Monday, October 8, 2007

Cultural Differences

By Knave

Bill ran down the stairs excitedly. It was his senior year of high school and after four years of foreign language it was going to pay off! He had spent the last two days packing, and dreaming of freedom from his boring family. He loved his family of course, but he longed for a change of scenery, and maybe some adventure. He packed his suitcases into the trunk of the family car and waited impatiently for his mother to get ready. Fidgeting and fumbling around Bill ran out of patience and honked the horn for his mother who appeared in the front door. "Oh for Pete’s sake, I'm coming! Mercy Bill, if you had any less patience you'd be your father!" his mother said getting into the car.

The drive to the airport was entirely too long, but finally they arrived and Bill was on his way to the terminal. "Stop just a sec and let me look at you." His mother grabbed her son's shoulder and spun him around to hug him goodbye. "I can't go with you to the terminal, so kiss me goodbye here. I'm going to miss you William."

Bill smiled and kissed his mother on her cheek. "I'm gonna miss you too mom, but it's only for two weeks! Besides, I'll send letters and post cards, and I'll have tons of stories for you when I come back!"

Bill's mother smiled gently and shrugged. "I know Will; it's just that, well I've heard that Femina is a very strange country, with very foreign customs and social orders. I'm just concerned for you."

Bill shook his head and hugged her one last time. "Don't worry mom, besides studying the language for four years, I've also read that though its ways are different from ours, Femina isn't any more dangerous. So don't worry, and wish me a good trip."

Bill's plane ride was a little over nine hours, so he had plenty of time to stew in anticipation of the great time he was going to have. Over his four years of study he had become fluent in the language of Femina, but despite what he told his mother he had really only grazed the edge of the culture and history. His teacher Ms. Burton told him that before he goes to Femina he should really spend more time learning its customs, as he may learn he actually didn't want to go, but Bill was sure that no country could be so bad as to make him stay at his house a moment longer. So he stewed, and wondered at all the people and places he would experience.

Nine hours later the plane landed, and Bill got out into the terminal, which was small but inviting. It was then that he saw some of his classmates who had arrived two weeks earlier, and would be departing for home soon.

"Carl! Jack! I'm here!" Bill ran over to the other seniors and greeted them with a smile. Jack and Carl on the other hand seemed uncomfortable and wary. The first thing Bill noticed was that they both wore the traditional Femina costume for men. It was a simple T-shirt, as Femina has a very warm climate, and simple one-piece pants. One thing that Bill had never noticed in class however, was that the pants were extremely tight, and seemed specifically tailored to display the testicles of each boy.

Trying to ignore their bulging sacks, Bill poked fun at them. "Yikes! Couldn't find any pants that fit you guys!? Those are more like panty hose than pants!" Bill jibed and punched Carl's shoulder.

Carl rubbed the back of his neck and motioned for Bill to quiet down. "Bill, shhh. My host family is here somewhere; they're buying souvenirs for me to bring back to my folks. Jack's are here somewhere too. Be quiet, we snuck away to find you and warn you…"

Bill interrupted Carl's frantic speech. "Warn me? About what? I brought sunscreen for the beaches if that's what you're worried about."

Carl shook his head emphatically. "No Bill, you don't understand…" but suddenly a cheerful voice was heard from across the terminal. Bill looked over to see a beautiful woman of about 40 start running over. She was obviously a native and drop dead gorgeous. She had short brown hair that came to about her shoulders and framed her face like a portrait. She had deep blue eyes and full delicious lips. Her perfect breasts bounced and heaved underneath her tight shirt as she ran seemingly in slow motion. Her obviously toned legs seemed to dance beneath her short skirt, and with every step her high heels flashed in the light of the overhead lamps. Behind her appeared four equally gorgeous creatures that would turn out to be her daughters. They ranged in size from tall to medium, and all had beautiful lustrous hair that flowed behind them as they walked. Bill instantly recognized that not only were all these women beautiful, but they seemed genuinely carefree and happy.

Finally after an eternity of seductive running, the woman reached Carl. She began to speak in her native tongue, and an eager Bill listened intently. "Carl! There you are! We found the dearest little trinket for your parents back in the States. Here, carry this bag please, oh and do introduce us to your…wait. You must be Billy! Why you're our second guest, finally arrived!"

Bill's heart skipped a beat as the proposition of living with five of the most attractive females he had ever seen, for two weeks sunk in. "I... um… I'm pleased to meet you! Yes I'm Bill and I am indeed your second guest!" Bill said happily.

"Oh my, he speaks Femina very well Mother! He's the best foreigner I've ever heard!" The eldest daughter said. Her mother nodded and smiled to her daughter. If Bill had been able to pry his eyes off the woman-meat in front of him, he would have noticed his friends sweating and shaking slightly in front of their hostesses.

"My name is Therese, and these are my daughters. In order of age, they are Maria (18), Katya (17), Lisa (16) and Gina (15). Girls, curtsy to our new guest." Therese motioned to her daughters, who all gently lifted the sides of their incredibly short skirts, and curtsied flawlessly to Bill, who bowed in return. At first the girls just continued their curtsy, seeming confused, as if Bill hadn't acknowledged it. They soon gave up, giving each other little shrugs and muttering, "He'll learn soon." between giggles. Bill didn't know what he had done to confuse them so, but he didn't care too much, already dreaming of getting to know Maria a little better.

So Bill, Carl and their host family drove to their quaint little house in the provinces of Femina. Bill, being exhausted from his journey and jetlagged out of his mind, retired to bed instantly. A few hours into his slumber Carl left for America again, his hellish two weeks over. Little did Bill know that he was now alone in a strange land.

The sun rose upon a beautiful morning, and gently sprinkled its rays upon a still sleeping Bill. It was Saturday, and Bill was sleeping in due to jetlag. As he slept, Gina, the youngest daughter crept into his room on silent sock feet. She pushed her strawberry blond hair behind her ears and walked up to the side of Bill's bed. She was dressed in light pajamas consisting of a tank top and cotton short shorts, the weather in Femina demanded little else. She couldn't wait anymore; she had to hurt the new boy. She gazed longingly at the round bulge in the soft blankets of Bill's bed. Her heart beat quickly as she climbed onto the bed, careful not to touch any part of the sleeping boy beneath her.

As she stood above him, her feet straddling his hips, she lifted her right foot above that tempting mound. His boy parts looked nice and plump, engorged with the blood of the morning. She would show it its due respect. Very quickly Gina flashed her foot down, shoving her arch and heel down into Bill's groin. She stood up completely on that foot, and laughed gaily as Bill awoke and all his wind left him. Gina loved the way his eyes bulged out at her and the completely confused look on his face as he realized what was happening. She loved how foreigners reacted; it was so cute and funny. Knowing just when the pain would hit Bill, Gina wasted no time in bracing herself on the head board, and switching feet, stomping her left foot down onto Bill's waiting bulge. She stomped again with her right foot, just as the first shocking pains reached Bill's sleepy mind.

He cried out, but Gina was already stomping again with her left foot, only putting enough weight on her arms as she needed, wanting most of her 112 lbs. to crush his balls. Bill instinctively grabbed Gina's ankle, but she just shoved his chest down into the bed with her muscular leg, and twisted her other foot hard into his crotch, grinding his left nut against his pelvis, and his right into the mattress.

Bill coughed, and cried a high pitched wail; finally words in Femina came to his mouth. "God…please…please stop Gina, you can't… can't do that to boys… it hurts… get off me!"

Gina giggled adorably and pushed her left foot into Bill's face, shoving him into his deep pillow. She then leaned back so her heel and all of her weight was crushing only his right ball. Bill could only draw a harsh breath at the awful pain; Gina knew that would shut him up. She smiled down at him, again pushing her hair out of her eyes, and kindly explained things in between giggles. "Bill, you are living with us now for two weeks. So we're going to show you what it's like to be a real Feminan. Lisa, Katya, Maria! C'mere, he's awake!" Gina giggled and stepped off of Bill's testicle, allowing him to curl into the fetal position and gag silently.

He heard the three other girls enter the room and begin chatting with Gina. Bill finally looked up when he felt all three of them climb onto the large bed. Lisa wore panty briefs and a superman T-shirt, Katya had on fuzzy socks, and pajamas, and Maria wore bunny slippers, and a sheer nightie that barely covered her underwear in length and transparency. They all seemed incredibly happy and smiled down at Bill as he cradled his sore manhood. His penis began to fatten despite his pain as he gazed at the miraculous form of Maria, her breasts pushing out the thin fabric of her gown, the nipples protruding excitedly.

"Morning Bill, spread your legs please, and take off your silly American pajama pants, we need to welcome you officially!" she said joyously, leaning down and pinning his arms to his sides, her thighs straddling his chest. Bill stared into her beautiful eyes as he felt hands pulling down his pajama bottoms and caressing his thighs and stomach. Maria then stood up on his forearms, facing with her perfect buttocks facing Bill.

"Alright girls, let's welcome Bill!" With that Katya stood above a helpless Bill. She looked down at his testicles, neatly tucked into his underwear. She slowly caressed Bill's sensitive pouch with one of her toes. She bit her lip, lifted her right foot and slammed it into Bill's throbbing package. Smiling and giggling, Katya relished the feeling of squishy ball-sack and round nuts under her toes. Bill tried to close his legs but he was well restrained by Lisa and Gina. Katya put all her weight on both of Bill's balls, and twisted left to right, grinding his nuts into the mattress. As she bounced up and down, so did her breasts beneath her tight t-shirt.

Bill was about to scream out when Katya stabbed one toe into his right nut, forcing him again to lose his breath and be quiet. She could clearly see his testicle deforming under the pressure of her stabbing toe. If Bill hadn’t been so intent on feeling pain, he surely would have been impressed by these girls' ability to control him through his nuts.

Next was Lisa as Katya and she switched places. She used her bare foot to position Bill's nuts over his ass. She rubbed them gently with her bare foot, feeling their heat and the softness of his underwear. She then lifted her powerful right leg behind her, and brought it forward with incredible speed to smack into both his fat balls, and push them against his body. Bill yelled quickly, not having enough time to complete his scream before Lisa kicked him again, this time aiming only for his left ball. The top of her foot caught it perfectly, shutting him up again. As lightening pain shot through him, Lisa kicked his left ball again, harder than before. When it was obvious that Bill could make no more noise, Lisa went back to kicking both of his swelling balls.

"They're starting to fill out his briefs nicely!" Lisa said, admiring Bill's two handsome lumps covered in cotton. She kicked him again, the smacking sound filling the room.

Gina covered her ears and giggled. "Not so loud, you'll hurt my ears!" All the girls laughed at that. Lisa kicked Bill’s reddened balls a few more times, before switching places with Maria. The beautiful young woman surely couldn't hurt Bill wearing bunny slippers, or so he thought.

Maria knew just what to do. She eyed up Bill's suffering balls. They were getting larger, and their deep red color could be seen through the stretching fabric of his briefs. Using one foot Maria positioned his balls higher in the briefs, so they were pushed up just underneath the base of his now hard penis. Keeping them there, she used her other foot to stamp down on them, flattening them and grinding them against his dick.

Bill was about to attempt yelling, when Lisa sat on his face, laughing. "Stomp him hard now Maria! He can't scream!" And that's just what Maria did. She raised her beautiful leg into the air, pulling her knee to her chest, and stomped her bunny shaped toes right into both of Bill's balls. They had nowhere to go, being trapped by her other slipper, and so they merely deformed, taking all of the force.

Lisa giggled as Bill's muffled cries tickled her cheeks. "Do that again, his breath is funny on my butt!" Maria lifted her foot again, and again stomped down on both of Bill's balls. By this time Therese, the girls' mother was standing in the doorway, grinning happily at her beautiful daughters. Maria raised her foot one last time, and one last time slammed it into both of Bills' waiting testicles. Bill was convulsing, and Lisa couldn't hold him anymore, tickled to the point of hilarity by his screams. She rolled off of his face, holding her sides with laughter, and Bill tried to curl up to no avail.

Therese walked up to the bed, wearing only her sheer nightie, and slapped Bill's balls hard with the palm of her left hand. She laughed as they flattened under her hand, and then jiggled in their tight confines. "Bill, we hereby welcome you to Femina. Stand him up my lovely daughters; let's make him feel at home!" Therese clapped her hands and the girls sprang into action. They got Bill off the bed and positioned him standing painfully in front of Therese.

"Now Bill, when a girl curtsies to a boy, in Femina the boy responds by spreading his legs, and pushing his hips forward, making sure to keep his hands behind his back always, he nods to her, and if she is pleased with his gesture, she does this…" And Therese slapped the top of her bare foot out and into Bills swollen balls. Bill was nearing tears as Therese kicked him again, and again, and again. Every time his balls would bounce in his underwear, every time Therese would smile brightly, as if thanking him for being such a gentleman.

"There you are Bill. That is traditional Femina culture. Now, girls, curtsy to our guest. Bill, please try to observe our traditions, it would make me so happy. Spread your legs and display your balls to my daughters." And looking into her beautiful face, Bill somehow knew that he had to. He wanted to. He needed to, for her, for the girls. So as they released his arms, he fought the urge to fall, but lost. He crumpled into a ball, and fought not to vomit. It took a few minutes, but Bill forced himself to stand, and as Maria curtsied to him, lifting her slip to expose her pink cotton panties, Bill spread his wobbly legs, and thrust out his hips, inviting the inevitable. Maria gasped happily, covering her perfect mouth. She smiled, Bill nodded and she kicked him too quickly for him even to see. Her bunny slipper foot, if seen in slow motion, rose swiftly between his legs, caught the bottom of his sack, and continued up until it smashed each testicle into the base of his rock hard cock.

Bill instantly fell to the ground, but looked up at Maria's beautiful smiling face. "Please get up Bill, my sisters want to curtsy to you." Bill fought to stay awake, but passed out into blackness and agony.

Bill was only asleep for half an hour, and awoke groggily as if he had dreamed the whole thing. The fact that his pants were missing, and his balls were now one and a half times their normal size told him that it had not been a dream. Bill looked through his dresser, and sure enough all of his pants had been replaced with the incredibly snug tights he had seen Jack and Carl in earlier. He slid them on, and found that the pouch intended for his balls actually cradled them nicely, leaving them out in the open, away from his thighs. As they still hurt a great deal, Bill was thankful for this.

As Bill was admiring his newly swollen package in the mirror, he was startled by a noise from the sunroom. He went out into the hallway and peered from behind a corner, not wanting to disturb the family. What he saw both fascinated and frightened him. A young boy, probably a few years younger than Bill himself and obviously a native was being violently beaten by the girls and their mother. He was thinner than Bill, but appeared to be almost as tall. He was kneeling on the ground with his legs spread wide and his hips thrust out in a variant of the traditional curtsy response. All of the girls had changed into their everyday apparel of tight shirts and incredibly short skirts. On their feet they were all wearing dainty white socks and pointy high heels.

Maria was busy kicking the young man's balls (which were quite large) as hard as she could, while the other girls and their mother cheered her on. As they all laughed and clapped and took turns kicking him, Bill finally picked out a word he understood amidst the commotion.

The boy was their brother Jeff. He was taking his punishment very well, as if he was very used to this sort of thing, but for all his acceptance, it didn't seem to make the pain any less. He cried out with every kick, but seemed to know not to cry out too long. Every kick triggered a quick scream from Jeff, who would then thank his sister and stifle his tears. Maria was happily kicking him, yelling out which ball she was kicking. She would alternate randomly between three words; Left! Right! or Both! And her aim was impeccable.

It seemed that the women of Femina got a lot of practice abusing men's testicles. Bill couldn't take his eyes off the spectacle before him, and despite his own groin pain, he felt his cock beginning to harden watching Jeff being abused.

Maria cried out with utter rapture as she continued to kick her brother. "Does that hurt Jeffy?! Yes! I bet it does Jeffy! Left! Left! Oh yes! Right! Both! Both! Both! Both! Right! Right! Jeff, don't you wish you were a girl!? I'm sure glad I'm one. Left! Left! Both! Right! Did that one hurt your testicle a lot Jeff? I kicked it with the tip of my toe! I'll do it again! Left! Left! Left!" All of Maria's sisters were cheering her on, rubbing their crotches in mock sympathy for Jeff.

"Oh! I bet that one hurt him! I think I saw a tear in his eye!" Gina cried out. She then jumped off the couch where she was sitting and tackled Jeff. She rolled him onto his stomach and pulled the nut-pouch of his pants out behind him. She then placed one of her stiletto heels right on his left testicle. Jeff's eyes clenched shut, his chest heaved and he began to grind his teeth together. Bill gasped, afraid for this poor boy, and also strangely aroused.

Therese warned her daughter sternly "Now Gina, careful not to pop it. Jeff's not allowed castration until he's married and has at least one daughter."

Jeff was sobbing openly now as his younger sister spiked his agonized nut. "I know mom, I just wanted to hurt his nut so bad; watching Maria have all the fun was killing me!" Gina reassured her mother, and then really put her weight onto her heel. "Besides, his balls are strong enough for two of us to stand on them in our heels. They've hardened up real nice with the drug therapy and practice." Gina was almost standing full weight with her heel on her brother's tortured testis.

Jeff was weeping and digging his fingers into the carpet beneath him. Throughout the whole ordeal, he continued to splutter out his thanks to his cute sister. After about ten more minutes of Gina grinning and twisting her sharp heel into her brother's nut meat Katya walked up behind her, and kicked the very nut Gina was standing on. Jeff choked for a second, and passed out.

"Awww! Mom! Katya made him pass out!" Gina whined.

Therese hugged her youngest daughter. "It's okay. When he wakes up we'll get him good. It's best this way, his nut needs to heal." Gina sulked and stomped Jeff's other ball in defiance.

Just then Lisa had an epiphany "What about our exchange student! I wonder if he's healed up yet!?" All the women instantly perked up and ran to the hallway. Before Bill could return to his room, he was cornered by the beautiful women.

"Aha! So you've been watching us eh Billy?" Therese asked calmly, crossing her arms and raising one eyebrow suggestively. All her daughters mimicked her action. "Well good! Now that you're awake we can introduce you to Jeff properly!" Therese reached out and before Bill could even speak she pinched his right nut through the tight fabric of his pants. Bill yelped and was forced to follow or lose his ball. Therese dragged Bill into the sunroom and nudged Jeff's plump balls with her toe.

The young boy awoke and smiled as he saw Bill. He stood up, with some difficulty due to the agony in his groin, and shook Bill's hand. "Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm the second oldest boy in our family! How do you like Femina so far?" As he talked Gina had sidled up beside him and was casually squeezing his huge package in her small hand, getting Jeff to whimper every now and then.

Bill didn't know what to say, so he was brutally honest. "Um…I don't know what to think, but you all seem nice enough, in a really weird and twisted way."

Everyone was silent, until Jeff broke out laughing. "I think you're not used to women being so powerful huh? We learn in school that American women, like other women all over the world, are oppressed, because they don't indulge in their natural rights."

Jeff seemed happy to explain the dogma of his people so Bill obliged him with questions. "What natural rights would those be?" Jeff motioned and the two young men sat down on the sunroom's large comfortable couch. Gina took the opportunity to spread Jeff's legs wide, climb up onto the couch between them and march on his balls and cock in her high heels.

Jeff continued to talk, but through clenched teeth as the pain surged through his crotch. "Why, the natural right to hit balls. Men's balls, boy's balls, every ball they want to hit. It's a woman's place to hurt balls, just like it's a man's place to have his balls hit. Just as a penis enters a vagina, as is man's right, a woman's foot or hand or knee hurts his balls. It's the natural give and take."

Therese nodded her approval as Jeff twitched on the couch. Gina was really putting the feet to him, unafraid of damaging him because of the softness of the couch below her targets. By this time Lisa had crawled over to Bill. She sat on the floor at his feet, and used her feet to spread his legs. She kicked off her high heels and slowly wormed her soft feet up to Bill's crotch. Bill didn't fight her, knowing it would be pointless.

Therese continued to explain how the ancient tradition of ball busting had begun, but Bill was too intrigued by what Lisa was doing to pay much attention. All the women surely could see Bill's chubby through his pants, and Lisa was currently playing with it with her feet. The toes of one sock foot would rub the underside of his thickening cock, while the toes of her other foot were jabbing into Bill's swollen nutsack. Bill decided he could take this much pain, and so he accommodated Lisa's position by spreading his legs wider. Besides, her foot felt really good on his cock.

"Why thank you Bill. You'll be a fine Feminan gentleman by the time we're through with you." Lisa said happily, stroking his cock and pumping his balls with her toes. Bill looked over at Jeff, who was completely lost to the pain of Gina's playing. She was kneeling on his left ball with one knee, and punching his other exposed ball with her fists, alternating and punching harder and harder each time. Jeff was nearing tears again, but accepted his fate lovingly, thanking his sister even as he twitched and jerked at the fierce pain.

Bill was having trouble too, as the pain in his groin was mounting. Lisa had captured his right nut in-between her big toes, and was intent on squeezing it. She grinned wickedly, keenly aware of the anguish she was causing. Bill had never felt such pain before, and was doing his best not to fight her.

It was Therese who had to interrupt her history lesson to stop Lisa. "Lisa dear, be careful. Billy's balls aren't as strong as Jeff's. He hasn't been taking the medication since he was a boy, and he hasn't had the practice of being kicked as often." Lisa nodded and switched to simply slamming her sock heels onto Bill's swelling balls.

Bill choked and coughed and after ten minutes of Lisa's playful kicking, he was forced to ask her to stop. "Please…Please stop Lisa. I…I can't take it anymore. You're hurting my balls…so bad…it hurts… please stop."

Lisa giggled, and pulled her adorable feet out of Bill's lap. She stood up and curtsied to Bill, smiling. "Of course Bill, but I want to curtsy to you, since I didn't get to before."

Bill groaned, and stood up slowly. He spread his legs, put his hands behind his back and thrust out his hips. His balls, now much larger and heavier than when he arrived, stood out and drooped slightly in their special pouch. Lisa grinned broadly and slammed her sock foot into his awaiting balls. The smacking sound was incredibly loud, and before he could react to the first kick, Lisa kicked his right testicle faster and harder than her first attempt.

Bill fell backwards onto the couch and curled himself into a defensive ball. Katya walked up to the agonized Bill, and curtsied to him, smiling broadly. Bill moaned, and fought to stand, but couldn't.

"Girls, help Billy be a gentleman to Katya please." Therese gently advised. Gina stopped tormenting Jeff, and helped her sisters pull Bill to his feet. They braced him, spreading his legs and holding his arms. Maria added the final touch by pushing her knee into his butt so his balls were easily accessible by her younger sister.

Katya smiled at Bill, and kicked him ferociously in both his balls with her high heel toe. Bill never knew that pain like that could be suffered upon any living thing. He wanted so badly to fall to his knees, but he was held fast by Therese's daughters. Katya giggled, curtsied again, and again stabbed her cruel toe into Bill's defenseless crotch. The special Femina pants did their job, as Bill's balls were pummeled again and again by Katya, they had nowhere to go.

Therese clapped her hands happily. "Good job Katya, but keep practicing, your form isn't quite right." Bill watched sadly, as Katya lifted her skirt, showing her white panties, and kicked him again and again, each time striking both his balls with horrible force. When she began to call out specific balls like Maria had done, Bill began to lose consciousness.

He was knocked out to the musical cries of "Left! Right! Left! Left! Both! Both! Both! …"

Part Two

Bill awoke on the couch in the sunroom. He assumed he had been moved there when he passed out. He wondered if pain like that was permanently damaging to the mind. He lifted himself up and looked around. Jeff was sitting in front of the television playing a video game. Gina sat next to him playing with dolls. Bill saw no one else in the room. He grunted quietly as he shifted his large balls in their sack.

Gina heard him and smiled brightly. "Hello Bill! Thank you so much for being such a gentleman earlier! We all had some fun kicking you after you went to sleep. I'll go get Maria and we can begin the fun!"

She got up and walked down the hall quickly, calling for her sisters. "Bill's awake! Can we go out now!?"

Jeff paused his game and turned to face Bill. "Maria came up with a great idea. I won't ruin her surprise, but let me say, you're going to have some fun tonight!" Bill was perplexed, and in a great deal of pain as he tried to sit normally on the couch. Judging by the setting sun, he must have been out for some time. He hoped it was partially due to the poor sleep he got, and not just because he was kicked into unconsciousness.

Maria sauntered into the sunroom, and Bill's eyes nearly dropped out of his skull at the sight of her. She was wearing an incredibly tight miniature tank top with thin spaghetti straps. It didn't even come close to covering her toned stomach complete with pierced bellybutton. Her panties were clearly visible through her semi-transparent mini skirt and the thin crease of her vagina was evident through the thin fabric.

Bill thought he had seen some short skirts in his day, but this one could barely be considered a skirt at all. It didn't even cover all of Maria's shaven mound. Her long beautiful legs were devoid of any covering, except the huge and surely deadly heels she wore. Her toes pointed almost straight down in the heels, due to the incredible height of the stilettos themselves. Her calves and thighs were especially prominent, and Bill could feel his cock stir in his tight pants.

"Well? What do you think of my party dress?" Maria asked, putting one hand on her hip and beckoning him towards her with her other hand. Bill was dumbfounded. He stood up and slowly walked towards her, eyeing her up and down. Maria curtsied to Bill, whose only response was to stand there like an idiot staring at her body.

"Good enough." Maria said smiling, and kicked Bill incredibly hard in his bruised and bloated balls. Bill groaned, and slid to the ground holding his crotch.

Maria stood above him, and placed one sharp heel on his groin as she explained the evening's plans. "My sisters and I have decided that we're all going to the discotheque tonight, to celebrate your arrival. I have to admit, we all like you a lot Bill. You're much nicer than Carl was, and much more of a gentleman."

Bill felt delighted to know he was making a good impression, though his face showed only excruciating pain. So the girls helped him up, and gave him one of Jeff's dancing suits. It was actually pretty stylin' in Bill's opinion, except of course for the pants, which still displayed his obviously distended testicles. For what it was, the suit was comfortable enough, and despite the ludicrous appearance of the groin pouch, Bill did have to admit that he looked great in the pants.

"I should get some pants that fit nicer when I get back to the States, because I have a fine ass!" Bill couldn't help but think to himself. He returned to the sunroom after getting dressed to convene with his host family. All of the girls were stunning, with tiny tops, tinier micro-skirts and high, high heels. Even Jeff was dressed to kill, with his hair slicked back and his balls protruding out in front of him.

Therese stood in the hallway with a camera. "Okay, everyone stand together, I want pictures! Okay, Maria, you grab Bill's left ball, Katya, squeeze his right. Now Lisa, grab Jeff's right ball, and Gina yank on his left. Now everyone Pull! And Smile!" Even through the stabbing pain, Bill managed to smile. Therese wished them all a good night, kicked Jeff and Bill square in the nuts, and sent them off to the disco!

Maria drove the group in her small car, which made Bill and Jeff tempting targets squeezed between Katya, Lisa and Gina. Throughout the entire ride they were subjected to squeezing, fist slamming, and punching. The girls were all excited to go dancing, and it showed in their playful abuse of Jeff and Bill's nuts.

Bill wasn't used to his crotch getting so much attention all the time, so he was constantly in a hypersensitive state of arousal and agony. He would get an erection while a girl squeezed his crotch, and then go flaccid again as she punched his balls. He would get hard again as his cock was fondled and go limp as his sack was slapped. By the time they pulled up to the disco, Bill had a raging case of blue balls, which only added to his testicular tenderness.

As they entered Bill was blown away by the hundreds of beautiful women that were dancing and partying in the 70's style disco. The decor was incredibly campy, but Bill hardly had time to notice when he realized that compared to many of the girls at the disco, his host family was dressed conservatively. Bill decided then and there that there were no women in Femina that weren't blazingly hot. He straightened his pants, trying to tame his growing erection and walked onto the dance floor.

Among the girls were some guys, who couldn't have made up more than a third of the population in the whole club. Bill wondered if there were naturally more women in Femina than men. He was busy staring at the myriad hotties around him when he was kicked gently in his balls from behind. He turned around ready to flirt, when his world erupted into light and pain.

He was on the ground trying not to die when his vision cleared and the screaming in his head stopped. He looked up to see Maria laughing above him with her arm around an equally hot girl who was moving her hips to the music. Bill wiped his face, and found that he was crying.

"You got him good Jessica! This is Bill, the exchange student I wanted you to meet! Bill, get up and meet my cousin Jessy!" Bill couldn't even attempt standing up yet. He felt as though his nuts had flown through the top of his head and landed somewhere in the middle of the dance floor where they were being trampled by hundreds of hot women. Bill finally realized why he had gone down so quickly, when he saw Jessica's shoes. They were incredibly thick, tall platform heels that seemed to be made of solid oak. To compliment her incredible footwear, Jessica also wore rainbow thigh high socks, a pair of incredibly short hot pants that clung to her like skin, and a see-through belly shirt with no bra. Her hair was dyed multiple streaked colors, and came down to her shoulders.

"Please, stand up and greet me properly Bill from America!" Jessica laughed. When Bill didn't show any signs of moving Jessica laughed even harder. "Well, if he isn't going to say hello, send him out to the dance floor with Jeff to meet some ladies. With that Bill's family picked him up and dragged him to the dance floor.

Jeff whispered into Bill's ear "We're gonna meet some hotties tonight! Remember, women like polite men. Just do what I do." Maria, Katya and Lisa initiated the dancing by shoving Jeff onto the floor beside Bill, and kicking him onto his back. Bill looked around from his fetal position on the ground, and noticed that there were actually quite a few men just lying on the floor, letting girls stomp and trample them as much as they wanted.

Bill realized all too soon that there was only one spot on which the girls' stomping was focused. Bill felt alien hands pry his away from his crotch, and before he could yell or protest Jessica and Katya began dancing on his crotch holding each other's hands. Bill screamed, but could not be heard above the loud music. Jeff was busy being danced upon by Gina and Lisa. He screamed along with Bill, but smiled all the same. Had Bill not been completely focused on the hell he was experiencing in his pants, he would have been surprised at how well these women could balance in high heels, on wiggling, slippery testicles.

Soon other girls noticed Jeff and asked Gina and Lisa if they could hurt him. The girls obliged and went to torment some other hapless victim.

Jeff struck up a conversation with the two beautiful girls now stomping on his balls. "Hey ladies (oof!) I... Ufgh! I'm Jeff! (AAGH!). You're both (EEK!) very pretty! YAAAARGH, My Ball!!"

One of the girls was a stunning red head with long legs and an ivory complexion. She seemed taken with Jeff. "Why thank you! You're so sweet to say so! Your balls feel very nice under my heels! I'm so glad I can hurt you so badly! Does it hurt a lot when I stab your ball like this!" and with that she shoved one of her heels into Jeff's testicle.

"YES! Oh god that Hurts! You're so pretty!" Jeff was sobbing and turning red with the pain.

"My name's Tanya, would you like to go have a drink? I want to squeeze your left ball very hard with my fingernails!" Jeff nodded, and struggled to his feet as the beautiful vixen walked to the bar. Bill thought he saw a trickle of blood running down Jeff's thigh as he hobbled away, but it could have been the lighting.

Before he knew it Bill felt a solid kick to his balls. He looked up to see Jessica smiling down at him. "Did I get your attention? So, Maria tells me that Americans really don't get kicked in the balls very often? Is that true?" before waiting for an answer Jessica pulled Bill to his feet and kneed him solidly in his enflamed nuts.

"Orgh!! Um… yeah… please… stop…"

Jessica shook her head playfully and hit him harder with her kneecap. "Sorry Bill! I like your balls a lot! They feel different from all the other boys! I should share you with the whole disco!" she grabbed Bill by his tenderized package and yanked him over to the DJ, a gorgeous girl with jet-black hair.

"Hi! This boy is an American! Feel his balls, the rumors are true!" Jessica yelled to the DJ over the music. Bill couldn't even cover up as Jessica held his balls out in her fist and the DJ punched him dead on. Bill yelled out and the DJ smiled, punching him again.

"Yeah! I'll make an announcement! Those balls need to be spread around!" The music stopped, and a spotlight hit Bill and Jessica. "Ladies! Please direct your attention to the front of the dance floor. In this girl's hand is a genuine pair of American balls! They're unaltered, unmedicated, and ready for you to have fun with so let's form a conga line and welcome him to Femina!" the DJ's announcement was met with whoops and whistles, and instantly every girl on the dance floor formed a huge conga line, making its way quickly towards a frightened Bill. Jessica and the DJ held him fast, with legs spread and arms behind his back.

Bill could only cry and wish to god that his balls would come out of this hell intact. So every girl lined up and kicked Bill in the balls, or kneed him in the balls, or punched, slapped, squeezed, slapped and even bit his balls. Some even used utensils from their purses, like hairbrushes, mirrors, and small pieces of leather that Bill assumed they carried for just such an occasion. Bill wanted to pass out, but he was given just enough time between attacks to recover his senses.

Every girl smiled at him, curtsied, and let him have it somehow. Bill could not fight back his tears as they streaked down his face and entered his mouth, open wide with his screaming. Eventually his hostesses came upon him, and in their kicking they spared none of their energy. Had Bill been more aware of his surroundings, he would have noticed that every girl in the line had a smile of the purest pleasure on her face. For these women, there was nothing better than to damage the "virgin" balls of a foreigner. Not even the women understood that they were in actuality achieving numerous miniature orgasms every time they injured Bills balls. This must have been the reason the conga line continued for over three full songs.

Finally Bill's captives released him when YMCA blasted over the speakers. If Bill could have lifted his head to look, he would have seen the special variant of the YMCA dance that had been conceived by the Feminans. Each girl who could, would kneel to the side of her male partner, and let her hands (or fists if she chose) slam into their awaiting balls with every large arm movement. Jeff was surrounded by his sisters and his new date, who all took turns knife handing his aching balls while he stood and took it all with good humor.

Bill couldn't even distinguish ghost pains from real pains now, and was completely unaware that the DJ had dragged him behind her turn tables, and was doing her mixing while stomping on his tortured testicles. She chose some of the fastest songs she had played that night, just so she could jump along with the beat directly on Bill's suffering balls. Bill was completely unaware of anything anymore as he drifted into unconsciousness.

Bill's dreams were torturous. His mind was beginning to crack. He had never in his entire life known such pain, let alone continuous pain for almost an entire day. He began to lose his sanity, slowly in his dreams. Pain became pleasure. Pleasure became fiction. He didn’t know when he hurt and when he didn't. He came to expect pain, like it was an inevitable consequence of life.

He awoke screaming in the back seat of Maria's car, with Lisa gently tapping her fingertips on his left nut. "Yikes! Please, be quiet Bill! We're all in the same car." Lisa laughed a little bit.

Bill began to cry again. "Lisa, please…please stop hurting me! I can't take it anymore! You all hurt me so much tonight! I think I'm going crazy!" Bill was shaking with pain and anger. He wasn't yelling, but speaking very clearly through clenched teeth.

Lisa giggled a little, covering her mouth with her hand. "Now Billy. You know very well that we'll hurt your balls even worse if we want to. It's not up to you, so please, stop yelling and calm down. I want to hit your balls a little more tonight." Lisa explained calmly and happily, smiling very gently and stroking Bill's hair with her hand. Bill couldn't wrap his mind around these enigmas sitting with him in the car, all these happy, violent, crazy people. And to think there was a whole country of them! He tried to cover his balls, but Gina and Katya held his arms at his sides.

"Noooo!" Bill cried out as Lisa gaily punched her fist into his groin. She kept hitting him harder and harder until Bill heaved and passed out again.

Part Three

It was one week into Bill's stay, and he had given up fighting the social regime of Femina. His balls now filled out his pants completely, leaving no room in his groin pouch for any sagging or drooping. If you hadn't known better, you would have thought he was a native. Bill now knew why his friends Carl and Jack had looked the way they did. He should have seen the broken look in their eyes, the pleading in their voices. There wasn't a moment in the day that Bill's balls belonged solely to him. Even when he took a shower or bath, the girls or Therese could enter and randomly assault his testicles since the door didn't lock. In bed, he was stomped or squeezed. On the couch his nuts were trampled or knelt upon. At the dinner table all the women would take turns shoving their feet into his balls as they hung over the edge of his chair. In the car or on the bus he was publicly molested, kicked, punched, and stepped on if he fell to the pain. His balls were kept in a constant state of torturous misery. His cock was always hardening and shrinking, expanding or softening. Bill couldn't remember the last time he felt no pain in his stomach and groin. He now knew what hell truly was. The scariest part, that Bill couldn't understand, was that he not only came to accept his position in Femina, but to enjoy it a little. Every time his balls were hit or squeezed or in any way hurt, he was privy to the absolute joy it caused in the women. Their infectious smiles became Bill's solitary happiness. Their beautiful laughter and girlish giggles were the substance of his life. He longed for nothing but to give them happiness, by offering his testicles to them. Bill was becoming a part of the family.

It was Saturday, the last day Bill would have to spend with his host family before leaving the following afternoon. His mind had changed in ways he had never expected. One thing Carl and Jack had not allowed was defeat, which Bill had submitted to fully.

Today was a special day, since the girl's eldest brother Antoni was coming to visit with his wife Natalia and their daughter Emily. Bill was lying on the couch watching television, while Katya lay with her head in his lap, nibbling roughly on his huge left nut. It filled a large portion of her mouth, which Katya enjoyed. All she needed to do was move her tongue, or squeeze down with her molars and Bill would start to whimper a little before thanking her politely.

Jeff was standing with his back against the sunroom wall, while Gina, Maria and Lisa all took turns kicking him to perfect their technique. They all wore socks to make sure there was no danger of shoes popping his balls prematurely. Therese was in the kitchen making dinner.

Just then the doorbell rang and Gina squealed in delight. "It's Antoni! Yaaay!" she stopped kicking Jeff and ran to open the door. Sure enough there was her handsome brother, tall and well built with huge balls prominently displayed in his tight pants.

He spread his legs wide and smiled at his kid sister. "Hello Gina! How are you?!"

"Fine Antoni! Welcome back!" with that Gina reared back and slammed her cute little foot hard into Antoni's huge basket.

Antoni grunted, rubbed his balls a little and replied, "You can do better than that young lady!" Gina shook her head, smiled broadly and kicked Antoni even harder in his manhood.

Antoni just shook his head. "Nope, gotta do better than that; remember I'm married now so I get even more practice than you and mom and the other girls could give me combined!"

Gina's mouth dropped to hear such a boast. "We'll see about that Antoni!" just then Antoni's beautiful wife Natalia entered holding the hand of her daughter Emily who was just about to turn 12. Natalia was a stunning woman, with skin like butter, deep brown hair and a figure to die for. Emily was an enchanting child, with long golden braids and freckles on her cheeks.

"Natalia! Emily!" Gina beamed at her relatives and went to hug them.

"Hello dear, it's good to see you too." The rest of the family came to welcome them, even Katya yanked Bill's nut out of her mouth to go say hello.

"Who is that handsome set of balls on the couch?" Natalia asked Maria quietly.

"He's our exchange student from America. He's the most perfect houseguest. It only took him a week to learn all his manners, and he's cute to boot!" Maria whispered excitedly. "I think he's thinking of moving here later so we can get married! But that's all for later."

"Well, introduce us will you." Natalia urged. Maria walked seductively over to Bill and tapped him on his right ball. She chose a spot where she knew he must be bruised so as to get his attention.

Bill snapped out of his daze and stood up, spreading his legs and thrusting out his hips. "Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you!" A delighted Emily saw this familiar gesture and ran to kick Bill hard in his crotch. She kicked him twice before he bent over and cradled his sore balls.

"You must be Emily. (cough) It's very nice to meet you."

Emily curtsied and moved Bill's hands aside gingerly "Can I please walk on your balls Mr. Bill?" Bill smiled and nodded his head.

"Of course you can sweetheart." Natalia said happily "Mr. Bill is just like one of us now!" And sure enough, as Natalia explained, Bill spread himself out on the carpeted floor and let Emily step onto his engorged balls.

He gritted his teeth and smiled at her. "Thank you for walking on my balls Emily." Emily was overjoyed at his manners, so she made sure to make him feel extra special by stomping down very hard on both his balls alternately. As Emily played with Bill, Therese flew out of the kitchen to welcome back her eldest son. She hugged him, grabbed his crotch and squeezed until he slid to his knees in pain.

"Aw mom (grunt) you always could floor me!" Antoni groaned as his mother continued to crush his balls.

As Antoni coughed and moaned, Therese stopped, her eyes opening wide as if she had just remembered something important. "I almost forgot myself! The whole reason for the party and here I was going to pop them! I'm sorry Natalia!"

Natalia hugged her mother-in-law warmly "Don't worry Therese, it's understandable. With balls like his you just have to squeeze-em." And with that Antoni's stunning wife knelt down, grabbed his balls from behind and yanked him back to his feet.

At dinner it was finally explained to Bill why Antoni, Natalia and Emily had come for this visit. As the girls all worked with their feet under the table to crush every pair of balls now present, Jeff's, Bill's and Antoni's Therese answered Bill's questions in detail.

"You see Bill, when a Feminan man gets married and has at least one daughter, his testicles are no longer considered his. They belong to his family, especially his daughter. Tonight we will enact the ancient ceremony in which Emily will crush one of her father's balls, and his sisters and mother (she grinned proudly) will crush the other. Antoni will sadly, never be able to offer his balls to anyone again after tonight. It's a beautiful tradition, but a sad one also." Therese seemed a little choked up, and Natalia reached out to comfort her. "Which is why we're going to make tonight last a long time, right ladies?" Natalia offered. All the women nodded and agreed vehemently.

"I've been looking forward to popping daddy's ball forever!" Emily said excitedly. Bill was also excited and intrigued. Part of his mind envied Antoni, as he would no longer have to suffer the constant pain of manhood, but part of him knew Antoni would miss making the women in his life so happy.

After the meal everyone gathered in the living room, which was large and very comfortably furnished. Therese took center stage. "Everyone, first we will warm up the men of the family. Bill, because you have become so close to us these past two weeks, we would be honored if you would join us."

Bill nodded his head and smiled. "The honor would be all mine Therese." Everyone smiled at Bill. They had come to enjoy his company so much over the last two weeks, they would be very sad to see him go.

"So, boys, please stand in front of us, and show us those nice big balls of yours." And with Therese's instructions, Antoni, Jeff and Bill all stood side by side, with their legs spread widely and their hands behind their backs. Any American walking in on the spectacle to follow would think he had walked into a crazy house, or an especially violent episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. All of the women stood up, including Gina and Emily, and went into a wild frenzy of testicular attacking. They kicked, they punched, they squeezed, they kneed, they head-butted, they elbowed, they twisted and yanked, they stomped, chewed, clapped, slapped, smacked, pummeled and bludgeoned all six of the beautiful bobbing balls in front of them. Gina uppercut Jeff's groin and stabbed her finger into Antoni's left nut. Lisa yanked Bills scrotum down and twisted his balls around. Katya stomped her heel into Jeff's awaiting balls and followed up by kneeing Bill's balls in quick succession ten times. Maria shoved her thigh into Jeff's balls while punching Bill's groin with one hand and scratching Antoni's crotch with her nails. Natalia introduced her foot to Bill's sack fifteen times before elbowing her husband's nuts and finishing by stomping Jeff's balls into his pelvis. Therese had a wonderful time reacquainting herself with her eldest son's testicles. She especially enjoyed pinching them and seeing their veins pop out. Emily mostly just kicked everyone hyperactively. The 'warm-up' session went on for almost an hour and a half, a flurry of girls and women smiling and laughing while three men got their genitals beaten to a bruised and throbbing mass. By the end not one of the men could stand. They were all pulverized and defeated so thoroughly that even to consider standing made them sick to their stomachs. All the women needed to relax and take a breather too; even the young energetic Emily was getting exhausted.

Therese fanned herself with her hand and fell back into her easy chair. "I say! I haven't had a workout like that in years! I should think not since the night I took my husband's last ball, rest his soul."

After the break it was Antoni's turn to stand and make a small speech. "Everyone, beloved family and friend from far away, I hereby declare that I, Antoni Bolling, am no longer the owner of my testicles. I hereby bequeath my left testicle, considered to be the larger and better of the two, to my daughter Emily, to take as she sees fit. I bequeath my right testicle, named 'he who hangs lower' by my wife, to my family, my lovely mother, sisters, and of course my beloved wife, to share and take together as they see fit. Will you, my beloved family, take these gifts I offer you tonight?"

All the women got a little choked up, and nodded, fighting off tears. "Then Emily, sweetie, how do you want to take daddy's nut?" Antoni knelt down and faced his adorable, precious daughter.

"I would like to kick your big ball until it pops daddy!" Emily cried happily. Everyone in the room nodded approvingly, Maria aawwed at her cute cousin. So Natalia sidled up to her husband, kissed him deeply on the lips and tied up his left ball with string, pushing his right ball into the leg of his pants out of harm's way. Antoni kneeled and spread his legs.

"I'm so happy I get to pop your ball daddy! This is the happiest I've ever been in my whole life!" Emily said as she pulled back her dainty foot and kicked her father hard in his secured nut. Antoni grunted a little, but kept his ball out in the open.

"Good shot Emily, but kick my ball harder or it'll never burst." Antoni urged her on. Emily's mother supported her too. "Go ahead sweetheart, aim with your toes, and make sure you kick daddy's ball so it hits his pelvic bone, like we practiced." Emily nodded and clenched her fists. She kicked her father's ball again, this time harder and faster than before.

Antoni groaned. "Good girl, even harder, keep trying." Emily kicked, and kicked, and kicked. Her aim was perfectly centered, leaving a noticeable distortion in the front of Antoni's testicle. Everyone in the room urged her on, rooting for her and getting more and more aroused as the kicking continued. Maria was sitting next to Bill, and couldn't help but reach out and squeeze his balls as Antoni was kicked again and again. Meanwhile Jeff's left ball was being squeezed by Gina while his right ball was being assaulted by Lisa. And Emily continued to kick.

Antoni's ball was obviously beginning to go, but it was a slow and obviously excruciating process. His balls had become incredibly tough over the years, and that toughness only prolonged the incredibly painful process he had to endure now. Emily kicked him, grunting quietly each time as she exerted the maximum force her muscles would allow. Finally, after almost another hour, Antoni's testicle lost its shape, and still Emily kicked it. Throughout the entire ordeal, Antoni remained upright and spread wide, giving himself completely to his daughter. Emily kicked again and again, harder and harder, until it was obvious that his testicle was ruined for good.

"Good job honey." Natalia said. She took her daughter's hand, and let her squish the remains of her father's gonad in his sack. Antoni was given a few minutes to recover so he could feel all the pain of his second and last rupturing. In the interim, Jeff and Bill were kicked, and trampled for a little while.

Finally it came time for Antoni's family to take his remaining nut. They talked it over and decided that they would all step on it together, each one contributing a foot to its destruction. So Antoni's ball was tied tightly, and placed in a special piece of furniture designed for this purpose. It was basically a large footstool, under which Antoni could lay. His ball would slide through a small circular opening in the top, where it would be accessible by all the women. So Antoni was prepared, and his ball was ready for his family. Every woman was allowed to put one of her feet on Antoni's ball. First was Gina, then Lisa, then Katya, then Maria, then Natalia, and finally Therese. Due to the sheer size of Antoni's ball, and the way it was flattened on the stepstool, every woman was able to put all the toes of one foot on his huge testicle.

Emily watched, sitting with her butt crushing Jeff's nuts. Bill waited anxiously for the women to start putting weight on Antoni's last nut. The women all hugged each other, smiled and counted together. "Three! Two! One! CRUSH!" and they stood up together in Antoni's doomed testicle. Antoni screamed at the top of his lungs, the women all orgasmed, and his testicle exploded under their combined weight. Bill shuddered inwardly, Jeff clapped and all the women collapsed in the throes of ecstasy. They would all take a turn fondling his destroyed manhood, before retiring for the evening in utter exhaustion.

Sunday came, and Bill was driven to the airport. It was the first time in two weeks that he wore his normal clothes, and he was amazed at how baggy his old pants were. The goodbye was long and full of tears, but Bill knew he would be back. Maria held his hands and looked deeply into his eyes. "I'll come back for you Maria, I think I have to." Bill said. Maria smiled warmly and lifted her knee gently into his groin "I know you will Bill from America, your balls belong to us now."

The End

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