in his mind because of what happened to him the first time he tangled with her.

Meagan had become even more beautiful since her first fight with Neal. She had grown an inch so she now stood 5’5’’ in height, but that was still miniscule compared to Neal’s 6’1’’ frame. Her breasts had grown in size so she attracted even more attention from the guys. She also started to wear skimpier clothing. Her toned, tanned stomach was firm and solid, but it was nothing compared to Neal’s incredible six-pack abs and bulging, solid pecs. Meagan had been expecting Neal to attempt revenge for a while now so she had been uneasy whenever he was around. She avoided him at all cost because, truth be told, Meagan had noticed how much more in shape and muscular that he had become over the past year. She was actually frightened to tangle with him despite her reputation for being feisty and tough.

Neal’s idea for revenge was to catch Meagan alone so that there would be no audience to distract or hinder his plan of attack. Fortunately for Neal, he knew a place where Meagan liked to sunbathe because he had taken a look several times to admire her beautiful body. Despite his disgust for her, he still couldn’t resist looking at her gorgeous physique. In the past, her friends usually sunbathed with Meagan, but Neal had discovered that Meagan was alone in her sunbathing this time.

She was lying on her back in a skimpy orange bikini that showed plenty of cleavage at the top and plenty of her upper legs at the bottom. Her blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight. Neal got an immediate erection just by looking at her. Meagan was wearing sunglasses so Neal couldn’t see her eyes, but he didn’t think she saw him approach. Neal was wearing his dark green shorts and a white tank top that was tight enough to show his muscle definition well. Neal was sneaking up on an unsuspecting Meagan. He felt a little guilty for sneaking up on her instead of taking her straight up, but he had only rage and fury on his mind.

About the time he reached Meagan, her friend, Sara, saw what was happening and screamed out to warn Meagan. Meagan quickly jumped out of the way of Neal’s attack. In the process, Sara grabbed Neal from behind. He quickly slung Sara off of him and Sara crashed into a fence with a mighty thud that stunned her and knocked her to the ground. This gave Meagan enough time to gain her composure, but she was clearly nervous about facing Neal again. He could sense her fear, and with Sara out of action, no one was around to come to Meagan’s aid.

Meagan shoved her fear aside for the moment and launched a front kick towards Neal’s balls. Neal was expecting this attack so he easily dodged her and grabbed her foot. She was now balancing on one foot as he spun her around and forced her arms behind her back. He got up close to her back so he could glare over her shoulder. Meagan’s heart was racing as he was peering down at her from behind, and she was too close to his body to do any damage to him. He enjoyed this view of her boobs.

“Hi, Meagan! Remember me?” he snarled at her.

She decided to insult him. “How could I forget such a pathetic excuse for a guy? You apparently don’t have the balls to fight me fair. You’d rather sneak up on me like the coward you are.” These comments infuriated him, but her plan was working.

He released her and said, “Okay, little girl, let’s see what you’ve got. This way, I can say that I beat you fair and square.” As they faced each other, he ripped his tank top off to reveal his finely toned body, and he began to flex. She was amazed at his rippling muscles. He’d clearly gotten stronger and better defined since last year. However, she also knew that he still had those weak, dangling nuts between his legs. She knew that an effective strike to his privates would slow him down substantially, and those massive muscles couldn’t stop him from feeling that man-centered pain. She was still mad that he had the nerve to sneak up on her so she had no intentions of fighting fair. She would use whatever means necessary to dispatch of this large male.

She threw a punch aimed at his stomach. He easily blocked it by grabbing her arm and tossing her to the ground. He was being slow and deliberate about his plan of attack. He didn’t want to wear himself out. So he slowly walked over to her and kicked her in the back. She squirmed and rolled onto her back. He was about to deliver a devastating stomp to her stomach when she rolled out of the way. His foot only hit ground. He was angry that he missed so he lunged at her. She reacted quickly by placing her foot in his stomach and pulling his arms with her hands so that he fell to the ground. She leapt to her feet just in time to see him leap to his feet and take a massive swing at her. Fortunately for her, she saw it just in time to avoid a crushing blow to her face. His wild swing made him stumble forward and caused him to become off-balanced. She took advantage of this by delivering a solid kick to his privates. Her foot smashed him in the balls with a satisfying thud. However, his reaction was not what she expected, and she wasn’t ready for what happened next.

The kick between his legs had only momentarily stunned him. He stayed standing, and he punched her hard in the jaw, which knocked her to the ground. He then reached down to cup his balls with his left hand as he hunched over slightly to try to catch his breath. He had no need to worry because she was in severe pain on the ground. Thoughts raced through her head. Had she missed the target? How could any guy withstand a shot like that to the nuts? He wasn’t feeling totally okay, but he wasn’t hurt enough to drop him to the ground. He was wearing a cup. He had figured on her attacking his balls so he had prepared himself for it by wearing a cup to protect his family jewels. What he noticed amazed him. Her kick had cracked the cup! It terrified him to think what would have happened if he hadn’t been wearing a cup. He then realized that there was no reason to worry. He had won!

Meagan lay on the ground in a great deal of pain. He tossed the cup aside as it would no longer do him any good. He felt redeemed. His plan of revenge had worked without a hitch. He felt like the damage he had caused her was good enough so he started to leave the area.

Just then, he heard a noise. He turned around just in time to see Sara lunging towards him. He quickly avoided her attack with quick evasive action, and Sara lunged right past him. She stopped to regain her composure, and turned around to face him. His eyes lit up as he noticed that Sara had stripped down to her panties! Sara was 16 years old, older than both Neal and Meagan. Sara had never been much of a fighter. In fact, girls would often defeat her in fights. However, Sara was in a fit of rage. She was angry at Neal for what he had done to both herself and Meagan.

Sara only stood 5’2” in height, almost a full foot shorter than Neal. She also wasn’t all that in shape or muscular, but she didn’t seem to concern herself with such matters at this point. She bobbed from side-to-side on her feet as Neal watched her huge boobs bounce frequently. Her ponytail was swaying from side-to-side, and her nipples were erect. Neal got an instant erection. She had never felt so alive, and he was a little fatigued due to his fight with Meagan. He couldn’t believe that such a wimp of girl would even think about challenging him one-on-one, but he decided that he would have a little fun with her as he planned to throw her around like a rag doll.

Sara attacked with ferocity. He grabbed her around the neck and put her in a headlock. Her head was about even with his waist. Apparently, he had forgotten that he was no longer wearing a cup because he did little to protect is balls. She was beginning to lose consciousness, as his grip around her head seemed to tighten. As a last ditch effort, she drove her fist between his legs from behind and smashed his nuts with her fist. He instantly let go of her head as he felt his whole world collapse. He dropped to his knees and clutched his injured manhood with both hands, but Sara wasn’t done with him yet. Because he wasn’t wearing a shirt, she easily grabbed both his nipples and twisted and pulled. He screamed out in pain. She then grabbed him by his hair and yanked his head back. She delivered a kick to his Adam’s apple, which caused him to move his hands up to cover his throat. She steadied herself and struck him in the balls with a hard knee as she pulled him forward by his nipples.

“Get up and fight, you weak, pathetic boy!” she exclaimed. Before he could protect himself, she dropped down to her knees and began to rain multiple punches into his battered balls. He screamed out in anguish as his mind swam with horrible pain. It was clear that he wasn’t fighting a little girl. He was fighting a ferocious beast in a girl’s body that was bent on his destruction.

Next, she stood up and declared, “I am female, hear me roar! I have conquered you, you sorry excuse for a male. Now, you must please my desires!” She then ripped her panties off to expose her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his face between her spread legs. “Lick me dry, you pig!” He did as she commanded, and she moaned loudly in an intense climax.

“Now to finish you!” She pulled her right foot back and swung it like a pendulum into his already beaten balls.

Neal fell to his side and rolled up into the fetal position as he screamed, “Oh, my nuts! You’ve broken my balls!” She orgasm again just by hearing his pitiful plea. With Neal out of commission, Sara went over to check on Meagan. Once Meagan had recovered, Sara told her about what she had done to Neal. Meagan was so thrilled that it made her horny with excitement. From that day forth, Meagan and Sara formed a formidable twosome of ball busters.

To be continued if and when I can find the time, and if my stories get a positive enough response. What do you all think of my stories so far?

Kid Fight

By boozook

It is a hot summer day, and a mixed-gender game of wiffle ball is being played. It’s an all boys team versus an all girls team. All of the boys are shirtless because of the heat. The girls are wearing blue jean shorts and bikini tops.

There is one boy in particular that all of the girls adore because of his good looks. His name is Neal. Neal is a 13-year-old boy that stands 6’1” tall. He has blue eyes and dark blonde hair with a dark tan. He is very muscular for his age. His biceps, triceps, pectorals, and abs are all well defined for a boy of his age. He is athletic, and he excels at all of the sports that he plays. The only problem with Neal is that he has a bad attitude. He tends to be rude to those near his age who are smaller than he is, which most of the kids are.

Then, there is a feisty girl named Meagan. Meagan is a beautiful blonde 12-year-old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. All of the boys are attracted to her. She stands 5’4” in height. She isn’t the most athletic of the girls, but she does decent in the sports that she participates. She isn’t very muscular, but she does have a lean physique about her that shows that she is in good shape.

Everything in the game is going fine until there is controversy about a call. This particular call could determine the winner of the game. The team of all girls claims that the runner is safe while the team of all boys claim that the runner is out. If Meagan is safe, then the girls break the tie and win the game in extra innings. If she is out, it is the third out of the inning and the boys turn to bat.

Neal had applied the tag to Meagan at a close play at the plate. Neal, who has a huge ego, got up in Meagan’s face to argue the call. Meagan, being the feisty one that she is, argues right back in Neal’s face. Of course, other boys and girls are arguing, but none as loud as Neal and Meagan. All of a sudden, Neal shoves Meagan and Meagan falls to the ground. Immediately, all of the other kids watch with wonder about what Meagan will do. Meagan gets up and approaches Neal with a gleam of determination in her eyes. Neal confidently awaits the girl’s advance towards him. As she nears him, Neal grabs Meagan around the shoulders and spins her around so that she faces away from him. Neal pulls Meagan close to him and begins to squeeze her tight. Meagan starts to feel intense pressure as she feels as though she is about to pass out. Meagan knows that she has to do something quick in order to break free of Neal’s grasp. Meagan manages to stomp down on Neal’s foot causing Neal to slightly loosen his grip momentarily because Neal is caught off guard by Meagan’s move. Before Neal can fully recover, Meagan drops to the ground on both of her knees, steadies herself, and delivers a back kick from the ground that catches Neal between the legs as his balls are hit by the bottom of Meagan’s foot. Her foot didn’t hit Neal with full force or perfect accuracy, but most of the force of the kick hit Neal in the right nut, which caused the force to focus all on a smaller surface area of the balls. Neal felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he didn’t go down.

The other girls cheered loudly as the other boys cringed. One of the other girls yelled, “She racked him! Do it again, Meagan!”

Neal was determined not to let this little girl get the best of him. He hadn’t counted on her to fight back, but he was feeling the painful force of her kick. Neal was a tough guy though and the kick hadn’t hit full force. He charged after Meagan. Meagan backed away quickly and managed to move out of the way of Neal’s charge. Unfortunately for Meagan, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The other boys began to laugh at Meagan. Neal had a big smirk on his face as he approached Meagan. Meagan knew she was trouble as she tried to think quickly to escape Neal’s advance. Neal flexed his muscles. Meagan was beginning to feel panicky so she threw a punch from the ground that was intended for Neal’s balls. Neal blocked the punch. Meagan was in trouble. Megan quickly reacted by removing her top to expose her large boobs. Her beautiful boobs momentarily stunned Neal. This gave Meagan enough time to get up and move away from Neal. Meagan saw that Neal was regaining his composure. She knew she was in for a fight. She bobbed on her feet as her boobs bounced. Neal had a hard erection, but he still had beating Meagan on his mind. While Neal was fixated on Meagan’s ample breasts, Meagan reacted quickly. She launched a punch aimed at Neal’s face. She struck Neal hard on the jaw. Neal stumbled backwards slightly. It had surprised Meagan that she had hit Neal so hard yet Neal had barely stumbled backwards and remained standing. Meagan’s hand hurt from the impact to Neal’s jaw.

It was obvious to Meagan that she could not defeat Neal in a fair fight. She had to fight dirty. The shot to Neal’s jaw awakened Neal from his daze of staring at Megan’s boobs. Neal was extremely angry with Meagan. Megan felt scared, but she didn’t dare show her fear to Neal. Neal’s large frame advanced towards Meagan. Neal hit Megan in the stomach. Meagan bent over and gasped for breath. Neal followed with a leg sweep that knocked Megan to the ground. Neal felt confident that the girl wouldn’t continue to fight him any longer.

So, Neal flexed his muscles as the crowd of other boys cheered. The other girls had sad looks on their faces. It looked like the boy had handily defeated the girl. Meagan however didn’t want to let the other girls or herself down. Meagan jumped to her feet and tried to ignore the pain she was feeling. Neal saw Meagan rise to her feet again. Neal was tired of dealing with this girl so he strolled over to her and punched her in the right boob. Meagan immediately grasped her injured boob as she felt the pain shoot through her body. Neal was about to deliver the finishing blow to Meagan’s face when Meagan, even through the pain, reached down and grabbed some dirt off of the ground and threw it in Neal’s eyes. This irritated Neal’s eyes enough to allow Megan time to recover some. When Neal recovered, he swung hard at Meagan’s face. Neal just knew that this punch would crush Meagan, but Neal only hit air. He hadn’t realized that Megan, while he was clearing the dirt from his eyes, had knelt down on the ground. Without warning, Neal felt an immense amount of pain. He then realized that Meagan had uppercut him in the balls! Neal’s hands reached down to cover his injured balls. Before he could do so, Meagan had punched him in the balls again! The pain was too much to bear. Neal fell to his knees from the pain.

Meagan said, “Ouch, I bet that hurts, doesn’t it, big guy?”

Another girl cheered, “bust his balls again!”

Meagan definitely wasn’t through with Neal. Another guy thought about helping Neal, but decided not to because the mean look in Meagan’s eyes frightened him. With Neal on his knees, Megan delivered a vicious kick to Neal’s throat with deadly accuracy. Neal gasped for air and fell on his side. He rolled frantically on the floor as he held his balls and tried to breathe properly.

“You are so pathetically weak, boy! Get up and fight like a man!” yelled Meagan. Meagan’s nipples were hard because she felt so turned on and alive from giving this stud a beating. The other boys looked on with obvious erections. Neal slowly got to his feet to face Meagan. He wanted to fight her, but he was in terrible pain. Meagan knew that Neal was in no condition to fight, but she wanted to finish him and shatter his ego completely. Meagan assumed a low crouch position, which proved to give her an advantage due to her being quite a big shorter than Neal. As Neal moved in to make one last ditch effort to fight, Meagan grabbed his shoulders and used her knee to deliver a crushing blow to his testicles. Once, twice, three times.

After the third knee to his privates, Meagan cupped her boobs in her hands and shouted, “Look at these, boy! You know you’d love to play with them but you can’t.” She was emphasizing the fact that it was a girl that was beating him badly. Neal staggered around a little and then fell with a thump to the ground.

He lay there moaning, “Oh, my balls! Oh, she broke my balls!” While the other boys looked on in dread, the other girls delivered surprise attacks to their nuts. Soon, the whole wiffle ball field was littered with guys clutching their balls and rolling on the ground in horrible pain.

Meagan proclaimed, “It must be hard to have balls!” It was obvious that the girls had won both games. The wiffle ball game, and the battle of the sexes.

Sandy and Dirk

By blbstee

Sandy listened with a certain residual pleasure and satisfaction as Jim groaned in pain on the mat at her feet as she stood nearby, his body still trying to make sense of the thrashing that her husband Dirk had given him. His mind still foggy and only recognizing the pain of cruel holds, twists and the dominant foot choking Dirk had given him at the end while Sandy and his girlfriend had watched him take it. One hand, his right, still cupping his nuts gently through the silk cloth of his boxer type shorts, from the two nut shots he had taken during the match which were probably giving him the most pain she imagined with an evil grin. She had watched in great enjoyment as Dirk had displayed his dominance and abilities not long after the battle of the two early twenties fit males had engaged in a combat struggle.

The rules of the match were open. Hits anywhere except the throat were allowed and choking was okay, but only to unconscious if it was done. No holds barred otherwise. Both men agreed eagerly as their women urged them on, wanting to see the struggle. The stakes of the match were alluded to, but not identified specifically at the outset. It had been clear, but unspoken that the watching women would become under the control of the winner, but nothing specific was stated. It might have changed Tina’s mind if she had known the specifics, but she was hot for the action and willing to risk the consequences. She trusted her boyfriend to win, she knew he was strong and aggressive and liked all of that.

Sandy and Dirk were married, but Jim had brought a girlfriend of several months – Tina. But after Dirk had won decisively, he made it clear what he had wanted while Jim lay beaten and helpless on the mat. Sandy normally wouldn’t have wanted that. Wouldn’t have allowed it. That of Dirk taking another woman sexually in any way. But now, in one way she didn’t mind, she knew she was hot enough to keep him interested in her and besides, she had some other fun in mind for herself. He had told her to do it if he moved and she became surprisingly agreeable to his plans for Tina. It was something she had wanted to do for some time. Something that she had wanted to do during the match when she had seen Dirk do it himself. Something that had made her tight shorts become damp at the hot vee between her long legs as she had watched Dirk dominate, as she knew she would as she imagined herself – even during the fight as it progressed - in position to create the same agony for her husbands opponent to ensure her husbands win – but it hadn’t been necessary. Her nipples had ached and displayed prominently against her light cotton blouse as she had watched in stimulated excitement as her mate had started slowly and then quickly dominated the match.

Dirk used his muscles to work Jim over and each woman had cheered for her “gladiator” their eyes lighting up in pleasure at watching the two males pushing and shoving and striking blows and using holds to wear the other down. Tina never gave up on Jim, but she also hadn’t seemed to mind much as Dirk had ultimately overwhelmed Jim with gut punches and then that first strike to the nuts with his bare knee and the shock of surprise on Jim’s face had made her feel sympathy, but also a strange tingling sense of cunt pleasure. She had thought that bitch next to her, Sandy, was going to have an orgasm as she squirmed and twisted her thighs and shouted out in obvious pleasure for Dirk to “DO HIM Dirk baby, DO HIM and DO HIM HARD AGAIN!

Make him PAY for fighting you!!” There were many taunts, and shouts and encouragement during the fight according to both of them.

To that point, the battle had been tough with lots of holds and some hits. The first hit to the nuts was the one above, about mid-fight and Dirk had struck deep and hard into Jim’s balls from legs spread too wide at the wrong time for him, but just perfect for Dirk. Jim collapsed in nutted agony almost instantly to the pleasured outcry of Sandy. Tina’s moans of sympathy were a bit overwhelmed by the shining in her eyes as she had watched Dirk position himself and then drive his knee in between her boyfriends balls without mercy, the silk boxing trunks dragged up between his legs, his mouth opening wide in agony, his eyes pinpoints of pain and then his clutching to Dirk as he dry retched and coughed that special cough men have when their nuts are busted and slid to the ground. When he was on his knees, Dirk had swung his leg back and kicked Jim in the stomach knocking him on his back where he had rolled into a fetal ball of choking gasping pain. Tina’s mask of sympathy expression couldn’t overcome the sight of the first male to male nutting she had ever witnessed along with the trouncing her boyfriend was taking. She disliked the Sandy bitch, but did think that Dirk was okay. After all, both of them wanted to fight, Jim just wasn’t up to it. But still, he was her boyfriend and she felt she had to display some loyalty, but she couldn’t help the hot tingling between her legs as she relived the nutter Jim had taken and then watching him helpless and groaning as Dirk circled him. Dirk had begun using some of those wrestling moves and horrible body stretches that made Jim cry out for relief. The match had lasted a while longer with Sandy cheering Dirk on with each move he made against the beaten Jim, placing his foot into his back and pulling his arms back making him groan in pain and then sitting on his back and working him over in another version of a back breaker eliciting more moans of pain. He gave one more kick to Jim’s balls near the end and even though Jim had his hands down for protection, Sandy and Dirk and Tina knew it had struck home again. Sandy had cheered loudly and excitedly. Tina had protested the treatment as Dirk worked Jim over after beating him, but it was without real conviction, (at least according to Sandy and Dirk) and she seemed to enjoy the one sidedness of the match – even though it was her boyfriend losing.

She hadn’t liked Sandy any better when she had looked over at her and said, “Your boyfriend won’t be fucking you tonight!”, her eyes gleaming with pleasure at her spouses handling of the boyfriend. “His nuts are going to hurt for days! Gawd!! I thought I was going to CUM! when he blasted his knee in Jim’s balls and lifted him off the ground! Gawd! I wish that had been me doing it! And then again now. That is so hot!! YAY Dirk!!”

The match had ended with Dirk’s bare foot pressed on Jim’s throat in victory, his arms raised over his head, and Jim’s body nearly unconscious and beaten beneath him. He had looked at Tina and said, “To the victor go the spoils!” and grinned lasciviously. He conferred with Sandy, he said, and after a bit of brief discussion which Sandy had not at first agreed to and then ultimately said yes, Dirk told Tina she was going to suck him off. She said no, which made him even more excited he said and he approached her, pulling his jockeys down revealing what he describes as a large cock with a great set of nuts. Eventually, he “forced” Tina into sucking him off, but I got the sense that after she had started he wanted it more than she wanted to give, but had no choice once he started using her as he wanted. He said his cock was as rigid as stone and he really “fucked her face” he said while his wife watched him DO her face as she also kept an eye on Jim.

Sandy said she wasn’t sure how Tina felt about Jim, maybe not as close as Jim though she mused, but Sandy couldn’t care less about Jim she knew – they hadn’t known each other except for today and the chatting they had done on the internet to set up the match. He was even from across the state border. He was merely an opponent for Dirk, and when she thought about it, one that would have hurt Dirk and left him in the same mess he was now in, if he had been able to beat him. When she thought about it that way, it allowed her to not only care less about the groaning man at her feet, but to feel a sense of approval for what she wanted to do to him if the opportunity presented. She was hoping it would. After all, he would have hurt Dirk if he was more of a man, a stronger man. He would have been merciless to her man. Turnabout was fair. She cared little for the outcome as long as she had the pleasure of it and the justification she had now worked into the act she wanted to take place. She had no ties to Jim and never would. He meant nothing to her, other than to ensure that he couldn’t hurt her or Dirk. Any action she took would be in self defense and protection for Dirk she easily convinced herself watching the muscular young man try to get past the fog of pain as he listened to his own girlfriends struggles at the hands of Dirk. Dirk’s naked ass was flexing as he held Tina’s head tightly as she was being forced to pleasure him and now more unwillingly. It was rougher than she wanted obviously, but too late now. There was another reason, she decided, Jim had brought Tina here and that was another reason to dislike him. The deductions didn’t need logic, but only rationalization to permit her to do what she had wanted to do for so long.

Jim was coming around; he could no doubt hear that bitch Tina’s struggles as she herself could as Dirk used her mouth and throat on his cock. She could also see it as well. She was upset a little, but knew he was working Tina over hard. Harder than she would have allowed herself to be worked over by his hormone raging cock. To the victor go the spoils so despite her appetite for sex with her man Dirk, she was glad Tina was having her face fucked rather than her. She loved to suck Dirk off, feel his nuts squirm in her hands, his hot rigid cock oozing in her mouth, but she didn’t really like him thrusting into her face and throat with the aggression she was witnessing now, so knew that Dirk was fulfilling with Tina a desire that he had. She would allow that for him and was especially glad to in this instance with her own secret fantasy ready to be fulfilled.

Jim could hear the struggle and was moving and this is what she had hoped for. Was waiting for. Dirk had said as he had first started to work Tina over, “If he tries to get up or starts to get up, kick his nuts! Hard!” Sandy had agreed instantly. He had known she would, she had mentioned busting a guys balls before to Dirk, but there was never really a legitimate opportunity, until now. Jim, still helpless, but moving and trying to fulfill his role of protector. She imagined it as though he were still capable of going to try to hurt Dirk and she would put a stop to that, she thought to herself with a savage lustful smile on her lips. She LOVED the thought of doing IT to him, and was only waiting to do it now. He was moving. Good! Jim’s hand, which had been holding his balls between his legs moved to his side as he tried to push himself up from off his back, his head twisted to see the sounds of sex struggle behind him concentrating to the exclusion of all else to see what was going on. Sandy positioned herself in front of him, her long and shapely legs towering over him as he lay nearly flat on his back, she stepped close, left foot at his right hip as he lay beneath her struggling to get up. His legs were spread for balance and to push himself up, heels dug into the mat, his body ready to twist up and push off the mat with his arms. He was moving slowly, his muscles still agonizingly sore from Dirk’s beating. Sandy’s cunt was oozing as her mind took over the pleasure of her desires to hurt this man GOOD and HARD between his legs, her nipples taut again and rigid, her face a mask of concentration, eyes focused on the package between Jim’s legs, hidden only by his silken boxers. She could see his soft, but thick cock off to one side and his eggs were clearly visible as they hung down towards the mat, large and now very vulnerable.

Dirk had typed in that his cock had sent a lot of pre-cum into Tina’s face as he had slid repeatedly and hungrily into her mouth after he had decided to take her. But he had also felt that he had a lot more face fucking that he was going to do to her yet, before he let himself climax in Tina’s mouth and throat, but as he had positioned himself to watch Jim come around – just in case - while fucking Tina’s mouth, he had watched with sexual satisfaction as Sandy had worked herself over to bust Jim’s balls from her standing position and just as Jim had locked eyes with him as he struggled up a bit and shouted out, “You fucking bastard” as he witnessed what he was doing to his girlfriend Tina, Dirk couldn’t hold back as he watched his wife’s leg reach the apex of it’s swing backward and then the hard vicious drive she swung forward using her luscious, attractive thighs and calves to their most devastating effect driving her bare foot savagely hard into Jim’s unprotected nutsack. He saw the full picture of his wife’s lusting concentration as she stared mesmerized at the groin she was bringing her foot into, the cock and balls helpless and vulnerable. In slow motion almost, he could see her foot at the peak of it’s arch and then the viciously hard swing forward as it came down between Jim’s knees and then between his thighs into his balls, his cock flying up and slapping back hard against his belly. As Jim’s body bucked up in twisted agony, his cry of brutal torture competed for the pleasured shout cheered out by Sandy as she knew she had really struck him HARD and GOOD. The sensation was as good as she could have hoped or dreamed. That picture made Dirk climax powerfully and sooner than he had wanted from the sexual excitement of it with great spurts of cum shooting into Tina’s mouth and throat, the image of Jim’s nutbusting by his pretty wife rhythmically squeezing his mind and transferring that rhythm to the ejaculation of his cock into Tina’s overworked mouth and throat more potently than any hand or mouth ever could.

Sandy wrote separately later – the next day by e-mail – that she had wanted so bad to bust Jim’s nuts again – just one more time, but she didn’t. She said she almost climaxed as she relived her foot striking his balls so hard and making him scream out and then groan and cry out in obvious agony and pain watching him roll himself into a rocking ball, clutching his eggs in tremendous man pain and retched dryly and choked and had tears of man pain run down his tightly closed eyes. She said she felt so stimulated she had nearly cum and probably could have, would have, if she could have done him again or used his face, lips and mouth or had her husbands cock inside of her. She said she likes watching, but wants to be more involved now, maybe in two on one match ups if she can find men who would do it. She said it would have to be men she didn’t know. Ones that she wouldn’t like – at least not see again.

I asked her what happened to Jim and Tina and she said they had finally recovered enough to leave that night and had done so, but with Tina driving. Her only regret, other than wanting to NUT him again, she said was that she wished she had taken off his boxer shorts while he had been down in order to have her foot actually strike his naked balls and cock rather than even the thin separation of silken cloth. She said the remembrance was still making her cunt wet 24 hours later with just a passing thought of it. She confided that Dirk was really hot that night in bed and had outdone himself which was a good thing, because she said she really needed it from the hot excitement her pussy felt from breaking Jim’s balls.

I hope to hear more from them, but will probably not engage them myself.

A Cyber Ballbusting Fight

By blbstee

Hi. Thought some of you might enjoy this. Male or Female. This is a cyber match I was able to convince another woman do while her boyfriend sat silently and watched. She was reluctant at first and I didn't include the first few lines. I changed her name, but she was really hot, brutal and savage after we got going. Have done two other matches since this one, but difficult to catch her on-line. But she is fun, if you like the discussion of a beautiful gal wanting to bust your balls.

Lady: when its against men more rules are used... depends who the other man is.. when wrestling other ladies its NHB lol… sometimes

Blbstee: That is interesting. Why more rules for the men?

Lady: well not into sex with men other than my husband,,,

Lady: but will fight hard if I have to...

Blbstee: Understood. Do your matches take a go for the balls approach? Anything to win? Or more traditional rules. I would think to even things up, NHB would be the type of rules. Of course that works both ways I suppose.

Lady: I will go for the balls...

Lady: yes if NHB is agreed to before match

Blbstee: Love the sound of that. I like a woman that will do anything to win. Whether that be conventional moves or a hard kick, knee or hit to her opponents nuts or between her female opponents legs. Even to the point of kicking them when they are down and then tagging her teammate to rest for a bit more and give him the edge as he moves to the groaning opponent on the mat.

Lady: smile yes.. I will do all of that...

Blbstee: Holds that are painful. Merciless. Maybe a little cheating if they get their opponent in the corner.

Lady: and had it happen to me too

Lady: yes...!!! NHB means just that NHB

Blbstee: Ouch. Did you recover in time to win? Or was it all over?

Lady: I’d like to read some of your stories

Lady: depending if I’m kicked between the legs and what happens after

Blbstee: I will be glad to send one for you to get the flavor of it. Would love to do a cyber match, NHB of course if you enjoy it and like the style.

Lady: love to read your story..

Lady: we can try and see how we do.. sometimes opponents just don’t match too..

Blbstee: Would you let your man tie up your opponent as you kicked him to the post and held him trapped against the ropes, held back, his stomach exposed, his legs fighting the lower ropes, his groin unprotected, his female accomplice screaming at him. Screaming at you. He's at your mercy. What will it be?

Lady: all sound exciting.. I would agree to any.....

Lady: tie him with tag rope

Blbstee: Yeah, don't let him escape.

Lady: exactly holding him there.. as I kick and punch....

Lady: beating him to submission.. or pin

Blbstee: Tell me do you save his balls for the last? Or go for those first? Or not at all? I love the image of you kicking him. Ribs, chest, stomach, head, balls. Him helpless and weakening while your partner cheers you on. And his partner frantic with panic and anger as you work her lover over.

Lady: I will go for the balls first weakening him.. then get him in our corner... and work him over.. to ribs head.. chest balls.. again

Lady: yes let her yell and scream all she wants..

Blbstee: Ohhhhh man love that approach. You're on target. A savage kick to his nuts, driving your foot deep, or knee, using all your force while he is bound up, is your ticket to earning a brutal savage win against your opponent. Watching/feeling his balls smash up between your hard kick or knee deep into his pelvis with shocking force and hearing his cry of agony is a key to victory.

Lady: yes.... !!!

Lady: repeatedly… kneeing his nuts.. and stomach..

Lady: hearing him beg for me to stop... as he grows weaker.. and hear her yell begging for us to stop hurting him

Blbstee: As he collapses beneath you, a hard stomp to his head or throat, a kick to his ribs, savage and hard keeps him going. I will have to say he may not feel the first few kicks to his ribs and chest if you got his balls really good the first time. If your knee or toe or top of your foot sunk in deep and hard. You seeing his eyes become pinpoints of tormented agony, his voice a high pitched keening cry of pain filling you with pleasure to create more for him.

Lady: smiles yes.. stand on his throat... choking him... while he is numb from being kicked kneed in the balls..

Lady: helpless.. in deep agony...

Lady: or knee across throat.. rocking back an forth choking wind from him

Blbstee: I love the image of you before him, having kicked him so hard in the balls that it lifts him up and he sags over, dry retching and coughing in brutal agony and you move in to straighten him and then drive your knee viciously into his unprotected nuts, his arms helpless in the ropes, once, ngggguunngggghhhhhhhhhh he cries out in real agony, AGAIN you drive your knee hard and savagely UuUUHHNNGGHHHHHUHNN he cries out and then you choking of him while his wife partner cries in desperation over her man being

Blbstee: ruined.

Lady: yes grabbing handful his hair holding his head back and kneeing him over and over again to the balls.. as his arms are hung up in ropes with my husband holding his arms back.. totally exposing him.. for my brutal beating,,, as his wife begs for us to stop..

Blbstee: He tries to roll over as you release him and, grinning down at his agony, his hands clasping over his nuts and prick you have kicked and kneed so hard that he won't walk right for a week, you kick his face hard driving his head back brutally and then you get ready to use your powerful legs and arms to destroy one arm at a time to open him up for more.

Lady: weakening him he doesn’t have anything left.... no fight left at all at our mercy

Blbstee: I love the image you create. Very hot in the NHB category. YOU definitely know how to do it. What to go for and not to let up. I can see the poor bastard dry retching and coughing in the worst agony a man can know at the hands of a woman (or man for that matter) every fiber of his body in agony. His nuts screaming and making his body a pool of misery and you aren't finished yet. When you have dislocated his shoulders to make them helpless, his entire body will be your playfield. And you know how to

Blbstee: make a helpless man know pain. Your love of creation is limitless with his spectacular body your plaything.

Lady: yes grin seeing the situation he is in and his wife unable to come

in and help

Blbstee: You pull his arms with your hands, using your attractive legs to push against his throat and beneath his arms and pull his arm and then give a violent twist and then grinning and feeling an almost sexual pleasure you get on the mat and listen to his cries as you do his other arm and he is exposed again. You drag him crying and screaming to your corner again. Your husband grins and as you place him so his head is under the rope, your husband grins and puts his foot on his throat and presses until he gags.

Blbstee: Your opponent struggles beneath your husband’s foot, gagging, his arms damaged beyond even being able to grab your husband’s leg.

Lady: yes I turn taunt his wife... and stomp his balls and gut.. some more

Blbstee: You pick up your opponents legs and spread them while you husband watches and grins and encourages you to DO HIM.

Blbstee: You look at his wife and grin. NO SEX for YOU BABY and as you grin with the pleasure of beating this bastard, your husbands foot pressing on his throat, you lift his legs up and spread them, his cock and balls very visible in his fighting briefs and as his wife screams in horror you lift your leg up, your sexy knee grazing your excited and tautly nippled breast and you drive the heel of your foot hard to his swelling and exposed nuts, stomping brutally into his nutsack, feeling his body convulse with the

Lady: holding his legs wide open.. STOMP his balls...

Lady: still holding his legs wide open I drop my full weight and KNEE him hard in the balls hearing him and her screammm..

Blbstee: savagery of your stomp, the wail of his wife, your husband’s sexy triumphant laughter. DO IT AGAIN BABY!! and your excitement is almost limitless. Your husbands shorts are tented, his cock rigid with the excitement of brutalizing this guy that wanted not holds barred. Well he got it. Your leg rises again and you laugh as his wife breaks into tears and stomp his nuts again, your knee again against your firm excited breast, your own pussy wet with the excitement and you end him with a savage brutal knee

Blbstee: drop into his exposed groin, pinning his balls and cock savagely to and then sinking into his groin. Your husband stands on his throat for a few seconds and you release him, damaged beyond belief, but leaving you in a sexual high.

Blbstee: WOW!! You are really hot for a NHB match. LOVE YOUR style. Would love to keep on going. Can see many variations of this and of course the savage beating of the woman opponent.

Lady: stepping off my nipples jutting out in my sweat soaked top... my pussy wet.. warm juices flow

Lady: smile

Lady: my husband rock hard cock.. showing...

Blbstee: Your opponent’s eyes are glazed over, his wife in tears, crying, on her knees holding to the ropes in her corner, your husband hot, his pants tented as you strip down.

Lady: looking down at opponent seeing him moaning groaning holding what is left of his cock..

Blbstee: and his balls. You laugh and smile, knowing it had been good. You were victor. Strong victor. He, the vanquished.

Blbstee: To you go all the rights of victress.

Lady: grab handful his hair hold his head up.. SLAP SLAP… across the face

Blbstee: Your firm breasts and rigid nipples portray your sexuality and sensuality, you can't remember such vibrant pleasure from a match. You rip his head up and slap his face several times. Hard, savagely and with mounting lust. Your husband cheers your on, supports you. YOU love the ring of hand against his helpless face, the resounding smacks, the jerking of his head from your impact.

Lady: my breasts sway back n forth nipples erect.... enjoying our victory..

Lady: his wife pleading.. begging.. for me to stop

Blbstee: His wife sees you through her tears and frustration and hatred of what you have done to her man. His cock and balls brutally kicked and stomped, his arms damaged, ribs probably broken, his neck stomped, your own husband excited and erect and watching you and wanting you to do more. Both of you sexually stimulated. His wife has no right in this, it is your victory, you own the man beneath you his head pulled up, your body over him, dominating him, nipples hard and pointed, breasts firm and stimulated,

Blbstee: swaying in their dominance over this beaten, savaged man who is yours and your husbands now.

Blbstee: His eyes open as you pause and grin at him and then flick your eyes over to his sobbing woman. A woman now helpless that her man has been mauled by you so deliciously. So forcefully.

Lady: I straddle him sitting on him.. place his head under bottom rope PULL up on his head choking him even more.....

Lady: my pussy deliciously close to his face..

Lady: choking ropes bounceee...

Blbstee: His wife wails as she sees you choke him against the ropes again, handling him like a slave servant. Your husbands cock nearly bursting. "Oh yeah baby, do it. Do him. OWN HIM." he urges you. He sees your excitement. Like nothing he has ever seen before and enjoys it with you. His own hand strokes his cock a bit hard and tented in his pants.

Lady: I stand.. stomp him again in the balls....

Lady: reach down grabbing opponents balls in my hand... SQUZZZZZZZZZZ PULL on his cock..

Blbstee: Your cunt comes down hard on the mans face and you feel an excited shudder as he struggles against your superior will and then you rise and to his wife’s sobbing you stomp his nuts again and then a kick followed by a ripping grasp to his nuts and cock in a fearful squeeze. He screams inhumanly almost as you provide fierce pressure to that which has made him a man.

Lady: yessss... yesss.. teeth clenched I squeezzzz ripping pulling harder.. my pussy is dripping my hubby’s cock so hard he jerking off as he watches Lady: my nails dig gouge the man’s balls and cock as he scream for me to stop

Blbstee: His wife falls flat to the mat outside the ring crying over what you have so forcefully done to your man, your husbands cock is out of his shorts the fly open from the pressure, it's rigid force evident as he enjoys what you have done to your opponent. His cock oozing, and slick, your pussy so fucking hot, your husbands hand working his cock leisurely as he watches you finish the man slowly, pleasurably.

Blbstee: His wife writhes on the side in sobbing torment

Lady: yesss

Blbstee: Please she begs. Please. Your husband grins at her torment and the man you have savaged. He keeps stroking his cock, making it ooze with pleasure. Slow, not wanting to cum to quickly. Wanting to watch the rest of your desires play out.

Lady: I straddle sit on his face rubbing my wet moist pussy in his face

Blbstee: You feel his sobbing from the beating you have inflicted vibrating your labia, your clit, your cunt, you grind harder facing his wife and grinning in pleasure as you fuck he mans face, as you ride his face to a cum, your husband enjoying the picture, his cock nearly spasming from watching your hirsute pussy fuck the mans mouth, face, and nose with a primal savagery. You are in control. You dominate. YOU have won and own the human beneath you and his wife who sobs before you as she watches your hard nipple

Blbstee: nipples, firm breasts as you ride her lover's face and he pleasures you against his will, but helpless from your domination of him.

Lady: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Blbstee: Your husband watches your magnificent body which has nearly made a eunuch of your opponent with grace and ease fuck him over, his cock is enormously hard, he strokes it a little faster as he urges you to show the bastard no mercy. "He would of DONE you baby!" he cries.

Lady: pull my bottoms to the side.. grindddd rubbing my pussy against his face reddening it more Blbstee: He wonders if you will do the woman too. You are so powerful. She is little more than a mass of crying torment. You have emasculated her man. She was a vibrant opponent earlier, but was now defeated as well. Your husband grins and goes to her, dragging her sobbing and feebly reacting to the ring. His cock is like a thick pipe sticking between his thighs, he laughs as you pull your outfit and you clit, larger than usual, fucks the mans mouth as your labia spread to cover the mans fighting, exhausted

Lady: I yell bring her here she’ll get the same

Blbstee: face. Your tummy undulates as you use fucking motions to pleasure yourself, your hips roll to your unique fucking sex motions that give you greatest pleasure. You feel the man’s tortured attempts to breathe and you cum hard as you know his life is in your hands, in your hips, in your taut dominating shapely thighs and belly.

Blbstee: You husband dumps the crying woman to the side of her husband, and she is on her side, facing you and her husbands head, a close view of what a woman of power and sexuality and sensuality is and can do.

Blbstee: Your husband stands back, his cock dripping precum. The woman sees your heaving, excited chest, nipples which are so hard they feel as though they could cut glass., your pussy nearly drowning her man, his gasping and choking against your pussy and sucking your clit giving you another cum as you watch her tears flow and you fuck down on her mans face harder.

Lady: hummping grrindding as she watches begging for me to stop.... my nipples jutting outward.. titties bounceee..

Blbstee: As you feel another hard cum, you cry out in primal victory. Savage lustful, the blonde headed woman's lover your slave, she as well owned by you and your husband. Stomp her you tell your man as his cock drips and he grins and while you ride the face beneath you, you tits rising and falling, your pussy vibrating with pleasure you grin as his leg rises above his rigid prick and then stomps down hard on the bitches stomach, You look like the most lovely vision, your husbands prick is too excited.

The connection got disconnected here, but use your imagination for the rest.