Friday, September 14, 2007

Freshly Squeezed Testicle Juice: A Man on a Mission

By farris

This is a true "story", and I hope that some of you might draw inspiration from it. Never give up on your dreams, even if it's simply to have a dream :)

Some background before I go on: in high school, long before I was actually aware there was such a thing as ballbusting, I overheard an older girl threaten a guy in jest. "I'll squeeze the juice out of your balls," she said menacingly...

Well, just the thought of that made my intestines bunch up and ache, if you know what I mean. My testicles were young and even a touch could be excruciating, and even though I knew I liked to be hit there, the thought of prolonged squeezing was frightening.

Naturally, squeezing became the Holy Grail. In fact, I decided that I had to have the cum squeezed out of my balls. Now I know that the cum doesn't actual reside in the balls, but I wanted to be squeezed until I came. To this day, I haven't been able to get any woman to squeeze me just right so she could squeeze me to orgasm. Now, since I am a purist, I insist that there be nothing more than incidental penile manipulation. You can't jack off to the point of cumming, and then squeeze the balls till you cum. And that's the difficulty with this particular fantasy.

I have on two occasions been able to squeeze my own balls till I came. Only one of those times truly satisfied me as having little enough penile manipulation that I could actually claim that I had squeezed the juice out of my balls. Here, I'll present a recollection of that episode.

It was a night in the winter of 1999. I was horny as usual, alone as usual and frustrated as usual. I wanted a ballbusting and was left to my own devices. I therefore did the usual things: punched my balls, got a wooden cooking utensil and gave my nuts some hard whacks. By this time, my cock was rock hard, and that somehow made me angry. I decided to go to town on my balls. Lifting one leg and putting it on a chair, I left my testicles open to assault. I tried several positions, sometimes binding my testicles with a rubber band to prevent escape. I am still amazed at how brave I was.

When I started squeezing my balls, I realized that this was a "now or never" moment, it would define what kind of a man I was, whether I would back down to pain, or if I would go where few men had taken themselves. I decided to go on, and barely touched my cock. This was a holy mission, and I marched on, pounding my balls with my fists, squeezing them, first in one hand, then the other, then both. I laid my scrotum on a table top, trapped the balls under my palm and leaned one the palm to squeeeeeze, more pressure, more pleasure, more pain. I gave my balls some hard hand slap, then some slaps with a wooden ruler. I took one nut in between the thumb and fingers of either hand, and vowed I would not back down. Clear precum rain like a bubbling stream down my erect cock. But by now, the pain was starting to get to me.

I grasped both balls in my right hand. This was the moment of truth and I knew it. I squeezed harder, hardly able to breathe. My eyes were closed, but I could picture myself there in the middle of the room, on my knees on the carpet, my right shoulder hunched down, a man locked in a noble struggle against unseen demons. I knew that it was useless, I was close but not close enough. My testicles needed a demonstration, tough love, to be shown that I would not be denied.

I gave my testicles three hard merciless punches, each harder than the one prior to it, and carefully gripped the testes again. I resumed squeezing, harder than before. I was giving it everything I had, and I was afraid I would black out. At this point, my well being had taken a backseat. Then, suddenly, it happened: an eruption of thick white cum, wildly sprayed over the carpet, my thighs, my chest. I kept squeezing for the next 15 seconds and then collapsed on the floor, holding my aching nuts, writhing in pain, my balls throbbing, and my cock still twitching. The smell of hot semen surrounded me. I had done it. Now, I can only hope that a woman will one day take matters into her own hands, and squeeze the juice out of my balls.

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