Friday, October 5, 2007

Just a normal day...

by jj

A little something that my wife wrote and I thought I'd share with everyone. I'm the strong silent type, but I've been watching Velvet Kick develop since the late 90s and it sure has come a long way. It's incredible, to say the least. I've never really participated, but thought I'd try with this. Please offer any feedback you may have, I'll share it with her. She loves to bust my balls. Just a mental picture of her...she's seriously beautiful...ex model...blonde...5' 11" tall...and wears a size 10 shoe. Her legs & feet are incredibly strong and very beautiful. Enjoy...


She woke up early, much sooner than he did. She tried to lay there and fall back to sleep. She was so frustrated with the thought that she couldn't sleep, especially since all the kids were gone for the next couple of weeks and this was the first day they had to sleep in and not get up early. All she could do was lay there and think of all the things that needed to be done and what little time she had to get them done. You would have thought that thinking so much would have caused her to cover her head with the blanket and fall back to sleep, but instead she lay there getting more and more stressed. Quickly, an overwhelming surge of guilt flowed through her.

She felt the need to get up, but how would she do it without waking her husband. She knew he needed and wanted to sleep. He had not been sleeping well lately and had been so tired. Work was taking a toll on him and obviously she hadn't figured out how to help him release his tension. Everything she did didn't seem to work. She knew what would release her tension, but how could that help him with his frustrations and stress. Once again another surge of guilt flowed through her. One more thing to stress about. She definitely couldn't sleep anymore now.

She rolled over slowly and quietly, trying not to disturb him. Rolling on to the floor, replacing the covers as she stood up. Thank goodness, she thought, as she listened for a change in breathing or any movement from him and luckily there was none. She walked slowly to the bathroom. She wanted to brush her teeth, change into something big and comfortable, and then go to the restroom. She brushed her teeth and then went to the restroom, shutting the door quietly, trying not to make too much noise.

When she was done she walked into the closet that was still dark, no need for a light she thought, I know my way around and right where I left my shirt and pajama pants from last night. She stripped down to nothing but her panties, a black lacy thong. She slowly unbuttoned the oversized shirt of her husbands that she had worn to bed last night. One button at a time and then she let it slowly slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor at her feet.

She bent over slowly to pick up the big t-shirt that she had worn the night before, all the sudden she felt something touch her from behind. Initially a burst of fear ran through her body. The hand ran softly up her thigh, touching her ass and then sliding their fingers in between her and the thong. Then before she could think anymore about it, a hand came up and covered her mouth, so she couldn't make a sound. She thought to herself, who is this? It can't be my husband; I just left him sleeping soundly in the bed. How could he have made it into the closet without me hearing him?

This is crazy; it's got to be him. How could anyone else have hidden in the closet all night or made it through our bedroom without either one of hearing them? The initial fear quickly passed as she convinced herself that it was her husband. She began relaxing a bit and enjoying the feeling of him touching her and caressing her ass and breasts. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards and started sucking on her neck. This was such a turn on for her, it was nothing like anything they had ever done before, even the pulling of her hair seemed to be a bit rougher than normal. The more she enjoyed it and got into it, the more rough it got. He grabbed her hands and tied a scarf around them, binding them together in front of her body. Suddenly he pushed her down to the ground, onto her hands and knees, all the while keeping a hold of her hair and keeping her in tight control.

He slid his fingers up and down between the thong and her pussy, touching it ever so softly. She was getting so wet with the touch. He then grabbed her thong and pulled it to the side, then releasing her hair he took his other hand and put his fingers in between the lips of her pussy and started rubbing it a little bit harder and then thrust two fingers inside of her.

The juices were really flowing now and she was dripping wet. He obviously didn't think that two was enough so he tried pushing in three and then four. By this time, it really started to hurt and she let out a painful moan. He quickly reached up and covered her mouth again as he took one of the four fingers out of her pussy. As she quieted down again, he thrust in the fourth finger again.

Once again it hurt and she started to turn around while telling him to stop, since it hurt her too much. He covered her mouth again, but this time instead of removing one finger he kept them all inside of her and thrust them harder inside of her. She was trying to imagine what had come over her husband and why he wouldn't stop hurting her.

As she stopped making any noise, he removed his hand and then started slapping her ass. The first one wasn't that bad, but it was a shock. The second one was a bit harder, but it didn't stop there, he continued to smack her ass over and over again. It got harder each time with each additional hit. She started to say something again, but this time he grabbed another scarf and covered her mouth, making it so she couldn't say anything. Then she could hear him unzipping his pants. She thought, ‘how did he have time to get dressed?’

She felt him stroking his cock and making it hard, ready to stick inside of her. He then thrust his hard cock deep inside of her. She let out another moan, what little she could after having her mouth gagged. It really hurt. What was he doing?

He then grabbed her hair and gave it good yank and then whispered softly, but in a deep voice, "You better shut up or I will have to hurt you!"

‘What the hell is going on?’ she thought, ‘this voice sounds familiar BUT, this is NOT my husband.’ Suddenly an overwhelming fear took over her body. Thoughts racing quickly through her mind. Who is this? What can I do to get out of this? How can get my husband to help me? When will he wake up? What will he do when he sees this? All of a sudden another sickening feeling filled her stomach. How could I have enjoyed any of this? What will I do? How will I explain this?

Just then she used every bit of energy she had and tried to scream. She knew she made enough noise, because now he seemed pissed. He pulled on her hair, almost ripping it out. He started jamming his cock deep inside her again and again, harder and harder. All she could do is try to yell while enduring the pain as tears flowed down her face.

All of a sudden her husband walked in and turned on the light. An overwhelming bit of relief ran through her. Now it would all stop, but wait a minute. Her husband wasn't doing anything to stop this. He was just standing there watching, smiling, with his arms crossed. ‘Who was this other person?’ she thought.

Before she could turn around to see, her husband walked up in front of her and dropped his pants and started stroking his cock. He then took the gagging strap off of her mouth and stuck his cock in its place. She didn't know whether to bite it off or start sucking on it and give him the best head he'd ever had. She still wanted to know who this guy behind her was, but obviously with his cock in her mouth, she didn't have the opportunity to ask any questions. He was rough and strong, yet gentle and caressing. He continued to thrust his cock deep inside her pussy as she took all of her husband deep in her mouth. Her husband leaned over and began smacking her ass as the other one grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her into each thrust. Both of them were swelling to the point of exploding, but no one was ready to come yet, they definitely didn't want it to be over with yet.

Suddenly the time had come. He pulled out from behind her and her husband pulled out from her mouth. Both of them stood together behind her, stroking their cocks. Slowly she got up off the floor, her hands still bound together. She turned toward them, knowing she was going to find out who this mystery man was.

She then she saw him standing smiling along with her husband. It was her husband's best friend. How could they be just standing there smiling at each other and then back at her? All the sudden she began smiling herself. They didn't understand why, but she did. They thought they had all the bases covered and were in total control. They had one last thing to do to her before they were completely finished. They wanted to come all over her together and make a huge mess.

Well, for a little while they were in control, but they forgot one thing. They never tied her legs or feet and those were the strongest part of her body. She decided to play a little game with them. She laid down on the floor as if she was begging for more and knowing exactly what they wanted to do to her. Both of them watched intently and with a hunger that had not been seen before. You would have thought that she was a wounded animal in the forest and they were hungry wolves looking for a meal.

As they walked closer toward her, she just grinned and lifted both legs at the same time and kicked both of them with the ball of her foot on each cock and ending with a final blow to the scrotum with her heel. She felt each of their balls trapped in the arch of her foot. Neither of them could move and neither of them knew what to do. They were now the helpless animals in the forest.

She rolled them around under her feet and let them whimper out in agony. What sweet joy this was to her. Finally a chance to get them back, but had she really gotten them back or given them exactly what they wanted. She didn't dare let go of either one of them, knowing full well that she would lose any bit of control that she had at the moment. With one final thrust into each scrotum, she released but then kicked again. She didn't know how much they could take, but she was willing to find out. Who would fold first and how strong were they really?

This game continued on for at least twenty more kicks and finally both of them gave in and dropped to their knees. The look on their faces was priceless. At the end, she stuck her foot in each of their mouths and told them to suck on her toes as she caressed her pussy with her hand and then stroked both of their cocks. Both men were extremely hard and ready to explode. She was definitely at that point herself. What a rush.

Then without hesitation they both came all over her, squirting from her pussy up to her neck. I guess she got the pearl necklace that she had always wanted and it was a rather large one, since it ran all the way down to her clit.

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