Monday, September 17, 2007

First Ever Story

By george

How could I pass?

It had been months since I stuck the note on the bar window and the crank calls had died out after a week. But this was different, the female voice seemed serious but there was a trace of a giggling girl in the background.

The only thing stopping me from believing it was the too good to be true factor, they had even turned down the offer of money. I’d had three days to think it over and with every hour I changed my mind and it was only by chance that it ended up on me turning up at the hotel room.

I knocked at the door having already laid out a time frame of about half a minute before I would give up but it didn’t come to that. The door was opened almost immediately by a beautiful girl with long brown hair and blue eyes and she simply said “Come in”

I did as she said, too nervous to utter a word. The girl introduced herself as “Alex” but explained that this was not her real name, she looked about 25 and was beautiful in every sense with a slinky body which may have lacked a few curves but her intense eyes set in a fabulous face made up for that.

I finally took note of another girl who was sitting on the sofa drinking a glass of wine. She had curly light red locks and a round face with very rosy cheeks, and was much more shapely that her friend. She took a break from her wine to tell me to address her as “Stephanie” which I assumed was also false.

Alex laid out in a very matter of fact kind of way that I would strip down to my underwear and kneel down on the ground, any attempt to obstruct or to protect myself would be prevented and they would start again.

This sounded good, too good, I now knew this was genuine and it posed a new problem entirely, could I hack it.

I did exactly as she said with Stephanie giggling the whole time I removed my clothes, it occurred to me that she had probably started drinking some time before I arrived. When I was done and on the ground Alex tied my wrists behind and my legs together before tying them my hands to my legs pretty much immobilizing me. I was scared but in a good way, but then something changed, Stephanie stood up looked at me then Alex laughed out loud and then gave Alex a high five, the serious restrained Alex disappeared and she now seemed to have joined her friend in drinking.

The two girls continued to laugh to themselves for some time and I was worried that this might still turn out to be a wind up but then Stephanie stopped dead the laughter and spoke in an aggressive tone right in my face.

“You have no fucking idea what you just got into,” she only just finished the sentence before cracking up again.

“Well we may as well give him a show as it’s probably the last time he’s going to enjoy it.”

They striped down to tight t-shirts and panties before putting on white sneakers. Good god they were beautiful, their t-shirts seemed at least two sizes to small and they strained against firm breasts.

“Well I think its time”

Alex stood hands on hips about two feet away from me and said “We’ll start light”


She gave no time between the last word and the kick. I had tried to bend forward but I was stopped by my restraints and while I wasted my time she fired another right footed kick hard as through she were practicing her penalties.

She seemed happy with her handy work as I groaned and panted unable to do much about my predicament. She made way for Stephanie who seemed to be itching for a chance.

“Mmmm, I want you to gives us marks out of 10 when were finished.” I had thought about closing my eyes trying to brace myself for the impending kick but I was determined to watch those beautiful tits.


It was almost like watching slow motion; I paid no attention to the kick but kept my eyes fixated on her magnificent form even after she had landed. But it was too much and as I felt a follow up was on the way I tried to close my knees.


An attempt which failed miserably as she connected again.

“We told you what would happen if you tried to cover up.” They took some rope and tied my knees into an open position attaching them to a sofa and a table.

“So let’s get back to it you stupid fuck.” Alex nailed me three times in quick succession and I started to cry.

“Looks like were getting somewhere,” as Stephanie repeated the process.

I thought I would black out or die or something because I couldn’t take much more. Alex pulled up a chair close to me and started stroking my cock with her shoe while staring into my eyes. I was lost in a sea of pain and pleasure as she seemed to be looking inside me for something.


She found what she was after, an unsuspecting fool.

“You don’t get it do you, this isn’t going to be any fun for you no matter how hard you try to focus on our young lush bodies,” Stephanie said while grabbing Alex and holding her body against her own.

“It’s going to be slow and painful.” She kissed Alex deeply. “And when we go back there to the bed room you’re going to be in that exact position, barley conscious, you’ll no what were doing but you wont even be able to hear us,” she said holding up some ear plugs. “And you won’t see it coming when we get back to start all over again.”

With that the two women both started kicking me full force over and over. Jiggling breasts or no, my eyes closed trying to shut out the nauseating pain rising in my stomach after each gut wrenching kick.

I think they stopped some time before I realized it, I didn’t even notice the ear plugs or the gag. But I knew and despite all the pain my cock strained against its cage.

To be continued…

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