Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a little story

by Ginny

Some people might find it a little odd, but me being into femdom and my boyfriend Peter being an absolute masochist; it isn't surprising that our sex play at times gets pretty physical.

One of our favorite activities is "ball torture,” where I do something painful to his nuts, which gives me a tremendous sense of power and gives him a great deal of pleasure. There are all kinds of ball tortures, ranging from attaching clips or weights to his scrotum to attaching ball-spreaders (which makes them look so deliciously vulnerable), to squeezing them in my hand or slapping them with a paddle.

Occasionally, and by mutual consent, we go to what we sometimes call "the ultimate experience" for both of us, which is when I knee him in the nuts. He really gets off on this pain and for me it's an unbelievable feeling when my naked knee squashes his nuts against his pelvis and, even though it is naturally done with great speed in order to evoke the desired pain, it feels to me like slow motion, with every fraction of a second vivid in my memory afterwards.

I always know when he is ready for another "nut-buster" as we have named it. Usually, he will be very attentive to me that day, trying to please me in every way, so that he can put forward his request. And so it was on one occasion quite some time ago. He'd been very nice to me all day, taken me out to a nice restaurant for lunch, then back to his place, where we had a long soak in his hot-tub.

When we got out, he dried me off very carefully, then dried himself, then hugged me closely to himself, guiding one of my hands between his legs and around his sac. For a moment, I thought he just wanted a good squeeze, and obliged him, until he stood all tensed up on his toes with pain, his stiff penis a sure sign that he was enjoying himself.

"That feels so nice,” he said breathlessly, when I finally let him go.

He hugged and kissed me sweetly, then whispered into my ear, "could I please have a nut-buster today?" I readily agreed, but, to his excitement, added a new little twist to the game. I told him that I would give him the desired knee to the balls sometime that day, but exactly when it would happen would be a surprise. So, he'd have to walk naked around the house for the rest of the day and just be ready at any time.

Naturally, I stayed nude myself, not only so that I would be ready at any moment to let him have my bare knee, but also because it's just plain fun whenever we are both in a state of undress, with lots of skin-to-skin contact! That afternoon and evening, I teased him with several near kicks, but always deliberately missing "the target". At one stage, while we were in the kitchen, making a sandwich and some salad, as I was passing him on the way to the refrigerator, I suddenly kneed him, but aiming at his hip, rather than groin, deliberately missing his balls by a couple of inches.

Later on, while he was at the toilet, peeing into the bowl, he stood there with his legs quite wide apart, so that I could easily have gotten to his testicles from behind. I crept up to him and kicked him between the legs, but just a little behind his ballbag. It was hilarious - pee was spraying everywhere, as he hadn't anticipated that attack and couldn't stop quickly enough. To add insult to injury, I naturally made him clean up the mess afterwards.

Anyway, a little later, I finally gave him what he wanted. We'd put on some records and were slow dancing, grinding into each other, with me occasionally just stepping back a little then hugging him again as part of the dance steps. I loved doing that, because his hard penis extending ahead of his body, was being smashed viciously "head-on" (pardon the pun) each time I squeezed him against me again, causing him a lot of pain, which he enjoyed a lot, even though it made him wince. While doing this, I had plenty of opportunity to work out the planned bonus dance step. With his penis swaying in front of him, Peter's nuts were in a tight little package right at the front of his pelvic bone and when the moment finally came, I simply stepped back as always, but while stepping forward again, I raised my knee very rapidly, smashing his testicles right between my knee-bone and his pelvic bone. It took only a fraction of a second, but after the initial smash, I just withdrew an inch or two then gave him a second, then a third, fourth and fifth quick "after-kick".

He went down on his knees, and then, almost in slow motion, his body fell backwards, all the while cum squirting from his pole, the slow backwards movement of his body making his juices first fly in my direction then gradually upwards and backwards towards his own chest. Eventually the flow of cum stopped, the pain overcame him, and he ended up doubled-up, his hands around his nuts, but all the while, breathlessly and hoarsely saying, "that was sooo good".

Eventually, we went to bed, falling asleep in a close embrace. Peter was sleeping restlessly, as he usually does after one of these sessions, because apparently the pain lingers for quite a long time. I therefore didn't take much notice of his tossing and turning, but when I woke up the next morning, I nearly freaked out. I had taken off the cover to inspect the damage from the previous night - usually after a "nut-buster” his groin area looks a bit bruised, but isn't all that painful any longer. But this time was different - not only did it have the usual bruising, but his balls were swollen to the size of medium-sized tomatoes. His scrotum, which usually rests comfortably between his legs even after a heavy session the night before, was sitting nearly on top of his legs, all taut and shiny.

"Wake up!” I shouted, shaking Peter out of his sleep. "Look at what happened." I know, a dumb thing to say, as he would obviously know what happened, but to my own surprise, he seemed to be as perplexed to see his balls in this state as I was.

"Does it hurt terribly?" I asked, feeling quite guilty. He told me that it hurt more than usual, but didn't feel all that different to other sessions.

"We are calling a doctor,” I said, horrified that I might have done some permanent damage. But he refused, assuring me that the swelling would go down. By the afternoon, his testicles had grown even larger into the size of oranges and now sat like a huge growth at the front of his body. Apparently they hurt, but he could bear it. Still, I didn't take no for an answer any longer. I helped him dress in some loose trousers, and even though it was a nice, sunny day, we took his raincoat, which he was carrying in front of him to hide the huge bulge at the front of his trousers.

At the doctor's surgery, the receptionist wanted to know for what reason we wanted to see the doctor, but I told her it was private – I wasn't going to discuss it with her. She eyed Peter suspiciously, watched the way he walked, and probably assumed he had VD or something, but made the appointment. After a short wait, during which Peter was joking about his condition while I worried about it, he was called in and I went along. To make things even trickier, we discovered that the duty doctor was a woman, which made Peter nearly turn around and leave again. But I begged him to go in, because I was so worried.

When the door was shut, the young doctor first seemed surprised that I was there with Peter, but as she watched me assist him walking, she didn't object. She started off with some small-talk, wondering whether Peter had done something to his leg, since he was limping.

"It's not his leg,” I said, pulling the raincoat away that Peter was still holding in front of him.

"Oh my god!” she exclaimed, when she saw the bulge. "What did you do?" Peter told her that he had gotten into a fight and had copped a kick to the nuts.

I assisted Peter in undressing, and watched the doctor as she examined him. She was cringing in sympathy with him, wondering just how he could stand the pain. He assured her that it wasn't hurting all that much. She took his scrotum in her hands and carefully felt around it, constantly asking, "does this hurt" as she prodded here or felt there.

This is where things got a little complicated. As I said at the beginning of this account, Peter is a masochist who gets sexual pleasure from pain. And, since he is also heterosexual, he gets pleasure from the pain inflicted on him by a woman. The doctor's feeling around his sac was obviously causing him the sort of pain he loved - sexual pain inflicted by a woman - as a result of which I could see his penis beginning to grow. Any moment now, my boyfriend was going to have a raging hard-on which would give away that he is a masochist. So, to at least draw attention away from his sexual preferences, I reached over and pointed to a couple of prominent veins in Peter's scrotum, telling the doctor how worried I was about them, how it looked like they were about to burst. Then I told her about some bruising that concerned me and, taking Peter's penis in one hand to move it out of the way, pointed to a particular spot at the top of his nut-sac. Naturally, he continued to grow, but at least now it looked like he was turned on by my touching his penis, not by her causing him pain and I could see from the expression in Peter's eyes that he was grateful for this diversionary tactic.

"Doesn't that hurt even more when you get aroused?” the doctor asked, pointing at his now fully erect penis, which was actually largely hidden behind the very large scrotum. Peter shook his head, being now completely red faced with embarrassment by the state he was in in front of two women. Naturally, as his mistress, I have exposed Peter to other women in the past, but never under such circumstances.

The doctor gave his scrotum a parting feel which I was convinced was far more from personal interest than professional necessity then excused herself for a moment. When she came back, she announced that she had consulted with a male colleague who had confirmed for her that testicles, although very sensitive, are actually fairly rugged organs and that the swelling was going to go away in a few days. Just to be on the safe side, she was going to do a scan and x-rays, but really all Peter needed was some pain killers and patience. During the subsequent tests, there was a lot of manipulation of Peter's scrotum and penis by the doctor, as she pushed him this way and that, but finally, the ordeal was over. Armed with the pain killers, we left. To my surprise, or perhaps I wasn't all that surprised after all, Peter refused to take the pain killers - he wanted to enjoy his pain to the fullest.

Having been reassured that there wasn't actually anything dangerously wrong with Peter, we didn't go home right away but stopped by at my sister's, who is another aficionado of female domination. I simply had to show her this. Peter, as a good slave, played along, even though he always preferred to be exposed to other women in his role as my stud, not as a hapless victim.

"I've got something to show you,” I said, as we entered Sally's place.

"What is it?” she asked excitedly.

"This,” I said, pulling away Peter's raincoat so that the "bulge" at the front of his trousers became visible.

"What on earth is THAT?” Sally asked. I lightly patted Peter's nuts through the trousers, and his wincing response instantly told Sally what I was touching. To make it even more obvious, I pressed down the material of the trousers around his huge sac, so that it became quite visible.

"Wow,” Sally said in awe, "how did that happen? Can I touch it?" The question was directed to me, not Peter - as a good slave, he knew that these were issues for us women to decide, not for him. I beckoned her to take the place of my hands on his crotch and explained to her what had happened.

"Wow,” she kept on saying.

"Do you want to see it?” I asked, after she had felt around Peter's crotch for a while.

"Oh yes, PLEASE,” was the reply. I undid Peter's zip and since he was (naturally, under the circumstances) not wearing any underwear, his huge balls and now again fully erect penis came into full view the instant I pulled down the trousers. Sally couldn't believe her eyes and, to judge from the enthusiasm with which she gently caressed the huge smooth sac with the two clearly outlined globes inside, she nearly couldn't believe her sense of touch either. I was sure that Sally's boyfriend was going to be in a similar state in the not too distant future.

We spent the rest of the evening at Sally's, with all of us completely naked to make sure that Peter was kept in a fully aroused state, and that we could have the pleasure of seeing his monster nuts at all times. We plied him with plenty of drink and then enjoyed ourselves enormously when he had to go for a pee, since his huge balls made it impossible for him to pee in a normal position, his penis being pushed upwards by the swelling. So whenever he wanted to pee, he had to stand at the toilet, legs wide apart and then bend over forward at the hip to make his penis point in the right direction. In that position, he then had to try and pee, which was particularly difficult when he had a hard-on. Naturally both of us worked hard to maintain his erection during these toilet sessions. We did that by talking sexily to him, talking about the predicament he was in, stroking his widely exposed nuts from behind, letting our breasts rest on his back as he stood there bent over, and so on.

Later that night, I finally gave him some relief by sucking him off, which really wasn't all that easy, since his huge balls were very much in the way, and I didn't want to be too rough on them for fear of hurting him too much.

We stayed the night at Sally's and in the morning the three of us went to a nude beach not far from Sally's home. We placed Peter on his back, so that everybody could clearly see his huge nuts and then laid down ourselves, with sun-glasses on, so that we could casually observe the reaction of our fellow nudists without being too obvious about it. The bruising on Peter's sac was already nearly gone, but the swelling was still there, making his nuts stand our clearly and smoothly under the tight skin. It was funny - EVERYBODY, both male and female, stared at Peter's balls, and some people obviously walked past several times just to get a good look.

Sally, who was lying next to me, suddenly elbowed me in the ribs to draw my attention to a young couple not far away who were staring at Peter and obviously discussing what they saw. Eventually they came over and introduced themselves as Jenny and Jim, asking Peter politely what had happened to him. Peter invited them to sit down, which they did. He then asked them why they wanted to know. Shyly, Jenny told us that she loved big balls in a man, and that this was just the most erotic sight she had ever seen. She kept on apologizing, saying that she felt guilty about getting a sexual thrill out of what was obviously a misfortune to him, but that she simply couldn't help it.

Peter told her how it had happened, and that it wasn't a misfortune at all, but the way he got his sexual pleasure. "That's how I get my kicks,” he said, using this rather obvious pun. Jim asked about how much it hurt, and what it felt like now, and so on – Sally nudged me again, and it was obvious she was thinking the same thing as I - obviously Jim was contemplating letting Jenny do it to him.

In fairness to everyone, I had to point out to them that we had played our "nut-busting" game many times before without getting this particular result, and that it was probably only my new method with the "after-kicks" that had caused enough bruising and irritation to achieve this. We talked about our sexual activities for some time longer with them, with both Jenny and Jim being turned on - it's hard to disguise on a nude beach when you are turned on (and for anybody not used to nude beaches, it's not only a problem for the guys - if you get wet as a girl, you end up with a lot of sand sticking in places where you'd rather not have any sand. a quick dip in the ocean is the only solution then!)

After a while, Jim and Jenny left, still completely aroused - unfortunately, we lost the address and phone number they gave us, so we couldn't ever contact them - so, Jim or Jenny, if you read this, let us know whether you tried it yourselves.

We went home soon after. We had a little more fun with "Big Balls Peter" for the next few days, but all too soon the swelling disappeared, and "things" returned to normal.

Did we ever play the nut-buster game again? Of course, we have - we both enjoy it as much as ever. I have never given him sufficient "after-kicks" again to get quite the same swelling - I am too worried about doing permanent damage. But we usually get a reasonable swelling out of it. large enough so that when we go to Sally's, and I gently pat Peter on his swollen crotch, she gets instantly turned on not only by the memories of that first time, but also by those she created herself with her boyfriend, whose agonies Peter and I were sometimes privileged to witness. And, of course, we both still parade our "Swollen Ball Boys" on the nude beach when the weather permits (at one time, we had both of them in the same state simultaneously, and THAT drew a lot of attention!) When the weather isn't fine enough for it, we put whichever one of our guys is sufficiently "enlarged" into a pair of tight jeans, which leave little to the imagination, and take him to a bar we often go to - and listen to the conversations.

A strange story? Perhaps - but the strangest thing about it is that it is almost completely true! Which bit isn't? Well, we exaggerated the size a little, but otherwise it's as described above... What do you think of the story? Of the r/t experience associated with it?


By george

I had asked her.

It had taken over a year, but I had done it.

"What!?!" she blurted out, clearly surprised.

"You know what, never mind," was my feeble reply.

"No, wait a minute"

"No, its ok, just forget I said anything."

"Don't freak out, I just want to know why. Why on earth would you want that?" she enquired with all sincerity retained despite the smile curling at her lips.

I took a deep breath, one of the deepest I'd ever taken. "Well.... It’s just... it’s hard...I don't know what to say about it. It’s just a thing about me."

She seemed to take it all in stride, laughing slightly at the absurdity of it all, I suppose had I not at that moment been so tense I might have as well.

"Well, out of all the fetishes you could have come to me with I guess I got off light with this one." Her increasing levity was unnerving me; in my wildest dreams women did not take it this well.

"Look if it’s a problem then..."

"Ohh shut up would you," she said with great humor "Don't be worrying about putting me off, I'll do it."

My heart skipped a beat, I thought of all the days and nights devoted to thinking about this, but I was cut off in the prime of thought.

"Now all right is it?" she asked.

Caught off guard and brain addled by the speed at which this had all unfolded I simply said. "Uhhh, Uhh, Uh…"

"Look, there's no time like the present, how do you want me to do it." She had taken hold of the situation.

"Well I uhh guess I'd want that left up to you, suppose its part of the appeal."

"Ok!" she exclaimed as she leapt with exuberance of the sofa, I took note of how good she looked, Dark Blonde hair tied back neatly, tight-ish yellow t-shirt made tighter by being tucked into her cut-off jeans, long exposed legs until reaching her white trainers.

"Shoes on or off?" she asked, interrupting my train of thought.

"Uhh, on, I guess."

"I agree. Make em count it is." That worried me.

"Ok well... Take your trousers off, and stand over there with your legs apart." I apprehensively complied, suddenly anxious that I couldn't go through with it.

"No, a bit wider, wider, all right now put your hands behind your back and look up at the ceiling." Again I complied but now I was essentially blind to the world around me, the thickly carpeted floor offering no insight into the movements around me.

"How hard should I do this?"

"Ummm, I don't really know. I guess we'll have to feel it out."

"Okay." A very light kick followed her affirmation immediately but it was not hard enough to really make an impact.

"Harder, I'm guessing?" she asked.

"Yeah, quite a bit."

"Okay." No quick kick this time, I was stood their, unaware for an age when suddenly her foot slammed with incredible velocity into my groin. My head flung forward instinctively and I brought my hands around to protect myself as the immense pain rose in waves that never seemed to subside. It was all I could do to stay on my feet as heard her words like and echo in the distance

"That one felt better, I think that's the way to do it." I wrenched my head up to see her face, somewhat impatient, waiting for me to assume the position.

When I got back to the position she said, "Now look into my eyes. Don’t look away at any point, okay?"

There was a sudden threat in the way she said okay. I looked right at her beautiful face. I saw the motion of her body as she rocked on to her left foot swinging her right foot forward giving it extra power by leaning her body backwards in one fluid motion, managing to stay standing through some mystical kind of balletic grace. But while my eyes were on the prize my body with living through the harsh reality and experience the full brunt of her amazing motion culminating in a direct hit sending me into a huddled position on the floor.

"Ohh come on sweety, you did ask," she said tauntingly, but she was right, I had asked so I struggled to my knees with great difficulty.


While I had scrabbled around on the floor trying to get up, she had moved behind and waited until my I was on all fours with my legs slightly open to unleash the perfect full force kick right into my dangling balls, crushing them up into my pelvis, had I been god at that point I would have blinked myself out of existence just to escape the pain which felt as though it was systematically working its way up through my stomach ripping apart as much of me as it could.

To Be Continued...

Just Another BB Story

By george

I never understood why my girlfriend was so shy around people. It made no sense because the second we were by ourselves she just took over, we always did exactly what she wanted when she wanted to, which to be honest with I found kind of a turn on.

One day while were out with some friends she seemed really excited and agitated about something, like she was bottling up some news that she bursting to tell everyone. I tried to ask her about it and she came right up close to my ear and whispered, “I just heard about the most wonderful idea,” then started giggling. I liked the sound of this, whatever it was.

When we got home it was just the same as usual she told me to go and get her something to drink without the slightest thought of thanking or asking me. As I was making her drink she spoke loudly from the other room.

“You know I told you I had an idea?”

“Yeh, what is it?”

“I think it would be better if you felt it.”

This confused me, not see or hear but feel; I assumed it was something sexual and started running through the possibilities and just found myself getting excited. I quickly finished fixing the drink and rushed out to see what it was I had to experience.

I handed her the drink which she downed in one, threw the glass aside grabbed me around the head and kissed me very hard. I stopped thinking and just let the kiss hold. But suddenly I was on the floor, rolling around in agony.

She had kneed me right in the crotch, although that conclusion didn’t come straight away, it was the laughing that had tipped me in that direction.

“How do you like it?” She rolled me onto my back and I just unfolded myself completely on the floor.

”Well as you don’t seem to want to talk let me tell you how it was for me.”


The pain was horrible, far worse than before. I hadn’t seen her wind up her right leg until it was far too late. I felt sick, screwed up my eyes and wormed my way around the room.

“Hahahaha, it’s wonderful, I knew it would be. This is what I’ve been looking for.” It took me a lot longer to process her words than normal but when I finally did I knew that this was along way from being over.

By this point I’d was on hands and knees trying to make out which way I was facing through the tears.


The hard toe end hitting both balls and carrying on up, lifting my knees an inch or two off the ground before crashing down face flat on the floor. I wanted to scream but I lacked the strength and managed only a pathetic murmur which occasionally became a whine. Had I know the effect I would have resisted the urge to make it.

“What an amazing sound, I mean that must be desperation put down in vocal expression; turn over.”

I did nothing.

“Turn over!” she said with ice in her voice.

I was beginning to regret those months of doing everything she said as soon as she said it.


There was enough threat in that one to make me turn over onto my back. She crouched down next to me and fiddled with my trousers until they could be slid down, then she reached inside my boxers and grasped my tender orbs.

“Now, tell me what you think of our new arrangement,” she said as she tightened her grip.

I produced the same moan as before which seemed to fascinate her. She gave up on her question for the moment and just glared into my bleary weeping eyes while her ever closing fist caused my whimpering to gain more volume.

“Answer me!” getting back to the question at hand.

I needed to say something because the pain was becoming unbearable but as that thought crossed my mind I got stuck in the rut of thinking “what is unbearable”. Well it makes no difference to me because at the moment I really didn’t have much say in the matter. I found the concept that I had no control rather comforti… “URGH1”

“I’m losing patience, no answer soon and I’m going to take it that you don’t care what I do to these.”

“It Hurts! It hurts so much that I feel like I could die!”

I could see that she was just glaring harder and squeezing in tandem which each word.

“But I Love you and everything about you, so I guess I love this too”

It struck me that may well have been the most important words I’d ever spoke and I started to regret them instantly, until I saw her face swell up with emotion and I remembered why I said them. Simple really, I’d meant them. I could endure it all for her, and not having a choice was going to help me in the future.

She leaned forward and kissed me deeply and softly and I could see a tear in her eye like she was eternally grateful just as much for my understanding as for my balls.

She quickly dried her eyes stood up and said,

“Excellent, as this is our first time we’ll leave it…”




She launched her three hardest kicks into my open groin, all three dead centre, all in rapid succession, all three cripplingly painful.

I curled up into a ball and started crying.

“…there, you’ve got ten minutes to be upstairs and ready or you sleep down here and we do this tomorrow.”


By george

Part 1

Standing there, legs apart, waiting for a fifth kick, my mind could focus on nothing but my girlfriends wonderful form as it propelled her right leg forward into my waiting groin.


I buckled over groaning as the sharp pain spread through my guts making me feel seriously unwell.

"Stand straight!" was the command.

I painfully complied.

"You can't be hurting that much," she said matter-of-factly as she prodded the straining bulge in my shorts with her foot.

"I'll just have to kick harder, see if I can't wipe the smile off your cock!" she said spitefully.

I loved it when she talked like that, but I wasn't given much time to ponder how much I adored Isabelle before she swung her arm in a huge arc finishing squarely in my crotch.

I wasn't expecting that. She knew I wasn't expecting that.

She started squeezing my balls while leaning in, pressing her body against mine. The pressure and the closeness gave me an overwhelming urge for release, but she looked right into my pleading eyes and shook her head. As she stepped suddenly back lining up a kick I caught a glimpse over her shoulder of the door opening and an unsuspecting head come around just in time to see the brutal kick connect.

From my view looking up from the floor I could see Isabelle towering over me in her practiced dominant stance, grinning to herself, still oblivious to her flat mate looking on in shock and awe. Had I been capable of speech I could have warned Isabelle, she would have stopped and this could have been passed of as some kind of retribution for an imagined indiscretion of mine, but I wasn't, so on she went.

"Still smiling?" she chuckled as she used her foot to roll me onto my back, my half mast erection still strong enough to stand close to straight up clear from all to see.

"Ummm," was all she heard behind her.

"What!?!" spinning round to see her friend and flat mate Rebecca.


"Let’s talk about this my room, shall we?"

"Oooooo-kay." They disappeared and I was left waiting and wondering.

To Be Continued

First Ever Story

By george

How could I pass?

It had been months since I stuck the note on the bar window and the crank calls had died out after a week. But this was different, the female voice seemed serious but there was a trace of a giggling girl in the background.

The only thing stopping me from believing it was the too good to be true factor, they had even turned down the offer of money. I’d had three days to think it over and with every hour I changed my mind and it was only by chance that it ended up on me turning up at the hotel room.

I knocked at the door having already laid out a time frame of about half a minute before I would give up but it didn’t come to that. The door was opened almost immediately by a beautiful girl with long brown hair and blue eyes and she simply said “Come in”

I did as she said, too nervous to utter a word. The girl introduced herself as “Alex” but explained that this was not her real name, she looked about 25 and was beautiful in every sense with a slinky body which may have lacked a few curves but her intense eyes set in a fabulous face made up for that.

I finally took note of another girl who was sitting on the sofa drinking a glass of wine. She had curly light red locks and a round face with very rosy cheeks, and was much more shapely that her friend. She took a break from her wine to tell me to address her as “Stephanie” which I assumed was also false.

Alex laid out in a very matter of fact kind of way that I would strip down to my underwear and kneel down on the ground, any attempt to obstruct or to protect myself would be prevented and they would start again.

This sounded good, too good, I now knew this was genuine and it posed a new problem entirely, could I hack it.

I did exactly as she said with Stephanie giggling the whole time I removed my clothes, it occurred to me that she had probably started drinking some time before I arrived. When I was done and on the ground Alex tied my wrists behind and my legs together before tying them my hands to my legs pretty much immobilizing me. I was scared but in a good way, but then something changed, Stephanie stood up looked at me then Alex laughed out loud and then gave Alex a high five, the serious restrained Alex disappeared and she now seemed to have joined her friend in drinking.

The two girls continued to laugh to themselves for some time and I was worried that this might still turn out to be a wind up but then Stephanie stopped dead the laughter and spoke in an aggressive tone right in my face.

“You have no fucking idea what you just got into,” she only just finished the sentence before cracking up again.

“Well we may as well give him a show as it’s probably the last time he’s going to enjoy it.”

They striped down to tight t-shirts and panties before putting on white sneakers. Good god they were beautiful, their t-shirts seemed at least two sizes to small and they strained against firm breasts.

“Well I think its time”

Alex stood hands on hips about two feet away from me and said “We’ll start light”


She gave no time between the last word and the kick. I had tried to bend forward but I was stopped by my restraints and while I wasted my time she fired another right footed kick hard as through she were practicing her penalties.

She seemed happy with her handy work as I groaned and panted unable to do much about my predicament. She made way for Stephanie who seemed to be itching for a chance.

“Mmmm, I want you to gives us marks out of 10 when were finished.” I had thought about closing my eyes trying to brace myself for the impending kick but I was determined to watch those beautiful tits.


It was almost like watching slow motion; I paid no attention to the kick but kept my eyes fixated on her magnificent form even after she had landed. But it was too much and as I felt a follow up was on the way I tried to close my knees.


An attempt which failed miserably as she connected again.

“We told you what would happen if you tried to cover up.” They took some rope and tied my knees into an open position attaching them to a sofa and a table.

“So let’s get back to it you stupid fuck.” Alex nailed me three times in quick succession and I started to cry.

“Looks like were getting somewhere,” as Stephanie repeated the process.

I thought I would black out or die or something because I couldn’t take much more. Alex pulled up a chair close to me and started stroking my cock with her shoe while staring into my eyes. I was lost in a sea of pain and pleasure as she seemed to be looking inside me for something.


She found what she was after, an unsuspecting fool.

“You don’t get it do you, this isn’t going to be any fun for you no matter how hard you try to focus on our young lush bodies,” Stephanie said while grabbing Alex and holding her body against her own.

“It’s going to be slow and painful.” She kissed Alex deeply. “And when we go back there to the bed room you’re going to be in that exact position, barley conscious, you’ll no what were doing but you wont even be able to hear us,” she said holding up some ear plugs. “And you won’t see it coming when we get back to start all over again.”

With that the two women both started kicking me full force over and over. Jiggling breasts or no, my eyes closed trying to shut out the nauseating pain rising in my stomach after each gut wrenching kick.

I think they stopped some time before I realized it, I didn’t even notice the ear plugs or the gag. But I knew and despite all the pain my cock strained against its cage.

To be continued…