Tuesday, November 20, 2007


by Tumor

About a year ago Vicky, who had been our housekeeper for four years, quit. I think this story holds the reason why.

Vicky is now 30 years old and I heard she recently got married and pregnant. I saw her at the mall last week and she hasn't changed since the time she worked for us: quite short, firm in the right places, tanned. She's terribly saucy, but however always wearing tons of make-up, very short skirts and sexy shoes. Hot like the sun, but not as bright.

As I was having breakfast one day - alone, my wife has picked up the habit of skipping this meal and staying in bed a while longer on Sundays - I devised a little experiment.

Having knocked over a small vase of flowers which stood in the centre of the cloth, I punched the CALL button on the intercom and slipped under the table. Two minutes later Vicky entered and, seeing the room empty, imagined that I had withdrawn to the study or was outside. As I had expected, she approached and leaned over the table to replace the cloth and refill the vase.

I immediately started growing hard at the great view of her pretty petite bare feet, in marine blue plastic thongs and with baby blue painted toes. I grabbed the lump in my pants and started kneading it.

Vicky walked away to refill the vase and when she got back, protruding my head, I kissed her right foot.

"Sir?" she said, backing up a step. I grabbed her right leg and started rubbing her foot against my erection, getting off on her leg - like I saw a dog do to some kid once - kind of raping her foot...

The experiment was successful beyond belief. For some moments she stood paralyzed, staring down at my head, watching me thrust against her foot. Then, with a shriek, she tore herself free, made a fist with her toes and kicked me in the groin. She rushed from the room, leaving her right thong in my hands. I got up, drunk, and pursued her with some thoughts of an explanation, but she flew down the drive, and some seconds later she was out of sight.

She had kicked me, hard - I believe she has a brown belt in karate and owns a Stairmaster - but a little too high. Somewhat disappointed she didn't get me in the balls, I went back inside. I took out my hard penis and penetrated the thong where her big toe was just minutes ago. I shoved it through that hole a couple of times and then got it out. Placing my fingers it the spaces her toes use, wearing the thong on my hand, I made a fist and hit myself in the balls with it, pretending Vicky was kicking me. My knees grew weak a moment and I went down.

It didn't take much after that: once, twice more through the thong and strings of pearls started shooting out and falling on the kitchen-floor and spoiling the front of my pants. Climaxing, I crushed my spasming penis with her thong and pretended Vicky was in it. I still have that shoe, but bought a new pair about a month after the experiment. I hadn't been kicked in the groin since I was about 12 years old, but this thing with Vicky made I now go to this "massage service" once a month where I have one of the girls wearing the new pair of thongs and alternately giving me a footjob and kicking me in the balls.

At The Spa

By tumor

The following short story is based on true events, but the busting is exaggerated:

I was lying on my back; naked and on a sort of piece of canvas. I had almost fallen asleep and hadn't heard her come in, she said: "Hi, I'm Cindy. Ann tells me you're into feet?"

Raising myself on my elbows, I said: "Sure am," and looked down at hers.

"You even like to get kicked…" Saying this, she dropped her robe and stepped out of it. She was only wearing a black bra, black panties and black stay-up stockings. She walked over and without warning Cindy shoved her nyloned foot under my soft, flaccid scrotum and, kicking up sharply, threw my limp penis over onto its back, falling slightly to the left. Her great muscular thighs tumbled and rocked; her hips shimmied around the black panties; her firm breasts though held down by the bra, rolled and lolled sloppily up and down as her body came to rest.

I started growing hard. I got on my knees and reached up towards her chest and grabbed her thin, sheer bra by the cups and slipped it down over her firm, plump breasts. She reached behind her to undo the straps. I got up, paused, nearly startled somehow at the sight of Cindy's breasts quivering gently as she pulled the bra away. Her nipples were hard and pointing up, but not as much as my cock. Again without warning, she kneed me, quite hard.

"Uuuunngghhh!" I was on my knees again, cupping my balls. "That's… a little… too… hard…" I managed to say.

"You said you liked it…"

I glanced down at my penis, I was limp again and had some pre-cum glistening at the top. "Not so hard, gently at first," I said and reached up to her full, sleek thighs. I began sliding the sheer black stockings down from her shapely legs. As I pulled the stocking free from her right leg, I paused for a moment to admire her well-muscled calf, her slender, graceful ankle and elegant, smooth foot with pink painted toenails. I gently let the foot slip free from my grasp and took off the second.

With Cindy now bare-legged, I began to examine the black French-cut panties wrapped around her smooth, firm, proudly jutting buttocks. I grabbed and twisted the side of the panties and jerked sharply, ripping the panties loose and, in a quick motion, slipping them from around her curvaceous, full hips. Her inside thighs glistened down to the knees in some lotion. Her elegantly-trimmed, brown pussy fur sparkled with tiny droplets of fluid. The mixture of odors, the heavy musk of lotion and maybe some vaginal fluid, I found highly arousing. I was back, felt my penis stiffening again.

She stepped out of the panties and kicked them aside. "On your back, mister," she said, smiling. I did what I was told and immediately felt her warm foot fondling at my hard-on. This was heaven. Next, she started to gently kick me in the balls. She stomped my cock, squeezing the head with her toes, stepping down and churning my nuts with her heel. My cock was now hardened to the point of pain. Quivering and shaking like a miniature club as it stood straight out from my groin.

Cindy smeared it heavily in baby oil and started to kick up my balls again, harder. "Tell me if I'm going too far," she said.

"You're doing fine," I answered, rising on my elbows. "Just fine." I watched as her foot continued to smack my balls, increasing strength with each blow. Such stylish, elegant feet she has, strong and carefully pedicured, burnished and filed nails in a rich, glossy pink that matches her fingernails and lip gloss. Gently, almost lovingly, she now pressed the sole to my cock, started squashing it. Now she's back to kicking it and I feel an orgasm building. This is going to be a blast!

"Harder!" I moan. I'm still watching her foot and see she makes a fist with her toes and is now delivering very forceful kicks I wouldn't be able to stand if I wasn't this excited. The load is full. I can't hang onto it. I lose all remaining reason. I become not a man, but something different, something almost frightening, a creature of pure passion. I rear back on my haunches, arching my back as my hips and thighs buck out of control and the jism thunders from my cock in a hard, pulsing torrent, blasting so hard I get hit in the face. Cindy has stopped kicking. I keep shooting glistening white strings of pearls, enjoying countless waves of ecstasy. I fall back on the canvas, wasted. Cum on my chin and chest got cold fast; that's the last thing I felt before I passed out or fell asleep - I can't say.

Extreme Domination

By tonyww

This is not a true story. I can't see myself doing this but good domination. It was a movie clip that I had to put into words. So I'll try to keep it short and sweet like all stories should be.

Cindy was a just a normal small town girl. She worked at a law firm downtown in the skyscraper sector. She met what seemed to be the guy of her dreams. His name was, oddly enough, Tony. They had awesome sex. The clip showed a lot of kinky stuff. There was even mention of Tony wanting Cindy to hit him. The plot showed how Tony used Cindy to do some illegal law maneuvers to launder money. She caught on to this after the fact. So now Tony had something over her head, basically blackmail. He would come back from time to time and demand sexual favors from her. She had no choice but to oblige knowing what Tony had over her.

This went on for about five years. Cindy wanted to get married to a guy whose name was

Steve. She had to take care of this situation which was basically rape.

The next time Tony came around, she acted extremely interested. She said she was having

trouble in her relationship, and she needed a real man. This got him lured in to her plan.

Tony met Cindy at a place she picked out. Tony was totally floored that she's doing this. They meet in a room. Cindy started throwing herself on him.

Cindy asked, "How would you like to get kinky?” Tony's jaw dropped. This allowed her to tie his hands to hooks on either side of the room, exposing his entire upper body. Cindy was wearing black latex gloves and a very tight black latex skirt and black pumps.

Standing next to Tony, she started slapping him around. "You like that?” she said in a crackled voice.

Tony replied, "Yaa sure. You've become quite aggressive."

Cindy returned with her latex-covered hand grabbing his balls. "Should I stop?" she asked as she squashed his boy size balls.

"Aaaa, no…"

Cindy then turned around and pulled out a black rubber strap-on cock from a box in the corner. She brought it over and wiped Tony's face.

"Wow we're really getting down now. I knew you would come around," Tony said as his cock just reached its longest point. "What are you gonna do with that? You gonna FUCK me?" he said in a very exited voice.

"Maybe," said Cindy, “or maybe I'll let him FUCK you.” Just then Steve walked in the room.

Tony's enthusiasm just turned to confusion." I don't know if I'm into this," Tony muttered while Cindy strapped his legs so they were separated.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know who I am?" It got quiet for a second. That’s when Cindy hauled off and kicked him in the balls.

This wasn't the enjoyment type. This was bringing him to his knees type.

"Oh my God," he cried, bending over as much as the ropes would let him. Cindy again kicked him in the balls. Cindy then pulled Tony's pants down, in order to apply an electrical shock sack around his balls and cock. She adjusted his ropes so he could bend over. With a very cocky grin on her face Cindy shoved an electrical probe into his ass.

Smiling and laughing she giggled, "You poor thing .You’re getting FUCKED!" She shoved the TENS unit in deeper.

"FUCKED like a helpless pervert!"

Cindy then in a commanding voice said, "Steve, drop your pants.”

Tony blurted, "No way, I don't care what you do…" Interrupted by Cindy as she cranked up the TENS unit (for those who don't know, that an electrical shock toy). This caused Tony to sprawl and arch as the impulses radiated from his balls to his asshole.

Cindy added, “That’s only up to five. Care to see ten?"

"NOOOO! PLEASE, NO!!!!!!!"

"Then suck his cock." She laughed at him again. "Suck his cock and swallow." (giggle, giggle) "That’s right, swallow.”

"Oh and put this hood over his head, so I don't have to see the pathetic pervert cry." Steve shoved his large man size cock through a mouth hole of the rubber hood over his face.

Cindy, having a lot of fun with this shared, "Look. You have your ass filled up and your mouth is full of cock." Right then Cindy dialed the TENS unit all the way to ten. This caused Tony to shake and quiver and let out a garbled yelp that was muffled by the nine inch cock on the verge of cumming and the latex hood.

Cindy had previously prepared documents that would relieve her from her illegal action, only needing a signature from Tony.

"Wipe that cum off your mouth and sign this." Tony, battered and stained, signed the docs.

Lastly Cindy added, "Untie him and let him up."

Tony slowly limped over to make his way out.

"Oh, one more thing…"

All you could hear was the sound of slamming a heavy mallet into 20 pounds of uncooked red meat as Cindy’s last gesture was a paralyzing kick in the balls.

"Get him out of here"


First Erotic Ball Bust

By Toddt

I have been into the fetish of Ball Busting (or for that matter, female domination) for as long as I can remember. I had thought that ever finding such a woman who enjoyed abusing her man in such a way was simply an impossible dream, a myth, kind of like tales of the mythical Amazons. Great mind candy but only existing in ones fantasies. That was until I met my present girlfriend.

I met her through an acquaintance of mine and fell in lust immediately! She was (is) beautiful. What's more she was a little bit bitchy and for some reason, loved to hit me in the arm (something that always seems to turn me on in a woman). Well, to make a long story short, we started dating regularly. I really wanted her to dominate me but I didn't want to scare her off (she is a real looker!).

I came up with an idea to introduce her to Female Domination that I though just might work without overtly seeming like a pervert (not that there's anything wrong with that!) I set my plan in motion on our next get together. I have a pretty good collection of many magazines, stories… etc. dealing with the topic of Femdom and in particular CBT and Ball Busting.

I had invited her over for a home-cooked dinner and 'accidentally' left a few magazines out with stories dealing with ball-busting open in strategic places in my house. Well, the night finally came and my plan was set in motion. Tonight she would either warm up to the idea of abusing me or she would leave forever, thinking me a degenerate. I poured her some wine while I continued preparing our meals and she eventually went to use the bathroom. It took her a while and she came back into the kitchen holding a magazine that I 'accidentally' forgot to put away. I feigned looking embarrassed as she held the book in her hand but she didn't say anything at first, she just continued drinking and reading.

I then said, "Oh man, I'm sorry. I forgot to give that back to a friend of mine who left it here.”

She just smiled and said, "Oh, that's okay.” She finished reading a story and giggled and said, "Oh, sure…there is no way in the world a guy is going to just stand there and allow a female to crush his balls like that!"

I tried to act normal (something really hard to do cause I was starting to get turned on) and said, "Oh yeah, I read that one… but if a guy is into that fetish, sure he would. For him that act in itself would be very erotic. If it is a fetish, he really has no control over it. It's almost like a deeply imbedded instinct. Like a male spider and a black widow. The male spider really has no control; he is powerless in that type of situation.”

She laughed and said, "There is no way would a guy will just let a girl do that to him. That could cause some real damage… would you?" I smiled and admitted that I did find it kind of erotic, the thought of a beautiful girl doing whatever she wanted to a guys genitals was kind of a turn on for me, kind of.

She looked kind of surprised and in a daring voice said, "So you’re saying that you would just let me… kick you in the balls as hard as I wanted if I just felt like it?"

I said, "Well… sure, I love you and would never tell you no to anything!"

She simply took another drink and smiled and said, "Okay, we'll see!" She didn't say another word about it that night or for that matter for the entire following week.

Then one evening we had just finish a great round of sex and were just laying there in each others arms not really saying anything as she nonchalantly fondled my balls in her hand when all of a sudden she said, "Hey Todd…"

"Yeah…" I replied.

"Remember when you said you'd let me do anything I wanted to you if I just asked?"

I again replied (while jumping for joy inside), "Yeah…"

"Well,' she said with a devilish sarcastic grin as she leaned up on one elbow to look down at me as she continued to fondle my balls, “I want to kick your bare balls right now as hard as I can!" I nearly fell over!

She stood up out of the bed totally naked and said, "Well? Was it all just talk, or are you going to do as I say?" I realized our relationship had just reached a fork in the road; once I allowed her to do this; I would be her slave and not just her boyfriend. I got out of bed and kneeled naked before her and spread my legs wide apart.

She just grinned and started to rub her bare foot around my (now erect) cock and balls…just sort of playing with them and then began bobbing my balls up and down using her foot. She then said, "Tell me, ‘Please bust my balls Mistress!’"

I couldn't believe my ears, as I looked up at this radiant nude Goddess who was about to give me both extreme agony and pleasure all at once. I then slowly said in a soft voice, "Please Mistress, bust my balls…they’re yours to do as you wish!" With that she just smiled and brought her foot back and just looked at me, as if waiting for me to jump up and abort this game. I did not.

With a wicked smile she said, "I love you!" and kicked me full force in my balls! The pain was enormous as I fell over and curled up in a fetal position just clutching my swollen balls as paralyzing jolts of pain ebbed deep into my stomach (I actually felt light headed, like I was going to pass out).

She just laughed and said, "That really is kind of fun! What you guys won't do for a little T&A," and with that she started to get dressed.

I was still down when she came by and kissed me on the forehead and said, "Give me a call tomorrow if you feel up to it.”

I just laid there a while and smiled… (I couldn't get up if I wanted). At last I had found my Ball Busting Goddess. We’re still together today she calls the shots in our relationship and she has since become much more imaginative and sometimes even cruel, but every bust she does, still feels like the first time…