Thursday, September 13, 2007

Buffy vs. Dark Angel

By dbud

(Hardcore ball-busting, ball popping. Includes fighting and violence. Read at your own risk.) As usual, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This story I wrote involving two popular TV characters and what their meeting might be like, with a ballbusting twist. It is hardcore, similar to the Britney story of a few months ago. It does not have penile castrations like that story but the ballbusting is brutal and non-stop once it starts. It also incorporates elements of female fighting and beating men, which seems to be liked by a lot of the readers of these stories too. The fighting though is pretty violent, especially towards the end.

I would imagine that most of you would know who these characters are, but for those of you who don’t, I am including a brief synopsis of the characters backgrounds: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a TV show that’s been on for over 5 years. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the title character. She is petite, about 5’2” tall, 25 years old, blonde and gorgeous. Buffy has supernatural powers that make her fast and strong and allow her to fight the forces of evil.

Dark Angel was on for two years and went off the air a year or two ago. Jessica Alba was the actress who played a character named Max (Dark Angel.) The government in the future created her to be the perfect warrior. Like Buffy, Max is strong and fast with superhuman senses as well. Jessica Alba is about 5’5” tall and around 20 years old. She is athletic with full black hair, has naturally tan skin and is known for her full and pouty lips. Personally, I think Sarah and her are interchangeable as the best-looking women I have ever seen.

Here is how I imagine what their first meeting might be like.

Meeting of the Warriors

The two had been fighting for over twenty minutes. Both had landed a few shots, but neither had the upper hand yet. Both were surprised, usually each was the best fighter in the battle as neither had ever lost. Each sized up her opponent.

Buffy looked the dark haired girl over. Even she had to admit that she was strikingly beautiful, with a dark exotic look. Her skin was tan and golden. Her jet-black hair was long and wavy, curling around her almond shaped face. She had come dressed for battle but had also obviously planned her outfit to be alluring as well. Her top was very thin spandex, formfitting, showing off her curvy figure and large breasts. It had mini half sleeves that came down to the middle of her bicep, revealing lean but well muscled arms. On her hands she wore black leather biker gloves with the fingers cut out.

Her pants were a bit looser, allowing her freedom to move and fight. They were low riders, coming up to just above her hipbones and showing several inches of skin between the top of them and her shirt, including a belly button ring. She had on boots, with straps and buckles, like the kind motorcycle riders wear. Her entire look was dark - dark skin and black clothes, only broken by her large, bright red lips.

Likewise, the brunette was taking in her blonde foe. She was several inches shorter. Max stood five and a half feet, so the blonde could not have been more than five feet and two inches. While she was petite, no more than a hundred pounds, she was also strong and fast. It had been a long time since Max had fought an equal.

The tiny blonde was dressed more for partying than for fighting. She wore red leather pants, low and hip hugging. They clung to her rear and showed off the perfect shape of her cheeks. She had low boots, with heels, on as well. Her top was very frilly, white, and shear. Her black bra could be clearly seen through the top, cupping her small but pert breasts. The blonde’s top had no sleeves, revealing shapely arms and shoulders. She was pretty and her small round face was perfectly made up. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Max had just arrived in town a few hours earlier. She had been attacked almost the minute she got off the bus. Two guys, who she thought were muggers at first, but she quickly realized they were something far more dangerous. They grew fangs and claws right before here eyes and set out to rip out her throat. She killed one by cutting off his head with a shard of glass from a broken window. As he turned to dust before her eyes, the second ran off and she had been tracking it when this blonde girl jumped her.

Buffy had been out patrolling that night after spending some time with her friends. She had seen a dark haired stranger lurking in the shadows and thought she had better check it out. Next thing she knew she was in a fight for her life.

“What are you? Some kind of demon?” the blonde spoke out first.

“Demon? Are you high?” the brunette retorted, “you just want to get even for what I did to your boyfriend a few hours ago.”

“Please, what the hell are you talking about?” the blonde replied.

Both had the same thought at the same time, suddenly not sure what they were fighting over. The blonde spoke up again, “Maybe we should take a step back and talk this out. Okay?”

“Maybe you’re just afraid you’re going to get your ass kicked,” the brunette replied.

Buffy tried to ignore her comment, it appeared that she was the more mature of the two and so she tried to act like a grown up. “Look, I just don’t think we’re enemies is all. Maybe we want the same thing?”

“Alright, I’ll stand down if you do,” Max answered. Both girls stepped back a few feet and lowered their hands, but still on guard for a surprise attack. “So, who are you?”

“My name’s Buffy. I run this town. Can’t say I’ve seen you around?”

“Yeah, well, I’m new. Names’ Max.”

The two continued for several minutes, each explaining briefly who she was and how she got here. Buffy telling Max that she was the Slayer, a chosen warrior to fight demons and vampires. Max told Buffy that she was a military weapon, engineered to be the perfect soldier. Neither fully believed the other but they both had to laugh at the fact that they had been trying to kill each other. Finally, they both settled back to trade war stories and then it happened, “Ya’know, I would have taken you eventually,” Buffy told her former foe.

“Puleeze, I was soooo about to kick your ass,” Max said with her patented attitude.

Both girls were suddenly in their fighting stances, “You sure you want to do this,” Max added.

“Hold on,” Buffy said, “I’ve got an idea of how we can figure out who is really better and have some fun too. You game?”

“I’m always game. What’cha have in mind?” Buffy filled Max in on her idea. Max agreed that it sounded cool. “I know the perfect place. There’s this club a ways up. All the young people in town go there. It will be packed on a Saturday night. We’ll find all the guys we need there.” Buffy added as the two started walking. “Lead the way.” And with that the two girls set out.

The Club

Buffy and Max walked through the door of the club and took it in. It was large but not huge. Sofa’s and plush chairs were all around, filled with guys hitting on girls and girls letting themselves get hit on. There was a dance floor in the back that was full and several pool tables to the left of the entrance. A band played on a stage to the right and several bartenders served drinks from a large mahogany bar along the far wall. The club was filled with people, mostly young, in their early to mid twenties, and mostly beautiful. “You were right Buffy, lot’s of meat here for our little…competition.”

“Told ya, all the young hip guys and girls come here on the weekends. Ready?”

“It’s your town and idea, so I’ll just follow your lead, for now at least.” Max told her even though she was not used to taking orders.

“Cool, just watch the door. It’s the only way out. After I get their attention, you block it. Okay?” Max nodded agreement.

Buffy walked through the crowd as Max took up a position near the door they had entered through. Buffy approached the stage. Once there, she leapt nearly ten feet into the air, flipped while in mid-air and landed on her feet at the front of the stage. “Back off!” she told the lead singer and he complied, shocked by her move. Grabbing the microphone, she spoke into it; “Look people, me and my friend need to borrow a few of you for a couple of minutes. Just do what you’re told and no one will get hurt. Well, almost no one.” She added that last line coyly.

Almost immediately several bouncers stepped up to the stage. They were telling her to get off and seemed to think that she had just had too much to drink. While they were looking at the tiny blonde interrupting the show, they didn’t notice the olive skinned beauty slinking up behind them. Before the six huge security guards could even react, they were down.

The crowd was stunned by what they saw, both by the fact that two tiny girls had killed and incapacitated the men but also by the brutality of it as well. Max had snapped two of their necks before the fight even began. This was followed by Buffy leaping from the stage, landing a kick to the chest of one man and sending him flying across the pool tables and through a plate glass window. The blonde then shattered the knees or a fourth and the other two didn’t fair any better. It was over in about four seconds.

The fight ended with Buffy standing on a pool table holding a large man who was at least six feet five inches and had to weigh two hundred and eighty pounds. She had him by the throat in her left hand. His feet were suspended a good 8 inches off the floor. He fought to break her grip with both his massive arms but it was like steel. After nearly a minute of his legs flailing, they stopped and just twitched.

Buffy dropped the body and leaped the thirty feet to the stage. Re-taking the mic, “I told you, but some people just have to learn the hard way.” The crowd was in shock and some started crying, thinking they were the victims of some terrorist plot.

Max headed back to the front door and the crowd parted to let her walk with no interference. Once there, she placed both hands on the side of a large cigarette machine. Getting leverage, she slid the two thousand pound machine in front of the main entrance. ‘That will hold em,’ she thought to herself and went back to the stage.

Buffy spoke up, “Now that we have your undivided attention, I want all the women over on the dance floor and all the men here in the center in front of the stage.” The crowd shuffled a bit, unsure of what to do. “MOVE, NOW!” she screamed at them and they complied. A few minutes’ later the women were all in the back and the men were all in front of the stage waiting to hear what the tiny blonde had to say. Buffy estimated that there were at least 120 men in the club and almost every single one of them were young, attractive and in great shape. Perfect for her and Max’s plan.

“Now strip,” Buffy ordered the men. A shocked expression came over all their faces.

“Wait a minute. What’s going on?” one brave man spoke up.

“We said STRIP!” Max shouted at him as she leapt into the air. Only Buffy with her superhuman reflexes could even see the move, it was so fast. The dark haired girl leaped and spun slamming her foot into the mouth of the man who had made the mistake of speaking up. His teeth sprayed the club like pebbles. The rest of the men looked at his limp form laying on the floor. With the odd angle his neck was bent at, his teeth were the least of his worries. Buffy nodded, quite impressed with the attack. “Now, do it!” Max ordered. This time the men all complied.

Several women followed orders to collect the men’s clothing. Max walked into the crowd of males, smiling broadly, taking in the sight of all the skin, especially the cocks and balls. She loved it and she couldn’t help but think about what she was going to do to them. She felt her cunt getting wet thinking about the fun they were going to have. She stroked several of the men’s genitals, watching them get hard.

It Begins

“Ready?” Buffy inquired of her.

“Sure. I’ll even let you go first,” Max offered.

Buffy took her up on her offer. She walked up to the edge of the crowd of men and looked them over. Selecting a particularly handsome and athletic one, she grabbed him by the cock and led him a few feet out into the center of the club. Letting him go, she turned to face him.

“Look, is this about money or something? Because if it is, I don’t have much, but you’re welcome to it. Okay?” the man pleaded with the small vicious girl who had just led him by the dick.

“No, it’s not about money, but you do have something I want.” The man didn’t like the evil smile that came across her face as she spoke those words. Faster than he could react, she kicked him as hard as she could between his legs. The force of the kick was incredible, lifting him some six feet into the air. His pelvic bone was shattered and his testicles, caught full force by the massive blow, were turned to jelly. The owner of those balls was named Charles. He was a teacher at a local college. As he felt his balls exploding, he suddenly remembered where he knew the blonde girl kicking him from. He had gone on a date with her about a year ago. He had ran into her at the park and struck up a conversation. One thing led to another and they ended up going to a movie together. Obviously, she didn’t remember him.

The man landed in a heap, holding his ruptured crotch, unable to even scream but his agony was apparent. All who watched did so in horror, but no one made a sound, afraid that they might draw attention to themselves.

“Good one” Max complimented her rival in this twisted competition as she led another man by the cock out of the group.

“W-w-ait, please don… “ He begged, but before he could complete the plea for mercy, Max spun, grabbing him beneath each arm. She used her scientifically augmented muscles to toss him with ease into the air. He sailed over twenty feet straight up. As he fell, Max jumped onto the pool table behind her. Timing her assault perfectly, she kicked straight up and out, catching her target’s nuts cleanly as he fell back to the ground. The effect was similar to the first victim, crushed bones and smashed balls. The main difference was that this man could scream in agony at the rupturing of his manhood by the small beautiful girl. He screamed long and loud and the thought that he would never be a man again made him weep too.

“Wow, I’m impressed, and that’s not easy to do," Buffy returned the praise she had been given a few seconds before. “My turn, I guess.” She covered the distance between herself and her target in a span of less than a second, even though he was near the back of the group, over 60 feet away. She had noticed him when Max was doing her jump kick. He was trying to not be noticed, hoping to avoid what was happening. That is exactly what caught Buffy’s eye and made her select him. The other men immediately backed away from the girl and her chosen victim, thankful that it was not they so selected.

Before he knew it, she had a hand around his throat and another around his nuts. She lifted him easily into the air, holding him by the two most vulnerable parts of his body, the meat between his jaw and shoulders and the meat between his legs. She held him aloft for several seconds enjoying the feel of his nuts in her hand. She was careful not to crush them though, just apply enough pressure to cause him a tremendous amount of pain but not rupture him.

She then hoisted his squealing form above her head. Steadying herself, she threw his body straight out, but she only released her left hand, the one around his throat, leaving the one holding his balls secured. Only the anchor of his scrotum stopped the flight of his body. His nuts stretched as far as they could but did not give way. He collapsed to the floor, his manhood still being held by a petite pretty blonde.

“Ohhh Goddddd, the pain,” he cried out. The sensation of his testicular cords being yanked by the force of the throw, in combination with the immense pressure she was putting on his balls, was worse than anything he had ever imagined. His scrotum had been stretched a good 12 inches before snapping back in place.

“Dammit, they didn’t tear,” Buffy said in disbelief, she was obviously not a girl used to failure. Hoisting him again, she prepared to repeat the process.

“No, please, God have mercy!!!!” The final word came as he felt his nuts stretched again as his body was thrown in a repeat of the ordeal. For a second time his genitals held firm to their owner, refusing to be separated from their home.

“FUCK!” Buffy screamed at her stubborn victim, angry that he was making her look bad. He didn’t hear her insult as they were drowned out by his own screams at having his nuts savagely yanked from him. He looked down and was horrified to see his nutsack stretched a good thirteen inches from where they should have been. The skin surrounding his orbs was taunt, stretched thin and beginning to tear.

As she hoisted him a third time and what he assumed would be the last, Randy thought about the job he just gotten earlier the day before. He had been working hard to get it and all his efforts had paid off. He was out tonight with a few friends, one of whom the dark haired girl had kicked between his legs so hard his balls shot twenty feet into the air, to celebrate.

“One last try,” Buffy said with spite in her voice as she lifted his body again.

“God, please just end the pain,” he begged.

“Sure thing boss,” she replied, eager to comply, “But maybe not in the way you mean.” She slung his weight as hard as she could, again holding him firmly only by the nuts. This time his weakened manhood was no match for the momentum created by her supernaturally enhanced muscles. His scrotum and nuts remained in her hand as the rest of him was launched across the room. He landed with a thud, unconscious, “Well, at least he got his wish,” Buffy said sarcastically.

“Took you long enough. Three tries, but I’ll give you points for tenacity, you didn’t give up.” Max told her. As Buffy turned to face the other women, she was surprised. Max had a man by the nuts and had lifted him up into the air. He was, in effect, sitting in her hand, held in place by her fingers wrapped around his balls. She held him at nearly full arms length, trying to show off her strength. At the same time she was squeezing his testicles to the point of bursting before she would ease the pressure and then re-apply a few seconds later. Her superhuman sense of touch allowed her to feel exactly when he was going to rupture and ease off at the last possible second.

The man Max was holding up by the nuts was named Dave. He was a blue-collar guy, honest, hard working. His dad had always told him that if you work hard, you get what’s coming to you. So that’s what he did. In nearly 8 years on the same job, he had taken exactly one sick day. He imagined he would need to take a few more next week. Randy would too; Dave had gone out with him to celebrate him getting a new job. He was watching the blonde girl heave his friend and finally rip his balls off when the raven-haired one reached up, took him by the nutsack and lifted him cruelly.

Dave was screaming out in an incredibly high pitched voice that would repeat as she applied pressure. His legs were rigid, extended straight down, on either side of her arm, his feet suspended several feet off the ground. He had his hands wrapped around her wrist but he had no chance of pulling her vice-like grip free from his nutsack. Max looked up at him and smiled warmly as she continued to compress and release his balls. She enjoyed the expressions of pain and relief that alternated across his face as she worked his manhood. “Ohhhhh,” she cooed at him as he cried out in pain, indicating that she knew full well the agony she was dispensing to him.

“Oh yeah?” Buffy said, not wanting to be outdone. She felt she was falling behind and wanted to make up for the fact that it took her three tries to rip that last guys balls off. Max’s display of strength, holding a 200-pound man up by one hand, was a direct slap at her and one that she wouldn’t let pass by. Grabbing two men by the wrists she pulled them to the pool table area. Jumping up to stand on one of the tables, the blonde bent at the waist to reach her objectives.

Taking each by the balls, she mirrored Max’s maneuver but with a man in each hand. Standing up, the tiny girl lifted each man from the floor by his balls, her feet right on the edge of the pool table holding them men out over the floor. She also began compressing each man’s nuts in turn.

“Ahhhhhhh, God, Stop!” “Aiiiiiieeeeee!!!!” they both screamed in unison. Buffy enjoyed hearing the men’s reactions to her torture of their genitals but she enjoyed the look on Max’s face even more. Apparently, Max didn’t like being showed up.

In retaliation, the brunette began lifting her man’s body upward and then yanking him down by this scrotum into her hand. The effect was similar to a paddle ball game that children play, where an elastic cord is hooked to a wooden paddle with a rubber ball on the end. The ball is then smacked with the paddle, as it flies away it is then pulled back by the cord and smacked again. This was similar to what Max was doing to her victim. She was lifting him up, and then yanking him down by his genitals.

He was being triply punished. First she was still working his balls, squeezing them to their breaking point. Second, she was yanking him down by them as well. His testicular cords were stretching thin and aching horribly. Lastly, as his body was pulled back down, all his weight would slam into his nuts compressing them even more. The absolute worst thing for him though was the helplessness. He was stuck on some sick carnival ride, throwing him up and down and threatening to rip his manhood free.

Impressed, but determined not to show it, Buffy one-upped her. She slowly began turning her hands inward. As the men in her charge felt their weight shifting, they increased their grip on the blonde’s iron wrists. Buffy laughed at the panicked look on their faces, “Hold on, I think your going for a little trip,” she mockingly told them. Next thing they knew, the men were hanging upside down, held aloft by their genitals. The fact that they were holding onto her arms to take some of the pressure off lessened the pain and made the experience only unbearable.

Not to be outdone, Max duplicated the move, hanging her target by his nuts as well.

“Stop, mercy, please!!” he screamed at the exotic girl with the pouting red lips holding him by his nuts at arms length.

“What in the hell makes you think I would give you mercy, bitch!” was the retort he got in return. Looking over to Buffy, Max saw that she had begun a new measure. She was shaking her hands back and forth. The motion caused the male bodies to sway, increasing the torque on their balls. Max began doing the same, shaking her victim like a rag doll. The two girls kept increasing the violence of their movements to increase the pain and suffering of the men.

The screams of pain kept increasing also. It was almost as if the men were in competition too. Only while the girls were involved in trying cause their pain, the men’s seemed to be about screaming at the highest pitch and who could hold the scream for the longest length of time before their breath gave out. The brown haired guy being held by Buffy’s left hand seemed to be in the lead in both respects.

“Time to lose the balls fella,” Max told her victim. The look of terror on his face grew worse if possible.

“What are you going to do?” he asked in a low hoarse voice as if he had been screaming at the top of his lungs for the last 5 minutes in terrible pain and his throat was sore. With her free hand, Max grabbed his wrists, pinning both in her small fingers. The man couldn’t believe it but she was able to hold his thick strong arms with her delicate fingers with almost no effort.

As she looked down at him, he realized what she was going to do. She planned on yanking his hands free and suspending him only by his nuts. He could only imagine the feeling. He started to beg her not to but realized the futility of doing so. Even so, the look on his face told Max all she needed. She counted down from five, “5…4…3…2…1,” with the last number she pulled his hands free. His body dropped several inches and stopped only when his balls held him up.

His scream went to an entirely new level as all his one hundred and ninety pounds pulled on his nuts, inflicting horrible pain that shot from his crotch to every cell of his body. The men held by Buffy couldn’t see what had happened but the shrillness of the crying told them it was something bad. Based on the contest so far, they each knew the blonde holding them up would be duplicating the procedure on them soon. Ironically, that was the same thought that Buffy was having at that very second.

She lifted the male forms up, straightening her arms almost straight upwards. This raised the men’s heads to only a few inches below her eye level. “Let go,” she ordered them.

“What? You can’t be serious.” She gave the talkative one a stern look that said she was dead serious.

“I have both my hands being used at the present time, so I can’t pull your grip free. That means you’re going to have to let go. Now...let...go!”

The men looked at each other in horror, ‘was she serious? She wanted them to voluntarily let themselves be hung by the balls.’ If they needed any more convincing, the sound of the man behind them screaming loudly as Max started shaking him by the balls again, even though she held his hands so all the pressure was absorbed by the orbs between his legs; made them realize that they couldn’t comply.

“I’m giving you one last chance to do as you’re told,” Buffy said with obvious annoyance in her voice.

“Please don’t, I’m begging you.”

“DO IT!!” she screamed in his face, visibly angry at his non-compliance. After a few seconds, it was obvious neither were going to do as she asked. “Fine be that way,” lowering them slightly, she kicked her left leg into the talker’s right arm, right at his elbow. The powerful blow shattered the bones of his joint.

“Aiiieeee,” he shrieked.

“Should have just let go when you had the chance.” She kicked his left elbow the same way, popping it as well. This made it impossible for him to hold on. The agony of his balls, which had just been augmented by the pain in his newly broken arms, was further multiplied by the sensation of his weight being held up only by his nuts. She even gave him several hard shakes for good measure.

Looking to the second man, “What’s it gonna be?” She lifted her leg behind her, indicating she was prepared to do the same to him, to emphasize the threat. The strapping twenty two year old with the white-blonde hair, closed his eyes and released his grip from her wrists. He held his arms straight out to his sides as the intense pain coming from his balls washed over him. His face turned bright red as he tried to not scream. Buffy lifted him up to get a better look at his face, a satisfied smile on hers at his obvious agony. He did manage to hold his tongue though, that is until she began bouncing him up and down by the nuts. Both men were flopping like dolls. Buffy couldn’t stop watching the men’s toes; they kept twitching in strange ways that amused her.

Finally, the man held by her right hand, dropped to the floor. Not because Buffy had let him go, but rather because his genitals had finally given way. He was unconscious before he hit the floor. The other man was not so lucky, his balls and consciousness held on for several minutes of hanging, yanking, bouncing, and screaming, lots of screaming. Buffy’s last target finally, graciously, had his suffering ended when his balls tore from his body. As he started the drop, Buffy kicked straight out and her foot slammed into his chest. This sent his body flying. He struck a large metal support pole about twenty feet away. The pole caught him in the back right above his tailbone, long ways, along his waist. The force was so great that he was bent backwards in half, snapping his spine and his feet and head coming within an inch of touching. He fell to the floor still wrapped around the pole and neutered.

Max was still struggling with her man, to Buffy’s amusement. To dispatch him, she landed a powerful kick right to the center of his torso. This blow sent his body, but not his meat, sailing into a wall ten or so feet away. He landed with a thud, somehow awake and holding his groin and moaning. Max tossed his nutsack and its contents on the floor next to him.

“Want to take a break?” Buffy asked as she jumped down from the pool table.

“Not a chance. I haven’t even broken a sweat!” Max came back. “You like hanging, I’ll show you hanging. I need some rope and I mean now.”

One of the female bartenders shouted out, “There’s some in the back.”

“Fetch it, NOW!” Max ordered.

A minute later, Max had the rope she wanted and the bartender retook her position with the other women. Max tore several two feet sections of rope off and threw them onto one of the pool tables. Buffy was sitting on a bar stool watching and wondering what her foe was planning but intrigued. She had to admit, Max had a talent for strategy and she was enjoying the show.

Moving to the crowd of men, Max pulled five from the group and to the table. Grabbing the first she pushed his head onto the green felt, bending him over the edge. Taking a length of rope she bound his hands behind him. This was repeated this four more times with the other men she had selected. She then tore the rope into five sections of rope that she counted out to be about forty feet apiece. The first man had his balls harshly tied off by one of these lengths and the others quickly followed.

Taking the opposite ends of the ropes from the ends tied to the balls of the five men, she looked upward. There was a second level to the club where they served food and had tables. The upper level was only about 20 feet wide, extending out from the wall at a height of about 15 feet. This meant that it overlooked the main floor. It had two rows of tables for dinning. It also had a metal guardrail that looked well suited for Max’s plan. “Perfect,” she smiled at the men as they followed her gaze up to the second floor.

Max leaped up to the second floor and slung her legs over the railing. Turning around she faced the open floor and looked down on the men, admiring her work. Wrapping the five ropes around the top metal bar of the railing, she blew a kiss to the men below. Then, hand over hand, she began taking up the slack of the ropes. The men tried to move back but were dragged forward until they were standing directly under the railing on their tiptoes trying to raise their balls as high as they could.

As they waited for the final degradation, they looked each other, each man’s gaze passing from man to man next to him. Ironically, they all knew each other and had come to the club together. They had been standing together hoping to help each other if they could. They were all firemen. It was common for them to go out on their rare nights off for a few beers and to pick up some women. ‘Guess we weren’t going to score tonight,’ one of them thought as he felt the rope tighten and he held his breath in preparation for what came next.

Pausing a second, Max put her leg up on the top rail for leverage and gave a hard yank. This lifted the men by their balls, completely off the floor. They screamed in unison like some tortured singing group. As the ropes pulled them up, their weight shifted and their upper body fell backwards and their convulsing legs shot up towards the ceiling.

The men were left with their shoulder blades on the floor but still with a tremendous amount of pressure on their scrotums. Not satisfied, Max didn’t give them a moment to rest. Bracing herself she gave another hard pull, lifting the men completely off the ground. The rock hard, athletic bodies of the men began shaking and convulsing from the agony of having their entire bodies lifted by their nuts. Buffy was surprised at how quickly it started though. They hadn’t been hanging for more than 5 seconds and they were already quivering uncontrollably with the pain Max had inflicted on them.

Their scrotums had distended to comical lengths. Each nutsack was stretched out well over a foot. They almost looked like a second large penis growing from the men, each with a thin stretched shaft ending in a bright red tip of their own balls.

The five of them moved upwards another several feet as Max hoisted them again and once more for good measure. They finally ended up about ten feet off the ground and Max, now satisfied tied the ropes off the to railing to hold them in place. As she jumped down to the floor, Buffy had moved over to them. Jumping up, she grabbed one young man by the hair and hung there, adding her hundred pounds to his own weight, just to torture him some more. Max followed suit and the two girls spent several minutes moving from guy to guy hanging from them, laughing and listening to their screams and trying increase them. The extra weight of the girls added another 6 inches to all their scrotums.

“Ya’know I could use a drink,” Max told Buffy as they hung from the hair of the men, enjoying the sensations their convulsions created. It was like a ride at Disney World, a really perverted ride, but still fun.

“Yeah, me too,” Buffy told her. Max dropped down and moved behind the bar and began pouring liquor into glasses for them both. Buffy, on the other hand, went to the men in the group waiting their turn. Facing them for a second, she then suddenly turned and bent over at the waist, placing her hands on the floor in front of her.

The men all got a great view of her perfect round ass through the tight red leather of her pants. The top of her butt crack showed by several inches as well. It looked like she wanted to get fucked from behind.

From this position she swung her legs up and over her head in a front handspring. She found herself standing upright facing away from the group. Looking up, she saw two men sailing over her head and over the pool tables. Buffy had lifted each of her legs into the crotches of the two men behind her. This had lifted them into the air and she had flung them as hard as she could from that awkward position she found herself in. Even so, she had still managed to throw both two hundred pound men well over thirty feet. They landed on their backs on the other side of the tables. “Hrrrruuuffffff!” They had the wind knocked from them.

Buffy leapt into the air and, doing a front flip, landed with a foot between each man’s legs. Both sat up with grimaces on their faces and silent screams on their lips. Buffy looked down, “Bingo!” Each heel of her boots was on top of one of the men’s testicles, completely crushing both. Each man grabbed her by the ankle in and attempted to somehow salvage their manhood, but the little girl just laughed at their feeble attempts to get her off their balls.

Lifting her left leg and pointing it up to the ceiling, she swung it backwards in a reverse ‘C’ move. Her heel slammed into the remaining ball of the man on her left side, popping it, and sending the man it had been attached to flying. He slid over fifty feet and slammed into the far wall, his hands wrapped around the spot where his nuts used to be ad his skull cracked wide open.

Turning on her other foot, and grinding it into his ruptured ball, Buffy faced the other man. “Please, leave me one. I have a wife. We want to have children.” He wasn’t lying. Dean had been married for almost two years. He and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for the past three months but with no success. In fact, they had been abstaining from sex for the past few weeks, waiting for her to begin ovulating before they tried again. She had wanted to make love the night before but he said no, that they should wait. He deeply regretted that decision as it was looking like he might not get another chance.

“That might be a problem for you, but I’m sure she’s going to be fine.” And with that Buffy stomped down on his second nut, shattering it and tearing his scrotum. Wiping her shoes on him, “That looks like it hurts, does it?”

In his pain-induced haze, he actually answered her, “God, yes it hurts.” Buffy laughed and snapped her lead leg upward at the knee. Her foot caught him in the jaw. The tip of her boot penetrated the soft flesh under his chin. The tip of the boot continued until it struck the top of his mouth, collapsing his sinuses. It also threw his head back. It cracked into the pool table, splitting his skull. Buffy then went over to the bar to get her drink as he passed out.

The Carnage Resumes

After several drinks and a few minutes to rest up, the girls looked at each other with smirks on their faces. Jumping up, both were ready to resume their game. “Who’s next?” Buffy called out, announcing their intentions.

Max looked around the room and did quick count, the two of them had been at it for just over and hour but of the 120 guys in the club, she counted only 14 lying on the ground. “We need to pick up the pace. I ain’t got all night.”

Buffy agreed, “How many you want to do?” she asked.

“Dunno. Let’s just play it by ear,” Max replied and Buffy nodded in agreement again.

Buffy approached the men again. She smiled at their terrified faces as they all backed away from her, trying to keep their distance. It was amusing to watch these big strapping men, all at least twice if not three times her size, trying to get away from a tiny blonde chick walking toward them. She stepped up to one good-looking man, “Hey,” she said to him.

“Hey,” he responded, trying to smile convincingly, hoping to get in her good graces.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” he asked quickly before she could do anything to him.

“That’s a very old line and I don’t think it’s going to work,” Buffy responded dryly.

“No really, you look familiar. Did you go to Sunnydale High?”

“Yeah,” Buffy replied.

“I know where I know you from, I taught English there. I taught you two years ago.”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember you now. Mr. …what’s your name? It starts with an R, doesn’t it?”

“Mr. Roberts,” he finished her thought and filling in his name.

“That’s right, Mr. Roberts.” Buffy hugged the man around the shoulders. Stepping back she beamed at him.

“How have you been?” he inquired.

“Good, good,” she returned. “Moved out on my own a year ago. Been hanging out and…HEY…I remember you now… you’re the teacher who failed me and made me go to summer school for two whole months!”

“N-n-noo, I don’t think I did that.”

“Oh yes you did, you sonofabitch.” Buffy kneed him in the balls.

“You ruined my whole senior year,” she kneed him again, holding him up by the arms as she did so he didn’t fall from the first.

“Fucked me over royally,” her knee slammed his nuts horribly again.

“I worked really hard on that final term paper too.” Three more knees tore into him.

“I can’t believe you failed me.” She wasn’t even stopping between sentences anymore, just driving her kneecap into his groin over and over.

“You said my work looked like it was written by a baboon.” Half a dozen more knees devastated his crotch.”

“And you said that in front of the entire class, totally humiliating me!” Her final knee was so powerful from the rage brought on by the memory of her classmates laughing at her that the pressure it created caused the tip of his penis to burst explosively. His balls had been smashed on the third blow. The bones of his groin shattered around the fifth one. His spleen ruptured about the time her knee hit him for the eighth time.

Finally Buffy stepped back, glaring at him with hate filled eyes. He was barely standing, swaying side to side in a daze of pain and shock. Buffy grabbed him by the arm and slung him upward toward a large mirror located about twenty feet above the floor. He passed through it and into the office located on the other side, bouncing off the manager’s desk and landing in a heap.

As Buffy watched his body fly through the plate glass, she smiled, ‘he deserved that,” she thought to herself. A second man who was standing next to her, felt a slight tickling between his legs. It was like a feather had been brushed past his thighs. He had not taken his eyes off the girl and he didn’t see her move, but suddenly he saw that she was holding something in her small hand. Looking down he realized that what she held had been located hanging between his legs only seconds before. She had moved so fast he couldn’t even see her use her nails to slice through his scrotum and rip his balls free from their home.

It didn’t even hurt for the first five seconds or so, and then the agony seeped from the hole in his groin and filled every part of his body and mind. He began squealing and dropped to his knees. This placed him and Buffy just about at the same eye level. When he looked at her, he realized she was twirling his nuts by their cords around her finger, back and forth. She had a sickening smile on her face at what she had done.

“W-why-y-y? How c-c-could you do that to me? I-I-I n-never did anything to y-y-you?” Buffy just dropped his balls to the floor, ground them to mush under her heel and turned to another man as her reply, leaving him holding his crotch and shrieking from the pain.

Max had taken a smaller but athletic young man who couldn’t have been more than eighteen out to the open area of the club and told him to stand there. His name was Lee. He was a senior in high school who had just gotten a fake ID and decided to try it out for the first time tonight, something he was currently vowing to never do again.

She grabbed his cock, but gently and began stroking it. Within seconds the sight of the stunning girl working his cock had caused him the get totally hard, even though he was frightened. Max looked down, impressed with his size. She pulled a short length of rope out of her back pocket, wrapped it around the base of his cock and scrotum. Pulling on both ends, she constricted the rope around his genitals. When she pumped his organ to get him hard, he didn’t know what to expect but this wasn’t it. The rope bit into his meat as she pulled it tighter than any normal human could. The rope tightened to half the size of his shaft under normal conditions. “Unnnggggg,” he grunted as she tied him off and left him standing there alone to wait for what she had planned next.

Striding over to the wall, she pulled all the darts from the several dartboards located there. Walking back, she took up a position about thirty feet from the trembling young man.

Flicking her wrist, a dart flew in a straight line towards the man’s genitals. It was a perfect throw, augmented by her superhuman reflexes and eyesight. The dart’s inch long needle like tip pierced his left testicle dead center. The man’s face contorted and his eyes went wide, tears started flowing almost immediately as he took in the sensation of having a metal shard slammed through his most tender area.

Reaching down, his first reaction was to grab the affected area. His hand brushed the shaft of the dart, causing him even more intense pain. “Move your hands, bitch!” the girl ordered. He slowly complied, moving his hands a few inches away from his manhood. A second dart flew, this time from an underhanded motion. The dart tip penetrated the right ball hanging next to the first target of her attack.

Max’s eyes worked like a telescopic lens, like used with a rifle. It allowed her to see her target as if it were a few inches away from her face. This meant that see could place her shots with absolute accuracy, hitting the exact spot she wanted.

The man was making clucking and whimpering noises, his legs quivering with the pain. Max’s hands flew out in several arcing motions and four more darts flew. A second later, each of Lee’s testicles was weighted down by three darts each, each had its tip stuck right thru the man’s balls. Max could even see the tiny tips of the darts sticking about an eighth of an inch out the back of his scrotum. She had completely skewered his orbs.

The pain was unbearable, his nuts felt like they had exploded. Actually, they felt like someone had stuck metal needles through them. He couldn’t make a sound, but his face told Max all she wanted to know. She looked at him with her cat like eyes, taking in every muscle twitch and expression of agony.

The pain was made even worse by the fact that these were high quality darts, designed for tournaments. This meant they were quite heavy. Each had to weigh several ounces. This weight added to the agony as they hung from his balls. The uncontrollable quivering in his muscles was shaking the darts back and forth as well. Every time the dart shafts would slap into his thigh the pain would surge through him. Her victim fell to his knees, his face grimacing even further as the darts yanked down on his balls when he slumped to the floor. He was on his knees, his torso leaning backwards and his arms just dangling from his shoulders.

Max had run out of darts and looked around, wanting to inflict more pain. Seeing another set of dartboards in the back, she took the darts and returned for round two. This time she stood about the same distance away from him but instead of facing the man, she choose to stand at his side. His cock was still erect and large, the blood held in it by the rope she used on it. Max smiled as it made the perfect target.

Dropping to one knee, she let her hands fly. Three more darts struck his manhood with unerring accuracy. This time though the shaft of his penis, not his balls, were her target. The three darts pierced the thick meat easily and lodged there. The darts were in a perfect line up the shaft, spaced about two inches apart. A new scream was heard as the new sensation hit the man’s brain. He didn’t even bother to look down, afraid at what he might see.

From this kneeling position, Max leapt up into the air, sailed over the man’s head and landed on the opposite side of him, again about thirty feet from him. Spinning, she threw three more darts. These repeated the process but on the opposite and untouched side of his cock. He now had 6 darts stuck through his penis, three on each side. They alternated, the shafts and feather of one dart, next to the head of the tip stuck through from the other side. “Aiiiieeeeee!!!” more screams came forth, but Max ignored them; she was having too much fun and seemed to show no compassion for her victim.

Suddenly she was a flurry of action and motion. The girl leapt over his head again, landing and then repeating the jump an instant later. In all, she leapt five times; landing in various locations around the man, front, behind, to the sides, and at angles. Each time her feet touched the ground her hand would flick faster than a person could even follow. It was obvious she was showing off. The acrobatics, flips and leaps were unnecessary, but added to the visual display of her incredible physical prowess.

The darts she threw traveled upwards in an arc instead of directly at him. They fell onto his cock from the top, each piercing his flesh from a new angle. When it was all done, only a few seconds later, Max had lined up five more darts in his cock. The first had hit him about half an inch from the bottom of the shaft, near his torso. The second landed about an inch up from the first, and so on. The fifth landed about two inches behind the engorged head of his organ.

Max was now standing back in front of him, facing the man she had been tormenting. She whistled sharply to get his attention. His head came forward and his eyes met hers. Max held up one more dart, her last one. Making sure he saw it, she spun and let it fly. The young man could only watch in horror as the dart struck the tip of his cock, dead center, the tip of the dart slid into the small hole located in the tip of his cock.

The dart was thrown with such force it was lodged completely in his organ; only a quarter inch of the dart could be seen sticking out of the tip of his penis. Even the ridges of the plastic feathers could be seen fanning out his skin from the inside. Max approached him, taking in the sight. His genitals looked like a pincushion. Six darts hung from his balls, six more stuck into the sides of his cock. Five in it from the top and the last burrowed into the tip and down the shaft. His face was twisted into silent screams but he was only able to make muted noises. His eyes were wide though, staring directly at Max. The neurons of his brain were on fire with the pain she had caused him.

She smiled at what she had done to him. Reaching down, she took one of the darts lodged in one of his nuts and shook it back and forth. Suddenly the young man found his voice and screamed loudly, actually startling her. She repeated the process with a different dart, this time in his shaft. “Please, no more,” he whimpered. She was careful not to pull them free, she just wanted to cause him as much pain as she could before she was finished with him. After several minutes of taking each dart in her fingers and working it, she walked away, leaving him there to continue his suffering.

While this spectacle was unfolding with Max, Lee, and the darts, Buffy had decided not to wait for her to finish before she continued her assault on the men in her presence. Moving towards a pool table she took the pool balls out of the small cubbyhole located on the side and placed all sixteen and the cue ball on the table. She then got the pool balls from the other three tables and placed them all on the same pool table. She then followed suit, jumping up to stand on the table herself.

Turning to face the mass of over a hundred naked and shuddering men, she looked them all over as they wondered what she was going to do. Taking one of the pool balls in her hand, she felt the weight of it. Smiling she looked up at the men and her sweet smile turned sickly.

Suddenly she let the pool ball fly towards a black haired large man standing in the front of the group. It struck him right between his legs, smashing into his nuts. It didn’t pop or crush them; that wasn’t her intention, but it did hurt incredibly; which was her intention. The target collapsed to his knees, holding his nuts and crying out.

A second pool ball flew, the number 10 ball, and struck a bartender who worked at the club to pay his way through college, named Mario, cleanly in his sack, repeating the reaction of the first man, he fell, screaming out in pain. Ironically, he normally didn’t work the weekends but was filling in for another man and regretting it deeply. Another pool ball, and another, and another, then five more, then ten. The pool balls flew in a constant stream, each hitting her chosen target dead between his legs. The number 2 ball slammed Roger, a college student, the number 15 ball hit Bob, a construction worker, and a cue ball smashed its way into the nuts of Billy, whose girlfriend was standing with the women watching in disbelief. Each man reacted similarly, falling to his knees, clutching his crotch and trying to find a way through the pain.

After a minute of throwing them, Buffy changed her tactic. She tossed a pool ball into the air and did a front flip. As her feet flew over her head, it connected with the ball and sent it flying towards the men. She had aimed it at one man and her aim was true, hitting him in his orbs with the hard solid pool ball. He cried out and grabbed his nuts, not believing her move. Buffy tossed another up into the air, this time spinning on her right leg, she kicked out with her left and sent the pool ball sailing on its way to find its target. Two more were tossed and both were kicked at the same time into the nuts of waiting men.

Over and over she repeated the process, punishing dozens of the men, slamming their balls. She even looked for the opportunity to hit some men for a second time. One man, on his knees, looked up and made the mistake of revealing his nuts. Buffy quickly took advantage of the opening and sent two more pool balls flying toward his newly exposed manhood. Both plaster balls struck home and quickly sent him back to the floor and renewed his screams.

After several minutes, the assault only ended when Buffy ran out of pool balls. Looking out over the crowd of males, she breathed deeply and felt satisfied. Pool balls littered the floor of the club. Of the hundred or so men in the group at least half were on their knees, most had tears streaming down their faces and were holding their aching crotches. None had been ruptured, but the pain they all felt was intense.

Buffy decided she wasn’t through with them though. Jumping down, she scooped up a pool ball. Choosing a victim, she kicked him onto his back. Pinning one leg to the floor with her foot, she took his other leg in the left hand and spread him wide, exposing his groin. Hoisting the pool ball over her head, she threw it full force into his nut sack. The pool ball lodged itself into his the open area housing his testicles. His groin swallowed the pool ball as it replaced his scrotum and pushed his manhood deep into him.

Things Go From Bad to Worse (For the Men)

About the time Buffy was wrapping up her juggling act, Max was wrapping up her dart show as well. She walked over to the petite blonde and admired her work, “Good job!” Max told her, an impressed look on her face as she saw all the men holding their nutsacks.

Buffy looked back and saw the man kneeling with the numerous darts penetrating his genitals in every fashion, “Wow, that looks like it hurts,” she repaid the compliment.

“Wouldn’t know, I don’t have any balls or a dick,” Max replied and both girls laughed.

“Got an idea,” Max said as she moved towards the group of men. Taking several from the mass of men, she led them towards the bar. Turning one around, she pushed him down onto a barstool, “Stay!” she then ordered. A second man was placed on the next stool, and a third. More men were brought out and each was placed on a bar stool, twelve in all were sat down in front of the large mahogany bar on the plush barstools lining it.

Max walked down the line kicking their legs out wide to the sides of the barstools. They were each sitting with their nutsacks resting on the stools, totally exposed. Taking a pool cue that was leaning against the bar, she approached one on the men. Smiling sweetly at him, the raven haired beauty lifted the pool cue and drove the small tip into and through his scrotum. “Aaaaahhhhhggggggg!!!!” he screamed in terrible pain. The tip of the pool cue had hit one of his nuts cleanly and smashed it before traveling through and into the barstool underneath.

She had buried the thin end of the pool cue a good three feet into the stool, allowing the heavy and thick end to extend up and out the top. Buffy cried out in delight at the move. She grabbed two pool cues, tossed one to Max and moved up to the men on the stools.

Almost in exact unison, both girls drove the sticks into and through the genitals of two more men. Each had a testicle destroyed and were in turn pinned to the stools beneath them.

“OHHHH Goooodddddddd!!!” one screamed.

“Jesus Christ, Noooooooo!!!!!!” said the other in a high pitched voice.

Max, followed quickly by a fifth shattered nut courtesy of Buffy, impaled a fourth man. Six and seven were condemned to the fate as well. Buffy drove two pool cues into the nuts of two different men at the same time, each with a separate hand. Max destroyed two more; bringing the total to eleven tortured and trapped men.

The last man sitting on the stool, in the middle of the row, watched as the two sadistic girls approached him, each holding a pool cue in her small hand. His name was Sean, he was about thirty-eight and he had always enjoyed porn and especially pictures and videos of women kicking men in the nuts. He had always fantasized about something like what had been happening right in front of him. But the realty was far worse than he imagined. It wasn’t fun, it looked painful, and he was terrified.

“P-please, don’t,” he pleaded. But he could only watch as each girl raised the long shaft of wood and brought it down into his genitals. Each cue struck one of his balls, ripped through it and then lodged into the stool. He collapsed forward in heap, held up only by the cues.

Both girls stepped back to admire their work. Each man was sitting on the stool, pinned there by the wooden shaft imbedded in his scrotum. Except for the last man, who had two. Each had one pool cue driven into him, one nut gone and one left. Suddenly Buffy started laughing uncontrollably. Max realized what she though was so funny.

The men were sitting with the thick end of the pool cues sticking out of their genitals almost straight up by several feet. Each looked like a huge phallus extending from their crotches. The image was made better by the fact that each man was holding onto the pool cue with both hands and most were trying to pull the shafts from them in an effort to free themselves. None of them were strong enough to remove the pool cues, so their hands just slid up and down the shafts.

Buffy caught her breath briefly, “It looks like they’re jacking themselves off!” and then broke down, laughing hysterically. Max also started laughing loudly at the sight as it was extremely funny. Buffy was actually on the floor, unable to catch her breath or stand. Both girls continued their fits for several minutes.

After they composed themselves, Max turned and asked Buffy, “What’d ya think? Should we let ‘em keep one?” She handed Buffy a pool cue and got one herself from the wall. Buffy walked up to one of the men, who had already lost half his manhood to the girls. She then drove the pool cue through his remaining nut, destroying it. “Guess not,” Max answered her own question and followed suit with another man, another nut, and another pool cue. Soon after, all twelve men had lost both their balls.

Several of the men standing in the group watching this atrocious spectacle had the same sickening thought. Things had just gotten worse for them. The two girls who had been rivals were now working together. There was nothing to stop them and they seemed to be encouraging and playing off each other. This couldn’t be good for any person in the club, at least the ones who had nuts hanging from their torso.

“Good plan,” Buffy complimented Max on her pool cue idea, “I got one now. We got any more of that rope?” Buffy motioned to the five men still hanging from their balls from the railing, two of whom were still conscious.

“Sure do…here,” Max got the rope from behind the bar and handed it to Buffy. At the same time Buffy took one man from the group of waiting victims and brought him over to where she and Max were talking about their plans. Buffy explained her idea in cold terms to Max, using his body to show how it would work and what exactly it would do to him. She seemed not to care about the man standing right next to her, listening in horror as she described her plan to emasculate him and possibly several others. Throughout the plan, the two girls kept looking upward to the ceiling of the club, nearly 75 feet overhead.

“Cool, not sure if it will work, but I’m willing to give it a try,” Max told her after hearing her idea.

“Great,” Buffy exclaimed and turned to the 23 year old man with the shaved head who was a member of the college swim team. Pushing him hard in the chest, he was laid out on his back. Before he knew it each girl had taken a length of rope and was tying it around each of his ankles. Max then moved up to his head, grabbed his arms and tied them together by his wrists with a third piece.

While she did this, Buffy threw each rope tied to his ankles over one of the several pipes that ran along the ceiling overhead. The club was an old warehouse and so had an extremely high ceiling. The second floor did not completely cover the first, so while standing on the bottom level the girls could look up and see the ceiling and the pipes and vents that ran along it. The loose end of the ropes then fell back down to the floor and Buffy took both of them in her hand.

Once Max had bound his hands, Buffy pulled the ropes tied to his ankles and began lifting him off the ground by his legs. The man was panicking and begging for them to stop. He knew what they were planning and was pleading for them to show mercy. The two focused girls completely ignored him and continued their plan.

Buffy continued pulling him up until his head was about three feet from the ground. Once at that level, she held him in place while Max attached the final length of rope to him. Max wrapped the rope tightly around his scrotum. She then threw the rope up and over the same pipe above their head and, allowing some slack in the rope, tied it off to one of the legs of a pool table.

While Buffy still held the ropes holding him off the floor by his ankles, Max moved onto the last rope, the one binding his hands. Slinging it up and over a pipe located at the opposite end of the ceiling, she signaled to Buffy that they were ready. Buffy began hoisting the man upwards high into the air. About halfway up, Max started pulling the rope she held as well.

When they finished, each girl tied off the ropes and left him hanging there. The idea was fairly simple; each rope tied to his legs was hooked to one end of the pipe. The rope holding his hands was attached to the other end. Each was pulled taunt, suspending the man parallel to the ceiling by his ankles and wrists. The fourth part of rope was tied to his balls and hooked to the same end of the pipe as the ropes from his legs. This piece though had enough slack to almost reach the floor. It was easy to see what would happen if the three ropes currently holding his body up were cut but the one attached to his nuts were left in place.

Both Buffy and Max took up positions next to one of the ropes. Each had a knife in her hand. “On three,” Buffy told her companion and began counting. When she reached three, each girl severed the rope next to her. Buffy then turned and threw her knife, cutting the rope holding his arms as well. This left the man with no support and he found himself falling from over seventy feet above the floor.

“Noooooooooooo!!!!!!” he screamed out as he plummeted, closing his eyes as the floor rushed up at him.

The falling man was named Todd. He was currently cheating on his girlfriend. He had met his mistress here tonight. They had been preparing to go to the motel when the fight started. His girlfriend, Lori, was standing in the crowd of women on the other side of the bar, watching her lover sweep towards the ground about to be emasculated.

About the point where his head was twenty or so feet from the floor, the rope attached to his nuts and the pipe above, was pulled taunt. The man’s body began to swing instead of fall directly downward, its path altered by the line between his genitals and its anchor.

As the rope went tight and his weight hit, he screamed loudly as the pain of his own body weight tearing at his balls flooded over him. His balls held and he swung at the last moment to avoid crashing into the floor. As he swung parallel to the ground, screaming all the way, it became apparent that the girls had not planned out his flight path. The man swung straight at one of the pool tables, his jaw catching the edge of the table, shattering the bones and teeth contained in it. The blow did not stop the sadistic ride though and the man continued swinging through and started back up towards the ceiling.

Suddenly, the man’s nuts gave way, ripping free. He was now completely at the mercy of physics and was flung over fifty feet to the opposite end of the club. He smashed head first into a pinball machine and went limb there, his manhood torn from his body and his body broken as well. Lori buried her face in her hands sobbing at the sight. Several other girls tried to console her.

“YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!” Buffy yelled with glee, loving the sight of the carnage her idea had wrought.

“Awesome Buffy!” Max chimed in, “Let’s do some more of em!”

A few minutes later another five men were hanging from the ceiling in exactly the same way, even begging for mercy the same way the first man did, and those pleas were ignored just as the first man’s had been. Max and Buffy started cutting the ropes and letting the men drop. They had taken up some of the slack, so at least they wouldn’t crash into the pool tables like the first man did.

Each fell in turn and each had the rope hooked to his balls pulled taunt by his weight as he did. One man, particularly large with a beer gut, apparently weighed more than his sack could bear. As he reached the point where the rope would have taken over, his nuts were yanked free from him and he fell straight to the floor, crashing face first into the tile, nutless. Another man swung well past this point before his balls were torn off. He was thrown threw a door that led to the bathroom and landed in a heap in one of the stalls, head first into the toilet.

Two of the men smashed into the lights hanging over the pool table. One light cut through the rope holding him before he could have his nuts pulled from him. He landed in a heap on top of the table. The other man continued his trip until his nutsack had taken all it could bear and he was thrown to the floor. He looked up and saw his balls still held by the rope over him and wept.

The last man was smaller than the others, weighting no more that 140 pounds. His ballsack was able to withstand the pressure and he swung all the way until he was parallel to the floor, still attached by his balls and the rope to the pipe above. He then swung back down, screaming all the way. Back and forth he swayed until he finally settled; hanging there by his nuts a few feet off the floor, suffering in agony.

Max ignored him as she walked over to the man laying on the pool table. His nutsack was intact but stretched a good six inches out. So tender were his balls that he couldn’t even stand to touch them. Max had no such problems though. Grabbing his balls in her hand, she squeezed until they popped, “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” She then flung him by the sack across the room, watching him skid into the wall.

Buffy exclaimed, “I want to see that some more.” She was totally turned on by the spectacle of these muscular men being thrown, helpless and ball-less, around the room. She almost had an orgasm when that guy flew into the toilet. The best part was that their sacks and balls were still held in the slipknots of the ropes.

“Fine, you do that, but I got my own ideas,” Max told her and the two continued their games.

While Buffy hung and swung another three men by their nuts, Max grabbed three guys and herded them up the stairs to the second floor. Taking more of the rope with her, she tied off their balls and tied the other end to the railing lining the second floor. Max grabbed one man, named Timothy who was at the club for his bachelor party as he was getting married in a few days, lifted and threw him off the balcony.

He sailed out from the edge of the second floor, then fell and was caught by the rope attached to his balls. He swung back down and under the second floor, slamming into the wall. His balls did hold and he became the sixth man to be hung from the railing, along with the five already there.

As Max prepared to throw another man off, Buffy yelled out excitedly as one of the guys she was watching was thrown through a large fish tank and had his balls sliced off by the shards of glass. Max in turn threw the second man off the edge. This man she threw harder though and his balls were torn free and he landed with a thud.

The last of the three men Max had selected was tossed as Buffy cut the final rope to let her last target fall as well. The two of them collided in mid-air. The force of the blow sent both spinning and flailing in random directions. Max’s man had his balls ripped free while Buffy’s settled and was hung, convulsing uncontrollably.

The Beginning of the End (For the Men)

The pace of the ballbusting was increasing. Max and Buffy were emasculating men several at a time, not showing any mercy or even stopping to enjoy their work. They would simply remove a man’s testicles and then move on the to the next. Both women were getting completely caught up in what they were doing. Both were trained fighters and commonly experienced tunnel vision during battle. They focused solely on their target. Unfortunately, their targets were being held between these men’s legs but the effect was the same. It was becoming increasingly harder for the two girls to stop or even slow down the carnage, they only wanted more.

The men, for their part, had finally realized that none of them were going to be left intact. They had to this point complied with the girls, each on the assumption that most of the men would be let go, like cooperating with bank robbers or hostage takers. They didn’t want to draw attention to themselves or put up a fight. That way, they thought that they might be one of the lucky ones who walked out as a man. They were beginning to see that this wasn’t going to work. The girl’s tastes for their manhood was increasing and getting more sadistic. The men started panicking.

Max jumped down off the second floor, landing right in the middle of the men. She grabbed one and dragged him over to one of several large poles located throughout the club. These poles were supports for the second floor and some of them even extending up to the ceiling of the building. These poles were about 8 inches in diameter and made of steel, painted black.

Max took him by one of his wrists and by the ankle on the same side. Spinning, she lifted him from his feet and spun around several times building up momentum. The speed that she generated made it impossible for the man to control his free limbs. They were pulled outward and away from his body by the centrifugal force she generated. After three full rotations, Max took a step towards the pole, bringing it into the range of her spinning arc.

The man’s groin slammed into the metal pole with tremendous force. Max had spun him with as much force as her chemically enhanced muscles could generate. The pole drove into him, smashing into his torso, shattering his pelvis and the bones of his upper legs. Dropping him, Max felt down between his legs and felt that both his balls were still intact. Even so, he was in tremendous pain as he had suffered a terrible blow to his lower body. Max, not caring, lifted him again, spun him and sent him crashing into the pole again.

“Ohhhhh GOD, Please not again!!!” he screamed out.

This man’s name was Stephen. He was in town just for business and had decided to hang around for a day or two and head back to New York on Sunday. He wished he had taken up the travel agent when she offered to get him a flight earlier that day.

Max didn’t even bother to check his nuts; she just lifted him again and slammed him a third time. This was by far the hardest. She spun him in half a dozen full circles before letting him collide with the pole. The blow ruptured several organs found in his lower body, blood spewed from his mouth and nose, and a shard of his pelvic bone could be seen protruding from crotch, through his scrotum. His balls were completely destroyed, but this was the least of his worries.

Max tossed the broken man to the side and moved to join Buffy with the other men. Both girls grabbed one. He was tall, tan and beautiful, with thick curly blonde hair. He liked surfing and his girlfriend was an Asian girl named Ellen who he loved very much. Buffy and Max didn’t care. To them he was the thing that was carrying the things they wanted to destroy. Beyond that they couldn’t care less about him, as long as they got to destroy his manhood, although they did want it to hurt as much as possible.

Each girl took the tall blonde by one ankle and one wrist. Lifting him between them they held him aloft by his limbs, legs spread wide and his groin pointed at the pole. Buffy and Max exchanged wry smiles, before they started rocking him back and forth, smashing his groin in to the pole over and over. He screamed in time with the blows. They would rock him back and away from the pole, only to then let him swing back into it. They weren’t just letting him swing into it though. They were adding their own powerful muscles behind it as well of course.

Over and over they repeated the process, ten times, then twenty, fifty, A HUNDRED times he was slammed into the pole. His groin had been demolished. His balls and scrotum had ruptured long before they reached a hundred. “Enough?” Max asked Buffy about the time they slammed him for the hundred and eighth time. Looking down at him, he was completely out of it, his head hung backwards, his entire body was limp and he was making gurgling noises as the blood and saliva filled his mouth.

“Yeah, I think so.” Buffy concurred.

Max let go of the man’s limp form, but Buffy didn’t. Instead she grabbed him with her left hand by the hair and lifted face to her eye level. He was unable to even support his own weight. “HEY!” she screamed at his face, trying to revive him. “Wake up,” she said slapping him several times. He began to come around, “Hey there baby”; Buffy cooed into his face, “You back? Good.” He was able to understand what the tiny blonde was telling him but just barely due to the massive pain of his lower body.

“I just wanted to tell you that we smashed your balls. Just wanted you to know that before I did this to you…” with that she punched her fist full force square in the face. She pulled her hand back revealing his broken nose and cheekbone. His face had a large indention in it nearly an inch deep in the shape of her hand. It was obvious that the human body was not designed to withstand a blow of that magnitude. His eyes had rolled back. He tried to lift his arms, but they would not respond to his brains commands. His limbs just jerked back and forth. Through his haze he felt several more powerful blows landing on his face. His subconscious counted seventeen. They felt like someone was hitting him with a baseball bat.

From outside the man’s battered body, the crowd watched as the blonde girl brutally beat the once good-looking man to the point of killing him. After the final time her first landed, his right eye burst from its socket and sailed several feet. When she finally dropped him, he slumped to the floor and was not even recognizable, his face so broken and smashed.

Buffy strode over to the men standing in the group. Even Max got out of her way. She had a look on her face that said ‘Don’t mess with me!’ Moving behind the bar, she grabbed several small forks that she had seen behind the bar earlier. Stuffing them into her pockets, she led a man to one of the pool tables and pushed him up against the edge. Grabbing his balls she pulled them over the edge of the pool table. Pulling out one of the forks, she drove the tips through the base of his scrotum and lodged it into the wood of the table. She then bent the heavy metal handle of the utensil at a 90-degree angle, locking his nut sack in place. The fork didn’t penetrate his balls, just the skin of his scrotum.

As she walked back to get another man, the first man grabbed the fork and tried to pry it out of his meat and the table. Buffy had driven it more than an inch into the dense wood and no normal person could have removed it. It didn’t even hurt that much, just punched through his skin but he had a feeling that this was only the beginning. He looked up to see a young black man pinned in the same fashion next to him.

One by one, eight more men were lined up around the pool table each pinned to the table by the skin around their balls. Two men were on each of the shorter sides of the pool table while she placed three on each of the longer sides.

Buffy looked around, seeing the pool cues jutting out of the bar stools that the girls had used earlier on several guys, she thought ‘that’ll do perfect.’ Grabbing one, she yanked it free. The man whose balls had been destroyed by it was suddenly awakened and screamed as he was caused even more pain.

Buffy approached the table where the men were being held. Choosing one at random, she approached him and smashed the thick end of the pool cue across his nuts, which were totally exposed, resting on the raised edge of the pool table. He screamed in agony as Buffy beat his balls several more times. When she stopped, she could see that both his balls and nutsack had been totally ruptured. The man was fighting to stand up; he knew if his legs collapsed the fork would tear his scrotum off as his weight fell.

Buffy raised the pool cue and brought it down across a second man’s balls. The cue hit towards the back of the scrotum. The pressure forced the man’s testicles forward. The skin of his sack split and his balls shot out and across the table, hitting another man in the chest. He looked down in shock at the sight of the other man’s tactile laying on the table next to his own.

Before he could react to the sight, Buffy had smashed his balls as well. The fourth, fifth, a sixth man felt what it was like to have a pool cue slammed across your nuts full force. All six of the men were screaming, begging for mercy. The other four were crying and pleading for her to stop, to let them keep their manhood.

One man tried to shield his nuts with his hands as she turned on him. She struck his hands, shattering all the bones found within. He reflexively pulled his hands back and before he could re-shield his balls, Buffy crushed them.

Lifting the cue she slammed it into another man, she missed one of his testicles, only rupturing the left one. But it was enough as the man whimpered and passed out from the pain. He fell back but the fork imbedded in the table did not give at all and as he fell backwards the man’s other whole nut was ripped free from his body.

Buffy quickly ended the last two men’s hopes of ever having children as well.

The End Begins (For the Men)

Buffy left the men around the table holding their destroyed nuts and sobbing in terrible agony, except, of course, the one who passed out and emasculated himself. Buffy joined Max at the bar and downed the shot the dark haired girl poured for her as she watched the show at the pool table.

“So, what’cha thinkin’ bout?” Max asked her, “Had enough?” Buffy looked around the room. They had devastated at least fifty of the men. The ones hanging from their sacks from the railing and the pipes, the ones pinned to the bar stools, the ones Buffy had just played with at the pool table, not to mention all the ones lying around the club, holding their groins and moaning in pain.

“I’m thinking…” Buffy took a swig of Jack Daniels right from the bottle and looking at the group of seventy or so remaining naked men, “is that we finish em all off.”

Max’s face lit up, “You read my mind girl. Let’s do it. Let’s do em all!”

“But first, since I think this is going to get messy,” Max peeled off her top, letting her perfect C-cup breasts dangle.

“Good idea, I’ve already got blood splattered on my blouse.” Buffy concurred and unbuttoned her lace top and removed it. Buffy then removed her bra and let it fall to the floor, showing her smaller but incredibly firm breasts.

Each then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and slinked out of them, wiggling their asses side to side. Next, their panties were slid off as well. Each decided to remove her boots but Max kept her gloves on.

Each girl paused and admired the other’s form, taking in the other perfectly formed breasts, round tight butts, solid but lean thighs, well-muscled arms and shoulders. Each had tiny six-pack stomachs, showing the definition of their muscles. “Damn girl,” Max said, as she looked the blonde tiny body up and down. “Not that I swing that way, but if I did, I would be all over your tight little ass.”

Buffy struck a sexy pose, blew her a kiss, “Why thank you, I do work out.” Even the men watching them had to admit that these were two of the hottest girls they had ever seen. They were flawless. Even several men who had no balls thought, ‘they are so hot!” but even the sight of these two beauties couldn’t get a rise out of their battered manhood.

Max’s skin was darker than Buffy’s but even the blonde girl was deeply tanned and had no bikini lines. Buffy pulled her hair out of the ponytail it was in and shook it out, letting her hair flow freely around her shoulders. It was long and luxurious. Max stretched her body taunt, reaching for the ceiling, enjoying the sensation of her well-used muscles stretching out.

Both girls were incredibly turned on by the previous few hours and both their cunts were dripping and wet. Buffy’s thin yellowish pubic hair and Max’s thicker darker hair were both soaked with their juices.

The girls turned to face the men, who all were suddenly shocked back into reality from the fantasy they had been watching of the two girls stripping. The looks on the girl’s faces were deadly serious and suddenly the men realized they predicament they were in and a feeling of panic ran through the group.

The men began to scatter out from the huddled group they had been in, trying to find any cover in the club they could. The girls just laughed and watched them run trying to get out. Several ran to the front door and tried to push the cigarette machine out of the way, but it wouldn’t budge an inch. Max snorted in disgust that five of then couldn’t even move the same machine she had hoisted into place several hours earlier.

They gave the men a few minutes to show the futility of their actions. Then the two looked at each other, gave each other knowing glances as if to say ’Ready? Ready!’ and advanced on the men and tore into them.

Max leapt into the middle of a group of men. Taking two men’s ballsacks in her hands, she quickly removed them. Two more men then felt her hands around their manhood, followed by intense pressure as she burst their testicles. The rest of the group scattered but one man was caught as he turned to run away. Max reached her hand up from beneath and behind, grasping his balls. Yanking but not hard enough to castrate him, she pulled him to the floor and forced his body to lie flat on his stomach. Reaching down she grabbed him by the ankles. Lifting his legs upward, she held them wide, totally exposing his genitals. Raising her foot, she slammed it down repeatedly, rupturing his sack and spilling its contents.

Buffy had headed for the second level as she had seen several men head up that way trying to find an exit. As she moved up the stairs, she trapped half a dozen men up there with her. The lead man in front of her was a huge black man. He had to be at least 6’6” tall and well over three hundred pounds. He rushed forward and threw a punch at the tiny blondes face. Buffy just stood there. The massive fist connected solidly but her head barely even moved, only turning and inch or so from the force. Buffy looked up at him and smiled, “That the best you got?” The man was stunned but figured he had nothing to lose. He punched her in the abdomen, but it was like hitting a wall and did more damage to his hand than to her.

“I’m gonna give you one more chance, better make the best of it.” The large man pulled back and punched towards her face with all his might. At the last possible second Buffy slammed her own fist into his. The man’s hand was shattered. He screamed as he felt the girl grab him by the shoulders. She then drove her knee up and into his groin, but it didn’t stop there. Her knee continued upwards almost up to his sternum. Buffy then dismissively threw the man over the railing to the floor below as she moved onto the next guy behind.

Grabbing him by the balls and by the throat, she pulled in opposite directions, ripping his nuts free. Dropping him, she repeated the brutal process of castration until only one man remained intact standing in front of her, the other four men lying behind holding the spot their removed genitals used to be.

Facing the last man, Buffy closed and punched him in the face, breaking his jaw. She followed with several punches to his ribcage, shattering most of them and collapsing a lung. Grabbing him by the arms, she spun him around so he had his back to the stairs she had come up. Slamming her foot into his balls, they popped and he was sent flying backwards, screaming in pain all the way. He landed at the edge of the stairs and tumbled down them end over end.

Buffy jumped over the railing landing on the main floor, she looked around. Max was on top a guy. She had him on his back with his legs bent at the hips at his sides. She had her knees on his thighs, pinning them to the floor on either side of his body. She was over him, facing away from his head and towards his crotch. She had his balls in her right hand and was using her left fist to pummel them over and over. Her hand was moving faster than the human eye could see, pounding his nuts into mush.

“Shut the fuck up!” she screamed at him as his whimpering began to get on her nerves.

Max grabbed another man within arms reach, lifting him over her head; she body slammed him to the floor. Planting her foot between his legs, she pinned his balls to the tile beneath. Grabbing him by the arms she pulled him upward and off the floor. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t lift her foot, which kept his balls firmly held underneath it, tearing them off. Tossing him aside she looked under her toes at his manhood. Flicking it with her toe, they rolled across the floor.

Across the club, Buffy was in the process of lifting men by their throat against the wall and holding them there, before she punched into their testicles, imbedding their manhood in the plaster of the wall behind. In all, at least twenty men suffered the fate of having their nuts smashed into the drywall of the building becoming permanent fixtures of the club

Max had Ryan, the lead singer in the house band, by the balls. She actually grabbed him above the nuts, by the skin of his scrotum, forcing his balls downward. She was currently in the process of rapping his orbs on the hard wood of the bar. She lifted his balls as far as she could without ripping them off and slammed them down again on the top. Ryan squealed, but before he could even catch his breath, she had done it again. Again, again, and again. Over, over, and over. She didn’t stop, delighting in his torment as she brought his balls in contact with the surface of the bar as harshly as she could. His nutsack was moving up and down so fast, it was a blur. It looked like a savage version of a boxing speed bag. After several hundred blows, his balls were deep purple.

Suddenly she stopped banging them and began applying pressure, gritting her teeth as she did. She was squeezing outward away from his body and towards the outer skin of the scrotum. She was increasing the pressure to unbearable levels. “C’mon, give ‘em to me, C’mon, already!” Max muttered through her grinding teeth. Ryan was screaming, “Stop you’re tearing me,” he cried out as his nutsack burst open. Max had created such pressure in the sack that as it split; Ryan’s balls were fired like bullets from it. They sailed across the room, impacted the mirror behind the bar and splattered, slowly sliding to the floor, leaving a bloody trail behind.

Ryan was left with nothing more than his testicular cords hanging from his torn sack down between his legs. “Awesome!” she exclaimed, “That was better than I expected.” Max proceeded to repeat the process a dozen more times, after seeing that Ryan’s balls sail across the club she was hooked. She turned it into game. She drew a line on the floor, brought a man to it. Squeezed his balls into the base of his sack until the exploded forth. She watched them fly and marked the distance. Getting another man, she tried to beat her previous distance. Her best were the balls of a 17 year old named Will. He was on his first date with a cheerleader. The girl of his dreams had finally said yes to a date and here he was watching his balls being fired from his crotch and sailing some 47 feet. At least he won the contest. ‘Maybe she’ll be impressed’ he thought as he passed out from the pain.


Buffy was in the process of chasing down a man she had set her sights on. He had taken off running. Of course, she could catch him easily but she decided to play with him. She would let him get ahead of her and even find a hiding place, before closing in on him. She even said “Boo!” a few times playfully. She was starting to leap ahead of him and cut him off, closing in.

He ran into the crowd of women standing on the dance floor, “Please, help me! You have to.” He grabbed one woman by the arms and begged her to shield him from Buffy, “You’ve got to help me! She’s going to…the things she’s going to do…She’s here!” he screamed in a panicked voice. Buffy was advancing on him. The girl he was holding wriggled out of his grasp and another women pulled her out of the way. All the women moved away from the man, not wanting to get involved.

“You really shouldn’t have run, now I’m all primed and angry.” Buffy cracked her knuckles loudly and stretched her taunt lean body, flexing her muscles, and rolling her jaw up and around. Cracking and popping noises could be heard coming from her spine and jaw.

“Now, I’m really going to hurt you,” she told him glaring at him all the while. She lowered her head and raised her eyes, looking at him through narrow eye slits. “I’m going to enjoy this,” she purred. He was backing away from her but she was advancing, slowly closing the distance. “I’m going to do you slowly. Take my time on you. Draw it out. What you’ve seen so far tonight is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you.”

He finally felt a wall up against his back; he had nowhere else to go. Women surrounded him on all sides. All of them staring at his naked body, but he was only concerned with one. The smallest of the group as she moved closer. The young man pressing his body up against the wall was named Mike. He recognized the blonde girl before him. Her name was Buffy. They went to high school together. He had graduated one year before her. He had thought she was so hot in high school.

“This is going to be incredible. The things I am going to do to you are beyond comprehension, “ Buffy told him, speaking slowly, drawing out the words. Finally she reached him. She pressed her body up against him. Turning around she rubbed her back across his washboard stomach. Swaying her hips side to side, she ground her butt into his groin feeling his cock between her cheeks. She could feel it swelling and growing in size as she rubbed her body against it.

“My, my, my, I’m flattered. All for me?” she cooed. “Hope you don’t think I’m going to take it easy on you because of that little thing. Oops, did I say little? Silly me, I didn’t mean it, I promise. I’m sure your all man. Besides, it’s not the size but what you do with it, isn’t that what they say?” She giggled and continued grinding into him.

Turning to face him, she ran her tongue across his chest. Digging her nails into his shoulders, she dragged them down his body leaving red marks trailing her fingers. She began sucking on his nipples and she was rubbing her thighs between his legs, massaging his genitals with her body.

“God, I am going to hurt you so bad,” she told him looking up into his eyes. “It’s gonna start soon. Can you feel it? Do you sense what I’m going to do to you? How I am going to violate you?” She looked down at his organ as she spoke the last line.

Turning, she again pressed her backside into him. “And I am going to love it. Hearing you scream. Making you scream.” Buffy threw her head back, laughing as she spoke. “God, it’s going to be fun. And not like the others. No, they had it easy compared to you.” She laughed deeply. “You, you’re going to be the worst. I’m not going to stop. When you scream, I’m going to soak them in. Take your screams into me and use them, add them to my strength. Use your own pain to hurt you more. It’s going to be glorious. One for the history books. You are going to suffer as no man ever has.”

“I’ve killed a lot in my life. But you my boy, you’re going to be the ultimate. My best to date. You will suffer as no one before you.” She laughed deeply and loudly, “GOD! You can’t even imagine what I have planned for you. I have learned a lot about pain over the past few years. How to dish it out. How to deal with it. What hurts the most. What parts of the human body are the most sensitive. How to always take it to the next level. That’s what I’m going to do to you. Take it to the next level. And once we get there, then we go on to the next one after that. Every time you think it can’t possibly get worse, I’m going to increase the pain.” Buffy turned to face him. “I can always take it to the next level.”

“Ready?” Buffy dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her mouth. Drew it deep into her, massaging it with her tongue. She began working the tip and shaft hard with her hands and lips. Up and down, over and over, working him. After only a few seconds, she could feel his body tensing. She had done this plenty of times. She knew what came next. She kept working him until his cock exploded in her mouth, his cum ran down her throat. She leaned back, gurgling with it. Looking up at him, she smiled. The smile then slowly faded from her lips and Buffy took on a dead serious expression. Looking down from his eyes, she focused on his genitals, baring her teeth. A few seconds later, Mike began screaming.

About twenty minutes later, Max realized Buffy wasn’t in the main area of the club. She had been so focused on her own ballbusting activities, she hadn’t noticed until now. Applying pressure, she burst the balls of the man she was holding over her head by his nutsack. His meat oozed between her fingers. She dropped him to the floor.

Max stopped and listened, filtering out the moaning and screaming of the male voices all around her. She could tell there was something happening in the back, where the women had been herded. Max walked back there, stopping briefly to kick the teeth out of one man who was trying to get up. Pushing her way through the crowd of perfumed and made up females, she stopped, shocked by what she saw.

Mike was laid out on his back on the floor. He was spread eagle, arms and legs in a wide ‘X’ position. Buffy was on top of him, straddling his chest with her legs, her hands on either side of his waist. Her pretty tan face was buried in his groin. Mike wasn’t moving, he wasn’t even trying to defend himself. His arms and legs were sticking straight out, held a few inches off the floor. His face had a permanent but silent scream across it. But he wasn’t restrained in any way. He was just lying there, letting Buffy do what she was doing.

At first Max thought she was going down on him, “Hey Buffy, careful you don’t bite it off,” she laughingly called out to her companion. As Max got a few steps closer, she realized that Buffy wasn’t giving him a blowjob. She was…”Oh, my God!” Max muttered under her breath, she finally got a good look at what Buffy was doing. Max took a step back; a wave of nausea hit her stomach.

Buffy looked up, her gaze catching Max’s. Her hair was no longer blonde, it was a deep wet red. Her face was twisted and snarling. She was baring her teeth to Max, almost like she was warning her to stay away, like an animal might. She was feral, wild.

Buffy had told Max that her powers as the Slayer came from a demonic source. She had told her that sometimes to fight evil, you had to become evil. Max knew it was hard to walk that line sometimes, to hold the beast inside in check. She felt it too, the animal inside. Max’s came from the fact that her DNA had been mixed with the DNA of animals. Buffy’s dark side though came from actual demons. Max had no idea how that affected Buffy.

Max turned to leave and as she did she saw Buffy spin around on top of her victim, now face to face. Buffy took his head in her hands and pulled him off the floor slightly. She lowered her face to his. It appeared like they were passionately kissing as their faces were pressed up against each other’s and they were moving their bodies in time with each other. But Max and all the women in the room could see that she wasn’t kissing him. She was…doing something else to him. As Max walked away, she heard the man who Buffy was straddling begin screaming again but muffled as if something was over his mouth muffling him. Max returned to the final 20 or so men still intact in the club.

Over the next twenty minutes Max heard noises (both male shrieks and screams of agony and female growls and screams of rage) coming from the back. Then they stopped and several minutes later, Buffy emerged from the back in a daze. Her eyes were glossy and she was staggering, barely able to walk. Max had the final six men in the club on their knees in front of her. “Buffy, you okay?” Buffy looked in the direction that her name came from but didn’t seem to register what was going on.

Max lifted one of the men before her by his hair and drove her fist into his groin, bursting his testicles. Dropping him, she went to the blonde girl soaked in blood and fluids. She had several inches of what appeared to testicular cords hanging from her teeth and an eyebrow stuck to her cheek. Max helped Buffy to the bar. Ripping the pool cues wedged into the balls of a man from one of the stools found there, Max tossed the man’s limp form to the floor. Taking Buffy by the arm she helped her sit down.

“Buffy, you alright?”

“Yeah, I think so, just give me a minute.” Buffy caught her breath and Max handed her a shot of whiskey, which Buffy downed. “It was just so…” her voice trailed off. “I know, Buffy, I saw, you were wild.”

“It was so…so…good.” Buffy finished her thought. “For the first time I was in touch with myself, my true self.”

“I know the demon juices flowing through you veins must be powerful stuff,” Max offered.

“No, you don’t understand what I’m saying. I don’t mean the demon side of me. I mean the female side. That’s our real power. Don’t you get it Max?” Buffy moved closer to tell her new friend what she had learned in that back room.

“We didn’t do this…” Buffy indicated the male carnage all around them…”because we are possessed of genetic or supernatural powers. We did it because we’re women. We hate their manhood because we are women. That’s why attacked it. We didn’t attack them. We could have slaughtered them in a matter of minutes if that’s all it was about. We attacked their manhood. It was about punishing them. Punishing them for being men and everything that means. We wanted to hurt them at their most vulnerable and also at what makes them men. That’s what we did here.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it that way. I just know I like smashing balls.” Max said thoughtfully.

“That’s okay. You don’t have to understand like I do. It is all clear to me now though. I see my purpose in life. I’ve been lied to. I shouldn’t be using my powers to kill demons. This my purpose, this what I’m meant to. Why is the Slayer always a girl? Why was I made a female and the Slayer? Because they are linked, intertwined.”

“You got all this by biting a guys balls off?” Max asked with skepticism.

“No, it’s been coming for some time. This night just made it clear.” Buffy replied and settled back, leaning against the bar. “What about them? They’re the only ones left.” Max asked, indicating the five men kneeling a few feet away.

“You have ‘em Max. You deserve ‘em.”

“You sure? You don’t mind?” Max didn’t want to be greedy. “You earned it.” Buffy told her.

Max stepped in front of one of the men. Stepping back, she drove her foot forward and into his groin. His balls exploded and the force of the kick lifted the man. He flew, spinning end over end, smashing face first into the large mirror behind the bar and then dropping into the racks of booze bottles and shards of glass, before finally settling to the floor.

Max reached down, grabbed two men’s nutsacks in either hand and crushed them. She then tore the useless, smashed orbs from their bodies. Max then grabbed the second to the last man by the arm, lifting him to his feet. She kicked her left foot into his right kneecap, shattering it. She then twisted his arm savagely, ripping it free from the socket. Tearing the muscles and pulling the joint from the shoulder blade. Max landed a punch to the side of his face, crushing that side of his head. Max then drove her knee into his nuts, shattering them and launching him into the air. The man’s battered body was sent flying straight up. He struck a skylight located in the ceiling, landing on the roof.

Max then approached the final man. He was begging and crying. Reaching down, she gingerly took his nuts in the fingers of either hand. Applying sharp pressure to each ball with her thumb and pointer finger, she ruptured each and left the man on the floor squealing in agony. Max was still amazed at how little it took to cause them so much pain.

Buffy had taken a hose behind the bar that was used for spraying down the dishes and sink and was washing her hair, face and body off. “Buffy,” Max called to her. When Buffy turned, Max pointed to the corner of her mouth, indicating to Buffy to do the same. Buffy reached up, felt the testicular cord hanging from her teeth. Embarrassed, she pulled it free. Max followed suit and cleaned up.

Both jumped up on the bar, hanging their legs off the edge. “Wow, that was intense,” Max said, exhaling deeply.

“I know, but fun,” Buffy added.

“Really fun,” Max added again. Both of them laughed.

They looked over the club and thought about what they had done. The club was littered with the forms of over a hundred men rolling back and forth, holding their groins. If they were conscious enough, they were screaming in pain, if not, they were simply moaning incoherently. Testicles were everywhere. Stuck to the walls, on the floor, on the pool tables, hanging from the rafters and light fixtures. Dozens of male sex organs were covering the place.

“Want to get out of here?” Buffy asked her new best friend.

“Sure, this place is dead anyway,” Max replied. Buffy moved the large machine blocking the entrance. Max held up four small meaty orbs by their thin cords in front of her. “Souvenirs?”

“Sure,” Buffy said taking two of the balls in her hand.

As the two girls headed out of the club, still completely naked, “Want to get something to eat?” Buffy asked.

“Sure, I got a craving for some hotdogs for some reason,” Max replied.

“Sounds good, I know the perfect place, just up the street. They got the best wieners.” The girls giggled at the word ‘wiener.’ “Plus the high school football team heads there after games on Saturday. They might be there tonight,” Buffy told Max.

“Cool. We can continue the fun there then.” And with that the two strode out into the street.

The women in the back of the club were too terrified to move and the men were in no shape to do so, and so they all spent several hours waiting to be found. About half an hour after the two girls left, several of the women thought they heard faint screams in the distance. One women thought it sounded like a sixteen-year-old football player having his erect penis placed in a hotdog bun and bitten off by a tiny blonde girl named Buffy. Another women thought it sounded like a high school quarterback having a pick-up truck lifted off the ground and the rear left tire set down on his testicles by a olive skinned girl named Max. Ironically, they were both right.

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