Friday, August 31, 2007

Neal's Attempt at Revenge (sequel to "Kid Fight")

By boozook

I got positive feedback on my first story “Kid Fight,” which told the story of a guy with a bad attitude named Neal and a feisty girl named Meagan. Those two fought it out in front of a group of onlookers. At the time, Meagan was 12 years old and Neal was 13 years old. One of my positive responses to the story came from Knave, whom thought that it would be a good idea to continue an ongoing series featuring Meagan. So, I give you the sequel to “Kid Fight.” It also features a return appearance by Neal, which was Meagan’s adversary in “Kid Fight.” The title of the sequel is “Neal’s Attempt at Revenge.”

It had been a year since Meagan’s thrashing of Neal. Neal was embarrassed about what had happened to him, but he didn’t want to tie into Meagan again for fear of being defeated again. By now, Meagan is 13 year’s old, and Neal is 14 year’s old. No one had said much to Neal about the defeat he had suffered at the hands of Meagan for quite some time, but Neal still had his mind on revenge. He just couldn’t let this young female have the last laugh. Neal had been working out and exercising more as of late because he wanted to be in great physical condition for his next encounter with Meagan. At times, he felt silly for preparing so much for a possible fight with a girl. After all, he is a guy. He is taller, heavier, stronger, and faster than Meagan, but he still has doubt in his mind because of what happened to him the first time he tangled with her.

Meagan had become even more beautiful since her first fight with Neal. She had grown an inch so she now stood 5’5’’ in height, but that was still miniscule compared to Neal’s 6’1’’ frame. Her breasts had grown in size so she attracted even more attention from the guys. She also started to wear skimpier clothing. Her toned, tanned stomach was firm and solid, but it was nothing compared to Neal’s incredible six-pack abs and bulging, solid pecs. Meagan had been expecting Neal to attempt revenge for a while now so she had been uneasy whenever he was around. She avoided him at all cost because, truth be told, Meagan had noticed how much more in shape and muscular that he had become over the past year. She was actually frightened to tangle with him despite her reputation for being feisty and tough.

Neal’s idea for revenge was to catch Meagan alone so that there would be no audience to distract or hinder his plan of attack. Fortunately for Neal, he knew a place where Meagan liked to sunbathe because he had taken a look several times to admire her beautiful body. Despite his disgust for her, he still couldn’t resist looking at her gorgeous physique. In the past, her friends usually sunbathed with Meagan, but Neal had discovered that Meagan was alone in her sunbathing this time.

She was lying on her back in a skimpy orange bikini that showed plenty of cleavage at the top and plenty of her upper legs at the bottom. Her blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight. Neal got an immediate erection just by looking at her. Meagan was wearing sunglasses so Neal couldn’t see her eyes, but he didn’t think she saw him approach. Neal was wearing his dark green shorts and a white tank top that was tight enough to show his muscle definition well. Neal was sneaking up on an unsuspecting Meagan. He felt a little guilty for sneaking up on her instead of taking her straight up, but he had only rage and fury on his mind.

About the time he reached Meagan, her friend, Sara, saw what was happening and screamed out to warn Meagan. Meagan quickly jumped out of the way of Neal’s attack. In the process, Sara grabbed Neal from behind. He quickly slung Sara off of him and Sara crashed into a fence with a mighty thud that stunned her and knocked her to the ground. This gave Meagan enough time to gain her composure, but she was clearly nervous about facing Neal again. He could sense her fear, and with Sara out of action, no one was around to come to Meagan’s aid.

Meagan shoved her fear aside for the moment and launched a front kick towards Neal’s balls. Neal was expecting this attack so he easily dodged her and grabbed her foot. She was now balancing on one foot as he spun her around and forced her arms behind her back. He got up close to her back so he could glare over her shoulder. Meagan’s heart was racing as he was peering down at her from behind, and she was too close to his body to do any damage to him. He enjoyed this view of her boobs.

“Hi, Meagan! Remember me?” he snarled at her.

She decided to insult him. “How could I forget such a pathetic excuse for a guy? You apparently don’t have the balls to fight me fair. You’d rather sneak up on me like the coward you are.” These comments infuriated him, but her plan was working.

He released her and said, “Okay, little girl, let’s see what you’ve got. This way, I can say that I beat you fair and square.” As they faced each other, he ripped his tank top off to reveal his finely toned body, and he began to flex. She was amazed at his rippling muscles. He’d clearly gotten stronger and better defined since last year. However, she also knew that he still had those weak, dangling nuts between his legs. She knew that an effective strike to his privates would slow him down substantially, and those massive muscles couldn’t stop him from feeling that man-centered pain. She was still mad that he had the nerve to sneak up on her so she had no intentions of fighting fair. She would use whatever means necessary to dispatch of this large male.

She threw a punch aimed at his stomach. He easily blocked it by grabbing her arm and tossing her to the ground. He was being slow and deliberate about his plan of attack. He didn’t want to wear himself out. So he slowly walked over to her and kicked her in the back. She squirmed and rolled onto her back. He was about to deliver a devastating stomp to her stomach when she rolled out of the way. His foot only hit ground. He was angry that he missed so he lunged at her. She reacted quickly by placing her foot in his stomach and pulling his arms with her hands so that he fell to the ground. She leapt to her feet just in time to see him leap to his feet and take a massive swing at her. Fortunately for her, she saw it just in time to avoid a crushing blow to her face. His wild swing made him stumble forward and caused him to become off-balanced. She took advantage of this by delivering a solid kick to his privates. Her foot smashed him in the balls with a satisfying thud. However, his reaction was not what she expected, and she wasn’t ready for what happened next.

The kick between his legs had only momentarily stunned him. He stayed standing, and he punched her hard in the jaw, which knocked her to the ground. He then reached down to cup his balls with his left hand as he hunched over slightly to try to catch his breath. He had no need to worry because she was in severe pain on the ground. Thoughts raced through her head. Had she missed the target? How could any guy withstand a shot like that to the nuts? He wasn’t feeling totally okay, but he wasn’t hurt enough to drop him to the ground. He was wearing a cup. He had figured on her attacking his balls so he had prepared himself for it by wearing a cup to protect his family jewels. What he noticed amazed him. Her kick had cracked the cup! It terrified him to think what would have happened if he hadn’t been wearing a cup. He then realized that there was no reason to worry. He had won!

Meagan lay on the ground in a great deal of pain. He tossed the cup aside as it would no longer do him any good. He felt redeemed. His plan of revenge had worked without a hitch. He felt like the damage he had caused her was good enough so he started to leave the area.

Just then, he heard a noise. He turned around just in time to see Sara lunging towards him. He quickly avoided her attack with quick evasive action, and Sara lunged right past him. She stopped to regain her composure, and turned around to face him. His eyes lit up as he noticed that Sara had stripped down to her panties! Sara was 16 years old, older than both Neal and Meagan. Sara had never been much of a fighter. In fact, girls would often defeat her in fights. However, Sara was in a fit of rage. She was angry at Neal for what he had done to both herself and Meagan.

Sara only stood 5’2” in height, almost a full foot shorter than Neal. She also wasn’t all that in shape or muscular, but she didn’t seem to concern herself with such matters at this point. She bobbed from side-to-side on her feet as Neal watched her huge boobs bounce frequently. Her ponytail was swaying from side-to-side, and her nipples were erect. Neal got an instant erection. She had never felt so alive, and he was a little fatigued due to his fight with Meagan. He couldn’t believe that such a wimp of girl would even think about challenging him one-on-one, but he decided that he would have a little fun with her as he planned to throw her around like a rag doll.

Sara attacked with ferocity. He grabbed her around the neck and put her in a headlock. Her head was about even with his waist. Apparently, he had forgotten that he was no longer wearing a cup because he did little to protect is balls. She was beginning to lose consciousness, as his grip around her head seemed to tighten. As a last ditch effort, she drove her fist between his legs from behind and smashed his nuts with her fist. He instantly let go of her head as he felt his whole world collapse. He dropped to his knees and clutched his injured manhood with both hands, but Sara wasn’t done with him yet. Because he wasn’t wearing a shirt, she easily grabbed both his nipples and twisted and pulled. He screamed out in pain. She then grabbed him by his hair and yanked his head back. She delivered a kick to his Adam’s apple, which caused him to move his hands up to cover his throat. She steadied herself and struck him in the balls with a hard knee as she pulled him forward by his nipples.

“Get up and fight, you weak, pathetic boy!” she exclaimed. Before he could protect himself, she dropped down to her knees and began to rain multiple punches into his battered balls. He screamed out in anguish as his mind swam with horrible pain. It was clear that he wasn’t fighting a little girl. He was fighting a ferocious beast in a girl’s body that was bent on his destruction.

Next, she stood up and declared, “I am female, hear me roar! I have conquered you, you sorry excuse for a male. Now, you must please my desires!” She then ripped her panties off to expose her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his face between her spread legs. “Lick me dry, you pig!” He did as she commanded, and she moaned loudly in an intense climax.

“Now to finish you!” She pulled her right foot back and swung it like a pendulum into his already beaten balls.

Neal fell to his side and rolled up into the fetal position as he screamed, “Oh, my nuts! You’ve broken my balls!” She orgasm again just by hearing his pitiful plea. With Neal out of commission, Sara went over to check on Meagan. Once Meagan had recovered, Sara told her about what she had done to Neal. Meagan was so thrilled that it made her horny with excitement. From that day forth, Meagan and Sara formed a formidable twosome of ball busters.

To be continued if and when I can find the time, and if my stories get a positive enough response. What do you all think of my stories so far?


Anonymous said...

Excellent story, I love Neal. I also the fact that it took, two girls to finish off the tough male. Neal, would have won if he wasn't so cocky. But....Boys will be Boys!

Theballsavenger!! said...

Why are you making men sound weak just because our balls are our weak spot doesn't mean you could always get a good hit. I say it is easier for a guy to punch a girl boobs cause it is so exposed.