Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aunt Carol

by boyballkiller

Greg was an only child, He was a small weak little 11 year old who lived with his mother. His father had died when he was very young; at least that is what he was told. He was a very bad kid as well. Maybe it was because he had no fatherly supervision or maybe he was trying to act tough because he was so weak, in any case he did everything wrong. His mother was fed up and one day tried something new.

Greg's mother received a call at work saying that he had been caught stealing instruments from the science storeroom. This was not the first time and she knew the drill. He was to be suspended... again. When she got to the school she listened to the principal tell her what he had done. She toned it out; she had heard it so many times. Then she awoke when she heard something surprising.

"Your son will be suspended for 5 days."

"What!?!" she said. "I thought he would get suspended for 2 days like usual."

"Quite frankly, we are tired of Greg’s actions, so we will be suspending him for longer." She angrily signed the appropriate forms and left. Driving home neither one of them said much.

Then Greg's mother said, "We are not going home, we are going to your Aunt Carol's." Greg was upset.

"Oh come on! I hate her house. It is so boring and Brian is such a little suck-up." Brian was Greg's cousin and he was right, Brian was a suck up. He always got straight A's and he never got into trouble"

They arrived about 2 hours later. Greg's mother met a surprised Aunt Carol on the front porch. The talked for a few minutes then Aunt Carol tilted her head and looked at Greg and smirked. Greg came out of the car and went inside.

"Go upstairs and find Brian," said Greg's mother as she threw her hand towards the stairwell. Greg slowly went upstairs and found Brian reading on his bed, he had just gotten home from school. He was 11 also. He was also a very weak little boy.

"Heh, Greg, w-w-what are you doing here?"

"I don't know, my mother drove us over here after she picked me up from school. I got suspended for stea..."

"YOU ARE IN T-T-TROUBLE!!!!!!" Brian said and he abruptly interrupted Greg.

"Yeah so, what is the big deal?"

"N-n-nothing it-t-t is nothing." Greg noticed a look of terror on Brian's face and became concerned himself.

"What! What is it?!"

"I c-c-can't teeeell you, I can't. My m-m-mother will punish me too." Brian was crying now. Before he could ask Brian what he meant, Greg's mother and his Aunt Carol walked in the room.

Greg quickly turned and said "What is this about me being punished?"

His Aunt Carol gave a scornful look at Brian as he wildly shook his head saying, "No n-n-no!!! Please I d-d-didn't say anyth-th-thing!!!"

"GO DOWNSTAIRS NOW, OR YOU WILL GET IT TWICE AS BAD!!!!!!" Brian's mother said. He rushed out the door and went to the basement. Greg was sat down on the bed by his mother and his Aunt carol stood overhead.

"What exactly did Brian tell you?" his Aunt Carol said in a sweet deceptive voice.

"He said I was to be punished, that is it."

"He didn't say how?"

"No... why?"

"Good!!!" That was his Aunt Carol's only answer. His mother stood up and they both dragged Greg down to the basement. They reached the bottom of the basement stairs and Greg saw Brian nervously standing by a small tilted table. His mother went back up and locked the door with a chain and key lock. Brian was fidgeting around and still crying.

"Do you know why Brian usually does everything so perfect Greg?" His Aunt Carol said. "Because he is conditioned." She snapped her fingers and Brian undressed. "You see." Brian was very weak looking. He had not begun puberty yet and had no hair around his marble size testicles. His penis was only 2 inches long at most.

"See, in this house when Brian does something wrong I don't ground him. I condition him more and more until he stops. I will show you." She turned to Brian who was sobbing and holding his little balls.

"Get on the table!!!" she shouted. "You see I have to punish him because he was going to tell you what we are going to do to you. This is okay though, because now you can have a demonstration of it." She said it so cheerfully it was sick. His Aunt Carol restrained Brian's arms to wristlocks at the top of the table. He did not struggle he was too afraid. She then cuffed his ankles at the bottom of the table. His aunt Carol took Brian's thighs and positioned them behind bars so his legs were spread wide apart. She then grabbed his balls and placed them in a semi-circular cutout on a bar between his legs. The she placed another bar over that and locked it. It kept his balls in place well.

Greg realized what was going to happen and began to plead and struggle from his mothers grip

"Please!!!!! No!!!!!! Not my balls, not his balls!!!!! Please!!!!!" His mother and aunt didn't listen.

Hovering over Brian like a hawk his mother said, "How many should it be honey? 25 hits maybe?"

"25!!!!!" Brian screamed in a girlish voice"

"You are right; 40 will do." Brian said nothing else fearing he would get more. "Count off sweetheart" as she said this she punched him violently in the balls.

"ONE!!!" Brian yelled in a crackled voice. She looked over at Greg and smiled and then slammed her fist into Brian's balls.





"Thirty-Nine." It took nearly half an hour before she reached the final blow. Greg was in pain himself just watching another boy get hit in the balls 39 times.

"The last hit I will use one of the tools I will use on you little Brian," his Aunt Carol said. She then went to a closet and pulled out a paddle with a baseball attached to it. Then with all her force she swung the paddle and hit Brian's mangled balls and popped them through the hole. Brian passed out from the last hit and was uncuffed and dragged off the table by his mother and laid in the corner.

"Now it is your turn honey," Greg's mom said in a sweet but horrible voice.

"Strip!!!" yelled his Aunt Carol.

Brian cried and ran around the room yelling, "Help!!! Help me!!! I will not take off my clothes.” He was caught by his Aunt. She held him in the air and thrust her knee between his skinny legs smashing his balls. He had been hit in the balls before playing baseball and soccer, but never like this.

The closest he had come was when he was 9. He was climbing a large chestnut tree by his house and he fell about 7 feet. He landed straddling a branch, which crushed his testicles, but still this was the worst. The absolute worst was yet to come however.

His Aunt Carol dropped him and said again, "Strip." This time she did as she requested. He was 11 but was in the early stages of puberty. He had some peach fuzz hair around his 3-inch long penis. His balls were still small however. Then under much protest by Greg his mother and his aunt placed him on the table the way Brian was.

"You are going to pay for that," his Aunt Carol said. They didn't waste time. Greg’s aunt and mother took turns hitting him in the balls with the paddle with the ball attached to it. He was writhing in agony. He was crying, but could not let out a word to plead for them to stop. After maybe an hour of that his aunt brought over two pairs of tongs and began squeezing poor little Greg's balls. His body twisted and shook, but he went nowhere.

He managed to let out a "PLEASE!!!!" It did no good; they were far from done.

He had passed out after about 20 minutes of the squeezing. He had a terrible nightmare that his balls were destroyed. He was lying on the ground naked and a meteorite came down a destroyed his balls. Through the nightmare he felt pain and pressure on his balls and abruptly awoke to find he was off the table but that a 50 lb. weight was on his tortured balls. He screamed, much to the enjoyment of his mother and aunt.

"Oh quit whining. We just did that to wake you." He scurried away pulling his balls out from under the weight. He checked himself and found both his balls were intact.

"They are okay, swollen and in pain, but okay" his mother said.

"Now to make sure you stay in line you half to put this on" His aunt held a small curved box. She knelt down and put it on his scrotum. Each ball fit into a separate side. He couldn't struggle he was in so much pain.

"This will put pressure on your testicles when you do something wrong. It is controlled by this." His aunt was holding a remote with a knob and button on it. She gave it to his mother.

"I made this myself when Brian began giving me trouble," she said to Greg's mother. "You see, you control the pressure with the knob and push the button to give it. Never turn it up all the way though; you will crush his balls for good." They both began laughing wildly.

The ride home was interesting. Greg's mother kept trying her new toy. She turned it up halfway and kept pushing it and pushing it. Greg squirmed and tried to hold his balls but they were encased in the metal box and he could do nothing. She was having so much fun she ran a red light and was in an accident. The car was a wreck but they both were okay, but she threw the control out the window. It was run over by another car. It overloaded and put tremendous pressure on Greg’s balls. He began screaming and grabbing his crotch. He jumped out of the car and tore off his pants and was running and jumping around the intersection with only his underwear on.

He reached down and pulled on the device. He managed to get his right testicle out, but the device crushed his left just before he tore it of and threw it away. He screamed violently and passed out again. When the medics came they attributed his testicle injury to the car accident and his mother nor his aunt never got into any trouble. He also became a model student and son and never did anything wrong ever again.

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Fuck you. Nobody wants to read a story about an 11 year old getting ball busted by an adult, youasshole. Make them both of age, and roughly the same age.