Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Extreme Domination

By tonyww

This is not a true story. I can't see myself doing this but good domination. It was a movie clip that I had to put into words. So I'll try to keep it short and sweet like all stories should be.

Cindy was a just a normal small town girl. She worked at a law firm downtown in the skyscraper sector. She met what seemed to be the guy of her dreams. His name was, oddly enough, Tony. They had awesome sex. The clip showed a lot of kinky stuff. There was even mention of Tony wanting Cindy to hit him. The plot showed how Tony used Cindy to do some illegal law maneuvers to launder money. She caught on to this after the fact. So now Tony had something over her head, basically blackmail. He would come back from time to time and demand sexual favors from her. She had no choice but to oblige knowing what Tony had over her.

This went on for about five years. Cindy wanted to get married to a guy whose name was

Steve. She had to take care of this situation which was basically rape.

The next time Tony came around, she acted extremely interested. She said she was having

trouble in her relationship, and she needed a real man. This got him lured in to her plan.

Tony met Cindy at a place she picked out. Tony was totally floored that she's doing this. They meet in a room. Cindy started throwing herself on him.

Cindy asked, "How would you like to get kinky?” Tony's jaw dropped. This allowed her to tie his hands to hooks on either side of the room, exposing his entire upper body. Cindy was wearing black latex gloves and a very tight black latex skirt and black pumps.

Standing next to Tony, she started slapping him around. "You like that?” she said in a crackled voice.

Tony replied, "Yaa sure. You've become quite aggressive."

Cindy returned with her latex-covered hand grabbing his balls. "Should I stop?" she asked as she squashed his boy size balls.

"Aaaa, no…"

Cindy then turned around and pulled out a black rubber strap-on cock from a box in the corner. She brought it over and wiped Tony's face.

"Wow we're really getting down now. I knew you would come around," Tony said as his cock just reached its longest point. "What are you gonna do with that? You gonna FUCK me?" he said in a very exited voice.

"Maybe," said Cindy, “or maybe I'll let him FUCK you.” Just then Steve walked in the room.

Tony's enthusiasm just turned to confusion." I don't know if I'm into this," Tony muttered while Cindy strapped his legs so they were separated.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know who I am?" It got quiet for a second. That’s when Cindy hauled off and kicked him in the balls.

This wasn't the enjoyment type. This was bringing him to his knees type.

"Oh my God," he cried, bending over as much as the ropes would let him. Cindy again kicked him in the balls. Cindy then pulled Tony's pants down, in order to apply an electrical shock sack around his balls and cock. She adjusted his ropes so he could bend over. With a very cocky grin on her face Cindy shoved an electrical probe into his ass.

Smiling and laughing she giggled, "You poor thing .You’re getting FUCKED!" She shoved the TENS unit in deeper.

"FUCKED like a helpless pervert!"

Cindy then in a commanding voice said, "Steve, drop your pants.”

Tony blurted, "No way, I don't care what you do…" Interrupted by Cindy as she cranked up the TENS unit (for those who don't know, that an electrical shock toy). This caused Tony to sprawl and arch as the impulses radiated from his balls to his asshole.

Cindy added, “That’s only up to five. Care to see ten?"

"NOOOO! PLEASE, NO!!!!!!!"

"Then suck his cock." She laughed at him again. "Suck his cock and swallow." (giggle, giggle) "That’s right, swallow.”

"Oh and put this hood over his head, so I don't have to see the pathetic pervert cry." Steve shoved his large man size cock through a mouth hole of the rubber hood over his face.

Cindy, having a lot of fun with this shared, "Look. You have your ass filled up and your mouth is full of cock." Right then Cindy dialed the TENS unit all the way to ten. This caused Tony to shake and quiver and let out a garbled yelp that was muffled by the nine inch cock on the verge of cumming and the latex hood.

Cindy had previously prepared documents that would relieve her from her illegal action, only needing a signature from Tony.

"Wipe that cum off your mouth and sign this." Tony, battered and stained, signed the docs.

Lastly Cindy added, "Untie him and let him up."

Tony slowly limped over to make his way out.

"Oh, one more thing…"

All you could hear was the sound of slamming a heavy mallet into 20 pounds of uncooked red meat as Cindy’s last gesture was a paralyzing kick in the balls.

"Get him out of here"


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