Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anna's Bout

By tall_pete

Trish sat down in the first row to watch. She put her robe back on and leaned back, reasonably pleased with her performance. Anna strutted down the aisle in a short tennis skirt and a low-cut, skin-tight tank top. She gave her come hither grin to all the guys. Trish wanted to slap it offer her impish face.

Anna strutted around the ring, playing with her skirt with her hands as her opponent climbed in behind her. Anna sauntered over to the man and stopped a few feet before him. She reached her hands up under her skirt on each side and slowly pulled her panties off in the middle of the ring. The crowed roared and the man's eyes practically bulged out of his head. Anna moved forward and wrapped her right leg around the man's left thigh as she leaned forward to whisper in the man ear. Groans were heard from the crowd as men imagined exactly what part of her anatomy Anna was pressing against the man's thigh as she whispered in his ear.

The man nodded a few times to what Anna was whispering. After maybe a minute, in which Anna was grinding softly against the man's thigh as she whispered in his ear, she moved back. She reached up with her left hand, which was holding her panties. The man hesitantly opened his mouth and she stuffed them in. As laughs and catcalls emanated from the crowd, Anna reached down and yanked the man's shorts off. His dick, caught in the elastic sprung free and bounced around in front of Anna's face as she bent down to remove his shorts. The man was loving the attention from the sexy tennis star.

Anna threw the pants and boxers out of the ring and turned her back to the man. She took two small steps and then leaned over, placing her hands on the matt and spreading her legs slightly. Her short skirt rode up so that the man could just see her pubic hair. Anna was a real blond.

As he bent his head to the side to see if he could get a better view, Anna pulled her left leg up to her chest, and aimed carefully before flinging her leg up and backwards, directly into the man's balls. It was a perfect shot. Her heel hit the man in the center of his ball sac and kept driving. He was lifted up onto his toes and driven back into the post with the shot. The man doubled over and his knees bent. He would have surely fallen if he weren't leaning against the post.

Anna quickly rolled over so she was on her back. Her knees were bent and her legs were spread slightly so her skirt fell onto her tummy. The man had a perfect view of her perfectly manicured vagina. Anna then put her hands up as if to ask him to help her up off the ground. The man, with his eyes traveling from Anna's sexy smile to her exposed and inviting vagina, raised himself slightly, put his right leg forward gingerly and began to reach down to take her hands. In so doing, he left his balls exposed. Anna, took his hands and pulled both her feet back as if she was going to roll forward to stand up. Instead, she thrust both feet forward, slamming into his balls. She kept pushing forward and upward, holding onto the man's hands and pinning him against the post. Once she was confident she was supporting most of the man's weight with her feet and his balls, she began rocking her feet back and forth. The man was grinding his balls beneath his weight and was letting out a high pitched mewing sound around Anna's panties, which were still stuck in his mouth. His legs had long since given out and his body was twitching violently as she rolled his balls between her feet and his groin. Finally he just threw his weight forward in an attempt to escape the torture. Anna was ready for this. She let he legs give and rolled back further, before she thrust her legs straight over her head this time, throwing the man on is stomach in the middle of the ring by the force of her feet on his balls. The man lay on his stomach for a while in shock, before slowly curling up into a ball.

Anna lay on the ground, her knees up and her legs still slightly spread. She lifted her head and looked at the judges table which was located just off that side of the ring. She grinned at the judges as each of them had their eyes glued between her legs. The first judge raised his sign, a 9.5. The second man, with a big leer on his face raised his sing, a 9.8. If she got another 9.8 she would win. Trish was furious. These pricks were voting as they stared at Anna's beaver. They weren't even thinking about the bb anymore. Trish was sitting by the judges table and she could see that the last man had a 9.6 on his board, but he hadn't raised it yet. All he had to do was raise it and Trish would win. But he was staring at Anna and Anna was pouring it on with her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. Anna rose slowly to her feet and as she did so her skirt fell back down to cover her ass and vagina.

The man seemed to start to slowly come out of his spell. But before he reached down to pick up his sign, Anna turn in the opposite direction to slide under the ropes and get out of the ring. But Anna bent all the war down and went under the second rope. In so doing, she bent all the way over and clearly showed her ass and vagina to the judge. His hands stopped as he concentrated fully on what he saw. His eyes still didn't falter as Anna stood up and turned to face him. She played with her skirt, pulling it to reveal the very top of one thigh and then the other as she sauntered towards him.

That tramp is going to change her score, Trish thought to herself. There was no way Trish was going to let that happen. She jumped out of her seat and stormed towards Anna, who froze in her tracks when she saw Trish approach her. Trish had a good head of steam and she was able to bring all of her force behind a flying kick to Anna's groin. It was probably the training for the tournament. The reaction was not what it would have been if Anna had balls, but the force of the kick practically lifted Anna off the ground and it was clear a violent shock of pain went through her body. She doubled over with a shriek and began to tumble to the ground. Before she could, Trish delivered a devastating knee to her face, throwing her back and into the side of the ring.

Ann was practically out on her feet and began to slide to the ground. But Trish leaped forward and grabbed her head by her hair with her left hand and her crotch by her pubic hair with her right hand. She then pulled Anna off her feet and threw her head first directly into the crotch of the only security guard brave enough to even approach Trish. The force of Anna's head pounding into the guard’s balls knocked Anna out and sent the guard sprawling.

Trish pointed at the judge and yelled "Show her score." The man timidly held up the 9.6, making Trish the winner. The crowd cheered as Trish marched off leaving the wreckage of her work behind her.

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