Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Do You Voodoo?

By Wizard

DISCLAIMER: I know next-to-nothing about Voodoo. It’s just a silly story!

In all my years practicing the arcane arts of Voodoo, this case might be the strangest. Well, it’s easy to scoff at such seemingly primitive beliefs, but the mind holds a vast and largely unrecognized influence on our thoughts and feelings. Though not always strictly necessary, it helps a great deal if the subject believes in the power of Voodoo. That is how the great legends start. That forms the most powerful cases. But I can be of influence even in the absence of a willing victim. That’s how good I am. Just don’t call me a witch…

But enough of the commercials! I have a tale to tell. I can reveal no names, but my commission came from someone many millions would recognize – a TV news anchor. In fact, this anchor came to hear about me from a piece one of their eager young reporters had produced. A typical piece of trash mostly, but I got a chance to appear on screen with all my mumbo jumbo which despite the asinine voiceover could have a powerful effect on a susceptible person. She called up, made an appointment, and of course I recognized her immediately, though professional courtesy made me play it cool. She was all dressed up in typical anchor-ware and I must say looked splendid, even younger looking without her studio makeup. As she told her tale of subtle harassment by the male sports announcer I had to wonder why she was here, and questioned her most severely. She took all my probing in good humor and explained that she had ambitions and did not want to do anything to mess them up. The sports announcer was very popular and she wanted to avoid any direct confrontation so as not to taint her image. But she was also fed up with the little comments and little touches to her ass. I looked at her critically and could see how any red-blooded male would want to fondle her delightful derriere, for in my business it is essential to get inside the mind, male or female.

When I told her this was small potatoes for something as powerful as Voodoo she looked crestfallen. Then she did something I will never forget. She asked me about some pictures on the wall and I was glad to share them thinking the consultation was over. As I described the pictures she looked me directly in the eyes and then, with the greatest of subtlety placed her hand on my buttocks, and began to fondle in a very graceful but really dirty way. I was shocked, but also felt great admiration at the way I had been distracted and stalked, as it were. No more words were necessary. I knew she was dealing with an accomplished fondler, which made any overt moves very risky. So we got down to business. The first problem was one of severity – my usual requests had to do with death, disease, madness - that kind of thing. We needed something subtler. There was also no way she was going to mention Voodoo to the guy, so we needed a built-in vulnerability.

On her next visit, I was ready for her. The look on her face as I brought out the doll was priceless: surprise, disbelief, revelation and then laughter. Belly laughs in fact. I frowned at her – Voodoo is serious business! She calmed down but could not wipe the smile from her face. My little doll was a featureless thing of straw – but by God it was male! Two oversized testicles and a shrunken penis. My client loved it! It gets to the source of the matter, she chuckled. We tried it out immediately. My client had the night off, so we watched the news together, eagerly awaiting the sports section.

There he was, all smiles that soon faded as I casually flicked my finger at the doll’s dangling beads. He gave a little jump, and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. I tried a few more pokes and jabs, testing his responses. He had great control (ball control?) but we were definitely getting to him. My client was ecstatic, and not a little impatient. She snatched the doll from me and banged it down, legs straddling the arm of her chair, almost knocking those poor beads right off. He jumped and squeaked out a good night, almost falling off his chair as they cut away. I smiled inwardly. My skills and preparation had paid off, and contact was made with our victim. I also smiled at how eagerly our male target had responded. Most unusual for a first attempt, and he with no knowledge of our actions. It just shows how vulnerable the male’s exposed genitalia are to skilled female manipulation!

After that first time we tried many things. One of my favorites was to use a naked Barbie doll to kick the beads off our little sports guy. I wanted to use the knee, but have you ever tried bending Barbie’s leg? We always laughed our heads off whenever we were able to catch him on air, but that wasn’t often enough. The problem was, though we had him by the balls, and thus could be said to getting our revenge, there was as yet no connection to our anchor. My suggestion to her to spin round and use her own knee the next time he tried that rude rump trick was not well received. After all, she had hired me to avoid all that. She suggested we snatch those beads right off the doll! I looked at her in shock, but realized she had a point – we couldn’t keep doing these sessions together on her nights off. So I sent her away and worked my mojo.

Next time I was all ready. Of course we had to have a little ceremony involving nudity, snake bones, some chicken blood and dancing around a campfire at midnight, nothing that would interest you. The pictures I took were for insurance purposes only. Nothing to do with her gorgeous body and my bi-tendencies, I assure you. Finally she graduated to assistant juju status and left with the detached beads in her pocket. Now at any time she could bust the sportscaster’s balls by slapping her pocket, rolling the beads between thumb and forefinger and squeezing, or what was to become a favorite pastime for her, pulling the beads apart on their elastic and letting them slap together. The only real inconvenience was having to fix her coffee with one hand, as the other was constantly playing with her beads in her pocket in case he approached her from behind.

But he still would not stop! I think her bead-twiddling was actually turning him on, gently massaging his testicles in a most pleasant manner as he approached even more cockily than before until she punched her pocket, dropping him instantly. Funny how she always laughed when she would describe this to me. I cannot imagine a man wanting to approach a woman in this way when his balls would suddenly explode in pain and the next thing he knew he was looking up her skirt from the floor. The only dangerous time was when her boss stormed into her office and slammed a huge printout onto her jacket lying on the desk. A shrieking yell from down the hall interrupted his anger and an ambulance had to be called.

My next surprise was to see this guy turn up on my doorstep. At first I figured I was busted, but he was calm and humble and wanted to consult. Apparently he had been talking to the same reporter and regarded me as some sort of medical alternative. It’s true that Voodoo has healing as well as hurtful powers, but as you know, I had been the cause! Well, you’ll never guess this guy’s problem, right? Yup, painful testicles. Sometimes sharp, shooting pain. Sometimes a dull throb. At other times a gentle tickle. He had been to all the sports doctors, who asked about protective cups and checked for hydroceles and swelling and testicular torsion. He had even been to a sex therapist because he was getting turned on at odd times too. My eyebrows went up at this. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but from his descriptions my bead-beating friend had been over-indulging while this guy was suffering spontaneous erections. Life as a Voodoo queen is never dull! In fact I confess here that his descriptions had ME getting hot. This guy, instead of being the utter jerk I was expecting was turning me on! Time for bonfires, snake bones and nakedness while I stalled for time. This might have been a mistake ‘cos he was in fine shape with nice equipment that jangled nicely as he got into the demon-exorcising dancing with little ole naked me.

Surprises were not over for this evening. Who should I see over his shoulder than our ball-busting anchor, stark naked and ready for a little drum-heavy dance music and firelight. She sees us close together and getting closer and misinterprets, thinking that he is up to his perv tricks. She walks right up behind him and before he even knows she is there she grabs his generously stuffed scrotum from behind, circles the neck between thumb and forefingers, grips tightly, squeezes, twists and yanks. He ooofs and goes down nicely and I admire her fine technique and suppress a giggle. But he’s not all down. His dick pops right up and it’s a beaut. As he stands to face her she sees his hard on and thrusts her leg vigorously up between his. I hear a load thud, a high shriek and he’s out on the ground. This woman is good! We stand across from each other and her face is flushed. Her pussy lips are flushed. Damn if this woman isn’t turned on! Believe me, I know. Told you I was bi. No wonder she has overstrung those beads. Now I turn to sporty. He is still curled up but has a huge grin on his face.

A match made in heaven? Well, a match made around my bonfire anyway. I did not exist at that moment as these two stared at each other in disbelief. What a way to get turned on I thought. But hadn’t I got a kick out of it too? I just knew these two were going to be seeing a lot more of each other. And I had a sneaky feeling they would need a referee. I wonder if I should ask for my beads back.

Tokyo Subway Ride (part 1-3)

By wizard

Here’s a story I have to tell you. It happened to a businessman in Japan. Let’s call him Geoff. Here’s what Geoff told me.

So here was Geoff in the middle of Tokyo on a business trip. Lucky him. It meant that his employer would foot the bill - thank goodness. It’s true what they say about the cost of things there! But I know you guys don’t give a damn about business! Geoff was a handsome Caucasian and if there is one thing Geoff liked above all else it was gorgeous young Asian woman, and especially Japanese. However, what with business to conduct and language/cultural barriers Geoff was having a hard time actually meeting any women. Consequently he was one horny bastard surrounded by the most desirable pussy and he couldn’t get close to it!

Geoff had to get across town and the quickest way seemed to be to use the subway. He couldn’t believe what he saw as he and about three hundred other folk were rammed into the train. He felt totally stifled as bodies pressed all about him, invading his space in a way that was most uncomfortable for a Westerner. After the initial shock he came to realize just what was packing him in. A whole class of schoolgirls. These were mature girls (High school, he thought). He couldn’t help it, surrounded by all this young flesh his dick sprang to attention and he was having the time of his life. All this young female flesh rubbing him on all sides! And those oh-so-sexy Japanese schoolgirls uniforms! Every jerk of the train on the tracks rubbed his big hard dick against these girls. He was so turned on!

He was so turned on that he failed to notice the scowls on the faces around him. These girls were used to subway antics - and they knew how to deal with them. Suddenly Geoff became aware of the scowling face of one of the taller girls, who had managed to turn to face him. Man was she pissed! The smile faded from Geoff’s lips as this young female of the species prepared to respond to his blatant dick rubbing in no uncertain terms.

Geoff became aware of this girl’s gorgeous young thigh slowly working its way between his legs. This was a major achievement since the train was so packed. As the girl forced her thigh between his legs and inched it upwards her scowl turned into a smile. She was beautiful! Geoff relaxed a bit and decided that such a sweet young thing could mean no harm. His relaxation enabled her thigh to reach all the way up to his scrotum.

She smiled and looked him dead in the eyes as she worked her thigh up and down, massaging his balls, squashing them against his body and them releasing them to flop down again. She had to raise her thigh right up to reach his tall, western testicles! Geoff tried to look down. With a bit more room I could see her panties he thought, and pre-cum started to ooze from his throbbing head. A jerk of the train brought the girl close up on him, and he could feel her body pressing into his. Oh my God! I’m going to come, he thought, as her almond eyes gazed at him. Another jerk of the train pushed her away, and Geoff’s lewd encounter was about to end with a bang!

BANG! The little abused schoolgirl took her chance and rammed her thigh right into his balls, smashing them flat against his own hard bone. “Oooooof!” he cried out in pain as she repeated her performance with doubled effort!

WHAM! His testicles were two flat little pancakes as the pain shot through Geoff’s body. He would probably have slumped to the floor at this point, but the girls pressed in behind him, and pushed him up against his tormentor. She was no longer smiling. She was laughing now as she gave him more hard testicle-crunching hits!

He was trapped! He had nowhere to go and no defense against the schoolgirl as she slammed her thigh into his balls every chance she got! Geoff had gone into a hyper sense of awareness. His whole body screamed with pain at each thuddingly generous shot to his nuts and a red haze seemed to descend around him. As the crowd moved around them Geoff found out that this crushing defeat to his manhood was just a warm-up! Legs wrapped around his, pulling them apart. His arms were pinned behind him. He was crushed in on all sides but the smaller girls seemed able - with some wriggling - to be able to maneuver around him.

Now his other victims took their revenge, viciously smashing his vulnerable balls even as they grabbed hold of his still throbbing dick. He felt totally naked and in their power as they laughed at him and rammed their sweet legs into his balls with utter abandon and youthful power.

The train started to slow and a hand reached down, unzipped his fly and pulled his red swollen package out into the air. His dick was rubbed up and down, each jerk painfully bouncing his nutsack. His balls were roughly seized and violently jerked downwards, taking him down too. Suddenly the girls flowed out of the train leaving Geoff curled up on the floor cradling his balls gently in his hand and trying to hide the ejaculate squirting from his cock!

Suddenly the train did not seem at all crowded and mostly old women were staring at him with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. They would whisper among themselves and be secretly pleased at how easily this male intruder was dealt with. Many smiled inwardly remembering times when they were young and studying martial arts, learning how to take down strong young males quickly and efficiently. As Geoff flayed about the floor trying to recover and cover himself they thanked their lucky stars that they had been born female!

When Geoff finally reached the office Miss Yokoyama looked at him in horror! “You’ve been mugged!” she cried, helping him over to a chair. You’ve been raped, she thought, looking at his fly half open and noticing the funny way he walked.

As Geoff sat down a business card fell from his pocket. Miss Yokoyama picked it up, read it… And burst out laughing! “Oh you little pervert!” she screamed. “You deserved that!” At that she thrust the card at him. It had Japanese characters and then underneath it read: “Subway Ballbusters Club”.

Geoff groaned and gingerly held his balls in his hands. Miss Yokoyama laughed again and said, “You didn’t fall for their schoolgirl act, did you?” At the look on Geoff’s face she smiled and shook her head. Then she was all seriousness.

“I’d better check you out,” she said. At a spoken command the door closed and locked and the windows darkened. She knelt in front of him and spread his legs. Geoff looked at her nervously but she gazed into his eyes and told him he could not go to a doctor as they knew all about the Ballbuster club and he was liable to be arrested for lewd behavior on the subway. Or worse, sexual assault. My God, thought Geoff, I’m the one that was assaulted, but he kept his mouth shut.

Miss Yokoyama undid his fly and very gently pulled his equipment free. In spite of the tenderness he still felt, her cool hands and gentle touch soon prompted a huge erection! He just wished Miss Y would suck him right now - she was in the perfect position. She looked up at him, her petite size making his cock seem enormous. She lovingly turned his red, swollen balls over, causing Geoff to wince and his erection to bounce up and down.

“My, Geoff,” she said, “you’re very well built!” Suddenly Geoff felt acute embarrassment and started to get up. Big mistake! Miss Yokoyama’s little hands tightened around each large testicle and squeezed!

Geoff almost fainted and though his fog of pain he heard her say, “You’re not going anywhere! There’s no permanent damage right now, but I can soon fix that!” Another light squeeze quickly convinced Geoff of the veracity of her statement!

Geoff couldn’t believe his eyes. Miss Yokoyama stripped out of her business suit just as quick as you please and started rubbing herself against him. Though she was a grown woman her slight body and small breasts reminded Geoff of a teenage girl, just entering puberty. Forbidden fruit! Although he was ashamed to admit it this turned him on greatly and despite his still aching balls his cock could not wait to plunge itself into her! She would not let him move, threatening to punch his balls if he did. Geoff stayed put! His balls were very vulnerably exposed to her and she could easily carry out her threat. After the squeeze he didn’t want anything else to happen to his testicles! She straddled him as he sat in the chair. Geoff noticed that her pussy hairs were straight, hanging between her legs like a goatee. Her pussy was tight and very wet and Geoff moaned with pleasure as she took his whole length into her. Geoff was amazed. He had met Miss Yokoyama several times before and though undeniably a beauty, she had always been strictly business, to the extent that he had wondered if she had sex at all. My, had he been wrong! She was as hot as a docker’s armpit! Already she was shuddering with climax after climax, bouncing on Geoff’s swollen jewels with her rounded rump.

It was a bit much for poor old Geoff who exploded deep into her body with immense satisfaction even as her ass pounded his balls into agony! She fell against him and realized he had fainted! She purred with pleasure, hardly able to believe how horny Geoff’s ballbusting had made her. Now she felt strength flow through her as he lay slumped and defeated - and also well fucked!

Reluctantly she slid off him, retrieved the card and copied the details. As turned on as she was she needed to join the Subway Ballbusters herself!

Geoff felt great and crappy at the same time. Miss Yokoyama turned him on something rotten and her near-rape of him fulfilled a long-held fantasy of his, not to mention giving him a great orgasm. Her body was tight and ready and thinking about the way she had taken him got Geoff’s pecker all swelling again! On the other hand, his testicles had taken a hard beating at the hands - and knees and feet! - of the “schoolgirl” ballbusters and Miss Y’s treatment of him had been none too gentle either.

Geoff carefully zipped up his pants and tried walking around the room, taking great care not to move his testicles around too much. This was hard to do since they seemed to be swollen in his pants and every time he moved his leg his balls were shifted around in a very uncomfortable way. He finally came up with a spread-legged cowboy type walk that protected his battered jewels and didn’t look too ridiculous. Now, he thought, can I make it back to the hotel without meeting the subway ballbusters, ‘cos if I do they will have a way easy target with my big swollen nuts and legs spread for easy access!

What a horrible thought! Geoff gently lowered himself into a chair. Where’s Miss Yokoyama? he thought. The door opened but it was not Miss Y but the receptionist, if Geoff remembered correctly. She was very sweet looking and regarded Geoff with big, dark, curious eyes. Geoff opened his mouth but could think of nothing to say as she approached him and stood between his open legs. Geoff was acutely aware of his tender nuts mere centimeters from her knees. She was staring at his crotch, or was she just lowering her eyes as a sign of respect?

She licked her lips and told him in slightly faltering English how she had heard about his plight and what a poor, poor man he was. Geoff didn’t know what to say, but was at least glad for the sympathy. At least she wasn’t accusing me of being as pervert, Geoff thought.

“What do those wicked women do?” she asked him. “This?” She raised her knee up quickly several times; missing Geoff just barely and making a sweat appear on his forehead. “I bet they had to raise their leg very high like this?” she suggested, raising her knee up and holding it giving Geoff a clear view of some very feminine lacy panties. Having thus distracted him she then proceeded to unzip him and very gently free his genitals, purring softly at him telling him she must check him out and cradling his testicles in her tiny hands, ohhing softly as his penis started to swell again. Her cool hands felt so good on his over-heated scrotum and Geoff wondered if she was going to jump on his boner too. She was certainly young and cute though not hot in the same way that Miss Y was hot. She was fascinated by his male parts and Geoff felt helpless in her hands. He dared not move in case she wanted to try a knee or fist or squeeze. Geoff was beginning to think that all Japanese women were natural ball busters and his balls had had enough busting for one day, thank you very much! It must be the history of martial arts he thought and he pitied the poor Japanese boys in school! What could they do if all the little girls were taught to kick them in the groin?

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Miss Yokoyama. Geoff was embarrassed but the receptionist merely said something to her, pointed to his exposed balls and giggled and then left. Miss Y now stood in front of Geoff, nudging his balls with her knee. Geoff was not concentrating too well but she was saying something about his balls being okay and she hoped he didn’t mind that she had her receptionist (did she call her Midori?) come and check him out. Geoff was terrified that Miss Y might punish him for becoming aroused but luckily for him she seemed to be amused by his turgid state and gently suggested that he pack his “stuff” away!

Geoff went back to the subway, hoping that the crowds had diminished and that this time he would NOT be pressed balls and dick into inviting female flesh! As he made his way down the escalator a woman suddenly stuck out her umbrella, jabbing Geoff right in his weakest, most sensitive spots! Due to his condition he instantly groaned out loud, bent over and grabbed his goodies. Instead of an apology he heard the woman giggling uncontrollably at his bad luck. Geoff limped off the escalator with his hands covering his groin until he forced himself to uncover. As soon as he did so a rubber toy sailed out of an infant’s grip in a nearby stroller smacking him audibly in the very spot he had just exposed.

“Ahhh!” he gasped, clutching himself once again as mom came over to retrieve the toy. She was much more sympathetic, but still had a big grin on her face as she apologized. Muttering to himself Geoff took his battered balls through the ticket machine, carefully guarding his gems from the crotch-level bars. Keeping well away from other people Geoff waited for the train. He made his way carefully inside when suddenly a young female who had been dozing suddenly jumped up and pushed everyone aside as she tried to exit the train, ramming into Geoff and pushing him into the seat back and mashing his tender balls once again.

“Urghh!” he gurgled as testicular pain racked through his body.

The next day Geoff felt much better. In fact, he mused as he dressed in the loosest, biggest pair of pants he had, he was feeling horny as hell. Far from being discouraged - or satisfied - by the previous day’s events, Geoff felt like he could take on the entire womanhood of Tokyo! The curse of being male, he grinned, as he examined himself in the mirror.

With the amazing ability of the human male to ignore all sense and history when it came to matters of the genital and young females of the species, Geoff was raring to “have a go” at the subway again. Have a go at the women, anyway. He was excited. Well, give him a break. He had never before had the experience of being forcibly pressed into female bodies and it got him going. He remembered that delicious feeling of horniness - exhibited literally in his erect phallus - and how said phallus was ground into the soft inviting flesh with no effort on his part! Oh, to his credit he did recall how the females had turned the tables on him and attacked his testicles, rendering him helpless and causing him a fair degree of pain. But alas, his memory of the amount of pain had faded along with the ache in his scrotum. The slight soreness he now felt actually heightened his erotic senses. The slight swelling of his testicles made him feel all the more manly and enhanced the bulge in his pants! If Geoff had been thinking with his big head and not his little one he might have realized that this was a dangerous position to be in. But being male, he didn’t really know the difference! Besides, it was a new day, he had the morning free and anything could happen…

Geoff’s first experience was a total bust. He was rammed into a car full of businessmen, with the emphasis on “men”. It was hot, he was pegged in so tight he could hardly breathe, and he was sure he felt something hard but fleshy poking into HIS flesh. He clawed his way out at the next station and jumped on another train going the opposite way. This car was almost empty and he took a seat facing the interior. He was wondering where to go next when the train stopped but suddenly the car was invaded! A mad rush of people swarmed into the car. A businesswoman was jammed in front of him, completely between his legs and with her stocking clad knees only millimeters from his crotch.

Geoff looked down then slowly looked up into the woman’s face. They stared right in each other’s eyes for several moments, her face a mask. Then the corners of her mouth moved almost imperceptibly into the very slightest of smiles. Geoff gulped. There was a surging movement in the crowd of people and her knees pressed in on Geoff’s scrotum, gently moving his large testicles to each side. Now she had a full smile on her face, as if knew what was going to happen next. Geoff felt sweat break out on his forehead as the crowd surged again and her knees squashed into his testicles, flattening them.

“Ahahhh!” moaned Geoff as he tried to scoot his ass back on the seat, succeeding only in mashing his testicles against the woman’s knees, much to her delight. He looked up into her smiling face as she tried to press her knees forward, tried to press home her advantage and finish the job she had accidentally started. The train lurched and Geoff was able to scoot up and back, pressing his spine into the seat as he attempted to move his exposed groin away from his tormentor. It was Geoff’s turn to smile at the woman. He felt good now that his balls were able to resume their ball-shape and studied the fine, though disappointed-looking, woman in her short-skirted business suit. She looked good between his legs and his penis responded by swelling nicely.

Oh but she wasn’t done yet. She was able to bend one of her knees and it began to creep its way over the seat aimed right at Geoff’s testicles again. He had a feeling of dread as her smile widened, the train lurched again, and with the weight of dozens of people behind it her knee crashed into Geoff’s balls, ramming the soft, delicate tissue into his pelvis. The hard seat back did nothing to help as Geoff’s gonads took the full impact of the blow. She looked him right in the eye as the shock hit him, leaned forward, held his head and kissed him even before the pain rolled over him. Somehow she was able to turn and fight her way to the exit leaving Geoff gasping and trying to curl up in a ball. The pain kept coming, moving up his body and leaving him incapable of doing anything.

By the time Geoff had recovered the train was well out of downtown Tokyo. He staggered to his feet and shuffled out of the door. Now his male pride hurt more than his male equipment! He found a restaurant, purchased an over-priced bottle of cold sake and amazed the owners by downing it like a bottle of pop. Feeling somewhat emboldened he headed back to the train, to go and keep his afternoon appointment and “sexually assault” some young, innocent females! He felt he was OWED at this point! (Like I said, thinking not with the big head…) Morning rush hour was long gone so the trains were merely crowded, rather than being suicidal. Geoff discreetly ogled the cute females but could not use the excuse of being rudely pressed into their bodies to try some erect-cock rubbing. Maybe not the purest or wisest of things to be doing, but the opportunity of getting away with it on these crowded trains, of doing something forbidden, was just too tempting for him.

Suddenly he became aware of soft buttocks rubbing him. Geoff’s senses went on hyper-alert. It was subtle, but it was definitely deliberate and not due to the motion of train or crowd. He peaked over his shoulder and saw an intriguing female. Slowly, slowly he eased his body around, his dick now throbbing with excitement and swollen beyond belief. Geoff had to bend his knees so that his dick could better line up with that tempting ass. Now the gentle swish-swish was rubbing that lovely soft rear back and forth across Geoff’s rock solid erection, nicely stimulating the sensitive spot underneath his swollen head. The ass started to gently gyrate as if the owner was dancing. Geoff’s breathing was becoming quicker and he let out a little gasp as the ass crack seemed to wrap itself around his dick and caress the length of his shaft. He could not believe his luck as two small female hands reached around and found their way to his zipper and opened it. Geoff felt warming waves of sensation pass through him as the cool hands gently eased his bulging cock and large soft testicles out into the open. The hands explored the length of his manhood and then gently encircled his fat balls in his scrotum, tightening down and forcing the testicles into the bottom of his shiny sac. Geoff was almost at climax.

Suddenly the owner of this lovely ass and wandering hands, keeping one hand firmly wrapped around Geoff’s jewels, spun around. In the blink of an eye she grabbed his balls with her other hand and yanked upwards in a vicious double-handed upward pull. So hard was her grip and so enraged was her mind that Geoff was pulled off his feet, crying out at the sudden strong pain in his pleasure organs as the women screamed at him. “Pervert!” Her face was distorted by anger and the effort of raising Geoff off the ground using nothing but his scrotum. Geoff’s balls were trapped at the end of that scrotum, the weight of his body pulling down and squeezing the life out of his testicles. Just as Geoff was sure he would pass out she suddenly let go.

“GEOFF!” she screamed! Geoff forced his eyes to focus through the pain.

“Miss Yokoyama!” he stammered as he recognized the face before him.


“You… you…” Miss Yokoyama stammered as she stared at him in disbelief. Her shock was replaced by anger and suddenly she glanced down to where Geoff’s large sized testicles dangled invitingly between his legs in his stretched scrotum. Her eyes narrowed as she realized how totally vulnerable they were, exposed and ready for any punishment! There was nowhere for Geoff to go as she calmly grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket drawing him close to her and swung her knee upwards between his legs as high, hard and fast as she could!

Geoff stared at her, doing nothing. He was still in shock from having his testicles very close to being ripped off his body and she could have done anything to him. What she did was smash those testicles deep into his body. The shock wave passed up through Geoff’s body and exploded out of the top of his head. His knees gave way and he started to collapse. Miss Y was still pissed! Oh, maybe she was as much to blame but she was so embarrassed to have met Geoff, out of all the millions of horny men in Tokyo, and she felt he should be taught a lesson. She used the one move that a female can use on a male to have maximum effectiveness and no way he could return the favor!

In fact, she realized, I’m getting a real charge out of tackling this big man’s balls. He is so hard and strong and they are soft and weak! When she had grabbed them she had thought of ripping them right off his body! This wild but oh-so-tempting thought had given her the strength to lift him off his feet. Now she felt the power of the female over the male - and it felt good! The close-in power of the knee lift just sent a thrill through her entire body and the ease with which it could subdue a man made her cunt all juicy. So with great relish she swung her knee up into Geoff’s groin - just as Geoff was collapsing from the previous thrust!

WHACK! Her hard bones smashed right through the soft tissue of Geoff’s testicles. She felt her knee hit hard bone and realized she’d squashed them flat! She felt an overwhelming desire to do it again but despite how she felt about twenty feet tall at that point the fact was that she was quite little compared to Geoff. She really had to ram her knee up as high as she could in order to impact his balls and smash them into his body. This was actually a little dangerous for her because only her bony knee cap could reach him properly.

The correct way to knee a man’s balls without damaging the knee cap - which can be dislocated quite easily - is actually to impact the testicles behind the knee itself, bringing the full force of the strong thigh bone crashing into the unsuspecting scrotum and testicles. This soft tissue is then squashed between the woman’s strong thigh bone and the man’s own pelvic bones.

Miss Y wished she were taller - she loved the idea of being so close to a man that there was no way he could stop a rising thigh, knee thrust deep in behind the balls and raised up, forcing the male’s legs apart and giving unrestricted access to the golden targets! If only I were taller I could lift him off his feet, adding the crushing weight of his own body to the impact of her thigh. Geoff’s balls had taken such a surprise beating after being exposed, pulled and then kneed by the over-excited Miss Y that he passed out. He fell forward onto Miss Y who had to resist the urge to repeated knee his balls, such an easy target they were!

The crowd had tried its hardest to ignore them but now Miss Y could not stand as Geoff’s dead weight slumped against her. She could still feel his hard dick pressing into her and her pussy juiced up. Holy Buddha! She wanted him right then and there in the middle of the crowded train! She came to her senses and realized that they needed off the train. They might even get pushed off - no one wanted the responsibility of dealing with a medical emergency.

Hope I didn’t create one, she thought as she tried to stuff his large genitalia back into his pants. I can say he assaulted me and be a heroine. She imagined telling reporters how she had suckered the slimeball into having his testicles delivered to her on platter and they would love it, even if the male egos would have a hard time seeing how easily she had bested him! Exciting as the thought was, it could just as easily mean jail time for her business associate! Rudely thrusting his equipment back into his pants and thankful he had worn loose pants, she told everyone around her in a loud voice that he had fainted. Nothing happened. She looked up and saw nothing but men looking at her skeptically. Uh oh!

“I said he fainted,” she repeated and dropped her hands to the groins of the nearest men. Grabbing handfuls of balls she smiled and squeezed. Wow, she thought, this is so easy to do! She repeated the move quickly on the next two men before they realized what had happened. It was just like one of those silly plastic toys, she thought, you squeeze it hard and the eyes bulge out! She managed two more nice handfuls, giving a good squeeze on the contents before the shocked men broke ranks! She kept her hold on the balls of her latest victims, relishing the look on their faces.

“Help me,” she demanded, punctuating her request by closing her fists. The men gasped and nodded their head yes, not trusting their voices. She kept smiling - it was easy because she was so happy - and they grabbed Geoff and dragged him off the train. She noticed all the men were clutching at their groins - not just the ones she’d been able to squeeze - trying to protect their precious little tender gems! Wow, she thought. How easy it would be to fight them when they had only one hand free! Come to that, how much protection would a hand over their balls be if I just kicked there as hard as I could? I bet they would just end up with hurt hands as well as smashed balls! Before she could test this theory the men had retreated into the carriage and the train pulled away. She laughed out loud - happy, happy, happy to be a woman. Those men just looked so pitiful standing there holding their balls. It was just too funny!

Miss Y was so turned on she half-led, half-dragged Geoff off the platform and finally found a bathroom. She thrust him in then entered herself. She was too horny at this point for niceties.

“Strip,” she ordered. Geoff stared at her in disbelief but Miss Y was in hyperdrive. “If you don’t…” she threatened and quickly raised her knee, stopping at the very last second from crushing his already swollen scrotum. Geoff stripped off his clothes in record time, hurriedly rubbing and pulling on his penis to stimulate an erection, not wanting to see Miss Y get impatient again. Actually she calmed down and oh-so-gently cupped his balls. The warmth from her hand felt good and eased the aching, encouraging a splendid boner. She lovingly caressed his shaft and licked at his head.

Suddenly her hand tightened on his balls. “Not clean enough” she declared, rudely tugging at his testicles and dragging him to the sink. As he washed she stripped too. She was going to take him still clothed, but the contact of skin against skin was very stimulating to her and why should she deny herself the pleasure? She rubbed herself against him, tingling all over.

She turned him around to face her and tried to get him inside her. She was so hot she badly wanted this big strong man beneath her. She wanted to fuck him, not have him fuck her. She wanted to be in control. She wanted to be on top, riding him like a bucking bronco! The space was too narrow! She could not spread her legs to properly receive him. In her frustration she beat on Geoff’s chest.

Geoff needed no prompting. Despite his aching balls he wanted her just as badly! So he hoisted her into the air, marveling at how easy it was to lift and hold her light body as she spread her legs, wrapping them around him and taking his cock deep into her. Geoff gasped and had to concentrate hard not to drop her!

Miss Yokoyama cried out with pleasure as this man’s cock filled her up. She had lost some control but now she could feel Geoff as she wanted! Geoff responded to her moans by bouncing her slight body up and down. When he tired of this he turned her around and placed her soft buttocks on the sink. Miss Yokoyama was momentarily annoyed that Geoff had taken control like this but she was not in a position to do anything about it! Now Geoff was able to stand with his legs slightly apart and this allowed his heavy aching balls to swing free, much to his relief! Feeling more comfortable he felt stronger now as a male and thrust himself into the delighted Miss Y with practiced deep rhythmic strokes. The only thing holding him back from going absolutely full bore was that the thrusting was slapping his swinging balls up against the cool porcelain of the sink!

Miss Yokoyama was in another zone. She didn’t know if Geoff was aware of it but she had already come many times in little shuddering waves that pulsed through her entire body before concentrating back in her pussy, pulsing and kneading and caressing her lover’s penis. Now she desired that big tidal wave to cap off the storm waves that lashed against the shore of her man, and figured she knew just how!

“Talk dirty to me, Geoff,” she pleaded. “Treat me like a whore - insult me and fuck me hard!” she implored in an innocent little-girl voice that drove Geoff wild! He was more than happy to oblige her as it greatly increased his sense of being in control, of being the man, the top dog!

“Shut your mouth, you hot little bitch! I’m gonna fuck you now, do you hear me? Oh you’d better believe it - I’m gonna fuck you so hard! I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked you horny slut!”

Miss Y cried out loud, enjoying herself immensely!

“Whore! You’d better quiet that mouth so I can fuck you real gooooood! I’m really gonna give it to you now. Take that!” Geoff yelled as he thrust deep into her, smacking his balls on the sink. Geoff gasped, and withdrew almost completely, allowing his balls to swing free. He teased her, playing the tip of his dick around her pussy lips.

“You want it, don’t you? You want me. You want my hard dick don’t you? Harlot! Slut! Bitch! Whore!” Geoff rammed into her again. They both screamed! Miss Yokoyama screamed with pleasure and Geoff in pain as his balls were slammed into the sink again!

All their yelling and screaming had attracted some attention outside. A group of schoolgirls in short, conservatively-styled skirts, blouses and long white socks gathered around the door. These were no ordinary schoolgirls. Poking out of the satchel of one was a business card. The subway ballbusters were about to break up a rape in progress!

The locked bathroom door was no obstacle to these ladies who took the subway as their territory. A key was produced and the door unlocked. It swung open to reveal a poor innocent young female being brutally raped by a hulking monster of a man, a foreigner, a gaijin! The BB girls were incensed! Even with the door now wide open the man continued in his deep pelvic thrusting! The naked man, his back towards them was yelling obscenities at this poor woman who was jammed up against the mirror, screaming as he thrust himself into her! The BB’ers paused a moment in embarrassment. They had not expected such an explicit scene! What really caught their eyes was a very large, dangling set of testicles, swinging freely in their sack between the spread legs of the cruel rapist!

Not quite able to believe this stroke of luck, the leading girl quickly swung her muscular leg up and caught the rapist full in the balls with her hard shoe! Geoff screamed and his dick plunged hard into Miss Y, whose eyes were closed as the tsunami came racing towards the shore! The schoolgirl kicked again; putting all the power she could into her kick, wanting nothing more than to sterilize this vile male beast! The pain hit Geoff and he groaned as his poor testicles took another mighty blow!

Miss Y had no idea what was happening, lost as she was in her own pleasure. She assumed Geoff was moaning in pleasure! In reality Geoff was in agony as he was kicked again from behind with the full castrating force of an angry experienced ballbuster, but his dick was harder than ever, buried inside Miss Y’s delightful cunt!

As another strong leg and hard shoe impacted his testicles with bone-shattering strength, Geoff exploded! His dick was pumping and pumping as he came, as if it was trying to extinguish the inferno that was erupting Mount Yokoyama who thrashed about as orgasm after orgasm-topping orgasm swept over her again and again! With one last pummeling kick Geoff’s balls felt as if they had exploded.

The schoolgirl reached forward and grabbed hold of Geoff’s balls at the top of his scrotum. She forcibly pulled Geoff out of Miss Yokoyama by his balls, and yanked them upwards so Geoff, in agony, could not escape or even stand up. Still in a fury the girl squeezed Geoff’s scrotum mercilessly, forcing his balls to the bottom of the sack. With his nuts in this firm grip she proceeded to use her knee on them, driving her lovely thigh up repeatedly and viciously! She was still kneeing as Geoff finally collapsed and curled up on the floor at her feet!

Geoff was dragged unconscious out of the restroom. Hastily his clothes were pulled onto his prostrate body. As Miss Yokoyama was helped off the sink she gradually came down off her orgasmic high to see Geoff being dragged off. She was surrounded by the girls asking questions. She was still not thinking clearly as she quickly pulled on her clothes, ignoring the questioners. Her first thought was concern for Geoff, then total embarrassment at having been caught in such a deeply personal moment of sexual abandon and ecstasy. Now she felt panic as the girls closed around her. Her heart was still pumping from the vigorous love-making session and as the adrenaline of panic kicked in she suddenly broke out of the tiny room and fled down the platform to the astonishment of the ballbusting schoolgirls!


Geoff awoke as strong arms grabbed his legs and pulled them wide. He was lying on a bed and his arms were also being held. He was surrounded by pissed-looking women and he was stark naked. Geoff looked down his body and felt pure terror as one of the women reached for his still throbbing and aching groin. She ignored his gaze and proceeded to poke and prod at his genitals. She was checking for any permanent damage as she had never kicked a man with such force, with such hard shoes, with as much anger and as many times before.

Satisfied that he would recover without medical assistance the women discussed amongst themselves what to do with him. Since this conversation was all in Japanese, Geoff really had no idea what they were talking about. They certainly looked very serious. Had Geoff fully understood he would have been very worried indeed. Some wanted to turn him over to the authorities; some wanted to castrate him! They looked at Geoff’s genitals and one remarked how sad it would be if they cut off such a lovely big pair of balls! This caused much merriment from the whole group. Geoff sweated again as the women stared at his crotch and laughed. This caused Geoff’s equipment to retract, shrinking his dick and pulling his balls in close to his body. This caused more giggling and laughter. Finally some decision was made or postponed and he was left alone.

He felt very groggy but also scared. He got up and tried the door - locked, and securely. It would take quite an effort to break out and he would still be naked and facing the angry women. (Angry BALLBUSTING women, he reminded himself with a shudder.) He pulled aside the curtains but behind was no window, just a board. It seemed as though they wanted him to stay and at least for the moment Geoff was not about to argue. He carefully climbed back into the bed, avoiding any sudden moves that might jolt his swollen testes.

Miss Yokoyama had calmed down as she reached her apartment and set about making tea. While the water heated she hit the shower. Then she sat down to think and try and recall what had happened. She nearly called the police several times to report Geoff’s kidnapping, but something held her back. Just what had happened and who were those mysterious women? Her mind seemed to be caught in a fog.

Geoff woke feeling much better. Only a dull ache in his balls remained. He was allowed to shower but was watched at all times. These women showed no embarrassment as Geoff sported an enormous boner in the shower. He couldn’t help it. He had never had to walk around naked, use the WC and shower all the while being watched by young Japanese women! He was kept naked even as he was allowed to eat. Then his position was made clear. Without the cooperation of “the poor woman” they could not prove rape had occurred. (Though they were convinced of his guilt.) Geoff certainly did not want to be handed over to the police. The Japanese took a dim view of the rape of a Japanese woman by a gaijin! Unless Miss Yokoyama came forward and supported him he would be doomed. Would she? Would they believe her, or the numerous witnesses?

What the ballbusters had decided they REALLY wanted was to use Geoff’s balls for target practice! What better way to train a new ballbuster? There were many frustrated girls who had seen Geoff’s balls in that beautifully exposed position but had never had the chance to kick them. Here they were, dedicated busters of balls and the most perfect opportunity to do just that had been enjoyed by one only. They wanted Geoff to recreate the rape scene so that all of them would be able to experience this rare treat.

Of course Geoff wasn’t too keen on this idea but was in no position to argue. Even harder was keeping his male hormones in check. Naked, surrounded by gorgeous young women in short skirts that showed off their strong muscular thighs to great advantage had Geoff close to agreeing to anything!

Then, right in front of him the girl who had so effectively kicked his balls the day before stripped out of her clothes, keeping only a pair of panties. She sat on the table and spread her legs, summoning Geoff forward. So they were serious about the reenactment! To the amused delight of the watching females his dick was soon erect and hard as the almost nude girl in front of him wrapped her legs around him and drawing him so close his dick was rubbing against her pussy mound through the soft cotton material of her panties. Obediently he spread his legs, exposing his hanging balls to the delight of his audience. The girls pushed at him to start thrusting motions and giggled at the wonderful way his heavy balls swung back and forth.

Geoff heard the giggles and murmurs of approval and despite the knowledge that his balls were about to be kicked - and from behind so he couldn’t see it coming - he felt a perverse male pride in exposing himself and found the attention intensely erotic. He was captive not only to these girls but also to his raging libido. He pushed his luck by reaching forward to caress the breasts in front of him but the girls were ready now and his bold move was tolerated only because in leaning forward Geoff had merely positioned his balls into a more vulnerable and exposed position for kicking! They ignored the girl being ‘raped’, who seemed to be quite enjoying teasing Geoff with her breasts and hard nipples!

The first kick caught Geoff’s balls with an audible smack and Geoff gasped out loud. His face contorted in a grimace as the pain hit. He forced himself to concentrate on the unexpected pleasure of the Japanese girl grinding against his dick but three more kicks were delivered in quick succession and his concentration wavered, the pain threatening to make him faint. But the legs around him increased their grip, rubbing him against her cunt and preventing him from falling.

Girl number two started in and a part of Geoff’s mind noticed that her kicks were softer, but bang on target. The pain was intense, but Geoff’s boner was harder than ever and the panties were getting very wet! As a good kick caused him to pause and gasp he was ordered to keep thrusting. Two girls held him by his ankles to prevent the reflex closing of his legs.

Girl number three stepped forward and she tended to kick with the tip of her shoes. Strangely Geoff found himself liking the change and even though his balls were now tender and very painful he appreciated the way she raised them up, mashing them around her shoe and then releasing them to flop back down.

Girl number four was hard and brutal! Each time Geoff cried out the girls cheered and he nearly came, only the intense pain throbbing from his testicles up into his body kept him from ejaculating. The gorgeous girl who was his rape ‘victim’ seemed to be as aroused as he was and the rest of the girls were so thoroughly enjoying bashing the hell out this male’s testicles that they didn’t notice or didn’t care!

Girl number five was taller and stronger and she hit Geoff’s reddened nuts like a steam-driven hammer! He yelled out loudly after each hit and fell forward onto the girl in front of him in an attempt to recover from the blows. The girls cheered and laughed to see him in such a state and they all vowed to try and beat her for effect. She had to stop kicking as Geoff seemed about to collapse. Tears streamed down his face as he fought feelings of nausea and tried to stay standing. The ball kickers were forced to give him a reprieve and as he recovered a little he realized that his dick was pushing on pure pussy! He supposed the soaked panties had bunched up because he felt the heat of her surround him. Increasing his panting to buy himself more time he bent over his ‘victim’ and slowly started to enter her! She looked him straight in the eyes and screamed - in English - “KICK HIS FUCKING BALLS IN, GIRLS!”

Wasting no time, girl number six attempted to drive his balls right through his body. Geoff screamed but the force of the kick plunged his dick deep into the hot cunt. She gasped and yelled again for his balls to be kicked! What she wasn’t doing was pushing him away. Each kick seemed to get her only more excited. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her with every kick.

Geoff was sweating and his face contorted from pan and concentration as he tried to ignore the battering his testicles were receiving. He felt great excitement at this ‘secret’ fucking of the bitch who had floored him in the subway restroom and perhaps that is what kept him standing despite the brutal attacks from the ballbusting schoolgirls. Every whack made him gasp and stiffen as if he were having orgasm after screaming orgasm! This was for sure a new experience for him and though he still felt great pain at each hit he no longer felt like collapsing and curling up. Maybe ‘second wind’ applied to ballbusting too! He took a perverse pleasure at exposing the very source of his maleness - his vulnerable dangling testicles - to the schoolgirls behind him. In defiance he spread his legs wider and thrust more deeply into the hot body that seemed to want to suck him right in.

There was actually a pause as the girls marveled that Geoff was still standing. They were very happy to have his balls for target practice but somewhat disappointed that he wasn’t laid out on the floor at their feet. More than a few pussies were slick and wet from the excitement. To kick such a large pair of naked balls was such a treat, and seeing such a fine pair of human testicles wobbling about in the throws of coitus was very stimulating! It was then that they realized he had really penetrated and they watched in excitement mixed with horror as their friend and rape protector climaxed on the pulsing erect penis of this vile male!

Her legs slowly unwrapped from around Geoff and he nearly collapsed right away. As her eyes returned to focus she locked them with his, took his hands in hers and slowly slid off the table. She smiled and suddenly drove her thigh deep between Geoff’s legs, lifting his feet off the ground. The girls watched in fascination as he screamed and fell to the floor, cum pumping from his dick. His body hit hard and he curled and twitched and jerked as waves of pain hit him over and over. It was like a delayed reaction; the distraction of the unexpected screwing protecting him but now that it was over it seemed as though he felt each crushing blow to his soft male organs anew. He sobbed and thrashed on the floor to the cheering hoots and raucous laughter of the schoolgirls until it was finally too much and he lapsed into unconsciousness.

Miss Yokoyama mentally kicked herself. Geoff, subway, schoolgirls, busted testicles - of course! The subway ballbusters. And they thought Geoff was a rapist! I have to rescue him! Quickly she looked for her little book and an all-important phone number.

Geoff was scared that the girls would continue to batter his testicles until there was nothing left but a bloody pulp. However, all the young ones seemed more interested in the ‘rape’ than the ball busting. Apparently yesterdays ‘rape victim’ had been talking, and all the girls wanted to try!

It started off about the same, except that Geoff felt much better being naked amongst the girls, and the girls had relaxed and were wearing much less - often just bra and panties. Geoff wondered what was up as the first rape victim slipped out of what little she was wearing and started pressing her naked body eagerly against Geoff. He was hard in no time and he shuddered as he slipped his erect penis smoothly into her dripping cunt.

“If this is punishment, chain me to the wall.” He was really into fucking this horny chick so the first kick caught him off guard. The bare foot was thrown so superbly, so forcefully that it felt like a truck had collided with his balls! It had the wonderful effect of cutting off his impending ejaculation cold; whilst the poor rape victim felt shuddering orgasms as this male’s kicked testicles were knocked up against her pussy. When Geoff was able to stand upright again he marveled at the ability of the naked female foot to inflict such pain. It felt stronger than any shoe from the day before. He tried to concentrate back on the rape and slipped his shiny dick deep into the waiting cunt.

Suddenly he realized that this was another girl! Well, as any owner of a dick can tell you, despite what the big head will tell you, the little head LOVES a new conquest, and his cock was soon so swollen the girl was sighing from the throbbing of the blood in his cock’s veins! A few more kicks, grabs and punches were delivered to Geoff’s balls to control him. Every time he got too excited one of the girls would power her naked foot into his naked balls, breaking off his concentration and causing him to gasp, much to their delight. Geoff still felt testicular pain, but instead of hating it, he found himself looking forward to the next kick.

Having a helpless male to play with was turning these innocent schoolgirls into raving sex maniacs! Kicking his vulnerable balls was getting them hot! More than one fanned herself as a flush of sexual energy washed over her after delivering a solid smack to the male’s helpless equipment. There was a decided thrill and satisfaction in attacking this target as opposed to any other. Only a male could be attacked in this way and the sense of female power over the male was strongly intoxicating and stimulating.

Finally Miss Yokoyama arrived at the secret apartment. It was night and she had been blindfolded. A melodramatic touch, she thought, but they were holding Geoff hostage! The senior subway ballbusters had arranged the meeting and were just now returning. While the cats were away the mice were playing! The women could not believe their eyes at the incredible sight before them. What had started out as a ballbusting session seemed to have degenerated into an orgy! These young sexy girls had become overwhelmed by lust and were now mostly nude, surrounding Geoff and giving more help than ball kicks as he screwed yet another ‘rape victim’. This particular victim was not putting up much of a struggle. In fact she was crying out in that cute ‘kitty-cat’ way that Japanese women have, obviously lost in a sexual high.

Miss Y thought back to her treatment at the hands - and other body parts - of Geoff. All sympathy for Geoff vanished as Miss Yokoyama came up behind Geoff and roughly grabbed his scrotum. This did not bother Geoff at all. In fact he gyrated his hips so that the testicles moved around in Miss Y’s hand. She punched them as hard as she could; pulling the balls to the bottom of the sack of skin to be sure they were going nowhere. She thought this would get him, but Geoff was screwing harder than ever and the naked little slut his dick was buried in was going wild - obviously close to coming!

Miss Y lost it. Pulling on his balls with all her weight she started to pummel the testicles with her fist - blow upon blow upon blow. Geoff’s legs were starting to bend from the constant assault but Miss Y’s arm was tiring. This bastard deserved much more! She got the help of some shameless naked sluts who gladly grabbed and squeezed Geoff’s manly parts. With his slippery balls firmly held in place Miss Y took a running start and let fly with her foot, slamming her hard shoe into Geoff’s immobilized nuts. He stopped screwing and arched his back as he tried to draw some air into his lungs. Miss Y backed up and let fly another almighty kick!

Geoff screamed and the slut he was screwing was screaming too, but the girls knew about female orgasms. They were still curious about male agony. Another flying kick knocked his dick out of its lovely hiding place and lifted Geoff’s feet off the ground. His hands cupped his balls and he sank to the floor. Bending over in pain his head nearly touched the floor but his balls were still an easy target so Miss Y powered her shoe through the soft fleshy orbs. Geoff’s head hit the floor and he lay there dazed. As he struggled to get up he spread his legs to try and ease the pain throbbing out from his testicles. Big mistake!

Miss Y was determined to teach Geoff a lesson and as soon as the targets presented themselves she kicked him again, smashing his testosterone producers. She hovered over him, whacking him in the groin if he left his guard open.

Geoff was in so much pain his brain hadn’t really registered who was attacking him. His latest screwed slut, her body still glowing from the racking orgasms she had experienced from Geoff and her ball-bashing helpers leaned over Geoff and whispered sweet things to him. Just as he started to respond to her sympathies she suddenly let fly with her naked thigh, ramming it up between his legs until it could go no further. Then she rammed some more!

She laughed at him as he collapsed back and Miss Y stomped down hard, flattening Geoff’s scrotum to the floor. She stepped over him and pulled his face around so he would register her face. As the light dawned in Geoff’s eyes Miss Y put all her weight on her one shoe and pressed down and Geoff collapsed back in agonizing pain.

Miss Y turned and left Geoff to his naked sluts. It looked like Geoff was out for the night but they were welcome to him. She was going to ride home on the subway - and woe betide any hapless male who bothered her. He might not make it home as a male…

Joy and Payne

By Wizard

“Well, ain’t this a bitch!” exclaimed Payne. “I log on to this site every day and I haven’t seen a decent story in ages.”

Joy stood in the doorway wearing her short pajamas, cup of coffee in her hand. She yawned. “Why don’t you write one?” she asked absently. Payne quickly quit Netscape and mumbled “That’s awright. S’not important.” A bit too quickly, Joy thought. Payne jumped out of the chair and tried to push past her, but she blocked his way.

“Hey!” he complained. “Outta my way!” Joy glared at him. She did not like the tone of his voice at all. He tried to dodge round her by moving from side to side, but Joy deftly blocked him each time. She liked the way his large, loose testicles wobbled in his thin jockey shorts. She smiled. I tried to love him for all the right reasons, she thought, but just maybe it was the bulge in his pants that attracted me!

“Come on Joy, let me by. Don’t be a bitch!” complained Payne. Joy’s eyes narrowed as he uttered that fateful word. She regarded his scowling face and came to a decision. It was time to let him know who was really in charge here.

Joy smiled sweetly. She realized then that she had been waiting for just such a chance as this. She suddenly jerked her knee up between his legs with great force, her thighbone driving through his large, soft, unprotected testicles and slamming them into his body. She loved the way she was able to lift his whole body off the floor and she could feel his squishy balls through the thin cotton of his boxers.

He collapsed to the floor in a heap, clutching his balls and moaning and groaning in pain. Joy was extremely satisfied at the effect of her surprise attack and spontaneously laughed at seeing this big strong male writhing about the floor in agony! Joy felt great! Maybe now he would think twice before getting angry at her and especially at using that word she loathed. She studied him for a moment and rubbed the smooth skin of her thigh thinking how his cute little balls in their cute little sack had felt when she slammed into them. Men are really weaklings she thought. Women are definitely the superior sex. And what fun it was to sometimes remind them of that fact, especially as they always thought they were all that!

Payne was still hunched over saying “Shit!” and “Fuck” and drawing air into his lungs through his teeth. Hmm, thought Joy. I guess it really does hurt a man if you kick him in the balls. She smiled again. And I didn’t even spill a drop of coffee! Now to see what he had been hiding.

Joy went over to the computer and pulled up Netscape. Payne didn’t protest. She used the history to log on to the site Payne had been looking at. Well, well. Look at this! Ball-busting? She found a story page and started reading, curious to know what it was all about. She felt a flush and thought it was embarrassment. These little girls were beating up a grown man, kicking him in the balls again and again! He was helpless in their hands – or rather, feet! She turned and looked at Payne, sitting now but still unwilling to rise. Suddenly she was REALLY embarrassed as she realized that the thought of beating up a man – especially kicking his nuts in – was getting her turned on. She couldn’t look at Payne at that moment and so read a little further.

Look at this, despite the abuse, the man had a raging hard-on, and the girls were giggling to see him at their mercy and took it in turns to touch his bulging cock until it exploded. Suddenly she realized that Payne LIKED these stories; that HE got an erection too at the thought of a female kicking him where it counts! THIS she had to check out. No wonder he felt guilty and tried to hide it from her. He would never be safe from her now! She could totally dominate him and claim she was doing it all for his benefit. Oh my, thought Joy, I’m getting my pajamas shorts all wet! Time to confront him.

Payne was on his knees, still feeling the effects of her wonderful female thigh on his tender male parts. Joy stood in front of him in triumph. “Come on!” she cried. “Let’s see your dick then.”

“What?” said Payne in surprise. Joy realized he had been rather preoccupied whilst she was checking out the ballbusting site.

“I see what you’ve been up to,” she said, indicating the computer screen. “I read one of the stories. Let me see your hard dick.” Reluctantly Payne pulled open the fly of his shorts. He was in no mood to argue with her.

“It’s not hard” she complained. “I thought this was all about you getting a boner when I kick you in the balls.” At the mention of the word ‘balls’, Payne’s penis twitched.

Joy noticed this effect and continued. “I mean, I just looked at this story where two girls kicked this guy right in his balls. They kicked him in the balls, they kneed him in the balls, they even grabbed his balls in their hands and squeezed.” Payne’s little dick was now several sizes bigger.

“Hear that, Payne, they grabbed his balls and squuuuueeeezed. HARD!” She was now gazing at a full-blown boner. A real woody. Hmmmmm, this really had possibilities. She decided to play and bent over him, stroking his erection with gentle fingers. This calmed him somewhat and he relaxed a bit. Even his erection was not so strong now. She slid her hand into his shorts and cupped his testicles. Immediately he tensed, and his dick swelled again. She squeezed them in her hand and Payne gasped. Such a little squeeze! She gazed into his eyes and quickly but gently squeezed again. She smiled at him, and little beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead as he realized how helpless he was. She squeezed again, putting a little grip into it this time. Payne’s whole body was tensed and his dick looked bigger than she could ever remember.

“I’ve got you by the balls!” she cried out, and laughed at him. Payne wanted to protest, but his dick had swollen and was so big and hard he couldn’t think straight. Joy was fully wet now and soaking her shorts. She suddenly pulled them off and jumped on him, sliding his beautiful dick into her juicy pussy. Funny how a penis looked kinda ugly when limp and suddenly became irresistible when erect! Payne was taken by surprise and tried to struggle out from under her so he could get on top. Joy simply reached behind her and punched him in the balls with a nice solid thump. He yelled in pain and the writhing of his body under hers brought a shuddering wave of orgasm through her body. Her vaginal muscles clamped down so tightly she nearly expelled his dick from her body.

Payne meanwhile was trapped. He had been helplessly pinned beneath her and when he had tried to get out she had hit him squarely in the balls. The pain had racked through him and he had nearly passed out, but his dick throbbed harder than ever. Now she gripped his shaft in a death grip. Slowly, oh so slowly she relaxed and as she did so did her grip. Payne exhaled and relaxed and his erection subsided. Suddenly Joy realized this and sat upright. Payne saw her hand reach behind her and instantly his dick started swelling again. Joy looked deep into his eyes, and slowly, slowly raised her fist. She saw the look of utter terror mixed with elation on Payne’s face and giving him her best smile she swung her fist down hard.

“Urghhahha!” he yelled and bucked beneath her, filling her pussy once again with the most fabulous erection. This was great! She could hardly catch her breath as her fist swung again. Thump! And again! Payne was in agony as Joy climaxed on top of him again. She almost toppled him over the brink but every time he was about to come her fist rammed into his balls again sending him into agony. Joy was about to faint with pleasure and was very nearly spent herself, but this ramrod kept throbbing inside her and she started to ride the roller coaster again. This time she was so caught up she couldn’t concentrate long enough to get her arm behind her. Payne didn’t know this and expected at any moment to feel her fist smash into his aching balls. Every time he thought this his dick strained to thrust ever deeper into Joy.

Just as she was riding the very crest of the wave she leaned forwards, put her face right in his and cried “Kicked you in the balls, Payne, kicked you in the BALLS!” Payne shuddered at her enthusiasm but his dick rebelled and finally erupted inside her. She felt his convulsions and came herself, crashing headlong into the surf – WIPE OUT!

Slowly, Joy got to her feet. She felt lightheaded, like she was floating. Those stories! IS this what they meant? She found it hard to believe. She kicked at Payne. “Come on, get up.” He groaned and slowly turned over and struggled to his knees.

“Payne!” she yelled, “that was fantastic. Your dreams have come true. I’m going to kick you in the balls every chance I get!” Payne was confused. On the one hand she was right. He HAD dreamed about having his balls kicked, and it was true, it gave him a great boner. On the other hand, if the bitch was going to smash his balls in like that first thigh had, he was in real trouble, and his male ego did not want to submit to a female, however superior she might be.

Foolishly he opened his mouth. “Jeez Joy, you didn’t have to act like such a BITCH!” Joy couldn’t believe her ears. She hated that word! She saw she was really going to have to subdue this one. She guessed he really wanted her to dominate him. He was still on his knees, his back towards her, his testicles dangling in the open like the irresistible target that they were. She kicked and he howled and went sprawling. If he had been at her mercy before then he was doubly so now. His balls hurt so badly he couldn’t move. Joy stepped forward and placed her foot on his balls, squashing them into the floor. The pain leaped over him in waves and he nearly blacked out, but she eased the pressure. She seemed to sense his pain threshold and eased off just at the point it seemed about to overwhelm him. Payne slowly started to realize that he would be forever at her mercy now, and that thought sent waves of pleasure alternating with waves of sheer embarrassment through his body.

“Before you start calling someone a bitch,” she purred, “you had better realize what great targets these big balls you have make.” She stepped down and he groaned again.

“Now,” she said, “I don’t want to hear any more whining about having no stories to read. Are you listening to me?” She pressed her foot down, putting the weight of her body on his lovely balls.

“Yessss… Argh!” he cried out like a little baby.

She smiled. “You don’t need to worry,” she laughed. “I’m going to be giving you plenty of story material from now on. You can start by writing up this little scene.”

“I don’t feel like…” he started, but she reached down between his legs and took a firm grip on his scrotum. His balls were even larger now they were swollen, and Joy had to make sure she encircled the scrotum above his testicles so they could not escape. Then she yanked up as hard as she could. Payne shot into the air! Amazing! Keeping a firm grip she dragged him over to the chair in front of the computer screen, only releasing him so he could sit.

“Get typing,” she instructed, “and make sure that web page is bookmarked. I want to read some more of those stories.”

“Oh, and one more thing. I want you to post a message in the general section to say that if anyone else whines about not having enough stories, tell them you will send me round to personally give them all the material they need. Joy gets immense joy out of causing testicle pain, Payne, and don’t you forget it!”