Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Man's Nightmare is One Girl's Dream

By anemonie9

The midnight darkness of the room provided no cover for Sean. He felt like his shame was burning, the illumination overpowering it. He’d been in bed for over an hour, but his mind wouldn’t let him fall asleep—that and the throbbing pain in his balls. Although it had been several hours he couldn’t seem to fend off either, his thoughts or the pain. He gave in again to mind and let it retrace the evening…


Jessica was flush. She felt euphoric. What was hours ago seemed like just minutes, and that was only the half of it. She looked over at the man lying beside her, already sleeping soundly. She was half glad this time about guys’ knack for falling asleep directly after sex. Though she was wound up inside, she didn’t really know what she would say to him if he was awake. Who knows how he would react, and besides, she could barely remember his name. This would have been no time to talk about such personal things. It was only sex after all, not love. So she would just have to be content to relive the scene in her mind’s eye…over and over and…


It seemed like a great evening to go out and meet someone. It was Friday, it was the first nice night of the spring and Sean knew he was looking pretty good. He put on a pair of black cotton slacks, the pair he knew bulged in the right place and his favorite long sleeve ribbed shirt. It allowed him to show off the trim waist and abs he’d been working on all winter. After one last look in the mirror, he left his apartment and hopped a cab to Marilyn’s.

Marilyn’s was a newer bar in the downtown district, not quite a club—not quite a bar. It was a great place for meeting people to chat or getting loose, or chatting people up then getting them loose. And there was never a shortage of girls to chat up.

Sean took a seat at the bar and ordered up a beer. Though most people at Marilyn’s drank liquor, Sean only seemed to enjoy a beer buzz. Plus, this way he could always maintain a better level of sobriety. He spent a little while making small talk with a girl on the next stool. A very attractive blonde with shorter hair that sort of framed her dimpled face. She wasn’t really his type, but she had a bit of mischievousness to her. She was very witty and had a pleasant smile, so Sean didn’t mind the company. He was about to order her a beer and get her name when he looked over by the entrance to see a tall amber-streaked brunette coming in. She wore her silky hair past her shoulders and straight. She wore clothes as an advertisement for her body. She had on black strappy heels and a tight, short leather skirt that left very little of her smooth legs to the imagination. She also wore the usual crop top shirt, but it too looked leather, with criss-crossed straps that barely held her breasts in. At the risk of looking too hard, Sean noted that the straps were actually digging into the flesh making her cleavage seem like it was trying to burst forth. By the time Sean saw her face, he was sold. She had a bronze complexion but a face that suggested she was African-American and Caucasian, or perhaps Asian. Whatever she was, she was drop dead beautiful.

Not wanting to be seen as just another panting tongue, Sean composed himself and ordered up a beer and a long island iced tea for blondie. When the barkeep set them down Sean offered her the drink. “Have one on me…um,” he offered pausing to get her name.

“Kaylee,” she proffered, “and thank you.”

He gave her his name and they continued talking. Kaylee was noticing however that Sean kept glancing over at the obviously plastic bitch that had just come in. Kaylee wondered if she did her shopping at the Banana Republic for Kids, seeing how her clothes would better fit a child. After several glances, Kaylee decided to bring it up.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Sean?”

“I, uh, well nothing really.” He stammered.

“I don’t know…it looks to me like something’s got you hot and bothered.” She egged him on.

He only looked down at his beer in silence.

“I think you’re checking out that chick in the black over there.”

“Okay, I was. You got me.” He confessed.

“You think they’re real?” Kaylee asked with a smirk.

“Probably not, but who cares?”

“Nobody’s got tits that perfect.” Kaylee answered in disgust.

They argued on for a bit, not noticing the “bitch” had come up to the bar for a drink. She sidled up to the other side of Sean where there was an empty space between stools and tried to flag the bartender. Sean saw Kaylee’s eyes get big so he turned to his other side to take in one glorious view. With her arm raised to get the bartender her boobs were protruding even further. He immediately yelled at the bartender who, looking over, and seeing such cleavage rushed right over. He took her order and went to pour and mix, pronto.

“Thanks,” said the girl.

“Not a problem…I’m Sean by the way.”

“Hello Sean, I’m Jessica. Pleased to meet you,” she responded.

Just then the bartender brought over her drink and Sean immediately offered to by it.

“Thank you again.” She cooed, giving him the doe eyes.

“Hey, such speedy service deserves speedy payment,” Sean joked. “Bet you get that a lot.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” she thought out loud. “I don’t usually have to wait to long to get a drink.”

By this time, Kaylee could see she was being passed over thanks to Jessica. She wasn’t too keen on the way Sean just dropped her either. She stood up and leaned over Sean’s shoulder.

“So, did you find out if they’re real?” She asked, mockingly and loud enough for Jessica to hear.

“WHAT?!?” Jessica asked, rather furiously.

“Yes, what?” Sean asked confused.

“Oh, you know,” Kaylee continued, “When you told me you were going to find out if those breasts were real. I just want to know if I owe you the $10.”

“You made a bet with that girl that I have fake boobs and you’re just chatting me up in hopes of finding out?”

“No, I...” Sean started, but he saw Jessica’s hand draw back. He tried to duck, but with Kaylee leaning on him, he had nowhere to go. Jessica slapped him hard across the face knocking Kaylee away from him. Sean reeled. He got off his stool to explain himself just as Jessica was drawing back again. He put his hand up to stop her, but he didn’t see her draw her right leg back at the same time. Jessica faked the slap and drove her knee into his balls. He was stunned, but he caught himself against Jessica’s body. He saw over her shoulder that most people around them had stopped to gape and he saw several women mouths agape with a smiling look in their eye. He felt Jessica push him off of her and he bent over with his hands holding his balls trying to catch his breath. He could hear audible chuckles from some nearby women. And he heard Kaylee.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

Sean just looked up at her as she reached out her hand to him. He took it gratefully and tried to pull himself upright. Just as he got his balance, he heard a gasp. Jessica had stepped back and drawn her leg as he was grabbing Kaylee’s hand. By the time he was upright she had stepped forward and kicked her long leg out. He felt the connection. Jessica kicked him square in the balls. Kaylee let go of his hand and he dropped to the ground in a fetal position. He looked up to see Jessica walking away in disgust, her shapely ass swaying purposely with her taunting strut.

He felt someone trying to lift him up, but he just wanted to stay on the ground. His face was burning red with embarrassment and he just wanted the world to go away. It was Kaylee who was helping him up. She got him as far as leaning against the stool where he could try to regain his composure.

“Bitch” Sean groaned under his breath.

“I agree.” Kaylee said, “She was.”

“No.” Sean said with disgust. “You. Lying to her.”

“Wait, she slaps you in the face and kicks your balls into your throat, and I’m the bitch.” Kaylee raged with each word getting louder.

While Sean heard her indictment, the bar patrons only heard Kaylee say, “I’m the bitch?” One nearby guy told her not to stand for that and a few women remarked disgustedly, “Kick him in the balls again, girl.”

Sean looked over at them to say something, when Kaylee grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from the barstool. He looked down to see her knee smash his balls. He felt nauseous and his body went limp. Kaylee drew her knee back again and drove it deep between his legs.

“Yeah, that’s it, girl. Smash his balls. Teach him some manners.” Kaylee heard someone say. With that she stepped back still holding Sean’s shirt with one hand and drew her fist back. She thrust her fist forward and punched Sean in the jaw and then she drew her leg back in a perfect arc and kicked him in the balls for good measure. Sean fell to the floor in agony.

By this time a bouncer had come up and to see the commotion and Kaylee told him that Sean was harassing her. He told her he was sorry and proceeded to grab Sean and toss him out of the bar.

Sean hit the pavement and crawled a little ways before he finally just curled up. After a little while he was well enough to flag a cab and get home to the safety and isolation of his apartment.

Where his mind would recount the horror of the evening over and over and…


Torera 2 (Bullfighter 2)

By Andy Terrada

A note: I wrote this story inspired and perhaps as a freestyle continuation of the story Bullfighter that was posted somewhere as a file toro.txt years ago. I could not ask permission form the writer to continue his story in my own way because I don't really know who wrote it.

Katarina Magdalena Garcia Pinto was glad to see that Ramirez did not remember her at all. if only Ramirez knew who she was and how much she hated him.

The next day, Katarina went with Ramirez to see the registrar and she was let in the ring for that afternoon. She entered the only changing room and had to strip in front of Ramirez and the other three bullfighters. Leaving her tight torero outfit she went to the showers room leaving the already naked men alone. She took a quick shower because she saw the men's cocks stiffened when they saw her in the nude and she feared to be raped. While she was in the shower the men got in action setting the trap, cutting her outfit and simple shoes in strategic places and hiding her underwear to make sure she ended up completely naked minutes after she went in the arena. Then they went through with their plan once more, only now Katarina was already out the shower and listening to them from the other room. They were discussing how they thought she would surrender as soon as she were naked in the arena and how they would make the bull fuck her in her cunt and ass. She waited a few seconds and entered the room innocently and started toweling her body with her naked backside turned towards the men. They were not aware of her previous presence. Katarina then checked her outfit and discovered the cuts but didn't have a way to repair it, so she did the same thing with the male bullfighters’ outfits.

When the men got out the showers she was already inside her super tight suit and was getting her beautiful 7 size feet inside her simple shoes without socks of any kind. When Katarina saw the thick cocks and huge low hanging balls of the men, she started to get wet just thinking what she was going to do with their genitals.

Outside in the "picadero" where the bulls are kept before their entrance to the court, Katarina's bull was getting a special treatment. The mozos in charge of him had fed him a pill used to turn bulls on when they are required to inseminate a cow and they brought a village's girl to masturbate the huge bull's cock to full length with her feminine hands. Katarina stepped into the arena and received the disapproval of most of the people and the encouraging cheers from some young girls who were also against the sexist traditions. She went to the center of the round arena to wait for her bull. The bull came out immediately and Katarina realized the set up was bigger than it seemed when she saw the hard cock of the bull. She made several passes and in a particularly forced movement her outfit finally tore apart and felt to the floor leaving her absolutely naked, then she kicked off her pretty damaged sandals and stood proudly in spite of her full nudity she prepared to fight the bull. She then realized that it was a contest between her femininity and the maleness of the bullfighters also represented by the bull. She decided she was going to face the battle that way and next she made a pass in such a way that she could end the move right behind the huge bull. Then looking at the other toreros who were enjoying the moment of seeing her humiliated by her nudity in front of the whole stadium, Katarina took the bull by his tail from behind and, with a powerful kick, she sunk her delicate bare foot in the orange sized testicles of the bull, splitting them with the top of her foot, making the animal howl in a pain he never knew before.

The bullfighters looked in the other way, embarrassed by such a graphic display of a woman's effect on a maleness several times larger than their own. Katarina received the support from her female fans and returned to the bull. He was charging again even more enraged than he was before, this time Katarina made a move letting him pass behind her back and then lifted up her right heel hard against the balls of the passing bull that were impossible to miss due to their amazing size and low hanging disposition. The bull stopped dead in his tracks in obvious pain. The crowd went crazy, most women and girls were now on her side, finding the corrida exiting for the first time. And the men were yelling her things like ‘castrating bitch’ or ‘ballbuster slut’. But she didn't care; she was going to end the afternoon with the balls of the bull as her prize, maybe the bullfighters balls too. She gave the bull another three kicks in the balls smashing her small, white, feminine foot against the firm testicles of the animal and took the sword to finish him. Then the bullfighters ran towards her to take her sword away and give the bull another chance but, when they were almost reaching her, their outfits tore apart, leaving them naked too. They stopped right there covering their genitals with their hands. Katarina then with a fast stockade cut the bull's testicles off, slicing through the narrowest part of the scrotum and making the two balls hit the sand still inside the sack of skin. The bull was paralyzed and she used her sword to finish him. The men were now a bit scared. Ramirez sent the two bigger men to attack her. One escaped immediately, too concerned with his masculinity to risk it. The other one, Manolo, walked to her.

She dropped the sword and prepared for him; she knew she had to beat this man easily to gain a place in this male's world of bullfighting for herself. And she decided to humiliate them as well, so she was going to use their masculinity to defeat them. Katarina let the man approach and then just did what a girl does better. The hands of Manolo were almost reaching her neck when her beautiful toes connected with his testicles, then her foot went on deeper into his balls until they were flat between her foot and his pubic bone. The big man yelled in agony, falling to his knees. Not giving him time to recover she forced him to his feet by the hair. Once he was standing she gave him two brutal knees in the nuts, leaving him out cold on the sand with his arms and legs spread. Then she turned around on the spot, to look at Ramirez, still standing between the open legs of the defeated man. Then, while giving her sexiest smile to Ramirez she kicked back her heel into the exposed genitals of Manolo, who spasmed on the ground. Ramirez, enraged by the look of his man being mercilessly abused, sent the other bullfighter against her. This man was huge. Muscular and tall, he looked far stronger than the naked girl; he also had big and low hanging testicles. But Katarina knew the man was not as big as the bull she had just castrated and his balls were for sure smaller. The man charged on her like bull and Katarina let him approach. Then one second before the crash she turned her back on him and jumped, so he took her in a bear hug from behind, bur her naked ass was at the level of his chest. She formed a triangle with her legs joining the soles of her feet at the man's groin and captured his genitals between them and then stretched her legs pulling with extreme force his testicles towards the floor, the man who thought he had succeed in taking her, fell screaming to his knees trying to relieve some of the pulling his balls were enduring, but it was useless, she obviously came down with him so the pulling force didn't stop. But Katarina now could stand on the ground, so she let his balls go and posing on her feet, started to kick her heels back into the fragile content of the man's stretched scrotum.

He was devastated and her sexy feet kept flying up, over and over, between his muscular thighs, ending well buried in his man nuts. Her beautiful gluteus got tensed every time she kicked. And he was paralyzed partially by the sickening pain of his almost busted balls but also because of her mesmerizing buns, just inches from his face. After 11 or 12 back kicks the sobbing man collapsed to the ground. Now Ramirez was all alone to fight this dangerous beauty. The proud bullfighter approached her with confidence, he was better than his man and though he was going to beat her at the end. The large man ran to her with his heavy balls, the biggest set on the arena, flopping freely.

For a man like him, pride was everything, so he could not show any sign of fear or hesitation, he was force to attack her almost carelessly, for his name's sake.

Katarina remained still until he was six feet away. Only then she moved aside, letting him pass by, but slapping him hard in the balls. El Macho, that was his nickname, knew then the kind of pain she was going to put him through.

She was quite amazed when he turned around to charge her not showing any sign of pain, she knew she hadn't missed, she clearly felt her hand colliding hard against his soft man-bag. He must have much more resistance to pain that the other two men. Still she knew that if she could stay out of his reach and use every dirty trick she had learned to keep hitting him, his testicles would became more and more sensitive with each blow and eventually like every man, he was going to end up on his knees. With this in mind she danced out of his way and waited an opening. He threw some punches at her, but she was only one step ahead of him. After the third punch she counter with a punch of her own. He didn't even bother to block it because he was clearly out of her arms reach but right in front of his face she opened her hand sending a fistful of dust she had picked from the ground when he was not looking. Immediately his eyes burned so bad the natural reflex took over and he had to close them and begin rubbing them with his hands. Perhaps with two or three more seconds he might have been able to start thinking again and turn away to avoid the obvious attack, but she didn't let that happen. He was still trying to recover from the temporary blindness when he felt her feminine hands on his shoulders and then an explosion on his lower body, that at first he could not locate. It took him an extra second to realize what Katarina and everyone else in the arena already knew, the force had been a knee so solid and strong his whole body shook with it and it was right on target, crushing both his balls.

When the information reached his brain, "El Macho" froze in shock. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cover his sore nuts, but he just could not organize his thoughts enough to make his body move. Based on her previous experience, this reaction was exactly what she was expecting. And she was ready to capitalize on his momentary defenselessness. without a moment’s hesitation, the classy Hispanic lady, took one small step back and kicked her right foot between his legs. This time his pain was different, it caused his legs to give and he fell to his knees. Katarina following the bullfight rites let him recover to extend his humiliation and walked around the arena saluting the female part of crowd who cheered her.

After almost a minute and resorting to all his pride, he managed to force himself on his feet. He looked around still dazed and saw her sixty feet away walking away from him, waving at the crowd. Her tanned body glistened, totally soaked in sweat and her lean female muscles sinewy under her skin with each sexy waving step, especially the hard but round buttocks of her perfect butt. He hated her so much. This was his chance to catch her by surprise. He started running fast but silently in order to push her to the ground and use his greater force and wait to dominate her. After a few steps he felt his swollen balls being hurt by his own thighs so he kept running, his legs slightly stretched.

Katarina, being a skilled bullfighter was very used to telling when a bull was charging her from behind by the audience’s reaction and almost immediately knew he was coming. With that pre-notice, it was easy to hear his steps and calculate his distance. When he was six feet away she dropped to the ground, supporting her body with her two hands, her left knee and her right foot. When he saw this he tried to stop, but he was running so fast that even opening his arms wide trying to shift his weight back and opening his legs like someone who is going down a hill, he only managed to slow down, giving her more time to aim her blow. She looked back over her right shoulder and saw he was right where she wanted him. Legs spread, angled torso, lean back, unable to stop his momentum that she used to her advantage. Her right foot flew back and up, her toes retracted towards her shin and her round bare heel and sole as striking surface. His meaty balls were the cushioning between his pelvis and her sole. Her foot end up buried so deep in his groin, his testicles were for a second crushed flat as pancakes. "El Macho's" savage scream filled the arena. Katarina stood up and faced him defiantly. Ramirez’s eyes were open wide in shock and after just a few moments, he collapsed on his knees. Then one of Katarina's assistants, a beautiful 15 years old girl by the name of Elena, brought her sword. Ramirez was kneeling down, head bent and hyperventilating, trying to regain control of himself while cradling his agonizing testicles, Katarina held the sword to his neck and looked up towards El Alcalde (the city mayor) and highest authority in town who presided over the corrida. The old man stood up and raised his hands to command silence from the crowd. Being not only a civic authority but also the business partner of Mr. Castillo, literal owner of the city's underground and dirty businesses, everybody respectfully (almost fearfully) held silent. With a deep voice that was heard all around the arena, he said -"Señorita Garcia Pintos, there is no tradition that could guide me on how to judge the events we all witnessed this afternoon, so if you will spare this man his life, I'll grant you both the bull as his own cojones as reward". The arena was dead silent and Ramirez raised his eyes towards the Alcalde, not believing his own ears.

If he only knew that Katarina had spent last night in Castillo's bed and had been in the Alcalde's residence that same morning with Mr. Castillo signing a secret agreement that would grant her his balls in exchange for her professional and personal services for two years. A contract she could gladly honor if she were to receive the satisfaction of her revenge.

The audience did not want to offend the powerful Alcalde and cheered loudly. Before Ramirez could react, Katarina knocked him out cold to the ground hitting him with the steel hand guard of her sword. The same young pretty girl who had brought her the sword came back with the small knife used to finish off bulls and claiming prizes. Without any shame, she knelt between his legs and pulled on his huge nuts with one small hand while handling the knife with the other. She was about to make a quick cut through his thinly stretched scrotum when Katarina told her -"Stop Elena, I want to claim this prize myself." Smiling to her Señora, Elenita released him and offered the small sharp knife to Katarina.

Katarina in turn, knelt between his spread legs and took a hold of his genitals. She was pleased to notice that, despite the abuse received, his testicles were still two large round orbs of firm male meat. She pulled the balls away from his body as much as his very loose scrotum would allow. He was still knocked out so she squeezed his balls one against the other, he woke up screaming only to see her take the short knife to the stretched neck of his scrotum and slash trough. All he felt was a burning sensation in his groin and that was it. After that he could only remember her walking away, shaking her sexy ass while parading around the arena with her arms held high, his full scrotum in one hand and the bull's in the other being cheered by the crowd. He was then taken to the sanitary room but his injury was clean and he only lost a few drops of blood. The nurse was surprised of the proficiency of the cutter, she didn't knew Katarina grew up helping her father castrate the pigs in the farm and with an experience of hundreds of testicles taken before she even met Ramirez, five years ago. He wasn't almost in any physical pain, other than a dull ache in his lower belly, but was of course, psychologically destroyed. The nurse sewed him up and said there was nothing else she could do but she mentioned that the cut was so clean that perhaps the testicles could still be reattached if found fast enough. Encouraged by this option, Ramirez instructed his men to go search for the slut right away and try to get his balls back, they were told to meet him at the traditional tasca (restaurant) right opposite the Arena. Most his men went in all directions trying to find out where Katarina might have gone and only the very large man that Katarina left on the Arena's ground walked his boss to the restaurant. He was actually in more pain than "El Macho" since he still had his beaten balls attached and walked with difficulty. When they entered the place, Ramirez could not believe her eyes, Katarina was in a table with her two assistants. He went straight to her table followed reluctantly by his aide. He made a terrible effort to control his temper because no matter how much he wanted to kill her, he was not in a position to get violent, at least not while she literally had his balls. Katarina offered him a seat. He accepted and asked her if they could speak alone. Katarina said her girls could hear everything he had to say. Embarrassed he sent his man to a far away table and began to try to negotiate. he offered her lots of money, then offered her a brilliant career with his help and many other things.

When none of that worked, "El Macho" swallowed his pride and began pitifully begging to get his balls back to Katarina. Only then he noticed that the two teenagers were not actually eating steaks but they were each very much enjoying a huge bull's testicle. His pleas were cut off by the waiter who approach Katarina and said -"Your order will be ready in another moment Señorita." Ramirez ignored the strange smile Elena directed to the other girl while chewing hard on a large piece of testicle she had in her fork. As soon as the waiter could not hear them he continued -"Please my Señorita, give me back my testicles and I will be your humble servant for ever. Please señorita, without them I'm nothing, not a Torero, not "El Macho", not even a man."

Katarina could not hold it any longer and told him -"Is it possible that even now you don't remember me!" He looked puzzled and said -"I will never forget you, since you took it all from me but what should I remember if we only met yesterday."

Katarina, fire coming out of her eyes told him -"Then you must have forgotten about the girl that five years ago went to see you after a corrida, as soon as the bullfight was over. You probably don't remember how you took her back to your hotel room, promising to teach her your technique. And you probably don't remember how you spent the rest of the afternoon raping her over and over again, in every way a woman can be taken."

He was speechless. And she made a pause when the waiter brought her dish, then she continued. "They say revenge is better served cold but I promised myself two things. First I was not going to give up my dream of becoming a bullfighter and second I was going to have my revenge served warm in olive oil and in front of you."

He was so petrified by horror he could not move, not when he realized that the two kidney shaped pieces of barely cooked meat in her dish were his own testicles. Not even when Katarina took knife and fork and proceeded in a very ladylike manner to eat his balls. Silent tears began running down from his eyes when he witnessed how she cut his smaller right testicle in half and took one part to her mouth with her fork. It would have been logical if he had burst in fury seeing how Katarina chewed his maleness with gusto and how much the girls enjoyed it, but he was a broken down man. He only sat there and watched Katarina chew his balls to paste and swallow them. When she was done, Katarina stood up to leave and told him -"Now we can really say I have

more balls in me than you." The three women left laughing. Ramirez was never seen again.

The end

My First Ballbusting Experience

By andrewasl

My first ballbusting experience happened when I was about 16 yrs old. I had been fantasizing about being hit in the balls for some time and wondered why it turned me on. I wasn't sure why then, but I was driven to experiment. I would often try hitting myself a little when I was in the shower at home...trying to experience the feeling of being hit in the balls. It turned me on terribly

but I was so inexperienced ...I think that I had barely begun to masturbate and still felt guilty about it all !!!

Anyway, I had been enrolled in a karate class since I was 13 yrs old and was experienced at sparring. There was one new girl in my class; she was about 5'2" tall, brown hair, petite, 17 years old, and very experienced at karate… her name was Lisa. We would spar together frequently as we were at the same skill level and of roughly similar height and weight (I was a bit small then). She was a little cutie and I remember peeking at her chest and glimpsing her bra when her gi opened after we had been sparring a bit. When she wasn't aware I would look at her sexy crotch that was sooooo apparent in those thin gi pants of hers. So different than a guys groin ...flat, no bulge, trim....

Anyone who has done any karate knows that the guys have to wear a hard cup and supporter to protect their balls. It makes it "safe" to spar and to land kicks and punches without worry there. In fact, karate class is one place where the women are encouraged to hit a guy in the balls and the chances of hurting someone really is at a minimum...hmmm now that I think about it I may sign up again....

My cup was the large "boys" size that I got when I first started the class at 13- appropriately sized when my balls were prepubescent and small. After puberty my balls got a lot bigger (as they always do) and it was a much snugger fit. In fact, it protected them a whole lot less!!!

I would sit at home and fantasize about sparring that cute Lisa with her tight, smooth, little crotch and picture her landing a kick to my balls. Oh, just imagining what would happen and thinking of the obvious differences between what she had between her legs and my bulging, fragile, exposed balls made me so horny !!! I thought about it so constantly and wanted it so badly that I began to think of ways to make it happen....

I couldn't just come out and ask her - I was far too repressed for that. I was scared as hell that she might think I liked it, or was turned on by it. I didn't want way. It needed to happen as if it were an accident...which would be easy to do since we sparred together 2-3 times weekly. However, there was then the "problem" of my cup...a bit small sure, but still provided more than enough protection! I couldn't just "forget" to wear it during sparring because I frequently sparred some other guys and my male sensei (instructor). They aimed for and hit the groin frequently- particularly sensei. If I wasn't wearing it I would definitely be hurt, and what was worse, they would all know that I didn’t have my cup on while sparring. A definite no-no. A blow to a groin with a cup gives a loud "thud" sound that everyone recognizes. It then allows you to break the fighting for a second and give the advantage to the other person before continuing. Even if I wasn't hurt, the lack of sound would be a dead giveaway. I couldn't have that. Not being able to come up with a solution, I just continued onward with my fantasies...thinking about it would simply have to be enough. A real kick or punch from Lisa would fall on my protected groin and I would not feel the pain. It would have to be enough, and I still had my fantasies, right?

So, I started leaving my groin unprotected when I was sparring her...trying to entice her to hit me there. Unfortunately, she was a "good" girl and wouldn't capitalize on my obvious lapse in defense. God, I was so frustrated about it. I mean, I would spar with my groin super-exposed and my legs widely apart facing was basically an invitation to kick me in the nuts. I know that she noticed that my groin was open because I could see her eyes dart down to my crotch and make a mental note that I was "open" there, but she never even made an attempt. We were evenly matched skill-wise, but I was a lot stronger and faster. I would easily overpower her when we sparred and take a leading, attacking groin would have been an easy way for her to say "back off" or to make me more cautious when I launched an attack. Still nothing. There was even one day when one of the female instructors (a little hottie about 23) pulled her aside when we were sparring (and she was losing) and whispered something to her as they both looked at me and then giggled a little. I'm sure that she told her that my balls were exposed and to give me a good, hard shot there to show me what was what!!! Unfortunately, she didn't take the advice and continued to receive the brunt on my onslaughts.

Then, I "fixed" my cup problem. I realized that the cup protected my balls because it transferred the force of a kick or punch directly to my pelvis, while its "cup" shape covered my balls in hard protective plastic. This allowed my balls to avoid getting the brunt of the blow and to avoid being the actual object that stopped the foot or hand. I reasoned that if the cup did not have its "cup" shape and was simply flat it would not protect me much at all !!! Soooo, I "fixed" it by cutting out a hard piece of plastic that was its same size and shape (I basically traced the outline of my cup on a piece of plastic and cut it to size). I could slip this flat little piece of plastic into the back of the cup supporter so that my cup didn't cup anything at all!!! It would then be simply flat-backed and not concave. I reasoned that any blow to the cup would be an indirect blow to the balls if that little piece of plastic was "cup" would protect me very little if at all. Also, I could hide this piece of plastic in my street clothes and I could run to the bathroom and slip it into my cup when it was my turn to spar Lisa. This way I could still have my protection when I needed it and still be "exposed" when necessary. Best of all, if I was hit there it still would SOUND like I had my cup on and no one would ever know the difference. It was so perfect and it made me so excited!!!!

My sparring with Lisa got bolder and bolder, and rougher and rougher in an attempt to make her resort to hitting me in the balls. Still no response. I was very frustrated and depressed about it at first, but I resigned myself to my fate and sort of lost interest. Winter turned to Spring and we still matched up 2-3 times a week, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. The other kids stopped coming and now Lisa was my basically my only sparring partner. She then stopped coming every week so we sparred more and more infrequently. I was getting better and better at sparring, and just started leaving the plastic in all the time; it was a pain to put in and take it out. Plus, I rarely got hit there anymore, and when I did it was never hard. Sensei and some small kids were my only sparring partners now and Sensei must have figured that I had learned to protect myself there. He would almost never aim for it then...when he did it was only a light tap to remind me that my groin was open. Those light taps hurt more than a little (which I really liked) and I figured that my little "fix" was functioning as it should - though I still wasn't completely sure since it had never been tested full force .

Spring came and the arrival of shorts and thin blouses at school piqued my interest, but I was shy and didn't date. I was still horny as hell and couldn't get chicks. I would rarely fantasize now and when I did it was not about Lisa or my balls.

Then one day, it was a Saturday I remember. It was mid-morning and the class was almost empty. Lisa came (I think that she drove herself...oooh she was an "older" chick, made me so hot!) and I remember thinking that I had not seen her in a while. She still looked good, short brown hair, nice brown "gi" top with those white pants of hers, and a pretty smile. Class was small and there were only three of us. We practiced for the first half-hour and then paired up for sparring. That day, the instructor had to spar with the older guy who was in class so that we could pair off evenly.

We started sparring as usual, but without supervision because the instructor was sparring himself. I don't know why, but I sort of silently resolved to be a little rough with Lisa. I had not seen her in a while and felt a bit arrogant. I started my usual open-leg stance and began to spar....but some reason that day was a bit different. Maybe it was because there were so few people there and we were alone, maybe because I was getting past the point of being bold and now was into ass-hole realm, maybe because Lisa as finally getting fed up with sparring me, or maybe it was because she finally noticed that I rarely looked her in the eyes and spent most my time looking at her chest and crotch...I don't know. All I know is that I was sparring rougher and rougher with her that day. I threw my kicks and punches harder at her and wouldn't "pull back" like we were supposed too. I was definitely not following the "light contact" rule at all. I even broke the unspoken rule of not trying to hit a girl in the chest and groin. I remember she came in once and punched--leaving her chest wide open. I took a quick ridge hand and hit the side of her left tit. Ouch!! That hurt!!! and I could tell it stunned her a bit and made me smile. It made her even MORE passive and defensive, but a bit mad as well. She came in with some punching combinations and I blocked them easily.

Then it happened.

She actually threw a kick at my groin...I blocked it cleanly; it was such a weak attempt. She continued sparring and then tried again little bit later, but this time a little harder. I blocked it again...I was definitely not "into it" that day and knew that my cup would not protect me at all so I had to protect myself.

We sparred some more and I landed a few good hard shots to her head and ribs...things were going so fluidly and so smoothly. Lisa came in again and tried a few punch combinations followed with a kick to the groin. Her attempts know were a lot harder - probably full force for her as she was comfortable knowing that I could handle her and that she was overmatched and probably wouldn't land anything. I blocked them all; smiling to myself at how well I was doing sparring with was so easy, so effortless for me. I could do what I wanted to her and block everything she threw at me...I was sort of lost in my little daydream and stopped focusing for a bit. It could not have been for more than a few seconds at the most....

Lisa came in again with her now predictable 3 punch combo to the head and kick to the groin. I mindlessly put myself into defense mode and made the necessary blocks. However, that particular instance Lisa had NOT chosen to throw just one kick to the groin, but rather a "double kick".

For those of you who don't know, a double kick is a maneuver that uses two kicks in rapid succession. The first kick is lighter and faster - intended to get your guard out of the way so that room is made for the second, much harder, and hopefully, more devastating follow-up kick to the now unprotected area. It is a common technique that we practiced often in class.

Anyway, there I was...lost in my little reverie about how great I was, how

strong I was, how pitiful and defenseless Lisa was, etc.

Lisa, by now was more than a little pissed off at how things were going. She had been disregarding the light contact rule for some time...probably out of frustration. She wasn't landing ANY of her kicks and punches. I was basically blocking everything that she threw. Her kicks were coming in a lot harder, as were her punches...she was getting angry that they were no worry to me and seemed like I couldn't care less.

So, here comes Lisa...quick, hard flurry of punches to the head and the well-timed, kick to the groin...a lot harder and faster than she ordinarily would have thrown.

I blocked them all, and as I was standing there lost in thought, my peripheral vision caught the blurred movement of a quickly moving that instant I realized that it was the second half of a double kick that she had started.

Looking back at it now it seems as if it all happened in slow motion. I was frozen in place, glued to the ground. My head turned downward and I just watched that foot moving upward.... I felt out of my body and a bit perplexed by the feeling...viewing the scene before me of a guy and a girl sparring and of the girl launching a kick.... the foot moving upward with sickening speed, blurred movement in my eyes...I also recalled in that split second that with speed comes force.

The kick landed with a loud, muffled, “THWUCK !!!!” as the foot met abruptly with the plastic of my cup. Lisa had not pulled that kick - launching it with surprising quickness, force and an oh-so- appropriate follow through. Confident as she was that I would block it, that it would not meet its target, she didn't hold back at all.

My cup, so carefully designed to protect a man’s precious, fragile, balls was in place...but drastically altered by me months earlier when I was foolishly lost in the lust of my age and fantasies...much, much earlier when I was so foolish that I thought I wanted a kick to the balls. At that moment I was not totally sure that my alteration would work as I had designed it - hoping with silent urgency and fear that it would not.

The loud, muffled thud and the startled look of surprise in the eyes of Lisa will be forever etched in my memory. It was if I were in a dream...hearing the thud, seeing that startled look, watching myself gaze downward at my groin, at the kick that had already landed...too late to block it....knowing that what was to come was inevitable and would come...I could not avoid it...the

consequences of all my actions were on their way...

I did not have to wait long.

The force of the kick slammed the plastic-backed cup into my balls...working exactly as I had designed it. It provided no protection whatsoever, but giving the appearance to all involved that I was protected, that it was an accident, that all was right, that I was not a strange boy who had wanted to be hit in the balls, that it was simply part of sparring and that it was going to be OK....

It was not. The full force of the kick traveled to my balls, hanging loosely in their sack, and smashed them against my pelvis... hard cup on one side, my pelvic bone on the other, my balls in between. I wavered for a split-second before the force of the blow made me fall heavily to my knees... then putting my hands out on the ground for support. The sickening feeling of my balls hanging loosely there and then very forcefully slammed upward into my pelvis was in my mind. I mentally saw the image on my poor balls being the sole objects that stopped the upward movement of that heavy, heavy, strong leg. THEY blocked the blow, today THEY were the same as that heavy bag that we kicked daily, THEY were what took the force of the blow... and they were definitely not designed to do that.

I fell heavily to my knees from the force of the blow. The sickening, achy feeling moved from my balls into my belly - an extreme feeling of nausea overcame me and took my breath away. I panted with short, chopped, heavy breaths and my head fell down. I became dizzy and the pain intensified...I retched dryly and the spread my legs instinctively to lower my balls trying to ease the pain. Ohhhhhh my goddddd my baaallls... my balls... my balls... I whimpered. Oh my god... they hurt sooo bad...they hurt so bad!!! Thought racing through my head... what have I done? Oh my god have I damaged them permanently? am I going to be sorry forever for this one instant this one kick?

I was vaguely aware that Lisa stood there watching me, horrified at what she had done. All activity in the dojo stopped and everyone stared. Instant realization of what happened swept over them - the loud "thud", my position on the floor, and the girl standing upward above me were the obvious clues. Even as I felt the pain growing in intensity and traveling upward through my abdomen I could feel my dick swelling in hardness. I instinctively knew that my dick's reaction, the bulge it was causing in my pants, would be obvious to Lisa - who was at this point keenly and concernedly focusing her attention to my crotch. She would know that I had been turned on by it, that I was hard, that I was a pervert, that my dirty little secret was being exposed. My hands shot downward to cover myself from view, I had to protect myself, she just couldn't know....

I looked upward to see inches from my face that pretty, little cooch clearly outlined through the thin cotton gi - towering triumphantly above me...proud, protected, strong, smug in its natural superiority. Then I felt the strange beginnings of a growing wonder if it was all worth it....

the end

Another School Fighting Day

by Agua

Some weeks after the fighting event, the boys claimed revenge and the girls agreed another fight. Every team consisted of 5 couples of 2 fighters, so that always 2 boys had to fight against 2 girls. As a rule it was accepted that every team was allowed to have 3 groin protectors. Thus, all 10 girls wore a dark blue bikini composed of a bra and a thong slip, whereby 3 of them had a female groin protector (a so-called pelvic guard) under their slip. This pelvic guard is a narrow foam-rubber strip which goes from the stomach down between the legs. Even though it is light and flexible, it adsorbs direct hits nicely. On the backside it is fixed with two rubber strips going from the pussy right and left side over the butt back to the front. -- The boys recognized that none of the girls took care for breast protection.

The boys just wore dark blue sparkling nylon shorts and underneath it a jockstrap of the same color. No shoes, no shirts. The shorts ended where the legs start and were so tiny that without jockstrap the privates of at least some guys would have hung out of the short! The girls were happy to see this as these shorts would insure them an easy access to the boy’s privates. Many of the girls really wanted to wear them, too. And they were sure, they would get them! According to the rules, 3 boys had a hard plastic cup in their jockstraps. Now the fight could start:

1. At the first fight, the boys fought without protector as the boy-team was afraid to lose one of the precious cups already in the first fight. One girl, however, wore a pelvic guard. The boys attacked this girl at first. One of them held her from behind while the other boy ran from front against her. She stomped with her heel between the legs of her opponent behind her. With the same foot she gave the attacking boy in front of her a direct groin kick. Both boys went to ground, moaning and holding their balls. While the boys lay down in pain, the girls were giggling and making fun of them. But the fight wasn’t over yet. After they had recovered from the pain, the boys got up and each of them attacked one girl now. The first boy got the protected girl into a sweatbox holding her head with both arms in the height of his right hip. As her arms were free, she grabbed with her left hand from behind between his slightly spread legs and started to squeeze his balls. In order to revenge, his right arm -- by now holding her head -- went to her butt and further to her pussy. But there was nothing to grab at! Additionally, he couldn’t reach under her cunt protector! While his hand was still rubbing her ass looking for a target, she kept on squeezing his nuts. She knew very well that no boy can stand this technique longer than some 30 seconds. Breathing and staying conscious became more and more difficult to him; he could even hardly recognize his surrounding anymore. Finally, she finished the fight by a hit with her other, right fist to his groin. The boy was completely messed-up and slipped into consciousness.

Meanwhile, the other boy was more successful and had the other girl under control. The feeling of superiority excited him sexually, so that he took out his hard cock and started to rape her. To enter her slit was not difficult as the narrow thong slip could be easily pulled sideward. The girl simply let it happen as she couldn’t defend at the moment, anyway. Additionally, she knew that boys get tired after tossing off. And so it was: After his orgasm, the boy was suddenly silent and powerless. Now, she started her revenge against his naked nut sack. Without listening to his requests and high-pitch wails she merciless squeezed him dry till the boy lost consciousness. After both boys were defeated, the girls captured their nylon shorts and even the jockstraps. The naked and unconscious boys had to be pulled off the ring by their mates.

2. The next girls wore the captured sparkling nylon shorts over their thong slips. One of them had a pelvic guard under her slip. The boys got nervous to see their female opponents in the uniform of their own, now naked mates. One of the boys had a cup in his jockstrap. The unprotected boy attacked the protected girl, and due to his higher physical strength he controlled her in the beginning: In a standing fight he tried to get her down. He had already forced her to bend over, and his breast pressed on her back. But suddenly he felt an elbow between his legs. Two or three times, her elbow hit hard his groin. For a boy, this technique is so incredible painful that he is unable to move or fight. Finally, the boy went down to his knees paralyzed with pain. Now, she wanted to help her friend who had major difficulties against the “cupped” guy: He had forced her to the ground into a kind of 69-position and tortured her pussy. His cup pressed her face and prevented her from biting his privates. Despite his protector she could smell the typical odor of a boy’s crotch. As his legs weighed on her arms, she couldn’t defend. So the other, successful girls wanted to support her. But when she approached the fighting couple, the boy who was already on the ground suddenly attacked her from behind. With a cuff of the edge of her hand to the boy’s groin (chop from behind), she sent him to the ground again where he laid in agony for the rest of the fight. Now, she finally could help her friend who was already crying with pain. From behind she grabbed underneath the boy’s short, jockstrap and protector and started to work on his balls. (Girls call this technique "nut claw".) The boy began to moan and to make funny convulsions, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The girl, who was by now in a hopeless position, could break free and felt now her superiority as the boy had obviously no chance against two girls.

Now the girls applied a technique which they had already trained in advance, the "boy-sandwich": The boy was turned sideward so that he lay between the two girls like a piece of meat in a sandwich. One girl held him from behind while the other -- formerly tortured -- girl cared for his protective cup. She took it out of his jockstrap and after showing it to her applauding team she put it into her bikini slip. The boy knew very well what would happen now. The girl with the cup lay down on her back, and the boy was forced to lay down on her. The girls made sure that his balls were positioned on her cup. Now the other girl sat on his butt and started to ride on the boy so that his nuts were ground between his body and the cup. After some seconds, the game was over for the boy. He was only dead meat; his eggs were crushed by his own egg-cup! His nicely sparkling gym shorts started to get moist with some droplets from his cock. The girl with his cup now stripped down his shorts and jockstrap. The sight of his shriveled cock and some cum drooling from it made her feel complete. Both girls were happy to have another two shorts and jockstraps plus their first cup captured!

3. Now, both girls were equipped with a female groin protector and boy-shorts of course. The girl-team could easily afford to equip its fighters well because they still had 3 female guards and 1 boy-cup. However, only one of the boys was protected. Both girls attacked the protected (“cupped”) boy and didn’t care for the other one. One of the girls held the guy from behind while the other girl kneed him again and again into the groin so that his cup made a hollow plop sound with every hit. But their technique was not so effective as the girls thought and as one would have guessed from the loud plops, because most of the force was absorbed by the cup. The boy suddenly freed his arms and grabbed for the pelvic guard of the girl behind him: With a powerful jerk he pulled it so high that the rubber strings which fixed the guard on the back cut like a knife deeply into her slit. (For a boy, this would be called a major wedgie!) She went to her knees holding her aching pussy. The other, unprotected guy who was not attacked by now, cared for her: She was unable to defend when the boy took her boy-short, bikini thong and pelvic guard. Meanwhile the other (protected) boy fought against the other girl. Both combatants wore groin protectors so that several kicks, knees and fist cuffs showed only minor effect on both sides. But as he was somewhat stronger than her, he was able to get her down so that he was sitting between her spread legs while she lay on her back. This way, she was unable to close her legs, and the boy stared amazed at her exposed crotch around which the sparkling nylon short nicely tightened. Though fascinated from this view he attacked her exposed pussy: The boy simply pushed her pelvic guard sideward so that his hand could enter and torture her pussy. He dug his thumbnail into her clit. As his fingers worked her clit even harder, she winced and moaned. After a short time she surrendered so that both girls lost their thong slips, shorts and pelvic guards.

4. The girl-team had now only one pelvic guard left which one of the girls wore. The other girl simply took the captured boy-cup from fight #2. -- For a girl it’s easy to protect her groin with a boy-cup while the captured pelvic guards were useless for the boys. Again, both girls wore captured boy-shorts, even though one of them was still somewhat wet from the crushed boy of fight #2. To have some reserves in case of a lost fight, the boy-team armed only one of their fighters with a cup. The unprotected boy who had to fight against the girl with cup was very afraid of the "hard bulge" in her thong slip as he still remembered very well what had happened to his mate in fight #2. His fear made him fight ineffectively so that she got him to the ground where he laid on his back. She stood over him and held his legs, each one with one arm. He urgently requested her not to do what she planned, by she simply replied him that this is a chance she couldn’t miss. Then, she held his legs well spread and stomped with her leg 2 or 3 times full force into his groin. Immediately, the game was over for this boy! He slipped into consciousness and even started to piss! The girls had already seen that same liquid drops could come out of a boy’s dick after a powerful strike to his privates, but never this! Meanwhile, the other couple fought on the ground. The girl lay on her back; the boy was on his knees bent over her and his hands weighed like iron on their arms, so that she was unable to break free. With her knee she slammed several times against his crotch. His cup jumped at every strike, and even though this situation was unpleasant to him, it was not threatening. To finish this and to put her under pressure, his knee went from the ground in between her legs and lasted now on her crotch. But because of her good protection (pelvic guard) she hardly recognized this. The boy needed a fast idea how to crack this girl! And suddenly he got it: Why attacking her armed groin while her breast was unguarded? With his fist he slammed full force against her tits. (Boys often underestimate the fatal effect of this technique on a girl, because boys are only sensitive between the legs.) The effect on the girl was fatal! After these two fights, one boy was unconscious and pissed wet while one girl laid in agony holding her tits. So there were only two fighters left, both equipped with a boy-cup and a boy-short. "Why not repeat what worked out fine?" thought the boy, and started the fight with a direct fist cuff against her tits. The girl was surprised and in pain so that she couldn’t react anymore from now on. The boy quickly jumped to her and with a powerful jerk he pulled the cup out of her slip, causing her additional pain in the crotch. The girl was still unable to do anything and just stood there with slightly spread legs. The boy went behind her and kicked from behind full force into her pussy. This was too much for her: The pain shot to her slit. She moaned, her hands went down to her crotch, she bent over, fell on her knees and finally on the ground. Both girls lay now moaning on the ground. The boy was the hero of his team when he took their shorts, slips and protectors. The girls were both so messed-up that they could leave the ring only with help of their mates.

5. Instead of their jockstraps, the boys wore now the captured bikini thongs because these tight slips provided a better fit for the groin protectors. Additionally, it was definitely humiliating for the girls to see their opponents fight in slips which some minutes ago still covered the pussies of their mates. The boy-team had all 6 groin protectors (3 male + 3 female) now. After two won rounds they were sure to win the whole match. Therefore, only one boy had a cup while the other -- also to humiliate the girls -- wore one of the captured pelvic guards. Such a pelvic guard is more or less a foam-rubber strip which goes from the stomach down between the legs. On the butt it is fixed by means of rubber strips on the left and right side. As it doesn’t offer any cavity for the nut-sac, the boy’s dick was under the foam-rubber while his balls were right and left of the narrow guard. The girl-team had neither protectors nor nylon shorts so that their fighters were poorly equipped. The "cupped" boy attacked one of the girls from behind and holding her with both arms, he squeezed her tits. Though her arms were hindered, her hands were free enough to go down in his shorts into the thong and underneath his cup. With one hand she quickly found a target while her other hand pulled out his cup with a sudden jerk. Though in pain, the boy could break free. While the girl put the captured cup into her thong slip, the boy was given another cup by his team. Some girls from the audience claimed this to be illegal, but as there weren’t any rules about this, the fight went on.

Meanwhile, the other boy with the pelvic guard was able to get his opponent into a sweatbox holding her head under his right arm. With his left arm, the boy controlled the left arm of the girl, but her right arm was still free. So she hit with her right fist into his groin but the effect was rather poor: As the balls of this boys were quite small and the foam-rubber of the guard rather thick, his balls were somehow "in the shade" of the foam-rubber strip so that she just hit the guard and not his eggs. She tried a second time, but no success. Now she had an idea: This time she hit with spread fingers to his groin so that her fingers didn't touch the guard but each one was safely meeting a ball left and right of it. The effect on the boy was fatal!

Meanwhile, the other -- and now again "cupped" -- boy got his female opponent into the 66 (love) position. But before he managed to lay closely on her, she was able to bring her hand between his and her body. Again, her hand found the way down into his short, bikini slip and cup. With a safe grip she had his nut-sac under control. From his convulsions and the movements of his tight ass, the other girls and boys could see how she was working on his balls. She turned around each ball and squeezed them from different directions. As his head was side by side with hers she could hear from his moaning which techniques were especially effective. After some time she was tired of that. She took out his cup and handed it over to the other girl who put it also into her thong. Also his short was taken away so that the boy now just wore the bikini thong. The girls gave the boy some seconds to recover. Now a new game started in which the unprotected, nearly naked boy had to fight against two girls with protective cup. He tried to avoid a direct fight, but they caught him quickly. The girls were so close that he could feel one cup on his ass from the girl behind him and another hard cup on his balls. With experienced grips, the girls made his dick hard, tore his stiff-one out of the thong and bowed him down painfully, just for fun. Finally, they put him on the ground, so that he lay on his back. One girl sat with spread legs on his breast, so close to his face that he could smell her pussy despite her cup. The other girl kneed on his balls till he had scrambled eggs and lost consciousness. Again, an outstanding victory for the girls!

According to the rules, the result was clear: The girls won the majority of fights and again would have the right to chose one boy for punishment. But the boy-team asked for an additional fight to have one more chance. As fighting and cracking a boy was really fun for the girls, they agreed under the condition that only gym shorts were allowed as only piece of clothing for both male and female fighters. It’s clear that for this decisive fight only winners of former fights were selected: The girl-team chose the victorious girls of fight #1 and #2, while the boys took their heroes of fight #3 and #4.

6. The two boys had only their nylon shorts, nothing under it, so that their dicks even hung out a little bit off the short. The girls didn’t even wear a bikini bra, so that her tits were free and the sparkling boy-shorts nicely stretched over their pussies. One couple begun with a standing fight which continued on the ground after the boy threw her down. The other girl of the second couple was physically somewhat stronger so that she could dominate the boy: He lay on his beak and she sat on his face so that he got a hard-on from the smell of her pussy. Without undressing his shorts she took his stiff one out off the shorts simply by bowing him down to where the pants ended. Then, she started -- quite tender -- to play with HIM when he suddenly bit into her crotch. She groaned with pain and was unable to fight anymore. So the boy could break free and support his mate. The other couple was still fighting on the ground, but as the second guy arrived the situation changed in favor of the boys. Now the boys applied the sandwich technique so the one boy lay to each side of the girl. One boy held her arms so that she was unable to defend. A guy from the audience threw a hand brush into the ring which the boys used now to torture the girl. They pulled her shorts sideward so that her pussy lay free. Now, the broomstick was inserted into her slit and twisted around. She cried in pain but the boys didn’t stop. Both boys got a hard-on from this. Meanwhile, the other girl had recovered from the clit-bite and carefully approached the guys so that they didn’t notice her. With a sudden and strong grip from behind into the crotch of each boy she took control of them. Both boys were paralyzed with pain and couldn’t defend. She started to crush their balls making both boys convulse. She squeezed long enough to make sure, the boys would be unable to fight anymore.

Now, the revenge of the girls begun:

The girl whose pussy was tortured sat on the back of one boy, her face looking at his crotch. She didn’t waste much time to slip off his shorts but just pushed it a little sideward so that she could reach his asshole. Then, she inserted the broomstick into his boy-pussy! The boy begun to groan and cry in pain, but she twirled, twisted and pushed the stick deeper and deeper into his pussy! The same guy who had dominated a girl in fight #3 by torturing her slit was now under control of a girl with a broomstick in HIS slit! The other girl cared for the boy who had bitten her before. Again, he was on his back while she sat on his breast. This time, she took care that he couldn’t reach her sensitive crotch. With a sudden twitch she took out his still stiff cock bowing him down to the boy's leg so that he slipped out of the shorts. He stood rock-hard before her, supported by his shorts which were tight enough that HE could not slip inside again without help. This time, she wouldn’t be as tender as before! The girl begun to bow, twist, wangle and twirl his stiff till the boy cried in pain. With a sudden, powerful tug she finally

broke his hard dick. His whole penis quickly got a red color. By the way, this boy was the former hero of his team from fight #4. And the girl who had caused him now a shaft rupture was the same which was raped in fight #1 and which had already revenged cruelly.

Balance of fights: At least, the boys could win 2 in 6 fights. But at which price! Four boys had to be rushed to the hospital immediately: The boys of fight #1 (who raped the girl), #2 (crushed by his own egg-cup), #4 (who had pissed after a direct stomp) and #6 (with the broken shaft). And the other boys didn't feel much better. Even many of the girls were still in pain. Especially the losers of fight #4 still lay on the ground with aching pussy and titties. Nevertheless, the girl team claimed their legal reward after the won battle. They chose the boy who had worn the pelvic guard in fight #5. Meanwhile, he had quite well recovered from the direct hit against his both balls. The girls decided to shave him at first. So, he was held by 3 or 4 girls while another girl shaved his pubic hairs! He was really afraid that they could hurt his cock! Finally, one girl shouted: "Don't forget his pussy!" And the boy was turned around for that he was shaved even around his asshole. The girls examined his asshole and found that he had nice cunt-lips. In fact, he was the first guy with a shaved pussy! Afterwards, he had to lie on his back and his dick was tied off by means of a cord so that he got stiff involuntarily. Now every girl ridded on the boy's stiff till she had her orgasm. For the boy it wasn't so funny because the tight cord prevented him from tossing off. As the blood circulation was hindered, his dick quickly started to ache. After the 2nd or 3rd girl, he was already in a lot of pain, but some more girls took him before they finally released his red swollen dick.


The Ultimate Punishment

By 2001jj

Hey y'all,

I've been checking out bb-related stuff on the net for about 10 years and this is my first posting of any sort. I have a bad Asian fetish as well, so this story is the result of that...enjoy!

Hank, courageous after downing seven beers, approached the hot girl sitting alone at the bar. He had been in Japan for three weeks, and it was time for him to get what he had come for—a hot piece of Japanese ass. He had flirted with a number of cute Japanese girls, and their smiles and excitement had shown him that his one year of studying Japanese had paid off, but tonight he figured it was time he actually sealed the deal. They had all been cute, but this one was particularly gorgeous. She was petite like always, with long silky black hair tied up in a ponytail. Her tight black T-shirt revealed breasts larger-than-average for a Japanese girl, and her tight blue jeans accentuated a tight round ass which made Hank believe in God. He had been watching her on the dance floor, shaking that ass left and right, and he had been forced to work hard to contain his obvious erection. Now he had it under control and he was ready to talk to her. He approached and said his opening line, “sumimasen, nomimono wa, nan desu ka?”

Cindy looked at the drunken American asshole that had just approached her. Was he fucking kidding? Could he seriously not tell the difference between a Japanese girl and an Asian-American? She didn’t look Japanese at all, and certainly could dance much better than any native girl in Japan. Had he not noticed? She looked up at him. “Um, I’m American.”

Hank was taken aback slightly, and considered walking away. But this girl was too hot. Granted, back home in the states, he was aware that she would never have considered remotely giving him the time of day, but in Japan, he knew the rules had changed. “Oh, well, then what are you drinking?”

“It’s a gin and tonic.” Cindy sipped her drink and turned away. She felt a tap on her shoulder so she turned to face the asshole once again. “So, where are you from?” she asked. Jesus Christ, could this guy not take a hint? She knew his type—Japanese hunter-- couldn’t get laid in America so now he’s desperate in Japan. He’s not getting any tonight, she thought, then, staring at him, she bit her lip in a way which made him instantly hard. Perhaps tonight she’d give him the ultimate punishment. She smiled. Seeing her beautiful smile, he nearly came in his pants. The ultimate punishment…she hadn’t been angry enough to use it since she’d come to Japan over a year ago.

Once she had thrown her drink on an asshole Japanese businessman who had been overly aggressive, but she had pitied him too much to really hurt him. This American, for some reason, was pushing all of the wrong buttons, and she knew he must pay. She thought back to the first time she had really hurt a male in that way…

Flash back 11 years, to a thirteen year-old Cindy. Growing up in the white suburbs, she was one of very few Asians. Often times the boys would make fun of her, pulling her hair and calling her names. One day, a group of boys surrounded her, taunting her and telling her to go back to China. She ran away and hid behind the circle K, crying. Just then, Jane passed by. Jane was two years older, and friends with Cindy’s older sister. She was also Asian, and Cindy admired her a lot. She was a little taller than her and very skinny, and always dressed very fashionable in her own style—she was the kind of girl who didn’t care what other people thought and always did what she wanted. Today she was wearing a tight blue tank-top over her black-and-white checkered miniskirt and fishnet tights revealing very toned and sexy legs. Jane saw Cindy and asked her what happened, and Cindy quickly tried to pull herself together and said nothing. Jane pulled her up and took her inside the circle K. “Come on Cindy, let me show you something.” Jane led her to a Soul Blade video game in the back of the store and dropped in a quarter. She selected Sophita and began fighting her first opponent. Cindy watched on with great interest—Jane was really good at the game and quickly won.

“I saw those boys picking on you, and you don’t need to take it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, check this out.” Jane’s second opponent was a very large man. She led Sophita up to him and immediately Sophita grabbed his shoulders and slammed her knee into his balls. The large character fell to the ground in pain. A second later, he stood up, and Jane led Sophia to do it again. Seven times in a row Sophita, looking extremely sexy in a short Roman tunic-style skirt, slammed her muscular white knee into the opponent’s groin, and with every hit Jane’s grin got wider. “You see Cindy, had this been real life, he wouldn’t have gotten up after that first hit.” “Are you serious?” Cindy had seen men getting hit there before in movies, but never imagined it could be that painful. Jane laughed. “Cindy, a woman’s legs are deadly weapons. If you kick or knee a guy in the nuts, he’s not getting up for a long time.” Jane eventually got bored and abandoned the game. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.” They left the store.

They had not walked two blocks when Derrick approached them. Derrick was a senior in high school, and a well-known asshole around town. He was the captain of the wrestling team and extremely huge. He grabbed Jane and Cindy’s arms. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Chink twins. This one’s a bit young, but I think we could have some fun, Jane.” Jane looked at Cindy and winked. She slid he hands up onto Derrick’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Yeah, I think you’re right,” she said, smiling, when suddenly she slammed her left knee into his crotch. The contact was perfect, with the bone of her kneecap smashing his nuts into his pelvic bone. Derrick’s face turned bright purple and his jaw dropped. He tried to remain on his feet, which was a huge mistake. Jane took a step back, lifted her right leg backwards high into the air and slammed the top of her foot into his balls as hard as she could before he had time to properly protect himself. “AUUUUGGHHH!” he screamed and fell hard to the floor. Tears were streaming down his face and he was making a horrific noise as he tried to cry, cough, throw up, and moan all at the same time. Jane leaned over at him as he writhed in agony. “Anytime you wanna have fun, Derrick, I’m always available.” From that day on, Derrick would cross the street and sometimes run away whenever he saw Jane coming.

Cindy was amazed. “You—you just took out the strongest boy in town!” “That’s right,” smiled Jane. “A kick in the balls is the great equalizer. There’s no reason that any girl should ever take any shit from any boy. The next time a boy pisses you off, move in close. Make him turned on…believe me, all boys think you’re hot. If you can get him hard and horny, it hurts a lot more. Then, slam him with your knee or kick him as hard as you can. Don’t aim for the balls—imagine that you are kicking him in the head but you need your foot to pass through his balls on the way. The result will always be good. She motioned back to Derrick, who had managed to prop himself up on his knees and was now vomiting. “Eww gross!” said Jane, and she and Cindy burst out laughing and ran away.

The next morning Cindy was walking through the hall when she ran into the three boys from the day before. Andy, the leader, was blond with blue eyes and rather scrawny. It was obvious that he was insecure and needed somebody even smaller than himself to pick on. “Hey, chicki-chicki china, what are you doing back here? Didn’t we tell you to go home?” The boys burst out laughing. Cindy looked up at Andy and then down at her feet. She had worn her shortest red running shorts which showed off her cute legs, with white and red kappa cheerleading shoes to match. Her barely-budding breasts stuck out of an extremely tight red T-shirt with a picture of a ladybug she had put on to complete her cute ensemble. Cindy had not yet started dating boys and didn’t know quite how to turn them on, and although she knew that boys would consider her very cute today, it didn’t seem like it was working. She tried smiling at Andy, but she was so embarrassed it seemed impossible to fool him. She was ashamed. If Jane were here, she would have seduced Andy and then destroyed his balls, but Cindy was powerless. She looked at the ground and quickly walked past the boys, bumping into Andy as she passed him. Suddenly, she felt her hair being grabbed so hard that she dropped her books and yelped in pain. “Hey, I wasn’t done talking to you, bitch!” she heard Andy say. A crowd was forming in the hallway, mainly boys forming a tight circle around her so she couldn’t run away. She felt a rage forming inside her, starting in her clenched fists and then moving down through her body and into her legs and finally her feet. Her face turned bright red and she spun around while bringing her right leg back as far as it would go before shooting her foot full force between Andy’s legs. There was an audible crunch as Andy’s feet were lifted two inches off the ground. He collapsed in a pile, screaming his head off and blubbering like a baby. His friends looked down at him and then up to Cindy, who was still glaring rage. They turned around and ran away as fast as they could. In between screams and sobs, Andy coughed and blood came out. The boys in the crowd had dispersed, many holding their crotches in sympathy. The girls, on the other hand, had surrounded Cindy and were clapping and cheering. Cindy felt a rush she had never felt before. She had given Andy what he deserved, had punished him in a way worse than any punishment anybody could ever receive. She let out a chuckle, then a giggle and then burst out laughing. She pointed down at him. “Who’s a bitch now!” she yelled, then turn around and shook her ass in his face. Now she understood what was sexy—sexiness came from having confidence, and she now had the confidence in knowing she never again had to be harassed by boys. Andy was still on the ground crying twenty minutes later when the ambulance arrived. He would need surgery and at least a year before his testicles were functioning properly again. Cindy watched him being carried out on a stretcher, laughing the whole time. When she finally could contain herself she was approached by Alle, a very cute brunette who was extremely athletic. “Wow, that was awesome! I’ve always wanted to do that to a boy. You have really strong legs. Wanna join the soccer team?” Cindy thought about it for a moment. Destroying Andy had made her feel incredible. What if she could devote her time to strengthening her legs to the point that they were even more lethal weapons? She thought of the pain she would cause males who angered her, and drew up a mental list of boys who had made fun of her who would be punished in a similar way as Andy. She smiled at Alle. “Will it make me be able to kick harder with more control?” Alle laughed and then paused as the sound of the sirens taking Andy away were heard. “Sure, but Cindy, we already know you have great ball control!” They two girls high-fived and burst out laughing. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hank had gone to the dance floor to dance with some of his friends. Cindy watched him. He was a complete white boy, with no rhythm at all. She noticed that he kept looking up at her and staring every few seconds. When she flashed her eyes at him he’d quickly look away. This guy is a real creep, Cindy thought. He’s one move away from never enjoying sex again…not that he ever gets much of it in the first place. She ordered another drink and reminisced about highlights from her ballbusting career.

After the incident with Andy the boys stopped picking on Cindy. She joined Alle’s soccer team and quickly became the star player. High school began and she joined a nearby gym. Everyday she would use weights to increase her leg strength. Although only fourteen, her breasts had become very nicely shaped and as she worked out, her ass was becoming somewhat legendary. When she used the Stairmaster, a row of males of all ages would discretely form behind her, staring as the perfect bulge in her tight, super-short lycra shorts moved up and down.

One day, when the gym was particularly empty, she felt somebody grab her ass she was bent over getting some water from the drinking fountain. She turned around and saw Bryce, an extremely well-built black young man who had recently graduated from her high school and was now supposedly training to lift weights in the Olympics. He was easily one of the largest men he had ever seen. “Sorry about that,” he said, “but you go around shaking that thing like that, a man’s gotta do somethin’ about it.” Cindy’s eyes lit up. It had been over a year since she had destroyed Andy and now she finally had an opportunity to hurt a man again. She had gained quite a bit of muscle in her legs and she knew the power she could create would be enough to cause serious damage to Bryce’s balls; she just needed to decide the best way to do it. She bent back down to sip more water, intentionally rubbing her toned ass against his crotch. She felt him start to get hard and swung her foot back, getting a direct hit with the heel of her sneaker. Because of the drinking fountain she had not been able to get much leverage, so although it was a direct hit, there had not been enough power to immobilize Bryce. He spun her around and grabbed her arms, crushing them with his powerful grip. Cindy looked over his shoulder and saw that the gym was empty now except for the two of them. “I’m gonna kill you bi—" he tried to yell but did not finish his last word because Cindy had slammed her knee into the huge bulge in his shorts. She could feel their large size against her knee and started to get wet as they were smashed as flat as pancakes. He let go of her shoulders and she grabbed his, kneeing him in the balls as hard as she could two more times before she could no longer hold onto his massive body and he slumped to the floor. Bryce convulsed in agony, still trying to finish his sentence, “Bi…bi…bi…” “Bitch!” Cindy finished for him, before stepping onto the Stairmaster right in front of him. Many men would have paid money to have the view that Bryce could have had for the next half hour. Unfortunately for him, his eyes were clenched shut the whole time. She finished a half hour and, hot and sweaty, looked down at Bryce, who was now moaning softly. “Good luck at the Olympics!” she laughed, and, blowing him a kiss, exited the gym.

By the end of high school she had busted about ten or so boys and was feared and respected by most of the males in her town. She was undeniably hot, but had saved her virginity because all of the males who had hit on her had been more worthy of a kick in the balls than a night of passion. She got accepted into NYU, and the summer between high school and college she met a charming British fellow named Charles who introduced her to sex. She realized she rather enjoyed it, and decided that in New York she would cut down on her ballbusting ways so that she wouldn’t scare away all of the men as she had back in suburbia.

In college she started dating more. Most of the men were sleazeballs but she had fun anyways, and didn’t mind an occasional short fling or one-night stand with an asshole. She was often tempted to hurt men, and things like a stranger grabbing her ass, which in the past would have merited at least a hard knee, she now let slide by unpunished. There were, however, a couple notable exceptions.

One night in late Spring, near the end of her freshman year, she went on a date with a junior named Trevor. Trevor was an English major, and although he was of average build, his long hair and intellectual glasses along with his amazing use of the English language made him very attractive to Cindy. It was their second date, and she was wearing a short skirt and tight white tank top, revealing her amazingly tan and toned legs. The evening went well, and soon, quite a bit tipsy, they arrived back in his dorm room. As they started kissing, Cindy reached down his pants at his hard cock and felt…

Disappointment. Well, ya win some, you lose some, she thought. Maybe he gave great head. She couldn’t stifle a little giggle.

“What?” Trevor asked.

“Um, nothing…you’re just a little…uh…” She felt very bad about the giggle, but she was a bit drunk and hadn’t been able to control herself. She was somewhat sure that Trevor had probably been insulted like this before. “Oh, come on,” she laughed, “it’s cute.”

“Cute?!” Trevor angrily jumped up and pushed Cindy back. In a flash of anger, he slapped her. It was a move he would regret within seconds, as Cindy glared back at him, no longer smiling, grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed her bare knee into his groin, protected by his thin linen pants and not much else really. Although she hadn’t busted anybody in nearly a year, the movements came naturally for her, and, biting her lip, she arched her back for maximum power and kneed him, full force, a second time. Still clutching his shoulders so he couldn’t fall, she brushed her hair out of her face and kneed him hard once…twice…three more times before finally dropping him. As he lay on the ground crying and wheezing, she picked up her handbag then bent over to gaze down at him, her cleavage spilling out of her tank top. “You could have just settled for a small dick,” she said. “Now you’re small and impotent. Ta ta!” She laughed, tossed her hair back, and giving her ass a little shake, closed the door behind her.

In the middle of her sophomore year, she met Michael, who, like her, was majoring in East Asian studies. He was on the rugby team and extremely strong, but also very intelligent and interesting. They started dating and soon she was in love. They dated for two years and thoughts of marriage started to cross her mind as they approached graduation. Then, on his birthday in mid-April, she decided to do something special for him. While he was in class, she skipped her own to go to his apartment (of course she had her own key) and decided to slip into something sexy, to await him when he arrived. She had a tight black dominatrix-style bustier as well as sexy black panties and black pantyhose which accentuated her heavenly legs and ass. She did her makeup to look like the ultimate dragon-lady seductress, the ultimate fantasy for anybody with even the slightest attraction towards Asians. Naturally, she had black leather high-heeled pointy boots to top off the outfit.

By the time she was done up, she realized she still had about 20 minutes left to kill before Michael finished his class so she decided to check her email. Going to Michael’s computer, she noticed that he had left his own email open. She had a lot of friends who were in relationships where they read each other’s emails, but she and Michael were never like that…they respected each others’ privacies. She was about to log his email out when he noticed that about 7 of the 20 emails shown on the page were all coming from the same address which seemed to belong to some girl who called herself “kelly7.” She opened up one of the emails from last night and read: “Hey Mike, you were incredible last night, hope to see you again soon ;)” Last night…Michael had said he was going to the bars with his guy friends…she opened another one, “Mike, I miss you so much, when can I see you again. I miss everything about you…especially that birthmark on your ass!” Cindy knew that birthmark well…only somebody who had seen Michael naked would know about that. Feeling nauseous, she opened one more email and read: “Mike, when can you just dump that fucking Chink bitch?! I’m sick of having to keep everything a secret!” Cindy slammed Michael’s laptop shut and fell to the ground crying. She felt as though a million daggers were tearing into her heart. She ran to the bathroom and threw up, but she still felt awful. In the hallway outside, she heard footsteps approaching, and she quickly wiped her tears away and tried to compose herself. She ran to the door and opened it as Michael was putting his key in the door. He was extremely surprised to see her, but after seeing her amazing costume, he was rock hard within moments and didn’t even notice that her eyes were still red from crying. He pulled her in towards him and started to kiss her, grabbing her ass, but she pushed him away. “No! You have been…naughty!” she said in a mock-Asian accent. Mike got even more excited at the sudden switch to role-play.

Cindy went strolled to the back of the room and, bending over so Mike could see her heaven-sent assents in all of their glory, reached into her handbag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. “Your clothes…take off!” she yelled at him. He obliged immediately, and was soon naked, his large cock nearly bursting with blood. Above Mike’s head was a pipe and, standing on a chair (she was nearly a foot shorter than him); she handcuffed his hands around the pipe.

“Now, you answer third question! Do you undastand!”

“Uh…yeah?” She slapped him playfully. “Yes ma’am!” he shouted, giggling a bit. “Good!” she said. “First…why you late for you appointment with me today?”

“But he wasn’t—" he started but she slapped him again, this time so it stung a bit. “I was in class, ma’am!” he shouted. Okay, he thought, I’ll play ball. “Hmm…no good!” she slapped him again, this time rather hard. “Question two…when my birthday?” “August 23rd, ma’am!” “Hmm…no!” she slapped him again. Obviously, he had answered correctly, but she didn’t care. Michael was loving the abuse and getting extremely turned on.

Cindy stepped back and unzipped her bustier, dropping it to the floor. Her perky, salon-tanned breasts with their cute little brown nipples started back at Mike. “Question three!” she said, staring him right in the eyes. He was grinning. She suddenly broke out of her character and, tears welling up in her eyes, asked, “who the fuck is Kelly?” Upon hearing her name, Michael suddenly panicked, as Cindy reared back her leg and swung it forward as hard as she could, decimating his balls with her boot. “AAAHHHHHH!” Michael bellowed as now tears started streaming down his face. Cindy felt no mercy. The pain he was feeling now was the only way he could come close to feeling the pain she was experienced in her heart. Michael was swinging from his wrists and screaming as she stepped up to him and put her hands on his shoulders. Michael could not effectively articulate any words because his whole body was surging with the worst pain he had ever felt in his life, but he managed to sputter out, “N-n-no.” “No ‘Mike!’” she shouted. “Yes!” With that she slammed her stocking-clad knee into what was left of his nearly-destroyed testicles. She bit her lip so hard it bled and kneed him again and again, until his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. Blood was trickling from his limp dick and getting on her stocking. She gathered up her things, threw on a T-shirt and left his apartment. As she was walking down the hall, still in her stockings, she her somebody say “dammn!” and grab her ass. She glanced over her shoulder and saw another college student she had never seen before and, smiling, delivered an incredibly strong mule kick which drove the sharp heel of her boot up into his groin. She did not turn around to look but heard his body drop to the floor and him sputtering in agony.

She did not put on anything to cover her ass and legs and on the walk home three men mistaking her for a prostitute approached her and were left on the sidewalk in agony after receiving multiple knees or kicks in the balls from this mysterious, sexy, Asian dominatrix. Cindy would spend the rest of the term mostly in her apartment, afraid to go out because she was so angry at men that she feared she would castrate all of New York City.

But that was all in the past now. Cindy had been living in Japan for over a year now and had not busted any balls the whole time she had been here. It was a phase for her, and certainly, if she was attacked or cheated on she wouldn’t hesitate to floor a man, but she didn’t need to kick men in the nuts to give her any sort of confidence. She pushed the last remaining thoughts about Michael out of her head, finished her drink, and found her friends. The slimeball who had been hitting on her was nowhere to be seen so she could go to the dance floor without any hesitation. A song she particularly liked came on and she started gyrating her ass, noticing the stares of nearly every man in the bar. Suddenly, she felt a hand wrapped around her waste and a definite erection poking into her butt as it bobbed up and down. She turned around and saw the sleazeball from before, then got a grin on her face…

Hank had her now. She had just given him the sexiest smile he had ever seen and now she was grinding into his throbbing cock with her ass so hard that it took every ounce of strength in him to restrain from blowing his load. Suddenly, she spun around, and her foot was lifted up behind her…and—BAM! Cindy kicked Hank in the balls as hard as she could. Her hard black Mary Janes crunched into the V of his legs, scoring a direct hit to both nuts. Hank fell to the ground instantly, his face glowing bright purple. He struggled to restrain himself from crying and vomiting and failed at both. All of the men in the bar gasped uncomfortably and backed away, but many of the females were clapping and laughing. “So you want a submissive Asian girl, do ya asshole?” she laughed. “Well who’s submitting now?” Hank was curled up in a ball emitting un-humanlike noises. Cindy and her friends, still laughing hysterically, left the bar, as an ambulance arrived to take Hank away…