Thursday, September 13, 2007

Avril’s Road Games

By dbud

It was almost two AM and the group was all wired from pot and alcohol. Avril Lavigne was stretched over a large captain’s chair. She was on her tour bus along with about 15 of her dancers and hangers on. She was trying to remember what city they were going to, but was too high to think straight.

Avril was wearing what she always wore, jeans, cut off just below the knee, a wife beater T-shirt and old school sneakers. Her hair was long and straight and she had on too much dark mascara around both eyes. Looking around the bus, she was bored, and decided to get the party roaring again.

“Okay, okay,” Avril announced as she stood up, “I’m bored and I want to play a game.” Several of the girls perked up; they knew what kinds of games Avril liked to play. Several of the guys moaned too, they also knew first hand. Avril’s favorite pastime was kicking guys in the nuts. Every guy on her staff had been sneak-attacked, kicked in the balls when they weren’t expecting it. She also liked playing games where she would make the guys stand up while she did it. The last guy to refuse was kicked off the tour. Since they all needed the money, most of the guys knew they had no choice.

Avril stood up in the middle of the moving tour bus and scanned the group of grinning girls and sour faced boys.

“Who’s first?” Avril wondered out loud. “ Hooow abooout…Brian!” Avril suddenly spun and pointed at a lean, 19-year-old dancer sitting to her left.

“Aww geez, Av, do I gotta?” he asked pouting, but he already knew the answer and stood up.

“C’mon Brian, front and center.” Brian complied reluctantly; looking around the bus, hoping someone would speak up to help him. He knew no one would. The girls wanted to watch and the guys didn’t want to be next. Brian stepped up; his right hand was cupping his crotch, shifting his package in his jeans.

“So, how longs it been Brian? Since the last time I racked you I mean?” Avril asked.

“Dunno, two weeks maybe.”

“That long? Good. That means your due for a good pounding.” Several of the girls laughed out loud at Brian, mockingly making noises and giggling.

“C’mon Brian, assume the position, spread those knees.”

Brian slowly complied, bending his knees to drop his hips and pointing them slightly outward to open up his crotch. He also pulled his hips forward, but realized quickly that she wasn’t falling for it

“Uh, uh, Brian. You know that’s not allowed.” By moving his hips forward, he pulled his ball sack forward too making it harder to kick. In response, Brian leaned forward slightly and pushed his hips back a few inches. He could feel his scrotum hang straight down in his loose jeans. He squinted his eyes, as he knew his balls were going to make prime targets for the little pop star.

Without anymore warning and before Brian was really ready, Avril rushed forward, taking several large steps. On the third she swung her right foot up and out in front of her at full extension. The kick was as hard as she could make it and the top of her foot caught Brian right between his legs and below his pelvis. Her foot connected with his balls and drove them up into his torso, crunching them harshly.

AHHHHHHHH, OH SHIT!!!” he screamed and clutched his manhood as he fell to the floor and immediately curled into a fetal position. Tears were flowing freely down his cheeks and he was holding his nuts with both hands and rocking back and forth. Avril may have been small, but she knew what she was doing. She had been practicing ball-busting guys for years and was dead on when she kicked a guy.

“OH YEAH! That’s how you kick a pair of nuts!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!” Avril leaned over Brian and yelled at him, laughingly.

“How do those nuts feel, asshole? Huh? I can’t hear you!”

“C’mon get up,” she ordered him. As Brian started to comply, he began climbing to his feet. With his focus on his battered nuts, he didn’t notice Avril step back with her right leg behind the left, ready to pounce. Just as Brian got to his feet and as he was just beginning to straighten up (which was actually quite difficult), Avril lunged forward and drove a knee into his groin.

Brian never even saw her coming and his testicles took the full force of the blow directly. Brian didn’t even make a sound. His mouth went wide but he couldn’t catch his breath. His eyes were wide and he had a stunned look on his face, which Avril thought was hilarious and she started laughing hysterically at what she had done.

“Errrrr, my balls… Fuck, my balls,” he said meekly after a few seconds, barely able to speak. Avril was tearing up from laughing so hard at his pathetic whinings. Looking up, she was surprised to see Brian still standing. He was on his tiptoes, where he had raised up in a futile attempt to lessen the pain from her knee. His hands were on his thighs, trying to hold himself up. Unfortunately, he realized too late that he was still standing with his legs wide open.

Avril realized this too and landed three quick front snapping kicks into his nutsack in a matter of seconds. Brian dropped to his knees, cupping his groin.

“Urrkk!” was the sound he made as his mouth filled with vomit and he coughed some up. Avril stepped back quickly to avoid being sprayed.

“EWWWWWW! Gross!” she squealed in disgust. But to be honest he liked wit when guys puked after being ball busted. It meant she had gotten them really good. Avril held her arms over her head in triumph, jumping up and down in a mocking victory celebration. The girls in the bus cheered too and several gave Avril high-fives.

“Okay Brian, that’s all for you. You can crawl off.” Brian complied and crawled on his hands and feet towards the back of the bus, ignoring the female dancers’ snickers and stares.

“Okay, up next is…” Avril paused for a second before making her decision, ‘Steve”. A 24-year-old guy with a strong build and curly blonde hair got a dejected look on his face when he heard his name called. “Front and center Steve,” Avril ordered.

Steve complied sheepishly. He was new on the tour and had heard rumors of this sort of thing but was sure that they weren’t true.

“Now strip”, Avril told him. “B-but Brian didn’t have too…”

Avril cut him off, “Well you do. Now strip!”

Steve did as told and stripped naked and all the girls leaned forward to check out his package. While his cock was not all that impressive, his balls were and the girls were far more interested in those at the moment.

Avril bent over at the waist and put her hands on her knees, placing her face at crotch height. “Ohhhhh, nice,” she cooed. His balls were quite large and hung down nearly two inches in his sack. “Perfect,” Avril said with a tone that Steve didn’t like to hear.

“Stand here and put your leg up on this chair.” She pointed to a spot near the couch and beside a kitchen chair. Steve did so, lifting his left leg onto the seat of the chair. This opened his legs fairly wide for whatever Avril had in mind.

Dropping to her knees, Avril reached up and grabbed his nutsack above his balls. Giving them a sharp tug, she pulled them downward, making sure they hung as low as they could. Setting herself about two feet from him, she made a fist with her right hand and placed her knuckles right against his balls.

“Now don’t move,” she told him not taking her eyes from his nuts. Drawing her hand back as far as she could, she punched straight out, parallel with the ground. Her fist caught the front of his nutsack and traveled right through it.

“Uuuunnnnhhhhh!” Steve exhaled sharply as he felt his nuts struck by her tiny fist. The pain wasn’t unbearable, but very sharp. The problem was that she followed it up with a second and third punches right after the first.

“AHHHHHHH, OOWWWWWW!” he cried out as Avril punched a fourth, fifth and sixth time without stopping.

Finally Steve couldn’t take another and reached down cupping his balls to protect them.

“No, no, no! Kim, Lisa, help me here.” With that two of the girls watching got up and came over to Steve. Each grasped one of his arms and held it to his side. Lisa also grabbed his left leg at the knee and held it in place while Kim placed her foot inside of Steve’s other foot holding it as well.

Once Avril was confident they had him, she went back to work. She punched Steve’s nutsack as hard as she could again and watched it flop back and forth. Then another punch right through where his balls hung followed quickly. With each punch Steve’s entire body had a slight convulsion and his face contorted into a pained expression. Another punch and another and another. Avril wasn’t letting up or pausing between blows.

“P-p-plee-assse, s-st-oop,” Steve begged after the twentieth punch landed. By the thirtieth, he was crying hysterically and by the fiftieth, he was screaming out in time with each punch she landed. His whole body was shaking in time with her punches.

Avril only stopped when she did, after eighty or so punches, because her arm was starting to hurt. Her personal best for non-stop punches into a guys balls was one hundred twenty nine, and she only stopped counting then because the guy passed out.

Standing up, Avril was shaking her hand and laughing at Steve’s expression. His face was covered in sweat and tears. When Kim and Lisa let go of his arms, he collapsed straight to the floor, clutching his battered nuts and weeping, making little clucking noises. Avril stretched her sore fingers out, “I guess he’s had enough for one night.”

“Okay, I’m getting tired…” all the guys were relived as they thought it was over, ‘so we’ll only do one more. “Avril turned to Ricky who was sitting in the couch. Stepping in front of him, he shifted uncomfortably as she looked from his face to his groin. He flinched as she reached out towards hi crotch and all the girls laughed out at his squeamishness.

Avril grabbed his belt buckle and undid it, followed by unzipping his jeans. “Kim, Lisa. Do you mind?” Avril asked, stepping back. The same two girls who had held Steve grabbed Ricky’s pants legs and yanked them off, followed by his underwear.

The two girls then each took one of his ankles and climbed onto the couch, kneeling beside Ricky, facing him. This spread his legs wide almost straight out to his sides. Lucky for Ricky, he was a dancer and so was quite limber. Each girl also took one of his arms and held it under her own, restraining it.

Ricky looked down at his wide-open groin and his exposed balls, then up to Avril who was standing in front of him and he swallowed hard. All the girls looked on with anticipation as she got into position. Lifting her sneakered foot high, her knee almost touched her chin.

Stomping down with her foot, Ricky screamed, “NOOOOO!!!” just before her heel slammed into his nutsack.

“YEEEAARGGGGGHHHHH!” he screamed in agony that made a few of the girls even feel sorry for him and all those watching contorted their faces as they saw the petite singer stomp on his testicles.

“OH SHIT!” Ricky was panting and making huffing noises as Avril jumped up onto the sofa he was sitting on, straddling his hips. Ricky looked up just in time to see Avril smile down at him. Bouncing off the springy sofa cushions, she jumped up several feet into the air and came down, knee first right into Ricky crotch, driving her knee into his balls.

“YEEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!” Ricky screamed again at another blow that made him almost pass out from the pain in his balls.

Avril stepped back and looked at him, smiling widely. “Hey Tony…” Tony looked up with a terrified expression on his face as he thought he might be next. “Toss me a beer, would ya?” Avril made a nodding motion towards a cooler next to Tony. Relived, Tony tossed her a 12-ounce can of Coors.

Catching it, Avril stepped towards Ricky’s still held open crotch. Raising the aluminum can over her shoulder. She threw it full force at his crotch, stepping into the throw with her body. The full can slammed into Ricky’s nuts.

Ricky threw his head backward into the sofa cushions in agony, shrieking as he felt like his nuts had exploded. Avril clapped her hands and held them up, indicating that she wanted another can. Tony complied, tossing her one. Avril did a wind up like a major league pitcher and slammed the beer can into Ricky’s balls for a second time, sending him into a new fit of screaming and convulsions.

Clapping again, a third beer can followed quickly into her hands and into Ricky’s balls. Ricky sat straight up, suddenly silent for the first time since Avril had started on him. After a second of staring at Avril’s giggling face, he collapsed back to the sofa, unconscious.

Lisa and Kim looked to Avril and let his legs and arms go after she indicated she was done. The pop star turned and walked towards the back of the bus, stopping to tap two of her male dancers on the shoulder. The two of them got up and followed. Over the next several hours, the remaining dancers tended to the three guys whose nuts she had battered and would hear loud moaning and screaming of the three having sex. Every now and then they would also hear a man’s shriek as Avril drove a knee into his nuts, usually right as he was ready to climax, making sure he didn’t come and could keep pleasuring her.

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