Monday, August 13, 2007

Mommy's Nutcrackers

by Caligula

George lived a peculiar life, to say the least. George was 16, and his mother (or Mommy as he was forced to call her) was the source of his unusual life. She was a hard-core femi-nazi who believed in the total subjugation of the male populace, and believed the training of the male should start at home. She had never been married but had used George's father to get her pregnant, then never called him again. Apparently George's father didn't care since he never tried to contact his son. George's mother was 41 and a member of something she referred to as her "Woman's Association". George knew from contact with his mother's friends that they were very cruel women who enjoyed inflicting pain on men. His mother was one of the cruelest of all. She was a self-proclaimed "ball-breaking bitch" and proved it over and over again on her lowly male son.

His training began at a very early age, and had never stopped. He was made to walk around the house in tight bikini underwear, so his cock and balls were easily found when punishment was needed to be delivered. His mother believed that nothing put a man in his place like a good swift kick to the balls, and even though he was young George was still male.

George awaited his mother's arrival home from work in his usual position. He was on his knees on the floor with his legs spread as wide apart as possible, so that his balls were easily accessible to his mother. This was a ritual she had started with George a few years back, to attempt to train a male to fear the arrival of a woman. It had worked very well, as just the sound of her high-heels clacking on the sidewalk on her approach to the door was enough to cause him to sweat and his lips to tremble. He could hear her heels now, as well as the sound of her key in the door. She came in scowling; something had pissed her off at work. She threw down her keys and stood in front of her son's spread legs.

"I can't believe that they promoted that fucking MAN over ME!!! FUCK do I need to work out some frustration!!!" George gulped for he knew he was in trouble. He leaned forward and kissed the toe of each of her high-heel shoes.

"Welcome home, Mommy." She could hear his voice trembling and it made her smile. She spoke the words she had spoken to him every day on her arrival home from work for the past few years.

"Thank you, Georgie. Now this is for you and all fucking men!" She then drew her leg back and kicked forward, nailing her son in the balls.

He toppled over onto his side and muttered a "Thank you, Mommy." She placed her feet on either side of his head and removed one bare foot from a high-heel. She placed her stinky foot on his face and commanded him to breathe deeply. She then stuck her foot into his open mouth as far as she could. George knew to lick as well as he could, given his hurt state.

"Do Mommy's feet taste good Georgie? And do your little balls hurt from Mommy's kick? Mommy wanted to cut the nuts off a man today for getting promoted over me. I would have liked to crush the bastards nutsack with my bare hands!" She withdrew her toes from his mouth, placed her foot back in the shoe, and went to sit on the sofa.

"Georgie! Quit whining like a baby! I only kicked you in the balls! Now go get Mommy's nutcrackers!" OH NO!!! Not her nutcrackers, thought George! It had been quite a long time since she had used her nutcrackers. They were her favorite pair of shoes. They were red shiny patent leather slingback high-heels. The reason for them being slingbacks was so she could insert his nuts between her heel and the shoe and step on his balls. He crawled away to her closet where she kept her nutcrackers. When he returned she was impatiently dangling her shoe from her pretty foot.

"Remove my shoes, Georgie, and clean my feet with your tongue before you put the nutcrackers on me! And hurry!" George scrambled over to her and gingerly removed her heels. The smell trapped within them was horrible. He set the heels aside and went to work licking up and down her soft soles. They had a very salty taste, that George had become used to, and even liked. He nibbled each of his mother's toes and ran his tongue between each of them. When he was finally done he nervously placed the nutcrackers on his mother's feet. She had him then lay down on his back after removing his underwear, spreading his legs wide. He was already crying as his mother walked up between his legs.

"This is going to be so good for you Georgie. One day you'll thank Mommy for busting your balls with her nutcrackers. Maybe you should call me Mommy Ball-breaker from now on Georgie.” She backed up till the back of her shoe touched his balls. He flinched. She smiled.

"Relax Georgie, Mommy hasn't popped a nut... yet." She reached down and neatly tucked his nutsack in between her bare heel and the soft leather inside of the shoe.

"You know, Georgie, it's like I've made a sandwich. My soft tasty foot and my shoe is the bread, and your nuts are the filling. But you know Mommy likes peanut butter sandwiches. Do you know how peanut butter is made, Georgie?" George only whimpered.

"They crush nuts. You DO want Mommy to have her peanut butter sandwich, don't you Georgie? Of course you do, so let's make peanut butter!" With that she stepped down onto his balls, twisting and grinding her foot mercilessly.

"Mommy's going to make real good peanut butter after crushing your nuts, Georgie." George flailed helplessly on the ground, screaming in agony, unable to remove his balls from the prison of his mother's foot/shoe sandwich. She had never been this rough before and he feared for his very manhood.

"I tell you what, Georgie, Mommy is going to give you a fifty-fifty chance of keeping your balls. We'll flip a coin. If you call it correctly, you get to keep your precious little nuts, if not… Mommy gets her peanut butter sandwich!" She pulled a quarter from her pocket and tossed it into the air. It landed with a thud on the floor between George's spread legs and her shoe.

"Now Georgie, let's see if you can guess correctly or if Mommy's nutcrackers get to live up to their name. GUESS!!!"

George was in so much pain he could hardly speak but managed to utter out a "Heads".

"Are you SURE you want heads, Georgie? VERY sure?" She ground her foot a bit more for fun. He squealed like a pig. He didn't know what to do. Was it a trick to try and get him to take tails? Was his mother giving him a chance for redemption? He changed his mind.

"NO... Tails!!!! His mother looked down at the coin again and smiled.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Georgie, you shouldn't have changed your mind, it's heads. That means mommy gets her peanut-butter sandwich!" George cried openly from his position on the floor. "But mommy’s not CRUEL, Georgie. I tell you what; I'll let you keep one ball so that mommy can continue to instruct you on how to be a good man. This way you can still be punished. Tell me, Georgie, which one should I crush? The left nut or the right nut?" She moved her foot around a bit, gently rolling the trapped gonads within her shoe. George only pleaded with his mother not to smash his balls.

"Please, mommy..."

"Now Georgie, take it like a man. Fair is fair, after all. Now which one or I'll do both!" George answered quickly.

"The right one, mommy. Crush my right nut!"

"Beg me Georgie. Beg me to bust your nut!"

"Please, mommy, please bust my little nut with your pretty foot. Squish my ball with your nutcracker, please mommy!"

"Well since you asked so nicely, Georgie..." She deftly pushed his left nut out of the way, and then stomped down with all her might on her son's soft little plum. George yelled like a wild animal. Finally her foot felt something give, and she could feel cartilage go "SQUICK", and then she orgasmed violently as her son passed out from the pain. She knew she had to call her femi-nazi doctor friend quickly to fix up her son, but she had never experienced such a tremendous orgasm before, and all from crushing her son's ball. She smushed around the remains of the testicle with her heel and looked down longingly at the remaining nut. Oh how she wanted to orgasm like that again! She reached down and grabbed the ball, squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger.

Georgie spasmed a bit, even unconscious. She applied more and more pressure, and she started to feel another orgasm build. At the last possible moment she released her death grip on his nut, saving that orgasm for another day.

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