Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busted Balls and Ego

By Busted Jay

I work with two women one of whom, Karen, never seemed to have anything but contempt and sarcasm for me. She is a good looking tall brunette. The other, Linda, is an older petite sexy brunette. After many deliberations (discussed on the old forum) we eventually got it together. However although I thought she might be into busting I never really plucked up the courage to ask her.


A few weeks ago Linda was working out of the office for the day and for the first time Karen actually bothered to hold a civil conversation with me. By the end of the day I actually found that I was starting to like her as a person. When the time came to go home she asked me if I could work over to help finish the current backlog. I couldn't see why not after all Linda wouldn't be back until late and Christmas is coming.

As the evening wore on she suddenly asked me, "Why don't men find me attractive?" I was a little surprised. It wasn't the kind of thing I expected her to say. I tried my best to do the 'understanding male' thing.

I said, "But you are attractive; you probably haven't found the right person yet."

"So why did you start seeing Linda and not me?"

HELP!!! "You didn't give me a chance!" I said trying to be as diplomatic as possible. Alarm bells were starting ring in my head (maybe my pants!)

"Well I'm giving you a chance now!" (Somebody wake me; up this only happens in movies.)

Before I could actually say anymore I'm ashamed to say we were kissing. As we became more passionate her hand was between my legs squeezing my balls. At that point reality kicked in!

"I can't do this," somebody who sounded like me said.

"HOW DO YOU MEAN YOU "CAN'T DO THIS"?" she screamed at me at the same time her grip tightened on my balls very painfully. I should have been in heaven but I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be a gentleman! (HELL I'd been dying for this for ages.) She was still squeezing my balls and I wondered how I was going to get her off me and still keep them.

Suddenly she let go and got off me I left and limped (my balls were sore!) home without saying a word. This should have been end of story.

When I got in Linda was home and on the phone she looked at me but didn't smile (strange). Then she said "OK Karen, I'll see you tomorrow." (What the hell was Karen phoning Linda for?

"Where have you been?"

"Karen asked me to work over," I said defensively.

"Why didn't you say no?"

"You know me-can't say no to a woman in authority!" Wrong answer. Before I could say anything else I only saw a blur as her foot shot out. The next thing I know I was doubled up clutching my balls. (Linda had actually kicked me!)

"IS THAT ENOUGH AUTHORITY FOR YOU?" she shouted at me. I was in agony and ecstasy at the same time! She had caught me good and at that moment I was in no position to answer her. Only feel her knee that smacked into my face as she followed up.

"Karen just told me that you tried it on with her. That she had to fight you off."


She was blazing I had never seen her mad like that before. Isn't it strange how a woman can look as sexy as hell when she's mad with you? (I digress.) I desperately needed to explain that she had it all wrong that wasn't what happened.

"Linda let me explain; you've got it all wrong," I said as she turned away from me. Up until that point I had always believed a woman could only real bust me if I wanted her to. Foolishly I took her arms and turned her to me (maybe I secretly wanted her to bust me again)she did some strange maneuver and locked my arms at the same time she brought her knee up into my groin twice it felt like she had driven my balls into my stomach. I just screamed and fell to the floor I must have looked pathetic just writhing on the floor in agony.

All I could hear was her saying "Don't you dare touch me!" Most women would have left it at that but the next thing I know she's on top of me pulling my hair and punching me in the face. I was defenseless and it slowly dawned on me that I was getting beaten up for the first time in my life by a WOMAN! I could taste the blood in my mouth and also feel my right eye closing and my nose swelling. I think she saw it too because she suddenly stopped. She got off me and I could hear her crying at the same time she just kept asking "Why?" over and over again.

I don't know how long I was on the ground for but after a while I felt a cloth on my nose and lip. I wouldn't have minded but I had actually turned Karen down and here I was having shit kicked out of me by my girlfriend because of it. It was at that point she decided to ask me for my version of events! Just a tad bit late I think it was guilt at the blood.

When I got to work the next day I looked a sight a black eye, a busted lip and a swollen nose. That's not to mention a bruised pair of balls. I told everyone that I'd gotten into a fight in the pub. Karen on the other hand was laughing I think she knows what happened, Bitch!

Linda and I are still together it's taken a lot of work but she believes my version of events and is now even able to joke about it! One good thing to come out of all this is that I found out that Linda holds a brown belt in karate even though she hasn't practiced for years. Good? Yes because I have always fantasized about having my own Karate Mistress!

Karen on the other hand still insists her version of events is true after Linda tackled her. Thinking about it now I should count my self lucky that she didn't accuse me publicly of trying to rape her otherwise I could really have been in trouble. At the moment I'm looking for a new job I don't particularly want to work with some like that. Next time I could be looking at court or prison I mean who is going to take my word against hers?

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