Monday, October 8, 2007

Visiting Wendy (part 1-2)

By jtomin31

This was my second visit to Mistress Wendy, and it ended up being a lot more painful than the first. I guess I was the first guy who ever came to her asking for a session that was just ball-beating. She was a bit surprised, being more used to a 'typical' CBT session, but I gotta say, she got into it pretty quick, and I think she enjoyed it! She spent the first 30 minutes just getting to know me while experimenting with different techniques, then spent the second half hour punching and slapping my balls.

For a good part of it, I was lying on my back on the plush rug on her floor, holding a piece of rope that was wrapped around the base of my sac. It made it easier for her to get at my balls. She really seemed to enjoy hitting them, and I think we went almost ten minutes straight with her raining blows on them. Finally, after a dozen or so particularly hard hits, I said "yellow," which was our code word for "I need a bit of a breather!"

She didn't give me too long. After more of her smacking my bulbs around, she did a time-check and realized she was getting carried away. She asked me if I wanted self-release, which I definitely did, and she asked I wanted her to keep bashing my nuts while I rubbed myself. She kneeled down between my legs and told me she didn't want me to cum until she gave the okay.

I started pulling on my cock as she began slapping my balls. I think she was a little turned on by this course of events, because she was hitting harder and faster than before. I was in a ton of pain and having trouble staying hard. At last I did ask her to pause for just a second, which she did. Then I decided to go out on a bit of a limb, after all, I was paying for the session!

I told Wendy I wanted her to keep hitting my balls not just during, but after I came too. She asked if I was sure, knowing it would hurt a lot more. I said I wanted to try it, and she smiled and agreed. With that, she resumed her attack on my manhood, now punching her little fists into my balls with all her strength. I was in heaven and hell, but really close to cumming, which I said to her. She increased her assault on my testicles, and I knew I'd be in for even worse pain shortly, almost unimaginable at this time.

I was so aroused by it all, the sight of this beautiful woman battering my nuts, and the build-up to this point. I shot my load and it seemed to last forever. As my hand slowed down, hers seemed to speed up. Then, intense pain shot into the pit of my stomach. I took one more gut-wrenching slam into my jewels, and said "red," our word to definitely end the night. I was quivering, spent, and in complete agony.

And here I am, back for more!

When I made the second appointment, I told her I really wanted to push my limits even further. She said she had had a fun time, and was looking forward to it. When I arrived, she was again wearing a bustier that made her tits look like two perfect melons. She told me to strip down to my underwear. Last time, we agreed that instead of wearing boxers, I should wear boxer-briefs, the kind with a hole through the front. After she fastened my arms to restraints above my head, she kneeled down in front of me and gently pulled my ovals out through the hole.

She took a step back and said, "I'm excited about your return. Are you sure you are ready to up the ante tonight?" I nodded and she smiled. "Okay, then here's our new rule for the evening. At certain times, we can pick a number of minutes and an activity, like me squeezing one of your balls in each hand." As she said this, she grabbed my nuts and clenched her fist tight. I squirmed and coughed briefly. "Once we agree on the time, I set a timer. During the time, we do not stop the activity under any circumstances. I did a little bit of my own research, and found out that as long as I am using my hands and knees on you, nothing could cause any serious lasting injury. It is possible for me to bruise your balls by punching them enough and this would result in you being in some amount of pain for days - but it will eventually go away. Frankly, this is my goal for you tonight, what do you say?"

The entire time she explained this to me she was rolling my balls around in her hands, squeezing and prodding her fingers into them. This, combined with her suggestion had my cock at full attention. "I'm in."

With that, she released my balls, and walked over to her counter, where she looked through her various S&M toys. She grabs a rubber mallet I hadn't seen the last visit, and walks behind me, and I hear her set it down. She stands right in back of me so close that I can feel her firm breasts rubbing against my back. She puts her left arm around my body and runs her fingers through my chest hair, and tells me to spread my legs more, which I do. I feel her right hand slip between my legs and look down to see her hand clench my poor eggs. She squeezes quite hard and I shudder. Her grasp intensifies, and she uses her left hand to keep me standing steady. Her grip on my nuts relaxes a bit and then gets hard again. She begins to rhythmically pump my balls, and I am shaking with the pain while she keeps me steadied. She keeps this up for about a minute, maybe more, and it hurts a lot, but I'm still totally erect. She releases my balls and hugs both arms around me, cradling me. I exhale deeply, unclenching my muscles one by one. She feels my body release, and quickly steps back and swings her leg up hard, catching the toes of her boot square in my nutsack.

She does it again and then a third time, all before I can blurt out "yellow!" I stand there, weak in the knees, trying to get the horrible feeling out of my gut. When I finally open my eyes, she is kneeling down in front of me. She grins, and reaches out, cradling my tender sac in her left hand. She tells me to close my eyes, and I do, but ask for a quick breather. She counts slowly to 10 as I recover a bit. But at 8, she racks my balls harder than I've ever felt, and I instantly scream out "yellow" again. I am practically hopping from foot to foot. I notice through the tears forming in my eyes that she is still kneeling, swinging the mallet freely into her now-emptied palm. She says, "you took that really well, I'm very impressed. I'm also getting kinda turned on by this, so it seems like we're both getting our money's worth! As a reward, I'll give you a choice: either two more hits in a row right now, or five more over the next five minutes, no stopping."

I don't know what to do; I am still reeling in pain. She brings her hand to my sac again, "better choose soon, or I'll combine them and do five in a row!" I panic and choose 2 now. "You're the boss!" I watch in horror as she slams the mallet into her fist. My body clenches up, and I don't see the second one coming. I am having trouble keeping my weight up, and I feel her hands at my arms. My left arm comes free from the restraints and I immediately cradle my balls. When she releases my right, I let my body fall to the ground, and remain there curled up, trying to get out of the agony I feel. I can tell my balls are swelling a bit, and are very warm in my hands.

"Can you believe it's only been 20 minutes so far? I'm gonna smash those suckers before the night is through. Hitting your nuts with that mallet really turned me on too, so I think I'm going to give you a little reward." With that, she unsnaps the straps that keep her outfit on, and sits on the floor in front of me, naked. I'm shocked, but pleased to see her body's as luscious as I'd fantasized about. Her nipples are just the right size (silver dollars) and her pussy is clean-shaven.

She begins fingering her clit, as she watches me still moving around in pain. With her free hand she pinches one of her nipples, then reaches out to me, and puts my hands, one by one, on her amazing breasts. I am delighted at the firmness, and gently caress and squeeze them. She runs her hands up and down my chest, lightly draping her fingers over my cock, still hidden away in my underwear. A bit of precum oozes out, and she takes a gentle hold of my scrotum. I shiver, anticipating her grip.

"I may work as a mistress, but sometimes I enjoy being on the receiving end, so I thought we could play another little game. I'm pretty aroused from busting your balls, which is unusual for me, so we should have some fun with it. I want you to pinch my nipples as hard as you want. If you get me to say 'yellow' then you win, and I'll give you a handjob right now. If I cum before first, you spend the next part of the session blindfolded. You wanna play my game?"

I figured I had nothing to lose, and said sure. Boy was I wrong. She instantly clenched her free hand around my plums, taking me totally by surprise. As the pain raced through my body, I remembered the game, and started pinching her nipples, while she furiously pulled on her clit.

"Is that all you've got?" she asked, and bore down even harder. The crushing feeling of my balls was sapping my strength, but I managed to pinch a bit more. She increased the pressure too, so I managed to squeeze my fingers even further. I was using all my energy to keep this up as she mangled my nuts, but I saw her eyes close as she winced in pain - I think I had her!

I suddenly twisted one, then the other nipple, which must've hurt a lot. Finally a noise came out of her mouth, a loud "ohhhh" and her body shock convulsively. It didn't last too long, but while she came her grip on my nuts felt like it doubled in strength. I let go of her tits and clawed her hand off my balls. She released them, and we both fell back on the floor, her in ecstasy, me in agony.

As I recover, I glance at the clock to notice that more than a half-hour has passed. I don't know how to feel, as I'm in a lot of pain and don't know what else Wendy has in store for me. She sees me looking and says, "Don't worry; I'll give you some extra time for my little bout of self-indulgence. I'm very glad you came back for a second visit!"


She stands and puts her outfit back on, while motioning me over to her couch. My balls feel very heavy as I walk, and I gingerly rest them on the couch. At each corner of the sofa is a leather restraint, and she binds me completely, legs and arms spread. She sits down next to me, and puts a blindfold on my leg. She also produced a small wooden block and pillow, both of which she places under my balls, then lightly rubs her hand over my cock, which springs back to attention beneath my briefs.

"I like the way your underwear keeps your balls available to me, but for this next bit, I need them to rest out on this block. Once I blindfold you, I', going to spend some time pounding away at your groin, and I really want to take you to the edge." She goes back to the counter, and kneels in front of me, laying a few toys at my feet. I shudder as I look over them: a cane, a Nerf-baseball bat, a section of PVC pipe, a wooden spoon, and my friend, the mallet is back. Wendy leans forward and secures the blindfold, and I'm shivering with anxiety.

I feel the warmth of her hand as she rests it on my elevated sac. "Wow! They're really hot and swelling nicely. Are you getting what you wanted?"

"Absolutely - it's a night I'll remember for quite som-" I am cut off as I feel tremendous pressure crushing my balls. I couch and cry out in pain. "If you're wondering, I'm leaning almost all of my body weight onto your poor little nuts." She maintains this assault and continues, "this is just a quick warm-up for our next game. After you're a bit more tenderized, we're going to play a variation of 'memory.' Let me explain. I've got some new toys out, which you say. I'm going to hit your balls with one toy and then you have to guess what it was. If you're wrong, I get 2 extra hits, mostly to remind you of the feeling for the next hit. If you're right, I put the toy away." She eases the pressure off my groin, and I exhale deeply.

"One more thing - I added a couple of bonus items you didn't see. When you're wrong about them, I get four hits instead of two. Ready?" I wasn't, but I knew it didn't matter what I said, "Yes, Wendy, I'm ready."

For the next ten seconds, I sat there in silence. It seemed like an eternity. When something smacked my jewels with extreme force, I wish I had had longer! Due to my restraints, I couldn't really move or barely even flinch. "OK, what was that?" I had absolutely no idea, other than it seemed pretty solid. "the cane?" Less than a second later, bang, then again, BANG! "Nope!"

With everything I'd already been through, I didn't think I'd make it through this game with my balls intact. I sat in the dark, concentrating on blocking out the sensations. I heard a very loud smack before I felt a searing pain on the surface of my scrotum. "that was the spoon," I said with a mild cough. "Yeah. It wasn't quite right for this game, it's more fun to use over and over again, rather than just a single hit like that."

A moment later, it felt as if my balls were flattened, and I felt a bit nauseous. "I hit you extra hard that time, to make up for the spoon. What's your guess?" I could barely think, let alone focus on what object she was using. It didn't feel as devastating as the mallet, but it was quite a whopper. I started wondering what else she may have found and then I was suddenly seeing stars in the darkness. She followed this blow with another quick one, and said, "You took too long! But for the next time, that was the cane. Now it's time for one of my mystery objects!"

I braced myself as much as I could, but when the blow came down, it was still too much for me. Not as bad as the cane, but it seemed to dwell longer, whatever it was, it was a little flexible. "I don't know, maybe something like a cucumber or…" I heard her giggle.

"Does this feel like a cucumber ? No, it's not food at all. Funny guess though!" I was nearing my limits when her attack resumed a moment later. WHAP! The pain flared up again, but Wendy only hit my left nut - but she sure hit it hard! I was writhing in pain, trying to diminish the feelings inside, and I almost forgot to guess again. The toy felt a little softer than others, so I said "the Nerf bat?"

"Yes, darn it. I really like using it, because I don't feel like I have to hold back at all. I was hoping to just whack away at your balls with it, over and over again." She seemed to be giving me less and less recovery time with each toy, because I felt another crushing blow, again just to my left nut. My body had broken into a sweat some time ago, but now I could feel it all over. My legs were quivering a little, and I was starting to get a bit woozy.

I didn't think that she had used the cane again, so hoping it wasn't new, I guessed the plastic PVC pipe. "Damn! That's two in a row for you. Time for another new item! This was a bit of a last-minute addition, so tell me how it feels!"

She hit me across both my balls again, but the blow felt a bit more like a sting than a crushing sensation, and it didn't really hurt all that much, which Wendy could tell. "I didn't think it would be all that great. It's my stereo remote control. Oh well, I'll use the other one instead, and by the way, it's still not a cucumber." And she nails me square on my left nut, which is getting very sensitive. I'm in agony as I try to figure out what the heck it is she's beating me with. It feels almost the way her punches feel. "Is it a cane with a towel or something soft wrapped around it?"

Her answer was two more sharp smacks to my left testicle, followed by two to both. "Nope! I'll trade you a hint for a hit…" I inhaled and nodded ok, and she slammed the object down again. "Well, it's something from my personal collection, really for me, and not others. I'm totally into the symbolism of it too! I hope that's not too much of a giveaway. Moving right along!"

With that, I hear then feel a loud thud as my jewels are smashed into the pillow once more. I am gasping for air and a surge of nausea comes over me. I remember that feeling all too well, and slowly regain my composure enough to utter "the mallet." Unfortunately, I do it at the same time she says, "Outta time" and crushes my bulbs once more. "I guess that was a tie, so I'll give it to ya. Besides, you are really starting to swell up down there. I think your left ball is bruising but I'll make sure they're both pretty fucked up before too much longer! Only two items left, and I think you'll get them both with one more hit each."

My head's still spinning from the mallet pounding when I feel the hard wood of the cane come down across my eggs, scrambling them even more. I'm so far past anything I've ever felt before. I'm drenched in sweat, making barely audible but constant moaning noises and I can feel the ache in my balls all the way through the back of my throat. I identify the toy as the cane, and focus on getting through this with my manhood intact.

"That's right, which brings us to our last object. I'll give you a way out - if you take 6 hits in a row, we're done and you can stop guessing." I took the opportunity, having no clue what the item was and not really wanting to count on her 'clues' to help me out. I braced for the impact, when I felt a smack into my left nut. Smack, smack, smack, "OW" then the next one across both orbs, SMACK, SMACK, "AHHHHH!"

I must have sat for a full minute without exhaling again. Wendy removed the blindfold and was kneeling in front of me with a smile on her face. She held up a long rubber dildo and chuckled. "Well done! Are you ready for our last few activities? I have just a couple more things I want to do to those precious jewels of yours." She put her hand beneath my sac, cradling my engrossed nuts. I looked down to get a sense of the damage. I'd never seen them look like this before, bright red, with a large purplish bruise covering the left one, and a smallish bruise on the right one.

Wendy rolled my balls in her fingers, and even that motion sent a wave of pain through my body. She moves her hand up, and can feel the hardness of my dick. "How are you still hard with your balls beaten so badly? I'm shocked!" She undid all my restraints, and I instantly held my package. She gently pushed a finger into the partially exposed bruised area of my left nut, which caused me to inhale sharply. "Okay, time for the next round."

She stood me up and then turned me away from her. "Grab the ropes again," she said, indicating the cuffs above my head. As I did so, she lashed out with a vicious kick from behind. I collapsed into a heap. "I actually needed you on the ground, and we haven't really spent much time with my boots smashing your precious sac." I was rocking back and forth, moaning over and over again, "My balls. Shit. My balls."

"Okay, we're almost done, and I really want to send you home remembering this night forever. Get down on all fours please," she said, with a sweetness in her voice. "Here's a nice incentive." She stripped out of her outfit again. I slowly got onto my hands and knees, and watched her walk around me. She sat on my lower back, and I could feel her wetness. "Now it's time for the no-foul round. For the next two minutes, I'm gonna squeeze the life out of your balls with my bare hands again. No punching, kicking, or hitting, but also no stopping. I want to feel me crush your testicles with my grip once more tonight!"

"I'm not going to be able to last two minutes Wendy!"

"Sure you will! You're doing so great. Most guys would've ended the entire session about 20 minutes ago. Plus," she said as she stuck her hand into my underwear, "Your dick is still so stiff. You'll have a night to remember for sure!" I took a deep breath, and said okay. She reached her hand onto the mantle and set a timer she had for two minutes and ten seconds and then pushed start.

I watched the seconds count down as she got her hands into position, one on each nut. Even before she applied pressure I felt a minor discomfort from the contact. I clenched my stomach muscles tight as I anticipated the pain, and watched the timer reach 2:00. I closed my eyes.

Nothing happened. I waited a couple of seconds and then turned my head to look behind me. Wendy was watching me, and as our eyes made contact, she dug her fingers into my groin. It felt like my balls exploded in her little fingers, and all the strength flew out of my body. My arms gave out and I toppled over, but she shifted her weight to follow me down. She changed her grip, flexing her fingers causing new, pulsing waves of pain throughout my sac. I couldn't even feel the difference between either ball, just a mass of agony in the pit of my stomach.

Her fingers crossed my bruised areas and suddenly I was seeing stars, and collapsed completely, rolling onto my side. "I can't take it. Please! Stop!" I panted out.

"Not a chance, we've still got more than a minute to go." With that, she began rolling my balls around in her hands. This was less immobilizing than before, and I could feel her crotch moving back and forth along my side. I could hear her breathing a bit heavier as well. She continued these motions for a few more seconds and then changed her grip again, rubbing my balls into each other. This made me cry out in pain, and after a few seconds I began to shake and tremble. My whole body was sweating, and I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach.

"Only 30 seconds left, but it ain't getting better for you!" I couldn't imagine it being any worse. She released her grip, but I could feel she still held my left testicle in her fingers. Then I felt more fingers on it, and I grimaced as they began to compress. She was crushing my single orb from every angle, and the pain spiked.

"Yellow! Yellow!"

She didn't stop.


"Not for 10 more seconds. This feels soooo good to do, I can imagine crushing thousands of little sperm inside your nut." I was really shaking now, convinced my left ball was being destroyed. There was almost a numbness in the midst of the agony. Ding!

Finally, it was over. She got up, and I just lay there, barely even moving anymore. I remained on the floor for a bit, eyes closed, wishing the pain would go away, or even diminish a little bit. I assumed, and frankly hoped that our session was finally over. I felt an odd sensation, the pain was so intense, yet my cock was fully engorged and a large wet spot was visible in my briefs. I inspected my battered testes, both swollen and now purplish. The left testicle seemed to be bruised entirely, and about half of the right one was dark as well.

"Honestly, this was one of the most fun sessions I've ever had. Take off your briefs; it's time you got a little pleasure to go with the pain." I looked up to see Wendy naked above me, her pussy glistening with some juices dripped down her inner thighs. I slid down my underwear, and she motioned me over to lean my back against the wall. She stood straight up between my legs and said, "I've never let a customer do this before, but after the way I ransacked your manhood, I think you deserve it. I want you to go down on me while I step on your nuts. When I come, then you can make yourself come too."

She positioned her right foot over my scrotum and stepped down, pushing them into the floor. I gasped, and she thrust her crotch forward into my face. I began to tongue her.

I love the sweetness of a woman's juices, and I guess I was doing okay, as she began to moan pretty quickly. I sped up in response, only to feel a jolt to my balls. "Don't speed up, I like it like that. It's gonna make me cum, so don't change a thing!"

She eased her foot off my jewels a little. Within a minute she was making all kinds of noises as I lapped away eagerly. "Oooh. Ohhh. I love racking those tender balls of yours. Oooh. Oh! I'm about to cum! Okay, you can start touching yourself!" I didn't hesitate, and began jerking off. My tongue continued caressing her clit and she yelled out, then stomped her foot down hard, squashing my nuts. My eyes bulged out, but I didn't stop pulling on my dick. She started slamming her foot down onto my grown, sending wave after wave of pain through my body.

Then she grabbed the back of my head and shoved me even harder into her crotch. This was enough to push me over the edge and I shot out a massive load. Thankfully, as the first splat of semen came flying out of my cock, she lifted her foot off my plums. I came harder and longer than ever before.

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