Thursday, August 9, 2007


By Kandor

No scissors in this story folks, sorry, just a beautiful dentist and her capable assistant bashing a patient's balls in the name of science.

It was Matt's first visit to the new dentist in town and from what he'd seen so far, he liked. Dr. Larusa was a dark-skinned, high-cheekboned gorgeous woman of Italian descent, easily not only the most beautiful dentist he'd ever seen but one of the most beautiful women to ever cross his line of vision. And as he lay back in the chair for a filling, he anticipated gazing up into her big brown eyes on a smooth-skinned face framed by short black hair and falling in love, even as she drilled his tooth and the nearly equally pretty technician suctioned the spit, blood and tooth bits from his mouth.

"How are we today, Matthew?" Dr. Larusa said brightly as she walked in in drab green clothing, a surgical mask on her face, the plastic shield in place above that. Behind her walked Connie, her fair-skinned and very attractive assistant.

"Good, good, Dr. look fantastic as always," Matt said, not hiding his flirtation at all. "You know, even in those baggy clothes, I can tell you have one helluva figure...both of you lovely ladies, actually. Boy, what I wouldn't give to see you both out of those clothes!"

The dentist and technician looked at each other, their smiles evident under their masks. Matt was proud of himself, maybe he'd get somewhere with both of them.

"Matthew, today we're going to try something a little different," Dr. Larusa said, slowly shutting - and locking - the door behind her. "Uh, it's an alternative anesthesia."

"Really, what is it?"

"It's called 'pain relocation', she said. "I think you'll like it. Well, maybe not, but I know WE will."

Matt was looked to one side, then the other, from Dr. Larusa to Connie, a puzzled look on his face Then the woman both moved, suddenly lifting up arm and leg cuffs from under the dental chair to lock down Matt's feet and arms.

"What the..." he said, looking at his trapped limbs, then back at the women.

"It's simple, really," Dr. Larusa said, unbuckling Matt's pants and slipping them down around his knees, exposing his half hard cock and balls. "We simply relocate the pain from your mouth somewhere else."

"Uh, where is somewhere else, Dr.?"

She smiled and forced Matt's mouth open to probe his ailing tooth with a whirring drill. The pain was instant and intense and Matt tried to scream but couldn't, for the doctor's hands in his mouth.

"To your BALLS!!!" Dr. Larusa said loudly, over the whir of the drill.

He didn't see it but felt Connie's rubber-gloved hand come down in a fist directly into his exposed balls. He tried to scream again and did this time, but the noise of the drill drowned him out. Dr. Larusa was smiling down into his terror-stricken eyes as she worked the drill deeper into his tooth, all without Novocain. She drilled and nodded to Connie every few seconds and the assistant, in between suctions of Matt's mouth, brutally punched her gloved fist into his unprotected balls.

Finally, Dr. Larusa stopped and pulled out of Matt's mouth. Tears ran down his face and he tried to speak.

" ' 'ore..." he babbled, unable to form whole words.

"Almost there, Matthew, now I'll just stuff that hole full of filling, you just hold still," Dr. Larusa said calmly, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "How's the alternative anesthesia working out, doesn't the pain in your testicles offset the pain in your mouth?"

She nodded to Connie who didn't punch his nuts this time, but grabbed them in her rubber-clad hand and squeezed so hard Matt strained against his arms and leg bonds, cutting his skin.

"I asked you a question, Matthew, is that better?"

He looked at Dr. Larusa through teary eyes and nodded, anything to relieve the pain in his balls from Connie's crushing hand. The pretty brunette smiled down at him with her eyes.

"He's doing well, better than most of the men who flirt with us, Dr. Larusa," she said.

"OK, then let's increase the dosage!"

With that, she probed Matt's open tooth againn, this time stuffing it full of filling and jamming it in with a metal hook. And this time, Connie slipped off her sandals and sat back on a stool to lift her legs and ram both heels of her feet into Matt's bludgeoned balls. Again and again she hoisted her legs up and slammed them down again, the hard bones of her feet pummeling his punished nutmeat over and over as Dr. Larusa worked on his tooth.

"Why don't you finish this up, do the burnishing of those rough edges, and I'll take over the anesthesia," the doctor told Connie.

Connie went to work inside Matt's moaning mouth while Dr. Larusa methodically lifted Matt's flaccid cock away from his mangled 'nads. She used her other hand to caress and fluff up his battered ball bags, rolling the hard orbs of them under the wrinkly skin, feeling them in her fingers. She nodded to Connie who plunged her hand into Matt's mouth. And as he screamed from that pain, Dr. Larusa casually squeezed down hard with her fingers, calmly popping Matt's right ball in her powerful, gloved hand.

Matt's scream left his lungs, so great was the pain in his crotch. As if nothing happened, Dr. Larusa took his other nut, stretched the loose skin away until she had the core of the teste in her grip, and this time, slapped her hands together, rupturing it in the sac with a brutal clapping motion. Just as Connie was finishing up, Matt's head violently rocked from side to side, and he leaned to the spit sink just in time to throw up.

Dr. Larusa and Connie calmly pulled up his pants, buckled them and unsnapped the restraints. Matt laid in the chair, totally out of it, his eyes rolling back in his head, his skin ashen gray, a low, dull, constant ache in his groin where his nuts were once whole.

"Not bad, not bad," Dr. Larusa said to Connie as they walked out. "A couple more of these, I think I might have a paper to publish in the dental trade journals!!"

"Or Ball-Buster's Weekly!" Connie added.

The women laughed and walked out, closing the door behind them, leaving Matt to sleep it off.

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