Friday, October 12, 2007

The ATM Robber

By luigi77

Rob was a predator plain and simple. He had bullied his way through most of his high school years, before dropping out half way through his senior year. Without much thought about careers, he drifted from job to job. Selling drugs and stealing to get by.

Tonight he was watching an ATM from a nearby alley, smoking his last few cigarettes and building up his nerve to rob his next victim. Rob had a long hunting knife to threaten his mark, planning a quick grab and run operation.

Cici was heading home from her women’s self defense class at the karate club. She was in a hurry and not thinking about the wisdom of taking a short cut through the block. Rob sprang out of the doorway of the abandoned building brandishing his hunting knife, and was in her face before she knew he was even there.

“Gimme the money, bitch,” he said in a low menacing voice, roughly grabbing her arm to keep her from running. Cici was too surprised to do more than look up at his ugly unshaven face. Rob swung her roughly down the three steps into the doorway he had been occupying.

She bounced off the door, and quickly held up her backpack to offer him her cash and as a barrier between them. “Here take the money,” she cried.

Rob grabbed her backpack and began to eyeball her body. At 5’2,” she couldn’t be more than 105 pounds soaking wet. And she was wet, still in her workout sweats from teaching her class. He could see the outline of her thin firm legs, her nipples were clearly outlined through her tight workout shirt. “Those had to be at least C cup, maybe D,” he thought to himself. “Why stop with just taking her cash?”

Rob stepped forward and drove the bottom of his foot into the door Cici was backed up against. The door shook but held, two more stomps with his boot, and it swung into an empty room. Cici tried to get past him, but a 6’2,” and 235 pounds, his arm weighed more than both of hers. She was roughly thrown into the building as he closed the door behind them.

“Strip honey, we’re gonna have us some fun,” he announced pointing the knife at her and moving forward. Cici was shaking, and trying to think of a way to stall him. She needed time to think her way out of this situation. “I said strip bitch! Or, I‘ll cut your clothes off.”

“OK, please don’t hurt me, I’ll do it,” was all she could say. Pulling her blouse over her head, her exercise bra was nearly see-through with the light coming in from the window behind her. She stepped out of her cross trainer shoes, and dropped her sweat pants, revealing a toned pair of legs, and a perfect ass. Cici was in great shape!

Rob couldn’t believe his luck, he was gonna enjoy this. As she removed her panties and bra, Rob put the knife in his leather jacket and dropped it to the floor. He opened his zipper releasing his engorged 10 inch cock. Playing with himself and closing the distance between them he loosened his pants and pulled out some of the biggest balls Cici had ever seen.

Grabbing her by her shoulders, Rob moved her backwards towards a table in the middles of the room. With his pants falling from his waist, he took short choppy steps. He lifted her off the floor and sat her on the edge of the wooden table, roughly grabbing both of her breasts moaning “Oh yeah, baby. You’re gonna like what I have for you.”

Squeezing her tits, he began to kiss the side of her face, biting her neck and working his way down to her chest. Cici was overcome by the stench, he smelled of tobacco and liquor. He obviously needed a bath, and he hadn’t shaved in days. His rough beard felt like sandpaper on her bare chest.

As he was sucking and nibbling her nipples using both hands to lift and squeeze her large firm breasts, he began to rub his hard cock against her thigh. Cici slowly moved her hands down towards her knees, waiting to have clear access to those balls of his. Rob rocked forward and back rubbing himself on her firm naked thigh, as his pants dropped below his knees.

On the next thrust forward, his balls were well within Cici’s reach. She scooped one nut in each hand and wrapped her fingers completely around both of his orbs. Rob hadn’t expected this, but was enjoying the feel of a woman’s hands on his manhood. “Oh yeah, you know you want it,” he was leaning his chest back to thrust his hips forward, when a startled look came to his face. “What the fu…?”

Cici was in great shape. Her forearms were as solid as a board, as she bore down on his trapped nuts with both of her clawed hands. Her fingers were buried deep into his flesh, as his man meat squished out between them and tried to escape the pressure. Cici gritted her teeth and squeezed harder, making sure they wouldn’t slip free of her grasp.

Rob’s mouth opened but no sound came out. His eyes were open wide, but he was having trouble focusing on anything other than the pain registering from his groin. Cici pulled up and began to twist her fists left and right, bringing him up onto his toes.

She looked down at her handiwork, and saw the tremendous amount of nut meat. He had huge balls! Noticing the large bubbles of meat protruding near her thumbs, she brought her fists together grinding his balls against themselves.

Rob’s legs began to shake. He let out a quiet whimper but was unable to move for fear of increasing the pressure on his trapped nuts. He tried to focus on her face, afraid to look down at his groin. She had a determined willful look on her face, as she gritted her teeth and continued to grind away with her fingers. Rob couldn’t focus on her face, tears were forming and he was beginning to get tunnel vision. Black shadows were creeping in from all sides, and his legs were wobbling. “My balls are on fire,” was his last thought.

Cici saw him going down, but couldn’t release her grip in time. She was dragged off the table and landed on top of him as he hit the floor. He lay on his back while she still squeezed and pulled on his nuts, making sure he was out cold. When he failed to move or speak after a particularly strong twist, she figured it was safe to let go.

Her forearms hurt, and her fingers were numb when she finally pried her hands open. Thinking first about running home or to the police, she remembered that she was naked except for her socks. Looking around the room for the first time, she saw a roll of duct tape on the table and smiled.

It wasn’t too old, and there was plenty left on the roll to tie his hands together behind his back. She then removed his jeans, and decided to immobilize his legs while she was at it. Pulling his feet up behind him, she taped each of his ankles to his wrists behind his back. When she was confident he wasn’t going to be able to get loose, she realized his legs were spread dangerously wide.

“I’ll bet I’m not the first woman you’ve attacked,” she sneered at his unconscious body. “But I’ll make sure I’m the last girl you try to rape.” Stepping between his knees she pulled back her right leg and kicked her foot into his right nut. Having several years of training, Cici knew not to use her toes, but rather lifted them and struck with the bottom of her foot.

It felt great to drive her foot deep into his groin, so she repeated her strike. Right foot, right testicle, again and again. A hollow slapping sound filled the room every time she kicked. After 20 kicks, she knelt down to examine his sack. His nuts were huge, and now the right ball was easily twice the size of the left. While she was examining his ball sac, she held the right nut in her open palm, and drove her fist down hard on top. His right ball was bigger than her whole fist! Time and again she punched his exposed right nut, feeling strong and righteous about hurting his manhood.

Rob began to moan as she pounded his ball. Cici let go and placed both arms across his stomach leaning forward to look into his face. “Wake up sleepy head you don’t want to miss out on the fun, do you?” Cici straightened out her left leg, and began to drive her knee between his legs, pounding his balls in a rhythmic fashion. Her knee trapped both balls between is thighs, flattening both nuts with every strike.

He moaned louder as he was regaining consciousness. “Good to have you back in the land of the living,” she teased, still driving her knee into his nuts. He tried to focus, her face was unfamiliar, and her tits jiggled with ever knee she slammed into his groin. He was confused.

“Who is she? What‘s she doing to my balls? My balls!!” Rob tried to scream but couldn’t form words; his mind was filled with pain. “Can’t move. My balls are on fire. She’s ruining me, NO!!”

Cici stopped to come close to his face, “What’s the matter? Is the little girl hurting you? How‘re they hanging stud!” She stood and placed her foot on his groin, grinding it down as if putting out a cigarette butt. She then began to lift her leg and stomp his balls with the bottom of her foot, pounding his defenseless nuts, and stopping to feel them squish between her toes.

Rob let out a high pitched squeal as his balls were being flattened under her foot. He was beginning to panic for the first time. Unable to get off his back, and with no way to stop her relentless assault he began to beg, “please no, don’t hurt me.”

Cici laughed and ground his meat into his crotch. “Take it like a man,” she taunted him. “This is what all rapists deserve.”

Rob began to weep, caught in his own trap by a tiny, beautiful, naked woman. How could this happen to him?

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