Friday, October 5, 2007

Know Your Friends

By jhp72

"That looks like Hannah"

Russell put hit pint down and turned to look at the small car that pulled up in the pub car park. It was a warm summer day, and the sun reflected off the window hiding the occupant.

Hannah smiled as she stepped out of the car and headed towards them.

"Is this a coincidence?"

James realized it wasn't the warmest of greetings, but he had known her since she was a lanky teenager. Hannah wasn't a natural blond, but James was so used to her, he didn't and couldn't think of her as otherwise. He remember being shocked when she shot up as a teenager, and being a little concerned to think she might tower over him, but she remained 5'11", slim, and beautifully formed. She was wearing no makeup, and was naturally attractive, but when she wanted to, she could turn heads.

"I was on my way to Russell's when I saw you both sat here."

"Yep, Russell and I have had a busy day."

She laughed. Russell and James didn't do busy days, and they all knew that.

Hannah sat next to James on the trestle table bench,

"Would you like a drink?" Russell held his nearly full pint up to indicate they were staying for a bit. It was James and Russell's fourth pint, or maybe fifths, or maybe, well, no-one was counting.

She looked unsure, and then somewhat leisurely agreed. Hannah didn't do busy days either.

While Russell went into the pub, James chatted to her about their day, and caught up on the quite uneventful weeks they both had. Hannah had recently bought a new flat, and she found it a bit uneasy at times staying there alone. He found himself talking to her breasts on more than one occasion, but she was happy to ignore that, they had been friends of friends long enough and he made her laugh, and she liked that. For his part, Hannah made James feel at ease, they had been in some sticky, usually drunken situations, but they respected each other, and trusted each other.

They stayed chatting and laughing for around an hour, there were sometimes silences, but no-one felt embarrassed, it was very relaxed and pleasant.

When it was time to go, Hannah offered them both a lift, so they dropped Russell off to his house, waiting for around a minute while he tried to get his key in the door. Hannah drove carefully back, James just spouted of a load of rubbish, but on cue, Hannah would laugh.

"Do you want me to drop you at the station?"

"Yes, if it's not out of your way."

"It's only a five minute walk from my flat."

"I'll come back and walk from there, the trains not for an hour."

Her flat was ground floor and had two bedrooms. It was quite how James had expected. After a quick tour, he made a cup of coffee for them both, while Hannah headed straight for a bottle of wine. He noticed the large selection, and couldn't help but notice the two bottles in the bin. He really wasn't prying - it takes one to know one he thought.

Hannah sat in the armchair in the living room, and James slumped half across the sofa. She took her shoes off and James looked at her feet, they were a great culmination of her firm, long legs. When he glanced back up at her she was staring questionable at him with a slight smirk on her face.

"I, er, feel knackered Hannah."

"You can crash out if you want. I'm going to have a shower as Katharine is coming round later"

"It's tempting. Who's Katharine?"

As she spoke, Hannah leaned back in her seat, and lifted her leg with a pointed toe, and raised it in an imaginary kicking motion three or four times, then proceeded with the other leg. A mini work out.

"She's a friend I met last week. She knows you."

James was sidetracked by Hannah's legs.

"From where?"

"A friend of a friend…"

"What's her surname?"

"Don't know." Hannah obviously didn't want to talk about it. "Thanks for lending me those CD's"

He had to think for a moment, but then remembered lending her a copy of UK_2_surge and a CD of some downloaded music tracks.

"Did they work?"

"UK_2_surge was great, but the other CD wasn't the music."

"Oh, I'll give you another one. Enjoying your aerobics?" he nodded towards her legs.

"I did aerobics last night and my legs still hurt. The trainer told us to pretend we were kicking a bloke in the balls. One kick with the left leg, one with right.”

She animated the scene as she spoke, sticking upwards to an imaginary groin.

James half smiled, half frowned. Hannah turned to him, "Have you ever tied anyone's hand up?"



"Some friends when I was a kid, a couple of girlfriends who."


"Who wanted you to?"

As ever, Hannah never made things awkward.

"Yes, they did want me to."

"Can you show me?"

"Er, okay."

Hannah jumped up, and walked across to a small Beachwood cabinet, opened a draw and pulled of a meter length of nylon rope. James sat up and she sat beside him, passing him the rope and holding her slim wrists out in front of her.

"Well, the secret is to wrap around once, tie a knot. Let me show you.”

He gently pulled her hands towards him, "Wrap it round once, tie a knot, then wrap it round between your hands, and tie another knot. You see, it doesn't hurt, but you can't get out."

Hannah tried to release herself momentarily, but after a few twists of her arms, smiled, "That's good, can I try on you?"


James untied her hands and she straitened the rope out.

"Does it work behind your back? As its works in front of you?"

"Yes, of course. I'll need to turn round."

"Probably best if you lay on your front?"

Hannah stool up, while James somewhat surreally lay on the sofa and put his arms behind his back. He was surprised when Hannah immediately sat astride his legs, and eagerly pulled his arms behind his back. He had known Hannah for years, this would be alright.

She talked through the process, "Wrap it round tie a knot, then wrap it round the other way and tie a knot. How about that, can you get out."

James tried to move his arms,

"No way, you've got the idea."

"Could you unpick this knot?"

"I guess so, in time."

There was no response as she tied the knot again two or three times."

"Could you unpick that?"

"No." This was not right, but maybe not wrong.

Hannah jumped up, "I'm going to shower. Do you want anything?"

"No thanks."


She stood with her hands on her hips, legs firmly apart, towering over him as he lay on the sofa. He paused.

"No... You could untie me?"

"I think you would be more comfortable sleeping in the bedroom." She pulled him up from the sofa.

"Hannah what are you doing?

She held her index finger to his lips when he was on his feet.

"Shh, trust me on this one." She guided him out of the living room into the second bedroom. They didn't speak, it wasn't appropriate to speak. It was a bed with wrought iron heads and no duvet. The gentle touch seemed to end as she pushed him face first onto the bed. The room had the curtains drawn, and it was quite dark and warm.

"You'll be able to sleep better in here."

"Hannah, are you okay?"

"I'm fine; it's you I should be worried about."


She stood up and opened a wardrobe cupboard, removing a grey case which she placed on the floor by the bed.

"Roll over on your back." James complied. Hannah leant forward and squeezed his groin, feeling his semi hard penis. "You're not enjoying this are you James?" She continued to massage hiss balls through his trousers.

"I think I'm going to miss my train." She slapped his balls gently and stood up, and removed her hooded top, showing her fine breasts in a good fitting black bra. James's penis was now fully hard, and she noticed his trousers move.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?"

She undid her jeans, slowly, while staring at James. He hadn't ever seen Hannah as this sexy, and wasn't sure what the hell she was doing. He felt momentarily embarrassed of his raging trousers, and looked away.

"Keep watching, James"

He looked back as she pushed her jeans down her long legs and elegantly stepped out. She stood in black bra and knickers, reached up and caressed her large breasts, squeezing them symmetrically between her long fingers. She shut her eyes and he could tell she was getting something out of this, was it the control she had, she was never overtly confident in a sexual way. But she seemed very confident as she stood there in all her splendor, her hands now sliding inside her knickers as her breathing increased, she let out a moan as James just watched; this was great.

She stopped suddenly.

Purposefully she moved round to the side of the bed. She knelt beside James and undid his trousers, undid his flies and pulled then down. He lifted his body to help her slide them down, and pull then over his ankles. She took his socks and pants off, and his penis sprung up fully erect.

"Do you know what this is about yet James?"


"That second CD you leant me, wasn't music, it was an interesting selection of movie clips, pictures and stories. I thought it be fun to try some out."

James shut his eyes, "Shit. That was careless."

"Very careless. From what I could tell, the main theme of your collection was that skimpily dressed women, barefoot, tied up men, and preferably more than one woman. Being suspended also a favorite, all finished with well aimed kicks into your balls."

He felt a little embarrassed by her direct descriptions.

"That doesn't mean I like that - I mean, they may not be mine." He felt like his head and balls were about to explode

She smiled at him, "Oh I don't think either of us believes that, do we?"

She climbed onto the bend and knelt between his legs facing him, cupped his balls in one hand, and slowly began rubbing his shaft. She tightened her grip on his balls until he winced; she studied the look on his face to gauge his threshold, and rhythmically squeezed his balls at that threshold.

"We just need to get you balls ready for later." She squeezed one testicle in each hand. "Is there anything I can do to help these take a good kick?"

"A good kick?"

"I've got something that may help…" She leant across and emptied the contents of the bag on the bed. She took a small leather strap, pulled both of his balls down and fastened the strap around his scrotum above his balls.

"Hannah, I'm not sure that will help."

"It'll mean the kicks are more accurate, ensure they connect cleanly with these little fellers."

"I think that will make it hurt more."

"Well, how about we try some with the strap and some without, and you let us know.”

James started to feel a little uncomfortable; she seemed to be a little too sure of herself. He was helpless, and she was determined. He then thought of her foot smashing into his balls and the resulting pain. It was always fun with his girlfriends, but it just happened. This was like a bolt out of the blue.

She placed leather straps around each of his ankles, and clipped them to either side of the bed, pulling his legs apart.

James complied, but winced as he had a dead arm.

"Do your arms hurt?"

"As if you cared…"

She moved over him, placing one hand either side of his head, her breasts bobbling inched from his face in the black bra.

"Of course I care."

She leant down and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was long, and they explored each others lips mouths. James suddenly felt her knee firmly press against his balls, and took a quick intake of breath.

She leant forward and whispered quietly in his ear, "I want you to enjoy this, and I don't want anything to distract from the pain in your balls."

She kneed him, not hard, but it sent the first dull sensation through his body. Next came straps, with a small chain and hook around each of his tied wrists.

"If you try anything, I'll squeeze your balls. You won't like it."

She untied him and although he thought about fighting her, his legs were tied, he would have to knock her out, and it was Hannah, no he conceded to have his hands strapped above his head to either side of the bed.

He was now laid out like a starfish unable to move. Hannah lifted his head and placed a pillow under him.

"There, I think you're ready now."

Hannah stood up on the end of the bed, held onto the bead post to steady herself, and lifted her right foot under his strapped balls. She balanced them on the top of her foot just above her toes, and jiggled them around.

James was rock hard, and was short breathing in anticipation of the pain he assumed was coming. He almost just wanted her to do it, get it over with. Hannah once again thrust her hand down her knickers, "I'm jiggling your balls with my foot, and myself with my hand, and I want to give you a good kick. Is that wrong?"

Shit. It was becoming a game, and one word out of place.

"Not if you are enjoying it."

"Do you mean turned on?"

Yes, No?

"I'm turned on. You look great."

She smiled, she is so sexy. He wanted her to rip her knickers off and ride him, he wanted to be in her, he was rock hard, she was ready; they should be connected now.

"What do you want me to do now James? Kick you?"

It would wrong to say no, but that was the game. She pushed the sole of her foot onto his balls, watching as they played around, constricted by the leather strap

"If you are going to kick me, then you'd better get on with it."

She continued to manipulate his balls under her toes as she spoke.

"You see, you've got it wrong. I'm not going to hurt you at all."


"I'm just checking you're up for it, and making sure nothing gets out of hand." She moved her foot away from his balls and sat between his legs. She took a bottle of baby oil, the last contents from the bag, poured some between her hands, and rubbed them over his balls and stiff cock.

"This should help stop the stinging a bit." She masturbated him as she rubbed the oil all over his groin.

The door bell rang.

"Time to meet your maker." She stood up and took a black mask, lifted his head and placed it over his eyes. She leant forward and kissed him, her mouth was warm on gentle, and she rolled her tongue around his teeth.

"Better not keep Katharine waiting, wouldn't want to make her angry."

James, deprived of his sight, began to feel anxious. His hearing now heightened, he heard Hannah walk out, and shut the door behind her. He immediately tried to free himself from the straps, but he was in for the night.

He could hear muffled voices, some giggling, and doors opening and shutting. He could not pick out what they were saying. Then, silence. He lay there for what seemed an age, seeming to loose any sense of time. Footsteps and the door of the room opening.

"I've got someone to meet you."

"Hello Katharine, forgive me if I don't stand."

"Hello James."

Who was that? He couldn't place the voice. She seemed to be talking in a low voice, trying to fool him.

"Katharine and I thought we'd play a little game with you. Almost like hangman, but we'll call it kickball." Original.

Out of sight Katharine had stripped down to her knickers and bra, she lifted her fine fit body between James's legs, stood on the bed, and placed her foot against his balls. Hannah removed the pillow and slid herself under him, his head resting just above her groin, and her legs wrapping around his upper chest

"Right, a letter from Katharine's surname."


"Correct. Next letter?"

James could still feel here foot and toes against his balls.



James felt her remove her foot, unknown to James she took a small practice swing then kicked him squarely in the balls with the top of her foot. She saw his balls squash up and spread, having nowhere to go as the strap held them firmly. James jumped and felt the pain rush through his body. He instinctively tried to roll on his side, but he was going no-where, nor were his exposed balls. Hannah squeezed her thighs, holding him still.

"Next letter?"


Another practice move and another kick that found its mark. This time she left her foot pressed against his balls.

"Next letter?"


"Ooh, correct."

A, R.

"Harker? Katharine Harker?"

Katharine let out one last kick of her leg to his balls.

"Shit!" James felt like his balls were about to explode, the pain racked his abdomen, and grew up his body.

Hannah removed the blindfold; the first sight he saw was her ample breasts which hovered above his head. He then looked forward and saw Katharine stood at the end of the bed.

Katharine Harker.

She was 22, a quiet, girl next door type. Seemingly sweet and innocent. She was fit, and had a great body - although James had hardly noticed. They were friends of sort, chatting on the phone occasionally, sometimes for an hour or so.

"Shit Katharine..," he paused for breath, "What the hell are you doing?"

She looked at Hannah who held station with her legs around his chest.

"Just thought you needed a bit of realism."


"When I met Hannah, and we began talking, well I explained our chats on the phone, she explained the CD, and I quite liked the idea." She knelt between his open legs and caressed his balls in her hand, holding them firmly between her hands.

"You want this and I want this."

Hannah stroked his hair. "Katharine quite fancied the thought of dominating you and giving you a good time kicking your balls. I thought I should be here to make sure it doesn't get out of hand."

Hannah leant forward and began to masturbate his penis with her left hand. Katharine still had a firm grip on his nuts. "Okay Katy, kick away until this bastard cums."

James enjoyed the moment, on girl masturbating his penis while another caressed his balls.

Katharine produced a condom tucked into her knickers, opened the package passed it to Hannah.

"Hannah, could you sort this out and service this boy for a bit?"

Hannah took the condom, and slid it over his penis. She sat astride him and manipulated him with her fingers so he penetrated her. She was kneeling forward and facing him on the bed, her hands pressed against his chest. He felt the warmth of her body, although she didn't move she just squeezed her thighs around his torso.

"Katharine have you still got a good shot?"

"Beautiful. Let me know when you think he's done."

Katharine stood on the bed and placed both her hands on Hannah’s back to steady herself. She could see James strapped balls behind Hannah - still exposed.

"How many kicks do you think it will take - shall we bet?"

"Ten, maybe fifteen?"

"Let's see, I reckon twenty."

Katharine pointed her foot and swiftly swung the top of her foot, just above the toes, into James's balls. She could have done it harder, but it was quantity she was looking for.

She swung back time and time again, changing from left to right every second kick. The leather strap ensured every kick connected firmly into his balls.

James fired on the tenth kick.

The girls didn't care who was right - they both won - Katharine stopped on the 15th when Hannah leaned forward and kissed James. The deep kiss and somehow eased the pain. They turned him on his back and tied his hand behind him, and removed the strap from his balls.

Hannah removed the condom, carefully cleaning his penis with bay wipes, squeezing out any last juices. When she was satisfied she smiled at him. "We'll be coming to bed shortly. You'll be safe then."

James curled up, and dosed, while he heard them talk and laugh under the TV in the next room.

As promised they untied his arms, and he slept with Hannah to his right and Katharine to his left.

Epilogue (of sorts)

We all slept well that night - and we're still friends.

My balls hurt like hell - but the girls were sympathetic the next morning.

Hannah enjoyed it but says she won't do it again (damn).

Katharine- I was just glad Hannah was there!

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