Friday, October 26, 2007

The Girl Bully

Pete O'Byachick

My last story was about 60% true; this tale is the real deal: I didn't have to make up a thing.

When I was around 10 years old, we moved from a modern suburban environment to a podunk hick town in the Midwest. We only stayed there two years before we got sick of the backwardness and fled once again to civilization. But my 5th and 6th grade years were spent in that little hick town; the place had a population of about, oh, 250 at the most. School was really interesting: all the usual cliques that you find in any other school were easier to spot because each clique had such fewer numbers; you had your few nerd kids, your few smart kids, your few jock kids, your hick kids (heavy on the hick kids), and you had your thug kids--the usual bully types: five or so boys clustered together and roaming the playground at recesses and lunch times eyeing out easy targets to pick on and harass; inevitably, they sought out kids who were ALONE; they pretty much had there way with everyone, and for the first couple months I naturally assumed that they were on the top of the food chain in that little hick school.

Wrong! It soon came to my attention that there was one person whom they never, ever dared to mess with--even though this person was nearly always alone.

It was Lisa N. Yes, that's right, folks--a girl. But not just any girl: Lisa was the first girl in school that I had ever seen develop boobs. That is not to say that she was attractive or anything; Lisa N. was far, far too extremely entrenched in the camp of "tomboy" for that. By nature a loner most of the time, she was nevertheless never, ever harassed by any of the boy bullies because, as I soon came to find out, she had a real ugly mean streak in her that had, by the time I got there, gave her a ubiquitous reputation for being the girl to stay the hell away from: she was a consistent and notorious ball-kicker. And she used to wear these heavy, clod-hopping cowboy boots EVERYDAY to school.

It was those boots that the group of bully boys feared, as I found out, for I once overheard them talking together about going over to pick on her or something (Lisa had done something in class to make one of the boys mad, apparently). The lead bully was bragging about the things he would "like" to tell her and to her, but when one of his subordinates challenged him to act upon his boasts, he suddenly turned ashen-white and, looking at the lesser boy, said "Not while she's wearing those boots." (Of course, that seems all very silly to me now: whether it is a boot or a bare foot, the result of a girl kicking a boy in the balls is rather the same: a boot weighs more, but a foot would be traveling faster, so who cares? But my, oh my, how those boots assumed a foreboding reputation of their own in that school!)

Lisa N. lived down the street from me and thus I saw her more than just at school. Even though she was not attractive, I used to watch those strange appendages on her chest bounce when she played with us sometimes, because no other girl in school had yet gotten those yet; Lisa was very much the early bloomer, all right: I wish I could tell you guys that Lisa was this little petite thing, because I know that such would make her ball-kicking antics all the more appealing; but no, Lisa was at least as big and strong as any of the boys in school at that time, built very solid--almost too solid for a girl of 10 or 11.

Living down the street from me as she did, I shared bus rides home with her. She was normally such a quiet, reserved ultra-tomboy; but she did indeed have a quick temper and a mean streak, which erupted from time to time in feuds over such as the seating arrangements in that bus. And when some boy did make her mad, she would not let him off the hook: she would cast aside her reticence and needle and provoke him, although, by the time I had moved there, all of the boys in that town were wise to her and would give her a very wide berth.

But my brother was new and had to learn the hard way one day. I was sitting in the front of the bus and my brother in the rear. I had no idea, but some argument must have broken out between Lisa and my brother. Lisa did what she always did, waited until the bus let off, and then picked the fight. I saw none of this; I was walking home. I was walking up the steps to our porch when I started to hear this wretched crying about 40-50 feet behind me and, upon turning around, I saw my brother crying horrendously, struggling to walk while hunched over, dropping his books with every other step. Then, walking directly pas me, I noticed Lisa, looking back at her handiwork—at my brother--and she was smiling--so help me, she was SMILING!!! I knew what had happened, naturally enough, and I hated Lisa for it. I made up my mind to get revenge upon Lisa, but, looking at the pain in my brother's face, I froze: I would have to think about this.

From that day onward, bus rides to and from school must have been a difficult thing for my brother: kids who had witnessed the event (i.e., everyone on the bus), along with Lisa herself, would sometimes teasingly ask him "how's your balls?", to which he consistently let out the same lame protest "she only kicked me in the stomach"--yeah, right. So, I thought about how I could get revenge upon Lisa for about a week. My outrage had not subsided in the least, and I had finally convinced myself that I could "take her"--yes, I would beat Lisa up and get revenge for my brother.

But at the end of that week something else happened - a new boy moved into town. Now, Lisa had kicked my brother in the balls on a Monday, and hence, Friday was the day that I had made up mind to show the entire school that I was not afraid of Lisa. But the day before, Thursday, this new boy shows up on our bus in the morning. I don't know why, but somehow, someway, Lisa got into another bus ride argument with him (she really wasted no time in her maintenance of the pecking order, I guess). Anyway, the new boy and Lisa chose each other off inside the bus, and it was agreed that they would fight just as soon as they got to school. Word spread like wild fire throughout the bus - a fight! a fight! Everyone knew the inevitable outcome, of course, but they all wanted to see it anyway. I watched the boy; he was a tough kid, all right. He looked pretty sure of himself, like he'd been in quite a few scrapes already. I suppose it was this, this confident appearance, which instilled within me the slightest of hopes: Maybe he can take care of himself, I thought.

Now, when I had initially heard that it was a new kid who was going to be fighting Lisa, my first reaction was that I should warn him; I wanted to say to him, "Look out! She is a vicious ball-kicker! She runs this school and all the boys are afraid of her! She makes boys cry and then smiles about it!" But really, his look suggested that he could take care of himself, so I joined the rest of the kids in the desire to see this fight come off.

Well, we exited the bus, a huge circle of kids gathered round (huge for that podunk town); Lisa and the boy faced each other and began the prerequisite name-calling. The boy then gathered up his fists and began to move around in a kind of boxing shuffle; indeed, this boy DID know what he was doing! Perhaps Lisa had met her match, I began to wonder; after all, Lisa just stood there, arms at her side, looking not at all like someone about to engage in a fight. The boy threw out a couple of deft, feigning jabs at her.

What happened next was that I blinked my eyes; I really did blink my eyes, and that is only just how long it took; by the time I was done blinking, her boot was already crashing upwards between his legs. It happened so fast that I did not even see her foot lifting off the ground! I only saw the actual fight-ending, day-ruining blow, the actual impact of her boot upon his balls.

The new kid went down like he'd been shot; it was as if there was some mechanical pulley, some automatic reflexive tether stretching from his balls to his knees which ensured that the instant his balls were struck, his knees buckled at that very same instant. He fell to the ground, hands clutching his package, like a sack of potatoes, without even making sound.

Once on the ground, however, he made a lot of sound: he began crying hysterically. And there was Lisa, standing over him, triumphant once again. Looking down--again in admiration over her handiwork--she paused long enough to say, "Looks like you're going to be late for class.", and then she stepped over him and proceeded to class herself. I don't think he heard her, I don't think he could have. In retrospect, I suppose the one fortunate thing for this hapless kid was that at least he did not share the same classroom as Lisa. For I could just see how embarrassing that would have been for him, to walk into her class--after finally leaving the nurses office--late and have every kid there know why he was so late.

And, you remember that I had had it in mind to get my revenge upon Lisa the following day? Well, this incident cured me of any such suicidal notions. For the remainder of that school day I was in shock; that night, I kept pondering over and over again what would happen should I actually try to start a fight with Lisa the following day. I saw myself standing across from Lisa as that new boy had, with the entire school gathered round with vulture-like eyes fixed at the target between my legs, and then I saw, as though looking through my own eyes during the occurrence of the very event, I saw Lisa and the crowd suddenly rising up over my head, and I saw the ground coming towards me, and then I was looking up at Lisa, and she was saying something, mocking me, and some of the kids in the crowd were laughing at me, and I had the most nauseating pain in my gut that would not go away but only got worse and worse.

No, this thought, this vision, made up my mind for me: I would not mess with Lisa N., because Lisa N. would clobber me. She would kick me in the balls, and that was a very bad thing. A very, very bad thing. There was a brief moment when I considered wrestling her--for she could not kick me so easily if I got her on the ground, I reasoned--but even that thought was quickly dashed as I had to remind myself that she was at least as big as me, and very likely stronger. No, call me a coward if you must, but my brother would go unavenged.

When I think about it now, I am SOOOOO GLAD that I thought things over before I attempted to take on Lisa N. I remember so vividly the look of staggering, humiliating, excruciating, lingering pain upon that new boy's face, and upon my brother's face: that could have been me!!!

Also, when I think about it now, I think how appallingly easy school life must have been for Lisa: what must it be like to be a girl who walks around KNOWING that she is the toughest kid on campus; not only that, to be such a girl and to know that, not only are you the toughest of all kids, but that also, when the moment arises and you have to remind others that you are the toughest kid, you don't even have to break a sweat, because all the other tough kids have to carry around this secret little easy-to-reach sensitive spot, this hideously vulnerable pouch, which you don't have to worry about yourself, but for which you know you can always have access to and take advantage of in others, and when you do "access" their sensitive spot, you just KNOW that the fight will be over and you will have won. It truly must have felt to Lisa--and to any other tough school girl--that all the boys are Supermen and your foot is made of Kryptonite. (Actually, I wonder if it may not be the case that ALL school-age girls, whether tough or dainty, might not share such an all-encompassing degree of confidence within themselves regarding the weakness which they lack and which all boys have, once the girl is first apprised that just such a weakness exists for all boys.) It was just blatantly unfair how easy Lisa made it look; she made winning a fight over a boy look as simple as pressing a button.

Bang! Oomph! The boy falls. The boy cries. The fight is over. Lisa has won again. Lisa can walk away.

To this day, I hate Lisa. In fact, if I ever came across her now, I would probably give her a piece of… I would tell off in such a way as to... no, no, forget it. There I go again. If I ever came across Lisa now, I would be as utterly ingratiatingly nice as possible. If I somehow couldn't run from her, I would be the most craven, cowardly, wishy-washy nice and cordial guy I could possibly be. Who knows--the well-being of my balls might depend upon it!

P.S. If you think that story was not true, so be it. I only wish that it was. We finally moved out of that town after a couple years. Phew! Now if only I could somehow erase the memory, or hypnotize myself into thinking it false myself, then I believe I would be a lot more assured of my manhood - that girl bully bothers me to this day. Ouch!

Demolished by an Eight Year Old Girl

Posted by Pete O'Byachick

A semi-true story

(A little color has been added for the purpose of artistic license, but the basic event actually occurred, I am ashamed to admit.)

My ex-girlfriend and I were hosting a birthday party for her niece in my backyard. The little girl had just turned eight years old, and she had a bunch of screaming little girl friends over. It was anarchy in my backyard--kids running everywhere. Along with these little kids were several of their moms--about six or seven mothers in all, I would say. And let me tell you, some of these moms were HOT!

Anyway, I was the ONLY guy there. Now, at first, I have to admit, this rather sucked. After all, being the only guy there carries with it certain duties, namely, I was in charge of the barbecue. I had no choice in this matter. So, I cooked, and grumbled about it, until I happened to notice that some of these same moms were admiring my physique; I used to lift weights and was in pretty darned good shape and as I was wearing a tank top, my big arms were now the focus of attention for these amorous neighborhood moms. Let me tell you I felt like such a stud at the time. Suddenly, it was GREAT to be the only guy in that backyard!

So I stayed at my post--at the barbecue--and loved every minute of it. Until, that is, I suddenly heard a commotion behind me. When I turned around to see what it was, I saw my girlfriend's little niece running hurriedly towards me. Close behind the little birthday girl was my girlfriend, in hot pursuit and with a decidedly angry look about her face. Evidently, the little girl had done something wrong--something sufficient to anger my girlfriend, at any rate--and my girlfriend was going to let her know. (I never did find out what she did).

Now, as the little girl got closer to me, I heard my girlfriend growl out "Grab her!" This I did, grabbing the poor girl by the arm as she went by, halting her progress immediately. I grabbed the girl perfunctorily, without even looking at her. The reason for this was simple, my ex-girlfriend had 36D boobs (just one of the non-fiction aspects to this account) and even now, as my girlfriend stopped running towards me and slowed to a determined walk, those beautiful 36Ds were still bouncing around inside her shirt obscenely. (I used to love to watch my ex-girlfriend run, or come down a flight of stairs, or do ANYTHING that required much movement, because when the rest of her torso slowed down to a more normalized pace, it always took about two or three more steps for her boobs to catch up with her and likewise slow down. Wow, do I ever miss those things!)

But getting back to the main story, I wish that I had been paying closer attention to events closer to me, rather than to my ex-girlfriends breasts, because, the next thing I knew, without any warning or explanation, I suddenly found myself on my knees on the ground. I had no idea what had happened at first. But after a couple seconds, when the initial fleeting shock had subsided, I grasped the fact that I was not only on my knees on the ground, but that I was also clutching my groin. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the little eight year old birthday girl running away, laughing hysterically. That confirmed it; I had been kicked in the balls by an eight year old girl--and in front of all these hot moms, no less! In fact, subsequent events were to show that I had not only been kicked in the balls by an eight year old girl, but that I, a strapping adult man, had been DEMOLISHED by this eight year old girl.

I remember it being very difficult to breathe, of course, and I am quite sure that I had on my face that universal stupefying look which all men must succumb to in the immediate moments after having their sensitive spot smacked, and right in front of my face, across the yard, were these mothers--whom had previously been checking me out and showing physical interest in me, well, now they were covering their mouths in order to keep from laughing at me. At least a couple of them were; I heard another mom say "Ohhhhh!" as though she were half shocked, and half expressing empathy for me.

So there I was, on my knees, but I didn't stay there long, despite my mental pleas to myself to "get up, get up!", I soon found myself sunk to my knees and elbows. After that, my mind was racing from humiliation. I kept telling myself "get up, get up! Don't let yourself be this embarrassed in front of all these hot moms! Don't sink down any lower--if you get up now and try to play it off, you can still salvage something of your manhood. Don't let a little girl do this to you. Not in front of all these grown women who were just checking you out only moments ago!"

But it was no use, of course. I soon rolled over onto my side, still clutching my stricken balls, in a kind of fetal position. I swear, it did not feel like I had had my balls kicked, it felt like I had been kicked in the stomach by a mule! It was appalling--and utterly humbling--to come face to face (or ball to foot) with the fact that a little girl could kick this hard (or was it just that my balls are, in fact, that absurdly vulnerable?)

I must have been on the ground, gasping for air, groaning, for a few minutes. I really can't say, of course, a guy kind of loses track of time when he has more pressing immediate concerns to think about, such as just having your balls walloped. But the worst and most humiliating part was even yet to come.

While I was lying there, rolling around, I heard the sliding glass door open and close. Evidently, one of the moms had been inside and, returning outside again and realizing that she had missed out on something, she asked of me laying on the ground "What happened to him?"

Then, one of the other moms answered her, "He pissed little Sandi off, and she kicked him in the balls." She answered this while struggling not to laugh, of course.

To which, the first mom said, with utmost stoicism, "Well, it's a good thing he didn't piss one of US off, or we'd have REALLY dropped his dick in the dirt."

This started the real chorus of laughter, naturally. The hot moms did not even try to hide their snickers any more, and they let fly, howling with amusement at my expense. Then suddenly, one of the amused moms broke into a story about "the time she got a guy really good in the balls"--she said that I reminded her of that. And you know what? After that several other of the moms, one by one, started recalling stories about "the time they got a guy right where it counts". My goodness, it seemed like each one of these moms had a story to tell. And, lying there still, I was forced to listen to them. One of the moms in particular, as I could not look up but could recognize voices, told more than one story. She, more than even the rest, seemed to relish the accounts of having "taught an ex-boyfriend a lesson". I wished that I could have looked up at that point, to see which one it was, because I wanted to see which face it came from, in order to make a mental note to myself to never, ever piss this lady off! I kept thinking "Oh, man. I wish I knew which mom that was, so I can remember to be extra nice to her. I would not want to get into it with her! My goodness, if a LITTLE GIRL could do this to me, imagine how a GROWN WOMAN could devastate me!" The implications were staggering, and thoroughly humbling. They remain so to this day.

After about five minutes (I am guessing) I was able to try to get up, but it was so pathetic--I could not even stand on my own still, and my ex-girlfriend had to help me. Thus, with one arm around her shoulder, and the other hand still clutching my poor throbbing balls, she gently guided me into the house. My pitiful and gingerly gait, aided by my ex-girlfriend, begat yet another round of laughter from the women.

Upon entering the house, my ex-girlfriend brought me into the living room and plopped me down on the couch. I sat there with my legs apart, rubbing my poor balls, undoubtedly with a far-off look of complete bewildered lingering pain on my face. My girlfriend stood there for a moment, seeing if I would come around and be able to at least hold a conversation with her, but I could not, the only thing I could focus on still was the bowling ball throbbing feeling in my stomach.

Finally, she simply and summarily turned around and walked out again, leaving me there alone. She went out the sliding glass door to the backyard again, and as soon as I heard it close, I heard yet another round of uproarious laughter. It was the result of something my ex-girlfriend had said, though I could not make it out. But, knowing my ex-girlfriend and her heartless ways, I can pretty much fill in the blanks now, she was probably asked by one of the moms how I was doing, and she probably bent herself over and forced a painful grimace onto her face, in imitative jest of me (she was always imitating me for one reason or another), and this no doubt sparked the laughter yet again. Yes, I can totally see my ex-girlfriend doing that.

So, I sat there, never to again go in that backyard that night. Someone else will have to "man" the barbecue, I thought, because I had been utterly humiliated in front of all those women, and would not again show my face in front of them. No way. Not a chance.

How humiliating that was! In the space of a few seconds, I went from being an object of desire to these attractive women, to being a big joke, and all because of these balls. I think now how unfair it is that a man's weak spot has to be located so low to the ground that, not only can a grown woman--who doesn't have to carry around this weakness at all--easily ruin my day, but also an eight year old woman. Moreover, not only are a man's balls within easy kicking or hitting distance for a child, but how many other daily obstacles do we men have to constantly be on the lookout for, simply because our balls are located in such an appalling accessible place?

One example that comes to mind immediately, and which any guy can attest to, is when a neighbor’s dog--or your own--sticks his snout into the crotch in investigation. Now, when an inquisitive canine does this to a woman, the most it can ever be is an annoyment; but we men also not only have to be concerned with whether or not the dog bites (heaven forbid), but also how hard the damned dog plants his snout in there. There is also the whipping of a dog's tail, too. We men must watch out for such things! Women know nothing of this. They don't know what it is like to have to be vigilant all the time, on the lookout for everyday moving objects for fear of them colliding into our package. How pathetic we men must be, to those who have seen what can be done to us with but the slightest of hits.

I stopped working out after that day. I figured, what's the point? My ex-girlfriend and I dated for another couple years after that, but I SWEAR she never quite showed me the same amount of respect that she had before the day of my humbling in the eyes of her and her friends. In fact, a couple of times after that day, when we had gotten into an argument, she threatened me--in teasing fashion--to hit me in the balls. Once, she even made with her hand like she was going to slap straight up into them. All she did was tap them, but she got her point across, and whatever I was saying at the time, I shut up about it immediately.

I swear, before that day, I rather liked being a guy. Not anymore…

The Co-ed Prize Fight (part 2)

by Painseeker

(sequel to


The ringing of my telephone woke me up the next morning. I had a hard time sleeping. The excitement kept me up the whole night, and I couldn't wait until Monday. Also, I masturbated a lot about Megan and her feet, and I was spent. I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk to anybody, but I answered the phone anyway.

"Hello," I said groggily.

"Hi," I heard a familiar voice say.

"Jessica?" I guessed, pretty sure it was her.

"Yes. It's time to get up stud. I took the keys to the dojo where Megan teaches. Meet me there in an hour and we'll go over some things and spar. Maybe with a little preparation you'll survive your fight with Megan with your balls intact! Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Megan is a karate instructor? I didn't know that... and yes, having one's balls intact is always a good thing." I said, "I'll be at the dojo in an hour. Where is it?"

"It's next to the super-market on 3rd Street. By the way, how are your little family jewels doing this morning? Do they still work?" she asked.

"I think so, but I'm not sure," I lied, knowing full well that they work. "Maybe it would be fun if we found out together. Any ideas as to how we can test them?" I replied seductively.

"Hmmm. Well, bring the little guys with you. Maybe I can deliver another wicked back heel kick to your balls and we'll see if cum shoots out your penis!" she replied with a laugh. Then she said, "See you soon," and hung up.

I dragged myself to the shower, where I turned on the water and stripped my clothes off. Before I got into the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. I am 6'1" and in pretty great shape. I then looked at my testicles in the mirror and wondered why Megan and Jessica kept referring to my balls as "little," especially when they had never seen them before. Then I looked down at my feet, which require a men's size 12 shoe and didn't look much bigger than Megan's feet. Okay... in comparison to Megan's feet, my testicles are really, really small. But that is the nature of testicles and feet, right? Testicles just happen to be much smaller. Unfortunately, they happen to be much more fragile and sensitive too. Oh well. I jumped in the shower, thinking about this and also getting exciting about the fact that Jessica and I would be sparring soon.

Just thinking about the back kick she busted me with the other night caused me to shiver in fear and become aroused at the same time. After my shower, I put on a thin pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed for the dojo.

When I arrived at the dojo, I was surprised to see two other kids there in karate uniforms, one boy and one girl. Jessica, who was barefoot and wearing a karate uniform, immediately introduced me when I walked in.

"This is my younger sister Katie and my younger brother Adam. Katie is 13 years old and has a red belt. She also loves to spar with and defeat boys, so watch out! Adam is 17 years old and he just started studying martial arts recently and is only a white belt. I brought them here so that they could learn a few things, plus it will also help me to watch you spar someone else and it will probably help you to watch also."

She then turned towards her siblings and said, "Kids, this is John. John has never studied martial arts, but he has a serious fight scheduled soon and he needs practice. His fight will be a real fight, so it is important that you fight him in a realistic manner and do not hold anything back or avoid any targets, got it?" The two nodded.

Katie had an evil grin when she looked at me. Katie was a very thin yet athletic, good-looking girl for her age. She was a little over five feet tall with a bushy brown pony tail and cute face. As she kicked off her flip-flops, I noticed that Katie had nice, large feet for her age, probably size seven or so. I also noticed that she put her flip-flops in a bag which had "Girl Power" written on it and a picture of Sporty Spice doing a flying side kick. Adam was about five feet and nine inches tall and rather clumsy looking. He had short brown hair with long bangs and looked like a skateboarder. I was still dwelling over the fact that Jessica and I were not alone.

After the introductions, Jessica led us all through stretches and warm ups. Then she went over some basic punches and kicks with me as Katie and Adam sparred. As I practiced these techniques, I watched Katie and Adam sparring. Katie was younger and shorter, but she already had a red belt. Adam was taller and older, but obviously didn't know what he was doing. Also, it was obvious that Katie did not like Adam for one reason or another. Perhaps it was just the usual sibling rivalry, but she was obviously going after him with a vengeance. He kept backing up and fighting defensively as she continued to come in at him with punches and kicks, but mostly kicks. At one point, Adam had grabbed Katie's arms and was holding her at a distance.

"Let go you creep!" she yelled. He just laughed at her, holding her arms and trying to keep her at a distance.

"Let go!" she repeated. Adam ignored here once more. Suddenly, Katie pulled his arms toward her and stepped in with a fast and deadly accurate front kick. She stepped forward with her left foot, then swiftly swung her right knee up and then whipped out her lower leg, using the ball of her right foot to kick Adam right in the balls. I heard a loud "pop" noise when her foot made contact, and Adam's lower body was lifted by the force of the kick. However, when I saw that Adam only buckled but did not go down, I realized that he was wearing a cup and that the "pop" noise was the sound of Katie kicking his cup. Smart guy. Nonetheless, he was pissed off, which led to the two of them wrestling around with each other.

Katie was laughing and taunting Adam by repeating, "Ha, ha! Kicked ya in the groin! Kicked ya in the groin! You'd be crying on the floor if you didn't have that cup on!" During the wrestling, Katie also managed to knee Adam a few times in the groin and stomach. Jessica left my side in order to separate them. I still couldn't believe what I just saw. Katie had just kicked her own brother in the balls, and the kick had a lot of power behind it. Even though he was protected by his cup, she showed no concern as to whether he could feel the kick at all or not. She certainly was not shy!

When Jessica returned, she said to me, "Okay, that is enough of the basics. I want to watch and see what your natural instincts are and how well you can defend yourself. You'll spar with Katie for a little while and I will then make suggestions."

"Yes ma'am," Katie said as she walked over to about four feet in front of where I was standing.

"Yes ma'am," I said, trying to show Jessica her proper respect. I thought about warning Katie that I was not wearing a cup, but then I figured that it really should not be a problem. After all, Katie is only 13 years old and I am 23 years old. Certainly she wouldn't feel comfortable enough with me to kick at my groin. Besides, it seemed like she really only had something against her brother. I have never met her before and thus have given her no reason to be mad at me or fight dirty with me. Besides, perhaps I shouldn't let her know that I am not wearing a cup. Maybe she would go out of her way to kick me there if I let my vulnerability be known. It seemed like a good idea to just keep my mouth shut.

My thoughts were interrupted when Jessica had us bow toward one another and then said, "Begin!" I wasn't sure what to do when Katie threw a roundhouse kick at my side, but I made sure to back up and block it. After a second, Katie threw another kick. Again I backed up and blocked her kick, letting the ball of her foot strike my forearm. After a second, Katie quickly faked a snap kick to my groin, and again I backed up and prepared to block. I'm not sure if she could have actually nailed me or not, but she held out her pointed foot just to let me know that my testicles might have been pancakes courtesy of the top of her foot. She smiled at the fear that she had now instilled within me as she placed her foot back onto the mat, took another step forward, and threw the next roundhouse kick at me with her right foot. I backed up again and blocked. Her kicks were fast too! She took another step forward and threw another kick, only this time I had backed up into the wall. I wasn't expecting this, nor was I expecting that Katie would immediately throw another kick following that last one since she had waited a second or two between kicks thus far. The follow-up kick was a devastating side kick. I tried to block it with my arms, but it was too late. Before I knew it, I was up against the wall receiving a truly devastating kick to the groin from Jessica's little sister! Katie's feet weren't small either and she had channeled all of the power in her athletic legs into the large, smooth underside of the heel of her large foot, which trapped and smashed my balls up into my crotch. Crunch! I felt a strong jolt of pain and was frozen with shock, my eyes and jaw open wide. Katie looked a bit surprised as well, perhaps because she was expecting her foot to hit a plastic, protective cup like the one her brother was wearing. Instead, her foot found nothing but skin and soft tissue, covered with hardly any clothes. I was paralyzed with shock despite the pain that began to pulsate in my groin. I could feel my tear ducts swelling, my face turning red, and I was starting to gasp for air.

Katie quickly withdrew her foot, squared her body with mine, placed her extended arms on my shoulders, and then kicked me in the nuts several more times in rapid succession, this time using the ball of her foot to smash my jewels and she was yelling "Hiyah!" with each kick.

"Hiyah!" Wham!

"Hiyah!" Crunch!

"Hiyah!" Splat! Her kicks were literally balls-on, dead accurate and the pain was sharp and explosive, but amazingly I didn't fall down. The pain was both devastating and numbing! Katie kept the wide ball of her foot planted firmly in my groin from her last kick. Perhaps it was her arms on my shoulders and her foot in my crotch that kept me from slumping down to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I really think that I temporarily went into a state of shock over the situation and the anticipated waive of pain that I knew would overwhelm me any second. Also, I think my nuts were still a little bit numb from the day before, but the kicks hurt tremendously and I could tell that her feet were really doing damage. I heard Jessica yell, "Fight back you moron!" And I saw Adam cringe, having realized that I was not wearing a cup.

After a second, the pain hit me in a major way! Waves of pain pulsated throughout my lower body and up into my stomach and I gasped some funny, high pitched noises as my legs trembled. This may sound odd, but I felt as if I were about to pee my pants or crap in my shorts! My jaw dropped even lower and my knees gave a little, causing my body to slouch down a bit against the wall. I looked down at Katie's foot, which she had kept planted firmly in groin from her last kick and was pushing hard into my crotch, using the underside of her heel now. My balls were trapped somewhere between her massive foot and my crotch. Then I wondered if my testicles were still there or if they were somewhere up inside of my stomach. Years after having experiencing puberty and sexual maturity, I feared that this little 13 year old girl had quickly returned me back to some infantile state; that she had kicked my precious orbs of masculinity back up the path from which they originally descended with rapid, powerful kicks from her young, oversized feet. After a second, Katie removed her foot from my groin. My jaw was still wide open in shock and all I could do was look down at my crotch, scared to check out my equipment. It felt like my balls were on fire, only I wasn't sure if they were still outside of my body or not. It was like I was having an out-of-body experience. I could feel the throbbing pain, but I was immobilized. I looked over at Jessica, wondering if she was going to come to my rescue. She was half laughing, but not making any effort to stop the fight. Maybe she did not know that I had no cup on. Then I felt Katie's hands leave my shoulders. Perhaps Katie had some mercy after all.

I looked back to my adversary in front of me: a 13 year old red belt, and the younger sister of one of my good friend. She was just a cute little girl in a karate uniform with a bouncing pony tail and big feet. I could see that Katie was getting back into her fighting stance. Before I could move, I watched Katie prepare to deliver another lethal front kick to my groin. I was still paralyzed. Even though she was very fast, it was as if I were watching her kick in slow motion. Katie quickly brought her right foot back onto the mat well behind her left foot and she held her fists out in front of her. She then swung her right knee up and forward as she pushed her fists downward, then whipped the lower half of her leg toward my groin like a slingshot. It was as if I could see the power and momentum building in her kick and being transferred into her monstrous foot, which was bent at the ankle so that the striking surface would be somewhere on the bottom of her large, young foot again.

"Heeeyah!" she screamed as she delivered her kick. This time Katie used the huge, round underside of her heel to pulverize my balls. Crrrrrrunch! My testicles were no match for Katie's powerful foot and the fury in which she could deliver kicks. In fact, it felt as if my left testicle exploded after it was kicked up and crunched between my crotch and the massive underside of Katie's huge heel with that last amazingly powerful kick. The kick was so powerful that it not only pinned me up against the wall, but the force of the kick caused my lower back to hurt from being smashed up into the wall. It was as if she were trying to kick my balls through me! Again, Katie kept her foot buried deep within my burning groin. This time the pain hit me right away and it felt like my balls were hit with a baseball bat! I quickly collapsed onto the mat in a heap of agony and I was soon rolling around in a ball of pain. It hurt so bad I wanted to die! I could hear Katie giggling at me. The pain was so severe that I began to feel really nauseous. I was soon quivering and it wasn't long before I began retching and then threw up on the mat. Pain continued to emanate from my groin area, but it really felt like my testicles were kicked up into my stomach.

"That's enough!" shouted Jessica and Katie backed away. I could hear Katie giggle and then say, "No cup! He should know better. I am a girl, and girls kick boys in the groin. Duh!" I watched her young, large feet as they walked away from me, half visible and half hiding in her karate uniform, depending on what stage of her stride she was in. Adam was staring at me, a fallen man at the feet of his younger sister. He looked shocked. Katie decided to catch him off-guard and punched him in the balls as she walked by. Adam flinched, forgetting that he was wearing a cup and Katie giggled some more.

As I watched this, Jessica commanded me to roll over onto my back. I couldn't move. "I said on your back!" she commanded. I started to move, but I felt extremely weak and was still coughing. Jessica was impatient and she helped to roll me over and onto my back. She kneeled down beside my chest and she commanded me to move my hands away from my crotch. I was in no position to argue, so I complied. I couldn't believe my eyes, but Jessica actually reached down into my underwear and started to feel my testicles! She was kind of petting them and gently squeezing them.

All I could feel was pain, so I couldn't really enjoy her touch too much and I asked her, "Are they both still there?"

Jessica smiled and responded in the affirmative.

"Are they flat or are they still round?" I asked.

Jessica let out a laugh and said, "They are both still round you geek, perhaps swollen though. I think it takes more than that to actually 'bust' a nut. Be glad those were Katie's feet and not mine or Megan's though, because they just might not be there or, if they were, they would certainly be flat as pancakes if those kicks came from one of us. However, you are lucky that it was only Katie, but you obviously are not used to the pain and that is why you threw up." I felt somewhat relieved.

"Are you feeling good enough to get up?" Jessica asked sweetly. I nodded my head in the affirmative.

"Good," said Jessica, "Then you can get your wimpy ass up off of the mat and clean up this vomit!" she said half serious and half jokingly.

As I got up, Jessica had to add insult to injury by saying, "You're pathetic! She is a 13 year old little girl, and you let her kick your balls in! In my efforts to turn you into a man, my little sister almost turned you into a girl! Uggghh!"

Katie giggled at this as she practiced a few kicks.

I didn't care to respond, and instead went to the bathroom and thoroughly examined my equipment. They looked more or less the same as the last time I saw them... thank heavens for that! However, they were sore as hell! After my worries subsided, my anger set in. I couldn't believe it. Jessica was right! I couldn't believe that I had just gotten my nuts kicked in by such a little girl! I was outraged. I gathered my pride and a mop and I returned to the mat to clean up my vomit. Jessica was now sparring with her younger brother Adam. Katie was sitting on the mat with her feet kind of underneath her butt but still visible and she was watching her siblings spar. She saw me cleaning up my vomit out of the corner of her eyes. She looked over her shoulder at me, wiggled her feet around a little, and giggled in a very immature, girlish, way, as if to say, "Ha, ha, I just kicked your balls in! Girls are better than boys!" I finished mopping up and I returned to the back rooms of the dojo to clean out the mop.

Suddenly I noticed that Katie had followed me into the room. "How's your wiener?" she asked.

"Fine," I said.

"Yeah right," she responded, "I must have kicked you right in the wiener five times and you weren't wearing a cup! I even made you throw up! Aren't you hurt?"

"Yes I am hurt, but not because you hurt my penis. I am hurt because you kicked me in the testicles several times. The testicles are extremely sensitive and that is why I threw up," I said.

"Oh," she responded, "What are testicles? Is that part of your wiener?" I had to laugh a little bit to myself. I had just finished cleaning the mop, so I wiped off my hands and sat down on a couch in the back room. Katie also sat down on the couch and we were facing each other. I couldn't believe that I was about to give this girl an anatomy lesson. After all, she is 13 years old! Shouldn't she know about testicles by now? Oh well. Maybe she doesn't know and I just happen to be the unlucky person who has to explain it to her.

"Testicles are two balls that hang underneath the penis. They are very fragile and sensitive. They also produce sperm, which is necessary for making babies," I said. I couldn't believe that I was teaching this girl about testicles.

"Oh! You mean balls! I have heard of balls. I didn't know they were also called 'testicles.' Do they really look like balls? Are they round? Or 'were' yours round before I karate kicked them and crushed them flat? Are they now busted?" she asked with a giggle.

"Well, they are oval, like eggs," I replied.

"Show them to me! Show me! Show me!" she demanded.

"No way," I responded.

"Show me! Show me! Do it or else I will kick your balls even harder and make you throw up again!" she demanded as she coiled her leg and held up her foot, ready to launch it into my crotch. I thought for a second.

"Only on one condition..." I said, "I'll show you my balls if you promise not to kick them anymore." I can't believe that I was doing this... but I didn't know how long I was going to be stuck at this dojo or how many times I would spar against her and I was really afraid that enough kicks from this little girl's powerful legs and big feet could ruin my sex life forever!

"Goody! Goody! Okay, I promise." she said, sounding really excited. I proceeded to get up and stand in front of where Katie was sitting on the couch. She turned to face me, but she was still on the couch and I was standing in front of her. I dropped my shorts and underwear and she looked shocked.

I lifted up my penis so that she could see my balls really easily and I pointed to them and said, "These are my testicles. Okay, are you happy now?" I asked.

"Wait, let me ask you something," she said.

"What?" I asked.

She brought her foot up to my crotch and pressed the underside of her heel hard into my penis and asked, "It doesn't hurt if I kick you here?"

"No," I said. She then brought her foot back a little bit and kicked me in the penis. I didn't flinch. She did it again, this time a bit harder. Again I didn't flinch. However, I was starting to get erect and when she kicked for a third time, she noticed.

"Look, it's swelling!" she exclaimed. "Does it hurt? Does it hurt? Are you going to throw up?" she asked.

"No," I said. "You'll have to learn about why it is swelling some other time though," I said.

She kept the underside of her one heel pressed into my penis, thus holding it up against my stomach, and then placed the underside of her other heel on my balls and asked, "This is where it hurts?"

I kind of jumped a little bit when she boldly placed her foot there. "Yes," I responded.

"Are all testicles this tiny, or just yours?" she asked.

"They are all this small," I responded. Katie giggled.

"My feet are so much bigger than your little balls," she said with a giggle.

Suddenly I heard Jessica yell something to me. I turned my head so that my voice would project in her direction and yelled, "I'll be right out!" I then turned my head back toward Katie and I noticed that she still had her one foot holding my penis up against my stomach, but now her other knee was up into her chest, and her ankle was bent so that the underside of her foot was pointed right at my groin, and she was giggling at me. Katie grabbed the back of my legs with her hands and thrust the underside of her heel right into my balls as hard as she could kick. I was totally exposed and her big, smooth foot caught me off-guard and pulverized my family jewels once more. I could feel the cartilage in my testicles crunch as my balls were flattened up against my crotch with lightning speed. I let out a grunt of pain and a cry. Also, I must have had the most horrible look of surprise on my face because Katie opened her mouth up really wide as if to mimic my expression. Katie then began to pump her foot into my balls really quickly. I tried to back up but my shorts were down by my ankles, so I fell down on my butt. Katie jumped up off of the couch and then stomped on my balls with her left foot and then proceeded to grind them under the heel of her foot as if she were trying to squash a bug. I felt like my strength was sapped right out of me and balls began to throb and piercing waves of pain rode up into my stomach again. I was now holding her ankle, trying to keep her weight off of my balls.

"You promised!" I barely managed to say.

"My fingers were crossed," she giggled. Her giggles then became laughter. I began to remember just how cruel little girls can be.

She finally pulled her foot away and I held onto her ankle to make sure that I would be somewhat able to protect myself. She placed her foot back down onto the ground and I didn't let go of her ankle. She struggled to get her ankle free, but I wouldn't budge.

She even said, "Let go jerk!" Finally, she bent down and I thought she was going to try to pry my hands off of her ankle. I was wrong. Instead, she used the opportunity to slap me in the balls really hard.

Whap! It stung like crazy! I let out a cry and immediately let go of her ankle and curled up into the fetal position. Katie then giggled and began to walk off. She then decided to walk back toward me and I made sure to cover up even more.

She just laughed some more. "You're such a scaredy cat!" Then Katie leaned down by my ear and whispered, "By the way, I just wanted to let you know something. This is the '90s. I knew what testicles are and I have seen them before. But I thought it would be funny to hear you explain it to me and then I figured you deserved a few good kicks for being so condescending." Katie then proceeded to leave the back room, skipping.

I still could not believe everything that was happening to me today. I felt so sick, so weak, so vulnerable. At the same time, I was so turned on by the whole experience. I eventually picked myself up off of the floor. Right before I walked back into the studio, I heard a loud "Crack!", a cry, and the sound of a body falling and hitting the mat.

When I got back into the studio, I saw Jessica standing above her brother and asked, "What happened?" Adam was rolling around in a ball of pain. Finally he squeaked out, "My cup! You cracked my cup!"

Jessica began laughing at first. Then she said, "That was only a side kick. Are you sure? Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm sure, and no, I am not okay," said Adam. Wow! Jessica's kick was so powerful that it cracked her brother’s cup! That is so impressive!

Jessica turned her attention toward me when I re-entered the studio. "What took you so long?" she asked. Katie immediately began laughing, since she knew that I took so long because I was recovering from her kicks.

"Nothing," I said.

"Okay. Let's go then." Said Jessica as she charged at me. I immediately covered up my face with my arms and kept my legs together and turned toward the side so that Jessica could not kick up and between my legs.

Jessica stopped her charge and began laughing. "This is too easy!" she exclaimed. Jessica then quickly spun around and whipped the back side of her heel into my balls without much power. I jumped at the contact and then covered up my crotch area. Jessica then threw an upward side kick at my face and stopped it about an inch in front of my nose and held it there.

"You need to relax!" Jessica said. You are so scared, that you make an easy target! I could have kicked your little balls into tomorrow if I wanted to with you standing there like that! That kick had no power behind it, but I wanted you to see how exposed you were! Turning toward the side and keeping your legs closed is not enough to prevent that. Besides, you have no balance that way. Then you left your face wide open!" I didn't know how to react, so I shrugged my shoulders.

Jessica then instructed me to relax and get into fighting stance. I did. She then told me that I had to attack her. I charged at her and began punching at her without putting any power behind my punches. Jessica was laughing. She lifted her knee up into my groin very lightly to again let me know that I was leaving myself exposed.

"Punch harder!" she commanded. I began to punch harder. I was backing her up and I got her up against the wall. I then caught Jessica with a left hook punch to her breast. She gasped in shock and grabbed my arms. I began to wrestle my arms free when I suddenly felt Jessica's knee come up between my legs and lift me up off of the ground.

Boom! I immediately folded in half. My balls ached as she lifted her knee two more times quickly into my groin.

Boom! Boom! Jessica then stepped to the side and let me fall onto my knees, hunched over in pain. The knees were quite powerful and my balls ached from being smashed between the top of her knee and my groin. I was coughing a little bit and wondering if I was going to puke again.

"You're leaving yourself so damn exposed! You need to take this more seriously! Do I need to crush a testicle before you realize what is at stake? Is that what you want? Do you want to be a eunuch?" she asked angrily.

"No," I gasped.

"Then fight like a man and don't leave yourself exposed, or else you won't be a man," she said. After a minute or two, I got up and we began to spar again. This time Jessica went on the offensive. She was throwing all sorts of kicks at me. She finally nailed me with a side kick to my chest, sending me flying up against the wall. She followed that kick with a side kick to my stomach.

Whomp! That kick hurt! Jessica then kicked me in the ass.

Smack! She tried to kick me there again, but this time I caught her foot. I moved toward Jessica and she hopped on one foot. Finally she went down onto her back and I moved with her, holding on to her foot. I was standing over her and laughing a bit. Jessica then raised her other foot up and into my crotch, not very hard, but hard enough to make me jump a little.

Jessica proceeded to push my testicles up and into my crotch, saying, "If that were a kick, you'd no longer be a man!"

"Whatever!" I said. I was still holding onto Jessica's foot. She then grabbed my ankles and pushed her foot up and into my balls really hard, causing me to go onto my tip toes and eventually fall over and onto my butt. I was forced to let go of her foot in order to free my hands to brace for the fall, but Jessica kept a hold on my ankles. Jessica was still on her butt when my butt hit the mat, but she quickly pried my legs apart with her hands and thrust the undersides of both of her heels into my balls really hard. Wham! I cringed in pain as Jessica's large feet smashed my poor balls. My balls felt like they were flattened underneath her feet and a sharp, pulsating pain began to emanate from within my testicles. Jessica kept her feet planted in my crotch and a hold of my ankles as I rolled from side to side in pain, holding onto her ankles now.

"Would you like for me to remove my feet?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. Jessica bent her legs and brought her knees toward her chest, thereby removing her feet from my crotch. She kept a hold of my ankles though.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you," I said as I tried to regain my breath. Finally I started to feel better and I even put my arms back behind my head to rest. I think this angered Jessica, since she thrust both of her feet into my balls again, this time with moderate power.

"Whammo!" she cried out as her feet made contact. "Don't get too comfortable or too trusting! Never trust girls!" she said. Jessica then removed her feet, let go of my ankles and stood up. I was curled up and on my side.

Jessica began to walk in circles around me, lecturing me about fighting all the while. "You need to think about what your opponent is going to do. You need to think of offensive strategies at the same time. You need to be fast and react faster. You need to throw some fakes, put together some combinations, and beat your opponent to the punch, or kick" she said. She continued to lecture and walk around me, but I stopped paying attention to her. It seemed like everything she was saying was obvious and that I did not really need to listen. I felt like she wasn't actually showing me how this information could be put to practical use. Finally she finished lecturing me and instructed me to stand up.

I stood up and Jessica got into her fighting stance. I got into my fighting stance too. My balls were really throbbing though. "Okay," she said, "Attack me!" I wasn't sure what to do, so I threw a kick at her.

She blocked it and said, "Faster!" I kicked at her again, only this time faster. Again she blocked my kick.

"Faster!" she commanded even louder. I threw another kick at her. Again this kick was faster than the last kick, but again she easily blocked the kick.

"You need to be faster, and you need to be less obvious with your attacks. Mix it up a little," she said. I threw a couple of punches and she blocked them and backed up. I then threw a front kick at Jessica and as I brought my right knee up, I could see that Jessica was bringing her left knee up and inside of my knee. I wasn't sure what to do, so I continued with my front kick, which was aimed at Jessica's stomach. As I threw my kick, she threw hers. However, Jessica was faster and she beat me to the punch, or "kick" in this case. Before I could fully process what was happening, I felt the underside of Jessica's left heel smash into my balls.

Crunch! At the same time, she caught my leg with both arms and trapped my right leg against her side. Her kick was fast and the large underside of Jessica's heel crushed my nuts hard. I could feel that my right testicle took the worst of that kick too and I could feel the cartilage crunch as her foot landed. I let out a cry. The next maneuver that Jessica pulled was really impressive too! While I was still stunned and awaiting the waives of pain to arrive, Jessica quickly removed her foot from my crotch and used it to sweep my left leg out from under me as she continued to hold onto my right leg. As my back hit the mat, Jessica quickly stepped onto my left leg with her right leg. Since she was still holding onto my right leg, this meant that my legs were spread wide open and I was particularly vulnerable. Jessica then raised her left knee up into her chest and her ankle was bent.

She then stomped her foot down at my crotch really fast but stopped an inch away from my groin and yelled, "Crunch!!!!! Sterility city baby!" I was shocked and grateful at the same time. "You need to be faster and concentrate harder!" she yelled at me.

Katie giggled. Adam cringed again.

Jessica commanded me to stand up. I did. "Give me your hands" she commanded. She took my hands and yanked me toward her. At the same time, she threw a lightning fast front kick at my balls. Her leg whipped forward and then up toward my balls with her foot pointed, so that the top of her foot would make contact. But she stopped an inch short of busting my balls and held her pointed foot there, between my legs.

She lightly pumped the top of her foot into my balls as she said, "Don't be so trusting!" "Sit down on the mat and watch for a little while," she commanded.

"Adam, get your butt up here," Jessica commanded. I took Adam's spot on the mat, next to Katie. Katie was giggling at me. I tried to ignore her. She started kicking the outside of my leg with the underside of my foot and giggling. I ignored her and continued to watch Jessica and Adam spar. She kept kicking me though, so I got up and moved toward her on my knees. I tried to tickle her and she was laughing like crazy. I was laughing too, until she thrust the undersides of both of her heels into my balls really hard.

Bam! I yelled out loud in surprise, clutched my balls, and fell over into the fetal position, feeling like I was going to vomit again at any second.

It was a long day and I limped home. My skills did improve, but my morale was really shot and I was even more concerned than before that I was soon going to permanently lose the use of my testicles. Again, I found it odd that the experience was still really arousing to think about in retrospect that night.

Despite all the pain, I still masturbated that night. I was glad to see that my testicles could still work, but I was worried that eventually they would rupture from receiving so many powerful kicks. In fact, I was shocked that they both seemed to survive Jessica's and Katie's kicks. I was starting to get the feeling that despite all of the swelling and pain, Jessica was not kicking me with nearly all of her available power. Perhaps Megan was not going to be so kind. Maybe one full-force kick from her could end my sex life forever. I couldn't sleep that night.

A New Story

by The Overfiend

Hey everyone. This is my first time posting a story on this board. In fact, this is the first ballbusting story I've ever written, so any kind of feedback is definitely welcomed. I won't waste your time with saying much else, except the warnings and information that people like to see. In case you missed the subject title it's FF/m (Two dominant females and submissive male), No C (No Castration), and Minor (which means it involves children under the age of 18). Although, on second though, to avoid flames about my using younger children in a story I will say that the parts of the minors are played by actors and actresses over the age of 18. There...that should save my ass. (I wish). Anyway, on with the show!


Fujiko smiled at the cool sensation of the breeze caressing her pretty young face as she glided effortlessly down the street on her Rollerblades, her hair streaming out behind her in a ponytail. But it wasn't just the comforting coolness of the autumn air that brought a smile to her lips. She and her older sister, Mai, were racing each other home from school and she was winning.

Fujiko had just recently entered the seventh grade at Lamar Junior High School and was already popular among the young boys. There was no secret as to why. She was a beautiful young girl of thirteen years, with black hair that fell about to the middle of her back. Her brown eyes were deep and contained a spark of uninhibited mischief that most boys found irresistible. Her skin was pale and soft, the color of fine porcelain, and had a perfumed milky scent about it. She wasn't a tall girl, but she had nice legs and a firm ass. Her breasts were small, and so she rarely chose to wear a bra unless the situation absolutely demanded one. Today she wore a tight, white T-shirt with a Smashing Pumpkins logo painted across the front, a pair of mid-thigh denim shorts, and, of course, her new pair of roller blades with neon green wheels.

Her sister, Mai, who had fallen about twenty feet behind Fujiko in their race, was a fifteen year old skater chick who was currently a ninth grader at the same Junior High. Her hair was medium length, falling about to her jawline, and the natural black color was interwoven with streaks of dyed, blood red hair. Her eyes were also brown, but burned with intensity, rather than the roguishness of her sister's. Her skin was soft and colored a yellowish-tan by the sun. She was the kind of girl who's a little too skinny, but whom it looks right on. Her breasts were slightly larger than her sibling's, but not by much. The part on her that most men seemed to notice, however; were her legs.

Years of skating and exercise had made them very strong and developed, and she loved to show them off. Yet, despite her attractiveness, she won few suitors. The reason being her attitude. She was a rough and tumble tomboy of a girl who, except for a few close male friends, put most men off with her forward disposition. Few men wanted a girlfriend who could beat them at most sports and tell better dirty jokes. Mai was dressed in a midriff yellow shirt adorned with Pikachu, short cut denim shorts, and her old and beaten pair of in-line skates.

Mai felt a small rush of pride in her sister as she gained even more ground in front of her. She had been teaching Fujiko how to skate for almost five months and now her sister was capable of skating like a pro. Her pride was soon replaced by concern, though, as she saw what lay ahead.

Fujiko opened her eyes, only two houses away from her home, to see a skateboard shoot out in front of her. There was no way to avoid it as she collided with the board and went flying fifteen feet down the concrete, landing sprawled with a thud. Once the haze of pain and disorientation passed, she was certain she heard laughing. She looked in the direction of the sound and saw Mike Ashmore approaching her, chuckling.

Mike Ashmore was in the same grade as Fujiko. He was a blonde-haired, rebellious child, who though not bad looking, seemed to make a habit out of pestering Fujiko. It had started out as a simple crush, but once Fujiko finally made it clear that she wasn't interested in him, he had become a bane on her existence. He would make prank phone calls, breathing heavily into the receiver, pop her bra in class (when she wore one); throw grapes at her during the lunch break, and other juvenile things.

By this time Mai was at her side. "Fujiko! Fujiko! Are you okay? That was a horrible fall! Let me see? Are you hurt?"

Fujiko looked herself over. She had skinned an elbow and both her knees, but there was no real damage done. "No sis, I think I'm alright. Just a little scratched up. I…"

But before she could finish, her sister was up and approaching Mike with obvious anger.

"Hey, can I get my board back already fer Christ's sake?" Mike asked, chuckling the entire time.

Mai reached him and pushed him backwards, sending him crashing to the ground. "You son of a bitch!" she screamed, "You could have hurt her! You could have killed her! You could have…"

"But I didn't," Mike said, already picking himself up from the ground. "So if I can just get my stick back I'll leave".

Mai was livid with anger. "No, you little prick. If you want your fucking board back you'll have to come through me first!" Mai stood, arms akimbo, making herself appear quite a formidable opponent in spite of her size.

Mike was taken a bit aback by her upfrontery and hesitated a moment before deciding what to do. "Well, hell, that's just fine with me then. Ain't no girl gonna scare me off".

Mike tried to maneuver his way around Mai, but to no avail. When he'd move left, she'd move left. When he'd move right, she'd move right. There was no way around her but through her, and it didn't take Mike long to realize this. "Get out of my way, damn bitch!" Mike muttered as he pushed Mai backwards. But as Mai slid back on her skates, she brought one foot up with all her force in-between Mike's legs. The heavy rollerblade collided with unfortunate precision into Mike's unprotected testicles and the world swam before his eyes. He sank to the ground, clutching at his manhood and moaning softly to himself.

Mai dusted her hands together and kneeled next to Mike. "Serves your right, you pathetic prick," she whispered into his ear. She then stood and returned to her sister.

Fujiko just stared at her sister wide-eyed with an expression of inexpressible surprise and hidden amusement on her face. "Mai, I can't believe you just did that! You kicked him right in the…the…"

"The balls?" Mai finished. "Damn right. It's the best way there is for a woman to fight back against a guy. Drops him just like that," she snapped her fingers, "if you do it right." The tone of her voice changed to one of inquisition and she eyed her sister. "Wait; don't tell me you've never gotten a guy in his goodies?"

Fujiko blushed a little, bringing color to her porcelain cheeks. "Well, no. I mean once on accident I nailed Adam Silvestri with a dodgeball in gym class. He just kind of held himself for a while and the other girls stood around and laughed. It really was kind of funny. But I've never done it on purpose."

Mai smiled an evil little grin and said, "Well then it's high time you learned! I've obviously taught you how to skate well enough. Now I'll teach you to bust balls as well!"

Fujiko smiled a little timidly and then got the same sadistic little smirk that her sister had. "Well, if I gotta, I gotta."

"First of all, we'll have to get him off the street. We can't have him screaming his head off and drawing attention to ruin our ‘training'." She spoke the words "training" with obvious delight. "Watch how your sister does it!"

Mai strode over to Mike, still clutching himself on the pavement. "Get up!" she said with great authority in her voice.

Mike just lay there holding his battered testicles.

"Get up, I said, dammit!"

Mike peered up at her through tear-filled eyes. "I can't. You broke my balls! You broke my…"

"I told you to get up and I mean for you to get up! This is your last chance!"

"I can't! It hurts"

Mai reached down and pried Mike' hands away from his tender groin. She closed her fist around his balls and pulled upwards until Mike was forced to stand. He was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. "You're a very disobedient little boy," Mai said. "You're going to regret not doing what I told you to. Maybe by the end of all this you'll learn to listen better."

With that she clenched her hands even tighter around his aching nuts and hauled him behind her towards their house like a dog on a leash. He yelped in pain and water streamed from his eyes. "Fujiko! Bring his board. He wanted it back after all, and so we'll just have to return it to him." These last words were filled with sinister intention.

Fujiko just smiled with anticipation and did as her sister instructed, following her into the house. She had never seen anything like what her sister was doing: a male being dominated by a female, entirely at her mercy. She couldn't wait to take her crack at it.

Mai led Mike down the hallway and up the stairs into Fujiko's room, with Fujiko herself in tail. She took one of the belts out of Fujiko's closet and lashed Mike' hands behind him.

"And now Mike," she winked, "the fun really begins. You like torturing my sister? Well now she gets to torture you back! Fujiko, come over here."

Fujiko was sitting on her bed, unlacing her skates.

"No." Mai said, "Leave them on. He'll feel it more."

Fujiko retied the laces and moved to stand before Mike who was being held fast by Mai. Mai spread Mike' legs apart with her own feet and held them there quite effectively.

"Are you ready for you first ballbust?" Mai asked her sister.

Fujiko nodded eagerly.

"Then by all means, let her fly!"

Fujiko cocked her leg back and swung it upwards with all her might. She failed to kick his balls, but her front wheel on the blades did succeed in kicking him full force in the prostate gland. Mike screamed, but shut up quickly when Mai twisted his arms sharply behind him.

"That was good, Fujiko," Mai said, "But you missed his balls. Move back a few and try again."

Fujiko did as she was told and once again put all her strength into her attack. This kicked missed entirely and she fell to the ground, off balance. She stood up, obviously frustrated. "You know, Mai, I think the problem is that I can't…well, I can't…see what I'm aiming at."

Mai giggled a little, knowing perfectly well that her sister was only trying for an excuse to see a naked man. Fujiko was just at that age where curiosity comes in full force. Mai didn't mind though. "Hell, might as well let her see what she's doing," she though. "Besides, there's so much more we can do to him if he's naked."

"If that's the problem, then strip him," Mai replied. "Just take off his pants. I'll hold him"

Mike began to struggle but was quickly rendered docile when Mai brought her knee sharply up into his testicles from behind.

Fujiko kneeled in front of Mike and clumsily undid his jeans with timid hands. She pulled them down around his ankles and made him step out of them. She then grabbed the legs of his boxers and slowly lowered them, revealing to her for the first time the sight of the naked male genitalia. She stared at it intently for a second, taking it all in. Could this silly looking thing really be the source of all his male weakness?

She hadn't been staring but a second, but a little bit was all it took. Mike felt her eyes upon his privates, and noticed her staring in wonder. Mike's cock began to rise up and away from his body and pointed crudely towards Fujiko's face.

"Dammit Fujiko!" Mai yelled. "You're supposed to be crushing his balls and instead you're letting him get hard right in your face!"

This snapped Fujiko's mind back to the task at hand. She stood up and looked Mike cruelly in the eyes and tried to think of what her sister would say. She reached down, still staring intensely into his eyes, and hooked her fingernails deep under the head of Mike' cock, trying to close them together. "How dare you get hard in front of me, you pervert! By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging me to let you keep that pathetic little thing you call a dick!"

With that she quickly jerked her hand back, pulling her fingernails painfully out of his penis and over its head. She readied her leg and smiled sweetly at Mike before smashing her heavy skate up and into Mike's naked testicles. Mike tried to fall but Mai held him upright with little effort. SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Fujiko's skate clad foot slammed into his nuts three times…six times…twelve times. When she finally stopped to catch her breath, the wheels on the blades were spinning quickly from the speed of the kicks and Mike was sobbing, lingering on the edge of consciousness.

"Wow!" Mai exclaimed. "I didn't think you had that much in you!"

"Sorry sis, I guess I got a little carried away, huh?" Fujiko said, panting. She had become aware of the wetness gathering between her legs and soaking through her panties. She truly got a high out the powerful feeling she got from putting Mike's manhood through such anguish.

"Maybe," Mai replied, "but that doesn't matter. You're not nearly finished yet"

"I'm not?" Fujiko smiled.

"Not by a long shot. You've learned how to kick pretty well, but you don't always have room to do that. I think next we should teach you how to use your knees." Mai too was getting excited from seeing her sister's enjoyment in the act.

Mike just whimpered.

Mai pulled Mike erect and held him firmly. His cock had lost its former stiffness and now hung loosely and pathetically between his legs. Fujiko stood before him, looking forward to what she was about to do.

"Now grab onto his shoulders," Mai instructed. "You don't want to lose balance."

Fujiko did so, placing her face close to Mike's. She put her lips close to his, as if to kiss him and then fired her knee right into his scrotum. His testicles flattened out as her hard knee sandwiched them between it and his body, then popped back into shape as she lowered her leg. It all happened in an instant, but to Mike it seemed like an eternity. He drew in a quick, strained breath and suddenly exhaled as her other knee rocketed forward and repeated the action of its predecessor. Again and again she bashed her knee into his scrotum, bruising their precious occupants. To Mike the minutes passed like hours, to Fujiko they passed like seconds. After about five minutes of nonstop kneeing, Fujiko finally stopped, out of breath and incredibly horny. She kissed crying Mike on the lips and stood up straight. When she did so, a drop of wetness released itself from her and ran in a thin rivulet down her left let, out of her shorts, and into the back of her knee. She blushed, hoping no one had seen it. Mike didn't. He was in too much agony to notice much of anything, but Mai had. Mai herself was also getting extremely aroused, having soaked clear through her panties and darkening the denim of her shorts slightly, and now she wanted a piece of the action.

"Way to go, killer!" she said, smiling at her sister. "But it's my turn now. Trade me places."

Fujiko looked a little disappointed but obliged her sister. She took Mike's arms from her and held him upright. Mai moved in front of Mike and tossed her red-streaked hair.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said to Mike, licking her painted lips. She kneeled down in front of him, putting his genitals in front of her face. "But first," she said, taking hold of his flaccid cock, "we have to get this embarrassing little thing out of our way."

With that she pulled his penis gently away from his body and ran her fingernail softly along its underbelly. Despite the gagging pain in his crotch, Mike began to become erect.

"Mmm…now that's a good boy," Mai purred. Mike was now fully erect, which for him was about five inches. Not a bad size for a boy who hadn't finished puberty yet, but Mai was far from impressed. She leaned forward and began to lick his shaft with a hard, pointed tongue. Mike let out a moan, feeling the pleasure beginning to override the pain. She moved her sharp tongue down and ran it along the head, darting it in and out of the hole. Then she slowly drew it into her mouth, teeth tickling the skin. Fujiko was astonished and somewhat jealous, yet seeing her sister giving Mike a blowjob increased her arousal even more. She rubbed her thighs tightly together, trying to bring some kind of satisfaction to her hungry pussy. Mike was now completely in heaven, almost forgetting the fire rising from his battered nuts. Mai sucked and nibbled at Mike's cock until she believed he was completely oblivious.

Suddenly she grabbed hold of he testicles, closed her hand as tightly as she could, and clamped her teeth down tightly on his rigid dick. Mike screamed and flailed, but Fujiko managed to hold him fast, delighted by her sister's actions. Mai bit down even harder and arranged her hand so that she held only his scrotum with balls crammed tightly at its bottom. She then balled her other hand into a fist and slammed it upwards into his tightly packed nuts. Mike shrieked and his cock went soft between Mai's teeth. It touched her tongue and she tasted a silky drop of precum that had adorned its tip. This angered her, so she punched his trapped balls three more times as hard as she could. All Mike could do at this point was gurgle and moan incoherently. Mai began to taste blood in her mouth and spit out his cock with disgust.

"Get that filthy thing out of my mouth, you disgusting excuse for a boy!" she yelled. She grabbed his balls with both hands and squeezed as hard as she could, flattening them in her palms. She ground them together in her hands with all her strength, the muscles in her arms exposing themselves as she exerted them. After what seemed like an eternity to Mike, Mai finally let go of his throbbing nuts.

"Let him go," she said.

Fujiko released Mike's arms and he slumped to the ground, curling his knees up to his chest. His arms struggled against their bindings in an effort to reach his balls. Mai walked over and pulled his legs apart with her hands. She then cocked her powerful leg back and kicked him in his balls with every ounce of strength she had. The front wheel of her rollerblade caught his left testicle dead on and Mike almost vomited from the pain. Mai stepped down firmly on Mike's scrotum, the wheels pinning the sensitive contents to the ground. She grinned proudly at her sister.

Fujiko smiled back, a hint of obvious worship on her face. Mai noticed that the crotch of her sister's shorts was now soaked clear through with moisture, and then realized that hers weren't far from matching.

"Get two of your belts and meet me in the hallway. We're not finished with him yet," Mai said.

"Please…no more…no more….I can't….," Mike protested in agonized words. A quick swat to the balls with Mai's open hands quickly shut him up, though.

Mai drug Mike out into the hallway by his legs and was quickly joined by her sister, carrying two belts as requested. Mai took the belts from Fujiko and with them lashed Mike's ankles to two doorknobs on opposing sides of the hall, effectively spreading his legs and leaving his poor balls vulnerable to the two vicious females.

"Watch this," Mai said, skating to the other end of the hallway. She then started forward, building up speed on the hallway's hardwood floors. The hallway was a good 25 feet long, and so it allowed Mai to gather a lot of momentum. When she was about to collide with Mike, she pulled her leg back and kicked Mike hard in the testicles, the speed adding extra force to the attack. Mike screeched, Fujiko laughed, and Mai grew even wetter.

"Now you try it."

Fujiko skated to the end of the hall and repeated her sister's action, the hard toe of the skates crashing into Mike's balls with about 15 MPH of additional force from the gathered momentum.

Mai tried again and then Fujiko. The two girls alternated until Mike passed out the sixth time that Fujiko got around to kicking him.

"Dammit!" Fujiko swore at her stolen fun. She swung her foot forward into the unconscious boy's testicles to emphasize the word.

"Don't worry, sis," Mai sympathized. "The fun doesn't have to end yet."

"It doesn't?" Fujiko asked eagerly.

"No," Mai replied, looking at her sister's soaked shorts and then remembering her own. "How'd you like for me to teach you how to have even more fun with a boy?" Mai grinned and her sister imitated.

Mike awoke to the pulse in his aching testicles and the sensation of wetness on his face. He opened his eyes and all he could see was the pale skin of Fujiko's thighs as she ground her wet pussy into his face. He could feel that his arms and legs were tied off in four directions to the posts of a bed. Mike moaned a little and Fujiko stopped, but did not get off his face.

"Hey Mai, I think he's awake!"

Mike felt a firm tug on his scrotum and heard Mai's voice.

"Welcome back to reality, Mike. You've been a bad boy. You made Fujiko all wet by letting her kick your poor little balls in, and now you'd better do something about it." Mike heard a flick like someone igniting a lighter and then felt a flame dance near his scrotum which wall held tight by Mai. The flame moved closer and the few hairs on his scrotum singed and turned to ash. "Or else."

Fujiko slid her sex to rest directly over Mike's mouth. "Now lick me," she ordered.

Mike did as he was commanded, sliding his tongue up and into Fujiko's wetness. He could feel the flame inches away from his ballsack and didn't want to have his nuts burnt off. He was pleasantly surprised by the taste and suddenly didn't mind the chore, but for the agonizing heat on his balls. Fujiko's pussy was warm and the walls were soft, as if they were made out of a fine, red silk. Her juices were sweet, tasting almost like a fusion of green Lifesavers and Maraschino cherries, and they flowed freely, coating his tongue and the inside of his mouth. This is not what he would have expected a vagina to taste like. In fact, his friend Jonathan had always joked that they tasted like fish. Fujiko's flavor was a far cry from this, and he almost forgot the lighter at his scrotum as he went about his work. He did the best job he could in his inexperience; running his tongue up and down the inner lips and moving it in and out of her body.

As Fujiko neared orgasm, she began to rock back and forth and grind her pelvis down on his mouth. Mike began to have trouble breathing, but kept licking Fujiko's pussy.

"Ah! I'm cumming!" Fujiko screamed as she grew even closer.

Suddenly Mike felt the lighter's flame pass across his scrotum which Mai still held taut. He wailed and cried, the vibrations from which sent Fujiko to shuddering in pleasure. Mai kept passing the flame across Mike's balls and Mike kept screaming, sending Fujiko into a second orgasm and then a third. At the third orgasm he began to feel his mouth fill with Fujiko's fluids.

"Swallow it!" she moaned. "Drink it all!"

Mai, trying to help her sister, held the flame directly under Mike's balls. Mike felt sick and wanted to shriek, but knew he had better swallow. He forced his throat to open through the pain and drank down two mouthfuls of the sweet liquid before Fujiko slid off his face in utter contention. She had never been able to bring herself such an intense orgasm on her own, and had certainly never experienced female ejaculation before. She lay, panting, beside Mike for a while. Mai, who had held the flame under Mike's scrotum perhaps a second or two longer than necessary, snapped the lid shut on her Zippo. Mike just lay on the bed, crying and gasping for air. Now not only did his balls hurt, but his scrotum as well.

Once Fujiko had caught her breath, Mai rose to her feet and began removing herself of her shorts. "And now, lucky boy, you get to do me," she cooed seductively. Mai had on a black pair of lace panties, which she slowly slid down her strong legs.

Given the circumstances, Mike hardly considered himself lucky. Mike watched Mai and then noticed Fujiko positioning herself between his legs. Mai climbed onto the bed, placing one leg on either side of Mike's head. He looked up and saw Mai's pussy staring back at him. The lips were set into a thin carpet of black pubic hair and stared down at him like a wet, hungry mouth; not a thing like Fujiko's, who barely had a triangle of hair, much less any growing on her outer labia. Suddenly, Mai bent her knees and her pussy fell hard onto Mike's mouth.

"Lick me," Mai commanded, and Mike did. Mai's taste was salty, not sweet like her sister, yet it wasn't a bad taste. Mike had a flash of recognition through his pain which he thought silly. "Mai tastes like potato chips," he thought. "Just kinda."

Fujiko thought temporarily about torturing Mike's swollen balls just as her sister had, but this thought was displaced by a greater curiosity. She looked at his limp penis, lying flaccid on his stomach above his red, burnt scrotum. She saw the teeth marks left by her sister and the fingernail scars under the head and stifled a giggle. She took it into her hand and began to gently stroke and pull at it. To her surprise it began to rise and get bigger. "Even after all we've done to his balls he can still get it up," she thought to herself. She sucked the halfway erect cock into her virgin mouth and began to move her lips over it in a gentle caress.

Mike was beginning to feel quite good, despite the constant throb from his scalded ballsack. In defiance of her inexperience, Fujiko was giving him an excellent blowjob and he enjoyed the warmth and taste of Mai's pussy rubbing over his mouth and face.

Mai began to feel little needles of pleasure poking all over her body, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin and her nipples to erect. She began to massage her breasts and to rock back and forth Mike's face as her climax became more and more imminent.

Meanwhile, Mike was nearing an orgasm of his own thanks to Fujiko's manipulations. He felt his cock begin to pulse and knew he was about to shoot his load. He tried to call out in ecstasy, but his cries were muffled by Mai's sex. His first shot fired out and deep into Fujiko's throat. She coughed and pulled her mouth off of his cock in surprise, only to get a second shot in her eye. Mike's cock fired at Fujiko about seven times, effectively covering her face and neck with his cum. The look on her face was first one of shock and then one of uncontrollable fury.

"How DARE YOU!!!!" she hollered, and seized his balls in her hands. She squeezed as hard as she could, twisting and pulling his nuts without mercy. Mike's world changed from heaven to hell in just one second. He yelled and screamed as he hadn't ever before in his life. Fujiko was crushing his balls flat and he was sure she would destroy them. The screams just brought Mai more pleasure and she ground herself even harder on Mike's face, causing his nose to begin bleeding.

Fujiko kept squeezing in her ever increasing vice-like grip. She was determined to crush Mike's balls into a pulp for his indiscretion. Mai began to shudder atop Mike and her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on his tongue, making it impossible for him to remove it. Fujiko noticed that a thick stream of cum was beginning to escape from the tip of Mike's shriveled penis and realized that she was squeezing the cum out of his balls. Upon this revelation, she bore down harder, causing it to flow out even faster.

Mai shook as tingles of pleasure and contentment filled her body. She finally relaxed and climbed off of Mike's bloody, wet face. Fujiko stopped squeezing once his dick stopped oozing cum and gathered what she could of it in her hand. Mike just laid there, his body wracked with sobs.

Fujiko looked Mike cruelly in the eyes, his wet semen still plastered to her face. "Do you see what you did?" she asked slowly and threateningly.

Mike could only nod through his tears.

"You're going to lick all this nasty stuff off my face and out of my hand or I'm going to castrate you right here and now. Do you understand?"

Mike sobbed and shook his head indicating that he did indeed understand.

Fujiko lowered her head near Mike's and he began to slowly lap his own semen off of her pretty face. He almost gagged on his own taste, but didn't dare disobey her, for he knew that she would do as she had threatened if he did. Once her face was clean, she forced him to lick the thick mass of cum from her hand and fingers.

"That's a boy," she said with mock sweetness as she grabbed his limp cock and pulled as hard as she could before letting go.

"Fujiko," Mai said as she looked at the clock, "we should really get rid of him. Mom and dad will be back from work soon."

"Aw, do we have to sis? I'm having so much fun. There's so much I want to try."

"Yeah, I'm afraid we'd better." She looked at Mike. "But first we have to give him back his skateboard."

Fujiko smiled, not entirely sure what her sister had in mind, but certain that it would be vicious.

"Go get that rope from my room," Mai told Fujiko.

Fujiko practically flew out of the room, anxious to perform the final deed.

Meanwhile, Mai untied Mike from the bed, helping him sit up. She had to pry his hands away from his balls before she could once again lash them behind his back.

Fujiko returned with a twenty foot silk rope that her sister kept in a chest in her room.

"What are we going to do, Mai?" Fujiko inquired.

"We're going to have a hanging," Mai replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Just help me. You'll see."

Mai tied the rope tightly around Mike's cock and balls, making certain that they couldn't slip out, while Fujiko held him still. Mike got a look of sheer terror on his face, but still couldn't talk from the constant pain. Mai then tied one end of the rope tightly around the doorknob of Fujiko's closet, crossed the room, and opened the window.

"Help me get him out on the overhang," Mai instructed.

Fujiko walked Mike over to the window and both sisters forced him out of it and onto the overhang.

The overhang faced the backyard, in which grew a huge wall of trees, blocking the view into their backyard from all angles but skyward. It tilted sharply downward about 45 degrees and the bottom hung about twelve feet from the ground.

Mai placed the skateboard out the window and held it onto the overhang.

"Now Mike, any talented skater could stop a skateboard at this incline. I'm giving you a fighting chance. If you can stop your skateboard, you keep your balls. Otherwise, you're going to be hanging by them. Now step onto the board."

Mike refused. He was frozen by fear and knew he couldn't stop in such a short distance.

"Do it or I'll throw you off!" Fujiko yelled.

Mike sighed through his tears and stepped onto the skateboard. Mai let it go and it began it's descent towards the ground. Mike tried with all his strength to stop the board, but with his arms tied he couldn't balance himself. He disappeared over the edge.

He saw the ground sailing up towards him and wished that he would hit it rather than face what was going to happen. Suddenly the rope lost its slack and Mike stopped his plummet in midair, his entire weight supported by his genitals. He couldn't even scream as he passed out.

In the room, the girls saw the rope pull tight but couldn't see Mike. They glanced at each other wordlessly and then hurried downstairs and into the backyard. They looked up and saw an unconscious Mike floating in the air, suspended solely by his cock and balls which were now turning an unhealthy blue. The girls laughed and then high-fived each other. They heard the front door open.

"Girls! We're home!" their mother shouted. "We brought dinner! You're father and I have to leave for a business conference for about a week so we're leaving you two girls alone. Come give me a hug and then we've got to go."

The girls looked thoughtfully up at Mike and then smiled at each other before running to meet their mother. Mike just hung there. It would be at least thirty minutes before the girls would finish eating and cut him down.

To be continued?