Friday, October 5, 2007

Step Sister

by jonsnidr

That night the 17 year old girl has an argument with her step brother purposely initiated by her. She incites his anger to the point where he strikes out at her slapping her in the face. She takes the opportunity to do what she had so long desired. Distracting him with a palm strike to the chin she moves in for the kill. She had donned her heavy high heel boots especially for the occasion. Wearing tight high cut hot pants and t shirt her beauty is on show for him to see. Grabbing him by the arms she begins with a graceful knee in the balls which she noticed bends him over nicely. She can already feel her juices flowing in anticipation of what is to follow. She pushes him upright against the wall and steps back.

Moving quickly she plants her left leg and moves the right back. She brings the right forward with all the force she can muster. Her shapely booted leg moves forward and upwards, the metal reinforced toe of the boot striking her step brother full in the nuts. The hard point of her boot hits directly on the target smashing his jewels. He collapses to the floor eyes popping out and totally defeated. Pushing his legs apart she finishes the job with a few stomps using the sharp boot heel jabbed into his scrotum. Still unsatisfied she picks him up by the hair and delivers a final knee directly to his testes utterly crushing them.

Leaving him slumped on the floor semiconscious she strolls off sure that he won’t bother her again.

Just a normal day...

by jj

A little something that my wife wrote and I thought I'd share with everyone. I'm the strong silent type, but I've been watching Velvet Kick develop since the late 90s and it sure has come a long way. It's incredible, to say the least. I've never really participated, but thought I'd try with this. Please offer any feedback you may have, I'll share it with her. She loves to bust my balls. Just a mental picture of her...she's seriously beautiful...ex model...blonde...5' 11" tall...and wears a size 10 shoe. Her legs & feet are incredibly strong and very beautiful. Enjoy...


She woke up early, much sooner than he did. She tried to lay there and fall back to sleep. She was so frustrated with the thought that she couldn't sleep, especially since all the kids were gone for the next couple of weeks and this was the first day they had to sleep in and not get up early. All she could do was lay there and think of all the things that needed to be done and what little time she had to get them done. You would have thought that thinking so much would have caused her to cover her head with the blanket and fall back to sleep, but instead she lay there getting more and more stressed. Quickly, an overwhelming surge of guilt flowed through her.

She felt the need to get up, but how would she do it without waking her husband. She knew he needed and wanted to sleep. He had not been sleeping well lately and had been so tired. Work was taking a toll on him and obviously she hadn't figured out how to help him release his tension. Everything she did didn't seem to work. She knew what would release her tension, but how could that help him with his frustrations and stress. Once again another surge of guilt flowed through her. One more thing to stress about. She definitely couldn't sleep anymore now.

She rolled over slowly and quietly, trying not to disturb him. Rolling on to the floor, replacing the covers as she stood up. Thank goodness, she thought, as she listened for a change in breathing or any movement from him and luckily there was none. She walked slowly to the bathroom. She wanted to brush her teeth, change into something big and comfortable, and then go to the restroom. She brushed her teeth and then went to the restroom, shutting the door quietly, trying not to make too much noise.

When she was done she walked into the closet that was still dark, no need for a light she thought, I know my way around and right where I left my shirt and pajama pants from last night. She stripped down to nothing but her panties, a black lacy thong. She slowly unbuttoned the oversized shirt of her husbands that she had worn to bed last night. One button at a time and then she let it slowly slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor at her feet.

She bent over slowly to pick up the big t-shirt that she had worn the night before, all the sudden she felt something touch her from behind. Initially a burst of fear ran through her body. The hand ran softly up her thigh, touching her ass and then sliding their fingers in between her and the thong. Then before she could think anymore about it, a hand came up and covered her mouth, so she couldn't make a sound. She thought to herself, who is this? It can't be my husband; I just left him sleeping soundly in the bed. How could he have made it into the closet without me hearing him?

This is crazy; it's got to be him. How could anyone else have hidden in the closet all night or made it through our bedroom without either one of hearing them? The initial fear quickly passed as she convinced herself that it was her husband. She began relaxing a bit and enjoying the feeling of him touching her and caressing her ass and breasts. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards and started sucking on her neck. This was such a turn on for her, it was nothing like anything they had ever done before, even the pulling of her hair seemed to be a bit rougher than normal. The more she enjoyed it and got into it, the more rough it got. He grabbed her hands and tied a scarf around them, binding them together in front of her body. Suddenly he pushed her down to the ground, onto her hands and knees, all the while keeping a hold of her hair and keeping her in tight control.

He slid his fingers up and down between the thong and her pussy, touching it ever so softly. She was getting so wet with the touch. He then grabbed her thong and pulled it to the side, then releasing her hair he took his other hand and put his fingers in between the lips of her pussy and started rubbing it a little bit harder and then thrust two fingers inside of her.

The juices were really flowing now and she was dripping wet. He obviously didn't think that two was enough so he tried pushing in three and then four. By this time, it really started to hurt and she let out a painful moan. He quickly reached up and covered her mouth again as he took one of the four fingers out of her pussy. As she quieted down again, he thrust in the fourth finger again.

Once again it hurt and she started to turn around while telling him to stop, since it hurt her too much. He covered her mouth again, but this time instead of removing one finger he kept them all inside of her and thrust them harder inside of her. She was trying to imagine what had come over her husband and why he wouldn't stop hurting her.

As she stopped making any noise, he removed his hand and then started slapping her ass. The first one wasn't that bad, but it was a shock. The second one was a bit harder, but it didn't stop there, he continued to smack her ass over and over again. It got harder each time with each additional hit. She started to say something again, but this time he grabbed another scarf and covered her mouth, making it so she couldn't say anything. Then she could hear him unzipping his pants. She thought, ‘how did he have time to get dressed?’

She felt him stroking his cock and making it hard, ready to stick inside of her. He then thrust his hard cock deep inside of her. She let out another moan, what little she could after having her mouth gagged. It really hurt. What was he doing?

He then grabbed her hair and gave it good yank and then whispered softly, but in a deep voice, "You better shut up or I will have to hurt you!"

‘What the hell is going on?’ she thought, ‘this voice sounds familiar BUT, this is NOT my husband.’ Suddenly an overwhelming fear took over her body. Thoughts racing quickly through her mind. Who is this? What can I do to get out of this? How can get my husband to help me? When will he wake up? What will he do when he sees this? All of a sudden another sickening feeling filled her stomach. How could I have enjoyed any of this? What will I do? How will I explain this?

Just then she used every bit of energy she had and tried to scream. She knew she made enough noise, because now he seemed pissed. He pulled on her hair, almost ripping it out. He started jamming his cock deep inside her again and again, harder and harder. All she could do is try to yell while enduring the pain as tears flowed down her face.

All of a sudden her husband walked in and turned on the light. An overwhelming bit of relief ran through her. Now it would all stop, but wait a minute. Her husband wasn't doing anything to stop this. He was just standing there watching, smiling, with his arms crossed. ‘Who was this other person?’ she thought.

Before she could turn around to see, her husband walked up in front of her and dropped his pants and started stroking his cock. He then took the gagging strap off of her mouth and stuck his cock in its place. She didn't know whether to bite it off or start sucking on it and give him the best head he'd ever had. She still wanted to know who this guy behind her was, but obviously with his cock in her mouth, she didn't have the opportunity to ask any questions. He was rough and strong, yet gentle and caressing. He continued to thrust his cock deep inside her pussy as she took all of her husband deep in her mouth. Her husband leaned over and began smacking her ass as the other one grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her into each thrust. Both of them were swelling to the point of exploding, but no one was ready to come yet, they definitely didn't want it to be over with yet.

Suddenly the time had come. He pulled out from behind her and her husband pulled out from her mouth. Both of them stood together behind her, stroking their cocks. Slowly she got up off the floor, her hands still bound together. She turned toward them, knowing she was going to find out who this mystery man was.

She then she saw him standing smiling along with her husband. It was her husband's best friend. How could they be just standing there smiling at each other and then back at her? All the sudden she began smiling herself. They didn't understand why, but she did. They thought they had all the bases covered and were in total control. They had one last thing to do to her before they were completely finished. They wanted to come all over her together and make a huge mess.

Well, for a little while they were in control, but they forgot one thing. They never tied her legs or feet and those were the strongest part of her body. She decided to play a little game with them. She laid down on the floor as if she was begging for more and knowing exactly what they wanted to do to her. Both of them watched intently and with a hunger that had not been seen before. You would have thought that she was a wounded animal in the forest and they were hungry wolves looking for a meal.

As they walked closer toward her, she just grinned and lifted both legs at the same time and kicked both of them with the ball of her foot on each cock and ending with a final blow to the scrotum with her heel. She felt each of their balls trapped in the arch of her foot. Neither of them could move and neither of them knew what to do. They were now the helpless animals in the forest.

She rolled them around under her feet and let them whimper out in agony. What sweet joy this was to her. Finally a chance to get them back, but had she really gotten them back or given them exactly what they wanted. She didn't dare let go of either one of them, knowing full well that she would lose any bit of control that she had at the moment. With one final thrust into each scrotum, she released but then kicked again. She didn't know how much they could take, but she was willing to find out. Who would fold first and how strong were they really?

This game continued on for at least twenty more kicks and finally both of them gave in and dropped to their knees. The look on their faces was priceless. At the end, she stuck her foot in each of their mouths and told them to suck on her toes as she caressed her pussy with her hand and then stroked both of their cocks. Both men were extremely hard and ready to explode. She was definitely at that point herself. What a rush.

Then without hesitation they both came all over her, squirting from her pussy up to her neck. I guess she got the pearl necklace that she had always wanted and it was a rather large one, since it ran all the way down to her clit.

Know Your Friends

By jhp72

"That looks like Hannah"

Russell put hit pint down and turned to look at the small car that pulled up in the pub car park. It was a warm summer day, and the sun reflected off the window hiding the occupant.

Hannah smiled as she stepped out of the car and headed towards them.

"Is this a coincidence?"

James realized it wasn't the warmest of greetings, but he had known her since she was a lanky teenager. Hannah wasn't a natural blond, but James was so used to her, he didn't and couldn't think of her as otherwise. He remember being shocked when she shot up as a teenager, and being a little concerned to think she might tower over him, but she remained 5'11", slim, and beautifully formed. She was wearing no makeup, and was naturally attractive, but when she wanted to, she could turn heads.

"I was on my way to Russell's when I saw you both sat here."

"Yep, Russell and I have had a busy day."

She laughed. Russell and James didn't do busy days, and they all knew that.

Hannah sat next to James on the trestle table bench,

"Would you like a drink?" Russell held his nearly full pint up to indicate they were staying for a bit. It was James and Russell's fourth pint, or maybe fifths, or maybe, well, no-one was counting.

She looked unsure, and then somewhat leisurely agreed. Hannah didn't do busy days either.

While Russell went into the pub, James chatted to her about their day, and caught up on the quite uneventful weeks they both had. Hannah had recently bought a new flat, and she found it a bit uneasy at times staying there alone. He found himself talking to her breasts on more than one occasion, but she was happy to ignore that, they had been friends of friends long enough and he made her laugh, and she liked that. For his part, Hannah made James feel at ease, they had been in some sticky, usually drunken situations, but they respected each other, and trusted each other.

They stayed chatting and laughing for around an hour, there were sometimes silences, but no-one felt embarrassed, it was very relaxed and pleasant.

When it was time to go, Hannah offered them both a lift, so they dropped Russell off to his house, waiting for around a minute while he tried to get his key in the door. Hannah drove carefully back, James just spouted of a load of rubbish, but on cue, Hannah would laugh.

"Do you want me to drop you at the station?"

"Yes, if it's not out of your way."

"It's only a five minute walk from my flat."

"I'll come back and walk from there, the trains not for an hour."

Her flat was ground floor and had two bedrooms. It was quite how James had expected. After a quick tour, he made a cup of coffee for them both, while Hannah headed straight for a bottle of wine. He noticed the large selection, and couldn't help but notice the two bottles in the bin. He really wasn't prying - it takes one to know one he thought.

Hannah sat in the armchair in the living room, and James slumped half across the sofa. She took her shoes off and James looked at her feet, they were a great culmination of her firm, long legs. When he glanced back up at her she was staring questionable at him with a slight smirk on her face.

"I, er, feel knackered Hannah."

"You can crash out if you want. I'm going to have a shower as Katharine is coming round later"

"It's tempting. Who's Katharine?"

As she spoke, Hannah leaned back in her seat, and lifted her leg with a pointed toe, and raised it in an imaginary kicking motion three or four times, then proceeded with the other leg. A mini work out.

"She's a friend I met last week. She knows you."

James was sidetracked by Hannah's legs.

"From where?"

"A friend of a friend…"

"What's her surname?"

"Don't know." Hannah obviously didn't want to talk about it. "Thanks for lending me those CD's"

He had to think for a moment, but then remembered lending her a copy of UK_2_surge and a CD of some downloaded music tracks.

"Did they work?"

"UK_2_surge was great, but the other CD wasn't the music."

"Oh, I'll give you another one. Enjoying your aerobics?" he nodded towards her legs.

"I did aerobics last night and my legs still hurt. The trainer told us to pretend we were kicking a bloke in the balls. One kick with the left leg, one with right.”

She animated the scene as she spoke, sticking upwards to an imaginary groin.

James half smiled, half frowned. Hannah turned to him, "Have you ever tied anyone's hand up?"



"Some friends when I was a kid, a couple of girlfriends who."


"Who wanted you to?"

As ever, Hannah never made things awkward.

"Yes, they did want me to."

"Can you show me?"

"Er, okay."

Hannah jumped up, and walked across to a small Beachwood cabinet, opened a draw and pulled of a meter length of nylon rope. James sat up and she sat beside him, passing him the rope and holding her slim wrists out in front of her.

"Well, the secret is to wrap around once, tie a knot. Let me show you.”

He gently pulled her hands towards him, "Wrap it round once, tie a knot, then wrap it round between your hands, and tie another knot. You see, it doesn't hurt, but you can't get out."

Hannah tried to release herself momentarily, but after a few twists of her arms, smiled, "That's good, can I try on you?"


James untied her hands and she straitened the rope out.

"Does it work behind your back? As its works in front of you?"

"Yes, of course. I'll need to turn round."

"Probably best if you lay on your front?"

Hannah stool up, while James somewhat surreally lay on the sofa and put his arms behind his back. He was surprised when Hannah immediately sat astride his legs, and eagerly pulled his arms behind his back. He had known Hannah for years, this would be alright.

She talked through the process, "Wrap it round tie a knot, then wrap it round the other way and tie a knot. How about that, can you get out."

James tried to move his arms,

"No way, you've got the idea."

"Could you unpick this knot?"

"I guess so, in time."

There was no response as she tied the knot again two or three times."

"Could you unpick that?"

"No." This was not right, but maybe not wrong.

Hannah jumped up, "I'm going to shower. Do you want anything?"

"No thanks."


She stood with her hands on her hips, legs firmly apart, towering over him as he lay on the sofa. He paused.

"No... You could untie me?"

"I think you would be more comfortable sleeping in the bedroom." She pulled him up from the sofa.

"Hannah what are you doing?

She held her index finger to his lips when he was on his feet.

"Shh, trust me on this one." She guided him out of the living room into the second bedroom. They didn't speak, it wasn't appropriate to speak. It was a bed with wrought iron heads and no duvet. The gentle touch seemed to end as she pushed him face first onto the bed. The room had the curtains drawn, and it was quite dark and warm.

"You'll be able to sleep better in here."

"Hannah, are you okay?"

"I'm fine; it's you I should be worried about."


She stood up and opened a wardrobe cupboard, removing a grey case which she placed on the floor by the bed.

"Roll over on your back." James complied. Hannah leant forward and squeezed his groin, feeling his semi hard penis. "You're not enjoying this are you James?" She continued to massage hiss balls through his trousers.

"I think I'm going to miss my train." She slapped his balls gently and stood up, and removed her hooded top, showing her fine breasts in a good fitting black bra. James's penis was now fully hard, and she noticed his trousers move.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?"

She undid her jeans, slowly, while staring at James. He hadn't ever seen Hannah as this sexy, and wasn't sure what the hell she was doing. He felt momentarily embarrassed of his raging trousers, and looked away.

"Keep watching, James"

He looked back as she pushed her jeans down her long legs and elegantly stepped out. She stood in black bra and knickers, reached up and caressed her large breasts, squeezing them symmetrically between her long fingers. She shut her eyes and he could tell she was getting something out of this, was it the control she had, she was never overtly confident in a sexual way. But she seemed very confident as she stood there in all her splendor, her hands now sliding inside her knickers as her breathing increased, she let out a moan as James just watched; this was great.

She stopped suddenly.

Purposefully she moved round to the side of the bed. She knelt beside James and undid his trousers, undid his flies and pulled then down. He lifted his body to help her slide them down, and pull then over his ankles. She took his socks and pants off, and his penis sprung up fully erect.

"Do you know what this is about yet James?"


"That second CD you leant me, wasn't music, it was an interesting selection of movie clips, pictures and stories. I thought it be fun to try some out."

James shut his eyes, "Shit. That was careless."

"Very careless. From what I could tell, the main theme of your collection was that skimpily dressed women, barefoot, tied up men, and preferably more than one woman. Being suspended also a favorite, all finished with well aimed kicks into your balls."

He felt a little embarrassed by her direct descriptions.

"That doesn't mean I like that - I mean, they may not be mine." He felt like his head and balls were about to explode

She smiled at him, "Oh I don't think either of us believes that, do we?"

She climbed onto the bend and knelt between his legs facing him, cupped his balls in one hand, and slowly began rubbing his shaft. She tightened her grip on his balls until he winced; she studied the look on his face to gauge his threshold, and rhythmically squeezed his balls at that threshold.

"We just need to get you balls ready for later." She squeezed one testicle in each hand. "Is there anything I can do to help these take a good kick?"

"A good kick?"

"I've got something that may help…" She leant across and emptied the contents of the bag on the bed. She took a small leather strap, pulled both of his balls down and fastened the strap around his scrotum above his balls.

"Hannah, I'm not sure that will help."

"It'll mean the kicks are more accurate, ensure they connect cleanly with these little fellers."

"I think that will make it hurt more."

"Well, how about we try some with the strap and some without, and you let us know.”

James started to feel a little uncomfortable; she seemed to be a little too sure of herself. He was helpless, and she was determined. He then thought of her foot smashing into his balls and the resulting pain. It was always fun with his girlfriends, but it just happened. This was like a bolt out of the blue.

She placed leather straps around each of his ankles, and clipped them to either side of the bed, pulling his legs apart.

James complied, but winced as he had a dead arm.

"Do your arms hurt?"

"As if you cared…"

She moved over him, placing one hand either side of his head, her breasts bobbling inched from his face in the black bra.

"Of course I care."

She leant down and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was long, and they explored each others lips mouths. James suddenly felt her knee firmly press against his balls, and took a quick intake of breath.

She leant forward and whispered quietly in his ear, "I want you to enjoy this, and I don't want anything to distract from the pain in your balls."

She kneed him, not hard, but it sent the first dull sensation through his body. Next came straps, with a small chain and hook around each of his tied wrists.

"If you try anything, I'll squeeze your balls. You won't like it."

She untied him and although he thought about fighting her, his legs were tied, he would have to knock her out, and it was Hannah, no he conceded to have his hands strapped above his head to either side of the bed.

He was now laid out like a starfish unable to move. Hannah lifted his head and placed a pillow under him.

"There, I think you're ready now."

Hannah stood up on the end of the bed, held onto the bead post to steady herself, and lifted her right foot under his strapped balls. She balanced them on the top of her foot just above her toes, and jiggled them around.

James was rock hard, and was short breathing in anticipation of the pain he assumed was coming. He almost just wanted her to do it, get it over with. Hannah once again thrust her hand down her knickers, "I'm jiggling your balls with my foot, and myself with my hand, and I want to give you a good kick. Is that wrong?"

Shit. It was becoming a game, and one word out of place.

"Not if you are enjoying it."

"Do you mean turned on?"

Yes, No?

"I'm turned on. You look great."

She smiled, she is so sexy. He wanted her to rip her knickers off and ride him, he wanted to be in her, he was rock hard, she was ready; they should be connected now.

"What do you want me to do now James? Kick you?"

It would wrong to say no, but that was the game. She pushed the sole of her foot onto his balls, watching as they played around, constricted by the leather strap

"If you are going to kick me, then you'd better get on with it."

She continued to manipulate his balls under her toes as she spoke.

"You see, you've got it wrong. I'm not going to hurt you at all."


"I'm just checking you're up for it, and making sure nothing gets out of hand." She moved her foot away from his balls and sat between his legs. She took a bottle of baby oil, the last contents from the bag, poured some between her hands, and rubbed them over his balls and stiff cock.

"This should help stop the stinging a bit." She masturbated him as she rubbed the oil all over his groin.

The door bell rang.

"Time to meet your maker." She stood up and took a black mask, lifted his head and placed it over his eyes. She leant forward and kissed him, her mouth was warm on gentle, and she rolled her tongue around his teeth.

"Better not keep Katharine waiting, wouldn't want to make her angry."

James, deprived of his sight, began to feel anxious. His hearing now heightened, he heard Hannah walk out, and shut the door behind her. He immediately tried to free himself from the straps, but he was in for the night.

He could hear muffled voices, some giggling, and doors opening and shutting. He could not pick out what they were saying. Then, silence. He lay there for what seemed an age, seeming to loose any sense of time. Footsteps and the door of the room opening.

"I've got someone to meet you."

"Hello Katharine, forgive me if I don't stand."

"Hello James."

Who was that? He couldn't place the voice. She seemed to be talking in a low voice, trying to fool him.

"Katharine and I thought we'd play a little game with you. Almost like hangman, but we'll call it kickball." Original.

Out of sight Katharine had stripped down to her knickers and bra, she lifted her fine fit body between James's legs, stood on the bed, and placed her foot against his balls. Hannah removed the pillow and slid herself under him, his head resting just above her groin, and her legs wrapping around his upper chest

"Right, a letter from Katharine's surname."


"Correct. Next letter?"

James could still feel here foot and toes against his balls.



James felt her remove her foot, unknown to James she took a small practice swing then kicked him squarely in the balls with the top of her foot. She saw his balls squash up and spread, having nowhere to go as the strap held them firmly. James jumped and felt the pain rush through his body. He instinctively tried to roll on his side, but he was going no-where, nor were his exposed balls. Hannah squeezed her thighs, holding him still.

"Next letter?"


Another practice move and another kick that found its mark. This time she left her foot pressed against his balls.

"Next letter?"


"Ooh, correct."

A, R.

"Harker? Katharine Harker?"

Katharine let out one last kick of her leg to his balls.

"Shit!" James felt like his balls were about to explode, the pain racked his abdomen, and grew up his body.

Hannah removed the blindfold; the first sight he saw was her ample breasts which hovered above his head. He then looked forward and saw Katharine stood at the end of the bed.

Katharine Harker.

She was 22, a quiet, girl next door type. Seemingly sweet and innocent. She was fit, and had a great body - although James had hardly noticed. They were friends of sort, chatting on the phone occasionally, sometimes for an hour or so.

"Shit Katharine..," he paused for breath, "What the hell are you doing?"

She looked at Hannah who held station with her legs around his chest.

"Just thought you needed a bit of realism."


"When I met Hannah, and we began talking, well I explained our chats on the phone, she explained the CD, and I quite liked the idea." She knelt between his open legs and caressed his balls in her hand, holding them firmly between her hands.

"You want this and I want this."

Hannah stroked his hair. "Katharine quite fancied the thought of dominating you and giving you a good time kicking your balls. I thought I should be here to make sure it doesn't get out of hand."

Hannah leant forward and began to masturbate his penis with her left hand. Katharine still had a firm grip on his nuts. "Okay Katy, kick away until this bastard cums."

James enjoyed the moment, on girl masturbating his penis while another caressed his balls.

Katharine produced a condom tucked into her knickers, opened the package passed it to Hannah.

"Hannah, could you sort this out and service this boy for a bit?"

Hannah took the condom, and slid it over his penis. She sat astride him and manipulated him with her fingers so he penetrated her. She was kneeling forward and facing him on the bed, her hands pressed against his chest. He felt the warmth of her body, although she didn't move she just squeezed her thighs around his torso.

"Katharine have you still got a good shot?"

"Beautiful. Let me know when you think he's done."

Katharine stood on the bed and placed both her hands on Hannah’s back to steady herself. She could see James strapped balls behind Hannah - still exposed.

"How many kicks do you think it will take - shall we bet?"

"Ten, maybe fifteen?"

"Let's see, I reckon twenty."

Katharine pointed her foot and swiftly swung the top of her foot, just above the toes, into James's balls. She could have done it harder, but it was quantity she was looking for.

She swung back time and time again, changing from left to right every second kick. The leather strap ensured every kick connected firmly into his balls.

James fired on the tenth kick.

The girls didn't care who was right - they both won - Katharine stopped on the 15th when Hannah leaned forward and kissed James. The deep kiss and somehow eased the pain. They turned him on his back and tied his hand behind him, and removed the strap from his balls.

Hannah removed the condom, carefully cleaning his penis with bay wipes, squeezing out any last juices. When she was satisfied she smiled at him. "We'll be coming to bed shortly. You'll be safe then."

James curled up, and dosed, while he heard them talk and laugh under the TV in the next room.

As promised they untied his arms, and he slept with Hannah to his right and Katharine to his left.

Epilogue (of sorts)

We all slept well that night - and we're still friends.

My balls hurt like hell - but the girls were sympathetic the next morning.

Hannah enjoyed it but says she won't do it again (damn).

Katharine- I was just glad Hannah was there!

Ultimate Frisbee

By jacksdoe

Just after graduating college I moved into a townhouse a few blocks from the school. If you’ve never tried it you’ve got to live near a college, those warm summer days crop up and the girls just lay out a towel on the front lawn and drink in the sun. I’d been going for five years before I got my BS so I knew the ins and outs of the campus and where to walk on those days to catch a glimpse of the most T&A.

A lawn filled with tight young gorgeous bodies in skimpy swimsuits or cut off jeans or even cotton boxers; soft inviting breasts some held tight to the body with sports bras and others with a t shirt and no bras at all; and of course those perfect toned asses. It was like a California beach and I never saw a chick there that wasn’t do-able. Most guys would walk around drooling, checking the girls out with raging boners struggling with the tightness of their board shorts. Of course the girls would just point and giggle when I’d try to be inconspicuous with the shifting of my member, but I swear those girls were loving how uncomfortable they made us.

Some guys would even have the balls to run up stranger and give her a goose and somehow they would always conveniently get caught, as if he was really trying to outrun a chick in a pair of tight white boy-shorts with perfect jiggling. In fact, one of the most common things to see on campus is the great equalizer against rampant flirtatiousness: a swift knee to the balls. That’s what stands out the most anyway, in fact it was only two years ago I was playing a game on that stretch of lawn right over there on a day just like today.

Yeah it was the first day I got anywhere with Stephanie, and it’s a story she loves to tell. Wherever there are hot sun bathing goddesses there will be men also, so on hot days it was no coincidence that me and a group of guys felt the urge to start up a game of softball or Ultimate Frisbee right in their line of sight. Hell the game wouldn’t even official start and we were already pulling off our shirts and showing off. But it never took long for the girls to get tired of just watching and felt the need to get a little closer to show the boys how it’s done… and that’s always when guys would start getting hurt.

Stephanie. Twenty years old, long dark hair that was always back in a pony tail that was long enough to tap her ass whenever she walked. She had the perfect body, pert breasts with a trace outline of a lacey bra cradling them beneath her t-shirt, long smooth legs she didn’t mind showing off and equipped them with a sweet set of running shoes.

First time I met her was in Chemistry a few weeks before, the chem. tables were so close together that when I went to squeak by there was a long ass to ass rub between her and me, I turned around to apologize and got whipped in the face with her ponytail as she looked from side to side to see who the asshole was. She could immediately tell it was an accident and how embarrassed I was so she just smiled, she never said anything she just smiled and looked over at one of her girlfriends and mouthed, “What?” I’d never had any luck with girls of the model caliber, they were a little out of my league so I was still in a hurry to get out of the room without making eye contact, something about that sexy smile intimidated me. As I was weighting in line to get out of the class I felt someone grab my ass, “Steph! I can’t believe you just did that” her friend giggled.

“I figured now that we’re even there’s no reason to be awkward around each other.” Damn she was hot; she had that little girly head cocked to the side thing going on. Don’t get me wrong I was really liking this chick but she had me completely by surprise and before I had a chance to say anything her face suddenly looked surprised, “That is unless you don’t have the balls to talk to me…” and without hesitating she reached out and grabbed my balls through my Gap jeans, she squeezed enough to make me wince then rolled them a second before letting go. As she walked past she looked really red like she knew she wasn’t normally this naughty but was enjoying herself too much.

“Nope, he’s defiantly got some balls.” As she walked past me and out of the room I heard her friends saying they’d never seen her do anything like that before and how she’s “so bad”, and “I can’t believe you just grabbed his package like that”. The last question I heard someone ask was how big it was but despite straining to hear I never heard an answer. Me, I was still holding my balls as I walked out and went to the nearest bathroom to jack off in, and for the next week all I could do was think about this chick before I needed to go relieve myself. Just thinking about that coy grin would start to give me blue balls like I’d never had for a girl before.

The chem. lab only met once a week so that weekend all I could think about was the next Monday when I met this girl again what I would say and how I’d say it. Then Sunday afternoon it was such a scorcher and I could see all those sweet little asses lined up down on the lawn I figured it was time for a stroll around campus. When me and the guys decided it was a good idea to start up a game of ultimate Frisbee I’d noticed the eyes of the girls watching but after a quick game the girls moved onto the field and sure enough Stephanie walked straight up to me and put her hands on her hips and grinned. Her blue shorts were athletic but they looked short enough for a girl at Hooters and I knew I was the envy of all the other guys.

“So it looks like we’ll be grinding our butts together again today,” jeez her tone was so sexy, I love that sexy bitchiness that comes through.

“Sounds good to me,” I groan inside, is that it, that’s your line… ‘Sounds good to me…’ You’ve been thinking about this girl all week and that’s what you’ve got, you’ve got nothing my man. But I see she’s still smiling so maybe she’s attracted to clear lack of game.

The first few scores neither of us got a pass and we basically just ran around the field guarding each other with a little touching here and there. Finally a toss to her and she caught it (if you don’t know the rules once you catch the Frisbee you can’t move your right foot off the ground until you’ve thrown it to someone else) so when I went to guard her she had a bit of trouble not having me on her every move. She spun around on one foot and I was swiped in the face with her ponytail and as I tried to cover her from behind she leaned forward causing me to lean into her to try and stop her arms. That gorgeous ass of hers was resting against my crotch and I could hear her giggling, at first I thought she was laughing at what she was feeling but now I know she was thinking about what she was going to do. She leaned forward as far as she could go which really put me off balance and with my legs spread apart then she quickly lowered both of her knees like she was going to do squats then WHAM…

She’d power rammed that sexy ass of hers up into my dangling balls… Wham… twice. I fell backward on my ass as she passed to one of her teammates; she turned around and offers me a hand up. I left the other gently holding my nuts; they weren’t hurt bad and if it hadn’t been in front of everybody I might have enjoyed that level of pain just not the embarrassment.

“So does it still sound good to you?” She defiantly liked to play, alright but if this is about the game I’ll have to let her know that I’m just going easy on her because guarding a girl can be a delicate thing… which my aching nuts are a clear reminder.

So I started to play serious and I was on fire. Nothing that was getting passed to Stephanie was getting through and I’d slap the Frisbee down on the ground if it even came close to her. The sentiment of our witty exchanges started at the “playful” but somehow the competition of the game infected our dance and was definitely getting heated. Not angry, more like the type of frustration that I’d been feeling most of that week, it reminded me of blue balls. Shit all that sexual tension on the field of competition and I was randy and ready to go.

Next thing I knew a pass got through and Steph had the Frisbee in her right hand. Feeling a little more pumped and a little reminded of how silly she’d made me look the last time we were in this situation I decided to take a little advantage. I was all over covering her starting from the front then she was able to work her way around to being in front of me ass/crotch again. Every time it looked like she was good to make a shot I bump her from behind like I was pounding a pinball machine. It kept throwing her off balance which got a chuckle out of some of the guys.

“Come on he’s fouling her; he can’t do that!” one of her teammates shouted. I was just focused on that cute little butt facing me and enjoyed the reversal of what happened earlier; when I nudged her from behind I got a pretty good feel of her tight cheeks on each side of my rod.

She spun back around and greeted my cocky smirk with a look of serious PMS, and it was the first look I got from her that I didn’t feel like she dug anything about me and of course I realized my sex depraved and charged state had turned me into something of an asshole. When she turned around and followed her eyes immediately looking towards my raging hard-on I knew I’d gone too far. She was really flushed and she cocks an angry smile out of half her mouth as she looked back up at me, hands on hips.

“What… oh… he just wanted to play too,” I said with a smirk.

Her face lightened up and the smile looked like we were back to the tone of the repartee that we’d started with.

“Oh yeah, is he any good?” she smiled suggestively as the game had clearly slowed down to our pace.

“Oh I hear he’s quite the athlete,” playing right back at her.

She reached her left hand off her hip and reached for my cock like she was drawing a sword.

“And, can he go… long?” she added after getting a firm grip around my rod. Now I’m not a premature kinda guy but I felt like I was on the verge of it with this chick. Her body was such a tight light package and feeling her hand taking control of my dick and tugging hard to emphasize the word “long”.

“Oh he can make it to the end of any field,” I said with considerably more enjoyment than cockiness. Damn that sexy smile, she used my dick to pull me closer which I happily consented, then she leaned in to whisper in my ear.

I could feel her boobs resting gently on my toned chest and her mouth was so close I could feel her lips on my earlobe and the heat from her mouth when she spoke, “…but can he… CATCH?”

On her last word she used her right hand with the Frisbee to quickly drive her wrist/forearm up into my balls.

I could hear sympathetic groans from some of the guys on the team, all the girls however, were laughing there asses off Naturally I wasn’t very aware of all this at the moment because Stephanie was still holding her forearm between my balls. She let go of my cock and pushed my barrel chest back so she could see my face and to my amazement I had never seen her so happy. She seemed to be absorbing all of the pain from my current state through my facial expression and was converting it to something of an orgasmic energy.

“Well if he can’t catch he should probably sit this game out,” she said when she finally pulled away from my nuts and let me slide down her arm. She dropped to one knee beside me tossing the Frisbee to one of her teammate’s out-stretched hands. The teammate’s guard, still stunned by my predicament, didn’t even try to block it. And almost instantly, as if nothing had happened, the game resumed even though I was still down and incapable of speech and Steph was still there kneeling beside me apparently still enjoying the sight.

After five minutes or so Steph helped me to the sidelines in a spot away from the other spectators and sat watching the game while I recovered. Apparently, since I had laid on my back with my knees up and spread apart still trying to relieve the pain Steph noticed I still had my raging hard-on,. I knew Step was finished and she’d had her laugh because she made fun of me the whole time I was down but there wasn’t anymore anger in her smile but it was still the sexiest I’d ever seen her. Now sitting Indian style her short shorts were pulled up to the maximum leg showing possible and her tiny T-shirt that she tied in a knot showing off her midriff and holding in those blossoming hooters, I could feel my swollen nuts throbbing on the verge of something explosive. Noticing the further stiffening of my shorts she giggled and started to get up, “at least you’re not too sore of a loser.” I was following those long tan legs up just as I noticed a hint of nervousness cross her face as she looked around then leaned back down.

“Oh, and let your friend know…” When she reached over I couldn’t take her touch anymore, her hand massaged my cock and painfully rolled my balls like a Chinese Stress toy. She could feel the pulsing in my balls when I exploded in my pants and squeezed my nuts one last time.

“…he can play with me anytime.”

I curled back up into a ball as I watched that sexy, long legged, ball buster catwalk away through squinted eyes and I couldn’t wait for the chance to play with her again.

To be continued….

Steph's Warning

by jacksdoe

It wasn’t long after my first busting with Stephanie that we realized we were better for each other than just a quick fling. We hung out a lot that semester and things seemed to be moving faster than any relationship I’d been in before… of course, this is college after-all. I guess I knew I was “in” when she quickly introduced me to her friends and I could read that look in their eyes, the “so this is the guy we’ve been hearing about” look. Most of her friends were guys, and they all of them definitely wanted her, so we understood we wouldn’t be close friends as long as I was with Steph. That was true of all of them except for her closest friend and roommate Mandy who actually seemed to like me.

Mandy was definitely a brain, always walking around with her nose in a book and always studying things/people with her penetrating observational eyes. Plus her wit was sharp as a tack but she was so shy that she really needed to be comfortable with you before she’d loosen up and attack you with it. But as bright and quiet as she was you probably wouldn’t guess how much of a looker she could be; hell, if I wasn’t already into Steph she would definitely be on my top 5 girls on campus “to do” list. Long skinny legs in tight blue jeans, and long dark straight hair that she kept tied back in a ponytail. She had this whole conservative European model thing going on and although I’m sure she was fit and toned she wasn’t athletic like Steph. Mandy was more delicate then Stephanie and she didn’t taunt the campus boys with her sex appeal like Steph did, that would have been beneath her classy image. Instead she could rest behind those dark framed eyeglasses of hers and just exuded it naturally. So there you have it, the brunette beauty was rooming with my blonde goddess. Oh Yeah… I had ideas, but I valued my balls too much to even explore that subject with Steph.

I didn’t really start to get to know Mandy until I started hanging out at their dorm room waiting for Steph to get back from work. I wanted to make a good impression but sitting that close to someone as hot as Mandy was so intimidating I had the tendency to ramble on nervously. She would listen so intently lying on her bed; head propped up on one arm, and would often flash a smile at whatever the hell I was saying.

I wasn’t sure what she thought of me until one night Steph and I were walking around campus and after a period of walking in conversation she popped it out of the blue, “Oh, I couldn’t get Mandy to shut up about you the other night.”

She grinned widely, “Really?”

Then Steph really hammed it up with her mock baby voice, “’Jacks is so cute’… ‘He gets flustered so easily’… ‘he has such a cute smile’…’I love guys like that’”

Before hearing this I had actually begun to wonder whether or not Mandy thought I was retarded. But it didn’t take long for her words to pump up the old ego and I was strutting my stuff in no time.

“Oh you mean this smile” I grinned all cocky and raised one of my eyebrows to overplay the part. Steph just chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Ok ‘hot stuff’ get over yourself.” We slowed down our walk and stepped out from the light-posts path in the shadows of a tree, Steph wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I had to remind Mandy to keep her hands off my guy because you,” she giggled as she leaned in for a kiss, “are all mine.”

Still playing off the ego high I was feeling dangerously confident, “Well, one more pair of hands couldn’t hurt.” I grinned suggestively.

She stopped coming in for the kiss and cocked her head, pushing her tongue against the inside of her cheek in an open mouthed smile. Her fingers unlaced behind my neck and her smooth hands traced over the outline of my shoulders, then worked down the center of my chest, down just beyond my belt. She cut her eyes up at mine and let out a long sigh as her hand was caressing my shaft through my board shorts, “Some boys just don’t learn the easy way.”

I instantly felt her fingers drop and clutch tightly around my balls squeezing the life out of them, I reached to pull her hand away but she just tightened her grip and said oh so calmly, “Don’t.”

Her eyes were transfixed on mine and she never stopped smiling her sexy grin. “Wow, you do get flustered easily don’t you?” Her grip tightened a little more but before I could sink to the floor she backed me into the tree.

“Now then, babe, are you sure one more pair of hands couldn’t hurt you… cause you don’t seem to be doing so hot ‘hot stuff’.” She yanked down hard on my sack and I started to drop to my knees but then she pulled back up again preventing the fall, then she repeated a couple of times and couldn’t help herself from laughing at the squeaking noises and pained faces I was making.

“Now I know guys are always horny and I also know Mandy is a hot piece of ass but I really want the two of you to get along and not have to worry about you hitting on her OK?” I nodded as strongly as I could without moving any part of my body below my neck, and felt my mouth drop open in a silent scream as she rolled my nuts in her palm occasionally squeezing them into each other.

She leaned into my chest and I could feel her soft boobs pressing against me as she opened that knowing smile of hers and began one of her melting French kisses. By this point the pain radiating from my nuts had climbed up into and beyond my stomach so that even now I wondered if she could feel the pain she was causing me through my quivering lips. I couldn’t reach my balls so I grabbed the closest thing in that area so I grabbed my hands full of Stephanie’s ass which only seemed to turn her on more and tighten her grip. I could hear my own moans being drowned out by Steph’s stimulating tongue. Finally she pulled her head back still licking her lips and still keeping a death grip on my package.

“Hmm, you taste like caramels. Well I think you and your boys get the idea… So uhhmm, how’re your balls” she squeezed tight and let go rapidly a few times just to get a chuckle out of my reaction. “I’m sorry babe but this is more fun than I thought it would be and since I haven’t been able to get you to play Frisbee with me again you’ve had it coming for a while.”

She brushed her hair back over her shoulder and licked her lips again, “I wonder if all of you tastes this good. In fact I’ve been pretty rough on your fellas tonight but there’s one more thing: I’d like to find out and maybe you could help me with. I’ve never put a guys balls in my mouth and I always hear that phrase ‘Suck my left nut’ so I’d really like to find out what your balls taste like.” I gulped as her tone was dripping sensuality, but didn’t have time to offer a response. She was soooo excited as she opened my belt; careful to switch hands quickly as she was definitely still holding me up by my balls, then lowered my board shorts. I usually go commando so that was all it took to strip me down naked against the tree.

“I hope you know that you really needed this good old fashioned ball busting to keep you in check, right? I mean if we’re gonna have a serious relationship I need you to get along with my closest friend without wanted to hump her leg every time you see her in a crop top. But after tonight you won’t exactly be fantasizing about Mandy without this little reminder popping into mind will you? So to finish this off on a more pleasurable note you don’t mind if I find out what they taste like on the tongue do you?”

My ability to speak was robbed a long time ago and I was barely able to see the excitement on her face as she got down on her knees. I stood there waiting for I don’t know how long with my cock straight out and my girl’s fist around my nads expecting either a blow job or a nut sucking but then she stood back up and leaned into me again and smiled. “No you won’t forget about tonight,” she let go of my balls with one hand and immediately rocketed her knee up into my sack and held it their as all my body weight was being held up by her knee and my balls. I guess she had got a footing on the tree behind me because she wasn’t strong enough to support all my weight with her thigh.

I was hanging in limbo by my nuts, and I tried to fall but just ended up sliding halfway down her smooth golden tanned leg. I held fast when my boys reached her knee cap but realizing this she faintly bobbed her leg sending me down to her shin where I instinctively leaned forward and coiled my left arm around her muscular thigh like I was holding onto a tree limb that I’d racked myself with. My right arm reached around and gripped her ass check which she seemed to enjoy, but all I wanted to do was fall to the ground and hold my throbbing lemon sized orbs as I pass out but she wouldn’t let me. As my upper body was draped across her knee she gently ran her fingers through my thick head of hair as I groaned in pain. Despite my agony I still had a serious hard-on pressed against her leg and all my weight combined with the pressure built up by the torture to my balls she had me on the verge of cumming.

She leaned over slightly and took my head in her hands lifting it up so she could look into my tear filled eyes, “Hey baby, you know those things in the back of your throat… can you describe what they taste like.” She jiggled her knee a little as she laughed and it was just enough to make my cock exploded onto her thigh and all over stomach I let go of her ass and leg and let my arms fall limp as the ecstasy of my throbbing cock was immediately replaced by the overwhelming throbbing of my nuts. She pulled her knee away and I dropped like a bag of bricks as I cupped my jewels and curled up in the worst pain of my life. Steph had the biggest smile as she picked up my board shorts and began wiping my jiz off her leg, “Wow, sucks to have balls huh?” Then her eyes lit up, “Hey, as fights go I guess we can say you got creamed huh?” I could hear her chuckles overtop of my moaning as she tossed my shorts on my oblivious clenched body.

“If I wasn’t so turned on I’d probably feel bad for him,” through my squinted eyes I looked up at the voice I had recognized. My eyes followed up the long tanned legs as Mandy emerged from the shadows to stand beside Steph, both girls with hands on hips towering over me with hungry grins.

“Something about a guy drooling all over himself gets me wet every time.” I could hear them giggling as they walked off talking about something (or someone) Mandy was almost finished with but then I couldn’t hear anything but the blood pumping through my eardrum. I closed my eyes as new waves of pain coursed through my body, but with each gut wrenching wave an orgasmic moment flashed through my mind: the image of those two gorgeous chicks and their sexy smiles looking down on me with such satisfaction in their eyes.

Another shot of pain kicked in and I could feel my eyes rolling back as I gratefully drifted off into blissful whimper-free unconsciousness still holding a bigger and bluer pair of balls than I had ever held before.

Bond's BB in Casino Royale

by Ian Fleming



It was a large bare room, sparsely furnished in cheap French 'art nouveau'

style. It was difficult to say whether it was intended as a living- or dining-room, for a flimsy-looking mirrored sideboard, sporting an orange crackle-ware fruit dish and two painted wooden candlesticks, took up most of the wall opposite the door and contradicted the faded pink sofa ranged against the other side of the room.

There was no table in the centre under the alabasterine ceiling light, only a small square of stained carpet with a futurist design in contrasting browns. Over by the window was an incongruous looking throne-like chair in carved oak with a red velvet seat, a low table on which stood an empty water carafe and two glasses, and a light armchair with a round cane seat and no cushion. Half-closed Venetian blinds obscured the view from the window, but cast bars of early sunlight over the few pieces of furniture and over part of the brightly papered wall and the brown stained floorboards.

Le Chiffre pointed at the cane chair. ‘That will do excellently,’ he said to the thin man. 'Prepare him quickly. If he resists, damage him only a little.' He turned to Bond. There was no expression on his large face and his round eyes were uninterested. 'Take off your clothes. For every effort to resist, Basil will break one of your fingers. We are serious people and your good health is of no interest to us. Whether you live or die depends on the outcome of the talk we are about to have.' He made a gesture towards the thin man and left the room. The thin man's first action was a curious one. He opened the clasp-knife he had used on the hood of Bond's car, took the small armchair and with a swift motion he cut out its cane seat.

Then he came back to Bond, sticking the still open knife, like a fountain pen, in the vest pocket of his coat. He turned Bond round to the light and unwound the flex from his wrists. Then he stood quickly aside and the knife was back in his right hand.

'Vite.' Bond stood chafing his swollen wrists and debating with himself how much time he could waste by resisting. He only delayed an instant. With a swift step and a downward sweep of his free hand, the thin man seized the collar of his dinner-jacket and dragged it down, pinning Bond's arms back. Bond made the traditional counter to this old policeman's hold by dropping down on one knee, but as he dropped the thin man dropped with him and at the same time brought his knife round and down behind Bond's back. Bond felt the back of the blade pass down his spine. There was the hiss of a sharp knife through cloth and his arms were suddenly free as the two halves of his coat fell forward. He cursed and stood up. The thin man was back in his previous position, his knife again at the ready in his relaxed hand. Bond let the two halves of his dinner-jacket fall off his arms on to the floor.

'Allez,' said the thin man with a faint trace of impatience. Bond looked him in the eye and then slowly started to take off his shirt. Le Chiffre came quietly back into the room. He carried a pot of what smelt like coffee. He put it on the small table near the window. He also placed beside it on the table two other homely objects, a three-foot-long carpet-beater in twisted cane and a carving knife.

He settled himself comfortably on the throne-like chair and poured some of the coffee into one of the glasses. With one foot he hooked forward the small armchair, whose seat was now an empty circular frame of wood, until it was directly opposite him.

Bond stood stark naked in the middle of the room, bruises showing livid on his white body, his face a grey mask of exhaustion and knowledge of what was to come.

'Sit down there.' Le Chiffre nodded at the chair in front of him. Bond walked over and sat down. The thin man produced some flex. With this he bound Bond's wrists to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the front legs. He passed a double strand across his chest, under the armpits and through the chair-back. He made no mistakes with the knots and left no play in any of the bindings. All of them bit sharply into Bond's flesh. The legs of the chair were broadly spaced and Bond could not even rock it.

He was utterly a prisoner, naked and defenseless.

His buttocks and the underpart of his body protruded through the seat of the

chair towards the floor. Le Chiffre nodded to the thin man who quietly left the room and closed the door.

There was a packet of Gauloises on the table and a lighter. Le Chiffre lit a cigarette and swallowed a mouthful of coffee from the glass. Then he picked up the cane carpet-beater and, resting the handle comfortably on his knee, allowed the flat trefoil base to lie on the floor directly under Bond's chair.

He looked Bond carefully, almost caressingly, in the eyes. Then his wrist sprang suddenly upwards on his knee.

The result was startling.

Bond's whole body arched in an involuntary spasm. His face contracted in a soundless scream and his lips drew right away from his teeth. At the same time his head flew back with a jerk showing the taut sinews of his neck. For an instant, muscles stood out in knots all over his body and his toes and fingers clenched until they were quite white. Then his body sagged and perspiration started to bead all over his skin. He uttered a deep groan.

Le Chiffre waited for his eyes to open. 'You see, dear boy...' He smiled a soft, fat smile. 'Is the position quite clear now’. A drop of sweat fell off Bond's chin on to his naked chest. 'Now let us get down to business and see how soon we can be finished with this unfortunate mess you have got yourself into.' He puffed cheerfully at his cigarette and gave an admonitory tap on the floor beneath Bond's chair with his horrible and incongruous instrument.

'My dear boy,' Le Chiffre spoke like a father, 'the game of Red Indians is over, quite over. You have stumbled by mischance into a game for grown-ups and you have already found it a painful experience. You are not equipped, my dear boy, to play games with adults and it was very foolish of your nanny in London to have sent you out here with your spade and bucket. Very foolish indeed and most unfortunate for you.

'But we must stop joking, my dear fellow, although I am sure you would like to follow me in developing this amusing little cautionary tale.' He suddenly dropped his bantering tone and looked at Bond sharply and venomously.

'Where is the money?’ Bond's bloodshot eyes looked emptily back at him. Again the upward jerk of the wrist and again Bond's whole body writhed and contorted. Le Chiffre waited until the tortured heart eased down its labored pumping and until Bond's eyes dully opened again.

'Perhaps I should explain,' said Le Chiffre. 'I intend to continue attacking the sensitive parts of your body until you answer my question. I am without mercy and there will be no relenting. There is no one to stage a last minute rescue and there is no possibility of escape for you. This is not a romantic adventure story in which the villain is finally routed and the hero is given a medal and marries the girl. Unfortunately these things don't happen in real life. If you continue to be obstinate, you will be tortured to the edge of madness and then the girl will be brought in and we will set about her in front of you. If that is still not enough, you will both be painfully killed and I shall reluctantly leave your bodies and make my way abroad to a comfortable house which is waiting for me. There I shall take up a useful and profitable career and live to a ripe and peaceful old age in the bosom of the family I shall doubtless create. So you see, my dear boy that I stand to lose nothing. If you hand the money over, so much the better. If not, I shall shrug my shoulders and be on my way.' He paused, and his wrist lifted slightly on his knee. Bond's flesh cringed as the cane surface just touched him.

'But you, my dear fellow, can only hope that I shall spare you further pain and spare your life. There is no other hope for you but that. Absolutely none.

'Well?' Bond closed his eyes and waited for the pain. He knew that the beginning of torture is the worst. There is a parabola of agony. A crescendo leading up to a peak and then the nerves are blunted and react progressively less until unconsciousness and death. All he could do was to pray for the peak, pray that his spirit would hold out so long and then accept the long free-wheel down to the final blackout. He had been told by colleagues who had survived torture by the Germans and the Japanese that towards the end there came a wonderful period of warmth and languor leading into a sort of sexual twilight where pain turned to pleasure and where hatred and fear of the torturers turned to a masochistic infatuation. It was the supreme test of will, he had learnt to avoid showing this form of punch-drunkenness. Directly it was suspected they would either kill you at once and save themselves further useless effort, or let you recover sufficiently so that your nerves had crept back to the other side of the parabola.

Then they would start again.

He opened his eyes a fraction. Le Chiffre had been waiting for this and like a rattlesnake the cane instrument leapt up from the floor. It struck again and again so that Bond screamed and his body jangled in the chair like a marionette. Le Chiffre desisted only when Bond's tortured spasms showed a trace of sluggishness.

He sat for a while sipping his coffee and frowning slightly like a surgeon watching a cardiograph during a difficult operation. When Bond's eyes flickered and opened he addressed him again, but now with a trace of impatience.

'We know that the money is somewhere in your room,' he said. 'You drew a cheque to cash for forty million francs and I know that you went back to the hotel to hide it.' For a moment Bond wondered how he had been so certain. Directly you left for the night club,' continued Le Chiffre, 'your room was searched by four of my people.' The Muntzes must have helped, reflected Bond.

'We found a good deal in childish hiding places. The ball-cock in the lavatory yielded an interesting little code-book and we found some more of your papers taped to the back of a drawer. All the furniture has been taken to pieces' and your clothes and the curtains and bedclothes have been cut up. Every inch of the room has been searched and all the fittings removed. It is most unfortunate for you that we didn't find the cheque. If we had, you would now be comfortably in bed, perhaps with the beautiful Miss Lynd, instead of this.' He lashed upwards.

Through the red mist of pain, Bond thought of Vesper. He could imagine how she was being used by the two gunmen. They would be making the most of her before she was sent for by Le Chiffre. He thought of the fat wet lips of the Corsican and the slow cruelty of the thin man. Poor wretch to have been dragged into this. Poor little beast.

Le Chiffre was talking again.

'Torture is a terrible thing,' he was saying as he puffed at a fresh cigarette, 'but it is a simple matter for the torturer, particularly when the patient,' he smiled at the word, 'is a man. You see, my dear Bond, with a man it is quite unnecessary to indulge in refinements. With this simple instrument, or with almost any other object, one can cause a man as much pain as is possible or necessary. Do not believe what you read in novels or books about the war. There is nothing worse. It is not only the immediate agony, but also the thought that your manhood is being gradually destroyed and that at the end, if you will not yield, you will no longer be a man.

'That, my dear Bond, is a sad and terrible thought - a long chain of agony for the body and also for the mind, and then the final screaming moment when you will beg me to kill you. All that is inevitable unless you tell me where you hid the money.' He poured some more coffee into the glass and drank it down leaving brown corners to his mouth.

Bond's lips were writhing. He was trying to say something. At last he got the word out in a harsh croak: 'Drink,' he said and his tongue came out and swilled across his dry lips.

'Of course, my dear boy, how thoughtless of me.' Le Chiffre poured some coffee into the other glass. There was a ring of sweat drops on the floor all round Bond's chair. 'We must certainly keep your tongue lubricated.' He laid the handle of the carpet-beater down on the floor between his thick legs and rose from his chair. He went behind Bond and taking a handful of his soaking hair in one hand, he wrenched Bond's head sharply back. He poured the coffee down Bond's throat in small mouthfuls so that he would not choke. Then he released his head so that it fell forward again on his chest. He went back to his chair and picked up the carpet-beater.

Bond raised his head and spoke thickly. 'Money no good to you.' His voice was a laborious croak. 'Police trace it to you.' Exhausted by the effort, his head sank forward again. He was a little, but only a little, exaggerating the extent of his physical collapse. Anything to gain time and anything to defer the next searing pain.

Ah, my dear fellow, I had forgotten to tell you.' Le Chiffre smiled wolfishly. 'We met after our little game at the Casino and you were such a sportsman that you agreed we would have one more run through the pack between the two of us. It was a gallant gesture. Typical of an English gentleman.

'Unfortunately you lost and this upset you so much that you decided to leave Royale immediately for an unknown destination. Like the gentleman you are, you very kindly gave me a note explaining the circumstances so that I would have no difficulty in cashing your cheque. You see, dear boy, everything has been thought of and you need have no fears on my account.' He chuckled fatly.

'Now shall we continue? I have all the time in the world and truth to tell I am rather interested to see how long a man can stand this particular form of . . . er . . . encouragement.' He rattled the harsh cane on the floor.

So that was the score, thought Bond, with a final sinking of the heart. The 'unknown destination' would be under the ground or under the sea, or perhaps, more simple, under the crashed Bentley. Well, if he had to die anyway, he might as well try it the hard way. He had no hope that Mathis or Leiter would get to him in time, but at least there was a chance that they would catch up with Le Chiffre before he could get away. It must be getting on for seven. The car might have been found by now. It was a choice of evils, but the longer Le Chiffre continued the torture the more likely he would be revenged.

Bond lifted his head and looked Le Chiffre in the eyes. The china of the whites was now veined with red. It was like looking at two blackcurrants poached in blood. The rest of the wide face was yellowish except where a thick black stubble covered the moist skin. The upward edges of black coffee at the corners of the mouth gave his expression a false smile and the whole face was faintly striped by the light through the Venetian blinds.

'No,' he said flatly, '. . . you'.

Le Chiffre grunted and set to work again with savage fury. Occasionally he snarled like a wild beast.

After ten minutes Bond had fainted, blessedly.

Le Chiffre at once stopped. He wiped some sweat from his face with a circular motion of his disengaged hand. Then he looked at his watch and seemed to make up his mind. He got up and stood behind the inert, dripping body. There was no color in Bond's face or anywhere on his body above the waist. There was a faint flutter of his skin above the heart. Otherwise he might have been dead.

Le Chiffre seized Bond's ears and harshly twisted them. Then he leant forward and slapped his cheeks hard several times. Bond's head rolled from side to side with each blow. Slowly his breathing became deeper. An animal groan came from his lolling mouth.

Le Chiffre took a glass of coffee and poured some into Bond's mouth and threw the rest in his face. Bond's eyes slowly opened. Le Chiffre returned to his chair and waited. He lit a cigarette and contemplated the spattered pool of blood on the floor beneath the inert body opposite.

Bond groaned again pitifully. It was an inhuman sound. His eyes opened wide and he gazed dully at his torturer.

Le Chiffre spoke.

'That is all Bond. We will now finish with you. You understand? Not kill you, but finish with you. And then we will have in the girl and see if something can be got out of the remains of the two of you.' He reached towards the table.

'Say good-bye to it Bond.'

But of course he keeps his tackle and *is* rescued in the next chapter.

Now hands up if you would like to play Bond in this scene!!!!