Tuesday, October 16, 2007


By mrballs

Last night I was driving off in my car looking for a good blowjob at a moderate price. There were a lot of hot looking girls I've never seen before. My eyes ran over beautiful legs, my thoughts were about what those legs are capable to do in a self defense scenario... if pointed straight hard into the balls. I was continuously repeating in my mind this cool English expression - "Crush the attacker’s balls! Crush! Crush!” In Italian it doesn't sound as good!

I saw a beautiful blonde girl, but dressed in a normal way, jeans and black leather jacket. I stopped my car and asked for the price, while my eyes were staring at her body...I noted that she had good legs and well shaped flanks, was about 170 cm tall and 60/62 kg of weight, so she wasn't very slim but had a hard body. I noted a vague resemblance with Kim Basinger and she had what I was looking for: a great mouth, beautiful lips. Anyway I turned my car and took another turn around.

After a minute or two I returned and asked, "Where?"

She replied, "In the car!"

MrBalls: "Come on!" She entered my car.

MrBalls: "What is your name?"

She: "Angela." I drove to a nearby deserted parking lot while I was thinking of the pleasure she was to give me!

MrBalls: "Where are you from?"

Angela: "Bulgaria." I stopped the car.

MrBalls: "How old are you?"

Angela: "What do you think about it?"

MrBalls: "Twenty!" (lie!)

Angela: "ahahhaha...I am 24! And you?"

MrBalls: "I am 29!"

Angela: "No, it is not possible you look younger...a teenager! Turn the light on!" She observed my face, with an incredulous expression on her face.

MrBalls: "Thank you!"

I paid her; touched her big (!) hard tits and then I put my pants down and exposed my small cock and my vulnerable balls to her, while she put the condom on it. She was clever and after a moment I was enjoying her mouth on my cock. Angela then said something about her ability to do a man, to make a cock hard and to finish it into her vagina.

Okay, my hands were on her hot legs and ass while my cock was only at its 70% of erection, when I decided to ask her the QUESTION.....my obsessive QUESTION...

MrBalls: "Go only with the hand...can I ask a question to you?"

Angela: "Ok...Do you want to touch my naked tits?" (She had her dress on)

MrBalls: "No, no...I want only to talk about it...have you ever kicked a man in the balls?"

Angela: "No." (Damn, I knew it!!)

MrBalls: "I mean have you ever kicked a man in the balls for self defense?"

Angela: "Yes! Some time ago!" She continued to massage my cock...

MrBalls: "What? Tell me about it! I like it!" (frozen)

Angela: "I am good until a certain point! This guy, there were two guys, was about to stole my bag...I wasn't working yet and I keep the money into the car, so I kicked him in the balls with my boots, now he is probably in HOSPITAL carried by his friend!"

My cock soon reached the maximum of is dilatation, still in her right hand! She showed me her right boot: Black, 9 cm heel, with a large heel and flat point. I couldn't resist this female any more. I was immediately about to cum. I felt the sperm was reaching my glans, just before the explosion.

MrBalls: "I am coming! Put it in your mouth!” She did it and I came with long wet pulsations in her sweet mouth!!!!

I soon felt empty with my soul overpowered by her femininity. How is it possible? How can it be that a weak woman can really "CRUSH" the testicles of a stupid male? How can those beautiful eyes aim at his crotch, without fear, simply "go for the nuts" and completely humiliate a much stronger male?

She had completely disabled him using her lovely feet, knowing that her "1/2 kg boot", she said to me, was more than sufficient to DESTROY a male. She knew it; she wanted it.

And, after an hour or two, she completely disabled my balls giving me the maximum of pleasure, with extremely sweetness!

The contrast is too strong for me. I've always the same reaction when a girl tells a similar story to me.

After a moment she was about to leave and I asked for some details and she insisted on the hospitalization. I'll surely return to her to know how was the attacker like, if he was bigger, etc.

She left my car and went to her post by feet. I put my pants on and passed along watching her great looking ass.

If it is all fictitious? Is it possible she invented this story for me? I don't think so because she had no time to construct the situation, she gave me the details with a calm speaking. I am sure this story is true! (I've collected a least a dozen similar stories from whores...) But when I'll return to her, searching for more details, I could verify it with well done questions.

I turned home, washed my groin, entered the bed and masturbated again! I felt asleep very late last night...

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