Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Bouncer

by MsBoots69

I was broke and running out of gas and had no place to go as I pulled into this small Texas town and parked my car and looked for a place to get a cup of coffee. I took the last 20 bucks out of the ATM and found a little cafe and went in to rest awhile.

I was reading the local paper and when I got to the classifieds I saw an ad that called for a bouncer for a local night spot. The ad said a position was available for a man who could handle any situation and had brass balls for the occasionally unwanted situation which meant it was probably a dive and I would earn every penny, but I needed the money and the ad said it paid 200 bucks cash nightly!!!!!!!! I served six years in the army and knew I could take care of myself so off I went to clean up and go for this job.

I got to "The Hot Spot" and asked for the manager and after a lengthy talk, got the job. I started at 7 pm and was supposed to work until 3 am and then I would get paid.

The place was dead quiet??? The couples were just sitting around talking, slow dancing and the place was deader than a nursing home?? Around 1130 pm all the guys were slowly leaving and nothing but girls were arriving... and I mean knockouts, all dressed with bells on, each trying to out dress the other. By 1 am there were no men at all but about 200 of the hottest woman I have ever seen.

Then BB showed up!!!!!!!!!!! The owner of the club. After saying her hellos she finally walked up to me and introduced herself. She was a babe. She towered above me with those 6 inch heeled platform boots that went all the way up to just below her crotch and was wearing a leather bikini bottom with a matching leather vest and gloves!!! I am 6'2" and I was looking into her chin because of those boots!!

She handed me a drink and grabbed one herself and toasted to me, “Welcome to my club,” and we both downed the drinks and as she walked away her ass was driving my sexual drive to the limits, By the time I turned around to check on the dance floor... the room started spinning faster and faster... the girls were all becoming blurry... my eyes were slowly shutting closed... and my legs turned to Jell-O... damn, the drink... the bitch!!!!!!!!!

When I woke up I was feeling really queasy and was not sure where I was but I straightened out quickly when I realized I was tied up spread eagle to this machine that would turn me any which way possible!!!!

Then I saw BB!!! She was laying on a throne-like Cleopatra type couch with all these girls rubbing her boots and arms and shoulders as she was sipping on a drink and said, "Welcome back" and told one of the girls to welcome me back properly and the girl got up on her red pumps and brushed off her red spandex dress and slowly walked up to me and put her arms on my shoulders and kneed me as hard as she could right in my balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I could do was cough and choke back the pain because this damn machine would not let me move at all!!!!!!

All I heard was giggling from all of these girls and BB asked, “Who is next??”

Well the next girl was wearing cowboy boots with a big cowboy hat with skintight jeans and a skin tight white tank top walked up and kicked the toe of her boots into both balls at once, I thought I was going to pass out! But all I saw next was a white platform sandal with a seven inch heel and a three inch toe slamming into my nuts!!!!!!!! It would have hurt less with a 2x4, but I still was awake!!

The next girl turned the machine so I was upside down with my legs spread and balled up both fist and raised them over her head and down they came catching only my right ball but it felt on fire!!!!

Next two blondes walked up and they turned me right side up again and one stood in front of me wearing a loose pink dress with low pink heeled shoes but she had to be 6'4" tall and her girlfriend walked behind me and was much shorter but had on blue ankle boots with a rounded toe and was wearing a blue lacy skirt and dress combo. Well, the Amazon stepped back with her right leg and rammed her knee into my burning balls and before I felt the full effect the other blonde kicked me from behind in those blue boots and all I could do was glance down and see the top of her booted foot crash into both balls and the rounded toe catch my dick at the same time!!!!!!!

After three rounds of this they laughed their ass off and walked off watching me finally vomit but I was still awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were applauded for their efforts but BB just sat there smiling and enjoying the show!!

The next girl turned me on my side with the machine and did three super-hard roundhouse kicks with the back of her black pump and spiked heels hitting me square on my dick and balls, she had on a short loose black skirt and when she kicked it flew back showing that was all she had on!! Normally that would make me explode in my pants but under the circumstances all I could do now was pray the indescribable pain I had in my crotch would let off!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally BB must have seen enough because she rose from the couch and slowly walked around me strapped to that machine and when she got back in front of me she stopped and put her hands on her hips and ripped off the fastest, hardest snap kick that felt the full force of her platformed pointy toed boot!!!!!

I really was fading out now but I was out of vomit and the pain now spread into my entire stomach and I was almost to the point of begging for someone to castrate me to stop this fire in my balls!!!!

BB nodded to a girl and she walked up and stuck a smelling salt under my nose and I jerked awake!!! She then lowered the machine so I was flat on the floor and walked up and just put her tall spiked heel against my balls and I screamed even louder!!!!!!!!!

She then started to twist and grind that spike into my crotch causing me to pass out only to be awakened by the salts again... then she stomped her boot into my balls over and over, not caring if her heel or bottom of her boots were crushing my balls just as long as something was....She then raised me up on the machine and put a envelope in my pocket and thanked me for being a really good bouncer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She then rammed her knee into my nutsack over and over until I finally passed out from the burning pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up in Arkansas in the backseat of my car with an envelope stuffed into the zipper of my jeans. Inside it was $200 cash and a picture of those thigh high boots with a red lipsticked kiss on the bottom of the photo and a note on the back to remember the Hot Spot!!!!!!!!!!!

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