Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Soccer Game (part 1-2)

By rocketeer

This story is a work of fiction, and all minors involved are fictional.

It was the summer after I graduated, and I was 18, almost 19. I lived in my parents’ house in a suburb, next to a vacant lot, which provided space for various activities, which all neighbors utilized. Since my sophomore year, I had started to fantasize about submission, and also exhibition. Still, I was a great A student, and also into sports (football). I didn't want to stand out as an oddball. I wasn't sexually active at the time, as I had no time. Not ugly, but not exactly a teen idol either. I, Ben, could best be described at average.

Like I mentioned before, I had fantasies. Most had to do with girls my age, but sometimes they involved older women (30s) and sometimes younger girls (teens). In any event, I'm not the type to act on these fantasies. Still, when I saw neighborhood girls decked out in short skirts and tight tank tops, I did get to thinking. The neighbor that lived on the other side of the empty lot had a daughter around the age of 13 named Kara.

She was good looking for her age, and very athletic. She was just getting breasts, and her legs were maturing as well, a vast change from the knees and twigs that she had earlier. On the day in question, she and two of her friends were playing in the field. They had a soccer ball, and were doing a little dribbling and shooting. I won't lie, as I saw them in nothing but bikini uppers, and short soccer shorts, I felt movement south of the border. It was hot, so I suppose they wanted to get a tan to look good for the freshman boys they would be seeing. I decided to walk over and play a little.

I walked over and asked how they were doing. Kara's friends were the same age as her, and looked a lot alike, except they both had blond hair and she was a brunette. Their names were Lori and Megan. Lori's Hair was shoulder length, while Megan had long hair that fell partway down her back. Today it was in a ponytail. The girls said they were practicing for a game in two days. I told them that to be honest; I'd seen seals do more with a soccer ball than they were.

Kara looked at me and said, "Shut up or I'll...."

"You'll what?" I asked challengingly.

"I'll kick you in the balls!" she said as she demonstrated her technique by swinging her foot in the air.

That was probably the wrong thing to say to me, as I was dying to be kicked in the balls. The truth is, it is kind of hard for a guy to get kicked in the balls when they actually want to be, unless they are open with their fetishes.

"Even I could beat you at soccer!" I yelled at her, sounding overconfident.

She replied, "In your dreams!"

I said, "Two on one, and if I lose, then you can kick me in the balls!" There, I said it, and I did it without letting on about my secret desires. I just sound cocky now.

She replied by saying, "Okay, but one more rule...


After having volunteered the terms of a bet to get busted, Kara had but one condition: if she won, she would get the first kick, but then Lori and Megan would have a turn. I of course agreed, trying not to show my anticipation. I kicked off my shoes and socks to prepare for the two on one game. I never was good at soccer, but only I knew that. Lori volunteered to sit while Megan and Kara took the field. I started out with the ball, and actually did fairly well. The field wasn't full size, and the goals were marked with cones. We had agreed to play up to five, as I didn't want to get too exhausted. I actually scored the first goal, but then fell behind, trailing four to two. Lori had replaced Megan, and I was no match. Although a willing loser, I tried to make the last point look good, diving to make a block as Lori kicked the ball in to my goal. I rolled over on my back looking up.

Kara walked up to me between my legs and put her foot on my crotch smiling triumphantly and saying, "Guess what comes next!"

I told her, "Alright, you win." I could feel myself getting excited and I'm glad she removed her foot, as she would have felt my member harden with her bare foot.

I got up and said, "Where?" She motioned for me to follow her as she headed behind her house. Behind her house and kiddy corner from the field is a small thatch of dense brush and a little clearing. She stopped in the middle and turned around. I suspected that she chose the spot because no one could see it from the road, or even from inside her house unless they were looking really hard.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Now what?"

She said, "Spread your legs silly!" I did as she requested, and moved my legs apart to past shoulder width. She said, "I've always wanted to try this!" as she slammed her foot up into my crotch. It hit like a brick, a sharp pain that started in my lower torso and then spread upward as I hunched in agony. Megan and Lori looked in wonder. I realized that it was unlikely they were familiar with testicles and their properties at all. I managed to remain standing although I gagged, gasped, and remained bent. Still, I could feel my penis stirring again, in spite of the massive pain.

Kara's look of amusement changed to a look of concern as she asked, "Are you okay?" I nodded. It took a few minutes before I was able to stand upright again, not like a WWF wrestler who recovers in a few seconds.

Kara looked at Lori and said, "I could feel them against my foot as I kicked!" Lori let out a giggle. My cock was now pretty hard and I knew that the girls would be able to see it as I straightened up. I did so slowly.

I could tell that Lori was the first one to see the bulge in my shorts. Then Kara noticed, and Megan caught sight of it after Kara said, "What happened!?" while pointing to my crotch.

Megan said, "Why did your dick grow?"

So much for being inconspicuous....

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