Friday, October 5, 2007

Ultimate Frisbee

By jacksdoe

Just after graduating college I moved into a townhouse a few blocks from the school. If you’ve never tried it you’ve got to live near a college, those warm summer days crop up and the girls just lay out a towel on the front lawn and drink in the sun. I’d been going for five years before I got my BS so I knew the ins and outs of the campus and where to walk on those days to catch a glimpse of the most T&A.

A lawn filled with tight young gorgeous bodies in skimpy swimsuits or cut off jeans or even cotton boxers; soft inviting breasts some held tight to the body with sports bras and others with a t shirt and no bras at all; and of course those perfect toned asses. It was like a California beach and I never saw a chick there that wasn’t do-able. Most guys would walk around drooling, checking the girls out with raging boners struggling with the tightness of their board shorts. Of course the girls would just point and giggle when I’d try to be inconspicuous with the shifting of my member, but I swear those girls were loving how uncomfortable they made us.

Some guys would even have the balls to run up stranger and give her a goose and somehow they would always conveniently get caught, as if he was really trying to outrun a chick in a pair of tight white boy-shorts with perfect jiggling. In fact, one of the most common things to see on campus is the great equalizer against rampant flirtatiousness: a swift knee to the balls. That’s what stands out the most anyway, in fact it was only two years ago I was playing a game on that stretch of lawn right over there on a day just like today.

Yeah it was the first day I got anywhere with Stephanie, and it’s a story she loves to tell. Wherever there are hot sun bathing goddesses there will be men also, so on hot days it was no coincidence that me and a group of guys felt the urge to start up a game of softball or Ultimate Frisbee right in their line of sight. Hell the game wouldn’t even official start and we were already pulling off our shirts and showing off. But it never took long for the girls to get tired of just watching and felt the need to get a little closer to show the boys how it’s done… and that’s always when guys would start getting hurt.

Stephanie. Twenty years old, long dark hair that was always back in a pony tail that was long enough to tap her ass whenever she walked. She had the perfect body, pert breasts with a trace outline of a lacey bra cradling them beneath her t-shirt, long smooth legs she didn’t mind showing off and equipped them with a sweet set of running shoes.

First time I met her was in Chemistry a few weeks before, the chem. tables were so close together that when I went to squeak by there was a long ass to ass rub between her and me, I turned around to apologize and got whipped in the face with her ponytail as she looked from side to side to see who the asshole was. She could immediately tell it was an accident and how embarrassed I was so she just smiled, she never said anything she just smiled and looked over at one of her girlfriends and mouthed, “What?” I’d never had any luck with girls of the model caliber, they were a little out of my league so I was still in a hurry to get out of the room without making eye contact, something about that sexy smile intimidated me. As I was weighting in line to get out of the class I felt someone grab my ass, “Steph! I can’t believe you just did that” her friend giggled.

“I figured now that we’re even there’s no reason to be awkward around each other.” Damn she was hot; she had that little girly head cocked to the side thing going on. Don’t get me wrong I was really liking this chick but she had me completely by surprise and before I had a chance to say anything her face suddenly looked surprised, “That is unless you don’t have the balls to talk to me…” and without hesitating she reached out and grabbed my balls through my Gap jeans, she squeezed enough to make me wince then rolled them a second before letting go. As she walked past she looked really red like she knew she wasn’t normally this naughty but was enjoying herself too much.

“Nope, he’s defiantly got some balls.” As she walked past me and out of the room I heard her friends saying they’d never seen her do anything like that before and how she’s “so bad”, and “I can’t believe you just grabbed his package like that”. The last question I heard someone ask was how big it was but despite straining to hear I never heard an answer. Me, I was still holding my balls as I walked out and went to the nearest bathroom to jack off in, and for the next week all I could do was think about this chick before I needed to go relieve myself. Just thinking about that coy grin would start to give me blue balls like I’d never had for a girl before.

The chem. lab only met once a week so that weekend all I could think about was the next Monday when I met this girl again what I would say and how I’d say it. Then Sunday afternoon it was such a scorcher and I could see all those sweet little asses lined up down on the lawn I figured it was time for a stroll around campus. When me and the guys decided it was a good idea to start up a game of ultimate Frisbee I’d noticed the eyes of the girls watching but after a quick game the girls moved onto the field and sure enough Stephanie walked straight up to me and put her hands on her hips and grinned. Her blue shorts were athletic but they looked short enough for a girl at Hooters and I knew I was the envy of all the other guys.

“So it looks like we’ll be grinding our butts together again today,” jeez her tone was so sexy, I love that sexy bitchiness that comes through.

“Sounds good to me,” I groan inside, is that it, that’s your line… ‘Sounds good to me…’ You’ve been thinking about this girl all week and that’s what you’ve got, you’ve got nothing my man. But I see she’s still smiling so maybe she’s attracted to clear lack of game.

The first few scores neither of us got a pass and we basically just ran around the field guarding each other with a little touching here and there. Finally a toss to her and she caught it (if you don’t know the rules once you catch the Frisbee you can’t move your right foot off the ground until you’ve thrown it to someone else) so when I went to guard her she had a bit of trouble not having me on her every move. She spun around on one foot and I was swiped in the face with her ponytail and as I tried to cover her from behind she leaned forward causing me to lean into her to try and stop her arms. That gorgeous ass of hers was resting against my crotch and I could hear her giggling, at first I thought she was laughing at what she was feeling but now I know she was thinking about what she was going to do. She leaned forward as far as she could go which really put me off balance and with my legs spread apart then she quickly lowered both of her knees like she was going to do squats then WHAM…

She’d power rammed that sexy ass of hers up into my dangling balls… Wham… twice. I fell backward on my ass as she passed to one of her teammates; she turned around and offers me a hand up. I left the other gently holding my nuts; they weren’t hurt bad and if it hadn’t been in front of everybody I might have enjoyed that level of pain just not the embarrassment.

“So does it still sound good to you?” She defiantly liked to play, alright but if this is about the game I’ll have to let her know that I’m just going easy on her because guarding a girl can be a delicate thing… which my aching nuts are a clear reminder.

So I started to play serious and I was on fire. Nothing that was getting passed to Stephanie was getting through and I’d slap the Frisbee down on the ground if it even came close to her. The sentiment of our witty exchanges started at the “playful” but somehow the competition of the game infected our dance and was definitely getting heated. Not angry, more like the type of frustration that I’d been feeling most of that week, it reminded me of blue balls. Shit all that sexual tension on the field of competition and I was randy and ready to go.

Next thing I knew a pass got through and Steph had the Frisbee in her right hand. Feeling a little more pumped and a little reminded of how silly she’d made me look the last time we were in this situation I decided to take a little advantage. I was all over covering her starting from the front then she was able to work her way around to being in front of me ass/crotch again. Every time it looked like she was good to make a shot I bump her from behind like I was pounding a pinball machine. It kept throwing her off balance which got a chuckle out of some of the guys.

“Come on he’s fouling her; he can’t do that!” one of her teammates shouted. I was just focused on that cute little butt facing me and enjoyed the reversal of what happened earlier; when I nudged her from behind I got a pretty good feel of her tight cheeks on each side of my rod.

She spun back around and greeted my cocky smirk with a look of serious PMS, and it was the first look I got from her that I didn’t feel like she dug anything about me and of course I realized my sex depraved and charged state had turned me into something of an asshole. When she turned around and followed her eyes immediately looking towards my raging hard-on I knew I’d gone too far. She was really flushed and she cocks an angry smile out of half her mouth as she looked back up at me, hands on hips.

“What… oh… he just wanted to play too,” I said with a smirk.

Her face lightened up and the smile looked like we were back to the tone of the repartee that we’d started with.

“Oh yeah, is he any good?” she smiled suggestively as the game had clearly slowed down to our pace.

“Oh I hear he’s quite the athlete,” playing right back at her.

She reached her left hand off her hip and reached for my cock like she was drawing a sword.

“And, can he go… long?” she added after getting a firm grip around my rod. Now I’m not a premature kinda guy but I felt like I was on the verge of it with this chick. Her body was such a tight light package and feeling her hand taking control of my dick and tugging hard to emphasize the word “long”.

“Oh he can make it to the end of any field,” I said with considerably more enjoyment than cockiness. Damn that sexy smile, she used my dick to pull me closer which I happily consented, then she leaned in to whisper in my ear.

I could feel her boobs resting gently on my toned chest and her mouth was so close I could feel her lips on my earlobe and the heat from her mouth when she spoke, “…but can he… CATCH?”

On her last word she used her right hand with the Frisbee to quickly drive her wrist/forearm up into my balls.

I could hear sympathetic groans from some of the guys on the team, all the girls however, were laughing there asses off Naturally I wasn’t very aware of all this at the moment because Stephanie was still holding her forearm between my balls. She let go of my cock and pushed my barrel chest back so she could see my face and to my amazement I had never seen her so happy. She seemed to be absorbing all of the pain from my current state through my facial expression and was converting it to something of an orgasmic energy.

“Well if he can’t catch he should probably sit this game out,” she said when she finally pulled away from my nuts and let me slide down her arm. She dropped to one knee beside me tossing the Frisbee to one of her teammate’s out-stretched hands. The teammate’s guard, still stunned by my predicament, didn’t even try to block it. And almost instantly, as if nothing had happened, the game resumed even though I was still down and incapable of speech and Steph was still there kneeling beside me apparently still enjoying the sight.

After five minutes or so Steph helped me to the sidelines in a spot away from the other spectators and sat watching the game while I recovered. Apparently, since I had laid on my back with my knees up and spread apart still trying to relieve the pain Steph noticed I still had my raging hard-on,. I knew Step was finished and she’d had her laugh because she made fun of me the whole time I was down but there wasn’t anymore anger in her smile but it was still the sexiest I’d ever seen her. Now sitting Indian style her short shorts were pulled up to the maximum leg showing possible and her tiny T-shirt that she tied in a knot showing off her midriff and holding in those blossoming hooters, I could feel my swollen nuts throbbing on the verge of something explosive. Noticing the further stiffening of my shorts she giggled and started to get up, “at least you’re not too sore of a loser.” I was following those long tan legs up just as I noticed a hint of nervousness cross her face as she looked around then leaned back down.

“Oh, and let your friend know…” When she reached over I couldn’t take her touch anymore, her hand massaged my cock and painfully rolled my balls like a Chinese Stress toy. She could feel the pulsing in my balls when I exploded in my pants and squeezed my nuts one last time.

“…he can play with me anytime.”

I curled back up into a ball as I watched that sexy, long legged, ball buster catwalk away through squinted eyes and I couldn’t wait for the chance to play with her again.

To be continued….

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