Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Bikini

By bustedbyruddysat15

My first attempt at publishing a story, so please be kind...

This is a total work of fiction, not meant to imply a resemblance to any actual persons or events. Though it is written in the first person, the main character is “not” me. The opinions expressed in it are those of a fictional character, “not” my own.

The bikini.

What is it about that little two-piece garment that captures my attention so?


I am covered in a pool of sweat. My skin has turned the color of molasses, my flesh smells like overdone barbecue, and I am completely dehydrated. Why? For the past two hours, I have been sitting on a dark black bench, under the hot midday sun, pretending to read. I have no water and nothing resembling shade. Less than six feet in front of me, an Asian girl lies on the grass in a blue string bikini. She is lying on her stomach, her shapely legs curled languorously above her taut, firm body. When she first caught me staring at her, she glared at me over the top of her tinted sunglasses until I looked away, but she has long since grown oblivious to my gaze. She toils industriously at her schoolwork, a book in one hand and a highlighter in the other.

It is about 3:15 PM. Around one, as I was returning from class, I passed a grassy plaza in front of one of the undergrad dorms. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and as red-blooded heterosexual young man, I couldn’t help but turn my head. Now, I’m new to southern California. I’m sure the locals are used to seeing nubile college girls lying around in two-piece bathing suits, but I’m sure as hell not. My brain told me to keep going, but my autopilot steered me to the only unoccupied bench, which just happened to be right in front of “her”. When she looked up, I got the shock of my life: She was Asian! I’ve always had a thing for Asian girls – not that any of them have ever shown any interest in me – but I was used to seeing them in modest button-down shirts. An Asian girl in a skimpy lime-green string bikini held together by what looked like dental floss was almost too much for me to take. As I walked toward her, she glanced up and I could see her categorize me: “sketchy grad student”. “Sigh.” No argument there, I’m afraid. She tried to stare me away, but when she saw I wasn’t going anywhere she proceeded to ignore me and concentrate on soaking up the sun. I took out a reading I had just gotten in class are proceeded to stare past it as I fantasized about her.

After about an hour, she was satisfied with her tan and got up, giving me an eyeful of her gorgeous bod. She made eye contact with me, and I shamefacedly looked away. As I did so, I spotted “another” Asian girl making her way across the grass. She was wearing a T-shirt and skirt, but across the back of her neck I could spot the telltale bow that indicated a string bikini top. “Oh god”, I thought to myself, “Could I be so lucky?” I could and I was. Like a librarian in a porn movie, she doffed her glasses, let down her long, luxuriant black hair, and shucked off her shirt and skirt, revealing a satisfyingly toned body to go with her impossibly cute face. My boner stretched to its full 4 inches, nearly bursting through my jeans. I longed to snake my hand down my pants and jerk it like there was no tomorrow, but I was in a public place. Instead I just stared.

No sunglasses, no hat, no water – and no shade. I had come completely unprepared for my libidinous adventure, and as the day grew hotter I felt like I was in a torture chamber. All I had to do was get up and leave, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful creatures in front of me. It was as if those girls had sadistically trapped me in a cage – but deep down, I knew that it was my own sex drive that had trapped me.

After a bit over an hour, the girl seemingly took mercy on me and got up. She was short, but her body made up for it. She was straight in all the right places and curvy in all the rest (well, as much as Asian girl can be “curvy”). She had the face of an angel, but with just a hint of naughtiness. She glared at me as she got up, but I didn’t care. To my surprise, she didn’t put her clothes back on – just tossed them over her arm and started walking back. I dumbly followed, driven by my lower brain again. I didn’t care how obvious I was being. I’m a 21-year-old grad student who is still a virgin. In other words, I’m pathetic, desperate, lonely, and horny. Without lifting a finger, this Asian girl had stripped me of my pride, my dignity, and my sense of shame.

I don’t know why I was following her, what I planned to do. My upper brain told me to back off, but the flimsy spaghetti straps of her bikini beckoned me on. All of a sudden, I followed her around a corner – and she was gone. Disappeared.

I snapped back to reality. What the hell was I doing?? Spending two hours in the hot sun? Desperately ogling two girls I would never see again? Stalking undergrads? God, I really was the epitome of the “sketchy grad student.” Man, I’m never doing that again …

Just as suddenly, she reappeared, stepping out from behind a wall. I realized that she had hidden herself in order to confront me. “Oh shit”, I thought, “she’s gonna kill me”. But to my surprise, she smiled!

“Hi,” she said warmly.

“Oh my God, she’s actually into me!!!”

“Hi,” I cautiously replied.

“What’s your name?”


“Are you a grad student?”

“Yeah … f-first-year master’s.”

“Oh? What department?”


“I see. Well, Jamie, my name is Wendy and I’m an undergraduate sophomore majoring in psychology.”

Self-disclosure!! Yes!!!


“So, Jamie …”


“Now that you know something about me, aren’t you even slightly ashamed of what you’ve been doing?”

OUCH. In a flash, I realized that she wasn’t “into” me at all – quite the opposite, in fact. She had set me up with the precision of a surgeon, and her last sentence landed like a dagger between my legs. I was a pervert who had been caught in the act, and we both knew it. I was flustered, and yet curiously my flag had started to unfurl itself to its full four inches again.

“Uhh …”

““Uhhhhhhhhh”,” she drawled in a mock basso, imitating me. “Dude, my eyes are up ‘here’.” My gaze had wandered down to her chest, which was barely held in by her stringy top. I quickly returned to looking into her deep, wide brown eyes. She shook her head in disgust, as if to say, “What a jerk.”

“Look …” she began. Then she stopped. She stepped forward and put her hands on my shoulders.

Bone city!!!

“I’m … sorry?” I said unconvincingly. (I really wasn’t.)

“No,” was her terse reply.


It took me several seconds to comprehend what she had done. The pain began in my lower stomach and slowly radiated upward. I looked into her lovely eyes and there was no change in expression. Then, slowly but surely, a smirk spread across her flawless face.

“‘Now’ you’re sorry,” she said.

She kneed me in the groin. She kneed me in the groin! She KNEED me in the GROIN!! SHE KNEED ME IN THE GROIN!!!

Balls, crotch, nuts, testicles, family jewels, call them what you will. She went for my most vital organs, the center of my manhood. My jeans offered some resistance, but my tighty-whities held my boys firm and gave them nowhere to escape to as her patella smashed them against my pelvis. Pushing down on my shoulders had crushed them even further. In her sadistic genius, she even had gone out of her way to give me an erection, so that they would be swollen and extra-sensitive. Smart ‘and’ beautiful – what a woman!

I doubled over in agony, unable to look into her doe-like eyes anymore. My hands clutched my testes, which had begun to throb with pain. To my surprise, my erection had not gone away, but I could feel my balls start to swell. “I should get some ice” … but I wasn’t going anywhere. I continued falling, sinking to my knees. The pain had blocked out my hearing, but when I looked up at her I could see that she was laughing. “Oh, she looks so beautiful when she’s happy …”

“What the hell is wrong with you? She KICKED YOU IN THE NUTS and now she’s LAUGHING AT YOU. What a sadistic bitch! Shouldn’t you be plotting how to get even with her?”

Get even … yes … yes, get even … owwwww!! Pain!!! So much pain!!!!

I couldn’t remain upright anymore, the pain was so excruciating. I flopped over onto my side. With a shudder of horror, I realized that I had assumed the much-ridiculed fetal position. She had taken my manhood from me, and I knew that I would never be able to look at another Asian girl without feeling this agony from the fiery pits of hell. And since I go to the University of Southern California; that was a serious problem. “Hmm, maybe a transfer to Alabama State?”

My vision began to clear, and I looked up at her. She had put her skirt and T-shirt back on, but she was still a beacon of loveliness. I wanted to say something to her, but what? What could I express? Anger? Regret? Bitterness? I wanted to howl at her, to tell her how unfair what she had done to me was, how I didn’t deserve to lose my manhood because of a little voyeurism. But it was all a moot point, because her blow had driven the air from my lungs. In addition to everything else, she had robbed me of my voice.

“Bye, “Jay-mie”,” she said seductively, smiling at me and waving in a flirty manner. I watched her walk away, her cute behind swaying back and forth underneath her tight skirt. I could still see the outlines of her bikini under her clothes, and that bow was still perched enticingly on the back of her neck. I felt my body shudder with orgasm, my broken and bloodied genitals spurting out the last gasps of my sexual fever. The taste of acid was in my throat, and then my lunch was on the ground. I lay in a pool of my own vomit, paralyzed by my pain.

She was right. I “was” sorry now. Sorry that I had been born a man.


The bikini.

What is it about that little two-piece garment that captures my attention so?

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