Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gang of Girls (part 1)

By Chad

Well I tried my best!

When I saw the ad in a femdom contact mag it looked just the ticket. I’d been looking for something special and this seemed like it could be it. The ad I’d seen read like this:

Full-Time Slave boy required for busy London bar. Long hours and lots of pain! Your duties will be that of a cellar man and you will be subservient to all female staff and customers. Accommodation will be sparse to say the least and punishments will be regular, harsh, and occasionally in public. Applicants must be under 25 years of age and under 5’5,” tall. This is a great opportunity to surround yourself with several dominant young women. Applicants reply to Box no. 134

I’m only 5’2,” tall and since I was a child I’ve been picked on by girls, who generally speaking, were taller than me. I sent my reply in, giving as many details as possible about myself. When the reply came it invited me to come for an assessment. This wouldn’t be held on the premises obviously, but in a hotel in the West End.

When the day of the assessment arrived I was as excited as he’d ever been. I am an optimistic person and although I’d been let down in the past by false advertising I had a feeling that this was genuine.

At the hotel I asked at the reception for a Miss Melanie Smith. I was given a room number and I set off to the room. When I arrived outside the door of the room I took a deep breath and knocked. A moment later the door opened and a very attractive girl with shoulder length dark brown hair invited me inside.

“Hi Steve, thanks for coming,” said the girl. I walked past her into the large suite. I noticed immediately that they were not alone.

The girl closed the door and strode past him.

“My name’s Melanie and these are my colleagues Lisa and Sarah,” she pointed at the two attractive girls sat on the sofa. Lisa was a tall looking blonde who wore her hair in a bob style. Sarah was also pretty with brown hair in ringlets which feel down the sides of her face. Both girls wore crop tops, hot pants and knee boots. Mel too was dressed similarly. All the girls appeared to be in their early 20s.

“Sit down Steve,” said Mel.

I chose a chair opposite where Lisa and Sarah sat and stared at their knee boots. I love the chunky platform heeled boots that girls are wearing at the moment. Clearly none of the girls were wearing bras under their tops. Mel took a seat to the side of the other girls and began to explain the


“Between us 3 and a few other girls, we own a bar in the west-end. Until recently we had young man who was our slave. He’d do all the hard work in return for punishment. It was his choice. He was paid with pain. The harder he worked; the more pain we would give him. Simple. Of course we’ve grown quite used to this. It has to be said that we’ve all quite enjoyed having a man to inflict pain on and we now need a new slave. You’ll live on the premises, not in luxury by any means and you’ll work a 16 hour day. We’ll feed you and you can have as much to drink as you like but you’ll receive no pay whatsoever. You’ll be beaten… regularly, which will be quite vicious at times. It has been known for up to a dozen girls to be involved at once! We like to do role plays too, which may involve female customers as well as the barmaids. You’ll have to act your part in it – so be aware of that. You’ll also be lucky to be in the company of quite a few sexy girls, and it’s not out of the question that you’ll be rewarded with the occasional hand job or blow job. In fact, I think every girl who works for us had given our last slave one or the other, or both, at some stage. Us three all did, I know that for sure! What do you think so far?”

“It sounds great to me!” I said.

“You can take the pain can you?” asked Lisa suddenly.

“I’m sure I can,” I said, now feeling a little less confident.

“If you’ve just done a 16 hour day, would you really like me to string you up and whip your backside until it bleeds?” asked Lisa.

I swallowed. I wanted it so much. The thought of being whipped by the statuesque blonde turned me on enormously, especially if it came with a hand job afterwards!

“I’d love it”

“Do you like being kicked in the balls Steve?” asked Sarah

Wow. I was becoming so aroused by these girls I knew I simply had to get this position. I’d do anything.

“Yes I do. I love being hurt in the balls. I can take it too,” I replied a little too cockily.

“Our last slave used to say that too, but you should have seen him begging us to stop once we’d given him a few good ones!” said Mel.

“Could you take a few good one’s Steve?” asked Sarah

“I’d have to!” I replied “If that was the punishment that I deserved.”

“Yes, you would have to. You’d have no choice,” said Lisa.

“The barmaids can be vicious little bitches. You may find that after one of them has given you a kicking, that another follows up and wants to give you one to. If you perform badly one day, they might all want a go. You could have your balls kicked to a pulp. How does that make you feel?” asked Mel.

“It turns me on to think about it. I’d take it though. I want this position so much I’d accept whatever was deemed necessary.”

“OK,” said Mel. “I want you to fill out this application form. We need every detail filled in. I want you also to write down all the things you like having done to you and anything you really don’t like. Even though you are our slave we want you to be reasonably happy in your surroundings. Don’t think that that is necessarily an act of kindness however; it’s just that we don’t want to have to spend money on ads every two weeks. We want the next slave to be there for

some time.”

I was left with the form to complete while the girls got up and went through to a side room to discuss him.

“Well he seems to fit the bill,” said Mel “What do you think”

“He’s a cocky little shit,” said Lisa.

Sarah agreed.

“All the better,” said Mel “It’ll make it more fun!”

“Well let’s have a look at his application form and then decide shall we?” said


“OK,” said Mel

They gave me 15 minutes to complete it and then went back through. I’d completed it by then and was trying to cover a raging hard on, which was immediately spotted by all three girls.

Mel took the form and had a quick look through before handing it to Sarah and Lisa to have a look at.

After a few minutes Mel said, “OK Steve I think we’re going to give you a try. We have a couple more people to see but you look as though you might fit the bill I’m keen to get you started quickly. We’ll call you tonight. We might need you to start next week. Make sure you’re ready to move quickly,”

“Fantastic,” I said.

“Good bye,” said Mel

I got up and left.

When the call came that evening telling me that I was successful, I was delighted. I couldn’t wait to be at the mercy of these girls. From what I’d seen and heard so far it sounded like a dream come true. I simply had to have a wank as I fantasized about what would happen to me.

The day arrived when I was to start at the bar. I’d packed all my bags and ordered the taxi to take me there. It turned out that the pub was actually in a suburb of London, not the West End, but I didn’t care.

When I got out of the taxi outside the pub I had a moment of hesitation. I was actually quite worried now. It was a big move for me. Although I had plenty of money, which meant I had no worries about the pay issue, I was walking into the unexpected and that frightened me a little. It was 9am and pub obviously wasn’t open yet so I knocked on the door.

It was answered by a gorgeous Irish girl, who actually looked like one of the Corr girls.

I introduced myself and she simply smiled, nodded and allowed me in. The bar was already a hive of activity. All the people in the bar were young girls. There were about five from what I could see, carrying out basic cleaning and preparation jobs. All looked pretty and sexy, and of course were all taller than me.

“Let me take your bags,” said the Irish girl. “Wait here.”

She disappeared for a moment and then returned without my bags.

“We’ll get them for you later. I’m Catherine,” she said. As I shook hands with her, I noticed her large braless breasts wobbling under her t-shirt. She was also wearing some faded denim shorts and Dr. Marten boots.

“I’m going to show you to your room now,” she said. “Follow me.” I followed the sexy girl down through the large bar and then around into a quieter area and then through to the other side of the pub. There was a door on the right, below a large old staircase. Catherine unlocked the door and went through. We made out way down a rickety looking wooden staircase which spiraled down into a rather dank cellar area.

“This is the old cellar,” she said. “It’s only used for stores, and it’s where you’ll be living,” she said it so callously it was remarkable. There was a caged area to one side which was padlocked. Catherine opened it and told me to go in.

There was a mattress on the floor and a bucket for a toilet. There were also chains which hung from the wall, with steel cuffs attached.

“Now, strip naked and give me your clothes,” ordered Catherine. I delayed for a moment before obeying. When I was naked I handed my clothes to Catherine. She put them in a bag and threw them outside of the “cell”. Then without warning she slapped me hard across my face and then pointed a finger at me.

“When I tell you to do something you do it straight away. You don’t fucking think about it first. Understand?” she shouted. Her tits were still wobbling after the slap.

“Yes Miss Catherine,” I answered.

“Well I’m glad to see you know your place,” she said “Now, put your wrists in the cuffs and lock them shut.”

I obeyed instantly this time.

Catherine then pulled on the chains until my hands were high above my head and I was on tiptoes. She then fastened the chain in place with a padlock. The situation had caused me to get a hard on like one I’d never had before, and even though Catherine was aware of it she didn’t comment. She took another length of chain and wrapped it around my ankles before padlocking it in place. She then stepped back and put her hands on her hips.

“Wave that thing at me again and I’ll hang a car battery from your nuts and wire the electrodes up to your dick. Lose it now. It hasn’t gone unnoticed and shan’t go unpunished.”

“Yes Miss Catherine,” I said. Threats like that simply made me more aroused. Catherine turned and left, padlocking the cage door as she went. I heard the door being locked at the top of the stairs.

I was well and truly a prisoner now.

About half an hour later I heard the door open at the top of the stairs and footsteps as someone came down. A tall blonde girl paused outside the cage. She was about 5’10,” tall and was wearing platform heeled knee boots, tight black shorts and a black crop top which barely covered her large breasts. She stared at me for a moment before speaking.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you, slave boy,” then she collected up a few stores and went back upstairs.

Ten minutes later I heard voices on the stairs and then recognized Mel and Sarah as they unlocked the cage and came in. Even on tip toes I wasn’t able to look the two girls straight in the eyes, especially in their platforms.

“How do you like your new home slave boy?” asked Mel.

“It’s nice Miss Melanie,” I replied, feeling a bit stupid.

The two girls laughed at my reply.

“We were a little indisposed earlier so we asked Catherine to look after you for a while. She made a big impression on you apparently. You couldn’t take your eyes off her tits she tells me,” said Mel.

“Did you like Catherine’s tits slave?” asked Sarah.

“Yes Miss Sarah,” I replied.

“Would you like to suck them?”

“Yes Miss Sarah”

“Slave, do you know what she’d do to you if she heard you say that?” asked Sarah, as she stood with her hands on her hips.

“No Miss Sarah”

“Well you don’t want to. Don’t make any enemies around here slave or you’ll be in worse trouble than you already are! The girls are already keen to meet you. And that can only mean one thing. Punishment for you!” she said. While you’re in this cage you’re protected from most of them. Only a few of us have the key. But once you’re outside, they can do as they please to you, so you’d better be careful!” said Mel.

“Right, firstly I’m here to tell you about what happens from here. You need to start your training in the main cellar. Sarah will over see this but I’m going to put you in the hands of Debbie and Jackie. They are two of my best trainers and they’ll make sure you know what you’re doing quickly. I do know from experience that they are a little harsh when it comes to performance and

discipline, so you’d better get things picked up quickly. If they say jump, you jump otherwise Sarah will ensure that you are dealt with in the severest manner. Understood?”

“Yes Miss Melanie”

“And while you’re with the girls I suggest you keep that cock of yours under control. If I hear of any stiffies I’ll have you flogged in front of the whole staff, and that will be on top of whatever Deb and Jacks decide to do to you. The first lesson will be theory, which will take place in here at 11am.”

The girls turned and left. This time the door of the cage was left open. A few minutes later I heard footsteps and giggling as two girls came downstairs. Dressed in what appeared to be the uniform of black platform heeled knee boots, tiny shorts and crop tops they came straight into the cage.

“Hi slave boy,” said one “Are you ready for some pain?”

The girl was about 18 years old. She was medium height and was slim with small pert high breasts. Her nipples were hard and were clearly visible through her crop top.

Her colleague was taller, about the same age, with a curvaceous body and long dark hair. Her tits were large and firm and wobbled sexily.

“Punch his balls Eve,” said the taller one.

Eve stepped up to me, clenched her fist and slammed it straight into my balls. I cried out in pain. It was a terrific shot. I raised my knees up and my feet left the ground, groaning in agony. The girls laughed hysterically.

“Your turn Ali,” said Eve.

“Get your fucking legs down,” said Ali.

The pain in my wrists caused me to obey whether I wanted to or not and Ali didn’t hesitate in swinging a hard underarm fist straight into my aching balls. I cried out again in real pain.

The girls laughed again before turning and running out of the cage, arm in arm. Ali’s tits were swinging to and fro as they ran. I could hear them giggling all the way up the stairs.

I stood for several minutes letting the pain subside. It was an incredible turn on to be treated that way by two sexy girls who I’d never met before, but the pain was still immense.

About 15 minutes later, with the pain in my balls almost gone, I heard the door open again and this time I was joined by two other girls. Judging by the fact that they were carrying some paperwork, I guessed that they were Debbie and Jackie.

These girls were dressed differently to the others. Jackie was tall and slim with long mousy blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail. She had large breasts which were free to swing within a flimsy dress. The dress was incredibly low cut at the front and barely covered the tops of her bare thighs. On her feet she wore spike heeled shoes with leather straps which wrapped half way up her calves.

Debbie was incredibly sexy. She was only slightly taller than me but had long red hair which hung right down her back. She had a fabulous curvy figure with a fantastic bum and big tits. She was wearing a bikini top, a tiny pair of shorts and Dr. Marten Boots.

They introduced themselves and gave my naked body a lingering look.

“Like a lamb to the slaughter,” Jackie said mockingly.

“OK let’s get on with it,” she added.

Debbie undid the padlock which allowed the chain to be released and my wrists lowered. She then undid the cuffs and the feel of her presence so close to my naked body was frighteningly arousing. I dare not show it however and tried to keep my mind on other things.

“Hands behind your back,” said Debbie. She attached a pair of handcuffs to me. “On your knees,” she ordered.

I obeyed instantly.

“Let me make one thing absolutely clear,” said Jackie. “You do as you’re told, you get the answers right, you learn and absorb what we tell you. If you don’t, we’ll hurt you. It’s simple. Understand?”

“Yes Miss Jackie,” I replied.

The lessons began simply enough with easy to remember facts about beer and lager. Occasionally I slipped up and was rewarded with a slap across the face from one of the girls. As we progressed the questions were becoming harder and the facts, too difficult to remember. I was getting slapped regularly and hard by the two busty bitches.

“I think he needs a bit more encouragement Deb,” said Jackie. Debbie left the cage for a moment and came back in with a long thin piece of wood.

“This will make him think a bit harder,” said Deb as she swished the stick through to air.

The first question that I answered incorrectly was punished with a stroke of the stick across by stomach. It was incredibly painful. I took several more as time went by across the stomach and chest as well as across my shoulders and thighs. Debbie seemed to relish giving pain, and she gave it hard.

After a while I was told to stand up by Debbie and the next few strokes were aimed across my buttocks. It was difficult to remain upright as my ankles were still chained, and I fell more than once. I was kicked in the stomach on one occasion after falling, and I was gasping for air and almost vomiting. Debbie seemed to be capitulating by unchaining my ankles, but when I was told to spread my legs wide, I started to wonder if it was just in order to have better access to my genitals.

It wasn’t long before this turned out to be the case.

The mounting pain that I was receiving was adding to the difficulty in answering the questions but the girls felt that I was simply not trying. Finally, after one poor attempt at an answer I took my first kick to the balls. From behind, Debbie delivered a cruelly hard between my widely spread legs that sent me crashing to the ground and into the fetal position. I was moaning loudly as the two girls came and stood over me. I looked up to see the over hanging breasts of Debbie, who was smirking at me.

“Did I hurt them?” she asked. Then I looked up at the statuesque Jackie. Her spike heels so close to my face I could smell the leather. Her long slim legs seemed to go on forever and I sneaked a peek at her crotch. Jackie noticed this and spat in my face.

“Fucking pervert,” she hissed.

Debbie grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back up onto my knees. Immediately Jackie swung a gorgeous long leg towards me and the pointed toe of her shoe struck me in the solar plexus. I doubled over only to be dragged back up by the hair by Debbie.

“On your feet,” Debbie shouted at me.

The pain in my balls was now masked by the fact that I was completely winded. I struggled on to my feet with help of Debbie only to take another kick from Jackie straight to my nuts. I collapsed again, moaning in pain.

“Oooh painful!” said Debbie.

As I lay pitifully on the floor I heard footsteps outside the cage and we were joined inside by some other girls.

“Just wanted to see what’s going on,” said Eve. She had come back down with Ali, probably hoping to find me still chained to the wall.

“He’s in pain, what have you done to him?” asked Ali. “Have you kicked him in the balls?”

“Only twice,” said Jackie. “Deb first and then me.”

“Cool,” said Eve.

Deb was busy chaining my ankles back together, which made my balls feel a bit safer at least. The pain was still great though.

“Lesson 2 is this afternoon slave, so you’d better start revising!” said Jackie. She and Debbie both strutted out of the room in an incredibly sexy way.

I was left once again with the two bitches who’d punched me earlier.

“Did you enjoy getting you balls kicked slave?” asked Eve as she leaned over me. Her hand went straight for my balls. She grabbed them and squeezed hard.

I cried out again.

“Please. Stop. Please Miss Eve!”

“Fucking cry baby!” said Ali.

Eve let go and I rolled onto my stomach to protect myself. Ali picked up the stick that Deb had used on me and smacked it hard across my buttocks. My hands reached down instinctively and were stamped on by Eve in her platforms.

“Move them,” she shouted.

Ali whacked me again and then again as the girls laughed. I writhed in pain and humiliation as the two teenagers punished me.

“Let’s get him on his back,” said Eve. She kicked me in the side. “Turn over,” she ordered.

I really didn’t want to have these vicious bitches having access to my balls again, but another kick, this time from Ali forced me to comply. Once I was on my back, Ali leapt on to my chest and put her knees on my shoulders. She looked over her shoulder to see what Eve was doing and I got a great view straight up her crop top at the underside of her fantastic young tits.

“Fucking punch his balls in,” said Ali.

I watched in amazement as her tits wobbled naked in front of my eyes as she encouraged her friend to torture me. I felt Eve sit on my thighs and I knew I was about to get badly hurt by the

sassy little bitch.

“I’m gonna punch you in the bollocks ten times and you’re gonna thank me after each one slave boy,” she said.

Suddenly, as I was expecting an excruciating punishment to begin. The girls jumped off me and ran out of the cage.

“You lucky bastard!” hissed Eve. “We’ll be back don’t you worry!” she said.

“I know you were staring at my tits as well you fucker. That means big payback!” said Ali.

Moments later, Mel, Sarah and Lisa entered. Clearly Eve and Ali weren’t supposed to be in here, certainly not punishing me anyway. Hopeful of a respite from the punishment, I relaxed a little. This was a mistake as the three girls were not in a very good mood - and I was the problem.

The three girls were in business attire. Blouses open daringly low with clearly no bras underneath, short skirts, stockings and black patent leather stiletto heeled shoes. Lisa immediately unchained my ankles and told me to get up. The three girls towered over me. Lisa walked behind me and grabbed my hair pulling my head back. Mel who stood in front, belted me hard across the face and then again with a back hand. Then her hands went to my shoulders and her knee flew up into my aching balls.

I doubled over once again, but was dragged up by Lisa. Mel’s hand went to my balls then as she said “You’re in deep fucking shit. Bring him upstairs ladies. We need to teach him a few manners!” She gave my balls a hard squeeze as she finished the sentence, then spun on her

heel and strode out.

I was pushed forwards by Lisa and Mel and with my hands still cuffed behind my

back I was marched up the stairs. Once through the door at the top I was told to turn right and into a small private bar area, with a fireplace and a small service point that connected to the main bar. I stood awkwardly in the centre of the small room, not knowing what I’d done or what to expect. Mel, Sarah and Lisa were then joined by Catherine, Eve, Ali, Debbie and Jackie. Naked, handcuffed, with aching balls and numerous other welts and bruises, I was now surrounded by eight girls who clearly had me there to punish me further. Ali and Eve had climbed up onto the small bar and were swinging their legs, looking excited at what was going to happen to me. Catherine stood by the door along with Lisa, Sarah and Mel stood in front of me and Debbie and Jackie leaned against a table to my right.

“First of all I’d like an explanation for your behavior,” said Mel.

I didn’t reply.

“Exactly. No explanation. You’re just a fucking pervert aren’t you?” she said.

“I don’t know what I’ve done Miss Melanie”

“Ha!” laughed Mel.

“Catherine –tell him!”

“Can you remember waving your pathetic cock at me earlier?” she asked.

I hung my head.

“Yes Miss Catherine”


“Staring at my tits!”


“Staring at my fanny!”


“Staring at my hard nipples!”

“I did not stare!” I exclaimed and then hurriedly added “Miss Eve.”

“Are you calling me a liar, you piece of shit?!”

“You weren’t even supposed to come in, and yet you did and you both punched my balls!”

“Never, ever speak back to a female like that,” said Mel quietly.

“I’m sorry Miss Melanie”

“You fucking will be!” said Eve.

“Alison, tell me what happened,” said Mel.

“Eve and I went down to get some stores and there he was with his dick hard asking for a wank or something. We thought it was disgusting so we both went in and punched him in the bollocks. Then later after Deb and Jacks had left him, he called us bitches and as we were holding him down he was staring up under my top and looking at my bare tits! We left before we could really hurt him good because we thought they needed our help at the bar. We know we weren’t supposed to do anything to him yet and we wouldn’t have done but he really made us do it. The dirty pervert.”

“Miss Melanie. It’s not true I swear!”

Mel walked slowly up to me and then without warning slapped me really hard across the face, almost knocking me over.

“Don’t ever speak to me without permission slave boy! After dealing with your other indiscretions I’m going to allow Eve and Alison the opportunity of getting a confession from you about what actually happened.”

“Yes!” said Eve and Ali together.

I looked at the two girls who simply smiled at me. I couldn’t believe that those two were going to be allowed to beat me to the point of making me admit to something that didn’t happen.

“Frankly I’m disgusted by your behavior as we all are. Myself, Lisa and Sarah are going to punish you first followed by Catherine, Debbie and Jackie. Then we’ll see if you are telling the truth or not, when Eve and Alison get to torture you. Eve honey, be a darling and fetch me a spreader bar, a length of chain with a padlock and a choice of whips.

“No problem,” said Eve. She hopped down from the bar and left the room. The girls all lit up cigarettes, every one of them and the room soon became close and smoky. Eve returned a couple of minutes later with the necessary bits and pieces. She’d brought a couple of canes, a crop, a birch, a leather studded paddle and a long leather whip. She also brought a rounders bat and a hockey stick. The girls were all laughing as Eve wielded the hockey stick.

“One way to make a man confess!” she said. Lisa took the spreader bar and came over to me.

“Spread ‘em!” she said as she kicked the insides of my knees. Debbie helped her fit it to my ankles, in the meantime the chain was thrown over the large light fixture that was secured to the ceiling, and attached to my hand cuffs. The chain was then pulled by Debbie and Sarah until my arms were pulled up high behind my back and away from my buttocks. It was secured in place by a padlock. I was now bent forwards uncomfortably. My buttocks as well as my genitals were now easily accessible. I was turned so that I was facing the fireplace and the mirror above it. It meant that I could see the reflection of the head and shoulders of those behind me and if I stretched a bit more, their chests. If I looked right I could see Eve and Ali, and to my left, Deb and Jackie. I felt my head yanked back then by Debbie so that Jackie could put duct tape across my mouth.

“We don’t want you upsetting the customers with your screams!” she said. “Now, to your punishment slave boy. The first installment is to be administered by Lisa, Sarah and myself and will consist of 18 strokes of the birch across your buttocks. Hopefully by the end of this you’ll be realizing the error of your perverted ways. After that it will be Catherine’s turn. I’m not sure what she’s got planned for you but you can guarantee it will be painful!”

“Definitely!” said Catherine, who was now in the uniform of crop top, shorts and knee boots.

“After that it will be Debbie and Jackie, who are going to tag-team you. I think they have some unfinished business from earlier. And finally out interrogators, Ali and Eve. In the interests of fairness, I think that if they fail to convince us of your guilt, that they both make it up to you by giving you a hand job.”

The girls all laughed at this unlikely eventuality. They knew that there was no way that Eve and Ali would want to have to back down and do that. It did give me hope however. A hand job from either of them would be fantastic.

“Let the fun commence,” said Jackie as Mel picked up the birch. Suddenly there were whoops and whistles as all three girls unbuttoned their blouses and took them off. I strained to see, and just caught a flash of tit as Mel threw her shirt onto a table. This should have been really arousing for me. Not only was I about to be birched by three gorgeous girls, but they were to be topless. But at the moment I was simply worried about the pain. Then off came the skirts and the girls now wore only their g-strings, hold-ups and spikes. I desperately wanted to see but I couldn’t.

“Go Mel!” shouted Eve.

Then the first stroke thrashed across my arse and I bucked in my bonds. I grunted but it wasn’t audible over the cheers form the girls. Mel handed the birch to Sarah who delivered the next stroke from the other side.

I then caught a glimpse of Mel from the side. She looked stunning. Her tits bobbed and bounced as she pranced around, half naked. Lisa took the birch and almost jumped in the air as she thrashed it down. The girls were clapping and laughing as I suffered.

“How does it feel, you short arsed little twat!” shouted Deb. Mel thrashed me again; I could see her in my mind’s eye. Tits swinging wildly as she swung the birch. I wanted to se Sarah. She was so pretty. I longed to see her tits swinging.

She thrashed me, and passed the birch to Lisa. It went on like this for several minutes. My arse was feeling the heat after the first six and by 12 it was on fire. The girls started to play then, and this meant that I had a great opportunity to see Sarah’s tits. They started jumping from stools as they birched me, and I could see them in the mirror as they did so. I got 2 views of each girl topless jumping into the strokes. Although my arse stung like hell, it was worth it to see my aggressors topless. They were like visions of angels, cruel angels, but angels nevertheless. The girls were given a round of applause after the birching.

My arse really burned but I thought I’d survived it quite well. Next up was Catherine, I didn’t know what to expect from her.

“Girls can you put his hands above his head for me, I need to go and get some supplies. Be back in a minute,” said Catherine. My hands were unattached from the chain and cuffs and then reattached in front of me by the still topless Lisa and Sarah. I got a face full of tit from Lisa, it was incredible. The chain was then readjusted and my arms were pulled up above my head. The spreader bar was still in place and held my ankles widely apart.

When Catherine returned she had a handful of things which just simply frightened me. A couple of bootlaces, some chilies, deep heat spray and a spatula. She put the items on the mantel piece and then stood right in front of me. Her tits were inches from my face.

“Would you like to suck them?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Big juicy tits, just waiting for your mouth. Would you like to see them?”

I nodded again.

Catherine then took off her crop top and exposed the gorgeous big tits that were barely concealed before. She put her hand behind my head and pulled my face into her tits. Her other hand went down to my cock and started to play with it. Her log sharp nails gently stroking. My cock was rock hard in seconds as Catherine it would be. She let me rub my face in her tits for a moment, knowing that I couldn’t suck them as I had tape over my mouth. Then quickly she grabbed one of the bootlaces and tied it tightly around the root of my cock. The lace cutting into the soft flesh. I cried out as it bit in.

“Once a pervert, always a pervert,” she said. The other girls were laughing now as Catherine put her top back on.

“You fucking loser!” she said and then sprayed deep heat all over my cock and balls. She pulled back my foreskin to ensure that it went right in there, then wanked me a few times to rub it in. Then as I moaned in pain she kneed me hard in the balls. Then taking the spatula from the mantelpiece she started to spank my erect cock with it. The bootlace prevented me from losing my erection and Catherine continued to beat my cock up and down with the metal spatula. The other girls were in fits of laughter as Catherine tortured me. More Deep Heat was sprayed on my cock then she gave me another hard knee in the balls.

Then finally, the worst of all came the chilies. Catherine rubbed them vigorously into my hard cock and then beat it with the spatula until I was struggling in my bonds. My whole body was crying out for relief but it wouldn’t come. Tears streamed down my face as I shook my head for mercy.

None came.

Catherine simply took a step back, put her hands on her hips and watched as I struggled to overcome the pain. Cigarettes were smoked all round as I writhed in agony. Finally as the pain began to subside, Catherine untied my cock and the blood ran away quickly. I had never been hurt so much. Catherine was simply evil.

Within minutes I realized that Debbie and Jackie were about to start their session on me. Nothing could compare to what Catherine had done to me, or so I thought.

They turned me around so that I was facing the other girls. All eight were now in my field of vision.

They were smiling and laughing at me.

Deb and Jackie stood immediately in front of me, and stuck really sexy poses, hands on hips.

“Earlier today you had a good old stare at my tits. You’re going to have to realize that looking at a girl’s tits around here results in one thing. This.” Debbie stepped forward and booted me between the legs really hard. I gasped air in through my nose as I watched her tits wobbling in the skimpy bikini top. My balls ached as badly as they’d ever done and I felt that any pressure exerted on them now would cause me to pass out. Jackie didn’t care, after abusing me for being a pervert she too kicked my nuts brutally hard.

I was then asked a series of questions about wine and was expected to nod at the right answer. I got every single one wrong.

“I think we wasted our time today Deb,” said Jackie “We might as well have been teaching a monkey!”

Debbie kicked me in the balls again.

There was lots of clapping and cheers from the other girls now.

“I agree, but I wouldn’t do this to a monkey,” and she kicked me in the balls yet again. More cheers.

Jackie kicked me then, before stepping up to me and kneeing me. Deb then joined in the kneeing, giving me three before I took a kick from behind from Jackie. Another kick from Debbie followed and then another kick from behind from Jackie.

It was clear to anyone at this point that I had reached my limit. I was shaking my head and making wide eyed stares, pleading for mercy. I was struggling desperately to get my legs together but it was impossible, my balls were just too easy to kick, and the girls knew full well how much it was hurting me. I was also fully aware, when I was finally released from my ball-torture, that I still had Eve and Alison to contend with. Should I simply confess immediately or try and last it out and get wanked off?

Eve and Ali jumped down from the bar where they were sat and stood in front of me. They were both so sexy; I really wanted to be wanked off by them. It would take a superhuman effort however to be able to take what they were surely going to do to me and not confess.

Eve had certainly got it in for me and I knew that Ali was well on her side. Eve pulled the tape from my mouth and asked me there and then if I wanted to confess to my crimes.

“Please Miss Eve; you know I didn’t do what you’ve said I did!”

Eve slammed her knee into my balls and I cried out miserably. “Just admit it and it will all soon be over!” she said.


Alison booted me hard from behind.

“You can’t take much more of this,” Eve told me, before kneeing me in the nuts once again.

She was right, I couldn’t. I was at my limit and I needed help. Eve put her hand around my balls and slowly squeezed.

“Confess,” she said. “Confess.”

My balls were now being crushed and I was in extremes of agony, then as Alison started caning me across the buttocks I gave in.

“I confess, I confess!”

The girls leapt up and down in celebration, high-fiving each other. It had been so easy to make me talk. I hung my head in shame. Now, I had to face three kicks to the balls from each of the girls. 24 kicks to my swollen aching balls. It would be murder.

“What a fucking wimp!” said Mel “I was looking forward to a good contest, and the fucking piece of male shit just folded.”

“Well he’s gonna get a fucking good kicking from me now,” said Lisa.

“And me!” said Sarah.

“If here are any other girls on break, or available, get them in here. They can have three kicks too!” said Mel.

“I’ll go and check,” said Deb.

A few minutes later she was back. With her she brought four more girls, which meant 12 more kicks in the balls for me. The girls she brought were gorgeous too. Jo, Rosie, Tanya and Zoe.

“I suggest we each give him one kick at a time and go round in rotation,” said Catherine.

“Good idea,” said Lisa.

“OK, let’s go in this order. Alison first, then Eve, Jackie, Deb, me, Lisa, Sarah, Catherine, Jo, Zoe, Rosie and Tanya. Then round twice more!” said Mel Alison took up her position in front of me to give me the first kick.

“36 kicks in the balls. Wow,” said Rosie. “I put the last slave down with one!” Alison’s boot smacked my balls up into my pelvic bone and almost made me scream in pain. Eve followed up seconds later, then Jackie Deb and so on. It took more than 25 minutes for the girls to deliver their 36 kicks. I’d passed out 5 times and they had to keep stopping to give smelling salts. Not once did they consider letting me off with the rest of the kicks. At one point I passed out, was revived, took one more kick (from Jo) and passed out again. In the end, I faced up to the last kick from Tanya with a great deal of pride. Although I collapsed in a heap as soon as I was untied, I knew that I’d taken some incredible punishment and had got through it. It is impossible to describe the feeling that I experienced as the relentless kicking went on, as it was just incredible pain followed up by incredible pain.

The girls let me lie on the floor for about half an hour after the punishment finished. They stood around smoking and chatting, laughing about me and talking about other punishments that they’d like to try out on me. “I loved what Catherine did to him with the chilies,” said Jackie. “That really brought tears to his eyes. I might have to bring some along to our next class with him!”

Eventually they took the spreader bar off me and ordered me to stand. My balls were swollen and my cock was red and throbbing. My buttocks were well thrashed and burnt, but other than that I was fine!

“That was your first real lesson in female supremacy around here. Showing disrespect earns punishment and you’ll continue to receive it until you realize the importance of respect,” said Mel.

I was escorted back down to my cage by Lisa and Sarah, who once inside, chained my ankles together and then left me lying on the mattress. Naked, chained and beaten.

I was left alone for quite some time and was starting to feel much better. A couple of girls had come and gone, picking up stores and so on, but I’d not been disturbed. When finally I was joined, it was by Debbie and Jackie. It was time for the second class.

The two girls were dressed the same way as they had been earlier and I was very mindful not to stare at their bodies, much as I wanted to. Fortunately it didn’t appear as though Jackie had brought the chilies with her as she’d threatened.

“On your knees in the centre of the room,” Ordered Jackie. The two girls waited for me to roll and crawl across the floor at their feet and then struggle up onto my knees. “The first thing we’re going to do is to go through the work we did earlier. You’ll remember that you performed particularly badly upstairs which resulted in us having to give your balls a good seeing to. Let’s hope that your memory is a little better now,” said Jackie.

I was surprised how well I performed. I took a couple of stinging slaps from Debbie for getting a couple of difficult ones wrong but I escaped any real punishment.

“OK we’re going to go through to the main cellar now where we’ll start your manual training,” said Jackie.

Deb unchained my ankles and I was led, by a choke chain around my neck, out of the cage and further down into the old cellar. I noticed, as we reached the end of the corridor, a large spacious area to my right. As Debbie unlocked a door on the left, I noticed that this area contained a small wooden frame which someone could be bent over and fastened to, to be whipped or caned. There was also a wooden post with a metal ring at the top, as well as some manacles. There were also various chains and ropes strewn around on top of a large wooden table. The table also had attachment points for securing someone. Once the side door was opened I was led through to the main cellar.

“I want you to remember everything you see down here and all the names for things that we tell you. You’ll be tested later. You know the consequences of forgetting,” said Deb.

The girls showed me all the different wines and spirits that the pub sold. Fortunately I was reasonably clued up on this sort of thing and I shouldn’t have much of a problem when they came to test me. I was then led through to a large open area which was pretty cold. It was the “engine room,” of the pub where all the beers and lagers were stored. There were two more girls down here. One I recognized as the one who’d spoke to me in the cage earlier. She was over 6’ tall in her platforms and looked scary. She was however extremely attractive. Alongside her was a curvy redhead with large tits. Both girls had erect nipples in the chilled room and I tried to catch quick glimpses as we walked towards them.

“This is Carly,” said Deb indicating the tall blonde, “And this is Rachel. Along with Jo and Tanya, they run the cellar. You will report directly to the four of them,” she explained.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t our new slave boy,” said Carly.

“He doesn’t look very strong,” said Rachel.

The two girls came up to me and prodded my arms.

“We’ll need to get you in shape boy, if you are going to work down here,” said

Carly. Carly’s erect nipples were inches from my face. I was trying not to look but they were inescapable.

“I hear he’s a bit of a pervert,” said Rachel.

“He is,” said Jackie. “He was taught a harsh lesson upstairs this lunchtime.”

“Oh yeah. What did you do to him?” asked Carly.

“He got a birching, some cock-torture and quite a serious kicking,” said Deb.

“In the balls I hope,” said Rachel.

“Oh yeah!” said Jackie.

“How are you feeling now salve?” asked Carly.

“Not too bad Miss Carly,” I replied.

“Well that can soon change,” she said.

“OK we’ll get on with the next part of the training and then we’ll test him on what he’s absorbed,” said Deb.

I was taken around the cellar area then and introduced to all the different beers and their strengths, where they come from, the size of each keg and so on. It was far too much to take in and I knew I was going to struggle remembering it all. The girls knew this of course.

I was made to kneel in front of Debbie and Jackie as they began to question me. Each incorrect answer would be dealt with by a slap across the face. The first 3 questions all resulted in stinging slaps across my face. The pleasure in this of course was seeing the swinging tits of the girls as they hit me. I could hardly be accused of staring in this instance. Both girls wore tops that showed off their tits and I could almost see Jackie’s nipples as she leaned forward to slap me. After two more slaps the girls realized that I was not going to be able to answer many, if any of the questions correctly.

“This is fucking worse than this morning,” said Jackie. “Stand up,” she ordered. I got to my feet fearing the worst.

“He just doesn’t seem to listen to what we tell him. I think he’s too busy staring at our tits and asses. Dirty pervert,” said Jackie.

“After what we did to him earlier you’d think he’d learn his lesson,” said Deb.

“Fucking idiot perverts never learn their lessons,” said Jackie.

Carly and Rachel came over then and made a suggestion to the girls, which they discussed for a few minutes and then they turned back to me. I was expecting an imminent beating.

“OK we’re going to try something different now. We’re going to give you all the information that you need to learn about this job. You’re going to sit in your cell and learn it, everything. In two days time you are going to know everything there is to know. Every detail. We’re then going to test you with 100 questions. The mark you achieve will determine the severity of your punishment. For every incorrect answer up to ten, you will receive two strokes of the cane. Beyond ten incorrect answers and the punishments will become more and more severe. We’ll test you at let’s say 7pm on Thursday evening, that’s two and a half days from now. You’ll be told of your mark later that evening after the bar has closed. Any punishments due will be administered then. We’ll give you a pencil and paper and you can make notes. The questions will be multiple choice,” explained Debbie.

“That sounds very fair. If he doesn’t do well now he deserves everything he gets,” said Rachel.

“OK girls, we’re done with him for now,” said Jackie. “You might as well make use of him down here.”

“Great, the floor does need scrubbing!” said Rachel.

As Jackie and Debbie left, Rachel and Carly approached me, hands on hips. “We’ve been looking forward to having another slave boy down here for some time now and now that you’re here we’re going to make sure that you’re time down here is not pleasant. Not pleasant at all!” The girls both smiled at me in a knowing way.

“Get down on your belly!” she ordered.

I obeyed instantly, and laid flat on the cold stone floor.

“Kiss my boot,” she shouted at me.

I did. Her platform boot was right in front of my face. I kissed it.

“Keep kissing! Would you like to feel this boot in your bollocks?”

“No Miss Carly.”

“Why ever not? The last slave did. He used to beg me to do it, didn’t he Rachel?”

“All the time!” said Rachel giggling. “Only because you made him!”

“That’s not true! Anyway you made him too!” said Carly laughing. “Do you know how many times the last slave got this boot in his bollocks?”

“No Miss Carly.”

“Every day. Several times. He loved it. I know he used to cry and roll around on the floor, but he loved it. I think you love it too don’t you slave?”

“No Miss Carly.”

“Didn’t you enjoy it when all those sexy girls upstairs kicked your bollocks?”

“No Miss Carly”

“I wish I’d been there. I would’ve loved to see you getting kicked by all the


The girls swapped over and I was ordered to kiss Rachel’s boot.

“Who kicked you the hardest slave?” asked Rachel.

“I think it was either Miss Eve, Miss Alison or Miss Jo,” I replied.

“I kick really hard slave. Would you like to feel how hard I kick?”

“No, thank you Miss Rachel”

“Who was the sexiest girl?” asked Rachel.

I had to think about this one. It could be a trick question.

“They were all sexy Miss Rachel.”

“Ha. Very tactful. Who did you fancy the most? Come on slave tell me. That’s an order,”

“I think maybe Miss Rosie was the sexiest Miss Rachel,” I said

“Would you like Rosie to torture you?” asked Rachel.

I couldn’t figure out where these questions were heading. I was a bit worried about giving the wrong answer.

“Erm, I’m not sure Miss Rachel.”

“Yes or no!”

“Yes, Miss Rachel.”

“What would you like Rosie to do to you?”

“I don’t know Miss Rachel.”

“Would you like her to be really sexy and cruel with you?”

“Yes, Miss Rachel.”

“Interesting,” she said as she moved her boot away. “Now roll over onto your back.”

I obeyed instantly.

Rachel stepped onto my chest and put her hands on her hips. She looked over at Carly who was heading our way. I looked up at her gorgeous body. She was surely aware that I’d be able to see the underside of her bare breasts, just as Alison was and was teasing me. I looked away, even though it was incredibly sexy.

“He’s just told me that he fancies Rosie and that he’d like her to torture him. What a fucking pervert,” said Rachel.

“Well I’m sure she’d be happy to oblige you if you ask her slave!” said Carly laughing.

“I’ll tell you what slave, how about we ask her for you? Call it a favor, although we’ll want a favor in return. Would you like us to do that for you?” asked Rachel.

“I don’t know Miss Rachel.”

Rachel was leaning forwards now, hands on her knees, staring straight in my eyes.

“We’ll ask her anyway,” she said.

“What would you like her to do to you? Tell me. I’ll pass it on,” Asked Rachel

“Just hurt me, Miss Rachel,” I said.

“What? Cane you, kick your nuts, stick a red hot poker up your arse, what?”

“Kick my nuts Miss Rachel.”

“Finally, and what do you think of Eve and Alison, they set you up didn’t they? They’re the reason that you got such a hard time upstairs,” asked Rachel.

“I deserved it Miss Rachel,”

“Yes you did,” she said. “Anyway that’s enough chat, you’ve got some scrubbing to do.”

My wrists were then untied and retied in front of me by Rachel, while Carly shackled my ankles with chain. I was given a bucket and a scrubbing brush and told to scrub the whole cellar floor. The girls would be back later to inspect it. They strutted off, lighting cigarettes as they did so.

Upstairs in the living quarters several of the girls were milling around chatting, smoking and laughing about how much they’d enjoyed torturing me earlier. Eve and Alison were in the kitchen when Rachel and Carly got up there. Both wore only their knickers and high heels.

“The slave just told us that you set him up this morning!” said Carly to the topless duo.

“Did he now?” said Eve, with her hands on her hips.

“He said you were both a couple of fucking bitches and that he’d love to see you both being birched across the tits!”

“No way!” said Ali.

“We got him talking. Rachel sucked his cock while I questioned him. He said all that that I’ve just told you. He thought we were on his side. He’s also got a test on Thursday which unless he scores well is going to mean he gets a right royal beating after work that night. All his stuff is in his cell. Take it and he’s got no chance of passing. Thursday night will be great fun if you do.”

The two girls were fuming.

“Thanks Carly. Where is he now?” asked Eve.

“He’s scrubbing in the main cellar,” said Rachel.

Eve grabbed Alison’s hand and they both ran out of the kitchen and headed for the main cellar via the back staircase.

Rachel and Carly then went to see Rosie. Before they reached the cellar the girls stopped and decided on a plan.

“We need to take him somewhere private where we won’t be disturbed,” said Ali.

“Remember last time when we got him in the cell.”

“Yeah, just as I was about to punch the fuck out of his balls as well!” said Eve.

“I know, what about the garage? No one ever goes in there and no one will hear us. We can take the radios if we need anything,” said Ali.

“Good idea. Quick, let’s get the key and the radios.” The two girls quickly got their things together, put their bras and then headed back down to the cellar.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Carly had broken the news to Rosie about the slave’s perverted fantasies.

“He told us that you had the weakest kick and that they didn’t even hurt him!” said Rachel.

“He also said that out of all the girls you had the smallest tits, but that he’d still like to fuck you!”

“Well if he’d like me to torture him he’s going the right way about it. Where is he now? Said Rosie

“I think you’ll find he’s with Eve and Ali,” said Carly.

I was on my knees scrubbing when I felt someone straddle my back. Suddenly duct tape was wrapped around my mouth. Ali suddenly appeared in front of me so I could guess who was on my back.

My hair was grabbed by Eve and I could feel her breasts against my back as she leaned forward and put her head next to mine.

“Hello slave boy. Are you pleased to see us again?” Ali stood sexily in front of me with her hands on her hips. “We’ve got some unfinished business with you,” she said.

Eve put a choke chain around my neck and started to drag me towards the back door. The shackles on my ankles made it difficult for me to walk. I fell over three times and was struck several times with the riding crop that Eve was wielding. I was dragged through a door at the end of a corridor and out into the open. I was pulled down a small set of concrete steps, giving me several grazes and cuts. Eve simply whipped me until I got back on my feet. Ali ran ahead to open the large double-garage door. I watched in amazement as her tits bounced up and down in her flimsy bra. I was pushed into the large garage and then after Ali had switched the lights on the doors were closed by Eve. She pulled a pack of cigarettes from the front of her knickers and lit. Ali did the same. The two bitchy girls stood in front of me, hands on hips.

“That’s it slave, have a good look at our tits. It’s only making things worse for you,” said Ali

Eve approached me sexily, with her hands on her hips still. “You’ve messed with the wrong girls slave boy. Put you hands behind your head,” she ordered.

I did as I was told. Ali strode around behind me, her tits wobbling gently as she did so. The sound of her heels on the concrete floor was also really erotic. She used the lead from the choke chain to fasten my hands behind my head. Once secured, my shackles were removed and then one end was fastened to a pipe fixture attached to the ceiling and the other to the chain and cuffs behind my head. Even though the shackles were quite long and didn’t stretch me, it meant that I would not be able to bend over or fall to the floor. It was quite ingenious.

“Are you frightened slave?” asked Eve.

I nodded.

“You should be! You’re about to be tortured!” The two girls laughed at my expression of fear. “I must admit I’m tempted to kick the living crap out of you now, and then play with myself as I watch Ali do it. But as we’ve got plenty of time, we’re going to take it slowly.” She ripped the tape from my mouth.

“I think we can dispense with this, at least for the time being,” said Eve. Alison joined Eve right in front of me. Their breasts were just below eye level.

“Tell us what you’re thinking slave,” said Alison.

“I’m frightened Miss Alison.”

“What are you frightened of?”

“What you’re going to do to me Miss Alison?”

“And what do you think we’re going to do to you?”

“Hurt me. Miss Alison.” Alison put her hand in my hair and grabbed a handful, holding it tightly. Tears began to form in my eyes.

“That’s right. We are going to hurt you. We’re going to hurt you badly. And do you know how we’re going to hurt you?”

Lot’s of different ways, Miss Alison.”

“Yes that’s right. Lots of different ways. But when a man is a dirty fucking lying pervert like you, he has to be particularly badly hurt in a certain place. Do you know where that place is?” asked Alison.

“His balls, Miss Alison.”

“That’s right. His balls. Are you looking forward to having your balls hurt?” asked Alison.

“No Miss Alison.”

“That’s a real shame, because we’re looking forward to doing it!” she said.

“All in good time however, because as you said, there are lots of different ways that we can hurt you.”

“First of all, we’re going to whip you,” said Eve as she picked the riding crop up from the workbench. Alison armed herself with a crop also and the two of them took up positions on either side of me. My buttocks were still sore from the birching earlier and the first few strokes that thrashed down caused me to cry out immediately. The girls were really laying in to me, occasionally switching sides to swap backhands and forehands. Eve came around in front of me at one point and grabbed my chin, lifting my head up to meet her gaze. Alison continued to thrash me as Eve smiled at my contorted features. They’d given me about 40 strokes before stopping for another cigarette. They both stood in front of me again.

“Look at us!” ordered Alison. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head up. I stared straight at their tits that bulged inside their lacy bras. They were glistening with beads of sweat. I could see that their nipples were erect.

“I bet you’d love to suck our tits now wouldn’t you slave?” asked Eve.

“No Miss Eve.” She slapped me hard across the face.

“Why not?”

“I’d be punished for it, Miss Eve.”

“So? You like pain don’t you? You like having sexy girls beat you up! Suck my tits and I promise I won’t hurt you too much. Come on, suck them.” She pushed one of her tits right towards my mouth, her fingers poised to pull the bra down to expose her breast, but as I went to suck it her knee slammed up, right into my balls. I doubled over as much as I could, but the shackles and choke chain held me up. I moaned as the terrible aching returned to my groin. It had taken just one blow to bring it all back. I brought my legs together to try to protect myself from another attack.

“Fucking wanker!” shouted Eve. “Do you think I’d let you suck my tits?” The girls finished their cigarettes as I moaned, naked and bound in front of them.

Alison then picked up a long piece of thin blue nylon rope which she’d noticed lying on the floor. She folded it over a couple of times until it was about four feet long. Then she whipped it down onto the floor with a crack. “This’ll be painful,” she said to Eve.

Eve was searching for something to use on me also and managed to find a meter long metal rule, which she whacked down onto the workbench. “So will this!” she said laughing. She wrapped a cloth around the end to stop it hurting her hand as she swung it through the air.

“You do his back and I’ll do his legs,” said Eve excitedly. The two girls took up positions again and began my second whipping. The rope that Alison was using was really, really painful. It was really cutting into my skin as it struck me and I was writhing in my bonds trying to escape its lash. There was no escape though. If I turned I simply got it around my waist or across my chest. The metal rule that Eve used on me was also really cruel. It was a hard sharp stinging blow, which left big red stripes across my legs. Sometimes the rule struck side on and it felt like being beaten with a steel bar. The girls beat me hard and relentlessly, showing no emotion for the fact that I was pleading for mercy. I occasionally looked around at the girls as the beat me. The sight of Alison swinging the cruel makeshift whip was glorious. Her fabulous tits bobbing and swaying uncontrollably as she administered a vicious beating. Eve too was fabulous to look at. Her eyes were focused on her target while mine were focused on her tits as they wobbled sexily.

In the middle of the whipping, Eve took a call on the radio. She stopped beating me and picked up the radio. “Hi Rosie.”

“Hi Eve, do you have the slave with you?” In the background Alison continued to whip me and I cried out in pain again

“What do you think?” laughed Eve.

“I heard that!” said Rosie.

“Look, there are a couple of issues I have with that fucking wanker. Where are you?”

“We’re in the garage, but don’t tell the managers, we haven’t asked them if it’s OK. It’s sort of a private party.”

“OK, I’ll be right down,” said Rosie.

“Oh Rosie,” said Eve “Can you bring a spreader bar?”

“With pleasure! See you in five”

Alison stopped whipping me and moved around in front of me. She grabbed my hair again and lifted my head. I looked once again at her fantastic tits. “I bet you’d like to turn the tables on us wouldn’t you? I bet you’d love to whip my lovely little backside until it was red and striped like yours is. Or maybe you’d like to birch my tits!” she shouted. On the final word she rammed the point of her knee straight into my swollen balls. She grabbed my hair as I tried to double over and pulled me up again.

Eve had joined her now in front of me and the two gorgeous teenagers stared at me with wicked grins. Alison reached down with both hands and lifted my right leg off the ground. Her hands were behind my knee and she pulled my leg so that it was held by her left hip. Only my left leg was now on the ground and stopping me from choking myself with the chain.

Eve bent forward and put her left hand on my chest to support herself as she clenched her right fist. Her eyes focused on my balls as mine did on her tits. She punched my balls hard, with backhand swings. “This….is…for…being….a….fucking…..snitch……..fucking…..wanker!” Each word was accompanied by a punch.

I was begging for mercy. Crying. “No, No, please.”

When Eve finished she stood up only to allow Alison to swing a long leg up straight between my spread legs, her foot slamming into my balls. She released my leg and I started to sob in pain. This situation was worrying. The girls seemed to be doing what they want to me. I wanted to be back in my cell now. Not here with these cruel young vixens. They were so sexy but I needed a break from the pain. The two girls lit up cigarettes and teased me further.

“You’ve got a test on Thursday haven’t you slave?”

“Yes Miss Eve,” I managed to say through the gasps of air.

“You’ll need to perform well won’t you, to avoid severe punishment?”

“Yes Miss Eve.”

“Can you imagine what would happen to you if you got every question wrong?”

“No Miss Eve.”

“Neither can I but when the last slave only got half the questions right he spent the whole of that night going through a list of punishments as long as your arm, with just cigarette breaks between them. When he finally was ordered to crawl back to his cell he was a gibbering fucking wreck. We’d kicked the shit out of him over and over again. I was amazed that he managed to take it without passing out like you did. But you’re fucking big baby aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss Eve.”

At that point the garage door opened and in strutted the sexy Rosie. She closed the door and walked towards us in an incredibly sexy hip swaying way. She was wearing a black bikini and chunky high heeled knee boots. She was also carrying a spreader bar.

Alison whistled and said “Sexy baby!” and then high-fived Rosie, Eve did the same.

I watched again as the breasts of the two girls bobbed around. Alison’s were simply gorgeous. Big and firm and now glistening with sweat.

Alison still held the rope whip which Rosie admired.

“You should have put some knots in it for extra bite!” said Rosie.

“Shit, I should’ve thought of that!” said Alison.

“Anyway, the reason I’ve come down is because I’ve got a few issues with this fucking piece of shit!” said Rosie staring at me.

“Why what’s happened?” asked Eve, hoping it would be serious!

“Well apparently the dirty pervert fancies me and wants to fuck me, he also would like me to torture him, can you believe that? But then he also said that I’ve got small tits and that when I kicked his bollocks earlier, it didn’t hurt him!! What a fucking wanker!”

“I never said that Miss Rosie?”

“Did I give you permission to speak? Did I give you fucking permission?” shouted Rosie, staring at me with her hands on her hips.

“No Miss Rosie.”

“No Miss Rosie,” she said mockingly. “By the time I’ve finished with you, you’ll know what a hard kick in the bollocks is! Spread you legs!”

“Let’s get this on him,” said Alison, as she took the spreader bar from Rosie. The two girls fitted the bar between my ankles, holding my legs wide apart. Rosie still stood, hands on hip in front of me. She was so pretty and so sexy I really felt aroused.

“OK slave, tell me if this hurts!” said Rosie as she stepped forward and buried her heavy boot right in my nuts. It was a vicious kick and I moaned in agony. As she walked around behind me she said,” Was that hard enough for you? Eh slave? How about this, does this hurt?” and with that comment she drove her boot into by balls from behind. She then strutted around in front of me, hands on hips again.

“You wanted torture slave, how’s this for torture?” Then she stepped forward and kicked my naked balls once again. She strutted around behind me once more. “Are these hard enough for you?” she asked giggling sarcastically. She gave me three sharp kicks then. Right boot, left boot, right boot until I was screaming for her to stop.

“He’s really enjoying this!” said Eve. Both she and Alison stood watching from the front as Rosie’s boot knocked my balls all over the place. As Rosie strode around to join them at the front I was sobbing in pain and desperation.

“Please Miss Rosie, please stop, please!” I begged.

Rosie grabbed my hair and stared straight in to my face. “I thought you wanted me to torture you? You did, didn’t you?”

“Yes Miss Rosie.”

“OK.” Rosie picked one of the riding crops up from the floor and moved around behind me. She then began to beat my buttocks with all her might. Vicious slashing strokes that had me gasping with pain. After about a dozen hard strokes she threw the crop down and picked up the metal rule, which she continued to use on my thrashed buttocks. After about a dozen with that she threw it down and booted me once again between the legs from behind. Then as she came around in front of me again, sweating after the exertion, she grabbed my hair and kneed me in the balls. She stepped back and gave me another vicious kick between the legs. Then stepping back again, she put her hands on her hips.

“Are they hurting now slave?” she asked.

“Yes Miss Rosie.”

“Would you like some more?”

“No please Miss Rosie, Please no more, I can’t take any more.”

“You’ll take what we decide to give you slave,” she hissed.

I was really struggling. Immense pain blazed around my groin and abdomen. The three girls then lit a cigarette each while discussing what to do with me next. Suddenly there was a call from Lisa on the radio. “Will all available girls report immediately to the office. We’ve caught a prowler and it’s non-other than our old slave come back looking for his wallet! Quickly please!”

“Come on girls, this could be fun!” said Eve.

Alison gagged me with duct tape and said, “We’ll be back for you later!” before running after the others, tits jiggling superbly. They ran up the external staircase and found Mel, Lisa, Sarah, and Jo with the old slave. Jo was kneeling on his shoulders and had his hands pinned down against the floor. The other girls were busy pulling down his trousers and pants. The slave was struggling as the girls stripped him, but they were far too strong for him.

“Gag him,” shouted Jo to the three girls as they entered the office. Quickly Rosie grabbed some duct tape as Alison held his mouth closed. Rosie got a big strip and stuck it over his mouth. Meanwhile Lisa pulled his pants off so that he was completely naked from the waist down. Sarah then began chaining his ankles together. Alison and Jo then grabbed an arm each as Eve ripped off his t-shirt. Then they rolled him onto his front and handcuffed his arms behind his back. Once this was done, they all stood up and looked down at the struggling man.

“What was he doing here?” asked Rosie.

“He’d come back for his wallet,” said Lisa.

“I think he just misses us!” said Jo.

“Yeah, he misses having his nuts kicked!” said Alison.

“Well this should certainly be fun girls. Two slaves,” said Mel.

“They can watch each other being tortured. That should be fun for them,” said Jo.

“We can have competitions to see who can take the most punishment,” said Sarah.

“OK, let’s get this one strung up first,” said Mel. The girls stood the slave up and hooked his wrists to a chain that was attached to the light fitting. “Well me, Sarah and Lisa have got to interview some new girls now, so we’ll leave you lot to it,” said Mel and the three beauties left the office.

“Jo, we’ve got to go too,” said Eve. “We’ve got a few things to sort out!”

“That’s fine,” said Jo. “I can catch up on old times with slave boy here! Besides, I think the manageress’ will want to bring the new girls up to meet him. It’s always good to see new girls in action. They have a sort of naïveté that’s quite sweet. I’m sure the manageress’ will want to see what they’re capable of.”

The slave struggled in his bonds and moaned something through the gag.

“Don’t worry slave,” said Jo “New girls are never really cruel to start with!” Eve, Rosie and Ali all laughed as they left and went back down the external staircase to the garage. My mouth dried as I heard them approaching. The sound of their heels on the concrete outside made me shiver with anticipation. I’d had a slight chance to recover after the beating they’d given me, but I was still in a great deal of pain.

“Hello again slave. Did you think we’d forgotten about you?” said Alison. “You might be pleased to know slave, that we’ve just been reacquainting ourselves with our old slave who was foolish enough to come back and try to steal some money. Well we’ve just strung him up in the office, where he’ll soon be on the receiving end of a good hiding from 3 novice girls. So it will mean that you won’t be the only one with bruised balls around here. If that makes you feel any better,” said Eve.

It didn’t. Although it might take the pressure off me a bit.

“Talking of bruised balls…,” said Rosie “…I think this one needs his bruising a bit more girls”

“I think you’re right,” said Eve.

“Definitely!” said Alison.

“What do you think slave?” asked Rosie as she ripped the duct tape from my mouth.

“Have mercy Miss Rosie. Please have mercy. I’m really suffering!” I pleaded. Rosie raised her knee and pressed it into my swollen balls. I moaned as she pressed by balls up into my pelvic bone. I was gasping and making high-pitched squeals of pain as Rosie squashed my balls.

“Did I kick you hard earlier slave?”

“Yes Miss Rosie.”

“Did I really, really hurt you?”

“Yes Miss Rosie.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“No Miss Rosie.”

“No? Why not? Don’t you like having your bollocks kicked?”

“Yes Miss Rosie, but you kicked me too hard!”

“Too hard? It’s not a fucking holiday camp. You take what you’re given and you’ll enjoy it!” You need to change your attitude slave. Now I want you to tell us how much you enjoy being kicked in the bollocks! Say it!”

“I enjoy being kicked in the bollocks,” I said.

Rosie slapped me across the face.

“Miss Rosie,” I added.

“Now say “It really turns me on when I’m kicked in the bollocks by girls.”

“It really turns me on when I’m kicked in the bollocks by girls, Miss Rosie”

“Now tell us how much you’d like it if we all kicked you in the bollocks now!” said Rosie.

“I’d really like it if you all kicked me in the bollocks now!” I said.

“Tell us that you’d like it done hard slave,” said Alison.

“I’d like it done hard Miss Alison,” I said.

“I think we can manage that slave!” said Eve.

“Right who’s going to go first? Slave you decide who you’d like to kick you first,” said Rosie.

“Erm Miss Alison,” I said.

“OK Ali, smash ‘em,” said Rosie.

“Go girl,” said Eve.

Up in the office, Jo and the old slave heard the three load cries that the girls’ kicks caused. A few minutes later Jo watched as I was led, doubled over, from the garage and dragged back to the cellar by Eve, Rosie and Alison. Lisa, Sarah and Mel arrived moments later with the three new girls. She introduced the girls as Beth, Adele and Kelly. Beth and Adele were both over 5’10” and in their heels they were over 6’ tall. Kelly was smaller but had a really curvy sexy body, similar to Debbie’s. All three girls had big firm young tits.

“Lisa, can you and Sarah tie his hands above his head and spread his legs please. Just use rope and pull them apart,” said Mel. The three new girls were staring, fascinated at the slaves treatment.

“OK girls, one of the first things we like to do when we get new girls on board is to get them involved as soon as possible. Now I know you’re all aware of what we do here but it helps to see a bit of real action and get involved early on, don’t you think?”

“Definitely,” the girls all replied.

“Firstly we’ll give you a little demo of how you’ll be expected to treat a slave.”

“Take it away girls,” said Mel. Sarah and Lisa, who were both armed with canes, started to lay vicious strokes across his buttocks. They were really ripping in to him as hard as they could. After twelve hard strokes, they grabbed the ropes that were tied to the slave’s ankles and yanked his legs apart. Jo, who was stood in front of the slave, with her hands on her hips, then strode forward and booted the slaves dangling testicles really hard.

“Wow,” said Beth.

“Ouch,” said Adele. Kelly simply laughed out loud. The slave did a sort of little jig on the spot making high pitched squeals, as Sarah and Lisa let go of the ropes. The girls gave him another twelve strokes then, as hard as before that had the slave swinging by his wrists, howling through the gag. They then grabbed the ropes again and pulled his legs apart once more. The slave was shaking his head and moaning. Jo, let him think about what was coming for a moment before giving him another solid kick to his nuts. The slave howled in pain again, but this time the ropes were held firmly and his legs were kept wide apart.

Mel walked forwards and grabbed the slave’s balls as she spoke to the girls. “As you can see girls, the balls are an easy target and we use this method regularly to punish the slaves. Oh and don’t worry about him, he’s taken a lot more than this in the past.” Mel squeezed his balls hard, causing the slave to scream. “They’re resilient little things too. They always come back down for more, no matter how far up they’re kicked, eh slave?” asked Mel. She let go of his balls then but only to allow Jo access.

This time she put her hands on the slave’s shoulders and stared into his eyes. “You know what you’re going to get don’t you?” she said, before kneeing him hard. Sarah and Lisa let go of the ropes and the slave immediately brought his legs together, making high pitched squeals again. Sarah, Lisa Mel and Jo then came over to the new girls and they all lit up cigarettes.

“I’ve never seen a man kicked so hard in the bollocks before, even in the movies!” said Beth. “And they’re bare too!”

“You say he’s taken a lot more than that before Mel. Has he really?” asked Adele.

“Oh yeah, many times. It’s obviously really painful for him, but he soon recovers. It’s when we give it to him over a long period that he really suffers. When we don’t give him a break. Then they really swell up and any contact is agony for him. He would do anything, anything to avoid a kick then!”

“So do you give him some more then?” asked Kelly.

“Usually! We tease him. Make him ask for more, stuff like that. We can really frighten him in those situations. Like asking him to fetch the nutcracker and stuff,” said Mel matter-of-factly. Kelly was giggling at this.

“What’s the worst you’ve done to him?” asked Beth.

“That’s a difficult one. We aim to really hurt him every time we punish him but I suppose there was one time after the bar had closed on a Friday night, we close at the weekend you see, that we decided to have a bit of a party. We’d all got quite pissed and we brought the slave up from the cellar to give him a good hiding, I suppose we got a bit carried away and we ended up torturing him until about 7 o’clock the next morning. Every girl wanted a piece of him and there were about 18 of us. Everyone was coming up with ideas for punishments and we did all sorts to him. His balls took the worst of it of course. We put him in every imaginable position to punish his balls. We trampled him, whipped him, you name it. It was great fun. We’d make him ask for specific girls to do specific things to him. Mind you, he did get to see plenty of tits that night. We were that pissed we didn’t care,” said Mel.

“I guess he was in too much pain to notice any way,” said Adele. “Oh they always notice,” said Lisa. “One thing that’s incredible is that even while you’re giving them a good hiding, they’ll still be trying to stare at your tits.”

“One lesson that you need to teach them early on is that seeing a girls tits means feeling pain. Even if they stare at your chest when you’ve got a top on, it has to be punished. If they ever see your tits bare then you simply must make sure that they really get punished hard between the legs. Really hard!” said Sarah.

“I suppose you could tease them into having a look. Tempt them and then punish them for looking,” said Adele.

“That’s exactly what we do!” said Mel. “If they’re feeling bold they’ll look and then have to take a severe kicking. It depends how much pain they’re in at the time.”

“Do you think he’d look now if I got mine out?” asked Beth.

“Definitely!” the girls all said together.

“And then I’d have to kick him right?” asked Beth.

“Yes,” said Sarah.

“Let’s make this an induction for the girls shall we?” said Mel.

“They each make the slave look at their tits and then kick his balls up into his throat. He has to realize that he can’t take the piss because you’re new here. He needs to know that looking at tits equals pain!” The new girls thought this idea was great. The slave, who was listening to all of this, was getting excited too, as his cock began to stiffen.

“Beth would you like to go first?” asked Mel.


“Tease him first Beth, get him interested,” said Mel.

Lisa and Sarah grabbed the ropes and pulled the slaves legs apart again. Then Beth, who was wearing a blouse, bra, mini-skirt and knee boots stepped forward in front of the slave. Slowly she undid the front of her blouse in a really sexy fashion before letting it slip down her arms onto the floor. The slave was staring straight at her tits as they bulged from her black lacy bra. Then she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and removed it allowing her fabulous tits to swing free.

“Have a good look slave! You’re gonna have tears in your eyes any second!” Then without hesitating she stepped forward and kicked the hapless slave right in the balls. Her tits swung around as she did so and even the slave didn’t see as his eyes were tightly closed as the pain shot through him.

“Great kick Beth,” said Sarah encouragingly.

“Nice one Beth,” said Lisa. She slipped her blouse back on, not bothering with the bra or to button it up.

“How was that?” asked Mel.

“Fucking great!” said Beth. “I think I really got him good”

“OK Adele, you go next,” said Mel. Adele stepped forward and looked the slave straight in the eye. As she undid her tight little black bolero top it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She then put her hands behind her head opening the top out to reveal a fantastic pair of tits. The slave couldn’t help but stare.

“That’s enough,” said Adele as she buttoned up her top again. “I hope it was worth the look,” she said as she ran forward and kicked the slave between his widely spread legs. The slave tried to close his legs but it was impossible.

“Nice kick Adele,” said Mel.

“That hurt him good!” said Sarah.

“I really, really enjoyed that,” said Adele.

Kelly was up next. She was wearing a bikini top, and miniskirt as well as high-heeled platform shoes. She whipped her top off straight away and pranced around. “Come on slave, look at ‘em,” she said to him. Then she put her hands behind her head and shook her tits around sexily.

“You know what you get for this though, don’t you eh? Yeah… a fucking good hard kick in the bollocks!” Then she ran at the slave and really let fly with a vicious kick that nearly lifted him off his feet. As he cried out in agony and looked down to the floor, Kelly crouched and looked straight in his face. “That’s what you get for looking at a girl’s tits, fucker,” she hissed. She stood up and then strode back to the others.

“Excellent,” said Mel. “I think you all did really well for a first time. I’m sure the slave thinks so too. He’s not had his balls kicked like that for a while!” she added. “Now at this point you have to remember that he is a worthless piece of shit. Yes, you’ve hurt him, quite badly but he should never be let off that easily. In a few minutes he’ll have recovered and will be thinking of your tits for the rest of the week. Now we need to make sure that he remembers what happens when he sees tits. I want you to all kick him again. I also want you to knee him and then squeeze his balls OK?”

After being dragged back into the cellar, I was lying prone at the feet of Alison, Rosie and Eve. My balls were really bruised after I’d been really booted by the three of them. My wrists were handcuffed behind my back and I was shackled again.

“Kiss my boots and thank me for kicking your bollocks!” ordered Rosie.

I kissed them and said “Thank you for kicking my bollocks Miss Rosie.”

“Now thank Eve and Alison.”

“Thank you Miss Eve and Miss Alison for kicking my bollocks”

“I think Rachel and Carly are going to wonder why the floors not been scrubbed aren’t they?” said Eve.

“Yes Miss Eve.”

“What are you going to tell them?” she asked.

“I don’t know Miss Eve.”

“Do you know what they’ll do to you for not doing as you’re told?” asked Alison.

“No Miss Alison.”

…the answer will come soon…


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