Monday, October 8, 2007


By kekeo

Yuuko is a 25 years old office lady employed by a trading company in Tokyo. She has cute face is 5feet 4inches with medium-sized body (23 inches waist and 33 inches hip) with extremely large tits (38inches)!

That night, Yuuko left alone in her office, preparing documents for tomorrow's meeting in front of her computer. She was wearing blue business suits and white blouse which pushed up by her melon-sized boobs, and tight black mini-skirt that showed her shapely legs.

At 9:00 p.m., she stood up with a cup in her hand, to make another hot coffee. Then the door was opened, and entered an American businessman whose name is John.

"Hey Aoki-san. (Yuuko's family name). You working so late at night alone?"

He graduated Japanese university, so he can speak Japanese frequently.

"Taihen-desune. (means 'You works so hard')"

"Thanks Mr. John," replied Yuuko with smile, and stared his black face. John is thirty years old gentle and handsome afro-American. He's tall (6 feet 3 inches) and has a muscular body.

Yuuko had heard about afro-American’s large cocks, from one of her girl friends. She had an experience making love with an afro-American. First time she saw his cock, she was afraid of that too large cock for her vagina. But she could enjoy nice sex with that large black cock.

Yuuko thought about John's cock, 'is his so large? I wanna see that.'

Luckily there were nobody without Yuuko and John was in that office.

"Mr. John," said Yuuko.

"How about a cup of coffee?"

"Oh thanks, Aoki-san."

"You are welcome!"

She went to coffee-corner and returned to him bringing another cup of hot coffee. John was sitting on his chair. "Douzo (means 'Take it')," she said so holding out the cup to him.

"Thank you, Aoki-san."

He reached his right hand to receive the cup. Then Yuuko accidentally stumbled. The hot water was poured onto his groin.

"Ouch!" John shouted. Instantly Yuuko fell onto him slamming her knee to his groin.

"Ooooooops!" John cried falling from his chair to the floor.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Yuuko shouted. John groaned in the fatal position, closing his eyes tightly, covering his aching balls and penis with both of his hands.

"Sorry, John! You must need help. Can you stand up?"

"Ma.....maybe......" John struggled to rise with help of Yuuko. Yuuko carried him to the sofa and put him on that.

"Are you all right, Mr. John?" she said.


"It's terrible. Let me see that."


"Where it hurts." Saying so, Yuuko opened his zipper and begun to undone his pants.

"No, and you need not to....." John tried to resist, but Yuuko stumbled again slamming her elbow to his groin.


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