Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All in Self Defense

By greenstarfocks

He was standing on the corner leaning on a dumpster waiting for a defenseless victim.

“Must be my lucky day,” he thought, when he saw a blond rich Beverly Hills girly stepping out of the night club alone. She was sexy in a $500 Versace dress under a fur coat, waving her purse looking like the perfect prey to him.

He stepped up with his rusty knife in hand. "Okay cutie, gimme the green and I won't have to cut your cute little ass."

She eyed him from above her sunglasses smiling with her full, sexy lips, she reached in her purse that cost more than he earned in a lifetime. But she was not reaching for money; she took out a black bottle of teargas and sprayed the toxic content in his open pupils.

His screamed because his eyes felt like they were getting burnt by acid. Once again she reached in her purse and took out a stun and put it right to his chest.

"How do you like that, you dirty scum?" 500 Volts of electricity shocked through his head, body and limbs making him shake without control of his body. Unable to move he saw her step in position with her fists up ready to give him the final blow. It became clear to him, this woman wasn't defenseless at all; she was trained and prepared for this moment.

He could see it in slow-motion:

She made a dynamic step forward throwing a kick aimed at his groin.

The tip of her $400 shoes from Gautier kicked the package in his $5 Walmart pants perfectly, transforming it to a swelling bundle of pain.

The breath went out his body and he could do nothing but collapse. Through the tears he could see the girl step in a limousine and drive off.

He thought, “Damn this can’t get any worse…” then he peed his pants.


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